The 3rd Summer of Friendship - Sunday

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The Autumn of Love - Damage Control (part 2)

Postby AlexUSA » Mon Dec 07, 2015 6:49 pm

Bridget was sick to her stomach over the entire thing. She now had all this responsibility thrust on her, but she was Jenny's friend, and woth friendship comes such duties. She sat down to eat with Nichole and Joyce. Joy was at her work-study for some reason or other.

"Where's Jenny?" Joyce asked.
"She's not feeling well."
"Oh, well I'll text her later."
"She'll like that."
"Have you heard the rumor?" Nichole started.
"What rumor?" Joyce asked.
"I heard that Stan Zbornak got expelled. Caught in the act!"
"Act of what?"
"Trying to hurt a girl."
"Assault? Molest?"
"That's horrible! Good! Get rid of that monster for good!"
"Right? People like him are scum!"

Bridget felt a lump form in her throat. She said nothing, but she felt herself getting hot and losing her appetite. She tried to maintain her poise unsuccessfully. She coughed on her food.

"Bridget, are you all right?" Joyce asked.
"Just choked on my food."
"You seem upset."
"Me? It's all good!"
"You sure."
"It's all good for me, but I guess this Zbornak stuff has me unnerved."
"Why should it?"
"How many other's has it happened to?"
"Bridget, you're avoiding something," Nichole said with a glare.
"All right, all right... I know something about it."
"Yes... too much... I was there when it happened."
"You were? Did you help?"
"I had to... it was Jenny!"
"Why didn't anyone tell us?!?!?!"
"She was scared of rejection and upset! She didn't sleep all night and so skipped today."
"Oh... ohhhh! I am going right now!"
"What about calc?"
"Screw it. Bring my HW with you. Here, Joyce."
"I'm not letting go without me!"
"Well, we'll dump it off on our way there!"


Jenny found sleep didn't help much. Each time she opened her eyes, life sucked as much as ever. She couldn't get anymore sleep, so she put on her clothes to go to class. She was finishing getting dressed when she the door opened, and Nichole, Bridget, and Joyce walked in. Don't ask how Nichole, in a wheelchair, walked in.

"Are you all right?!" both Nichole and Joyce asked.
"Yes.. physically... I think... in mind, I am not...," Jenny sighed.
"Where are you going?"
"To class."
"Are you sure you want to come?"
"You poor thing," Joyce gave Jenny a hug.
"I'll be OK."
"Let's go," Joyce led Jenny out.
"It helps to have friends that love me."

They never made it to calc. Too much talking and comforting and loving happening for that.


Janie was surprised to find herself in calc all alone. But there she was alone... for the entire class. Janie went back to her dorm where she'd meet up with Lauren later. But she found herself alone until Joy came back.

"Lauren, if you're here, where's Janie?"
"Uh... um... she stepped out to talk to someone."

Janie took a deep breath. Joy obviously didn't know, so Janie stepped out to wait for her sister to arrive so that there wouldn't be a knock that would spoil their plan.

When Lauren came in, Joy was still clueless. The sisters sat down to eat and chat. Janie quickly found out why Joy wanted her!

"Since you are out of class for the day..."
"Hey!" Lauren exclaimed as Joy handcuffed her hands behind her.
"You have time for a game, Janie!"
"Well, I do, but I nomph!" Lauren cried out as a sock went in.
"Not expecting this? Well, gotcha!" Joy tied a blue bandana her captives mouth.

Joy tied Lauren's elbows and added the usual breast harness and waist rope. She tied Lauren's shoulders to the chair before fastening each leg to the leg of the chair at the ankles and knees, so that her legs were spread apart. A black bandana blindfolded her.

"Good work there!"
"Thanks. Did you two hear the news?"
"Zbornak got caught trying to hurt a girl last night."
"Seems to be spreading like a fire."
"It is. I feel bad for the victim."
"Oh... I can't... I can't imagine," Janie said with disappointment.
"What's wrong, Lauren? Are you all right?"
"No... I know who he attacked."
"It wasn't one of your teammates?!"
"No... it was someone we all know... especially you."
"Ummm... I... who?" Joy asked fearfully.
"It... was... Jenny."
"Nnnoooo! Don't tell me that! What the f---! Why?!"
"I don't know, but he cyberstalked her, got a friend to pretend to meet because the cops naturally made a sting when she told them, and it was a trap... and he grabbed when we were heading back to the dorm."
"Oh... where is she?"
"In her dorm."
"This is awful!"
"And, one more thing... That's Lauren."
"Mmmm hmmmm! Umph!" Lauren responded.
"How did you?!"
"Traded outfits. Fooled everyone!"
"Well THAT is impressive. Now what about Jenny?"
"I know no more."
"Mmmmm!" Lauren wailed, trying to express her dismay at the news.


"Well, hi, Janie!" Nichole said as she came in the dorm and saw Lauren.
"Where have you been?"
"Helping a friend," Nichole said, looking toward Jenny.
"It has been... eventful," Jenny said looking at Joyce and Bridget.
"Are you all right?" Joy asked.
"Now, I am... and that's not Janie."
"It's not?!" Bridget asked.
"Janie has a scar on her arm, like pseudo-Lauren here does."
"You caught me."
"Time for some punishment for that!"
"Try me!"
"Handcuffs... Janie... handcuffs," Joy reminded.
"Now, Joy, don't!" Janie protested as she heard the click while others held her down.
"Now, shut up!" Joy said as the sock went in.
"There!" Joy tied a black bandana in Janie's mouth before blindfolding her with a pink one. Soon the sisters were tied the same.
"Good work."
"Now, Jenny, let's talk. Heart-to-heart. C'mon."

Jenny and Joy went into the room, and Joy shut the door. This was how they always handled such serious matters when discussing them with each other. Jenny sat on the bed.

"Joy, I am so messed up."
"Tell me."
"I can't concentrate. I feel worthless... I feel like... an object."
"Jenny, you aren't those things though. You're a special person. There is only one Jenny, and that can't be taken from you."
"How many more people do this? How many men lust after me? How many more girls end up like me or worse? That piece of ---- hurt me, Joy! He put his dirty little fingers where they didn't belong. Even my fingera don't belong where he put his! I mean, Joy. Joy... he tried to rape me. He took away my personhood... my humanity," Jenny started crying.
"Jenny, it's over. He can't do it again. And... I'm here for you. Just pour it out. I can't tell you the right way to act, but you know I love you."
"Joy... that word has never been more welcome. You really are a Godsend. And I mean it."
"Jenny, you're an incredible young woman."
"But, oh, all those poor girls who don't get help before it's too late."
"We can say a prayer for them, and we can do more... you can do more. As bad as it is now, maybe in a semester or 3, you will be able to share your story with others and encourage them to get help."
"That might sound better someday. Now, I want to sleep. I need to cry, and get this pile of emotion of me."

Jenny lay down there on the bed. She fell asleep while still battling tears, and Joy left the room.

"We gave her the thing she needs most right now: love."
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The Autumn of Love - Damage Control (part 3)

Postby AlexUSA » Sat Dec 12, 2015 6:47 pm

"Yes!" Nichole said with jubilation as she walked into the dorm on crutches late one Friday afternoon.

It was the first time she was using crutches, as that day the doctor cleared her to use crutches and begin doing her set of exercises to do to regain her lost muscle strength. She no longer had that clunker to worry about.

"How is it?" Joyce asked.
"Like liberation!"
"Nice to walk again?" Joy questioned as she hugged Nichole.
"I can do things for myself again!"
"Let's go get some ice cream," Janie suggested.
"I can't turn that down!"

The girls were in their more typical outfits. Nichole had her pale blue athletic shorts, black shirt, pale blue bandana headband. Joy had her brown skirt, purple blouse, and brown headband. Joyce wore jeans and a pink blouse. Janie wore blue sweatpants, a red t-shirt, and a red headband, having come back from the gym with her sister, Lauren.


Lauren felt ropes tightly binding her arms behind her, one arm on each shoulder. A breast harness further pinned her and made her bosoms poke out, especially since she was wearing a sports bra.

"Dang it, Jo!"
"It's a fair game!"
"But did you really have to?"
"It'd been too long!" Jo said as she folded a handkerchief.
"Did you have to tie my arms like this?"
"You've done it to Janie?"
"But she's my sister!"
"So!" Jo shoved a wadded handkerchief in Lauren's mouth before tightly tying the other over it.
"Mm!" Lauren softly moaned.
"Now for the rest!"

Lauren felt ropes bind her ankles, knees, and thighs. Black duct tape strips covered her mouth. Jo began to take off Lauren's shoes, much to her consternation. She pulled her legs back, but Jo grabbed them and pulled them back. She tickled the soles of Lauren's feet a little, making her give a muffled laugh. Jo then removed Lauren's socks, leaving her in legs in just the charcoal gray sweatpants with two gray lengthwise stripes on the sides on her.

"Mmm!" Lauren cried out as her feet were tickled.
"Come here!" Jo said, grabbing Lauren and holding her down.

Jo folded another handkerchief into a band and tied it as a tight OTM gag over the other gags. She then bound Lauren's feet and her big toes so that she couldn't even wiggle her toes. Her body was completely fastened now as the torture continued.

"Ppppp!" Lauren continued as her torture continued.
"You're OK!" Jo said, stopping the torture.
"Nnk oo!"
"Next," Jo continued, folding a beige bandana.
"Mmmmmm!" Lauren protested as the cloth approached her eyes.

Next thing, Lauren knew, all was dark as the knot was tied tightly behind her head.

The sports bra she wore was a strong purple color. Her hair was in a bun with a blue bandana headband. Her figure was nicely tanned, giving her a thoroughly sexy appearance when combined with her bindings, which is what Jo wanted. Sweat covered her as she had just returned from the gym with Janie.

"I have you where you're needed now!"

What did that mean?


Bridget went back to her dorm in throes of ecstasy. She had just gotten her first gold medal of any kind, on an erg in an indoor competition. She couldn't wait to show everyone.

It had been three weeks since Jenny's attack. Things had been awful since then. Jenny was OK during the days, but every night she was afraid to go outside, she frequently cried, and sometimes couldn't sleep due to fear or nightmares.

Bridget tried to help, but eventually Jenny, too, had to see a counselor for it. Jenny had turned her story into something the school could use for educational purposes, but she hadn't done much else. Her grades were falling off, and she went from a top runner to one of the worst around.

"Jenny, look!"

Bridget got no response.

"Jenny? Jenny, where are you?"

Bridget peered in to the restroom, but there was no trace of her friend. The bed was made, but the room seemed, empty. Then she saw the missing suitcase and the note on the bed. A note!!!!! Bridget snatched it and read it.

"Bridget, don't get yourself upset. You know I have been very depressed lately, so I decided to go away for the weekend and get some 'me time.'. I need some time to process what has happened alone and will be back Sunday night. Love, Jenny."

Bridget was glad to know her friend was all right, but she was now filled with questions. Was it her fault? Was Jenny in a sound state of mind? Why did she leave without saying anything? Where was Jenny?! Bridget went over to the other dorm, where she knew she'd find her friends.

"Bridget, what happened?" Joy asked.
"Jenny... ran away!"
"What? Don't be silly!"
"She's really gone!"
"No! Where is she?!"
"I don't know!"
"Didn't she tell you?"
"No! I found a note saying she left and would be back in a couple days!"
"Text her!"
"No! It's my fault!"
"Bridget! Show her you care! Text or call!"
"I absolutely will not! I don't want to make things worse!"
"Fine! Then I will!" Joy said, dialing Jenny.
"Whatever!" Bridget threw her hands up.
"Hello? Jenny? Jenny, where are you?" Joy started on speaker mode.
"I needed to get away from there."
"Jenny, are you all right?"
"Yes, I'm fine. I need some time alone... from you girls, too."
"You're sure you're good?"
"Yes. I'll be back Sunday."
"All right. We love you."
"And I love you all."
"I know where she is!" Nichole said as Joy hung up.
"Mom and Pop's!"
"How do you?"
"I heard the sound of dishes being washed in the background!"
"How did you hear that?"
"I did!"

It was normal of Nichole to refer to Jenny's parents as "Mom & Pop." She had done so for years because of the many hours she had spent at Jenny's house, especially since she left home. She and Jenny had called each other "Sis" for years as well.

Joy felt a little hurt by the conversation. She let out a long sigh. Jenny was entitled to this after all that; perhaps it was best for her to be away. Joy didn't see the rope in Janie's hand.


Lauren continued to struggle on her bed. The struggle was impossible to overcome with Jo there to refasten any knots that may get loosened. The tickle torture happening on her feet was incredible, but it would also be stimulating if it were Zack doing it.

"Hey, look, a belly button!"

Lauren couldn't believe this was happening. Fun or torment? She didn't know, but she was glad when her tormentor stopped.

What is going on? This isn't like Jo. What is she planning? Why did she strip my shoes? Is this just a new part of our games? When will I be released? she thought.

Nothing sucked worse than a question no one could hear.


"Gotcha!" Janie clamped a hand on Joy's mouth, stuffing a knotted brown bandana in and tightly knotting it off.
"Grmph!" Joy moaned as she felt her arms get fastened behind her.

Joy's arms were crossed about halfway up her forearms and bound before a breast harness and waist rope were added. Joyce bound her legs at the knees, ankles, and things before she was tossed on the couch next to Nichole.

"Hi, sis!" Nichole said before tickling Joy a little.
"Mmmph!" she cried out as tape wound around her head by Nichole.
"And finally!" Joyce produced a pink bandana to blindfold their victim.
"I'm leaving for Lauren's for dinner before I get it too!"
"Bye, chicken!" Bridget yelled as she hogtied Joy.
"I promised her I would this morning."
"Yeah, yeah!" Nichole shouted after her.
"Now what?" Joyce asked.
"Play video games to decide who gets left standing?"


Jo heard a knock on the door. Crap! Jp answered it in anticipation. Janie?!

"Hey, Jo!"
"Janie? Why are you here?"
"Lauren invited me for dinner. Didn't she tell you?"
"No, damn it! she thought, before saying, "Come in!"

Janie went to sit on the couch. She had to get rid of Janie somehow, and make it fast too! Jo reached for her new blue ropes that had come in Thursday's mail and grabbed some handkerchiefs before slowly walking up behind Janie...
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The Autumn of Love - Damage Control (part 4)

Postby AlexUSA » Mon Dec 14, 2015 6:26 pm

Jenny sat on her bed in silence. These last few weeks had been terrible. She spent more time crying than sleeping, or so it seemed. The pains that filled her heart had gotten unbearable in spite of all her friend's aid because what she really needed was to talk with her parents.

She looked like herself: jean shorts, pink sleeveless school t-shirt, pink sneakers, brown hoody, and camouflage bandana headband with her hair also in a pink pony. To all, she looked like Jenny, but, deep down, she was in total turmoil. She had come home without telling her mother first, and she had secluded herself since. Naturally, her mother was concerned, but what could she do about a daughter who isn't ready to share what is bothering her?

Jenny was silent through dinner even when both parents asked her what was the matter, but she responded to all other questions. She told them about her friends, her classes, cross-country, and anything else they wanted to know, but she evaded the one thing.

"Jen, what is bothering you?"
"Jenny, you come home with no warning and won't speak to your mother or me. What's the matter?"
"What happened?"
"Is everything all right?"
"What's wrong?"
"Did somebody hurt you?"

It was the final question that did her in. Jenny pushed her plate back. She let out a sigh and buried her face in her hands. She had to tell them; no one else could help her more. She was ready.

"Mom and Dad, there is a reason I am here. Not everything is well."
"Can you tell us?"
"Someone... tried to...," she broke up.
"Tried to what?! Jenny, what is so awful."
"He tried to... hurt... rrr..."
"No, not our baby. No," her father said softly in shock.
"He tried to rape me."


"Jo! No!"
"Sorry, but I need to!" Jo said as she wrestled herself on top of Janie and boxtied her arms behind her with the blue rope.
"Come on! Give me a good reason for this besides 'I want to' or 'It's fun.'"
"I need you out of the way of something special I'm planning!"
"What is so important?!" Janie groaned as a tight breast harness added to her bonds, making her bosoms poke out.
"Get up here now!" Jo sat Janie on the couch, jumped on top of her, and clamped a hand on her mouth, a folded white handkerchief in her hand.
"Mmmph! Ge ff ee! [Get off me]"
"If you are good, I shall reward you handsomely."
"Mmmmph!" Eh ee oh! [Let me go!]"
"Janie, we are speaking about money and a quality dinner, and maybe I could get you a date as well."
"Mmmm?" Janie couldn't resist a quality dinner or a date.
"I'll buy a nice cold cut sandwich if you're good."
"Think about it," Jo removed her hand.
"Well... if you don't follow through, I'll get you."
"Fair enough."
"But dates are useless; remember? I'm only 17 years of age."
"Statutory laws?"
"I know some good guys though."
"We'll deal with that part later. I want the sandwich though!"
"Fine, then shut up!"
"I'm not domph!" Janie felt the handkerchief fill her mouth.
"I'll get it as soon as I know things are clear!" Jo tied the other handkerchief as a cleave gag.
"Come on!" Jo said, picking Janie up and leading her into her bedroom.
"I promised, and I will!"

Jo sat Janie on the bed and placed several layers of gray tape over Janie's mouth, OTM gagged her with a red bandana, and blindfolded her with a blue bandana. She tied Janie's ankles, knees, and thighs before removing her shoes and socks. Jo then tied Janie's feet and big toes before tying a rope from Janie's ankle bounds to her breast harness. For a finishing touch, she ran a rope from Janie's feet to her blindfold; it was more visual than effective, but Janie felt it nonetheless.


Janie felt a finger dig into her ribs and another into the soles of her feet. She also felt her shirt get raised ever so slightly so that her navel was exposed. This torture went on for seemingly hours, but it was really 10 minutes. With this, Janie heard Jo leave the room.

Lauren lay on her back on her bed, since that is how she was bound. She had heard the entire living room exchange between Jo and Janie and laughed through it. Janie is such a chump! Lauren squirmed so that she was sitting up, wondering what was coming. After some time, there was a knock and Jo answered the door.

"Hey, where's my surprise to surprise?"
"Right here, for your pleasure. Remember, leave her undies on and don't touch her below-the-waist area!"
"I won't!"

It was Zack!!!!


"You agreed to it!" Nichole told Bridget.
"This isn't..."
"You agreed!" Joyce backed up Nichole as she bound Bridget's wrist behind her.
"Don't gag me."
"Then why tie you?"
"Only an unknotted cleave gag?"
"OK, how about an unknotted cleave gag and only one strip of tape?" Nichole held a roll of tape and a green bandana.
"Compromise accepted," Bridget said as a breast harness pinned her arms down against her navy blue school shirt. The shirt matched her navy blue shorts, part of her crew uniform, her white shoes, and her mavy blue headband.
"Now shut up!" Nichole gagged Bridget.
"Ok," she said in the ineffective cloth as a waist rope was added.
"Now really shut up!" Nichole wound tape around and around and around Bridget's head.
"You said one strip!"
"I didn't say how long!"

The girls bound Bridget's ankles, knees, and thighs before balltying her on the couch with a rope from her breast harness to her thighs. They blindfolded the captive with a gray bandana.

"Truce. We'll let each othet live."
"Let's do some HW."

Bridget was PO'd at the one strip of tape, but what could she do. At least she wasn't being tortured while bound. But dang Joyce could tie a harness.

Joy rolled around on the floor. From her struggling, her headband was off her head and on the floor. Tyler was coming over, so she HAD to get out and get the inevitable mess of her hair fixed! This was not too bad, but the ropes were so far up her arms...


"Oh, baby!" Zack said upon seeing Lauren.
"Mmm!" Lauren responded, slightly embarrassed.
"Come here!"

Zack grabbed Lauren caressed her in his arms for a while as he filled her with kisses. This continued before he began to massage her bosoms seductively. Her tickled her for some time as well.

While this contact continued for well past an hour, Lauren began to feel like she had never felt before. She could feel her hormones reacting and her emotions running wild. This was new to her.

"Nah!" Zack removed Lauren's blindfold and hanging it on the headboard knob. He did the same with the handkerchief OTM gag.
"Mmm?" her eyes plead for an answer.

Lauren felt the tape around her head coming off. Zach untied the cleave gag, and Lauren spat out the stuffing.

"Zack, I feel... odd... warm... passionate."
"I feel passion too, but this...," he untied her arms, coiling up the rope while Lauren rubbed her arms.
"We are clearly experiencing... erotic... love."
"Yes, but we are deeper than that," he untied her feet.
"Yes, we are, but what?" she untied her legs.
"Yes," she sat cross-legged.
"I must... ask you... Lauren, we have been together since we were freshmen. During that time, we have explored every facet of ourselves, and I have realized that no one else is quite like you. I am in love with Lauren Patterson the person, and I want to know if she would like... to spend the rest... of her life... with me," he took her hand.
"Zack, are you?" she asked in a trembling voice as a ring was slipped on her finger.
"Will you marry me?"
"In a heartbeat! Yes!" she gave him a big hug and they kissed each other.

Meanwhile, Janie was enjoying her sandwich while she discussed potential suitors with Jo. Jo had fulfilled her promises, and Janie was glad of it. Jo had left Janie's body tied and only removed the hogtie ropes and forced her to hop to the kitchen to eat. She would be tied up again later, as was evinced by the rope, blindfold, and gags on the table. Janie was just finishing her sandwich when Lauren and Zack walked in, holding each other's hands, with huge smiles on their faces.

"What is up with you two Chesire cats?" Jo asked.
"You are looking at the future Mrs. Kostowski," Lauren replied.
"Woo hoo!" Janie said, jumping out of her chair, and falling, "I'm OK!"
"That's wonderful! So THAT is why you requested this elaborate scenario, but Bungles showed up at the door."
"Hey, don't call my future sister 'Bungles.'"
"Fine, but let's tie her back up!"
"Wait a second, Jo!" Janie said as her arms were put back in the boxtie.
"You're fine!"

Jo tied the breast harness back on and stuffed the handkerchief back in her mouth and cleave gagging her with the other, the tape, and the red OTM gag and the blue blindfold. Soon, she was back on the floor with the hogtie and the toe-to-blindfold ropes. She was getting tickled by her sister, her future brother-in-law, and her friend all at once.

This was the most restrictive position she had ever been in. Having the rope running to her blindfold forced her to hold her head up, but she was OK with it because it wasn't tight. But the tickling seemed to be an eternal suffering. Her legs, navel, ribs, feet, all of it... tickled and tickled.

"I like this rope," Lauren remarked.


"I love you dear," Jenny's mother said as she gave her daughter a kiss and a hug.

She had told the entire story to her parents, ALL of it. She had been through a lot, but it felt good to get her parents love, care, and wisdom. In fact, it was the best she had felt since all of this had started.

Jenny got into her bed without changing her clothes. She held her phone up, took a selfie, turned out the lamp, slid her headband down over her eyes, said her prayers, and went to sleep.

It was an easy sleep, because she knew help was right there.


"Think we should release them?"
"Now, Nichole!"
"All right, let them go! Wait! Give them a start and let them help themselves!"
"OK, Empess Nichole."
"Shut your headhole!"

Soon all four girls were sitting together. They were busy beavers, plowing through their work. Nichole got a tinkle-dink from her phone, and checked it out.

"Told you so! Look!"
"It's Jenny!"
"In her bed... at home!"
"Son of a gun!" Joyce said.
"What kind of redneck phrase is that?"
"Lemme tell you..."


"Janie... it's real...," Lauren said as she fingered the tan bandana that had blindfolded her earlier.
"It is. I am so haply for you!"
"I can't believe it happened. One moment I'm tied up, and the next I am being told that I am the greatest thing ever."
"But it couldn't have happened to a nicer person."
"You're just saying that."
"Maybe, but you're also my best friend."
"Janie... you're still the best sister ever!"
"I'd say you're the better sister!"
"I'd say you're right."

The siblings hugged. It was the most special day either of them had ever experienced. Would more surprises be in store this semester?


"Jenny, are you all right?"
"I'm... I don't... no, I'm not," Jenny said as her mother came in.
"You were yelling something. Were you having a nightmare?"
"Yes... and they always are so realistic."
"But they aren't real. Jenny, this too shall pass."
"Will it?" Jenny rubbed her eyes.
"Yes, it will. Don't forget about all the friends and family that love you."
"I won't... EVER."
"And that is more powerful than any nightmare!"
"Good night, Mom."
"Good night, and SWEET dreams."
"Thanks. You too."


Meanwhile, Joyce was getting her just desserts, sleeping in her clothes from her earlier, but spreadeagled with rope to her bed. A pink bandana and some strips of tape silenced her. Black bandanas protected her wrists from the rope. She slept soundly whilst Janie on the bunk below texted her brother, having come back to find Joyce like this.

Friendship, family, and boyfriends... three different kinds of love all working to make for a special day.
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The Winter of Love - The Christmas Presents (part 1)

Postby AlexUSA » Wed Dec 16, 2015 6:57 pm

Bridget was excited to be heading home for Christmas. She hadn't been home since the summer. Her heart raced with excitement as sge approached the door. She didn't get to open the door because her sister Kristina beat her to it.

"I missed you so much!"
"Me too!"

Bridget walked into the living room. Before she could sit, her father entered the room accompanied by a woman. The woman was Paula Nabor, a 45-year old lady Bridget's father had met at church. They had been seeing each other for a while, and Miss Nabor had eaten at the house a few times before. Bridget hugged her father.

"How's daddy's crew girl!"
"Great! And how are you Miss Nabor?"
"Good, but you really should call me Paula!"
"No, I can't!"
"You do have such good manners!"
"Thank you!"
"If you insist on being polite, at least call your mother 'Mrs. Sjaasted.'"
"If that means what the hell I think it means, and that you are breaking something this freaking important to me like that, then I am moving the hell out of here permanently."

Bridget didn't wait for a response. She went upstairs and called her brother, Mike, before slamming the door to her room behind her.


"Next time, don't peek when I'm wrapping presents!"
"Sorry, Jenny!"
"How about a bow for that gag?"
"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Ll ill ooohhh!"

Jenny was completely roped up. Her wrists and elbows were bound. She had a breast harness and waist rope. Her feet, knees, ankles, and thighs were fastened. A white bandana gag held the sock in her mouth, and red duct tape strips were over that. A green bandana blindfolded her.

She wore blue jeans, a black shirt, and her brown hoody with a red bandana headband with her pink sneakers and brown ponytail. And to add insult, a blue bow was on top of her tape gag, and Joy was filming and photographing her struggle!

Joy was the thorough binder. The ropework was beyond imprisoning. Joy was wrapping presents for her friends when Jenny and Nichole sneaked in the house, but Jenny had tried to look in Joy's room... maybe at Nichole's prodding even after Zoe told them what Joy was doing?

Joy herself was dressed the season, but only in that it was wintry. She wore navy blue school sweats, a matching school sweatshirt, and half of her hair in a white ponytail with the rest loose. Even dressed like this, she could feel the cold weather.

Nichole was plodding along on her crutches. She couldn't go upstairs, so she was spending the break at Jenny's. Nichole had on a white sweater, red sweatpants, and a red bandana headband. She didn't know what had happened to Jenny until Joy led her victim on a journey down the stairs.

"What have we here?"
"A snooper! She couldn't wait!"
"Mmmmmm! Nnnn!"
"Sorry, Jenny!"
"Gmmmmm! Mmmm eee oohhhhhhh!"
"I can't do that. You're now my prisoner!"
"Joy is a tough captor too!"
"That'll hold you!" Joy shoved Jenny onto the couch.
"Nice touch on the bow."
"I didn't imagine this when I sent her up!"
"Ha ha! I just came up with it all of a.... what?! Sent her up?!"
"Uhh... I wanted her to ask you if you were done!"
"Bull! Come here, Nichole!"
"All right, all right! She wanted to snoop, and I told her she should!"
"That does it!" Joy said, pulling out a strand of rope.
"But, I can't!"
"Yes, you can!"

