The 3rd Summer of Friendship - Sunday

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The 2nd Spring of Love (primarily F/F) - Irma

Postby AlexUSA » Wed Sep 27, 2017 5:46 pm


Hurricane Irma was approaching Central Florida.
For Amanda, there was no better way to spend it than with her boyfriend, Trenton Patterson. Her parents couldn't care less as long as she wasn't doing anything illegal like drugs or immoral like prostitution, so they didn't mind when she said she was going to "Janie's house." The Patterson parents had hospital duty, and Ashley's parents were shelter volunteers. She managed to convince Ashley to abandon the mobile home she lived in with her parents and come to her (Amanda's) place.

It was a trick.

Friday morning, Ashley arrived. She arrived in ripped blue jeans and a purple plaid shirt knotted at her belly button with orange flipflops and an orange headband. Amanda had her legendary purple trainers, black t-shirt, black flipflops, and purple ponytail. She led Ashley into her bedroom, where Ashley saw Amanda's open suitcase.
Ashley failed to notice the purple bandana on Amanda's wrist, the sign of a TUG.

"Yeah, one must always be ready!"
"Got games and stuff?!"
"I sure do! Come look!"
"This is it!"
"I see nothing!"
"You shouldn't!" Amanda grabbed Ashley and hand gagged her while grabbing her tight.
"I got you now!"
"Hold still!"
"I can't have my parents hear this!"
"Stop it!" Amanda flopped on her bed while holding Ashley as tightly as she could.
"I need you to shut up!" Amanda jammed a sock in Ashley's mouth.
"I have you in my clutches now!" Amanda flopped Ashley over and jammed her face first into the bed pillows and sat on her back.
"Mmmmm!" Ashley groaned while Amanda bound her arms below the elbow.
"Now to shut you up!" Amanda folded a bright blue bandana into a band and tied a knot into it. She resumed her previous hold and hand gag.
"Be good!" Amanda jammed the scarf in and knotted it as tightly as she could.

Amanda bound Ashley's arms at the wrists and above the elbows, her legs at the ankles, knees, lower thighs, and upper thighs. She added a tight waist/crotch rope, and a breast harness with all the details to make it tight.

"I can't have this!" Amanda grabbed black duct tape.
"Mmmmm!" Ashley shook and squirmed on the bed.
"I have to do this. Sorry, Ashley!"
"Mmmmm!" the tape started winding.
"This'll really leave you helpless," Amanda said.
"Mph!" was all Ashley could muster after 9 windings that were as tight as Amanda could muster, crushing Ashley's face and leaving her mute.
"Now, your prize!" Amanda said, gently pulling Ashley onto the floor.
"The suitcase!"
"Mph!" Ashley shook, but to no avail as she was put into the empty suitcase.
"How's this?" Amanda asked, as she put her clothes in, including putting a pair of underwear over Ashley's head.

Soon, Amanda zipped up the suitcase and wheeled it out to her car. Ashley was absolutely terrified. Had Amanda gone nuts and was selling her into slavery or something?! Ashley had no clue as the trunk was shut...

Ashley was surprised when the trunk was wheeled up a staircase and opened in... Janie's room?! Ashley squealed as she was put on the floor. She started squirming, got up on her knees, and made some angry noises at Ashley.

"Quit being a whiny b!+©#," Janie said as she hogtied Ashley with a rope from her ankles to her elbows, such that her ankles touched her wrists.
"Go away!" Amanda tightly blindfolded Ashley with a navy blue bandana, again with a brutally tight knot.
"Mph!" Ashley replied as another brutally tight brown bandana became an OTM gag.
"Let's be really effective!" Amanda pulled a white pillowcase over Ashley's head and held it on with an orange bandana around her neck.
"There, now you're my little kidnapping victim. How is it to be the young girl captured to become a sex slave?"
"Yeah, sex slave."
"Mph!" Ashley shook her head.
"This'll help you!" Amanda flopped Ashley on her side and applied some carefully placed clothes pins...
"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!" Ashley started crying. Yes, these kinds of ties were normal for them, but this was plain rotten. There was nothing consensual about this.
"Amanda, you're being a real b¡+©#. The poor kid is terrified and now injured."
"Aw, come on! We do this all the time!"
"Time for a lesson you'll never forget!"
"Trent, no! Mmmmph!" Trent clamped his hand over her mouth.
"I'll rope you up good!"

