Jack's Story (updated 01/22/2018 Ch. 47 p3)

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Re: Jack's Story (updated 12/01/2017 Ch. 46 p1)

Postby Jayjayjay » Sat Dec 02, 2017 7:49 am

Fantastic part 1 (:

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Re: Jack's Story (updated 12/01/2017 Ch. 46 p1)

Postby Shadesflirty » Sat Dec 02, 2017 8:54 am

Jayjayjay wrote:Fantastic part 1 (:

Agreed. I’m just not sure if I’m hoping Jack can find a morphsuit or something to cover all of his skin so he can make a ‘safe’ getaway or not..

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Re: Jack's Story (updated 12/01/2017 Ch. 46 p1)

Postby volatiledesire » Tue Dec 05, 2017 3:08 pm

I'm making an earnest effort to keep the chapters shorter since it allows me to post more often. The unfortunate side effect is that sometimes we don't get to the fun stuff :).

If you've been with me this far, you know I'm good for it. Enjoy part 2.

All the best.

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Re: Jack's Story (updated 12/01/2017 Ch. 46 p1)

Postby volatiledesire » Tue Dec 05, 2017 3:08 pm

Chapter 46 - Polly's Party p2

I'm a clever guy. Not to brag, but facts is facts. This situation however was threatening to get the best of me. It was obvious from my quick glance out the window that avoiding the touch of the half dozen of Polly's friends who staked out the front of the office building would be impossible. Which meant I had to find an alternate way. The windows on the building did open but my own office was way too high, besides a crazy guy dangling from the side of the building might catch unwanted attention.

I took the stairs to the lower floor and began to search the halls hoping for an office that was open and vacant so I could sneak out the window. No such luck. However one office door was open since the occupant had yet to leave. The brass name plate read April Dawson. This was my only chance so I knocked. "Mrs. Dawson?" I said from the hallway.

"Yes? And it's miss not misses." The hidden voice responded.

I stepped through the door into a large office with an L-shaped desk facing the door. Miss Dawson turned away from a computer screen covered with the characteristic grid of a spreadsheet. She pulled a pair of glasses from her face as she turned to reveal intelligent brown eyes in the center of a lovely, if older, face framed by brunette curly locks plated into a long braid that ended midway down her back. Her professional attire consisted of a flowered blouse and black skirt along with a pair of heels that were resting neatly beside her black stocking feet. "Hello." I said tentatively as my eyes found hers. "I'm..."

"Jack, right?" She asked.

I nodded a bit surprised.

"You're the whiz kid who works upstairs at Craddock?" She continued.

"Uh, yes that's right. How..." I began.

"Everybody knows about you Jack." She said so quickly I had to concentrate to understand her words. "I know Lisa McGentry and she speaks highly of you."

"I..." I started again.

"Of course, I suppose she would after that business with her ex." She continued barely pausing for breath.

I was genuinely surprised I was known to her and I let my mind slowly filter the news giving Miss Dawson ample time to fill the gaps in conversation.

"Roger Anderson calls you the whiz kid, that's why I said that. Do you know Roger?"

Mr. Anderson worked in accounting and I nodded slowly.

"I'm rambling." She glanced at the clock. "And my goodness it's time to go. What can I do for you?"

Her foot tapped absently as if my two second delay in response was making her impatient. "I need a favor."

"For Lisa?" She responded.

"Know a personal favor, Miss Dawson." I answered.

The change was subtle but undeniable. A sparkle kindled in her eyes and her lips turned slightly upward in amusement. "Please, call me April."

"Ok April." I always found it difficult to call older women by their first names but Lisa and others had insisted so I was getting used to it.

"What can I do for you?" April's foot no longer tapped impatiently and she leaned forward in her chair as if relishing the subtle shift in the dynamic of the conversation. I could see the wheels of her mind anticipating and calculating any possible advantage.

"Well, I would like to use your window."

Confusion replaced eagerness and she slipped the earpiece of her glasses between her lips chewing them absently as she looked at her lone office window. "My window, for what?"

"I would like to crawl out of it." I said softly trying my best to sound sane.