Joy sat Nichole on the computer chair and bound her arms and elbows to the arms of the rolling chair. She shoved a sock in Nichole's mouth and cleave gagged her with red bandana and then covering her mouth in strips of red tape. She tied a breast harness and waist rope, but left Nichole's legs. A white bandana served as a blindfold, and a gold bow was put on her mouth.

Joy was thoroughly pleased with herself. It was one of the most creative binding jobs she had ever done. It was also her first themed TUG. Joy made great efforts to capture this one for the Cool Girls' Club. Joyce, Janie, Lauren, and Bridget would die laughing. Santa and two Christmas presents!


In spite of Mike's best efforts, Bridget was inconsolable. In an instant, all the pain of losing her mother was brought back with some extra insult added to it. How could her father do this to them without saying anything first?

Bridget was devastated not because her father had remarried, but because he had done so without speaking to her first. Wasn't her opinion important, especially since she was the closest thing to a mother Kristina had? Why wasn't she told before? There were no answers, and there was now a gulf affixed between Bridget and her father.

"C'mon kiddo; snap out of it," Mike said.
"Don't you see what's wrong?"
"Look, I know it hurts, but you have to move past it."
"Mike, you didn't know Mom like I did; I got to know every facet of her being; in my mind, I still find her dead on the kitchen floor. And to have our father toss it off like it's nothing and expect us is to insult who I am as a person."
"Who was Mom to you?"
"On her bad days, she was a bitter disappointment; a baby that needed caring for. On her good days, she was a friend and like an extra sister, everything a perfect mother should be."
"Bridget, I am finding myself more and more understanding of how you feel; I miss her too."
"Maybe it's because Dad cared little enough to leave... to not even comfort me."
"He didn't!"
"I was on my own there; he only helped me as far as I was sad over losing a loved one, not as my mother's husband."
"Divorcees grow cold."
"Bitter cold. Shameless. Mike, I'm leaving, for real, after this break is over. I'm not coming back here anymore, even if it means leaving Kristina."
"Who's being selfish now?"
"Mike, it might seem selfish, but should I stay in a house where my feelings aren't respected?"
"Fine, do whatever you want; just know that if you abandon your idolator, I'll hold it against you."
"Mike, just leave me alone!"

Bridget was now entirely alone. She locked the door to her room. She now had to battle this inward hell alone. There was her sister to think about. If she was gone, Kristina would only have that "woman" to give her girl advice.

"Maybe I'm just being biased," she muttered as she flopped down for a nap.


"How much red do you have?!" Lauren asked her sister in amazement.
"Well, let's see...," Janie responded.

Janie was fully cloaked in red. She had red athletic shorts, red socks, red sneakers, red tank-top, red hoody, red ponytail, red headband, red bandanas on both wrists, a red bandana neckerchief, and, to rub it in, a red kerchief bandana as well. Maybe her underwear was red too...

"I have... a lot!"
"This is ridiculous!"
"I like ridiculous though! You dared me, and I succeeded!!"
"I MIGHT... big might... be able to match you in purple or blue."
"I doubt it."
"I'll try!"
"Try blue first!"

While waiting, Janie took a selfie of her achievement. She wasn't about to tell Lauren that... no, couldn't tell her THAT! Janie cheated, let's just say, by borrowing from her sister's belongings. Janie suggested blue because she knew Lauren didn't have blue socks or sneakers, but it would take a while for that point to be reached.

"Dang it!"
"Aw... no sneakers..."
"Creep! I can do purple though!"

Janie waited as Lauren stripped and put on all purple... underwear, her sports bra, athletic shorts, socks, sneakers (old ones from high school), ponytail (albeit with her preferred bun), headband, bandanas ( wristbands, neckerchief, and kerchief), and hoodie.

"Shut the door, Lauren."
"OK... What?"
"I have the underwear too," Janie said, dropping her sweats for a moment.
"You didn't?! We're tied on this then. All we need are gags and blindfolds, but we-- THOSE! Those are the ones I... Zack... why you little! Those are mine!"
"Hey, now! All is fair in love and war, and we love each other, right?"
"Yes, but this is also war! I was saving this for later when we got back to school, but you get an early treat of my new blue rope that you like so much!"
"Lauren, off!" Janie said as she was tackled.
"You stole my..."
"Stinking bloomers you and Zack use during your TUGs. TS!"

Janie managed to buck her sister. Next thing Janie knew, she was tying up her sister instead of being tied! Janie tightly bound her sister wrists and elbows before adding a tight breast harness and waist rope. She stood up her sudden captive.

"Well, well, that backfired now, didn't it?"
"Janie, I will kill you later."
"You've been saying that for 12 years; it hasn't happened yet!"
"Maybe it will!"
"Do me a favor: put a sock in it," Janie said as she did likewise to Lauren.
"Nnie!" Lauren moaned as Janie dug into their TUG stuff and found a purple bandana to make a cleave gag. A strip of microfoam tape over that created total silence.
"That's how you best!"
"I love you, too."
"Um hm," Lauren had to agree.
"Here's another!" Janie grabbed another purple bandana and blindfolded Lauren with it.

She tied Lauren's thighs, knees, and ankles and hogtied her to her elbow bonds on the floor. Janie took a couple of selfies with her monotone captived, a few photos, and shot a short movie. She was watching her sister struggle on the floor when she felt a strong arm grab and a hand cup over her mouth.

"A little sisterly competition?" Trent asked.
"Let's give her a taste of her own medicine," Amanda said.

Lauren wished she could be heard because she was laughing hysterically on the floor.


"Impressive, Joy, impressive."
"Thanks Zoe."
"You did a fine job there. The bows make for a nice touch."
"I think it's a cute picture."
"But they need a companion."
"You're right!"
"I didn't mean me!"
"Too late!"

Joy felt a thrill rushing through her as she bound her sister's wrists at the forearms and tied her elbows. She dragged Zoe upstairs the to her bedroom and handcuffed her before undoing the wrist bonds. The cuffs barely got over Zoe's gray sweatshirt, which was part of an outfit with gray sweatpants.

"Joy, lemme go!"
"I have never jumped you before!"
"I always had sorority sisters to protect me!"
"Not anymore!"

Joy added a breast harness, sat Zoe on the floor, and tied her in lotus position, adding a rope from her breasts to her ankles. Joy shoved a sock in Zoe's mouth and tied a black bandana in her mouth. Red tape and a white blindfolded finished Zoe off before Joy put a blue bow over her mouth.

"I kidnapped my sister! Yes!"
"Pose for the camera, wench!"


Bridget felt a storm brewing inside her. What she really needed to do was talk to her sister, Erin, but she would have to wait a while. Uncertain what to do, Bridget just silently and stealthily climbed out the window and went to her car for a drive to the cemetery.

It was difficult in the snowfall, but she found the area where her mother, aunt, great-grandmother , and maternal grandfather were all buried. The years were heartbreaking: 2015, 2012, 2013, and 2013, respectively. Bridget sat down in the snow and poured her heart into the cold winter air. This was where her heart lay, with many of the people she loved the most.

It was what she needed. So much of her lay in this snow... so many years of loving care and memories. There were many family members still alive, but these were the ones who meant the most, although it was pretty awesome to the be one of the only people who could call her 93-year old great-grandfather and not have to call a nursing home.

When she got back, she climbed back in as she left; it was like she was never gone. She had to tough out the winter, for that little girl she loved so much. But Mike had a surprise in store for both of them!
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The Winter of Love - The Christmas Presents (part 2)

Postby AlexUSA » Sat Dec 19, 2015 6:37 pm

Janie felt the rope winding, making her helpless. So on, she was hogtied on the floor next to Lauren, only she had white rope binding her and a red bandana in her mouth. She looked at her sister before a... yup... red bandana blindfolded her.

"Enjoy your stay, suckers!" Trent taunted.
"Mmmm!" both girls whined as they fought their hogties.
"They make cute twins," Amanda remarked.
"You're another color weirdo too. Look at you!"
"You look like my sister! Purple sport shorts; purple shirt. Go dance in a field of violets."
"Newsflash: I'm a girl!" Amanda said waving her hands.
"You're weird."
"You're Lord Frump, Mr. Flannel shirt and Jeans!"
"It's King Frump, Missy!"
"I'll dance in the violets, but only with you!"
"Baby, I love your calm reasoning," he said embracing her.
"I love you too," she said as they smooched.
"Ugh!" the bound ones moaned.
"Shut up, sister!" Amanda scolded.
"Let them suffer an hour."

Janie and Lauren stayed that hour, too. They couldn't talk, see, or help each other in their state. They had to fly solo, and they were tied just too effectively. Janie took a nap instead while Lauren continued to mmph and struggle.

"Undo that hogtie and remove the blindfold."
"K, Trent."
"Mmph?" Janie asked as her legs lowered and her sight returned.
"Not so fast!"
"For safety, remove the tape and scarf, ditch the sock, knot the scarf, stuff it back in, and knot it TIGHT.

Janie looked at Lauren. What was coming next? It wasn't freedom, that was for certain. Next thing they knew, they were being pushed together chest-to-chest, and they felt more ropes binding them together at their thighs, waists, and chests. They were squeezing each other. She could tell that the removed blindfold bandanas were tying her right and left ankles to Lauren's left and right, respectively.

"Put them here, and help me roll it tight!"
"Mmph!" they cried out.

Janie and Lauren were on some kind of king-sized sheet with the excess folded over their legs at the bottom and their heads at the top It was larger than either of them so that when rolled they were not only encased on their bodies but also also cocooned at the top and bottom. But it was a gray sheet, so light shown through enough they could see each other.

"Pretty cool, Trent!"
"That's not all! Help me!"
"Whatever!" Amanda helped Trent stand them up.
"Hold this," he said pointing to the edge of the sheet.
"All right!"
"And now!"

Trent used most of a role of gray duct tape to further enwrap them in the sheet. He pulled it tight, so tight it was like a mammogram inside for the girls. When he was done wrapping them chest to ankles, he laid them down with Amanda's help.

"You are evil!"
"You know what to do if things get unbearable!"
"Mmmph!" both girls cried as they heard the footsteps leaving.

Here they were: bound hand, elbow, foot, ankle, thigh, knee, chest, and waist, tied to each other, wrapped in a sheet, and encased in tape. In addition, they had their clothes... it was hot in there! Janie and Lauren loved each other, but not this much! They could communicate enough to understand (albeit they weren't as clear as I present this exchange) since Trent didn't want to find a choked sibling.

"I'm scared," she started.
"Yes!" Lauren started making panicked grunts and struggles
"Lauren, I have never seen you cry, even when people have died."
"I always stay tough for you, but this is painful! And sweaty, and tight."
"Lauren, Lauren, Lauren...," Janie gave her sister a "hug."
"You're always so honest with me. Here we are wrapped in a big Christmas present! But the best present I have is you!"
"It isn't Christmas yet."
"No, but any day is a good day for sisters to love each other. Besides, your birthday is this month!"
"True, true. Get me of here!"
"I will!"

Janie kicked 3 times: the warning signal. Soon enough, Trent had released them, but not after a stage by stage photo shoot for their memories. As soon as they could, Janie and Lauren ditched their hoodies, their kerchiefs, and their neckerchiefs. They could breathe now.

"Lauren, what happened?"
"Janie, I had a panic attack."
"YOU get those?"
"I never admitted it, but yes I do once in a great while. When I get jammed into an uncomfortable spot, I have them."
"Why didn't you tell me this before?"
"I didn't want to risk my 'tough girl' image."
"Never risk yourself like that. You will always be the best sister ever!"


Bridget had on her black skirt and white blouse. It was cold, but she was in a dressy mood, and she had a a bright blue dressy jacket that matched. Her hair was back in a matching bright blue headband. There had been reasons to dress nice, but Bridget went the extra mile just because she liked to. She was sitting on the couch playing games on her tablet while listening to music on her headphones and sipping warm tea.

It was a snowy Saturday afternoon. That day, there had been the church Christmas play, with Kristina in it. Bridget enjoyed every moment because many years before she, too, had been a part of it. They had all gone to the play and gone out to eat afterward. She set down her tea and focused on her Cross Sums.

It was getting closer to Christmas, so Mike had a surprise for his sister, Kristina. He stealthily grabbed Bridget as she sat on the chair alone whilst their father watched hockey, their step-mother in another room. He quickly gagged her with a knotted black bandana, bound her wrists and elbows, belted her arms to her body, bound her ankles and thighs, carried her to his room, and sealed her in a big box. Suddenly, she went from serenity to captivity.

"It's dark enough in there, so I'll spare you for the moment."
"Nks a ip! [Thanks a heap!]"

Bridget didn't know what was exactly happening. It was obvious this was another adventure for Kristina, but what was going to happen to her. This box seemed big... like the box from one of their father's power tools (actually it was a generator, but who cares?)! Bridget knew what was coming next.

"Mike, no!"
"Two is better than one!"
"But one is enough! Mike Sja--mmph!" Erin cried out.

Bridger waited a moment and then the box opened as Mike stuffed Erin in next to Bridget. Bridget could tell there was a purple bandana in her mouth. Their bonds were identical except that Erin wore black slacks and a pink woolly sweater.

"Mmmph. Ooo ook!"
"Hhhmmmm!" Bridget gasped at her sister's language.
"Ool uz at!"
"Emme ut!"

In the darkness. the girls tried to reach other, but it was hard. Finally, Erin resorted to just getting her gag off.

"Mike Sjaasted you get over here!"
"What now?" he opened the box.
"You are not playing Monopoly! She has no chance!"
"What else then?"
"You are playing with both of us!"
"You and Kristina?"
"Sorry, Bridget, but you make such a cute little damsel-in-distress and will someday make a great TUG playmate with some guy."
"Mmmph!" she kicked Erin so hard she fell on the floor.
"Ok! OK! Don't kill me! All three of us!"
"We combine our money total, although we play separate. 2 hours playtime. We win, we go free. You win, you get two captives to bind and gag for the night."
"I accept on one thing: your legs remain tied, and I keep your elbows tied in front of you so that you're restricted but still able to play."
"Only legs!" Bridget protested, getting her gag off.
"Fine! And if one of you two loses, you get your hands tied and your gags back until the game is over, win or lose. If Kristina is out..."
"I don't care because we're a team," Erin bossed.
"Deal!" they agreed.

Bridget and Erin were sitting waiting to have their arm bindings removed, their gags still around their necks. Those made for the most discomfort as they hopped together to the other bedroom where they would play their Game of Fate.

"Did you really mean that?" Bridget asked.
"Mean what?"
"That I'm cute when I'm tied and gagged."
"Yes, of course! My boyfriend says that all the time. And, I have never admitted this, you are prettier than I am."
"You let him tie you up?"
"Not in front of Kristina. She might hear us, wherever she is."
"Let's say... it sometimes gets PG-17 and Dad wouldn't approve."
"Well," Mike said as he took the bandana and retied it in Erin's mouth.
"Mike, what is this?!"
"I changed my mind!" he did the same to Bridget.
"Some extra security," he took pink and camouflage bandanas, folded them into bands, and cleave gagged Erin and Bridget, respectively, with them.
"And tape to avoid a repeat of the last failure. My plan is to do play with Kristina, and then after she wins Life we'll play for your lives."

Mike covered both his sister's mouths in several pieces of sticky, gray duct tape. He stuffed them in the box and folded it shut. They could hear the sounds of paper wrapping the box.

They were going to be an early Christmas present for Kristina.


Life is boring for Joyce when she is home for breaks. She has no siblings or friends in the area. She was always disdained at school because she was the brain who got valedictorian. Her only siblings are much older than she is... as in she has just turned 20 in November and her older brother is 44 and her older sister is 41 Her dad is on wife #2, so they are half-siblings, but even her mother is 54 now.

And it is a strained relationship with her siblings because of the divorce. Her brother is great but there is the generational gap, but when she was younger he did everything she wanted... because her niece is now 22, older than she is! She talks to her niece more as a result. Her sister, on the other hand, has less than endearing nicknames for Joyce: "the little bas----" and "DoB," or "Daughter of a B----."

Life in Ocala was lonely even if Joyce was in a loving environment. But her dad is reaching his 68th birthday in January, so to say he is a bit old is an understatement. There were no grandparents to talk because they had gotten sick or old and died before Joyce was even 10 years old.

But Joyce was happy on this day because she had gotten a Christmas card from her friends in Minnesota, specifically Jenny and Nichole. It is probably a bit awkward for Nichole to be on there as she isn't a blood relative of Jenny's, but Joyce figured these cards only are going to their friends. And there is a package... from Joy?

Joyce opened the package with curiosity, wondering about the contents. Inside the gift wrap was a blob of pink tissue paper, and a note.

"A gift from Joy, Jenny, and Nichole."

There was something hard inside some padding. She opened the paper to find a brown bandana. She opened the brown bandana to find a yellow bandana. Inside that was a gray one.

"Dang it, Joy," she muttered.

She unwrapped this final layer to find her gift: a pair of handcuffs and a small pair of thumb cuffs! This elaborate wrapping was so that she could have her own fun in the middle of the monotony. It was her own little TUG kit because she had nothing and no one to TUG with because she didn't have a car. At least she had something to try tonight!

"Thank you so much!" she texted Joy.
"Was it a pleasant surprise?"
"Yes! I hope to test them on myself tonight!"
"Have fun, and be careful!"
"I will. I wish I could hug you."
"Give a hug to Jenny and Nichole for me, please!"

Joyce knew she would also have to try these on someone others... her friends in Orlando.



Conversing wasn't special in the box. Bored, Bridget started thinking about her family again. She had an awesome family, really. Some of her family was Swedish, some Norwegian, and some plain Anglo-American.

Her mother's paternal great-grandfather was fun because he had come to Minnesota from Norway when he was about 17. As a result, it was easier for her to learn and speak Norwegian with him. Her paternal grandmother had come from Sweden, so she knew some Swedish from their conversations. Her paternal grandfather claimed to have relatives who had met the Ingalls family of Little House fame.

Bridget was talented with languages to boot, so she and her older siblings all knew them quite well, although nowhere near fluency. It was fun to read about the works of the early meteorologists in their own native tongues, but keeping her thoughts straight was hard!

She sat there with her sister for probably an hour or an hour and a half before they heard the excited cheer of their sister. It had taken her TWO games to beat Mike, meaning their time bound was that much longer.

Kristina excitedly opened up the box with certainty of what she would find, but she enjoyed the presentation. Naturally, she found her bound and gagged sisters inside and helped them out.

"Was it fun being a present?" she asked her older siblings.
"Sorry! I'll remove this tape."
"Gmph!" they moaned because of the double gag under the tape.
"Mike was mean," she said as she untied the knots.
"Thanks," Bridget said.
"Don't throw those in the the dirty laundry yet," Mike said.
"These two are only freed from the box. Now they fight for freedom from their bonds."
"Run along, now," Erin said.
"As you wish."
"Now for the real game!" Mike said as he unbelted his sisters.
"The real Game of Life is so much harder."
"It really is."
Oh, freedom!" Erin rubbed her wrists before falling, forgetting her legs.
"Let's do this, sis!" Bridget said, helping Erin up.

The game was on. To say it was a rout was an understatement, and the girls won their freedom. Bridget hadn't started to free herself when Erin grabbed and bound her arms behind her.

"Hey, now!"
"Shut up!" Erin gagged Bridget, making the third time.
"Mmph!" Bridget said as Erin cinched the gags very tight.

Erin released herself and then tied a tight breast harness on Bridget. She pulled Bridget into her bed and tucked her under covers before blindfolding her with a navy blue bandana.

"Remember I said you make a cute DiD? Well, you'll see the photos in the morning!"

Bridget let out a long sigh. It was going to be a long night.
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The Winter of Love - The Christmas Presents (part 3)

Postby AlexUSA » Tue Dec 22, 2015 7:04 pm

Bridget lay there. It was an appropriate end to her day. Here she was, still in her clothes, bound and gagged, helpless, and stuck for the night. For the third time today, she was unable to speak. She would get both of her siblings back later on.

It was a special relationship they all had, really.


Joyce was a bit excited to try out her new gadgets. She put on her nice thick yellow pajama pants. Once her parents were asleep, she shut her door (as she always did) and took out her new materials. She didn't have much here in Florida for TUG stuff. She had four bandanas, her cuffs, socks, and her bedding; she had left most of her bandanas and socks back in Minnesota.

She took the brown and yellow bandanas that had wrapped her gift and bound her thighs and her ankles. She took a blue one, knotted it in the middle, and gagged herself with it. She tied the final pink bandana on her head lime a headband, but instead put it on her forehead for use as a blindfold.

Now was the time for the action. She put the keys on the counter and took a deep breath. She put the handcuffs on her wrists in front of her and then put on the thumbcuffs. As best she could, she photographed her legs and then stood up for a selfie in the mirror on her dresser. She got back on her bed and slid the blindfold down.

Joyce lay there struggling for a while. She began to find herself sweating more than normal. After a while, she freed herself. She had never sweat like this before, and she felt a bit tingly inside her body. But she found herself a bit curious and, after sharing her photos, grabbed her computer to satisfy these newfound curiosities and questions she now had about TUGs.

Trouble was brewing for her.


Nichole sang Christmas carols as she went about dusting the house. She wore her blue sweats, a white sweatshirt, and a green kerchief bandana. Every December, her lineup of navy blue, pale blue, black, and white bandana headbands/kerchiefs was supplanted by red, green, purple, and white.

Nichole had become professional on her crutches, and her stubbornness combined meant she wasn't really limited in mobility. However, the cold weather made the fracture area sore at times, so her stamina was low. But she was a fighter and kept on fighting.

Jenny was her partner in Christmas colors, with a red kerchief headband matching her unzipped brown hoody jacket, which was over her pink t-shirt. She wore blue jeans as well. But Jenny had to do the back-breaking labor, which was whatever needed two arms or stand on a chair. Dressed as they were, they agreed that Jenny was Santa with Nichole her elf.

The winter had led to more bonding between the girls. Fifteen years of friendship had passed, and she was firmly entrenched as Jenny's sister, maybe even in the eyes of Jenny's parents. It felt good to be wanted, although it was awesome to visit her sister St. Louis for Thanksgiving, although the wheelchair had made things difficult. It was a difficult life for her, but she now had a future ahead of her.

Nichole and Jenny felt particularly festive this year, as seen by the elaborate decorating she had done. There were lights on the tree, the exterior, and even on the banister rails for the stair dropping into the living room, the only one in the house. The rail separated the living room from the kitchen. It was a small house, barely 1000 sq. ft, but it wss enough for four adult people who lived simply. And it was adequate for two girls while their parents are at work all day.

Jenny lay down after they were done. She made the mistake of flopping stomach first on the couch and quickly felt Nichole sit on her and bind her wrists behind her back with black rope.. Jenny made a stir.

"Very funny."
"I know I am!" Nichole said as she bound Jenny's elbows to boot.
"So, what next?"
"Your ankles."
"Not that! What after that?"
"Your knees."
"Very funny! What about after your done binding me?"
"I gag you and/or blindfold you?" she asked rhetorically, binding Jenny's knees.
"Didn't get the Christmas shopping done?"
"Nope. Not for you or 'Dad.'"
"Well, you snooze you lose!"
"You should talk," Nichole tied Jenny's feet.
"You snoozed and got yourself kidnapped!"
"True," Jenny said as she was sat up.
"Now hold still," Nichole tied a breast harness thoroughly, loops went between Jenny's arms and torso, around her neck, above and below her breasts... all of it.
"Having fun yet?" Jenny asked as the finishing waist rope went on.
"I think so. Now to share Santa's demise!"
"Santa is firing his elf!"
"If he can fire him through a nice, thick, knotted, green bandana!"
"Nichole whymph?!"
"For effect. Santa has to be gagged and angry for the videos."

Nichole blindfolded Jenny with a white bandana for a full Christmas entourage before hogtying her "sister." She shot a video of a very ticked off Jenny before removing the gag. She washed it and hung it to dry.

"I oughta beat you!"
"C'mon, you know it's just a game!"
"But waiting for me to be pooped!"
"I do this all the time!"
"You do..."
"Now, come here!" Nichole gave her "sister" a tight hug.
"Yes, you're amazing too."


"Janie, what are you doing?"
"Getting ready to do some exercises."
"And you didn't tell me?"
"Well, no."
"Well, I'm joining you!"

It was like old times. They both put on their old high school outfits: dark green athletic shorts, yellow school t-shirts with dark green letting, yellow (Lauren) and dark green (Janie) socks, yellow (Janie) and dark green (Lauren) headbands their hair both yellow and dark green pony tails, and their old black cleats. They were like twins, and headed to the fields.

"Oh, Lord!" Trent exclaimed upon seeing them, "Which is which?"
"You're both witches."
"Hey now!"
"I know," said their mother.
"Janie has a scar on her arm."
"That's right,; I do!" Janie said.
"Let's invite Amanda and Ashley!"
"Sure will!"

Janie and Lauren went upstairs to get their stuff. Janie's phone began to ring, so she answered it.

"Hello. Hi Joyce. Yeah. What? Umm... what happened exactly? And so you began Googling. Oh, my! Joyce, Joyce, what's wrong?! Why are you crying?"


Joy was fit to be tied... literally. She sat on her bed in her brown skirt and pink blouse with a brown headband. She was bound at her ankles, knees, thighs, wrists, and elbows with a breast harness and waist rope. A brown bandana held a sock in her mouth beneath layers of tape applied over it. A red bandana served as a blindfold, and a red bow was on her tape gag.

"This'll hold you!" Zoe said.
"This is for what you did to me, Jenny, and Nichole!"
"Yes sirree!"

Zoe set her camera to film after taking photos. On film, she narrated her story and her revenge before hogtying Joy. Joy thrashed around and mmphed for a little while before Zoe stopped recording and took more photos... all to be shared with the Cool Girls' Club.


"Joyce? Joyce!?!!"
"Janie, what's wrong?"
"She's blubbering and crying."
"She went Googling... about TUG stuff..."
"Oh, no! That stuff can be really gross!"
"How do you know?"
"Where do you think I learned to hogtie someone?"
"Don't do it; trust me."

"I started looking... and I found girls... like me..."
"What about them?"
"They were tied up... but they were being... abused... there were some that looked just like TUGs, but some were being fondled, molested, many nude with sexual acts."
"It must have been terrible. I can understand your troubles."
"Janie, I'm addicted to it. I watch all day and night. I don't know why! But something in me wants to be in some of the more playful positions that look like acted robberies and stuff... and some of the more violent ones too."
"Oh, dear... Lauren... help!"
"What is it?"
"I need you to help. We need a conference call or something."
"Joyce discovered the addictions of porn."
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Re: The Winter of Love - The Christmas Presents (part 3)

Postby hafnermg » Wed Dec 23, 2015 3:52 am

Hey sorry its been a bit. I know I said something to this effect before but I just love how you show how good of friends and family this group is even though there are problems stemming from where they come from. Its so interesting to watch them work through everything. I also really like how even though they are great friends and family without the tug games you can see how the games are not only a part of but a symbol of their bond with each other.

Joyce has discovered the addictions of porn huh? Now there is a slippery slope if there ever was one. I wonder how they are going to deal with this one. It's going to have to be very carefully because it's really really easy to go to far too fast and end up so far over your head it's almost impossible to get out.

Thanks again for another wonderful chapter and can't wait for the next one! :D

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The Winter of Love - The Christmas Presents (part 4)

Postby AlexUSA » Thu Dec 24, 2015 6:19 pm

Bridget sits down with a smile on her face. Today, she is the Siberian tigress. Or so she thinks. She sits in her purple moon-and-star printed pajamas as she looked at her brother and sister.

There they sit, bound and gagged. And it is all done by her. She has been the successful kidnapper of them instead of one of them capturing her! The sweet taste of victory!

She has gone light on them, for it is the morning of Christmas. She has simply bound their wrists, belted their arms down, and cleave gagged both of them with red bandanas and blindfolded them with white ones. It is the perfect sight!

The brother and sister sit their moaning and struggling. Their only comfort is that the bonds do not cut them because of their long sleeves.


Joy sat at her laptop looking at the Cool Girls' Club and all the photos and videos collected over the years. It stretched back to the days of Hannah and Casey to the present, with members in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Florida. And what a fun group they were based on what she saw.

