Not What They Had in Mind: Sisters-- Finale

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Not What They Had in Mind: Sisters-- Finale

Postby AlexUSA » Fri Jun 12, 2015 5:42 pm

There were certain things in life that just never worked fairly. In this case, the parents are away until Monday (long weekend), and 14-year old Janie is left with her 15-year old brother, Trent, and their 17-year old sister, Lauren.

Janie let out a shout against her brother. They were in the upstairs bedroom Janie shared with Lauren. Janie was wearing red and white-accented athletic shorts and a red sleeveless shirt that had thin straps. A white headband and a blue pony held her hair back. She had on Converse shoes. Trent wore black shorts and a yellow school t-shirt with his black sneakers.

"Stop. It. Right. Now!!!" she screamed in fury.
"Cool off, sis!" he said.

Janie had rope binding her arms and elbows along with a breast harness. He was tying her legs, ankles, and thighs. Although Janie was a softball player, she couldn't beat her brother's strength.

"I have to shut you up."
"No you won't," she closed her mouth.
"Now!" he squeezed her nose.
"No!" she said.
"You can't hold out forever!"
"Mmmm! *gasp*" and the sock went in her mouth.

Trent tied a red bandana in her mouth and then put three strips of gray duct tape over it. He picked her up.

"We're going to the living room. Move!"
"Grrmmm!" she moaned as she complied.

As they left, Lauren, a softball teammate of Janie's as well, entered the room. She had on blue and white-accented athletic shorts, blue running shoes, a white t-shirt, and a blue bandana headband. As they passed, Lauren handed Trent a 20-dollar bill.

"Here ya go!"
"Thanks for the peace and quiet."
"Grrrrrrrr!" Janie screamed into her gag.

Trent laid her on her stomach as she screamed at him. With a pushz she slid down the carpeted staircase. Now she had rugburn on her chin, chest, and knees. And they had a game tomorrow morning!

When he got to the bottom, Trent picked her up and tossed her on the couch. He hogtied her and blindfolded her with a American flag bandana. She thrased about. It was too hot to be tied up! But then again, she had been tied only a few times before, although with similar efficiency, and it was Orlando, FL, where it is always hot, even in softball season!

"Grrrrrrr! Lll illlll uuuuuu!"
"Shut up!" he said turning on the Xbox.

Janie had three concerns: getting out of this, explaining the inevitable marks, and getting back at her siblings. To be nice, Lauren would have to wait until after they got home from the game, but Trent could be taken anytime. This wasn't the long weekend Janie had in mind.
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Re: Not What They Had in Mind: Revenge Begins

Postby AlexUSA » Sun Jun 21, 2015 5:24 pm

Janie could not believe this. Here she was, bound and gagged, with rugburn and rope burn, and a softball game tomorrow. She was in total darkness and unable to move much.

She tried to escape, but her crossed wrists were away from the knot. Her ankle bonds were touchable, but she couldn't find the knot. She tried to tug on the ropes, but it accomplished nothing. She rocked a little and found herself tipped on her side.

"Llllpp! Mmmmm!" she moaned.
"Be quiet already!" her brother Trent said.
"Nnn! Lllllpppp!" she insisted.
"Stow it!" Trent said yanking on her pony.
"Mmm! Ooowwwww! Llllll uuuuuuu!" she said in pain.
"Keep talking!" he said.
"Unnnhh," she moaned.

She stayed like this for an hour until her brother undid the hogtie and stood her up. He kneed her indicating she had to hop, blindly. She did so, hitting a door frame on the way as she was led to the kitchen. He pushed her into a chair and fastened her entire body to it.

Janie was a bit more comfy now she wasn't hogtied. Still, it was aggravating. Lauren pushed up the blindfold.

"Keeping quiet, smarty pants?" Lauren asked.
"Grrrr!" Janie responded as she squinted.

Janie hated that. She was a smart girl and thus already a freshman while her sister was a junior. Lauren always picked on Janie for it. Lauren tore the tape off; she then untied the bandana and tossed it on Janie's lap while Janie spat out the sock.

"Time to eat, twit," Lauren said.
"How am I going to eat?"
"Like this," Trent said releasing her good left arm while securing her right tighter.
"This is so rotten of you two."
"Yeah, but I don't have to hear you bragging about being bored because your homework is done. I can do mine in peace."