April's mouth twisted in obvious puzzlement and she was speechless for the space of ten heartbeats. Finally she turned back to me and leaned back in her chair. "Have a seat Jack and tell me the story."

I sighed hoping to avoid this but took the offered chair.

I struggled to find words that would explain my predicament. "No lies, Jack. I'll be checking with Lisa." April said watching me closely.

I eventually settled on the truth, since I could not hope to spin a believable tale in my current state of mind. "My girlfriend's birthday party is today." I began.

"That's Lisa's daughter right?" April added.

"Yes, Polly."

April gestured with her glasses for me to continue.

"She thought up a party game that involves her guests capturing me."

April giggled. "Capturing you, like with nets?"

"No need for nets, there are rules. They only need to touch me and I'm required to follow their instructions."

"Interesting, that sounds like fun." April smiled. "For the girls."

I nodded. "Anyway, they have the exits to this building covered and I need a way out. You have the only open office on the lower floor."

April again leaned back and looked from her window and then back to me. "What happens if they catch you?"

I could not keep the stricken look from my face and April would have been blind to miss it. "I'd rather not say."

April smiled and I could have sworn her canines began to lengthen. "If you want to use my window you’re going to have to tell me."

I hung my head. "May I use your computer?"

April nodded sliding the keyboard closer. I quickly found image search and typed in 'Sushi Girl' and hit enter. April stared at the screen and then her eyes shifted to me and then back to the screen several times. "You're kidding?"

I said nothing, there was no need.

"You agreed to this?"

"It's complicated, but yes." I answered quietly.

April stared at the screen and tapped her lips with one finger. "Alright Jack you can use my window, but..."

Of course there was a 'but', there was always a 'but'. In the space of time it took April to continue her statement I examined the woman with fresh eyes and noticed tell-tale signs that were becoming familiar. Behind the obvious amusement and curiosity there were hints of excitement and desire. Her gaze was more intense than any casual encounter and she crossed and uncrossed her legs more than seemed necessary. I held up my hands to refuse any of her requests as she opened her mouth to speak.

"I would like Polly's phone number." April said.

This was not what I expected. I assumed something more intimate and embarrassing so it took a couple of moments for me to respond. "Polly's number?"

April nodded.


April shrugged. "I think it's only fair that if I help you, I also help out Polly a bit. I really don't want to get on Lisa's daughter's bad side."

"Polly doesn't have a bad side." I whispered.

April laughed. "Of course not. So we have a deal." She grabbed a pen and a pad of sticky notes.

I pulled out my phone and showed her Polly's number. She quickly jotted it down and held out her arm toward the window. “It’s open.”

"Give me a few minutes please." I asked.

"Sure, but don't dawdle. See you soon." April smiled and I caught the familiar gaze of a woman who was intrigued with me. The same look I had discovered on Selena or Nora and even Maria, Ollie's Mom.

I exited the building through the window and ducked behind the landscaping taking a few moments to look around. It was nearly six o'clock and I had two or three more hours of daylight. I heard a click and turned around to see April waving her cellphone while she lowered the blinds on the now locked window. Summoning my courage I sprinted through the parking lot toward the low wall that separated the grounds of the office building from the adjacent residential neighborhood. No shouts of alarm followed my mad dash and I climbed the wall falling into a narrow strip of common land between the commercial and residential zones used for a bike path. I rested my back against the low wall and listened but heard nothing by way of pursuit.

"Now what?" I whispered to the air. My shoes and pants were scuffed from my ascent of the wall and I realized I should prepare for a long evening outside since my house was undoubtedly being watched. "Clothes and food." A large super store sat at opposite corner of the same block as the office. A trek through the neighborhood would be the quickest and safest way to go. I set off immediately.

I probably looked suspicious walking along a bike path in business casual clothes while constantly looking over my shoulder, but I did not care what strangers thought. I kept a healthy distance from approaching bikers and joggers for fear they were member's of Polly's posse, but I was never given more than a curious glance.

I approached the store from the backside near the massive loading dock. No one had approached since escaping my office and I hoped my stroke of luck with April had put me beyond the party-goer's reach. The city we lived in was large enough to make finding one person almost impossible, perhaps not a needle in a haystack, but close.