Joy leaned back in her seat and let out a long sigh with a large smile on her face. These were good times, but they wouldn't last forever. She had to cram as many TUGs, trips to the karting/arcade center, and doing other things with her friends and her sister while she still could. Zoe was graduating this spring, so the time was running thin there!

But that was why she had her sister here with her. So that she could shove a sock in her mouth, tie a pink bandana over it, tape her mouth shut, and thoroughly rig her in a restrictive hogtie on her bed before blindfolding her with a brown bandana. She could then relive those Cool Girls' Club days of high school and tie purple bandanas as a mask and a kerchief that match her blue jeans and purple hoody and take selfies with Zoe. She could then take photos and videos of her helpless sibling.

But that is what she is doing!

It will be time to unwrap presents soon. Their parents sleep later than their daughters on Christmas. The girls are older, so gifts are fewer but still special.


Joyce sits down with her parents to share and be shared with. It is a special day because, for the first time in her life, she is getting to meet her older half-sister. Their phone conversations were few and rude, so Joyce knows it is important to make a good impression.

She day will also be special because she will get to see her neice, Kayla. Maybe she could get alone and share the fun of TUGs with her?


The Patterson family sits down as they always do... early in the morning, around 6:30. The siblings always try to find something special to give each other. They have their moments, but they have incredible bonding power with each other.

The parents sit, proud as can be. They have two daughters, both softball stars and both studying to be engineers, and their son is studying to be a doctor. And through it all, their children retain the values their parents have instilled in them whilst maintaining their own unique personalities that make them all so loveable.

What would the wrappings contain? A phone? A video game? Sports equipment? Clothes? Regardless of what is inside, they know that careful thought and planning has gone into each one.


Nichole sits on the couch. How different this feels. There are gifts, but there's more than just 1 or 2 for her. She has wonderful friends who care, some of whom contributed to this small stack before her.

Jenny is sittng with a smile, too. For the first time ever, she has a someone to share this with besides her parents. Even Jenny's parents seem to enjoy having this new presence. They know a good egg when they see one.

Nichole anticipated when Jenny would open the gift from her, a locket with two photos of the two, one taken in elementary school and one taken last March. It wasn't cheap, but it was worth it to commemorate their special relationship.


Merry Christmas to all of you!
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Re: The Winter of Love - The Christmas Presents (part 5)

Postby AlexUSA » Mon Dec 28, 2015 6:57 pm

Joy was in throes of ecstasy. For the first time in her life, she had a car! Her parents had bought a car for she and Zoe to share! She had given Zoe a new Minnesota Twins t-shirt because her current one had holes in it. Joy had, in turn, received a case to go with her phone.

"Thanks, Joy. Someone heard me complaining!"
"Of course!"
"Hey, WE have wheels."
"We do!"
"And we can toss the '89 Lincoln that burns oil!"


"Nichole, this is... beautiful."
"I had too. It was the best way to express myself."
"You didn't have to," Jenny was choking back tears.
"Jenny, you're a special person."
"Nichole, you have a heart of gold," Jenny's father said.
"These two have an incredible relationship," her mother added.
"You are the special ones for letting me be here."

And an unforgettable moment was had by all in the room.


"We really are an awesome trio."
"Why do you say that, Trent?" Janie asked.
"Nobody quite knows the ins and outs of their siblings like we do."
"I don't understand," Lauren added.
"How on earth do three people, without conversing, all pick out Christmas presents of the same theme?"
"I wouldn't consider Madden NFL, a laptop case, and a funny t-shirt to be themed."
"But they are! They're all sports themed."
"Dang! He's right!"


Bridget sat down and took a deep breath. She had observed the faces of all there and was now thinking about it while her father picked up great-grandpa. She was finally accepting reality: her blood mother was gone, but Paula was now here and willing to be a mother to Kristina. Things would be all right even if different.

Besides, she had a new backpack and a new video game. She had to try out the game on Mike; they both love competition. It's the row girl in Brdget that does it. She looked at her younger sister.

"What are you thinking about?"
"Happiness. I'm finally happy again."
"I'm glad. I missed the happy Bridget."
"I did too."
"Merry Christmas!"
"Did you make this?"
"I did. It's all of us: you, me, Mike, Erin, Dad, and our new Mom."
"Mom... yes..," Bridget gave her sister a hug.


Joyce shut the door to her room so that she and Kayla could talk without the din of the adults. She wanted to breach the subject of TUGs... since yesterday, she had gotten a surprise from Orlando, a box with 3 rope coils, plus she had found a couple coils she had accidentally left behind. She had also rediscovered all her girl scout outfits from over the years because she did it as long as she could... and her outfits all included neckerchiefs.

"What kind of stuff did you get?" Kayla asked.
"Oh, just a computer case and some new clothes."
"What are these?"
"What do they look like?"
"Are you some kind of weirdo?"
"No. It's from a friend."
"Why would they give you that?"
"Because we... um... play games... of a sort."
"Oh, like those Youtube escape challenges?"
"Yeah! We take them a bit more seriously, though."
"I would never."
"Before you knock, why not try it?"
"I'm not kinky though."
"Who said it's kinky? It's a game."
"A game? You're creeping me out here. Pervs play games."
"Look, why don't you just let me give you a taste. And then if you're still curious I'll show you how I play with my friends. But I assure you it is a game. There are even rules to keep people safe. Eveything is fun without kink."

Joyce explained the whole thing. After that, Kayla agreed to try it. She was a slightly stocky girl, but not fat. She had reddish orange hair in a braid that reached to about a foot above her waist. A black headband held her hair back, and her outfit consisted of a purple button-up blouse and a shiny red skirt.

"Let's try this slowly."
"I'll go as slow as makes you comfy," Joyce cuffed Kayla's hands in front of her.
"This isn't bad."
"Let's add a step," Joyce added the thumb cuffs.
"OK, now I can't really do much."
"You're sure you want to continue."
"Bring it on."
"All right then...," Joyce tied Kayla's ankles with a yellow girl scout kerchief.
"I still feel OK with this."
"Then more it is."
"All right," Kayla said as another kerchief bound her thighs.
"Do you want a blindfold?" Joyce folded a brown bandana.
"That can't hurt me."
"Then I add it," Joyce said, taking away her niece's vision.
"I can easily reach this to remove it."
"Fine," Joyce used a third kerchief to fasten the handcuffs to the thigh bonds.
"Do you do gags, too?"
"I sure do! Yellow or purple?"
"And you'll get it," Joyce folded a purple bandana and cleave gagged Kayla.
"Mmmm! Nah ah!"
"Stay there for a few minutes and see how it is."

Joyce secretly took photos and a video of her helpless niece. She felt all weird inside. She had to make this comfortable so that Kayla would let her try something more extreme. She waited a few minutes and released Kayla.

"So, you ready to try the full deal?"
"How is that?"
"You'll barely move, but I'll take protective measures."
"Ok... I am willing to try so that I have an answer should a guy ever ask."
"All righty then," Kayla put her blindfold back on.

Joyce started with the simple stuff. She put two socks over each of Kayla arms before securely tying them behind her. She used one long rope for a thorough breast harness, a short one for elbow bonds,and another for a waist rope. Yellow girl scout kerchiefs tied Kayla's ankles, knees, and thighs. She had one rope, four bandanas, and one scout scarf left.

"This is secure!"
"Yes, but are you comfy?"
"For now, yes."
"Don't worry... the uncomfy will be short because I want you to taste it, not suffer."
"Shut up," Joyce tied the purple bandana back in, this time with a knot in Kayla's mouth.
"Microfoam tape?"
"It won't hurt you."
"Ay," Kayla accepted, being easily talked into these things.

Joyce now had her niece helpless. Suddenly, a thought entered her mind... without asking, she used the final rope and tied a nice, tight crotch rope on Kayla.

"Mmmph?!?!?!" Kayla questioned as she felt Joyce's hands run the rope in and out of her skirt.
"I'm really sorry," she lied, "I forgot to mention this."
"Ip... I r iv ooh [Dip, I forgive you]."

For the finish, Joyce used yellow and gray bandanas tied together as her hogtie, fastening it to Kayla's wrist bonds. Joyce took another video and more photos of her niece, and then she sat to watch.

The entire time, Joyce's heart raced like never before! She had done it! She could hear Kayla moaning everyime she moved her wrists or legs and tugged on the crotch rope. Her breasts poked out from the harness. Joyce felt herself getting excited by the moaning and the sight, to the point that she too was essentially feeling the crotch rope and a hormonal rush!

Suddenly, the feeling flooded away, replaced by angst and guilt. She had crotch roped her own niece without permission, essentially fondling her. What kind of monster was she? She fought back tears before just quietly ending the game. She said little as she started.

"Kayla, I am letting you go just in case someone comes up here."
"Ok!" Kayla said unsuspecting.

When Joyce was done, she got her courage back.

"Enjoy it?"
"Not exactly my cup of tea, but something I would entirely refuse if asked."
"Good, now go wash up to get rid of any marks."
"Ok, it was fun though. But that weird rope made me... wet."
"Don't worry. It isn't a requirement, so if we ever try again we'll skip it."
"All righty!"

It was after the guest were gone that the trouble began again.
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The Winter of Love - Collapse

Postby AlexUSA » Thu Dec 31, 2015 6:23 pm

Please see the poll.

Joyce was falling apart in a full mental collapse. Here she was, a good church-raised girl, in just one week addicted to porn to the point that she had molested her niece and lied to hide her offense. Surely there would be something happening.

Regardless, Joyce was going to spend her last week home down in Orlando with her friends, the Pattersons. At least there maybe, just maybe, there would be help.


"Augmmph! Oyth! Mmm!" Janie cried out.
"I have you now."
"Ugh!" Janie kicked Joyce hard.

Joyce was tying up Janie. She had so far tied Janie's wrists and elbows. A knotted black bandana and some strips of clear tape gagged her. Janie could only wait for Joyce to finish and then try to escape. She lay on her bed in her dark green athletic shorts, yellow shirt, and dark green headband. They had one of those built-in bunks with a ladder that comes out at a 30 degree angle, and Janie had the bottom.

Joyce, the captor, wore blue jean, a glittery pink t-shirt, and a thin stretchy black jacket, the kind that ties in a knot in the front. She fastened the ropes with unusual gusto. It was easy to play TUGs when the Patterson parents were away.

Joyce continued her torture, adding a breast harness and waist rope. Then came her mistake: she had a tight, rough crotch rope before tying Janie's ankles, knees, and thighs.

"Mmph!" Janie moaned as she felt the rope dig into her.
"Quit whining! Whiners take away from the game."
"I haven't done anything weird," Joyce said as she hogtied Janie's ankles to her wrists.

Joyce rubbed the sweat off her hands before removing Janie's shoes. It was time for some tickle torture. Joyce dug in mercilessly to her friend's feet. Janie tried to result, but she found herself laughing. After some time, she'd had enough. The long duration combined with the painful crotch rope made things too much, especially when she looked at Joyce's face.

Joyce's eyes were wide as saucers. She appeared to be enjoying the moment beyond having fun, and she kept moving her eyes in directions that made Lauren uncomfortable. Janie realized just how thorough her breast harness was, and then her heart sank.

"Oyth. Emme oh!"
"No way! This is too fun!"
"Emme oh, ooh erh!"
"You're being whiny!"
"Oor eer!"
"It's a game!" Joyce snapled
"All righty! What is going on here?!" Lauren reached over and ungagged Janie.
"We were playing a game!"
"Even when the other person clearly was creeped out by you?!""
"What do you mean?!"
"Look at this rope work: the harness, the crotch rope. You pervert!!"
"No kidding! She kept looking at my breasts and *****!"
"Damn it! I'm done already. Joyce, take off your coat."
"Why?!" Joyce said as Lauren removed Janie's wrist bonds.
"Because there will be sweating beyond your sex drives!"
"Are you calling me a?!"
"Grade A pervert molesting my sister! DO AS I SAY!" Lauren ripped one sleeve out, spun Joyce around, and ripped the other off.
"How dare you!"
"I've seen thus stuff before! I know porn roping from TUG roping! You're disgusting!" Lauren took rope and tightly boxtied Joyce's arms.
"Lauren! I can explain!"
"You'd bettter!" Lauren added a tight and thorough breast harness.
"Yes, I was...," she stuttered, "I was..."
"Getting the thrill of your life?!"
"Enjoying it all."
"You'd better explain better than this!"

Lauren took Joyce and pushed her onto the ladder face down. She tied each ankle to the sides of ladder just a little off the ground so that her feet weren't touching.

"Yes, I crotch roped her... for pleasure."
"You're a twisted little freak. You are paying!"
"Lauren, no!" Joyce said.
"Shut it, b----! You know who you tied up for your pleasure?! A 17-year old! 17 f***ing years old! That's a HUGE crime! And worse, you picked on MY sister!"
"Umph!" Joyce moaned as a small sock and then its match were crammed in.
"You want porn bondage?! Here it is!!" Lauren took Joyce's coat and pulled it over her head. She wrapped the thin stretchy cloth tightly around Joyce's head 2 times before knotting it off on the tie. She wrapped the sleeves around Joyce's eyes before tying it off as well.
"Mm! she moaned quietly.
"You like that?! Hmmm!" Lauren taunted as she tied Joyce's body down.
"How about that?!" Lauren added a tight crotch rope in such a way that it would pull hard if Joyce moved her arms or her body.
"There! Now you're tied just like those sex toys you wanna turn my sister into!"
"Lauren, I have never seen you like this."
"Janie, you are the world to me. Everything about me is about keeping you good and right."
"Lauren, you just went overkill."
"She needs it," Lauren sighed. "We can reason with her later."
"Does revenge help?"
"I don't know. But we'll leave her to her own devices for a while. She hurt you, my best friend."
"She needs help."
"She hurt," Lauren whispered.
"Sis," Janie embraced Lauren tightly.


Joyce was crying into her bonds. She had taken things too far: she had enacted a bondage fantasy on her best friend. Now she knew for a fact she need intervention befor the damage done to herself and her friends was irreversible. Never before had she felt so deserving of punishment, and at that moment she wasn't trying to escape because of her crimes.

"You're still just a kid."
"I know it."
"My kid sister..."
"Lauren? What is it?"
"Janie, some people can't handle it. I admit sometimes I do search around for new TUG ideas, but I also can handle it. I am able to avoid the 'need for more' and now know which sites to avoid. You're still a kid, so you shouldn't be doing such searches. Joyce..."
"Is one of those people who can't handle it?"
"Yes. Some people aren't able to handle it... most can't. I remember the first time I made a search and found myself looking at a rape scene. It was terrifying, to say the least. I had thought TUGs were all fun and games. I wil admit to you that I actually found a website just for TUGs. And the website is set up so that you can't stumble on porn. But Janie, don't ever do such a search. Please. You're eyes won't ever forget it."
"Lauren, I don't want to. The people that want to are free to do so, even if we might consider it a 'sin.'"
"You're a good kid."
"And that's it, Lauren. Joyce is an adult free to make her own decisions. She can choose to ruin her friendships by doing such things while you just sneak a peek here and there to enhance our games. We can only help her if she wants it."
"For everything you see, some won't like, others will enjoy it, and others will become obsessed, even manic, over it."
"Lauren, I owe so much. I wasn't sure what would happen. So many bad things can happen at that point, but I have read enough stories about good things happening too."
"Aha! You go there too!"
"All right, I do! It is a fun site! And that's just it: fun between consenting people," Janie admitted.
"I'm glad you understand."
"But why do you call me 'Beth'?"
"Why do you call me 'Kendra'?"
"We're both out now! But we both call Trent 'Bubba'!"
"Ah, we're so alike and different. I can't trade you, ever!"
"Lauren, you're stilly big sis, whom I idolize!"
"We need to let Joyce think for herself. She has to decide for herself what is needed. But we have to respect her choice."
"I have a guess."
"What? Whisper it."
"Web blocker."
"I'll look it up!"

After an hour, Lauren released Joyce and they left her alone. Joyce sat there, despairing over her situation. She returned to her roots: she thought about it, said a prayer, and made her decision.

"Janie," she took a breath, "I'm totally... ashamed... of what I did earlier. I admit I was... doing wrong."
"Joyce, I don't need to hear the details. I forgive you, but we still want to know what you're going to do so that we can still coexist."
"You need to block me from those sites. Completely and permanently."
"I can do that," Lauren said, "But I am not touching your computer without your permission."
"Here it is. I... need... help... It took one look, and now I spend hours every day looking, touching, getting sexual pleasure out of it. I can't live like this anymore. I can't look anyone in the eye; I avoid my parents and my friends; I hurt people; I can't sleep; I get sexual nightmares; I get bouts of diarrhea. But the sex drives make me... want it... so badly!"
"Joyce, sit down with me."
"It takes a real woman to say that, to admit she has a problem," Lauren gave Joyce a tight one-armmed hug."

Sometime later, the deed was done, and a web filter had been installed on Joyce's computer with a password no one could possibly remember.

"Thank you... for giving me back my life."
"No, you rediscovered it. We simply kept you from turning back."
"I love you girls!"

Joyce was sitting between them, so she was able to give both a tight hug! It would soon be all normal again.
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Re: The Winter of Love - Collapse

Postby AlexUSA » Sun Jan 03, 2016 9:09 am

It'd be great if y'all could respond to the poll on the top of the page.
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The Winter of Love - The Kidnapping Challenge (part 1)

Postby AlexUSA » Wed Jan 06, 2016 6:00 pm

Nichole finished tying her typical navy blue bandana headband under her hair. She was wearing navy blue sweatpants and a matching sweatshirt. She was, for the first time, wearing the new blue and pink sneakers she had gotten for Christmas.

She was going through her belongings to see what she did and didn't want. She was sitting down when Jenny came in, wearing white sweatpants, a pink hoody, and a camouflage bandana headband with her pink sneakers. Jenny sat down at her desk, pulled out her laptop, put her earbuds in, amd went off to the world of her computer games.

There was some assorted junk, keepsakes, things no longer needed, and things thought lost. Nichole was surprised to pull out something she hadn't seen in a while.

"Hey, Jenny, look!"
"Hmmm?" Jenny didn't turn.
"Look, dummy!"
"What? That's your old webcam!"
"Yeah, remember our old Youtube channel?"
"Of course! We did so many funny things over the years!"
"Well, I never told you I still check it out and use it!"
"Really?! What have you done?"
"I did a few random vlogs, and I did a couple videos for my piano audition. I also did some 'how-tos.-"
"We should resurrect it! Do you still have all those old challenge videos?"
"I have the originals of everything still! Handstands, sing-a-longs, the curly vs. straight hair debate... those were fun times!"
"Let's do it! Joy did a few too, didn't she?"
"Get her over here!"

Joy came on over looking like... well, Joy.. she wore black sweatpants, a purple hoody over her white t-shirt, and a purple headband.

"Ok, what's so special?" Joy asked, unamused.
"Tell me something new!"
"The Youtube channel!"
"What channel?"
"Our channel!"
"That old thing?! Doesn't that date back like 8 years?"
"9, actually," Nichole replied.
"Lookie here... here's one where Jenny tied you to a chair!"
"Wow, I had forgotten that!"
"How ironic!"
"We should do something fun..."
"Challenges are popular... eating, 'Guess the song,' 'Blindfold Makeup.'"
"That's it," Joy said.
"An idea!"
"The Kidnapping Challenge!"
"It sounds TUGgy!" Jenny said with a curious smile.
"It is! You take a group of people and take turns being the tied up person. The captive has to escape and the one with the fastest time wins. Sometimes people add other things: have to place a fake phone call, have to open a door, or something!"
"Sounds like a great idea!"
"And then we can challenge other people we might know to do it, if they have a Youtube channel."
"All right! Let's do it!"
"We just have to be careful. Youtube loves to yank such videos even when they're clearly harmless, so serious ropework is out as are hardcore gags."
"We have plenty of other things."
"Then let's get started!"

The girls decided to just grab all their TUG bandanas and a roll of tape. This would hopefully keep the censors happy. They set up the camera and got things going!

"Hello, everyone! Remember me, Nichole! It's been almost 2 years since we were last here together. I am sure you remember Jenny and Joy."
"Today, we are doing The Kidnapping Challenge. The rules are easy: each person takes a turn being tied up. They have to escape enough to use their hands, get up, open and shut the door, pretend to call for help, and fully escape."
"Fastest wins," Joy added, "And each is tied the same."
"For this, we are using bandanas... and Jenny and I have lots of them in most every color available."
"Some of us like them a lot," Jenny said, giving Nichole a poke.
"Like you don't!" Joy replied.
"And Jenny volunteered to go first before we start filming!"
"No, I didn't!"
"You forgot already!"
"I guess I did!"
"Let's go!"
"As you can see, there's a dynamic here," Joy said, turning the camera so that Nichole and Jenny were fully visible but also keeping herself in view.
"Now choose your favorite color," Nichole said.
"Good, blindfold yourself," Nichole threw one brown bandana at Jenny.
"Well fine!" Jenny said, complying.
"This takes time," Joy narrated as Nichole tied a gray bandana around Jenny's ankles. "I don't know much myself."
"You can do better!" Jenny said as Nichole tied her thighs in red.
"Hey, I am using all your favorites to wear!"
"So what!"
"So shut up!" Joy said. "Jenny and Nichole are loudmouths."
"Here we go!" Nichole tied Jenny's wrists tightly in pink.
"So far, so good!"
"Now look, I am using a bandana to gag you! You know I like then so if you chew hole in it, I'll be unhappy."
"You have like 20 of those!" Joy chided.
"She won't miss one!"
"Shut up!" Nichole cleave gagged Jenny with purple.

This was an inside joke in reference to the countless scarves ruined over the years.

"For TV effect!" Nichole added a couple strips of tape over the cloth.
"Like a bandit!" Joy said.
"Shove it."
"Up yours!"
"Finally!" Nichole hogtied Jenny with camouflage from her wrists to her ankles as Joy walked the camera over.
"Jenny, how does it feel to be kidnap victim #1?"
"She's cautious about it, but confident of victory."
"The timer is set to go... now!"

Joy set the camera down so that Jenny's struggle was close up but at a distance her whole body was visible. The timer was counting up. Joy and Nichole bantered back and forth a little about Jenny's predicament like they were announcers at a sporting event.

Jenny had, of course, been tied effectively by her friend. She lay there grunting and squirming with Joy and Nichole teasing her. Finally, after about 5 minutes, she got an arm out, undid the hogtie, stood up, pulled her blindfold off, hopped to door and opened and shut it. She hopped to her bed, sat down, ripped the tape off, pulled her cleave gag down to her neck, untied her ankles and thighs, and went over to the designated phone. She didn't dial a number. The whole time the camera followed Jenny with Joy's control.

"Lauren, help. I've been kidnapped! Do something!"
"Impressive! 6:15!" Nichole said.
"Not bad really. Who's next?"
"I'll go! " Joy volunteered.
"Was it fun?"
"Yes! I enjoyed hopping around," Jenny said as she untied her gag.
"Ready, Joy?"
"Color preference?"
"Good," Nichole tossed a purple bandana at Joy.
"I can blindfild myseld better than you could!"
"Fine!" Nichole said as she finished using a black bandana on Joy's ankles and Jenny used white on her thighs, with the camera facing all in a wide view.
"Try it!"
"Fool!" Jenny moved to tying Joy's wrists with camouflage.
"I will!" Nichole cranked tightly on the blindfold.
"You asked for it, now shut up!" Nichole quickly tied a yellow bandana in Joy's mouth.
"Serves you right!" Nichole gave Joy a shove, knocking her over.
"You're paying now!" Jenny said, adding tape strips over the scarf.
"Finally," Nichole rolled Joy on her stomach and hogtied her with a tan bandana.
"How does it feel?"
"All right. Go!"
"Shut up, you're on the clock."

Joy wasted no time in getting off her hogtie, standing up, hopping to the door, doing the open-shut, and hopping to the bed where she sat to pick at her bonds. She made angry noises while her friends laughed at her. Finally, she freed herself of her wrist bonds, removed the tape, pulled out the bandana, untied her blindfold, and made her fake call before removing her leg bonds.

"Joy is in the lead!" Nichole said.
"But how?!"
"Too bad, Jenny!"
"Your turn, Nichole!"
"All right!"
"Nichole," Joy said looking at the camera, "has a broken leg, so we aren't doing her the same."

They used two white bandanas on Nichole's legs, black on her wrists and in her mouth, and pink for her mouth. Instead of a hogtie, they tied her wrists in front of her and to her knees. This proved decisive as Nichole was done in a short time.

"Yeah, yeah...," Jenny said with a smile.
"That was fun!"
"Yes, and now I challenge our friends in Florida and Wisconsin to do this too!" Jenny shouted into the camera.
"What next?" Joy asked.
"One handed video games?" Jenny suggested.
"Oohh!" Nichole said.

They edited the video, posted it, and sent the link to the Patterson girls and to Bridget. The challenge was on to a new path!

The Minnesita girls were now off to try playing video games with only one hand.
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The Winter of Love (primarily F/F) - The Kidnapping Challenge (part 2)

Postby AlexUSA » Thu Jan 07, 2016 7:04 pm

"This sounds great!" Janie said with excitement.
"Let's do it!" Lauren said.
"Trent, Joyce!" Janie yelled.
"Call Amanda and Ashley, too!"
"What is it?" Joyce asked.
"A new thing to try: a challenge video."
"Big fat hairy deal!" Trent scoffed.
"A TUG challenge."
"Now I'm in!"
"Me too!"
"Do what you will!"

Janie was wearing her red athletic shorts with a blue t-shirt. For something different, she was wearing one of her American flag bandanas as a wide headband. Her hair was in a single braid behind her head. And of course she had her red sneakers. Once this plan was announced, she added two red bandana wristbands for padding.

Trent put on his beige shorts and a plaid, short-sleeve, button-up shirt. He looked less than laid back than he was. In his first semester at UCF, it was obvious how much he had matured as a young man. He switched into high socks that would protect his ankles.

Joyce was wearing a medium-length blue and white striped skirt, a white blouse, and a blue ponytail. She had matching white sandals. Things had improved the last couple days since the intervention from her friends. She was more relaxed without the pressure in her life, although the temptation to relapse was strong. However, with the blocks on her computer there was no way to get to those websites anyway!

"Dang!" Trent said with testosterone in his voice.
"Hey! I'm sexy too!" Amanda said.

Lauren didn't had on a typical outfit of hers: black athletic shorts, blue shirt, black flip-flops, hair in a bun, and a black headband. She intended to control this movie... the "Lauren Kidnapped Her Siblings" movie.

Amanda kind of looked like Lauren except that she had no bun and all the blacks were purple. She also had a braid because she and Janie had made them together the day before. She had prepared, wearing two purple bandanas on her wrists and bringing her TUG stuff because 6 people would involve a lot of rope!

Last to arrive was Ashley. She had on jean short-shorts, red flip-flops, an orange-y plaid button-up shirt that was knotted at the bottom of the buttons, a red ponytail, and an orange headband. She wore lots of those silly rubber bracelets people nowadays seem to like so much on her wrists. She, too, brought a few TUG supplies.

Now it was time to plan.

"I will tie you all the same."
"All?" Trent objected.
"Yeah, who died and made you boss?" Ashley furthered the challenge.
"Don't fret. I will tie you all up together, the same all the way. You five will go, then I will go solo. Rules are you must get far enough to open and shut the door, escape, and place a fake phone call, meaning don't really call anyone, please, to save us the trouble."
"OK, cool, but how will you tie us?"
"I'll be different from Jenny... Roped thighs, ankles, and wrists with ropes above and below your breasts."
"But I..."
"Men have breasts too, smarty pants!" Amanda retored immediately.
"They do?"
"Yes, and someday I'll teach you about it," she added in a sexy tone.
"Yech!" Janie stuck her tongue out.
"For the gags, a bandana and a big strip of microfoam tape. And I will blindfold you all."
"So no knees, elbows, harness, or waist?" Joyce double-checked.
"And no crotch ropes!" a still somewhat bitter Janie interjected.
"Uuhhh," Joyce hung her head.
"Way to be a d***, Janie," Ashley scolded.
"I'll remember that!"
"I'll remember with you!" Amanda added.
"Ok, so are we set?"
"Yes!" Trent said eagerly.
"I will tie you all up before I start filming. When 3 of you are done, you can tie me up, so that one monitors the camera, one keeps score, and one can bind me."
"Let's go then!"