They ate in silence from there. Janie noted the burns on her left wrist and elbow. Trent would get it bad for this. After dinner, he gave her a pat on the back.

"Free yourself," he said.
"What? How?" she asked angrily.
"You have one hand. Use it."
"Thanks, jerkweed."

Janie slowly and tediously picked at her bonds. It took an hour to get free like that. When she was done, she coiled up all the rope and piled it on the chair. She put the soaked bandana and sock in the hamper. She took off the flag bandana and put it with the rope. Janie knew where tape was in her room. She took all the material and put it in her room under the covers while Lauren was showering.

Janie took stock of her wounds. There were rugburns on her chin, chest, stomach, and knees. There were rope burns on her arms, elbows, wrists, chest, knees, and ankles. Trent would be so ruined when she was done.

It was time for Revenge Part 1.

Now Janie had two friends, Amanda and Ashley, on the softball team. She texted to Amanda and Ashley what had happened. They weren't too surprised because this wasn't the first time. Nevertheless, Amanda agreed to come over the next morning and ride with Janie and Lauren to the game.

Meanwhile, it was getting late. Janie had flown through her HW, and it was now 11. Trent had just gone to bed, but Lauren was awake and watching TV downstairs. She stood, readjusted her hair, and took a deep breath.

Janie crept into Trent's room. She had a sock in her hand, roll of tape on her wrist, and roped and a bandana hanging out of her shorts. She approached Trent and jumped him. He was snoring and had a wide open mouth for the sock to go in, with him shirtless and wearing red boxer shorts.

"Mmmmmph!" he groaned.
"Shhhh!" Janie said with a finger over her lips. She tore off a strip of tape and put it over his mouth. She tore several more strips and did the same.
"Nnnh!" he resisted.
"Shush!" she whispered as she sat on his chest and temporarily tied his hands to the headboard. She tied his thighs, knees, and ankles.

Now that he was stuck, she undid his hands and crossed them behind his back. She added a chest harness and hogtied him. Finally, she blindfolded him with the American flag bandana he had used on her earlier. After tipping him on his side, she tucked his bed in around him.

Janie crawled around the room. She was looking for Trent's shorts. When she did so, she picked until she found the $20 bill. It was hers now. She went back to her room.

Janie looked at het body thoroughly after she had taken off her clothes. Lauren would be punished so badly tomorrow! She put on her pajamas and got in bed.

She texted Amanda from her bottom bunk even after Lauren came to bed around 12.

"How'd u like $20?"
"Cool. Wut?"
"Help me tie Lauren."
"LOL U serious?"
"Yes! She did this to me!"
"Come home with us tomorrow."
"LOL sounds like fun!"
"Great. Thanks!"
"No prob"

And Janie went to sleep. Tomorrow was a big day!
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Re: Not What They Had in Mind: Revenge Begins

Postby SelenaGfan » Mon Jun 22, 2015 1:42 am

Cool story of revenge.

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Re: Not What They Had in Mind: SOFTball

Postby AlexUSA » Tue Jun 23, 2015 6:04 pm

he next morning was like most softball Saturdays. Janie arose at 6:30 with Lauren, and they went downstairs together to eat breakfast. They surfed the web on their phones as they ate Mini-Wheats. As silly as it seemed, they enjoyed this similarity. As they finished eating, Lauren talked first.

"Where's bozo Trent?"
"I haven't seen him since last night."
"He must be sleeping in."
"Maybe," Janie said imagining his plight.

After breakfast, they went upstairs to their bedroom. Being sisters, they had no problem watching each other dress. Their uniform was hideous because their team was the "Athletics."

The uniform had green shoes with yellow soles. Their socks were yellow, but the pants were green. The shirt was yellow embossed with green lettering with sleeves going to the elbows. It was a typical softball uniform.

Janie was 5' 7", and Lauren was 5' 8". They both had similar appearance and brown hair. At a distance, they looked the same, causing announcers heartache. To differentiate, they differentiated their headpieces. Janie had her hair in a pony held by yellow ribbon with a green headband, whereas Lauren held a green ribbon for her pony and a yellow headband. To add to the pain, they deliberately did their faces the same before the game and were both switch hitters. However, Lauren was the catcher and Janie was shortstop.

They were getting their gear together when Amanda arrived. Janie answered the door.