Once inside the store I moved toward the men's clothes hoping to find some cheap sweatpants. I found a black pair and started toward the shoe aisle when a cool hand pressed down onto my neck. "Got you, Jack."

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Re: Jack's Story (updated 12/05/2017 Ch. 46 p2)

Postby thefloss » Mon Dec 11, 2017 5:05 pm

Wooooo!!! I can't wait to see what happens next. I still check back every day :D.

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Re: Jack's Story (updated 12/05/2017 Ch. 46 p2)

Postby Shadesflirty » Mon Dec 11, 2017 6:20 pm

thefloss wrote:Wooooo!!! I can't wait to see what happens next. I still check back every day :D.

Me too!

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Re: Jack's Story (updated 12/05/2017 Ch. 46 p2)

Postby canuck100 » Mon Dec 11, 2017 7:16 pm

Still fun to read, even after all these chapters. 2 thumbs up!

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Re: Jack's Story (updated 12/05/2017 Ch. 46 p2)

Postby volatiledesire » Tue Dec 12, 2017 1:26 pm

thefloss wrote:Wooooo!!! I can't wait to see what happens next. I still check back every day :D.
Shadesflirty wrote:Me too!
canuck100 wrote:Still fun to read, even after all these chapters. 2 thumbs up!

Thanks folks, I really appreciate the comments. Here's the next part.

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Jack's Story - Chapter 46 - Polly's Party p3

Postby volatiledesire » Tue Dec 12, 2017 1:27 pm

Chapter 46 - Polly's Party p3

I jerked at the voice but the hand on my neck kept pace with my movement. Selena Bates' smile greeted me before my mind could process her identity. She wore black capris leggings and a close fit tank top, perhaps she had been exercising but these days such attire was suitable for many occasions. "It's my lucky day." She said flipping her long braided locks over one shoulder.

"How?" I was too stunned for complex speech.

"I'm pretty clever too, have you forgotten my profession?" Selena smiled. "I guessed you would head for the nearest clothing store if you managed an escape from the office building. All the other girls were convinced there would be a glorious chase through the parking lot. I thought you might escape unnoticed. Looks like I was right." Selena's hand slipped from my neck into my hand. She intertwined her fingers with my own and used her other hand to pull the black sweat pants from my arms tossing them back onto the shelf. "Come with me."

The grip she maintained on my hand proved she was well aware of the rules of the game. I followed mutely my fear blinding me even to the white tiles I walked upon. Instead my eyes saw images of laughing women eating sushi off my near-naked body. I wanted to say something, to pull away and damn the consequences but I knew Polly would be upset. The whole situation seemed odd in the light of Polly's newly inflamed jealousy. How could she risk such a thing? Perhaps she never expected me to be caught and now that I had, what would she do? I could feel her disappointment already.

At Selena's car, she unlocked the passenger side door. "You drive. Crawl in from this side, I won't be letting you go."

I shook my head at her prudent paranoia, as I already planned to find my escape while she was busy controlling her car. "You've thought of everything." I sighed.

Selena smiled and slid her hand from my fingers to my back under my shirt as I buckled my seat belt. "I'm taking no chances."

I pulled out of the parking lot and indicated a left turn toward Polly's house. "No," Selena ordered. "Turn right."

"Polly's house..."

Selena interrupted. "We aren't going there first."

I looked sharply at Selena who presented me with a vicious smile of triumph. "Long have I desired one of your massages, Jack. I mean to have one."

"You can't. Polly will not..."

Again Selena interrupted. "She was fine with it before, she will be fine again. I'm sorry Jack, there is just no one out there like you. I've looked. I've been to countless massage therapists and none of them are even close. There is some magic in your fingers, maybe it was the blindfold. I even asked one masseuse to try that but she refused."

I glanced at her quickly to see if she mocked me but her intense gaze lent a measure of credence to her words. I thought back to the time weeks ago when Polly convinced me to be Selena's masseuse, the memory of soft fabrics dancing across my knees while my oiled hands rubbed her soft skin flashed before my eyes.

"Polly will understand, just like she did last time." Selena said with confident finality.

"Things have changed." I said remembering Polly's vehement words toward Nora at the salon just a few days previous.