They decided to do their filming in the living room, meaning the victims were to be tied sitting on the couch. The living room was large, with one of those curved couches, meaning all five would fit on fhe camera easily. Plus there was room behind the couch for people to walk around.

Lauren proceeded to bind her victims. Each one was tied at the thighs and ankles. Lauren tied their wrists behind them and added ropes above and below their breasts. She gagged them with knotted bandanas: Janie with blue, Trent with black, Amanda with orange, Joyce with pink, and Ashley with brown; she then put the strip of microfoam tape over their lips, leaving them to mmph.

Lauren followed this with blindfolds: another blue for Janie, white for Trent, navy blue for Amanda, purple for Joyce, and black for Ashley. Before they started, she slid each blindfold up to their foreheads. She set aside a navy blue and a red bandana for use on herself later. Lauren then set up her "camera," her laptop's web camera, stood in front of it, and started recording. The quality was good because the Patterson parents took films and photos of the girls' games.

"Good afternoon. I'm here with my siblings and friends to bring you the Kidnapping Challenge in response to a video my friends made! I'm Lauren, and kind of the one in charge at the moment as they have been made... quiet. I like quiet, a lot, although I do have some pretty awesome songs on my phone! But that is another video!"

"Shut up, Janie!"
"Mmph!" Amanda followed up.
"If you don't stop I will stick a sock under all that!"
"Ugh!" Trent continued.
"Now listen, you!" she said calmly and firmly.
"Mm!" Ashley added
"Ok, then."

Lauren went over and removed her sister's gag.

"But, Lauren, it mmph!" she said as a sock was added and the bandana and tape reapplied.
"Sorry, about that!"

"Anyway, we have the challenge. Each person gets tied up. They have the escape, pretend to phone for help, and walk to the kitchen entry *spins camera* and back *spins back* without helping each other. Each one is bound hand, foot, knees, and chest with gags and blinfolds. When 3 have escaped, they'll tie me up too! The one of us with the fastest time wins! Let's introduce you to our players.

"This is Janie, the young 'un and my sister. Say, 'Hi,' Janie. *garbled* Ready? *grabs Janie by the hair and makes her nod and pulls down blindfold* She loves games. The middle sibling and brother, Trent. *blindfold* Our college friend, Joyce. *blindfold* Our high school friend Amanda. *blindfold* And another highschool friend, Ashley. *blindfold* Now, are you ready?"

Lauren set up the timer on her phone and waited for nods of agreement from all.

"Get set... GO!"

The race was on to escape their bondage. Each person struggled mightily against the highly restrictive ties into which they had been placed. The race was on while Lauren cackled in amusement.

"I do this to them enough they should know by now! But then again they suck at Monopoly and GTA, as well!"
"Mmph?!" Joyce objectd.
"Yes, Miss Holy Roller, I play GTA! Joyce is the prude."
"Uughh!" Joyce increased her pace. The taunting spurred her on.
"Yeah, yeah, punish me!"
"I will!"
"One can cry for help, but cannot see the path to escape! How did you?"
"Lots of spit!"
"Now it's on your face! Gross!"
"Too bad! To win, one has to do what she has to do!"
"And Amanda has a hand out, and Joyce... now Trent! Who'll win?!"
"Mm!" Trent pulled off the tape, pulled out the cloth, and removed his blindfold. "Me!"
"We are at 3 minutes! I made the knots nice on them."
"Take that!" Amanda shook off her breast harness. She had no gag and her blindfold had been slid up into her hair.
"And Amanda leads. Enjoy these last few seconds of me, folks!"
"There!" Amanda started untying her legs in a hurry as she was racing against Trent, Amanda, and now Ashley.
"I'll catch you!" Joyce exclaimed as she worked quickly. Practice was on her side.
"Oh, yeah!" Amanda said as she worked on her last leg bond.
"Yeah!" Joyce pushed Amanda over on the couch, but Amanda grabbed her.
"No, you don't."
"Hello? Lauren, help! I've been kidnapped!" Ashley said into her phone.
"NO fair! a still as yet blindfolded Janie protested.
"Plenty fair. Win! Awesomeness! 4:51! Lauren?"
"Yes?" Lauren asked without turning!"
"This!" Ashley jumped on her and stuffed the red bandana in.
"Hm hm!" Lauren laughed.
"There!" Joyce yelled.
"We couldn't help. Who said we couldn't hinder?"
"Why, you... you're a fun person to be with!" Amanda flung off the former blindfold.

Meanwhile, Ashley tied up Lauren per the rules and blindfolded her with the navy blue bandana before adding a strip of tape. She sat Lauren on the couch for her own escape. Trent was finishing whilst Janie was starting to undo her legs.

"Now I have the show. This is like, y'know, like a really fun game to play. I love these people. They're like the most awesome people in, like, my whole life!"

Lauren had few distraction, allowing her to move fast. She came just shy of Ashley by just a second. She adjusted her shirt because the rope had moved it.

"That was fun!" Janie said.
"Well, we're glad y'all watched. But our friend Bridget still has to do this! Remember, the number one rule is to be safe and have fun; it's still just a game, but one only Ashley and I are good at."
"Hey!" Joyce interjected.
"Good bye now!"
"Good bye!" they added in unison as Lauren ended the film.

"Now to upload it!"
"Go to work!" Janie ordered with a smile.
"I will!"
"I've got a lot of laundry!" she added with a smile.
"And I have to show Joyce GTA! Trent said.
"You will not! My poor ears and eyes!"
"Babe, help!" Trent said as he grabbed rope.
"Trenton Patterson!"
"You're not Mom!"

Joyce was soon bound to a chair, her arms tied to the arms of it at the wrists, elbows, and shoulders. Another pinned her chest down, and microfoam tape gagged her. Ashley and Amanda were reclining on the couch with Lauren in between them all on her laptop. Janie was upstairs doing "laundry," aka wash the bandanas and hang them to dry before our parents see them.

They had done their part.
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The Winter of Love (primarily F/F) - The Kidnapping Challenge (part 3)

Postby AlexUSA » Sun Jan 10, 2016 6:36 pm

Bridget sat down at her laptop for the first time in days. It was then that she just happened too see an FB message from... 3 hours before... with a link to the "Kidnapping Challenge." Suddenly, vitality sprung into her otherwise boring day. It was just a typical weekday, and she sat in her black pants and a pink blouse, her hair in a ponytail and her feet in her slippers.

She knew Mike would gladly accept the challenge of tying her up, but she also knew to be careful lest the video be yanked for adult content. Mike got a kick out of tying his sisters up because it was the only way they couldn't veto his opinions because 2 girls > 1 guy.

Mike got what he needed for a Youtube worthy challenge: belts, some bandanas, Erin's scarves, and tape. He had two desk chairs set up side-by-side. Erin was wearing purple pants and a white shirt with bright blue slipper socks. Erin and Briget looked at each other; were they certain of this?

"Sit down, girls."
"What's the plan?"
"Nothing too harsh. This'll be about speed."
"You won't leave us hurt?"
"I'm cool."
"You're a row! You'll just bust out!"
"You have an advantage!"
"You could have been a row too!"
"Shut up!"
"Never ever ever."
"Weather dork."
"Space ace."

They both sat down. Mike taped their arms to the sides of the chair from their wrists to their elbows in duct tape. He belted them above their breasts. Using more tape, he fastened their ankles to the legs of the chairs. He took some of Erin's scarves to bind their legs above the knees and fasten their waists down. He cleave gagged Erin and Bridget with red and purple bandanas, respectively, and put strips of tape over it. Lastly, he blindfolded them with black and blue bandanas.

"Here it is: the kidnapping challenge. You can see Erin and Bridget, my sisters, tied to these chairs. They have to escape and pretend to call for help, the fastest one winning. Have fun, and GO!"
"Mmph!" they began.

They tried to move, but all they did was slide their chairs around. Finally, they began to loosen it up. Sure enough, Bridget's strength prevailed as she started to get an arm out. A few minutes later, she was victorious with a pile of tape and scarves on the floor. Erin was stuck having made no progress, so Bridget helped by ending the film.

"We can't be here all day. Thanks for watching!" and she stopped.
"Why'd you hi-jack my movie?"
"Because it is about to violate Youtube."

She started to help Erin by applying more tape over arms and using the bandanas that had stolen her sight and speech to fasten Erin's shoulders. She applied the belt below Erin's breasts. Erin wasmaking sounds of rage under her gag. Bridget just laughed and took some humiliating photos and videos of her sister.

This was too good of an opportunity.


"Aw, man!"
"What's wrong, Lauren?"
"It wasn't bad enough we were getting pervy comments; Youtube yanked it as a bondage video."
"I can say why?"
"Here comes the bondage expert," Janie said with sarcasm.
"You tied us up like it was bondage; it was too serious. No one can get away with it."
"Too porn-like."
"Pretty much."
"As I said, Miss Bondage Expert has lots of mileage under he belt."
"Janie, I am sick and tired of you acting like a little b---- about that still. Get the hell over yourself; I said I am sorry about it, and I still can't live with what I did!"
"The hell I will! I ain't ever... Evvvvveeerrrrr forget it, and I will continue to hold it against you, you rapist slut!" Janie turned her back to Joyce.
"Why I never!" Joyce grabbed a metal water bottle off the desk and hummed it at Janie.
"Janie, duck!"
"Hmm? Ugh!" she said and went down like a light.
"Joyce... you..."
"Lauren... I'm not who I was... I... help her!"
"Lauren, I..."
"Joyce... please stop and just sit down. We're gonna keep helping you."
"Just throw me out."
"Joyce, this isn't you. You're stressed, and I know why. Now please sit down."
"I hurt her."
"Twice. Both times spurred on by your seared conscience. Janie, answer me, kiddo."
"What happened?"
"Janie, please snap out of it!"
"Gimme the story!"
"I tossed a canteen at her!"
"What the hell did you do that for?!"
"She called me a... a rapist slut."
"Ouch. Well, you might have cost your best friend some softball time."
"I might cost her her life!"
"Joyce, stop this nonsense! Listen to me: you have a seared conscience. We need to get alone where you can tell me exactly what is bothering you in your own words."
"Please just help her!"
"Why does my head hurt? Lauren, where are you?"
"Right here, kiddo!" Lauren grabbed Janie's hand.
"What day is it?"
"Wrong, it's Thursday. How many fingers do you see?"
"Wrong. 3. Say your name and date of birth."
"Janie Melissa Patterson, August 14th, 1998."
"And I'm?"
"College? Major?"
"Minnesota Tech; Civil Engineering."
"Sport and position?"
"Softball shortstop."
"What year is it?"
"I think 2015."
"She's brained."
"Meaning? Concussed?" Lauren asked. "Thanks for the birthday gift!"
"Oh, it IS your birthday! I thought that was a week ago."
"It was a week ago!"
"Lauren, my head hurts, my tummy hurts, my everything hurts."
"You'll be fine. We just need to watch you for a while and make sure you're OK."
"Thanks, doc," Janie said as she slowly stood up. "Help me to the bathroom."
"I am not just...," Lauren said.
"Ok! Ok! Don't get your britches in an uproar."
"Sorry, it's just that... UGH!" Janie threw up into the bathroom sink.
"Well, that's gross."
"Janie, are you OK?" Joyce asked.
"Now I remember! That b---- clobbered me! I'll get you!"
"Janie! Stop! No!" Lauren held her sister back.
"When I get my hands on you!"
"Janie, that'll only cause more trouble."
"Joyce, if you know what's best for you, you'll..."
"I'll what?"
"Joyce, what's happened to you? You were always the levelheaded one... the whole whose anger consisted of a brief expression of frustrstion and no more."
"I'm sick, Janie. I'm very sick and need lots of care."
"I'm sorry for taunting you..."
"I'm sorry... for not being a friend."
"Trent, can you handle this?" Lauren asked.
"I'll call Amanda."
"All right. Joyce, come with me."
"Yes, ma'am."
"Ma'am? Is that an effort at humor?"
"That's more like you. Let's talk."

Joyce and Lauren got into the Jeep and headed to McDonald's where they got some burgers, fries, and sodas, and headed over to the park. Lauren finally started after she had inhaled her first burger.

"Joyce, what happened? You were so clear-minded. Janie told me of your kind of ranting. You were the source of civility to everyone. What changed? Start from the beginning."
"Well, I have always carried some doubts as the only child of a remarried divorcee and his 2nd wife... who are both old. My half-sister still to this day calls me the 'little b-----d.'"
"The day I got the handcuffs... I got curious, so I started looking up new ways I could use them when I got bored... it's boring when you have only old-timers around, and you were the most hated person at school."
"Ok, so kids hated the brain. What about church?"
"Have you seen Ocala? I am the only person below age 50 there."
"So, you never had a friend until college?"
"I had my girl scout friends, but that was about it."
"Wow... I'm sorry your life sucked."
"It didn't, because I didn't know better until college."
"So how does this tie in to today?"
"As I started finding more...bondage... I found more if the... other... stuff."
"Yup... I was amazed... some was scary... some was mesmerizing... so many depictions of happy men and women doing stuff... even some of the scary stuff was amazing when it wasn't violent. I also found that women... tied up women. It felt powerful, controlling, to be able to, temporarily, possess another woman and have her at my mercy. With just a little rope, I could turn a TUG into sexual gratification. I had never had reasons to feel aroused, but I enjoyed the feeling. It gave me emotions to feel when life is dull."
"It gave you an emotional high?"
"Yes, like never before. And I grew thirstier... hours daily spent in search of more... and I quickly got hungrier... anything would do... my browser history filled with hundreds and thousands of pages of sites with terms like 'xxx' in the title."
"Joyce, snap out of it."
"And then when Christmas came, I had an opportunity; I tricked my niece into a TUG and crotch-roped her and more than enjoyed hee suffering... and then did the same to... Janie... my best friend. Now, I'd rather be dead than live with what I saw and did! And today was a result of pent-up sexual frustration."

Lauren started to cry. She was being torn apart by this. How could someone so good become so evil? How could a girl like Janie get herself hurt by another girl like this?

"Joyce, I want to help you."
"I want someone to help me."
"Are you sure?"
"I want my old life back."
"I can't do that. You have to live with what has happened. What must be done is bury those memories into the past... so much so that nothing even helps you recall them."
"Sometimes it's easier. It's when I'm bored that I start."
"Then we'll keep you busy."
"You're my sister's friend. That is good enough for me."
"You have an amazing heart. Me, Nichole, Janie... YOU are the one who holds the fort down."
"Nah, that's coincidence."
"Maybe it's God."
"If so, I'm willingly doing so for Him."
"I...need... help."
"It's going to be OK."


Meanwhile, there was trouble brewing in Minnesota as another person was starting a battle of their own... with a different vice...
"We're in this together.
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Re: The Winter of Love (primarily F/F) - College Vice

Postby AlexUSA » Wed Jan 13, 2016 6:10 pm

Nichole Blakely could not wait to walk again. It hadn't been long since she was reduced to a brace... a few hours... with a couple more weeks before she could walk without crutches.

She and Jenny were bored of break. Not much that was fun could be done. Nichole wished that she could be tied up for a change. The weather was so cold she wore her black winter hat in the house! She wanted to build a snowman, too, if just for something different.

She lay on her bed, bored of it all. She had already texted Chris. Jenny wasn't doing much better, off in the world of computer games. Maybe Joy was bored too?

"Let's go see Joy."
"Sure. Did you ask?"
"Nah, let's just go!"


There was one thing nice about having her own room: Joy could shut the door, but more often than not it was still open. Suddenly, Joy heard footsteps. She stuffed what she was looking at in a box and shoved it under her bed. It was just Zoe.

"Hi, sis."
"Whatcha doing?"
"Oh, just going through some old stuff."
"Like a little secret?"
"I have no secrets in my keepsakes!"
"Too late, kid; I know it. Don't hide the truth from me."
"What are you talking about?" Joy faked.
"I know what you're hiding in that box!"
"Hiding what?"
"Don't play dumb with me, Missy!"
"What do you mean?!"
"Your secret little problem, one that could get you in BIG trouble!"
"Joy, come here."
"Yes, sis."
"Turn around. I'm in charge right now."
"Cross your wrists."

Joy felt loads of duct tape fastening her wrists and arms as a whole tightly behind her. She was glad she had her purple hoody on at the moment. The hoody was fully unzipped, showing the white t-shirt below. She also wore blue jeans with her hair in a ponytail. More tape went above and below her breasts and around her waist.

Joy was silent as her legs were completely encased. She cried a little because she knew she had been caught red-handed. This was well-deserved.

"Now, Joy, tell me."
"All right, I will...," but then there was a knock on the door!
"Sorry," Zoe tied a knotted brown bandana in Joy's mouth.
"Mmph!" she moaned as Zoe tied it tightly.
"I'll be back."

Zoe went to answer the door.

"Is Joy here?"
"Not right now."
"She is, but she isn't available."
"Come in."
"What's wrong?" Jenny asked with concern.
"Joy is in deep crap!" they entered the room where Joy sat on her bed.
"Shut up."
"What happened?!"
"Under the bed... blue shoebox."
"This one?" Jenny asked.
"Open it."


"Yes, Joyce?"
"I hope you know I am really sorry, because I know I've hurt you."

The girls were eating a meal just thrown together by Trent. He was playing chef and doctor! It was a tense meal.

"Joyce, I know. It's going to be OK. I forgive you... for all of it."
"Janie... please say something."

It had been two days since "the throw." Janie hadn't spoken to Joyce at all in that time. She was pretty out of it. because she had gotten slammed pretty hard. She had migraines; she was vomiting; she was tired; but most of all, she was full of wrath. There were no exchanged between Janie and Joyce in that time. None. Zilch. Nada. She wouldn't even speak to Lauren because Lauren was helping Joyce.

During that time, she slept a lot, but with Trent constantly checking her. She had been checked and cleared of any internal bleeding by a doctor, but Trent had lied and said she was clobbered by a line drive practicing softball.

Janie lay there in pain. She wore a [red, of course] baseball cap to hide the spot because there was a big bloody scabbed patch where she had been hit. She couldn't reconcile the events in her own mind, in part because she refused to acknowledge that she had taunted Joyce.

"Janie, quit hurting yourself," Amanda remarked.
"Yes, you. Your hurting yourself by being so unforgiving. Accept her apology and apologize for your part already."
"I did nothing."
"I saw you. You were razzing her left and right."
"I was not!"
"Don't you remember the video we made?"
"What video?"
"Oh... you lost that day in your memory, it seems. How about right before she hummed a bottle at you?"
"I made a statement about her being a porn expert," Janie framed her ststement deliberately.
"Was that called for?"
"Please stop."
"The agony of defeat."
"I'm tired!"
"Yeah, right! Good night, Miss Hotshot."
"You're leaving me?"
"Why should I hurt myself by being around a toxic person like you?"
"Amanda, come back. You're right... I was taunting her... a lot... I was going out of my way to antagonize her."
"Well, then. What else?"
"Yes, Janie?"
"I'm sorry," Janie muttered.
"I'm sorry."
"Say it so we can hear you, please."
"All right! I'm sorry for being such a douche. I instigated the whole thing, and I shouldn't be laying all this blame on you. I'm sorry about how I've been to you, too, Lauren."
"You're forgiven."
"Joyce, what happened to you?"
"Janie, maybe someday we can talk about that. For now, it is best we don't go there."
"You're the first person to brain me with a water bottle."
"And the last!"
"I hope! I can't tell you how much my head is throbbing," Janie sat up and spun the baseball cap backwards on her head, "I'm bored. Computers, phone, and TV are too flashy. Books put eye strain. Noisy things like music make the throbbing worse."
"Take Tylenol."
"This is with Tylenol!"
"Well, you could just sleep some more."
"I'm sick of sleep."
"How about we drop the brightness on the TV?"
"That might work."
"Lemme," Joyce sat down right next to Janie.
"You're bold."
"I can't help myself from helping you."
"That's Joyce!"

Lauren and Amanda observed the girls rekindling their damaged friendship.

"Isn't it sweet?"
"Yes, now take these handcuffs off of me!"
"But why? You've only been there 20 minutes. It's fun driving you crazy!"
"Joyce, I'll kill you later for letting her borrow these!"
"Amanda, you can borrow a bandana too!!"
"With pleasure!"
"Miserable rat-headed traitors."
"Here's a snack, Lauren!" Amanda tied a knotted bandana in Lauren's mouth.
"That ups the peace factor," Trent said in a false sense of naïvety.


Bridget gave her brother Mike a tight hug. Today he was going back to school in Chicago to continue his studies. Erin and Bridget would be leaving the same day, but Erin was at Wisconsin-Whitewater. Soon, she would be back in college herself.

Bridget had finally adjusted to life. Her mom was gone; the step-mother was here; she had college. It all worked itself out. But, she knew things would eventually settle in.

"Bridget, come here. I have something for you," Erin said.
"Yeah, I see the rope."
"OK, OK, we can take turns."

Bridget sat with a smile as she experienced what would be most likely their final TUG together because Erin is set to graduate this spring. She a
was in a good TUG outfit as well: blue jeans with a long-sleeve gray flannel shirt and boots. The ropes cinched her wrists, ankles, and knees; a belt pinned her arms; a purple bandana silence her; and another rope hogtied her. This was the pinnacle of childhood, in Bridget's eyes.


"Joy, who gave this to you?" Zoe asked, removing Joy's gag.
"Ummm... Tyler... did..."
"He did, now?"
"And you let yourself fall to the pressure?" Jenny asked incredulously.
"Yes, and I let myself enjoy it, too."
"Joy... but you're such a holy roller!" Nichole added, in shock herself.
"I failed you all. I'm sorry. I should have asked you all for help when he started to be a bad influence."
"What else has this boy done?"
"Well... he's a great kisser?"
"JOY! You didn't?!"
"Our parents would be so disgusted! My sister! They'll blame the college even though I knew better than to do this kind of stupidity!"
"A sorority girl? Ha!" Nichole scoffed.
"We're the only sorority to not have a pregnancy in its history!"
"How long?"
"23 years."
"Not bad."
"Still, who else have you fooled around with?"
"Umm... you don't wanna know."
"Someone we know?" Jenny asked.
"All of us knew him... in fact."
"WHO?!" Zoe demanded.
"Nate Loris!"
"The WR of the high school football team."
"And hockey defenseman."
"Joy?! You've betrayed my trust," Zoe said in an offended tone.
"I didn't think you could relate. I know you know better... I knew better, but I let myself fall for my emotions... I let you all down, didn't I?"
"Joy, there are more things worse you could do; we're just disappointed these things were hidden from us. But it would be the same if you had broken something of mine and tried to hide it," Zoe replied.
", alcohol? Gin?!"
"I can't justify that one... really..."
"How did you get it?" Nichole asked.
"He gave it to me."
"Joy, this kid is no good. He is doing things he shouldn't be doing, and if you don't break up with him, I will remove him from the picture. I have seen men like him before; he already has his next girlfriend planned out," Zoe spoke out of her experience.
"Nate Loris?" Jenny asked again.
"I told him to go hump a rock when he tried to get me."
"Who didn't he try to get then?" Nichole asked.
"Casey Roberts."
"Ha ha."
"Joy, how long have you been drinking?"
"Since September...," Joy responded sheepishly.
"Sheesh! Joy, you could have been caught!"
"You can't legally drink?"
"You could have gone to jail!"
"You don't understand, do you?"
"I do... I just know it won't happen."
"Because? Secret powers?"
"No... Jenny just dumped it down the drain."
"That was the contraband! I wanted to drink it!"
"Suck an egg," Jenny said mischievously.
"Joy, time to go back to Gagland."
"No, I domph!"

Zoe put the bandana back in and wound many layers of tape around Joy's head. She then left Joy to struggle on her bed in silence. Joy had a lot of thinking to do! Jenny and Nichole shrugged their shoulders and went back to their home.


"I need the restroom," Janie got up.
"Joyce, I don't feel so good. My head just got light, and..."
"JANIE!" Joyce jumped up to keep Janie from falling.
"Trent!" Amanda yelled.
"Mmmmmmm!" Lauren was absolutely freaking out.
"What happened?!" Trent asked.
"She just fainted."
"Did she say anything before?"
"Just that she felt lightheaded."
"Vertigo. It's the concussion."
"What if I permanently hurt her?!"
"Don't say that. You smashed her pretty hard... but you didn't give her brain damage."
"I'll get you," Joyce jumped up to help Lauren.
"Trent, please! What's wrong!?"
"She stood up too fast; that's all."
"Dang my head hurts! What are you freaks all ogling?"
"She has her humor still."
"Janie, you just fainted," Trent explained.
"So that's why I'm on the floor and my sister and best friends are so bent out of shape."
"Hey, I love you!"
"Lauren, if you got any more bent out of shape you'd look like the Blue Ridge Parkway!"
"Shut up!"
"Lauren, go wreak havoc on someone else!"
"No, just you!"
"I love you to the moon and back!"
"That's Janie! That's MY sister! Mine, not yours! And you can't have her. No one else can, and too bad for you!"
"Hey, she's mine too!"
"Well, count your lucky stars!"
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Re: The Winter of Love (primarily F/F) - College Vice

Postby hafnermg » Sat Jan 16, 2016 9:52 pm

Sorry its been a while things have been quite hectic. I come back to a lot of updates and I love it. The stories of their trials both good and bad makes them so much more relatable then in most stories. Of course the tug elements are great as well. Wouldn't be on this site otherwise lol. Personally I think its the making the characters real through those tribulations that truly puts your stories up there with the best on this site. I'll get to your poll soon I'm just having trouble deciding on which is my fave as they are all great. :D

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Re: The Winter of Love (primarily F/F) - College Vice

Postby AlexUSA » Sun Jan 17, 2016 5:49 pm

hafnermg wrote:Sorry its been a while things have been quite hectic. I come back to a lot of updates and I love it. The stories of their trials both good and bad makes them so much more relatable then in most stories. Of course the tug elements are great as well. Wouldn't be on this site otherwise lol. Personally I think its the making the characters real through those tribulations that truly puts your stories up there with the best on this site. I'll get to your poll soon I'm just having trouble deciding on which is my fave as they are all great. :D

It works well for me. So much of my own life is expressed in the non-TUG storylines that it is destressing for me!
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The Winter of Love (primarily F/F) - Rest and Relaxation

Postby AlexUSA » Sun Jan 17, 2016 6:17 pm

Janie took a nice deep breath of the cold air in her dorm. It was good to be back, even if she was the first one back. Ok, Joyce was with her, but Joy and Nichole wouldn't arrive until later that day. Janie needed nothing more than a nap to relieve the massive head-splitting headache she had. Even light hurt her.

Joyce, understanding this, helped Janie fix up her bed and get in. Janie took off her hat, got in, buried herself under the covers as a shield against the sunlight shining through the window, and went off to sleep quickly. Joyce stared at Janie, particularly the still large, gnarly, and somewhat infected wound on Janie's head; Joyce just about hated herself, as most as she could. Perhaps she was just angry then. Here was her best friend, sick on account of her. Joyce cried a little in frustration and decided to go elsewhere in the dorm.

She sat on the couch and leaned back. She was overcome by guilt and fell into a fitful sleep...


"Move it, slowpoke! And I thought I was slow with crutches!"
"I'm coming!" Jenny said with an air of frustration.
"Take your time. I'm teasing you!"
"I'm just panicking."
"I know...I know..."
"Breathe deeply."
"Yup. Got it."
"Back to school?"
"Yup! Let's get this show on the rode."
"Then let's do it!"
"Min-ne-so-ta Tech, here we come!"
"That is so 60 years ago!"
"Too bad! My car!"
"You win! Jenny, thanks for so much."
"Your welcome. But for what?"
"Sharing so much... your family, your house, your stuff, your car."
"Nichole, you're family, so that is expected."
"But I'm not really."
"As long as we don't tell people, no one will know!"