Before long, Amanda was roped exactly as Ashley was, except that Trent put the crotch rope in her trainers and tied up her wrists against her butt in a chicken wing. He jammed the clean black panties she had brought into her mouth before cleave gagging her with her purple bandana wristband. A black bandana blindfolded her. He crushed her face in the same tape she'd used on Ashley

"I have a plan!"

He did indeed. Trent took advantage of the bunk bed in his sisters' room to suspend her upside down! Amanda found herself with a face-crushing gag and in an upside-down chicken wing hogtie!

Trent left his girlfriend there while he partially freed Ashley, removing the pillowcase, clothespins, blindfold, hogtie, and gag. He couldn't believe Ashley's face.

"Ash, your face is crushed!"
"Trent, please loosen me up!" Ashley sobbed.
"Kid, I..."
"Trent, please... Please! Why did she do that? Why?!"
"I don't know..."

He loosened her, and Ashley just sat down on the bunk quietly crying without trying to break free. Trent undid the suspension on Amanda and left her on the floor squirming.

"Ashley, let's do something to forget. You like Netflix."
"Well... I... Sure."

Trent undid Amanda's hogtie, and together they watched Netflix, with Trent having a bound beauty in each arm. That was the day Amanda knew for certain that Janie would be the bridesmaid at the wedding.
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The 3rd Summer of Friendship (primarily F/F) - Fun Begins

Postby AlexUSA » Wed Sep 27, 2017 5:48 pm

Janie Patterson flopped on her own couch for the first time in months. She was ready for a day of fun with her best friend, Amanda, as evinced by her smile. Blue trainers, a matching t-shirt, and a white headband were her outfit of choice for the day.

The moment was made better because her sister was lying next to her on another piece of the large sectional sofa that graced their living room. Lauren had on orange trainers and a bright teal t-shirt with an orange headband and her hair in a bun, the colors of her favorite baseball team. In addition, Lauren wore a knotted white handkerchief in her mouth!

Yes, Janie had tied up Lauren, who was, in fact, bound at her wrists, elbows, thighs, and ankles with ropes above and below her breasts pinning her arms down. The handkerchief nicely held a sock in Lauren's mouth, rendering her speech unintelligible. It allowed Janie to do alllllllll the talking, and we know Janie loves to talllllkkkkkk.

Joyce, too, had been victimized, but by Trent. His tie was very simple with just ropes binding Joyce's crossed ankles and crossed wrists with a simple breast harness and a hogtie. She was gagged with a sock and strip of microfoam tape. She squirmed in her beige shorts and red blouse.

Trent was also there, playing with his phone and just laughing as Janie went on and on. Fortunately, a knock on the door interrupted Janie. Janie was pleased to see Amanda at the door. Amanda stood in jean shorts and a black tank top.