"I know," Selena smiled. "It's a pity I gave her your uniform. I still have the mask though."

Selena never took her hand from my skin the entire trip to her house. Not after pulling into her driveway nor after entering her home did she chance pulling her hand away. She walked me immediately back to the room where the padded massage table still dominated the space. "It's not practical for me to hold your hand the entire time so I'm going to have to make sure you don't run off. Take off your shirt."

I looked sharply at the older woman. "Selena, this is a bad idea."

"No it isn't, take off your shirt. I'm still touching you." Her hand was pressed into the small of my back.

I pulled the shirt off and handed it to her. She tossed it out of the room.

"Now the pants and shoes." Selena said flatly.

"I will not be naked in front of you." I said sternly.

Selena stuck out her tongue at me. "I know, you silly boy. Once your pants are off I'll go find you some appropriate clothing. I figure you won't go dashing away in just your underwear."

"I'm telling you Selena, this will not go well with Polly." I warned again.

"I can handle Polly." Selena said as she finally let go of my body. "You just get ready to give me a proper massage."

Selena closed the door taking all my clothes except for my underwear. I had to give Selena some credit though, I would not be running away barefoot and nearly naked. I looked around the room for means of escape. The window would open but I needed something to wear. There were towels and sheets in the various cupboards on the walls but I really needed shoes if I intended to go far and I could never enter shoe stores wearing nothing but a sheet.

"I am so screwed." I whispered before noticing an old duffel bag lying on the floor near the door. It was old and worn which offered hope that it was used often. I unzipped the bag and upended the contents. A pair of blue sneakers trimmed with neon pink fell onto the floor. They were obviously women's shoes but beggars cannot be choosers. Two piles of black material fell out next to the shoes. One was a pair of running tights, again for a woman since they had decorative nylon panels along the calves with a pattern of pink and white along the hips. Thankfully the drawstring categorized them more as pants than leggings which I was grateful for as I quickly pulled them up my bare legs.

The other black pile was a half-zip up shirt made of a tech-material that was tight around the arms and had loops for my thumbs but it was large enough to not be as form fitting as the leggings and long enough to cover most of the pink color around the waistband of the tights.

The shoes fit me, though barely. My small feet could wear any of Polly's shoes but Selena's were a little large. I tied the laces firmly to keep them secure and quickly opened the window. The screen was stubborn and the noise caused by pushing it free from the frame brought Selena rushing back to the room just as my feet hit the ground. "No! Jack please!" I heard her from inside the house but I was already running across the neighborhood toward the wooded jogging path that would keep me out of sight of any cars. I never looked back.

The sun was still out but riding lower in the sky and I reduced my pace to that of a jog to disguise my flight as casual exercise to the neighbors. My mind never slowed, working furiously to think of a place I would be safe from discovery. The dappled light pouring through the green canopy reminded me of a simpler time. The days of my youth when Ollie and I would play army in the wooded area behind his house. I remembered the hidden forts we found in the closely grown trees and bushes and the thought brought a smile to my lips. I quickly adjusted my course and made for Ollie's house. I just needed to get in his backyard for a few minutes.

Less than an hour later with the pink and orange hues of the sunset still coloring the western sky I saw the back fence of Ollie's house. Peering in through a knot hole and saw nothing moving either in the backyard nor the house. The rarely locked gate opened at a touch and I moved to the small shed in the back yard. The camping supplies Ollie and I often borrowed during our youthful excursions were still stored there. I grabbed a lamp, a plastic tarp, and some blankets and then quickly left the shed and the Evan's family backyard. I felt some guilt about taking the equipment but I had no intention of keeping it beyond this evening.

I darted into the trees that filled the area behind Ollie's house and let my distant memories of childhood games guide me through the overgrown brush. I finally came upon twin pine trees growing on a slight incline, between them a wide cedar bush spread out between the straight trunks. A familiar dark spot at the base of the tangle marked the woody tunnel that led to an opening beneath the dense evergreen limbs where lack of sunlight created an open space. I lit the lamp and began to crawl through the prickly tunnel of branches.