"Hey, girl. Wuzzup?" Amanda asked.
"Brought reinforcements, eh?" Lauren asked, "Hey, Amanda."
"Hey Laur. Well, Janie?"
"C'mon," Janie said leading Amanda up the stairs and into Trent's room.

He was still tied up from the night before. He was trying to get out. Amanda let out a giggle, giving them away.

"Mmmph?!" he called out.
"Don't worry, bro; it's just Amanda."
"Mph," he relaxed.
"He's cuter when he's not like this," Amanda said.
"Traitor. Just cause you like him doesn't..."
"You weren't supposed to say that in front of him!"
"Come here," Janie said leading Amanda to the other bedroom.
"What do you want?"
"Look," she said showing her stomach, arms, chin, and chest.
"Holy crap! Trent did this?"
"I know, right? It's horrible."
"What's going on? Let's go!" Lauren called up.
"Early bird wants to leave. Let's go," Janie said. She ran in and gave Trent a start before they left.
"You two ready?" Lauren asked.
"Yeah!" Janie and Amanda said.

They got in Lauren's vehicle, a 93 Jeep, and went to the field. Along the way, they talked about the game. Secretly, however, Janie was planning revenge. They pulled into the school lot and Lauren parker the Jeep near the dugout entrance.

When they walked in, several girls, including Ashley, gasped at Janie's face. To them, she appeared to have been smacked around. But they had heard of the stories, and they all had met Trent at some point or another. When Janie told them what she did back, the girls laughed.

"You what?!" Lauren asked.
"I wiped him out last night," Janie said with spunk.
"That's where he was!"
"I taught him the ropes. Gotta problem with that?"
"No, but I should have expected that."
"And you know!" Janie warned.
"Eh, I know," Lauren shrugged.
"C'mon, Janie, let's forget about that," Ashley said pulling Janie away.
"Who really did this to you?" she asked pointing out the rope marks.
"I told you it was Trent!"
"Are you trying to protect your parents?"
"No, they aren't even home."
"Trent really did this to you?!"
"Heck yeah!"
"Wow! You really did that back then?"
"Yeah," Janie said with a nod.

When the game started, Janie was 2nd and Lauren 4th in the lineup. It was a good game as their team won 7-2. Janie was 1-2 with an HBP, and Lauren was 3-3 and got two of her 3 RBIs off Janie. Janie had another wound to add to her collection.

True to form, when Janie came up, the announcer called her "Lauren Patterson" and vice versa, leading to dirty looks from the siblings. Otherwise, it was a great game, and the girls went home dirty from the field but otherwise OK. All three even had dirt on their faces.

They were laughing and talking about the game as they walked in. Trent had gone to a friend's house. They were having so much fun they forgot to wash up. Amanda then set the tone.

"I need help with HW. Janie?"
"I'll get it. It's upstairs, right?"

Up there, Janie stuffed white rope, a sock, the roll of tape, and a couple bandanas in the bag. She stuffed one rope in her pants before returning. Lauren had her back to Janie as she entered and tossed the bag to Amanda, making a motion to wait.

"Lauren, it's so much more fun to come home from your hits," Janie said putting her hands on her sister's shoulders.
"Well, you never get to do it for me," Lauren said with a smile.
"Yeah, it's a lot of fun, and you being there makes it more special."
"Well we will have to go college together!"
"Sounds awesome, but for now..." Janie trailed off as she pulled out the rope with her left hand.
"For now what?"
"I want to enjoy life while it's easy," she said sliding her right hand down Lauren's arm.
"This!" Janie said pulling the rope around Lauren's wrists.
"Hey, now!" Lauren exclaimed as Amanda grabbed more rope and tied a breast harness.
"I'm not finished with my comeback!" Janie said.
"Hey, stop!" Lauren fought as a rope went from her wrists, through the chair, and around her waist.
"This is for yesterday!"
"C'mon, be a sport."
"I am!"
"Please, Janie, don't. I'm sorry Trent hurt you. That wasn't my intent."
"So what?" Janie said as she and Amanda tried to tie Lauren's legs.
"I only asked him to shut you up for a while, not kidnap you," Lauren said as she gave a 100% kick.
"Ow, stop it!" Amanda said as she roped up Lauren's ankles.
"Not until you stop!" Lauren yelled as Janie tied her thighs and knees.
"We're not done yet, sis!" Janie said as they then fastened Lauren's legs into the chair.
"Great job!" Amanda said as they high-fived each other.
"Please. Let me go. I'm sorry. Honest."
"Here you go Amanda," Janie said handing her friend the $20.
"Thanks for the Trent money!"
"That's Trent's?!"
"Yeah, I picked through his pants and took it last night."
"Are you gonna untie me now?" Lauren begged.
"C'mon, Amanda. Let's bring her into the living room."
"What?! Why?!" she panicked.
"HW is more comfortable in there," Janie said putting the chair down.
"Please let me go," Lauren tried again, "This is nasty."
"Not as bad as yesterday," Janie noted.
"Janie, I am really sorry."