"Janie, I wanted to share something with you and thought it'd be more fun in person!"
"Well, come in!"
"Janie, I've been thinking way ahead lately to when Trent and I finally decide get married."
"He'll officialize it sooner or later," Amanda rolled her eyes.
"I will?"
"You already did!"
"We're 'engaged to get engaged.'"
"Oh, you stop! Anyway, I was..."
"You was what?"
"I was."
"Out with it. The suspense is killing me!"
"I'm trying, but."
"But what? You keepmph!"
"There!" Trent said, having grabbed and hand gagged Janie.
"Anyway, I was thinking of children and how cute certain things will be!"
"Children? That's a bit ahead!" Janie said, "Perhaps you shoumph!"
"She talks too mu-OW! She bit me!"
"I'll shut up now. Continue."
"I was thinking of names for children, like Cassidy."
"Or Peter."
"Or Brayden."
"Not bad."
"Even Daniel."
"Quit raining on my parade! It's our's to worry about, not yours!"
"Someone's on cycle day!"
"Oh, stop!"
"Anyway, I giggled at the thought of 'Aunt Janie and Lauren' or 'Auntie Janie and Lauren.'"
"What's funny about... Wait a minute... 'Aunt Janie'?"
"Hmph?!" Lauren questioned.
"Amanda, what are you getting at?" Janie pressed.
"Nothing... just thinking."
"Amanda, what are you hiding?!" Trent demanded.
"Listen, lover boy, the sex in Minnesota was great, but I'm trying to break how great without saying, 'Shotgun wedding'!"
"WUHUHHLLLL [What the hell]?" Lauren screamed.
"Oh, hell, no!" Trent slapped his forehead in despair.
"You got knocked up in Minnesota?!" Janie yelled.
"Um... Yeah."
"Oh, God! My first niece slash nephew is going to have a sticker that says 'Made in Minnesota' instead of 'Made in Florida'!"
"Janie, you're not mad?!"
"Yikes! Calm down!!"
"Calm down?! Calm DOWN?! How the hell can I calm down when you let yourself get humped into a baby before marriage!"
"You're one to talk, Miss Devereaux!" Trent retorted.
"I'm careful what time of month I do it!"
"Oh, big fat hairy deal! I oNly hAvE sEX oN ThuRSdAys!" Trent mocked.
"Shut your trap, you masher."
"I learned from the master seductress."
"Stop it, both of you!"
"You stop it, tramp!"
"You've had sex with more different guys than we have total times!"
"That's avoi... a... a very good point..."
"Face it, Janie, it's amazing that you haven't been pregnant multiple times considering you've been sleeping around for years."
"True... I am slutty. Me, Miss Pro Life herself, procreating herself into a pickle because I would never abort. You wouldn't, would you?!"
"Janie, I would never! I got you into all that in the first place!"
"Are you certain?"
"I bought a test strip."
"Those are useless. I would have had to drop out of college if those things were accurate."
"Hmph?!" both Joyce and Lauren asked in horror.
"Yes, I have been around THAT much!"
"Well, then what?"
"Get a real check from a real doctor."
"I should... just in case. PSYCH!"
"I made it all up!"
"Well aren't you a sneak! You had me there!"
"I really came over to ask if you wanted to throw the old softball around."
"Sure, but first...," Janie went away and came back with her back of doom, "I think you need a little time with me first."
"Oh... $#¡+..."
"Have a seat," Janie pushed Amanda onto the sofa.
"I think I ought to be going now, Janie!"
"Nonsense!" Janie said, swiftly binding Amanda's wrists in a boxtie.
"Well, you kind of roped me into it," she deadpanned back.

Amanda found her ankles, knees, and thighs bound in addition to a nice tight breast harness.

"I think I'm staying a while longer."
"I think so!" Janie jammed a sock into Amanda's mouth.
"Mph!" she groaned as a knotted gray bandana held it in.
"Nice and quiet!"
"Mmmmmhhhmmmm!" was all that came after the strip of microfoam tape.
"Now, just for funsies!" Janie added a blue bandana blindfold to boot and a hogtie.
"B¡+©#!" came from the gag.
"Yes, I am that!"

Trent was laughing at the entire thing. He was laughing so much that he wasn't ready for Janie to jump him. Before he knew it, he was tied up just like Joyce was. Janie had them all to herself, captive, at just 9:30 AM.

Janie talked, and talked, and talked, and talked, and talked...


Meanwhile, in Minnesota, Joy was the victim of a simple TUG moment. She was tied up in as basic of a manner as possible, with her wrists bound by a yellow bandana, her ankles by purple, her thighs by brown, and a pink bandana cleave gag in her mouth. These were in tandem with her pink skirt, purple blouse, and brown kerchief bandana.

Naturally, Jenny was the only person available to make such a capture. Jenny was her typical self with red trainers, a brown tank top, and a solid pink bandana headband. Jenny held a huge grin on her face because this seemed so cheesy, but it was all for funsies. Jenny and Joy had decided to make this Jenny's intro for Philip by having a harmless "Oops I got mad and tied her up" to put on Facebook regular with the line "Phil, what do I do?"

"Thee ied ee up [She tied me up]!" Joy said into the camera.