"Well look who's here!"
"Yes, Jo... I'm back."
"Why the dour attitude?"
"Well, let's see... my sister got brutally attacked by someone twice in the last week, and one of my friends turned out to be an alcoholic tramp."
"Mine was awesome. I got a new cell phone and a boyfriend."
"Goody for you. I need to wind down before I can appreciate what you are saying. Right now, I am worried... my sister is alone with her right now!"
"Lauren, if you told me correctly, they need this chance to rebuild things."
"Lauren, Janie is a grown strong girl! She can handle herself."
"I suppose she's gotten wiser from it all."
"You worry like a mother!"
"It wasn't easy to hide that from them! Fortunately, there was enough time between the attack and my parents' return from their trip for the wound to heal a little and hide the truth!"
"I think someone needs a little timeout!"
"I get it. Nothing too difficult!"
"Ok. We'll take it easy."
"It's been a while since we had a TUG without outside interference."


"Joy, you drive!"
"Sure. You're a good driver!"
"Just don't drink and drive!" Zoe added with a smirk.
"Ha! I won't be doing that!"
"Are packed up?"
"Let's tell Mom we're going then!"

The girls each shared a kiss and a hug with their mother. Mom gave them each a nice large container of various homemade goodies to take back, most of which was stuff frozen over the year in small amounts just for this moment. Next thing they knew, they were on their car ride to return to college for Zoe's final semester.


Joyce opened her eyes and found herself in a bit of a fog. She rubbed her eyes. She was out for 2 hours. She got up and began putting her belongings away. Little did she realize she was still asleep and merely dreaming, and witnessing the manifestation of guilt.

"Strange. Janie is still asleep."
"Janie, wake up!"

Joyce got no response. She went over and gave Janie a shake, but thee was no response.

"Janie, this isn't funny. Come on! Janie? Janie?!"

Joyce threw off the covers. Janie was there all right. Joyce gave her another shake before noticing something.

"Janie? Janie!!!! Please wake up! Don't do this! Please don't! I'd kill myself rather than face your sister!"

Cold. Stiff. Pale. No pulse. No breathing. Death.

"Noooo! Janie!!! No!!! Don't go! Janie, please wake up!"
"Joyce! Joyce! Wake up! You're the one who's sleeping!"

Joyce opened her eyes and saw Janie leaning over her. Joyce was violently shaking to the point she couldn't sit up and covered in sweat that her clothes were soaked. She just started crying and grabbed Janie in a tight hug.

"Janie! I'm so sorry for all I've done! I love you too much! I don't want to ever cause any pain anymore! I'll do anything... anything to make up for it! But please don't ever just leave me!"
"What happened?"
"I have had an eye-openingn experience."
"Joyce, I've forgiven you. You're struggling with guilt. And I think I am past the point we need to worry about me dying from this. I'll be fine."
"You're too much of who I am."
"Calm down! It's OK."
"Where are Joy and Nichole?"
"They are on their way."
"OK. I am still shaking."
"Someone hasn't eaten in too long!"
"I never told you or anyone else!"
"Told anyone about my blood sugar problems!"
"Type 1 diabetes, right?"
"How did you know?"
"I found out before we left for break. I saw the Flex-Pen in your personals bag which was open on the floor."
"You didn't tell anyone?"
"Nope! It's our secret. If they ask, you get slight hypoglycemia."
"Not a problem. So how do eat cakes and stuff?"
"I have a different kind from most. My body can't make sugar, so it's always too low. I could eat the entire pastry department before I get
high sugar. I always something sweet nearby. I can't just chow sugar thought because that, ironically, causes sugar crash!"
"How did you find out?"
"Passed out in 2nd grade."
"Oof! That must have been embarrassing!"
"I was too young to care."
"Keep taking care of yourself!"
"I do. I want food!"
"Let's make something that the two of us can enjoy... celebrate a new foundation in our friendship!"


Lauren had an odd definiton of "rest and relaxation." Hers included sitting on a couch getting her wrists bound behind her with a strand of rope. A handkerchief tied her ankles as she sat cross-legged on the floor. Jo had stuffed another in Lauren's mouth and cleave gagged her with a purple bandana. Jo belted Lauren's arms to her chest. Lauren now sat, resting and relaxing, in just her black sweatpants and a pink t-shirt with nothing else on, as she watched Jo play a video game.

This was life, and it was good. Sometimes Lauren wondered if she and Jo would even be friends without TUGs. It could get hard to discern at times, but they also had other things to share. Without Jo, Lauren would never have met Zack, so that's a good thing! And of course she and Zack had their own bondage games, but they vowed to always keep their undierwear on.

Lauren made some grunts as she struggled to escape. Jo had indeed gone easy with the overall binding, but that didn't mean the few binds weren't secure! Lauren was having fun with it, and so was Jo.

"Be quiet, and no one gets hurt," Jo reached over and gave a tickle.
"Don't worry; your Pop will pay up soon enough!"

It was acting like this that made things special. Of course, the captor controlled such exchanges. For them, it was all about building their friendship.


"It's good to be back!" Joy said as she sat down after unloading.
"I know! I missed it so much!" Joyce replied.
"How was Florida?"
"It was a rebuilding phase. It really taught us all something."
"I'm glad to see you're getting back together in your friendship."
"What is that?!" Nichole asked Janie.
"That is a massive scab that was a part of the renewal. But in the end, we discovered really just how much we had become a part of each other!"
"Good for you!"

Janie gave Joyce a hard squeeze. They had saved their friendship.
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The Winter of Love (primarily F/F) - Influences

Postby AlexUSA » Wed Jan 20, 2016 6:38 pm

Janie was trying everything to hide her wound before she went back for her first day of class. She pulled her blue knit winter hat over that. She hoped that would be enough to hide it both outside and inside. If anyone asked, her head was cold. It was a cold day so she wore her red sweatpants and a blue long-sleeve t-shirt, the shirt a Christmas gift from her grandparents. And she cannot exactly bandage herself where her hair is.

"I froze to death last night!" Joyce complained. She had on pink sweatpants, her white long-sleve t-shirt, a pink hoody, and a pink winter hat, plus she had brown winter boots with fleece lining that came up to her shins.

"Sugar?" Janie asked quietly.
"No... that causes sweating for me, but it is making things worse right now!"
"Well, have some heat!" Janie gave Joyce a tight hug.

"Cold! It's frigid! Blast it! Nichole, you dummy, you didn't turn up the heat!"
"I can't control it! If dumbcrud Stefan wants it at 68, I can't help it!"
"Well you were supposed to ask!"
"I ain't dealing with that imbecile! You do it! You have legs!"
"We have our own hotel unit over there, too!"
"If it means so much, you can double-check me!"
"Why do you to be such a lazy GFN?"
"I'm not. There's too much!"
"You're too lazy to make that extra time!"
"I'm doing all I can with a broken leg! Be patient with me."
"Isn't it enough I have to deal with a cripple daily!"
"Joy, I'm trying my best!"
"You're just being a stupid faker! Lazy oaf!"
"Joy, please stop!" Nichole said, annoyed and hurt at this point.
"Oh, can't handle some criticism, so you have to start crying like a baby! Probably want Janie and Joyce to come over and say, 'There, there, you poor wittle thing.' Get the hell off your useless rear and do something useful for a change you GFN POS!"
"Joy! Why are you?!"
"Go f*** yourself eith the toaster or some other way remove yourself!"

Joy left at this and slammed the door.

"What the hell?!" Janie asked.
"She has never behaved like this!" Joyce said incredulously.
"What did I do wrong?" Nichole sobbed.
"Come here; don't let her bother you," Joyce gave her friend a hug. They sat down on their couch, and Joyce wrapped themselves up in a warm blanket.
"Joyce, what happened?"
"I don't know. Something is clearly bothering her."
"But what?"

What had been discovered by Zoe was known to no one else except Lauren, who found out from Jenny with a swear to secrecy. Janie and Joyce were clueless.


"Jenny... it's too cold to go to class!"
"Get up! It isn't going to be so bad today!"
"All right..."
"Now, you can even borrow my boots if you're so inclined."
"Yes, I washed them just before coming here."
"You did?"
"I got new ones!"
"Hand-me downs are better than nothing."
"Get a move on!"

Both girls got dressed in their "new" boots, navy blue school sweatpants and sweatshirts, and their winter hats and scarves, Jenny having matching brown and Bridget with black and bright blue. They grabbed their bags and set off to Differential Equations. Everyday at 8AM this semester they would have this class... all of them!

When they got there, it was obvious something was amiss. Joy was sitting on the far right front of the room, and Janie, Joyce, and Nichole were seated at the back left. Sensing tension, Jenny and Bridget chose safety in numbers and went to the back.

"What's wrong?" Bridget asked.
"Joy blew a vessel this morning," Janie whispered.
"Swearing and insulting Nichole."
"Is that why she's spaceshot?"
"Yeah... Jenny should talk to her."
"I will."
"Something is wrong with Joy, mentally," Joyce added in a dark tone.
"That sounds sinister."

After class, Joy left in a hurry so that no one could bother her. Jenny was a bit dismayed, and Nichole was barely able to pay attention in class. Nichole had to stop at the dorm on her way to work because she forgot something. Because she had to gobthe opposite direction of Jenny, they weren't able to talk.

Once alone, Nichole did the unthinkable in spite of her internal battle not to. Next clear-headed moment, she realized she should have taken Joyce advice as she clutched her bleeding arm. She immediately cleaned up. She was washing her arm when Joyce suddenly came in!

"I forgot my laptop... Nichole!!!"
"Joyce, I am sorry. I didn't listen to you."
"You... cut yourself?"
"Yes, I'm sorry! I said I'm sorry! Please just help me!"
"Ok... ok..."
"I dwelled too much on Joy."

Once her arm was bandaged, Nichole explained the whole thing to Joyce with Joy and her problems.

"You have been worrying, haven't you?"
"Yes, I have... Jenny and I are having lunch later. Tell no one. I'll eventually tell them as I need to."
"Nichole, you go through too much."
"But at least I am walking again!"
"Yes, that is good!"
"Cheer up. You're still you, and you're still loved. Don't let one person's words ruin your life."
"I won't now! I have backup!"
"That's it!"

Jenny hated certain aspects of her major. She wanted to build a car, dang it, not model it in a computer. But this was the mundane side of life.

Meanwhile, Bridget was having the time of her life. She was in a hardcore weather class... which had a lab. The lab was like nothing she'd had before! This was so much fun it was hard to remember it was work!

Janie went about her rounds. Once again, she and Lauren had purposefully taken a class together. It was fun to combine their wits to solve problems and improve their grades! Lauren loved it too. It was the greatest thing ever to be in college with her little sister.

The girls each went about their days, none of them running into Joy despite at different times some of them having classes with her. She was deliberately avoiding them, even after her final class let out.

Joy had a secret... she was still with Tyler in spite of the warnings. In fact, she was meeting him at this time. Little did she know she had a stalker.

"Hiya, babe!"
"Hey, Ty," she gave him a kiss.
"You ready?"
"Let's go. Ty, some of my friends don't approve."
"Of us?"
"Yeah, they don't think you're for me."
"Maybe they aren't your friends."
"That is how I feel."

Jenny dropped open her mouth from afar. How dare Joy say that! Jenny had a TUG with Joy's name on it!

"Well, we can continue without them," he said, giving Joy kisses allnover her face and neck.
"Of course. Tyler..."
"Oh, when you call me that I know what it means!"
"Let's find somewhere."
"That little spot in the science building!"

Jenny couldn't believe her ears! This was beyond offensive! How could she follow them and not be seen though! But she knew the spot anyway. So many people went there over the course of a semester.

Jenny followed them at a large distance. Once they rounded a corner, she ran right up to it. There were obscene numbers of bushes around to hide behind. For this, Jenny wore her brown hoody and a camouflage kerchief bandana. Before going inside, Jenny called campus security to tip them off of the public indecency. That'll show them! Once inside, Jenny followed until they were at the spot.

"You ready?"
"Yeah, let's do this baby!"
"Oh, Tyler, you have a way with your hands."
"All the better, my dear."
"Sickos," Jenny thought, "How could you?!"
"Oh, yeah!"
"What a couple of...," Jenny couldn't contain herself.
"I brought your favorite."
"Oh, that flavor!"

Jenny heard the familiar clink of the securiy officer's pants. He a
was coming. Jenny gave them away.

"Joy, you little traitor! How dare you!"
"What is this?!" the officer came around, passed Jenny, and went right to where Joy and Tyler were.
"Jenny, I can explain."
"You'd better!" the officer said, and he motioned to Jenny, "You can go. We will call you in the morning."
"Anonymous tip," she muttered.

Jenny went back to 'camp,' Joy's dorm. She knew Nichole, Janie, Lauren, Joyce, Bridget, and Zoe were all waiting for her. Jenny entered with a sad look on her face.

"Well?!" Zoe demanded.
"I caught them... necking... I called the security office."
"Where were they?!"
"The science building... drinking and making babies."
"Jenny, don't... tell me this isn't true!"
"I'm sorry Zoe."
"Oh... Joy... please come home."
"How? She lied to us," Nichole said.
"She lied to you moreso. Nichole, I heard about this morning."
"I am not going there."

The girls sat and waited for Joy. They knew she would be coming eventually. Joy got up to the door and stood for a moment before entering. It was time to face the humiliation.

"You sure bring a lot of Joy... to men's gonads!" Zoe yelled.
"I am ashamed of you," Jenny said, turning her back.
"Zoe, Jenny, girls... I... I...," Joy stammered.
"Look at me."
"Nichole, I..."

Joy looked at Nichole's wrist, then her face. She did this several times before she realized what it meant.

"Nichole, I'm so sorry. It's all my fault. I am the GFN who should f*** a toaster. I probably would! I failed all of you! I'm such a jerk!" Joy slammed the door to the side bedroom shut behind her.
"Joy, come back here!" Zoe shouted out.
"I can't look at you!"
"Joy, I still love you."
"You do after the lies?"
"Yes, of course. Come out here. Look, you're not getting off, but at least let us say calmly what you did to us."
"I have a confession... I got suspended for a week."
"You what?!"
"I did. I can't put that in words."
"I want Joy back."
"That's all I want. I want my sister back."
"Nichole, why did you?"
"Because I was horribly hurt by you."

Joy let out a sigh if despair. It was going to be rough.

"Why did you get suspended?"
"Because my breathalyzer..."
"Joy! I have HAD IT! At this point, I have to tell Mom and Dad. I cannot hide this anymore. I am going home. You people deal with this; I'm going to go cry because sister has completely betrayed me."
"Zoe, wait!"
"Why? So you can continue this insanity?"
"Because I need you right now!"
"You need ME?"
"Zoe, you're the only one who understands the WHY in me."
"Ok, I'll stay."
"You are the one I want. I need a good, older influence who can point ke back to the path."
"Joy, it isn't going to be easy."
"Please, help me."
"All right. We won't mention the suspension. People can still help you keep up with classwork, so you're coming over to my place for the week."
"Yes, Sarge!"
"You calling me, Jenn?"
"Yeah... I was following you this evening."
"Then you heard me..."
"I did. And I forgive you."
"I forgive you too."
"I am sorry for what I've done to you all. I should have listened to those who really had my interest at heart instead of a guy looking for a sextoy."

And thus another wound healed in their lives. But Joy had a lot to learn.
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The Winter of Love (primarily F/F) - Maturation

Postby AlexUSA » Sat Jan 23, 2016 6:19 pm

Joy didn't care too much for this solution. Zoe decided that a good way to keep Joy inside and her pants on was to cuff her hand to her jeans belt loop. This way she can't leave without embarrassing herself and can't get herself in trouble with men either. There were actually two in a line making the connection. With both Zoe and her roommates gone, Jpy was alone.

Joy was a bit despondent, but she wasn't going to try to hurt herself like Nichole would... or would she? For the moment, she was alone. Maybe she could do something more worthwhile... She thought about different things.

Baking? But if the house burns she is seen cuffed. Self-bondage? This is bondage enough. Video games or TV? Might as well.

It is been an ugly morning. Zoe had to tattle to Mom and Dad and let them ream me one It is so discouraging to be told that I am the biggest disappointment and disgrace to the family in the same breath as they say they still love me.

Oh, the heck with it! Try it! You deserve it. Just a small nick... OW! Dang that hurts! How the hell could Nichole ever do this?! Oh, I will NEVER do that again! Better cook something that uses a knife! But gotta bandage that! This hurts so much! Look at all this blood! I shouldn't have done this! Lord, please... HELP ME! I need You so much right now!

I have to hide this or do something else! Zoe will be infuriated if she finds out. Apples? No. Peaches! Peach cobbler! I cut myself while washing the dishes. But they're canned. But I was making a streusel. No... Make the cobbler anyway and then heat and serve tonight!

Justify the cut... cut up the meat to make dinner! Say it happened with that knife! I have this bandaged... hide it with a bandana... black will reflect my mood nicely... no, yellow because it is sickeningly cheerful... tie it on... I'll use white because I don't want my haor in the food. Time for some kitchen adventures.

Dang, these handcuffs are restrictive. Lessee... canned peaches... two cans, in fact. Perfect! Now for the topping. Butter, flour, brown sugar, oats, cinnamon, nutmeg... well we definitely do NOT have nutmeg! That's too much of luxury! Push that together. Good! Open the cans; drain them well and put them in the dish. Put the topping on. Bake at... what does the site say? BTUs?! Darned Brits! Uh... 350 for 35 minutes or until browned.

Now the meat... chicken cut up for what? Chicken and dumplings! Good idea! And then I say this is how I got cut! Perfect out!

There's Dana forgetting something. Wave to her. What was I doing? Cutting meat! Right...

Chopping meat is so boring, but I am not stopping and washing my hands just so I can turn on the TV. UGH! Gross chicken carcass! How can anyone eat this stuff! How can it taste so good? Well, this recipe will make them all clamor for more. Martina is such a pig though. How that wench never gains an ounce is beyond me!

Well, Joy, here you are. Back to boredom. Life sucks, and it is all because you suck at self-control. Had to go back and get laid and boozed up in front of a cop. And, oh, BTW, you have 5 HWs due during this week AND all your loved ones are mad at you. How could I be such a dope? I can't repeat that though!

I have so many avenues for when I am distressed. Maybe reading my Bible and praying would make a nice start.

OK, did that. Wow! Ah! Yeah, breathe that air. Shut the door. Might as well play some video games since there isn't much else left. Nothing on TV. Let's see what they've got here... oh, let's copy Zoe's Red Dead Redemption account and start from that. Then when she comes back she'll think I'm in her file!

Let's rack up a HUGE bounty. Yeah, that'll do it! Let's tie up this poor girl... dump her on a train track. Maybe one more. Eh, shoot you! And you! I'll nuke you! Oops... horse ran into the train! Take yours! Take a break for dinner...

Start dinner... meat cooking how? Got it. And this? Pretty soon I'll have a masterpiece! Good!

Rules for life: no sleeping arouns, obey the law, avoid temptation to commit sexual acts, honor my friends and family... I need to stick to these. But I have people who will help.

*time passes*

Where was I? Killing the marshall! Moving on... there's Dana... maybe I should burn this town! Look at that huge bounty! Who wants to be a zillionaire! Here's Zoe!

"Hi, sis!"
"Hi, Prisoner Joy!"
"It's OK I am playing your game, right?"
"Not on my account!"
"Look at this! They have wanted posters for me even in Ten Forward! Ugh! Joy!!!!!"
"Just kidding... This is a copy."
"You got me! What happened to your arm?"
"Accident while cutting meat for dinner."

You just lied to Zoe!

"Ok... ok... I can't lie to you.... I... cut myself... on purpose... today."
"Joy, why?! Do you know what I would do without you?"
"I don't know. That's why I stopped... because I loved you too much. But I've never been... certain... how much you cared..."
"Joy, you are going through a phase of life. It happens. It is part of maturation... of becoming a woman. And a lovely woman you'll be in your heart someday... but you have to tough it out to get there first. Joy, you are the apple of my eye. I keep my distance because I wamt you to be the person YOU want to be. I can't call the shots although I will give advice like it or not."
"Then you do?"
"Joy, sit down," Zoe pushed Joy down and sat next to her.
"We have our own lives. We have our own friends, our own interests, etc. What we also have is the same blood. We are sisters. As such, I feel obligated to be here for you. I sometimes envy you because you're so beautiful and humble about it. But beyond that, I love you dearly. I can't watch you hurt yourself anymore, and when you said you'd cut yourself, you cut me too."
"I did it because I was mad at myself."
"You shouldn't be. It's over and in the past. We have to move on. But we need to iron some things and rebuild your confidence"

Move on? Ha! You make it sound easy! I'm a failure and that's the end of it! I have the scarlet letter now. No one will ever trust me again: you, my friends, our parents! I'm Joy, Bringer of Sexual Joy now and forever. I am a total slut to all of you!

Confidence? I'll never have that again! Everything I do will be put through intense self-examination before being done, even showering. I am a F-A-I-L-U-R-E. Forget it! No one wants a tramp anyhow.

Lies! Lies! Lies! She thinks she can flatter me! Who does she think she is!

"Forget it, Zoe. I'm hopeless."
"Joy, you are so full of self-hatred and a distrust for yourself that you can't even trust others. Oh, how empty the heart that cannot love is!"
"I can so love! Look at me! I am a slut! I am a total failure and oughta be cut off! Shame me! Sew the 'A' into all I have! I should have to start it all again and earn the trust of you all!"
"It doesn't work that way! I am giving you my trust! Give me your hand. Let me have a chance at leading you back on the path. At least give me a chance! Quit destroying yourself! I don't think I can bear any more of it."
"For what?"
"You WANT me to be mad at you. Well, guess what? I am not giving you that. You have no chance otherwise, so let's give it a shot."

Look at her crying! She loves me this much! She wants to help! What more do I need besides such an open show of love?

"All right, Zoe. Let's do it! I wanna be me again! Tell me how to get the bad influences and their effects out of me!"
"Let's start after eating the feast you made!
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Re: The Winter of Love (primarily F/F) - Maturation

Postby AlexUSA » Fri Jan 29, 2016 1:57 pm

Wow! I didn't realize it's been as long as it has since I posted! Mod duties, y'know?
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The Winter of Love (primarily F/F) - Guardian Angels

Postby AlexUSA » Fri Jan 29, 2016 5:46 pm

Joy's life was slowly returning to normal. She was still suspended, but her friends kept her up to date on classes and even snuck her HW into the piles when they could. Most of her time was spent with Zoe, talking about the importance of life.

Nichole and Jenny were left disturbed by it all. Nichole couldn't believe that Joy had also hurt herself, and Jenny was disappointed by the friend who always seemed like a holy-roller.

Janie and Lauren shrugged their shoulders in disbelieve, but weren't dwelling on it. Joy had messed up and apologized, so time to move on.

Bridget was bitterly disappointed, but comforting to all. She was trying to just show love, although she felt horrible for introducing Joy to Tyler.

Joyce was the one left most devastated. For reasons no one understood, she was constantly uptight and shaky and a bit on edge. Something was causing her mental stress.

What Joyce was really struggling with was pornography again. She was remembering things because of all this. The stress caused by it in turn was making her diabetes act up, meaning constant sugar crash. Finally, one day it became too much.

"Janie, I need a walk. Let's go."
"All right. Lemme grab my coat."

Janie was still hiding her head with the winter hat. It was improving, but like any major head injury was slow to heal. They exchanged small talk for a while.

"Where are we headed?"
"School grocery."
"Janie, I am having health problems."
"Your diabetes?"
"It's out of control because I am under so much stress. I am struggling, spiritually."
"How is that?"
"Stress makes diabetes worse."
"You poor thing!"
"I need help."
"Say it."
"I need someone to just talk to."
"Joyce, I am always here for you."
"But I can't wake up because I had a dream that left me upset."
"Yes, you can. I am permitting up to do so."
"It is almost nightly. Some nights I can't even fall asleep. Once alone in bed with just my thoughts to comfort me, my mind starts to wander."
"I'll help protect your spirit."
"Thank you... this means a lot to me."
"You mean a lot to me."


Meanwhile, a bored Nichole was taunting Jenny.

"C'mon... loser gets tied up."
"Isn't there something else?"
"Afraid to lose? We can beat each other at anything!"

They wore the outfits which defined them the most. Jenny had her jeans, some shirt under brown hoody-jacket, and a camouflage bandana headband with her hair in a black ponytail. Nichole wore her navy blue school sweatpants and sweatshirt with a pale blue bandana headband.

"Nichole, HW you do in 30 minutes takes everybody else 2 hours."
"Not Janie!"
"You're both supernerds though!"
"No fun!"
"I didn't say THAT. In fact, I just finished!"
"Fight for life!"


"I'm so horrible!" Joyce began to cry.
"Why, Joyce?! Tell me."
"I... I... looked at porn... on my phone instead..."
"Joyce, don't cry. We can and WILL win this battle."
"I'm scared of myself."
"We'll fight this."
"I am too weak to fight."
"You have strength. I know it."
"You're like a guardian angel."
"Maybe I am here for you... maybe... let's channel that energy elsewhere... let's go watch the basketball game. The men are playing in a few minutes."
"OK. I need distractions."


"Only the first round!"
"We shall see, Nichole. We shall see!"
"I'll get you! You won't sweep me across the board!"
"I've seen Joy do it."
"Shut up!"


"Joy, you are unusually quiet this evening."
"I'm just thinking about how many mistakes I have made in my life, and how many of them I learned from."
"Well, lessons always are good."
"Not from Tyler."
"Don't mention that pig."
"He has been incessantly texting me lately... I get 12-20 messages daily. Some I acknowledge; others I don't."
"He's toxic. Just block him."
"I can't!"
"Joy, you have to let go! The more you hold on to him, the more you hold yourself back!"
"Zoe, he's my friend!"
"Joy, he's a creep! He slept with you; he got you alcohol; he's probably drugged you and done stuff in your sleep too! No way! Get rid of him, or I will have Mom and Dad get rid of him!"
"Zoe, why do you always have pick on me! I'm an adult now!"
"But you are still learning how to be responsible. Responsibility and maturity aren't guaranteed with age."
"You like knocking me."
"Joy, I am trying to protect something I can't replace. You are too vulnerable at the moment. You're denying reality when fact is he sees as nothing more than a f***toy."
"Do you realize what you are saying?!"
"Yes, I do! I realize that you are so determined to rebel against the things the people who know you better than you do are saying that you are willingly being this masher's sex slave!"
"Joy, you don't have to be just like me. But when people talk, younger or older than you, at least listen to them and give thought to their words before deciding to dismiss them."
"What you're saying is that... I think being my own person means doing what you say not to do."
"Instead of thinking it through."
"You're just trying to be like a guardian angel... there to protect me and warn me, but not tell me what to do."
"And what I suggest is that you cut off Tyler for good."
"Zoe... I think you're right. I'll think about it."


"How does it feel?"
"Just right, Jen."
"Good. Just remember I am taking it easy because you're leg isn't healed."
"That's fine. You're making it worse elsewhere instead, right?"
"Yes, I am!"

Nichole had full arm bindings at the wrists and elbows pinned down byba breast harness and waist rope.

"Ready?" Jenny asked as she tied a knot in a black bandana.
"Yes, I am!"
"Open wide!"
"Mmph!" Nichole moaned as she accepted the cloth.
"That ain't all!" Jenny came after with several strips of sticky red duct tape.
"Mmph!" Nichole tested further. For a simple leg binding, Jenny merely tied her ankles with a red bandana. Enough to keep her from being tempted to walk.
"Stay put!" Jenny said as she folded a pink bandana, which she then used to blondfold her captive.

Nichole was blessed with good breathing abilities. She had 0 allergies and thus wasn't hampered by loss of breath during a TUG. She had no idea how long her stay was because she had been routed at the game. For all she knew, she would be sleeping like this, but, if she was, she knew Jenny would remove the tape first.

"Enjoy yourself!" Jenny said as she finished recording this TUG for her archives.
"I have a code to write!"


Joyce and Janie entered their dorm, soda 12-pack in hand. Greeting them were Jenny and the helpless Nichole. Both laughed and observed for a moment.