Lauren was pitiful. She was fully tied to the chair. Her uniform was mudstained, and there was dirt on her arms and face too. The tears of remorse she was shedding made the dirt on her face turn to mud. Janie grabbed the sock.

"Open wide!"
"Don't! I'll be quiet."
"Yes you will," Amanda said pinching Lauren's nose to let the sock in.
"Now now," Janie said folding a green bandana and cleave gagging Lauren. She put four strips of gray ducttape over it.
"Do you have a blindfold?"
"Yes. I found this on the floor from yesterday," Janie said handing Amanda Lauren's blue bandana with which she then blinded Lauren.
"Teamwork!" Janie and Amanda high-fived each other.
"Wait til you see how ridiculous you look," Janie said photographing her sister to share the revenge story at Tuesday's practice.
"Rrkkk!" Lauren groaned.

They washed up their faces, changed out of their uniforms, and went to work on Amanda's HW.

But that's not the end of this story.
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Re: Not What They Had in Mind: SOFTball

Postby Ryguy98 » Tue Jun 23, 2015 6:30 pm

Awesome story! REally enjoyed the revenge plot by the girls :)

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Re: Not What They Had in Mind: Sisters

Postby AlexUSA » Thu Jun 25, 2015 5:40 pm

Janie and Amanda worked diligently on the HW. With Janie's help, it went quickly. Amanda had on a black t-shirt and blue jean shorts with flip flops. Janie had on a blue sleeveless like she wore the day before with matching blue athletic shorts with white stripes, white headband, and blue pony because she and Lauren would go jogging that evening as they always did.

Lauren sat still the entire time, but she moaned every so often. She felt terrible about the events of the last 24 hours. Janie walked over to her dirty bound sister. She untied the blindfold amd stared at Lauren.

"Lauren?" Janie asked softly.
"Mmm?" she squinted. She had obviously been crying.
"Look at me."
"Mmm?" Lauren asked dejectedly unable to make eye contact.
"Lauren, you really do feel bad, don't you? Your face is wet with tears."
"Mmm," she shrugged still looking away.
"C'mon," Janie said pulling off the tape.
"Hhnn?" Lauren asked confused.
"Hold on," Janie said unknotting the bandana, and Lauren spit the sock out.
"What are you doing?"
"Releasing you, because you are really sorry."
"But I told Trent to do it!"
"So? C'mon and let me do this."
"Don't. I deserve this."
"Then I am as bad as you. Look, make me an offer."
"I can't. That was really mean of me," Lauren said looking down.
"Lauren, you are my sister, and I forgive you."
"Make me stay an hour. Rub it in and do something I like."
"Look, I am going to give you a little slack so you can escape rather quickly."
"You can't!"
"I am. It leaves you here a while and gives us a compromise."
"Really? You'd do that?"
"Really. You're genuinely sorry, so I can't ignore that."
"Thanks. You're an awesome little sister. Let's go to college together and wreak havoc," Lauren said smiling now.
"That's always been the plan. Now shut up," Janie said sternly as she cleave gagged Lauren with the green bandana and re-blindfolded her.
"Are you nuts?" Amanda asked.
"I am not stooping to that level."
"C'mon, Janie. Don't be a chump. She isn't sorry."
"Did you see her eyes? Those were the eyes of sibling love."
"You are being a fool."
"Amanda, just you wait. Now let's finish this last problem."

When it was done, Janie and Amanda decided to play Lauren's favorite video game, Super Smash Bros. As they were playing, Trent came home.

"Crap," he said coming in and seeing Lauren.
"Nah, it's cool," Janie assured.
"Sit down," Lauren said through the cloth.
"What happened?" Trent asked.
"My team won the softball game and the tieup game. Now take a controller and join in."
"Cool. All right!" Trent said.
"I was right about him," Amanda said with a smile.