Jenny shot a brief video of Joy laughing and struggling against her bonds. Both girls got a huge kick out of this. This tie was ridiculous. After filming, Jenny upped it a notch.

All bonds were replaced by rope, and wrist bonds, elbow bonds, a breast harness, and a waist rope were added. The gag remained unchanged except for two strips of red duct tape, and a new film was shot. Both were sent to their private FB group for posterity.

"ee ie ee uh [She tied me up]!" she said again for this film but more restricted by her upgraded gag.

They had a laugh and an awesome moment of friendship.


In Wisconsin, Bridget was enjoying her last day before she went back to Minnesota for the summer term required by her program. At the moment, she was, for once, not tied up! She had done all the tying this time!

Instead, she had tied up both of her sisters. Yes, even Erin was still in college as she strove toward her doctoral degree. Kristina was tied to an armchair, and Erin was on the floor. Kristina had a navy blue skirt and a white blouse with her blondish brownish hair in a long braid. Her hair, braided, came down to just above her waist. Erin wore black jeans and a pink button up shirt with her brown hair (which came halfway down her back) held by a white headband.

Kristina was tied TO THE chair. Her arms were tied to the arms and back as her wrists were roped and her elbows and shoulders were held by two brown and two pink bandanas. Her ankles and knees were roped to the legs. Belts at her waist and chest further pinned her. A sock and a black bandana silenced her well enough.

Erin, on the other hand, had it rough. She was bound at her wrists, below th
her elbows, above the elbows, at her ankles, at her shins, below her knees, above her knees, and below her hips. In addition, she had a total breast harness and a waist rope. A sock, a knotted blue bandana cleave gag, and a purple bandana OTM gag muffled her speech.

Bridget also had a long navy blue skirt (a purposely purchased match to Kristina's), a matching brighter blue short-sleeve flannel shirt, her shoulder length hair in a braid and white headband, and a pale blue bandana mask. She felt like a desperado version of Annie Oakley. Maybe she was.

"Thanks for the money and hostages Marshal Dillon," she said as she gazed at her victims.

Bridget sat on the sofa and took a tight hold of her older captive while they watched the other squirm. This was sisterhood at its finest.


Meanwhile, Nichole and Chris sat out looking at Lake Michigan. The beauty of the sight amazed her. No bondage was needed here to have a special as she held his arm and leaned on him. Nichole gave her husband a kiss on the cheek. She pulled his arm a little.

"Let's go jet skiing!"
"I thought you wanted to check out the downtown!"
"I do, but today is better for jet skiing!"
"Let's get ourselves together then."

Nichole shamelessly changed into her navy blue swimsuit in front of him. She realized what she had done and then connected it. She could never have done this or most anything else she did in front of her brothers. This realization made her see how special this relationship was.

She was as madly in love with him as she was the day she first knew it was meant to be. And he with her. Together, they walked down to the dock and pulled out the jet skis. What a day awaited them!


Alas, but Johanna wasn't alone after all. She couldn't be while being tied up as well as she was. She was bound at her knees, thighs, ankles, feet, elbows, and wrists with a breast harness while being suspended upside down from a rafter. A blue ball threaded with a handkerchief silenced her as the clock ticked toward the end of its 30 minute countdown of her suspension.

She had visited her friend Zoe Fredricks, and it was a good decision. She was having one of the most exhilarating TUGs of her life. She enjoyed most any TUG that didn't involve sexual acts.

Life is good with friends around.
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The 3rd Summer of Friendship - Sunday

Postby AlexUSA » Wed Oct 04, 2017 5:55 pm

Jenny and Joy were taking advantage of this last Sunday after church before their respective summer internships began.
Jenny was in her bedroom, playing computer games, while Joy helped via a second keyboard. The master gamer was clad in blue jeans, a brown tank top, and a camouflage kerchief bandana. On the other hand, Joy wore her church clothes still: a long brown skirt and a pink blouse with her hair in a brown headband.

Jenny got up to go to the bathroom, which was her big mistake. When she came back, Joy pounced, tackling Jenny onto a bed face first, muffling her after one "Hey!" Joy quickly boxtied Jenny's arms behind her back and gagged her with a blue ball threaded with a pink bandana.