"TUG?" Janie asked.
"Lost dare."
"Smash Bros.?"
"I did it to her twice last semester."
"Janie, let's move along. I don't feel so good."
"All right."
"Everything all right, Joyce?" Jenny asked.
"I can tell you some other time."
"What is it?" Janie asked shutting the door as they always did.
"Nichole... looking at her..."
"Not ready for a TUG yet?"
"Normally I'm fine, but with everything else it just was a bad moment. Any other time."
"It's OK."

Both girls got ready for bed. Joyce showered and put on her pajamas, and Janie switched into her pajama pants, although she is the type who wears only a bra in bed, in this case a red sports bra. Janie heard Joyce muttering something.

"I am saying my prayers."
"And Lord help Joyce resist temptation, and, should she fall into it, give me the guidance to help."
"Any time."

"Time for bed, Nichole!" Jenny said, untying Nichole after removing the gag.
"Early release?"
"No one cam watch you, or I'd leave you to yourself all night!"
"Fair enough... I miss Joy."
"Me too. Soon enough, though."
"Nothing is soon enough."

Much later during the night, Joyce awoke. Sure enough, her mind began to wander. And eventually, she settled on porn, as she always did.

"Janie? Janie?!"
"Hmmm? What day is it?"
"Janie, I'm struggling. I need help."
"All right. Joyce, just listen to me. I am going to create an image in your mind that should consume your senses."
"All right."
"You're watching me play softball. It's the first inning."
"Softball, first inning."
"The smell of flowers fills the air."
"Smelly flowers."
"You are holding a hot dog... a chili dog!"
"Feel and taste the chili dog. Hear the crowd. Smell the flowers. Watch the entire game."
"Do that until you fall asleep."
"Try it! I'm tired."
"I will!"


"Really, Zoe?"
"I am just putting you to the test: no phone until you go back to school. If you fail, I get to tie you up for 6 long hours. And I think you will find yourself happier without some, and miserable without others."
"And if I succeed? I come over to your place, and you get to tie me up for 6 hours."
"That is a pretty steep price!"
"Are you willing to try it?"
"Lemme think about that for a moment... yes."
"I start you now, and you can't warn anyone. I'll make sure they know you're OK."
"All righty!"
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Re: The Winter of Love (primarily F/F) - Grown Up

Postby AlexUSA » Mon Feb 01, 2016 5:57 pm

"Here you go!" Zoe said as she handed Joy her phone back in Joy's dorm. Joy said nothing and put the phone in her pocket without even checking it.
"Zoe, I owe you a ton for this week. You have taught so many lessons!"
"I had to. You're just special for some reason. It's not like you're my sister!"
"Thanks for loving me through it all," Joy gave Zoe a big hug.
"Any time, squirt."
"You're done with class?"
"Then we've got more than 6 hours!"
"I brought a change of clothes. By the way, do you miss anyone?"
"That makes it easy. We'll do an overnight TUG! Yes, I do miss my friends."
"Now that you mention him... not at all!"
"Told you! Let's go in!"

The girls entered and were immediately greeted by Jenny. She was sitting in the kitchen, a mess of HW before her, wearing a fuschia sport shirt, black sweatpants, and her lime green headband. She was also tied to the chair, her wrists and elbows to the arms, her ankles, knees, and thighs to the legs, and her waist, chest and shoulders to the back. Her elbow and shoulder bonds were from four bandanas. A knotted pink bandana gagged her as well as some red tape, and a black bandana blindfolded her.

"Someone beat us to the punch!" Joy remarked.
"But which one!"
"Joy!" Janie came out of the woodwork.
"Well, there's a happy face! Hug... too tight... choking..."
"Did you have anything to do with this?"
"Maybe... I will only say that I alone did the blindfold to hide her pleading eyes!"
"In part... Joyce did most of it."
"They said she was being too bossy, so we showed her who's boss!"
"Where are they?"
"Nichole is cleaning the bedroom, and Joyce is AWOL. I texted her to no response."
"Well, we won't worry yet. She isn't going to hurt anyone or herself."
"I missed this place!"
"We missed you!" Nichole said, coming out. She squeezed Joy tightly.
"I love you too!"

Nichole had changed into her pink and purple pajamas. The room was cold, so much that Nichole wore her navy blue winter hat, and Janie was wearing her blue one!

"Why is Bridget back there, playing my video game?"
"Hi," she waved.
"Their heater broke again. Jenny always breaks heat units!"
"Yeah, I forgot about that!"
"Well, here we are again!"
"Well, looks like Zoe will get tied into a nice roasty bed for the night."
"Would you shut up?!"
"Shut it, Jenny, until you're really in trouble."
"What is her problem?" Zoe asked.
"She is a loud mouth," Joy answered.
"Just think... I shared a dorm with her last year!" Nichole shuddered.
"That does it! I think it is time for some tickle torture!"
"Mmmmmmph!" Jenny cackled as Nichole launched into her.
"Ready?" Janie asked Joy.
"For what?"
"Something we made a treat for you," Joyce responded sheepishly, shuffling her feet.
"Show me! Please!"
"Here it is!" they presented her with a handmade apple pie.
"It looks great! Let's eat it!"
"Mmmmm!" Jenny moaned louder than she already was.
"Shut up!"
"That's enough," Nichole relented.
"We have to warm it up first!" Janie cautioned.
"What is this envelope on the table... it has my name on it."
"Bridget, you goon! You were supposed to hide it in her drawer!" Joyce chided her friend.
"Well, I don't see you doing it either!"
"Open it later," Janie advised.

The girls ate and talked. Joy didn't want to talk about the last week, so they didn't. Instead, they talked about food, life, friendship, the weather, the athletics program, and other things. It was good to be back.

Jenny wasn't forgotten. Nichole removed her gag, slid up her blindfold, and hand fed her her pie. This way Jenny would still be in her bonds but part of the fun.

"So how are we doing this?" Janie asked.
"I'll take the floor in my room because Zoe is getting my bed."
"I'll take the couch!" Janie volunteered.
"Janie?" Joyce questioned.
"Then we can be roomies for once!" Jenny said with a smile.
"I think I would prefer you be silenced for that, Miss Mouth of the North!"
"Shut up, Jenny," Nichole regagged her.
"Mmmmph!" she argued as the tape went back over her mouth.
"She is a problem!"
"I live with her! She can't shut up sometimes!"
"How do we put her to bed like this?"
"We hold her down and handcuff her. Then we can remove the tape for safety!" Joy said matter-of-factly.
"You aren't part of this!"
"Let's do it then!"

Jenny yelled angrily as her arms were untied and cuffed behind her before ropes bound her elbows and gave her a breast harne, adding Joyce's thumbcuffs for good measure. Her legs were untied, but then the same ropes bound her knees and thighs, and a red bandana bound her ankles. As she tried to escape, her many captors carried her to the lower bunk, normally Joyce's, laying her on her stomach as she preferred.

The girls removed the tape first so Jenny could breathe more easily, leaving only a small piece for mere effect. They then ran more of the recycled ropes from her shoulders to the corner posts and the same from her ankle bond. Joyce took off her shoes and gave her feet before thinking better and walking away. Janie took advantage and used a small rope to tie Jenny's feet. Jenny was howling angrily by this point.

This wasn't all! They also used ropes around her chest (below her breasts, to prevent creating a choking hazard), waist, knees, and ankles and wrapped them around the bed below her, pinning her down. When this was done, they put the bedding on top of her, leaving her head out. Nichole temporarily remived the gag.

"Any last statements?"
"You better be awake when I get out of this, or you'll see St. Peter when you open your eyes! I'm gonna rip the life out of you freaking b@$****s!! You s***s will pay!!"
"Good night!" Nichole returned the gag and tied it extra tight.
"Is she all right?" Joy asked.
"She is being a sore sport."
"We have the advantage of knowing that if she causes trouble she will be in as much trouble as us once our pasts are unravelled."
"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Uuuugggghhhhhh!"
"Let's go! She's all yours Joyce," Joy said. "Joyce?"
"Are you OK?"
"Yeah, I'm fine. I'm just a bit tired. Janie, can you help me with something?"
"Sure," she said as the others left. Joyce shut the door.
"Janie, I'm dangerous."
"What are you saying?"
"As I look at Jenny," she whispered, "I keep thinking of either ways to torment her or wish how much I'd like to be in her spot... only under naughtier circumstances."
"Let's just be clear about this... you're struggling again?"
"Yes, and I'm scared of myself," Joyce began to cry.
"Joyce, you have to face life again. You have to be able to drive out these thoughts through the many things we've discussed."
"Ok... I'll try it. If I get afraid, I will get you."
"Ok," Janie left the room.

Joyce sniffed back against her tears. She was still crying when she had changed into her pajamas and turned out the light. She walked over to Jenny and sat down next to her. Jenny was still making the occasional angry sound.

"Jenny, if you promise to stop raging and just play the game, I'll ungag you and give you a clean, less effective one."
"Ugh!" she let out a sigh and grunted agreement.
"You OK?" Joyce tossed the gag on the floor.
"Joyce, why didn't you ever tell me you were struggling so?"
"Jenny, I'm sorry for thinking about you like I did. I did, at first, have some really vulgar thoughts."
"Joyce, I am now worried about you... how can you concentrate on the things that matter with such things trying to control you?"
"I'd rather not discuss it. In the morning."
"Ookkk... why did you all do this to me?"
"It seemed fun to do. It's OK. Isn't it normal for girls to sometimes gang up on one? We've all gotten it at some point."
"You're right. It's just my turn. I'm just being a sore sport."
"Jenny, I am sorry."
"In the morning, Joyce."
"Joyce, will you help me get back at Bridget, Nichole, and Joy... and of course you after all them?"
"Of course!"
"And now," by phone light Joyce got a clean pink bandana because she wasn't about to unknot the soaked one. She folded it up.
"Yes," Jenny accepted the gag.
"Now you can call out if you need help. Good night."
"Mmmph! Rr Uur!"

Joyce settled into bed. She was confident as she said her prayers and drifted off to sleep. Jenny couldn't move an inch. Her appendages were each fastened together, to the bed, and pinned down. She was a bit frustrated by this and was glad she didn't have to pee. Was Joyce really that much of a pervert though...? These thoughts kept her awake for some time before exhaustion forced her asleep...

"Are you ready?"
"Yes, Joy!"
"Hands behind your back!"
"All right," Zoe said, hearing the click of the handcuffs.
"And now to silence you," Joy approached her sister with a knotted brown bandana. Zoe turned her head, forcing Joy to pinch her nose.
"Mmmph!" she said as her speech was impaired.
"Lie down!"

Joy bound Zoe's elbows and added a breast harness. She tied her sister's knees, thighs, and ankles with a series of white, navy blue, and purple bandanas, before blindfolding Zoe with a pink one. Joy then used ropes to tie her ankles and shoulders to the bed posts.

Zoe felt Jenny's pain at this point. She was pretty much SOL at this point tied like this. It was going to be a LONG night. At least she had a trustworthy captor and warden.

"Are you comfy?"
"Mm hm!"
"Great! Enjoy yourself."
"Good night, Joy."
"Good night, Nichole."
"Welcome back," Nichole gave Joy a tight hug.
"Thanks... I've grown up a bit since last week."
"We are all always growing... and dying."
"That's morbid!"
"But accurate!"
"Shut up!"
"Hey, now!"
"Good night!" Joy turned out the light.
"Smack your head?"
"Of course!"
"Good night!"
"Boo sucks to you too!"
"Oh, a Redwall fan!"
"SHUT UP!" Janie yelled from the couch.
"Good night, Janie!"
"Boo sucks to you too!"
"I love you too!"
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The Winter of Love (primarily F/F) - Posse

Postby AlexUSA » Thu Feb 04, 2016 6:51 pm

Jenny lay there motionless. She was a bit upset about what Joyce had said, but she didn't know what to do. Was her friend really a porn addict who had sexual thoughts about even her own friends?! Something was amiss here... and Jenny wanted to know what she could do to help. She drifted off into a fitful sleep, difficulties heightened by the excesiveness of her bonds. She couldn't move an inch: her ankles, thighs, knees, elbows, wrists, feet, and thumbs were bound; her arms were pinned to her body; her body was fastened to the posts at the shoulders and ankles; and she was wrapped to the bed.

Zoe couldn't do much more. She was a willing captive. She had lost a bet, and she would honor it! But, oh did she need to pee now! Too had it was only 4 AM, and that she had another 3 hours to go. The combination of cloth, metal, and rope held her body firm and helpless.

Jenny awoke to the sound of her cuffs coming off. The ropes running under the bed were undone. Joyce continued releasing Jenny's arms, and soon they were picking at knots together. Jenny pushed her gag out and down with her tongue before unknotting it and then sliding her blindfold up, removing her green headband as well. Joyce had changed into gray sweats and a pink hoody since the day before.

"All right, let's clean this crap up."
"All right."
"Joyce, sit down," Jenny said afterward.
"All right... I will tell you..."
"I want to help."
"Jenny... I got hooked on porn over break. After I got my Christmas surprises, I got curious about TUG ideas. I explored the internet and instead found porn. Instead of avoiding it, I looked at more. I found myself spending hours, and pretty quickly wanted to be the girl in the picture or video, even as I watched some pretty awful things get enacted, both by females and males against girls.
"It felt awful... I got sick, but Janie and Lauren helped me. But I still get tempted. I... hurt... my niece and Janie, leading to Janie's head injury she came her with. And sometimes, but not always, during a TUG, I find myself with dirty thoughts and have even had to change my clothes after one because I let myself get too stimulated in my imagination. Jenny, I'm a sick and awful person. Just stay away!"
"It's all right... I'll help you as much as I can."
"Thanks. I need all the help I can get."
"Joyce, what's this?"
"Nothing. Gimme that!" Joyce's eyes grew wide.
"Joyce, what are you hiding?"
"It's just a special pen someone gave me... years ago."
"Why don't I see you use it?"
"It's expensive and special, so I sometimes just take it out and look at it!"
"Why are you lying?"
"I didn't want anyone to know that I'm... diabetic."
"I would make you special stuff! What's awful about that?!"
"That is exactly the problem! People hear diabetes and think it's a problem of too much sugar. For me, it isn't. I don't have enough! If I don't get enough, I will die! If I get too much, I could die as well!"
"You're afraid to be judged?"
"Yes! Please, don't tell anyone!"
"I don't want to be judged for something God made me with."
"I understand..."
"Joyce, lemme give you a hug."
"I need it so badly!"
"You have had a rough time."
"I don't need sympathy... just love."
"All right."
"Let's go eat then!"

Jenny didn't even change her clothes except for her shirt, which she exchanged for a blue one and exchanged the black bandana for a camouflage one. Joy was out there already in her long brown skirt and white blouse with the brown jacket; her hair was held by a brown ponytail. Janie wore her red school sweatpants, a tiedye t-shirt, and a red headband. Bridget was there in a bright blue skirt with a white blouse, a black pullover jacket, and a matching bright blue headband.

"Where are Nichole and Zoe?" Jenny asked.
"Changing and showering."
"Well, when they are here we can all hit the dining hall. I'll swipe your sister in!"
"Sounds great!"

When Nichole finally showered (she was a VERY slow shower-er), Zoe was long awake and free from her bonds, so the girls took off. Nichole wore her blue sweatpants, a red hoody, and a yellow bandana headband. Nichole looked like a crayon box of sorts.

The girls ate their breakfast together and then went about their days: class, work, HW, practice, etc. One person excited for their day was Lauren Patterson: for the first time since freshman year, she was needed by the swim team! So, she suited up and went to practice in the comforts of the heated indoor pool.

It was during practice that Lauren got the text asking her to be part of Jenny's gang, or as she called it posse, to get back for what had happened the night before. Lauren, of course, would do anything for Jenny, particularly when it meant getting to tie up Janie!

Jenny was a bit sneaky. She was texting Lauren her plan as she ate with her victims-to-be, but she kept her emotions hidden nicely. It was all coming along perfectly... Later that evening, the posse met up in Joyce's room to discuss their plan of attack.

"We need to get Janie first. She's the biggest," Jenny started in a whisper.
"Then we get Bridget because she's stronger," Joyce added.
"And then the last two are easy to gang up on!"
"Sounds like a course of action! Lauren, did you bring your stuff just in case? You never can have too much, although you can have too little!"
"Got it here!"
"Joyce, we have all our stuff?"
"Yes. Your bag is right here, and my stuff is there."
"We're good to go! We just need to wait for Joy and Bridget to get back from their Bible group."
"Joyce, I heard you're not doing well."
"No, I'm not. I just keep finding new ways to get myself in trouble. I am totally distraught."
"Joyce, it sounds like it doesn't make you happy."
"Not really, but it does so many things that only make sense from a hormonal standpoint."
"But they don't bring the satisfaction for the real deal."
"No, they don't. It's that weird feeling..."
"Doesn't it make you feel filthy?"
"Why do you think it stresses me into diarrhea!"
"Joyce, I can't keep listening to this! You have a laundry list of why you hate it, and you can't name one reason you like it, yet you keep doing it! You ARE such a hypocrite!" Lauren yelled in total frustration, slamming her fist on the dress she was leaning against.
"Then don't ask me anything!"
"I shouldn't have because it would saved me from losing the IQ points I just lost listening to that inane statement!"
"Lauren, God damn you!" Joyce once again hummed something at someone, but this time it was her phone, which slammed off the wall with a loud bang.
"Joyce, cut the crap at once! There is no reason to be fighting!" Jenny said.
"Who asked you?"
"Joyce, you need to just listen even if you disagree or are spoken badly of," Jenny tried to give Joyce a hug.
"No, a hug won't do it anymore."
"Joyce, why did you throw that?!" Lauren asked.
"Because I'm afraid!"
"Why are you afraid of people?"
"I'm not afraid of you; I'm afraid of me!"
"Joyce, why?!"
"I can't tell you. Let it suffice that I don't trust myself. I'm sorry I exploded on you."
"Be glad you have an Otterbox! Or you'd have no phone!"
"Everything Ok here?" Janie poked her head in.
"I need a Pepsi... Janie, could you please?"
"Sure thing!"

Joyce stood up but then fell down on the ground. She was shaking violently and covered in sweat. Jenny and Lauren rushed over to help her.

"Joyce! Are you all right?"
"Yeah, I'm just... weak."
"Joyce, here you go!" Janie said.
"Thanks. Well, now I can let you figure out the rest, Lauren."
"Joyce, in your heart, you're a good person, but some people need to have secrets to protect themselves."
"Now you understand me."
"You're a true friend, Joyce."
"I try, as often as I stumble."
"You shouldn't have skipped dinner!"
"I had a HW deadline!"

Janie made an A-OK with her fingers and left. She understood.

"Let's get past this stuff. We can worry about it later."
"We will start the plan once you're ready."
"Let me finish this, and we can go!"
"Joyce, I wish you wouldn't overdo it!" Jenny said.
"You wouldn't know I have a problem if I didn't tell you, and now you're telling me how to handle it?"
"Sorry," Jenny laughed.
"Janie! I didn't want you to leave!" Joyce shouted.
"You need something?"
"Take a seat."
"Sure. Wassup?" Janie sat to Joyce's right on the bottom bunk.
"We were just discussing my various dilemmas...," Joyce gave Janie a hug with her right arm.
"I'd be gone without you. You keep me in line."
"It's worth it."
"And thank you for getting me that soda."
"No problem. You needed it."
"You would have been a great big sister to someone!" Lauren sat down on the other side of Janie and gave her a one-armed hug as well.
"Well, what more could I ask for? I have friends and family that love me... to the moon and back!"
"You do! That's why we... do this!" Lauren tightened her grip suddenly and cupped her other hand over Janie's mouth.
"Mmmph!" she said as she fell back onto the bed.
"Joyce, move!" Jenny said as she jumped on Janie's flailing legs.

Jenny went to work tying Janie's legs at the knees, thighs, ankles, and feet. Joyce and Lauren rolled her on her tummy so that Joyce could handcuff her wrists while Lauren kept her silent. Elbow ropes, a breast harness, and a waist rope followed. She was now immobilized.

"Get a gag, quick!" Lauren said.
"Here!" Joyce handed her a knotted blue bandana.
"Thanks!" she quickly removed her hand and shoved the cloth in her sister's mouth.
"It's Ok!"

Lauren knotted it off, put a strip of microfoam tape over that, and blindfolded her with a green bandana.

"Here!" Jenny handed two camouflage bandanas to Lauren and Joyce.
"What are we supposed to do?" Lauren asked.
"Wear it like me! We're a team!"
"Ok then," both complied.
"Hold on!" Jenny said as she sat with Janie, Lauren, and Joyce as she took a selfie of their first conquest.
"One down!"
"Let's do something more...," Joyce said as she took a pink bandana and hogtied Janie with it.
"Be cool about it, sis!"
"Who is next?"
"We need Bridget..."
"But how do we?"
"Let me handle this," Jenny said confidently.
"Hey, Bridget, we've got a question about sports."
"It would help!"
"Sure thing. What do you wanna know?" she got up and headed toward the room.
"We are wondering about how it is to compete in the winter."
"Well, it's... Hi, Janie..."
"It's pretty nasty at times because the water is really cold. I always check the forecast before I go out because I don't want hypothermia."
"Anything else to add... how about like track for me?"
"You have indoors, but be careful when practicing because of ice."
"Indoor. Conclusion: track is king!"
"Swimming is indoor here too!"
"Rowing is still better!"
"Yeah, I'd say somph!" Lauren grabbed ahold of Bridget and gripped her tightly.

Jenny this time took the upper part, binding Bridget's elbows and wrists with rope as Lauren stood there holding her. Bridget was trying to squirm, but she was powerless against Lauren's size. Joyce tied her ankles, knees, thighs (over her skirt on the knees and thighs), and feet. Jenny added a breast harness and waist rope.

Lauren was handed a knotted navy blue bandana, which she used to gag Bridget quickly and efficiently before adding microfoam tape and adding a white blindfold. They stood her against the bed and tied her left and right shoulders to the upper bunk's footboard with red and orange bandanas. They roped her torso and legs into the footboards as well, using brown and black bandanas below her knees.

"Mmmph!" she moaned as Jenny's Posse took selfies and a video.
"This is for last night."
"You'll be fine," Jenny taunted Bridget with a pat on the cheek.
"The rest is easy!"
"Are you sure?" Lauren asked.
"You get Joy's handcuffs while I distract them. I'll get Nichole easily enough."
"We can do that!"
"I think teo distractors is better," Joyce suggested.
"They'll figure it out once they see us anyhow."
"True, true."

Janie and Bridget had it rough. Their captors had thought it through: they couldn't reach other from where they were. They would have to fight in silent solidarity. Bridget's legs were cold because of her skirt being hiked up to fasten her legs to the bed, but she couldn't exactly chatter her teeth.

"Trouble!" Joy said as the Posse entered.
"What trouble?" Nichole didn't even look up.
"Jenny has a gang!"
"Loser gets bound?" Jenny said to Nichole.
"Name it."
"Mario Kart."
"At least I stand a chance there."
"Fight for life?"
"Revenge for last night?"
"Deal," they bumped fists.

Meanwhile, Joyce and Lauren had sneaked into the other room and gotten Joy's handcuffs. Joyce shuddered because she knew that one of those would be used on her later.

"Staring contest!" Joyce said to Joy.
"Blast you!" she said as she gazed into Joyce's eyes.
"Gotcha!" Lauren grabbed her quickly.
"Hey! Stop it!" she said as she heard the cuff click on her wrists.
"Prisoner!" Lauren said proudly.
"Get off me!" she moaned as Joyce bound her legs at the ankles, knees, and thighs with some of the ankle rope being wrapped around her feet as well.
"This was easy!" Lauren added a full breast harness with loops around Joy's shoulders, neck, between her arms and torso, etc. They finished her off with a waist rope.
"Now to shut her up!" Joyce took a knotted brown bandana and gagged Joy. A few strips of red duct tape further silenced her.

Joyce folded a white bandana into a bandana and blindfolded Joy before sliding it up like a headband. Lauren looked quizically at Joyce.

"I want her to see Nichole's demise."
"Isn't that torture?"
"Enhanced interrogation techniques."
"Why you sneaky little!"
"Hey, it works!"
"Wait til I!"
"She's all mine!" Jenny warned.
"So, Joyce, you feeling OK?"
"I am doing all right. I need a breather."
"That's fine. How do you feel... here?" Lauren pointed to Joyce's heart.
"OK. I'm content with things at the moment."
"Good. We'll get you back to being content ALL the time."
"I look forward to it!"

As soon as the thrashing was done, all three girls jumped Nichole. Jenny cuffed her. They forced her into a chair and tied a breast harness and waist rope before binding her legs: thighs, knees, and ankles. Ropes from her right and left legs and arms went into the right legs and arms or framework of the chair.

Jenny took a purple bandana, knotted it, and gagged Nichole before wrapping her head in the red tape, finishing the roll after the 7th wrap around. A pale blue bandana was used to blindfold her.

"Win!" the girls all exchanged high-fives.

In Cool Girl fashion, they scrounged around for more camouflage bandanas and masked themselves for their final phase.

To finish it off, they brought Nichole into the bedroom. After sliding her blindfold down, they took selfies with Joy, tightly hogtied her, and carried her into the bedroom. They took more selfies with Bridget and Nichole before filming each one and then the group.

"Joyce," Jenny said.
"Take me," she put her hands behind her back.
"Of course!" Jenny added the thumbcuffs as well.

It didn't take long for her to be tied at the major points: waist, breasts, elbows, ankles, knees, thighs, and feet. Lacking places to bind her, Jenny and Lauren fastened Joyce to the ladder so that she was facing the bed. They used her mask to cleave gag her, added microfoam tape, and blindfolded her with a gray bandana. More selfies and another short film concluded the adventure.

"We did it! Thanks, Lauren!" Jenny slid down her mask to her chin.
"No problem! This has been a fun day!"
"You're a Cool Girl!" Jenny punned.
"You're cooler!"
"Nah, you're just an awesome, fun friend."
"That I strive to be!"
"And you do!" Lauren hugged Jenny as this was said.
"What do you want to do for your birthday?"
"I had forgotten it was coming!"
"We have all night and the next few nights to worry about it!"
"True... true!"
"No one asked you!"

There were five girls, bound, gagged, and struggling. For Joy and Janie, they would later say it was the most brutal hogtie they'd ever experienced. Each girl was mmphing and moaning as they fought to escape their bonds, those who could anyway. But one of them was doing a little bit more than this as she went through these motions...
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The Winter of Love (primarily F/F) - Miracle Birthday

Postby AlexUSA » Sat Feb 06, 2016 7:15 pm

Another birthday. But a birthday is just a number! Or so they say. But Sunday, January 24th, 2016, was Jenny Danielle Kristensen's 20th birthday! Jenny had a small parcel sent from her parents to open while she spoke with them.

What a surprise that phone call would bring.

On the other side of the room, Bridget was getting ready for church, and to meet this end she simply recycled her outfit from the other day for a 2nd wear before washing: bright blue skirt and headband and a black pullover jacket, but the blouse today was a button up in a navy blue color and rather tight-fitting so that her form was obvious. You save money by doing bigger laundry loads!

Jenny got ready, too. She put on a pink skirt with a long-sleeve purple blouse and a pink headband. She wanted to look her best just to give herself that extra little morale boost, so she wore the necklace Nichole gave her for Christmas. She smiled as looked at it, but then her phone rang.

"Hello!" she answered cheerfully, and then listened to her parents sing Happy birthday.
"Thank you!"
"Love you, sweetie," her father said before hanging up his end and leaving Jenny to talk to her mother.
"Do you have the present?"
"I do!"
"Can you open it now?"
"Sure!" she complied, and found another, smaller envelope, with the following written on it 'To Our Baby, for her 20th birthday, June 21st, 1999.'
"You see the inscription on it?" her mother asked seriously.
"Yes... I do."
"Brace yourself... it wasn't easy for us to follow through on this. Who do you see?"
"Why, that's me as a toddler, I see you, Dad, Nana, Papa, Uncle Peter, but who is the boy?" Jenny asked as she went through the photos.
"This isn't easy for us to tell you, but you have the right to know."