It took 15 more minutes for Lauren to get herself free. She was upbeat as she did so. When she did get free, she washed her face and sat down, leaving the mess behind. She stretched for 5 minutes and then grabbed a controller.

"Let's be teammates," Lauren said poking Janie in the elbow.
"Yeah, let's kick some butt!"
"All right. Let's do it!"

For the next hour, they did wreak havoc, winning most every battle through teamwork. They high-fived each other frequently until finally Trent put down the controller, shaking his head.

"You two," he said with a grin.
"We're awesome. We know," Lauren said smiling.
"Lauren, it's time for some more teamwork," Janie said.
"Whatcha mean?"
"I made a promise to Amanda earlier."
"Getting her for calling you a liar," she said twirling rope in her hand.
"Oh, yeah," Lauren said with a smile.
"Not me!" Amanda said, her eyes wide.
"Who else is Amanda here?" Janie asked.
"It was a mistake. You meant Ashley."
"Ashley ain't here," Lauren said standing up tall with a rope looped.
"Hold still, and it will go painlessly," Janie said as they closed in.
"Back off," Amanda said with a bit of fright while Trent laughed at her.
"Stop moving," Janie said as they pushed into a corner of the living room.
"Trent. Help!"
"No, this is too good!"
"Jerk weed!"
"Go!" Lauren said.
"Stop it!" Amanda said two ropes tied her wrists behind her and her ankles.
"Gotcha!" Janie said as they crashed onto the wood floor.
"Get off me!" she resisted as a breast harness was added and her thighs and ankles were bound.
"We have you!" Lauren said.
"Who's a liar again?" Janie reminded.
"Stop, you both!" Amanda yelled as they tied her elbows and added a waist rope to pin her wrists to her back.
"C'mon. This is our game, our rules, and our house."
"Get ready," Lauren said wadding up her blue bandana.
"What are you doing?"
"Keeping the peace," Janie said putting an arm around her bound friend.
"Like this," Janie said squeezzing Amanda's nose.
"No! Stop! I didn't mean to insult you, Lauren!"
"Yeah you did. Shove it!" Lauren said stuffing the bandana in.
"Mmmph! C'mon!" she said muffled as Trent handed Janie duct tape.
"Now now," Janie said wrapping the tape around Amanda's head.
"Mmmmm! Rrr," Amanda stopped fighting knowing she deserved it.
"Sweet!" Trent said looking at Amanda.
"Mm rrhhh!"
"You're forgiven, but hang tight for a while," Lauren reassured.
"This'll hold you," Janie said having gone up stairs.
"Nnn!" Amanda moaned as the American flag bandana blinded her.
"Shut up. You got paid for this!" Janie rebuked.
"Now what?" Lauren asked.
"Trent?" Janie asked sinisterly.
"Crud!" Trent said.

Ten minutes later, Trent was bound identically to Amanda. He was gagged likewise but with a clean sock instead. Janie went upstairs to get a clean black bandana to blindfold him with. The sisters high-fived each other.

"Let's go for a jog. Get dressed."
"I'm having so much fun I forgot I am still in my uniform!"

Lauren returned with her Carolina blue athletic shorts, a white t-shirt, and a matching Carolina blue headband.

"You two be good, and we'll be back in a bit!"
"Mmm!" one yelled at them.
"Bye," and they left.

They jogged in silence for a while before Lauren said something.

"Janie, thanks."
"For what?"
"For being you."
"How so."
"We look alike and work well together."
"If I were in your spot, I would have left myself tied up."
"But we're different."
"Right. I guess my point is..."
"Thanks for being you. I wouldn't have you any other way."
"Lauren, thanks. This weekend has been weird. It wasn't what we had in mind when Mom and Dad said they were going away."
"This is true. But it was a heck of a lot of fun," Lauren said stopping.
"You're the best," Janie said as she put her arm around her sister.
"I know it!" Lauren said with the biggest.
"Best big sister ever!"
"Best little sis ever!"

They bumped fists and started jogging again. It was an awesome weekend of sibling love.
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Re: Not What They Had in Mind: Sisters-- Finale

Postby Shanyalovestape » Thu Jun 25, 2015 7:35 pm

Very entertaining story Alex :)
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