Wait a minute?! Joy had brought those home with her?! Jenny moaned in surprise at this startling development while a tight breast harness was added to her bonds.

"Yeah, I brought a couple back for us to use!"

Joy pushed Jenny onto her rolling chair and bound her ankles and thighs before fastening her to the chair at her chest, waist, and thighs. Jenny kicked her legs, causing her chair to roll.

This would be a long TUG.


Nichole laughed to herself at Chris's naïvety. Did he really think this would work? He had "tied her up" by loosely tying her wrists behind her back with a rope and putting a yellow bandana, folded into a wide band, over her mouth as an OTM gag.

Nichole sat there in beige shorts, a teal shirt, and her beige bandana with the bluish/greenish flowers as a headband. She was pretending to be captured with fake mmphing and struggling.

"How goes the struggle?"
"I got you, didn't I?"
"Not even the slightest!" Nichole quickly dropped her bonds and talked despite being 'gagged.'
"Aw, dang it. It seemed too easy."
"Don't feel bad. I'll have Jenny give you some pointers."
"Sounds like a plan."
"Let's get some pizza instead and when we get back I can give you an easy one to do."
"Whatever you say, love."
"Yeah... love...," the word warmed her heart.


Bridget surveyed her quarters. It was going to be a long summer all by herself. At least she had a meteorology friend in her room to make the time pass by easier. A little bored, she went to get lunch.

Along the way, she encountered one of her other friends, a guy named Tommy who was ironically also from Madison and had twice been in the same Bible study as she was. As they talked throughout the walk and meal, she suddenly noticed, for the first time, that she always got a little awkward around him. As she studied his body, she knew she had a crush on him, but she didn't know how to tell him that.


Lauren basked in the sun in almost piece and quiet while Trent, Amanda, and Joyce quietly swam in the pool. Janie was nice and quiet, since she, wearing her red swimsuit, had been completely roped to the pool chair. Her arms were roped to the arms of the chair, her legs together and then to the folding flap, and her torso to the main frame. Joyce's ball gag kept her shut up.

Janie had given up on fighting it and had developed a system to say when she needed more sunscreen. She had her shades on like normal and had her hair in a bun. She knew her friends in the tundra would be laughing at her.

She was glad to start work on Monday.


Jenny kicked against her bonds continuously to find any advantage she could. Joy had enough and finally fastened Jenny's ankles to the center of the chair, ending the kicking. Jenny gave Joy a sarcastically sad look. Joy took of her captive's shoes and got... the hairbrush.

"Time for some fun!"
"Mmmph!" Jenny tried to pull her feet away.
"Here it comes!" Joy started on Jenny's feet.
"Mm hmhmhmhmhm!" Jenny laughed.
"I need to stop your movement."
"Mmph!" Jenny moaned as a black bandana blindfolded her.
"This is better!"

And away she tickled the time.


Upon returning, Nichole put on her black hoody. She got a couple ropes and bound her own knees and thighs, using a red bandana on her ankles. She put her hands behind her back and directed her husband.

She instructed him how to tape her wrists behind her back, tape her arms above and below her breasts and at her waist, to stuff a sock, cleave gag, and tape gag her, and blindfold her. He followed with impressive accuracy, getting Nichole nice and helpless. He also instructed him on how to use the emergency scissors and when to use them and what sign she'd use for help.

As Nichole squirmed on the floor, she enjoyed her first marital TUG, but it wasn't the same as being tied by her best friends.
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Re: The 3rd Summer of Friendship - Sunday

Postby hafnermg » Fri Oct 06, 2017 1:43 am

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I am loving watching these girls go through life! Please keep it up!

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Re: The 3rd Summer of Friendship - Sunday

Postby hafnermg » Thu Nov 30, 2017 6:21 pm

Hey haven't heard from yiu in a while. I hope you are ok. Can't wait for your next chapter!

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Re: The 3rd Summer of Friendship - Sunday

Postby hafnermg » Sat Dec 23, 2017 3:41 am

Still hop you are ok. And Happy Holidays!

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