"Joyce, come on!"
"But why?"
"Janie... the other day, after our TUG..."
"You mean when you, Jenny, and my sister went stark raving mad?"
"When I was tied up, I... soiled... myself... really, REALLY bad..."
"Joyce, are you sorry about it?"
"Did you ask Him [points up] to forgive you?"
"Get your pants on and come to church then!"
"You know what? I will!"
"Nichole, I am making eggs. Want some?"
"Only with bacon!" Janie interjected.
"Quell her!" Nichole shouted back, "Sure!"
"Fried or scrambled?"
"Of course!" Nichole said, walking out in blue jeans, a black sweater, and a white bandana headband.
"Make it yourself... I suck at making those."
"I know; that's why I came out!"
"You," Joy shook her head.
"You know I care!"
"But about me?"


"There!" Johanna as she finished tying the final knot.
"Mmmmmph!" Lauren moaned.
"It's OK!"

Lauren was sitting, in her black sweatpants with the gray stripes and her purple sports bra, cross-legged on the couch, her ankles tied. She was boxtied, her arms behind her, with a breast harness pinning them down. Another rope ran from her wrists to her ankles. A handkerchief cleave gagged her, and a navy blue bandana was her blindfold.

"You're a fun TUG buddy. Who should I embarrassing you to for their pleasure? Janie? Jenny? Zach?"
"Mmm! Hmmm!"
"But it's Jenny's birthday!"
"Oh, right... you wanna go to church."
"Mm hm!" Lauren nodded.
"You have another 2 hours!"
"I'll release you in an hour and a half!"
"Yeah, yeah!" she began to tickle Lauren!


Jenny said little aside from "Yes," "Mmm hmm," "Yeah," "Ok," and "Got it." When she was done, she hung up the phone and said nothing. She was clearly distressed by something and fighting her emotions.

"Jenny, are you OK?"
"We can talk later."
"Are you sure?"
"We can talk later," Jenny gritted her teeth, her agitation showing.
"Let's get a bite before we go to church."
"Yes," Jenny said, her eyes appearing to be a little wet.
"Whatever it is... I'm here for you."

That was all Jenny needed: understanding. She was taken aback by all she had been told. It was literally a lifetime of experience though!


Joy set down three plates of scrambled eggs for herself, Janie, and Joyce to eat. Each plate also had toast and a piece of bacon [two for Janie].

"Now THIS is breakfast!" Janie said happily as she put jam on her toast.
"I'm glad you like it!"
"Imagine how good it would be with the bacon in the eggs?!"
"That would be awesome!" Janie replied.
"These are good!" Joyce said with a smile.
"Family secret!"
"Whatever you say, as long as you keep making them."
"But they aren't as good as my omelette!"
"BS!" Joyce retorted.
"I have ham and cheese and onions!"
"Yuck, ham!"
"Ham is great!"
"To you, it's great. For me, it's fishbait."
"There will be returns for calling my omelette fishbait!"


Lauren got an arm out of her bindings! She and Jo always found ways to escape. She slowly released herself and then turned to smile at her friend.

"Yes, you won, easily."
"Next time, tie me better!"
"But I don't want to hurt you!"

Lauren changed into blue jeans and a navy blue school polo, grabbed her backpack, and went off to church. She was going to spend the rest of the day with Jenny, so she wanted to be prepared for anything, HW or TUGs.


Bridget and Jenny didn't talk about her phone call. They ate breakfast before heading to the church. Jenny was in angst, though, and didn't hide her expression, although she fought back her desire to scream. When they got there, Jenny went off by herself, the nod of her head telling Bridget that she needed to be alone.

Bridget found their other friends elsewhere, Lauren with Zack, and Joyce, Janie, and Joy together. She told them that Jenny was upset and needed to be alone and that no one knew what was up.

When church was done, Jenny continued to sit there in silence, trying to beg for an explanation of what had happened. She said nothing when her friends came and just looked at them sadly.

"Jenny, please," Joy pushed.
"C'mon, kiddo!" Lauren added.

Jenny just shook her head.

"You're coming over still?" Joyce asked.
"Yeah," she said softly.
"OK... We're thinking of you," Lauren put a hand on Jenny's shoulder before walking away.
"What is wrong?" Joy asked.
"It started with her birthday phone call."
"I wonder what was said."
"We won't know unless she tells us."

Jenny thought she was alone as people continued to chatter when suddenly she felt an arm on her shoulder. She looked up and saw the kind face of Philip Martinson, a fellow track mate.

"Are you OK?"
"I don't know."
"You seem sad."
"I am."
"Today is my birthday, and..."
"Well then it should be a happy day. But?"
"I learned things about myself I didn't know. I'm not who I thought I was."
"You wanna talk about it?"
"Let's keep it at this: I have parents who love me so much!"
"That they hid something painful from you?"
"Well, God bless, and happy birthday. I'll be praying that you get comfort."

Little did Jenny know that this would start something special.


Jenny arrived to her birthday slightly happier. She warmly received the hugs and greetings she got, but she had to make a special moment for Nichole.

"What do you see?"
"You're dressed in your best?"
"More than that!"
"You're...," Nichole's eyes lit up, "Wearing it!"
"I am!"
"It looks great!"
"It's a precious thing for me that I will always treasure, but nothing is like actually being with you!"
"Oh, Jenny! You're always so sweet!"
"I have something to share with you," Jenny pulled out the envelope.
"What is this?"
"My gift from Mom and Dad."
"Oh," Nichole said shakingly, aware of what Bridget had said.
"Let me show you!"
"Ok," Nichole and Jenny sat on the couch together.
"Pictures... of me!"
"Even before I knew you!"
"Yes... of course, you know Mom and Dad and Nana and Papa."
"Well, this is Uncle Peter, and this here is Daniel."
"Uncle Peter is the one who I met that time I was at your place on Thanksgiving?"
"Yes! The trucker!"
"Ok, and who is Daniel?"
"Daniel was an incredible little boy. He was born March 6, 1992. Shortly after he was born, his mother became ill and was told that any pregnancy could kill her. When Daniel was still a little boy, in 1994, he became ill with leukemia."
"How sad! Is he Uncle Peter's?"
"Sure. Anyway, his parent's realized they were possibly losing their little boy. They decided their were three options to ensure they would have a child to raise to adulthood: fight the leukemia for all they could, try to have another, or adopt. They pursued all three.
Fighting the leukemia seemed impossible, but they made small progress. They kept fighting and praying that they would get a baby, a little girl, to have one of each. Finally, the mother became pregnant! They canceled their adoption plans, confident this would work!"
"No! She'd die!"
"The doctors said that too! 'You have to abort and get a hysterectomy!' But she refused! Then they said, '100% guarantee mental and/or physical defects!' She kept fighting and, in spite of the odds, the little girl was born! They had their two children, regardless of what happened! A couple months later, the hysterectomy was done due to a return of the disease. But they had their 'miracle baby!' She was alive and healthy.
Then came good news! Daniel was cancer free! Soon he was going to school and bragging about his wonderful sister. Eventually, she started to walk and would follow Daniel everywhere he went. She idolized him, and he boasted of her! They had many fun times and became inseparable.
But then the leukemia came back. The parents fought it again despite being still financially drained from the first time. But, Daniel passed away on June 18, 1999. The parents and sister were in shambles. But the parents, knowing the daughter would eventually forget her sadness if potential triggers were removed, decided to hide Daniel from her. They hid photos of him from her and even made sure relatives wouldn't mention him. They decided that she should be 20 when she learned these things. And thus is the story of Jenny Danielle Kristensen, the 'Miracle Baby.'"
"Nichole, this otherwise empty heart was filled by you. You, blood relative or not, were put here on this earth to fill that void. Mom and Dad wanted me to share this with you first because... they feel the same."
"It's an honor! I love you Jenny!" Nichole hugged her 'sister' tightly.
"I love you, too" Jenny returned the embrace.

There wasn't a dry eye in the room.
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The Winter of Love (primarily F/F) - Miracle Birthday (part 2)

Postby AlexUSA » Wed Feb 10, 2016 6:39 pm

Nichole had always known that she was considered to be family, but it felt different to know that being such a friend to Jenny had helped a broken family repair itself under such circumstances.

"Jenny, after hearing that, I need to hug you," Joy said.
"I am a little surprised that you don't even have a faint memory," Lauren added to the topic.
"I do... I just never put it together and had forgotten over the years."
"And the Danielle was?"
"They legally changed my name after Daniel passed away."
"Jenny, I want to thank you for being such a friend back. If it's OK, I also want to call your parents after all this."
"Nichole, you don't have to ask! They love you too!"
"Thanks. It's an honor to know such incredible people. And Jenny... I didn't know this was coming, but they had warned me about this. I knew you had a brother."
"You did?"
"Not before yesterday! They called me during your track stuff."
"I think that tells you all you need to know about us... you're a Kristensen too," Jenny told Nichole as she went in the other room.
"Jenny, I want you to have this," Lauren said, "We pitched in for it."
"It's flat," she opened the package, "Oh, it's a new Bible!"
"We knew you had worn out your old one. I have seen the rips and stuff."
"Thanks! Now it will be hard to read it though because it will make me think of you!"
"And I made your favorite...," Joyce said.
"Mint hot chocolate?"
"And apple cobbler!" Joy added.
"We need Nichole to stop jabbering so we can eat!"
"We can sit anyway," Jenny sat down.
"I'll set the table," Joyce said as a fork clanged, "Oops, I dropped one."
"Where? I'll get it."
"I have it. It is under your chair."
"Ok," she said and then heard a click, "Hey!" she yelled as she realized her left ankle had been cuffed to the chair.
"Some people get birthday kisses or spanks. You get a TUG!" Janie grinned.
"Let me go!"
"Do you think we'll obey that?"

Janie and Joyce worked together to tie Jenny's knees and thighs together pver her skirt with bonds running from those to the chair. They moved the cuffs to holding her ankles together and then fastened those to the chair as well before roping her feet together. Lastly, Joy belted her waist to the chair.

"OK, I can play along with this," Jenny said with a laugh.
"You'd better," Lauren warned.
"Nichole finally is here! Well?"
"It was all good."
"I'll tell you later. Looks like you're fit to be tied!"
"You think?"
"I know! Let's eat now!"

This meant that it was time to dig into Joy's cobbler. And they enjoyed the warm dessert with their hot chocolate with marshmallows! It was a most awesome birthday treat! Of course, there were seconds left for Jenny to enjoy, to which she complied without question. Afterward, her friends approached with more TUG materials.

"Are you ready?"

Jenny felt her arms get bound together behind the chair and fastened to the chair at her wrists, elbows, and shoulders. They fastened her torso above and below her breasts. There were now questions for Jenny to answer.

"Two of us will suffer with you here in the bonds. Who?" Lauren asked.
"Nichole, of course and... Bridget!"
"Hey, it was supposed to be one!"
"Shut up, Bridget, and don't ruin it!"
"Choose your color for your gag."
"So it is! Don't wory; we'll see you aren't bored," Janie said as she applied the gag.
"Mmph!" she responded as Lauren approached with pink tape.
"Here you go!"
"Mmmm!" Jenny said softly after 7 layers of tape sealed her in.
"Lemme help," Joy said as she and Joyce dragged the chair toward the TV.
"Stop it!" Nichole said as her arms were tied behind ber back in a boxtie.
"You agreed to this!" Janie rebutted.
"So we're following through!"
"Shut up!" Bridget muffled Joy with a knotted pale blue bandana.

Nichole was soon tied hands, breasts, waist, ankles, knees, thighs, and feet and tossed on the couch. They sealed her mouth in several layers of white duct tape. Next, it was Bridget's turn.

Bridget got tied to a chair exactly line Jenny was. The tight fitting button-up was even tighter with the breast ropes over it, making her bosom extremely obvious. A navy blue bandana silenced her along with 7 layers of white tape.

This done, the victims were all photographed and filmed for record keeping. Little did Bridget know that the photo of her would be uploaded wrong with her tagged in it... which would lead to some good and bad things.

They sat there in silence as they got to watch Jenny's favorite movie, Beauty and the Beast. It seemed like an interesting way to do it: watch your favorite movie while helpless. It was all perfect.

"I like Frozen more myself," Joyce said.
"Grrr!" Jenny rebuked.
"Well!" Joyce stuck her tongue out.

When it was all said and done, Joy introduced the "Game of Fate." It was like hangman, but worse. She had everyone put together their collective TUG stuff for this.

"Untie them."
"What for?" Lauren asked.
"The game."
"Ok, then."
"But leave their wrist bonds."
"So that they are still trapped?"
"You're still our captives!"
"Hold on. Yes, Jenn?" Joy removed the tape and and pulled scarf down to her neck.
"Why not release our wrists?"
"Because it's your birthday and these are your co-captives!"
"My posse!"
"OK, sure."
"Thank for the relief," Nichole said as her gag was pulled out and down.
"No prob," Joyce said.
"Can you fix my hair?"
"Sure! You thrashed around a lot!"
"I did!"
"All right, here is the game," Joy began, "Is a guessing game. You have 4 mistakes to get away with. For every wrong guess, you get a bond: wrist, ankles, hogtie, and blindfold. Fourth mistake gets you gagged and out of the game, and I will gag you brutally. There is also the twist. If you survive the round, you get to start fresh and take turns being the captor. We continue until one is surviving. The host of the round takes on the winner's bonds when a round is won."
"What is the game?" Lauren inquired.
"Wheel of Fortune, of sorts. And that is the twist: you buy a vowel by getting a bond... from someone else! A mistake means one letter is worth two bonds-"
"So I can buy Jenny's wrist bonds for an 'a'?" Nichole asked.
"Right, so here you go because you all start with a bond for this!" she handed Joyce, Lauren, and Janie pink, purple, and blue bandanas, respectively, "Tie your ankles."
"OK," Lauren said as she complied.
"We'll go left to right."

What Joy did was hook her laptop up to the TV screen and blew up a word document. She added the appropriate blanks and a list of letters with the vowels and consonants separated. In order, the girls were Jenny, Bridget, Janie, Nichole, Lauren, and Joyce.

"Round 1: Movies-- _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _"
"Jenny, since it is your birthday."
"N," Jenny started.
"N it is," Joy typed in to give the following...
"_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ N"
"T," Bridget added.
"_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ T_ _ _ _ _ _ N"
"M," Janie guessed.
"Nope! Hands beind your back!"
"Augh!" Janie moaned as rope bound her wrists.
"C," Nichole tried.
"Wrong again!" Joy said as she bound Nichole's ankles with a pale blue bandana.
"I'd like to buy an 'A' from Jenny," Lauren said.
"You get it then," Joy untied Jenny's wrists and tied Lauren's.
"A_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ T_ _ _ A _ _ N"
"L" Joyce guessed.
"ALL _ _ _ _ _ _ T _ _ _ A _ _ N"
"I'll buy an O off Nichole," Jenny said, and Nichole's wrist bonds became hers.
"ALL _ O _ _ _ O TO _ _ A _ _ N."
"All Dogs Go To Heaven!" Bridget said.
"We have a winner!" Joy said as she untied Bridget's wrists.

This cycle continued. With Bridget free, Joy now took her place. Those with acquired bonds kept them, and Joy started with her wrists bound with the rope that had bound Bridget's.

"I choose for our topic... a phrase."
"_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _"
"D!" Jenny started.
"Nope," and her ankles were bound with a pink bandana.
"A?" Joy asked slowly.
"From whom?"
"Ok!" Bridget removed Joyce's pink ankle bond and gave it to Joy.
"A _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ A _"
"R?" Janie tried.
"A _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ AR"
"S?" Nichole guessed.
"A S _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ S _ _ AR"
"A spoonful of sugar!" Lauren said.
"Yes, it is!"

Bridget took on Lauren's wrist and ankle bonds. Lauren laughed maniacally. The new order was Jenny, Joy, Janie, Nichole, Bridget, Joyce.

"I choose a TV show, and for fairness Joyce should start."
"_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _"
"Nope," Lauren took a rope and bound Joyce's wrists.
"B," Jenny tried.
"Wrong!" Lauren took a black bandana and blindfolded Jenny.
"_ S _ _ _ _ _ _"
"O, from Jenny?"
"Ouch!" Janie said as a brown bandana blindfolded her and a rope hogtied her on the floor. Jenny had her blindfold slid up to her hairline.
"_ S _ M _ _ M _"
"CSI: Miami!" Nichole said.
"Ding ding ding!" Lauren said.

Likewise, Lauren removed the pale blue bandana from Nichole's ankles and tied her own with it.

"I choose... music!"
"_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _"
"An L?"
"Nope!" Nichole took a rope and hogtied Bridget.
"N?" Joyce tried.
"Yes!" "_ _ _ _ _ _ N _"
"Nope!" Nichole slid Jenny's blindfold back down.
"I'll take Jenny's blindfold for an O"
"Good choice!" Nichole untied the black bandana and tied the flat wide band over Joy's eyes.
"_ _ _ _ _ ON _"
"Bye bye!" Nichole stuffed a sock in Janie's mouth, held it with a red bandana, and then put a strip of microfoam tape over it.
"M," Lauren tried.
"_ _ M _ _ ON _"
"S _ M _ _ ON _"
"Symphony?" Joyce guessed.
"Yes!" and Joyce's wrist bonds became Nichole's.

The order (and number of bonds, with 5 being a loss) was now Jenny (2), Joy (3), Lauren (1), Bridget (3), Nichole (1).

"I feel like being evil... I will make the topic be... A famous athlete!"
"_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _"
"S?" Jenny began.
"Nope!" and she acquired a gray blindfold.
"M?" Joy tried.
"Nope!" and a rope hogtied her on the floor.
"T?" Lauren guessed.
"_ _ _ _ _ T _ _ _ _ _ _"
"M?" Bridget followed up.
"Nope!" and a navy blue bandana blindfolded her.
"D?" Nichole continued.
"D_ _ _ _ T _ _ _ _ _ D"
"Bye bye, Jenny!"
"No-mmmph!" Jenny moaned as a sock, a purple bandana, and bright pink tape strips gagged her.
"D _ _ _ HT H _ _ _ _ D."
"I will buy an O off of Bridget's blindfold," Lauren said, acquiring the navy blue cloth.
"D _ _ _ HT HO _ _ _ D"
"Dwight Howard!"
"It is!"
"All right!" Bridget said and then proceeded to have Joyce accept her bonds, the order now Joy (4), Lauren (2), Joyce (2), and Nichole (1).
"Topic?" Joyce asked.
"Movie: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _"
"Bye, bye, Joy!"
"Ugh-mph!" Joy got a sock, a camouflage bandana, and microfoam tape silencing her.
"Nope!" Bridget said as she tied Lauren's wrists.
"G," Joyce guessed.
"_ _ _ _ _ _ _ G"
"I will buy an E off Lauren."
"Wrong!" and Nichole got a white bandana ankle bond and a hogtie. Bridget simply loosened Lauren's bond.
"Wrong again!" and Lauren again bad bound wrists.
"_ _ _ N _ _ NG"
"Nope!" and Bridget slid Nichole's headband down over her eyes.
"L _ _ N _ _ NG."
"Lion King!"

Bridget got back the same binds she had given Joyce.

"Game: _ _ _ _ _ "
"Nope!" and Lauren got hogtied.
"S _ _ _ _"
"Bye!" Joyce said as she used a sock, a knotted white bandana, tape strips, and a navy blue OTM bandana to gag Nichole.
"Bye!" Joyce used another sock and a yellow bandana and wrapped around pink tape 7 times to gag Lauren.
"S _ RR_?"
"Do I win?"

Bridget and Joyce again exchanged bonds. Bridget then hogtied Joyce and proceeded to gag her a little differently, using a pink knotted bandana, wrapped around tape, and them OTM gagged her with brown. Bridget filmed and photographed her victims, particuarly the birthday girl, and put them in the group.

"Oh, I have a few messages and notification," she muttered, and then took a glance, "I WILL KILL YOU, JOY!"
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The Winter of Love (primarily F/F) - Fight

Postby AlexUSA » Sat Feb 13, 2016 6:29 pm

Bridget couldn't even bring herself to acknowledge Joy for days. She wouldn't visit there and sat away from Joy in class. After the incident on Jenny's birthday, she had proceeded to increase Joy's bonds with a breast harness, elbow bonds, waist rope, and knee, ankle, thigh, and foot bonds as well as removing Joy's shoes and socks for a toe bond and replacing the hogtie with a tight balltie.

The offense? When Bridget was tied to the chair with that tight-fitting navy blue button-up that almost burst open when the breast harness was added, Joy had taken and uploaded photos of her bound gagged. She had uploaded her photos to their FB group... except that she accidentally uploaded a photo to FB proper for all her and Bridget's friends to see!

Bridget had found the photo and gotten it off Facebook in under 2 hours, but the results were devastating. Someone had snatched it, and the photo of "Bridget Sjaastad, the rowgirl sex toy of Joy Fredericks" had gone all over the school, destroying both Joy and Bridget's reputations.

Bridget had to deal with people sending her x-rated messages and making fun of her whenever they saw her, they both were subjected to sexual jokes suggesting that they were lovers. It all came to a head when Bridget was called in by her coach and suspended from the team for 1 month for "misconduct." Both girls had been reported to the school security office multiple times. Church and school friends who had seen it blocked their Facebook profiles and their phone numbers, some after sending scathing messages.

Joy had managed to avoid having her family find out, but her school reputation was finished. She was now the "Dominatrix" and a whole host of other sexual slurs. Even Bridget had blocked her communication routes. After about 10 days, the commotion had died down and only the exceptionally sadistic people kept bringing it up. A few connections were eventually restored. Joy patched it up by saying that it was a Kidnapping Challenge attempt; this placated most people and kept her and Bridget from worse consequences.

But Bridget was an athlete, and athletes are always in the spotlight. She couldn't shed this in a hurry; she was stuck with it even with Joy passing it off. And to top it off, she was constantly getting foul messages on Facebook, sometimes from real accounts and sometimes from fake ones. But they all wanted the same gross things: sex, or sexting. The fake ones sometimes sexted her, but proxies made tracing impossible. The real ones wanted an overnight stay. She even got it while walking around. Even her teammates were keeping their distance.

In short, life was ruined. Bridget spent a lot of time crying, too much time. She harbored a lot of anger, even hate, for Joy. The thought or mention of Joy sent Bridget into a rage.

"Bridget, Joy is sorry. Give her a chance."
"Because she is a worthless dumb$#**."
"Is that any way to"
"Heck, yeah! Don't tell me how to act!"
"You're being extremely bitter!"
"Listen, b****!" Bridget squeezed Jenny's arm tightly, "I don't give a rat's @** what you think!"
"Bridget, just at least listen for a minute."
"Hell, no!" she took advantage of her adrenaline and shoved a pair of socks in Jenny's mouth.
"Bridmmph!" she yelled back.
"Shove it, b****!" Bridget replied.

Bridget had proceeded to to then tightly cleave gag Jenny with a brown bandana. She then bound Jenny's wrists and arms above and below the elbows quite tightly, and then she added a full breast harness. She tied Jenny's legs below the hips, above and below the knees, at the ankles, and at her feet. She hogtied Jenny before blindfolding her with a black bandana.

Bridget listened to Jenny moan for about an hour, but then her emotions ran out and her humanity returned. She admitted to Nichole what had just happened. She then untied Jenny and sulked in the corner.

Jenny's eyes were bloodshot from crying due to the pain she had endured and her arms were a little blue from the bonds. Bridget looked at Jenny sadly and then turned away. Jenny put her arm on Bridget's shoulder and then walked to her own bed. They both were in emotional agony for different reasons.

"Jenny, I know you're just trying to be a friend to both of us."
"Bridget, you need more than I can give."
"Jenn, I think I hate her."
"Don't let things ever get there."
"But I think they have."
"Bridget, open up!" Nichole shouted.
"Come in," Jenny said softly.
"Jenny, are you OK?"
"I don't know."
"Bridget's become a freaking monster. I am not asking you; I am ORDERING you to come stay with me."
"I think I should."
"Jenny, don't go! You're all I have; I didn't mean to do it."
"But you did. This is what you need. I know you were wronged, but I think you'll do better without me than with."
"I am so angry at her."
"It's natural. I shouldn't have pushed you to talk."
"Nichole, you have the best friend anyone has."
"I have a sister, and my duty is to protect her."
"Do it."
"Bridget, I still love you."
"Thank you. But does He?"
"You have to find out."

Jenny and Nichole left. Jenny said nothing to Nichole's questions. She was hurt... she was always the one that people hurt. She was sick of it. Maybe she wasn't so great after all?

"Nichole, why am I inferior?"
"What do you mean?!"
"I always get the worst. I get attacked by Bridget, twice! I got picked on all the time by Casey. I got raped. It is always like this."
"Because you are so good people think you're naïve."
"Is that it?"
"Why do think you always were the one used as bait by Casey? People knew you would be honest... or thought so, then you'd trick them into Casey's tortures."
"I don't want to remember that..."
"But it is how we met Joy."

Once back, Jenny just sat and took a deep breath. She looked at Nichole.

"Let's go to the practice rooms."
"All right. I have stuff that might help."

When she was younger, Jenny had learned to play the violin. She rarely used it after her sophomore year of high school. In fact, she hadn't played since last spring. It was something she only used now when she was deeply emotional. But she needed it at the moment.

In the days since her birthday, she found herself talking to Philip more often. There was something about him that Jenny liked. Maybe it was his calm demeanor. As they walked, they talked about their respective male suitors, and it really helped a lot to have someone to funnel emotions toward.

While this was happening, Joy had slipped out. She was determined to face Bridget in spite of other's insistence that she not do so. Bridget was volatile and quite dangerous. Joy knew the dangers and pressed onward.

"What do you want?" Bridget said as she opened the door.
"To talk."
"Let's try," Bridget rolled her eyes.
"Bridget, I am really sorry. I didn't know all this would happen."
"Joy, those words are dead to me. You ruined me. It's over. We're animals here now; you can transfer out and hide from your stupidity, but I can't! If I transfer, the stupid NCAA will make me cough up a year, and nevermind the coach there will find out! I am RUINED! You did it, Joy! I thought I was going to college to be a row, maybe even get so good I could be a 2020 Olympian! Now I can't even row for funsies because you don't know the difference between a cockroach and a person when you look in the mirror! I have had it with you and your dumb*** friends, Miss Dominatrix!"
"Bridget! It was a total accident! It isn't like I did it on purpose!"
"Like it matters! Fsct is you have been doing this for years, and somehow you f***ed up on this one all of a sudden! And now I have pervs all over me! You are WORTHLESS, Joy. Worthless!"
"What kind of way is that to respond?"
"I am telling you once and for all," Bridget grabbed Joy by the shoulders and slammed her against the wall with a loud bang and pinned her there; Joy let out a moan of pain before Bridget continued, "Get the hell away from me, you toxic moron! You are dead to me!"
"Stop talking back!" Bridget put a hand on Joy's throat for a moment.
"Ugh, Bridget, could you stop for a moment?" Joy groaned.
"No, I am not giving you a word in edgewise," Bridget grabbed a roll of tape, "It's time to teach you a lesson, b****!"
"What are you doing?"
"Giving you your own treatment! Now Joy Fredericks is the sex toy!" she grabbed a bandana and tied it tightly in Joy's mouth before wrapping Joy's mouth in the stickiness.
"Mmmm!" Joy moaned as her blouse was unbuttoned.

Bridget wrapped Joy's wrists in tape and then taped her arms to her torso above and below her breasts and at the waist. She taped Joy's legs below the waist, above and below the knees, and at the ankles. She dragged Joy into the bathroom shower, scraping her along the carpet and floor before roughly tossing her in, blindfolded her with a purple bandana, and then wrapped her eyes in tape as well. For the humiliation, she pushed Joy onto her side, and took a photograph with Joy's phone. Joy didn't know Bridget knew her PIN, but there was her knew Facebook profile picture!

"Now you will know how I feel! Like it, sex toy?!" Bridget said before she cut the wrist tape.
"Mmmph!" Joy said tearfully.
"Joy, I am sorry, but this is the end of our friendship."
"Ugh!" Joy said as pulled the tape off her face.

Joy pulled the tape off her body and removed the scarves. She felt her head and found a big lump. Joy knew it was too much then. Her head was a little bloody, her arms were sore, and she had gotten rid of that horrible picture before anyone could react, except for Janie...

"Bridget, I am leaving here, because I want people who know the true meaning of love in my life," she said, choking back tears.
"Goodbye," but the words cut Bridget to the bone.
"What is happening in there!" the RA shouted.
"We're just dropping things!" Joy shouted back.
"Be more careful in there."
"Goodbye," and Joy left, letting the door bang behind her.
"What have I done?!" Bridget said softly to herself, aware of the damage she had caused by her selfishness.

Meanwhile, in a practice room, sisters were having a special moment. The last notes sounded out, and Jenny looked at Nichole and smiled.

"I missed it all."
"Good. How do you feel?"
"It's all a bit better. Nichole, I worry about Bridget. She is going to do something horrible some day."
"I worry she will hurt herself, badly. I mean like jump from a building crazy."
"I do, too. She is losing it over this."
"I can't help if she doesn't want it though. Double date tomorrow? Mendelssohn?"
"Yes, and yes."
"How is Chris?"
"He is very direct with everything. He isn't sappy, but his feelings are obvious."
"Good! It'll be fun!"

The apartment had more tension happening.

"Joyce, come look at this!"
"What the heck?!"
"Bridget! She has done something to Joy, but... it's gone!"
"Janie, this is too much. She is loco, and she is going to hurt someone beyond repair someday."
"Why did she do this?!"
"Because she's an arrogant jerk," Joy said.
"Joy, you're a mess!" Joyce exclaimed.
"Your head is bloody, you have rug burn, bruises on your arms and legs... and your neck?!"
"What about it?!"
"She choked you?"
"Not really, but she did grab me there for a moment before she did all that to me."
"I have had it! Two people in two hours! I am telling security. She must be forced to see a shrink! I don't care what you think; I'm calling!"

Joy went away to find longer clothes, taking off her purple skirt. She fixed her white button-up blouse and changed into blue jeans and tied a gray kerchief bandana on her head. She wanted to hide her shame; she looked at the picture on her phone once more... but she didn't delete in case security wanted to see it. To hide her neck, a cowgirl-style bandana wouldn't be enough, so she wrapped it in her purple scarf.

"Girls, don't mention this to Jenny or Nichole. This only for us to know."
"OK. Joy... I'm glad you're OK," Janie said.
"I am sick to my stomach."
"That is from being creamed."
"Is this the 'I am hiding my wounds'?" Joyce asked.
"Yeah," Joy said with a sigh before slumping on the couch.
"Joy, I have never seen you so sad before," Joyce sat down next to her.
"I love her, Joyce, but she doesn't know how to love me."
"That's why we need to keep away from her for a while; she has to learn what love is."
"What if she doesn't?"
"We don't need that kind of person."
"Joyce, you're saying this about a person we shared a bedroom with."
"I know... I am worried about her too."
"I told the security the whole thing; they're sending someone over to check on her."
"OK. Janie, what now?"
"All we can do is pray and hope for now. We need to get our minds off this."
"Janie, what if she doesn't change?"
"She has so much to lose if she doesn't."

Jenny and Nichole entered the room some time later. They weren't aware of the depth of what they walking into, although they had had some perfect bonding time in the meanwhile. Sisterhood had its perks.

"What gives?" Nichole asked when she saw the pow-wow.
"Bridget's lost her mind," Janie replied flatly.
"She needs help," Joyce noted.
"She's nuts, and I am forcing her to get help," Janie said despondently.

It was a mess now.
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The Winter of Love (primarily F/F) - Great Need

Postby AlexUSA » Tue Feb 16, 2016 6:47 pm

"Who are you and what freaking f*** do you want?!" Bridget screamed when she heard a knock.

She was a mess. She had assaulted Joy and Jenny in a 2 hour window. In so doing, she had severed one friendship and damaged another. At this moment in time, Bridget was in total disarray. She was tearful from sorrow and raging with anger at herself, dangerous anger. She was sincerely thinking many dangerous thoughts.

She opened the door to find two security officers, male and female, there. She immediately apologized for her angry yelling, but it was useless.

"Bridget Sjaastad?" the female officer spoke up.
"I'm Officer MacKenzie. We heard that you are not well, a bit angry and maybe taking it out on others and/or yourself, physically."
"Well, I am definitely a bit off today."
"We have a report that says you 'attacked a fellow student today in a fit of mental incapacity.'"
"I admit I did, because I was angry and scared at myself and the other person."
"Suicide and homicide are both things we have to prevent. We have to protect your fellow people as well as you. I think you should come with us so that you can maybe get help for this."
"I'm OK."
"Unfortunately for you, we aren't giving you a choice. We are taking you to see a school psychiatrist because your friends are afraid you might kill yourself."
"I can go myself. If you are just forcing me to go, can't I make an appointment and just let you enforce it?"
"Bridget, hands behind your back."
"Please don't," Bridget cried.
"I'm sorry this hurts you, because you should be happy to have the friends you do."
"I don't want to go like this," Bridget said as she obeyed the officer.

With this, Bridget was led out to a security cart which brought her to the school counseling office. The whole way, Bridget fought tears as the officer explained the procedure. It didn't help though. Once again, Bridget was an embarrassment. Suddenly, life didn't seem worthwhile anymore.

Minn Tech was different from most all schools: for this specific reason, there was 24-hour help available for all students. Bridget was led in to the office where the handcuffs were removed and the counselor came out to lead her into an office while the officer waited. With confidentiality guaranteed, Bridget poured herself out starting from her mother's death.

"I wonder what is happening right now?" Joy asked Jenny softly and sadly.
"Hopefully, she is getting help."
"I need to walk away," Joy said as she went into her bedroom.
"Jenny, you're OK, right?" Nichole checked.
"I guess. It isn't easy right now, but someone has to be the ears."
"Ooh, look at this one!" Janie shouted.
"What are you two nuts doing?"
"Watching the men's hockey stream!"
"And you're man shopping?!"
"I'm going to keep my virginity," she muttered to herself.

Joy had buried her face in her pillow and was crying angrily. Why had life turned so sour? Why did she and her friends always seem to have some controversy happening?! Must there always be tension.

"Joy, what's wrong?"
"I HATE college."
"But why?"
"Everyone gets hurt all the time. I am sick and tired of it! I want life to be normal for the rest of this semester!"
"Joy, sometimes it's just unexplainable."
"I need answers!"
"You can't get them though. We have to deal with life without them."
"Just stop it! Talking doesn't help. I just want to sit and cry," Joy sat up and curled under a quilt, "If you're OK with that, you can stay."
"Sure," Jenny crawled up next to Joy.
"*sniff*," Joy just continued her angst.
"Jesus loves me this I know," Jenny started singing quietly.

"Chris, wanna meet up for shake?" Nichole texted her boyfriend. She didn't normally make the first move, but this time she did.
"If Hendrik scores first, you get tied up; if Paulson scores first, I get tied up!"
"Deal!" Joyce agreed.
"Sure, whassup?" Chris replied.
"Nutty roommates."
"LOL," and after this response Nichole left.

"Jenny, Bridget needs more help than I can give."
"Do you still love her?"
"Of course."
"Keep on loving her, with your boundaries in place."
"Jenny...," Joy took off her scarf.
"And also," she took off the bandana.
"Joy... you are fully justified to not engage her anymore, but you still have to love her."
"That isn't easy," Joy said as she retied the gray cloth on her head.
"But you MUST."
"Then I shall!"
"She choked you?!"
"Yes, she did."
"What else are you afraid to show me?"
"I have shown all I wish to show."
"Then so be it."

"Mmmph!" Joyce moaned into a sock and tape. She was bound wrist, elbow, thigh, and foot as a result of her lost bet.
"My guy is more talented AND cuter than yours!"
"Yeah, yeah, yeah!" Janie said as she blindfolded Joyce with a pink bandana.
"You can stay put an hour!"

In the midst of the chaos, there was still some normalcy.
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The Winter of Love (primarily F/F) - Roomies

Postby AlexUSA » Thu Feb 18, 2016 6:40 pm

Johanna Brighton and Lauren Patterson were two peas in a pod when it came to TUGS and food tastes. Maybe this is why they did their Wal-Mart shopping together. They needed food and TUG supplies, as holes in cloth and Lauren's frayed ropes had spoiled a recent TUG.

"I like this one," Jo said as she grabbed a paisley white bandana that was different in that the pattern was red instead of black.
"Whatever," Lauren said as she grabbed others based off just 'liking it.' At this price, why not?
"Are you picking on me?"
"I will always pick on a Belieber."

"Crinkles or wavy?"
"But I like wavy."
"Then don't ask, stupid!"

They had bickered like this the whole way. They argued about colors, prices, patterns, materials, and all other TUG equipment qualities. They had to compromise at every step along the way. They then split into two carts with the rope in the second. This way there would be a diminished chance of red flags sounding.

Jo and Lauren truly made a great pair. They split the list and finished shopping. It was relatively easy once they got over themselves. Jo thought about their first TUGs together, and it made her think about her own start in TUGs and how she had her first real damsel-in-distress experience courtesy her younger brother.

Jo had always been fascinated by TUGs. She didn't know what they were, but she always wondered what it was like to be in the position of a fictional character, whether kidnapped, in the hospital, or anywhere else. But she especially wondered about TUGs.

One day, when she was around 16, she decided to pursue her first TUG, but she would have to do it alone. She had seen tie-ups on YouTube, so she decided to make her own channel and donit for a while before doing a tie-up video. She gathered what she could: sock for a gag, bandanas, belts, a scarf, and the tie from her robe. She invited her then best friend and occasional co-host Lexi over. Jo sat on her bed, shut the door, and started filming.

"Hi, Jo and Lexi, here! This week we are doing the Tie-Up Challenge."
"Which is exactly?" Lexi asked.
"We take turns tying up and gagging each other the same way and trying to escape. Faster escape wins. We tie our arms, knees, and ankles as well as pin our arms. Finally, we tie a rope from the ankles to the wrists. Oh. and we get gagged."
"Ok, let's try this!"
"I'll tie you first, Lexi!"
"Your channel!"

Jo was a little clueless, so she just did it like Hollywood. She wrapped the robe around Lexi's wrists and knotted it. She then used a belt to hold her arms, the scarf on her knees, and a bandana on her ankles. Jo hogtied Lexi with another belt.

"Is this it?"
"I still have to gag you," Jo said as she pushed the sock in and, like Hollywood, tied the bandana in a triangle over Lexi's mouth.
"Ready? Go!"

Lexi had problem escaping the bonds. She made a loud 'Pttoey' as she spat out the sock.

"Eww, throw it away!"
"Now you tie me up!"

Lexi did the same to Jo. Jo's heart raced as she finally got tied up! Adrenaline rushed through her, but suddenly the door opened and Jo's 14 year old brother, Brayden, entered.

"Oh, you can't do that! Lemme help you do this right!"
"Sure! We can use the help."

Jo felt the robe tie wind twice around her wrists, but Brayden went twice up the middle as well. Jo felt her heart race more when she realized she couldn't escape easily! Her dreams had come true!

Brayden went up the middle as well when he did her thighs with the scarf. He belted her tightly before using a brown bandana with a middle part on her ankles. He jammed a clean sock in her mouth and cleave gagged her with a blue bandana before using a belt to hogtie her.

"Mmmph!" she said quietly.
"All right... ready, go!" Lexi started the timer.

Jo fought for what felt like forever. She finally realized something: she was stuck. She couldn't escape! She really couldn't do it! SHE WAS THE DAMSEL-IN-DISTRESS! Adrenaline surged through her and she took great pleasure in it before Lexi realized it was hopeless and released her.

Lexi was curious about this and asked if she could try it. It was the start of many TUGs between them. They eventually progressed to rope and even conveniently being in TUGs when male friends arrived. Sadly, Lexi moved away right before college, meaning she couldn't come to Minn Tech with Jo because she couldn't afford to live on campus.

Jo was so busy daydreaming that she ran over Lauren's ankle as they left the store.

"Damn you, Jo! You'll be test dummy for this!"
"Try it!"
"I will!"

As soon as they were back, Jo changed into a white tank top and frayed jeans. Lauren grabbed a piece of her new rope and bound Jo's wrists behind her back. She wasted no time in doing the same to Jo's elbows. A breast harness pinned her arms.

"This'll teach you to run me over," Lauren said with a sneer.
"But it was an accident," Jo replied playfully.
"You might cry for help, so we have to silence you," Lauren returned as she balled up a handkerchief.
"Please don't. I will be good!"
"No doing!"
"No-mmph!" she said as the cloth went in only to be secured by a strip of microfoam tape.
"We can't have you running either," Lauren said before binding Jo's knees, thighs, and ankles. She ran a rope through Jo's thighs and behind her back for the ball tie.
"Mmph!" she moaned.
"And so that you won't know our secrets," Lauren said as she blindfolded her friend with a new white bandana.
"And now to torture you!"
"Ugh!" Jo groaned as she felt the commencement of tickle torture.

It was moments like these that defined their friendship. Lauren continued this for several minutes before she relented. She pushed Jo onto her side so that she was further trapped by her position. Jo could only protest in mmph's. She had a long escape ahead of her.

Lauren was sharing pictoral details of this escapade with Jenny. Jenny was the only one privy to these because she was... well... Jenny! She was Lauren's best friend, and that was enough. Lauren was thrilled when Jenny said she was coming over! Two victims!

Jenny had no clue she what was entering. She entered in pink sweat pants, her brown hoody over a blue t-shirt, and a pink bandana headband with her hair in a black pony with, of course, her fuschia sneakers. Lauren led her to the living room.

"You got her pretty good."
"Yes, but two is better than one," Lauren said as she cupped her hand over Jenny's mouth.
"Mmmph!" she moaned as she was pushed onto the floor on her stomach. Rope boxtied her wrists.
"This is perfect."
"Ain't it?"
"Yeah!" Lauren had to remove her hand to tie the breast harness.
"What are you doing with me?"
"I dunno," Lauren said as she tied Jenny's legs at the 3 usual points.
"Well, make up your mind!"
"I think you are going in the closet."
"I hate the closet!"
"That or a hogtie... in the bathtub!"
"Gee, what a lovely closet!" Jenny said as she was dragged over.
"Good girl," Lauren said, tying a knot in a black bandana.
"Dp you have to?"
"Yes!" Lauren said and gagged Jenny.
"And this will hold you," Lauren said as she ball tied Jenny.
"And a new brown blindfold for you!"
"Oopee ooh!"
"Bye!" Lauren said after photographing Jenny before she shut the door.

Jo was glad she didn't get the closet. Although she remembered the time last spring when Lauren caught her after a pool party and gave her a bound and gagged shower. She was glad to "just" be tickled.

Maybe in the spring. For now, Lauren just came over, gave Jo a noogie, and left her to her own devices. It was their way: tie, torture, and let be. It always worked, and would continue to do so.
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The Winter of Love (primarily F/F) - Pleas Amidst Tears

Postby AlexUSA » Sun Feb 21, 2016 6:59 pm

Bridget felt like life was completely upside down. In 3 days, she lost rowing, spurned her friends, and been put in handcuffs. She was going to be forced to see a psychiatrist twice a week.

Jenny was gone; Joy wasn't an option; Nichole wouldn't respond; and the rest just wouldn't help, although she had more than once mentioned suicide. Jenny had not returned to the dorm. Bridget couldn't bother her older siblings as they were both very busy, and Kristina was too young for such things. No one would sit with her in class or church.

Bridget started to feel depressed, even masochistic. So she turned to self-bondage. Her reasoning was that life was meaningless so if an accident happened she wouldn't be missed. But she couldn't bring herself to do it for her family's sake.

She couldn't have been more wrong.

In fact, on this particular day Bridget was having one of these self-bondage moments. She was wearing a white sweater, her black pants, and black boots. She should have checked before starting.

She sat on her bed and started with her legs, binding them at the ankles, knees, and thighs. For the gag, she tied a knot in a pink bandana and cleave gagged herself with it. Over that, she wrapped six layers of sticky gray duct tape. She made sure the ropes and tape were super tight for maximum restriction. She tried to talk, but nothing came out except for barely audible, muffled sounds.

For her wrists, she prepared a loop, the kind that you pull to tighten, and attached it to the ankle bonds so that she would be hogtied. Also to the ankle rope, she attached a crotch rope so as to cause a little extra pain. She belted her arms to her side with a little struggle [I have done this before myself], laid on her stomach, and bound her wrists in the loop.

Thus she began her ordeal. The tightness of the ropes, the belt, and the gag all worked to make quite the uncomfortable environment. She was in a bit of a pickle, as she was unsure how to release her wrists evem after looking at demos. But she wasn't ready to quit yet. The pull of the ropes caused waves of pain and adrenaline. In spite of the feeling of a successful self-punishment, she didn't feel any better.

And then the door to the dorm opened.

"Bridget, I decided to... what have you done?!"
"Mmph!" she shrugged.
"Did you do this to yourself?" Jenny asked as she unwrapped the tape
"Yes, I did; now just get this rope of my arms and let me be!" Bridget replied cruelly as she started undoing her other bonds.
"But why?!"
"Does it really matter to you? Get off my back!"
"What has gotten into you?!"
"Look, just be glad I acknowledged you!" Bridget yelled back as she untied her thighs.
"Bridget, you're being erratic."
"*silence*," Bridget continued untying her legs.
"If you don't explain yourself, you hurt your mind worse than your body."
"*silence*," Bridget untied the last rope.
"Bridget, I wish you would stop and notice that I do care about you!"
"Look, why don't you do me a big favor by opening that window and jumping out. Then you will be dead or hospitalized and I can have peace and quiet, you ugly little p****!" Bridget slammed the bathroom door shut.
"That does it! I have a date to get ready for, and I am not dealing with this!"

Jenny immediately called Nichole and told her what had happened, and Nichole decided to quickly send someone out to spy on Bridget should leave. Nichole got Joyce to do this, but they had to move fast. Bridget had grabbed her personals, got out of the bathroom, grabbed her bag, flipped off Jenny, and left in silence.

They decked Joyce in white sweatpants, white sneakers, Nichole's white hoody, which they pulled over Joyce's regular winter jacket, Joy's white winter hat, and a solid white scarf to hide her face. Unfortunately, her gloves had to be pink. They stuffed her hair under the coat, scarf, and had, pulling up the hoody's hood as well. They wrapped her wrists with white bandanas for a little extra padding. But on this, Joyce went out quickly to the dorm where Jenny and Bridget lived.

In the snow, Joyce blended in perfectly. She watched as Bridget left the dorm. Joyce followed in stages. ducking down at times to hide. It was night now, so casting shadows was a danger. In the cold, there were very few people out and about.

Joyce followed Bridget until she rounded a corner. Joyce waited at the edge of the corner so that she wouldn't round it too soon. But when she did, she was mortified to find herself face-to-face with Bridget.

"So!" Bridget said as grabbed Joyce and cupped a hand over her mouth.
"Jenny sent a spy? Not very clever of her. I am NOT dumb!"
"Yes, you will enjoy this tape," Bridget said as she released Joyce's mouth long enough to tape over it.
"I ain't going to hurt you!"

Bridget took off Joyce's hoody before sve taped her wrists up and down to her elbows in many layers. She then taped over ankles and thighs, dragged her over to a secluded spot, put the hoody over her arms, and threw her into a deep snow bank.

"Mmmph!" Joyce moaned. She was certain she was being abandoned to freeze to death, or in her mind be murdered.
"I am not killing you," Bridget whispered as she took a picture of Joyce and climbed into the hole.
"I am certainly impressed by all of you. You work together... but you are still trying to help me. You are a most interesting group."
"Mmmph!" Joyce moaned as Bridget showed her capture to Jenny.
"No, I told her you're OK. I can't hurt you. The world needs people like you. But you are a terrible spy, traipsing through the snow like a snowplow. I am actually... moved... by your determination. You can't let go because of how much love fills your hearts. Jenny's words stuck with me, 'I wish you would stop and notice that I do care about you.' It was astounding to me, but I was still infuriated and didn't pause and listen. Come on."

Bridget picked up Joyce and hopped her a little ways before ripping off the tape on her legs. She led her back to the apartment building. She hid Joyce's mouth with her scarf and her arms with the hoody. Together, they went up to the apartment.

"Joyce!" Nichole said as they entered.
"Wait!" Bridget shut the door. She retaped Joyce's legs, took off the coat and scarf, and taped her elbows and then fastened her arms to her torso above and below the breasts. Bridget put the hoody on backwards, pulled the hood up, and then wrapped the sleeves around and knotted them.
"What is this?!"
"I found the little spy was behind me and gave her the what for."
"Are you really this evil?!"
"No," she said firnly, and then looked at Joy with a frown, "I came here to apologize to someone."
"Yes, Joy... I am sorry... for the yelling, the screaming, and... the attacking," she said as she pulled off the the purple scarf hiding Joy's neck.
"I forgive you," Joy gave Bridget a hug. Bridget began to cry.
"Who is Bridget Sjaastad?! What kind of manic freak is she?!"
"Bridget, none of this would have happened if I hadn't done what I did. We all need to be more forgiving."
"Don't condone my actions."
"I am simply saying I shouldn't have put you in that spot."
"Joy, you can't... I can't... it's obvious at this point that I am hopeless. We need to go our separate ways."
"That you say it's hopeless means we need to try that much more."
"Joy, I can't. I will repeat this all again."
"We'll work on it."
"If I haven't offed myself by then."
"Bridget, don't say that!"
"You all are so close. You got along fine without me. With or without me on earth, it won't change your group."
"We were dull without you! You're always the crux of so much!"
"Don't lie to make me feel better. I should my impact on people better than you would!"
"Bridget, would you cut the crap, right now?" Nichole asked.
"What for?"
"You are REALLY taking a huge toll on me. You know what suicide talk does to me," Nichole rolled up her sleeve.
"Yes, I do... NICHOLE!" Bridget exclaimed as she saw the tell-tale bandage on Nichole's wrist, partially shielded by a navy blue bandana.
"Now cut the crud before I put you through what Joy had to do to me!"
"What was that?"
"Hiding sharps and being tied up for bedtime!"
"See how much trouble I've caused?!"
"Would you be reasonable?!" Joyce snapped. "You're so desperate for attention right now because you don't have rowing. Pretend it's the offseason or summer school."
"I shouldn't have to! But at least Joy is sorry for that. My reputation is shot though! And I have ruined it further! I have been a total screw-up the last few days."
"Then fix it!"
"It's hopeless. I'm judged by all. And I am sick of the perverted texts."
"Get help for those."
"I'll just be told that I want them because I play bondage games."
"I have had all I can take!"

Janie grabbed Bridget and spun her around, putting handcuffs on her wrists as she did so. Janie pushed Bridget hard against the wall with a hand over her mouth.

"We are just trying to help. Right now, you are happy to wallow in self-inflicted misery because it gets you attention. Well cut the crap! We can only help as long as you allow us to and that you acknowledge there is always room for improvement. You got friends... lots of them... you have me, my sister, Joy, Nichole, Joyce, and Jenny, all willing to sacrifice our time and energy because we want our friend to be healthy and happy. Maybe. if we try things and you listen to your psychiatrist, you'll be back to normal by the end of the semester. ¿Entiendes, mi amiga?"
"Mmph!" Bridget said, wide-eyed. She was terrified of the towering figure.
"Good, then I will let you brew over this," Janie said, as she removed her hand and stuck a piece of microfoam tape over Bridget's mouth, "Go sit and think about it."

Bridget walked over to the couch and sat down. Every looked at Janie then Bridget and repeated. They couldn't believe what Janie had just done, but she knew how to use her size to her advantage. Janie just shook her head.

"I did it for you. Your welcome, all of you. Now tell Jenny that we have Bridget, and she's serving time at Janie Correctional. And use those words exactly! She'll catch on immediately."
"I have to go. I have a double date with Jenny, speaking of her!"
"You're going on a date like that?!" Joy asked as she looked at the Nichole Special, a thoroughly frumpy outfit consisting of navy blue sweatpants and sweatshirt and a pale blue bandana headband. Joy felt it was in stark constrast to her brown shirt and white blouse.
"Of course!" Nichole replied as she grabbed her bag (with her ID card, money, etc.) and her jacket.
"I could never! At least you could borrow a skirt!"
"You're not Nichole either!" Joyce mocked Joy, "She's fine!"
"Who dresses up for dates anymore?"
"Mmph," she shrugged her shoulders.
"You're all a bunch of nuts!"
"Well nyeh!" Nichole stuck her tongue out and shut the door.
"I am going to do my HW," Joy said, shaking her head.
"Fine!" Janie walked to the TV and started surfing.
"C'mon, Bridget... let's look at hockey players! They're sexy!"
"I forgot about that!" Janie said, "I'll get my computer!"
"Too late!"
"Fine! I will find other fun then," Janie said looking at Joy.
"What are you thinking?"
"How good some ropes would look with that outfit."
"C'mon, Janie! I have HW to do!"
"You'll do it still!"
"What are you doing?"
"Sit down in the rolling chair, and experience magic," Janie said as she brought out various materials.
"We'll start here," Janie said.

Janie bound Joy's ankles with a pink bandana and her knees and thighs with rope. She fastened the bound limbs to the legs of the chair on either side at the knees and ankles, and then she ran rope around Joy's thighs to the bottom of the seat.

"Very effective," Joy said as she tested the bonds and only shifted the chair.
"But wait," Janie cautioned, and then handing Joy stuff, "Gag yourself."

She belted Joy's waist in before tying a breast harness to pin her to the chair, only she didn't go over Joy's arms. Joy chose a sock, a flat red bandana in a band, and some white duct tape as her gag. Before taping, she pulled her hair back in a ponytail.

"And now this!" Janie cuffed Joy's hands in front of her.
"Mm hmm!" Joy nodded in understanding.
"Now you can do your HW," she photographed her handiwork.

Janie took out the things Joy needed and put them on the table for Joy to reach easily. Joy found this to be a pleasurable way to TUG! Thus they were together: Joy doing HW, Joyce and Bridget watching hockey, and Janie doing both.

Meanwhile, Jenny and Nichole were on their double date. There was mich laughter exchanged as the couples all got more familiar with each other. After some time, the date was over, and the couples separated.

Jenny and Philip went to their dorm's lounge area before she went back to her dorm. Nichole and Chris went out for a slow walk back to her dorm in the cold. He embraced her as they walked.

"Nichole, isn't it beautiful?"
"Yes, it is."
"There aren't enough stars to count the amazing things about you."
"Well aren't you flattering?"
"But," he stopped, pulled off her bandana, and ran his hands through her hair, "their beauty combined isn't as great as yours."
"Why, I."
"Nichole, I think, we...," he started as they embraced and exchanged a long, passionate kiss.
"Yeah?" she asked, stunned by what they had just done.
"I think we're ready to proceed... as a couple."
"If you mean you want a commitment to see if this real love..."
"Yes, to see if we really are willing to consider... life together."
"That sounds perfectly fair," she looked up at him with a smile.
"It'll be fun no matter what."
"Maybe fun, maybe wonderful," she said with a twinkle in her eyes.
"You have a beautiful face, too."
"It's cold out,"
"Let's go back then."

They walked to the dorm entrance. He again played with her hair a little more as they walked and talked. They exchanged greetings and another embrace and kiss before parting. Nichole stood, holding her bandana, in the dark alone with only a street lamp nearby for light. She walked back to the dorm and went in.

Nochole raised her eyebrows at Joy when she saw the setup. Janie had released Bridget, who immediately noticed.

"Well, your hair is all mussy!"
"Well, that is just, uh..."
"He got romantic, didn't he?!" Bridget pressed for details.
"Yes, he did... he loves playing with my hair before we... erm..."
"Oh, we kiss all right," Nichole said with a scintillating spark in her eye.
"I am so glad to see you so happy!"
"How do you think I feel?!"

Nichole had a smile that had been missing for so long that it probably went back to the days of the original Cool Girls' Club after Casey's ouster.

She was finally happy again.
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