"I remember this being bigger." I whispered to the branches but a small metal box filled with two shiny rocks and a railroad spike proved it was the same. "Our treasures." As kids, Ollie and I had hidden the box in our "fort" knowing that imaginary villains coveted the precious stones.

Spreading out the tarp and blanket I settled in for the night not planning to leave until morning light filtered through the branches. A wind picked up at some point and the night sounds of crickets and hooting owls were buried under the rasping of wind through the leaves. The air became cooler and I retreated beneath the lone blanket and soon fell fast asleep.

I had no idea how long I slept but sudden warmth on my ankle pulled at my awareness. I jerked the leg and the firm grip forced my eyes open. My mind took a few seconds to understand that I was looking at Ollie and he was not letting go of my leg. Memory rushed in and Ollie's behavior became clear, he knew the rules.

I sat up and cocked my head, his sad eyes shadowed by the amber light from the lantern. "Et tu, Brute?"

Ollie grimaced as if physically slapped. "I had no choice, Jack. I’m sorry."

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Re: Jack's Story (updated 12/12/2017 Ch. 46 p3)

Postby Shadesflirty » Tue Dec 12, 2017 3:16 pm

Again, this is mind blowing fiction. It feels like Jack is doing a bit of a lap of honour through his past, showing us and himself how much he’s grown whilst you give a respectful nod to times passed. I reckon we’re shaping up for something huge and can’t thank you enough for all the joy and surprises.

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Jack's Story - Chapter 46 - Polly's Party p4

Postby volatiledesire » Wed Dec 20, 2017 11:02 am

Here is the final part of Chapter 46. It is as long as the first three parts combined. I am curious if you think I should continue my efforts to keep the posts shorter or just forget about that and post longer chapters. Let me know.

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Jack's Story - Chapter 46 - Polly's Party p4

Postby volatiledesire » Wed Dec 20, 2017 11:04 am

Chapter 46 - Polly's Party p4

"Do you have any idea what is going to happen if you take me back there?" I asked Ollie as he pulled himself further into the small prickly space.

He looked around and saw the small box with the shiny rocks. The brief smile blossomed from his memory but was soon replaced by a deeper frown. "Kristy, she promised..."

"What? What could she possibly offer you." I interrupted letting the volume of my voice necessitated by the wind rise even higher. "They are going to strip me and cover me with sushi."

Ollie still holding my ankle turned on me. "So?" His anger matching my own. "How many months ago would you have given your right arm to be surrounded by beautiful women whose attentions were all on you? They all think you are the sexiest god damned thing alive." Ollie was yelling now.

"It's still embarrassing." I said quietly, stunned by both the anger and the truth of his words. "What did Kristy promise you?"

He smiled despite his anger. "Something worth selling out my best friend."

"You are..." I began but stopped as my mind caught up with what I was about to say.

Ollie looked through the tangle of his blond hair covering his eyes. "What?"

"I never thought the scrawniest kid in school would ever be in this situation." I answered. "It was always you with the girls."

Ollie shrugged. "Things change, but I have Kristy now. And she is more than enough."

We sat for long minutes absorbed in our own thoughts. "Polly is going to kill you."

Ollie scowled. "Why?"

"She's found a protective streak and she did not expect me to get caught." I answered.

Ollie shook his head and a small light of understanding flickered in his eyes. "Oh now it makes sense."

"What makes sense?" I said.

"Kristy said her friends were furious you had escaped at from the office but Polly seemed happy. We chalked it up to pride over your cleverness, especially after the phone call from that woman that helped you escape."

I nodded remembering April Dawson though it seemed a lifetime ago.

Ollie shook himself and looked me over noticing my attire. "What's with the clothes?"

"You weren't the first to catch me." I answered.

Ollie's eyes widened. "Who?"

"Selena Bates."

Ollie sat back nearly letting go of my ankle. "She was at the party when I left but was hanging out with the adults on the deck while most of the other girls were hanging out near the hot tub and pool."

"Did she tell anyone what happened?"

Ollie shrugged. "Don't know, but I doubt it. What happened?"

I shook my head. "Later." I had still not given up on avoiding my fate and began to search for weaknesses in Ollie's plan. "How are we getting out of here?"

Ollie pulled a backpack off one shoulder. He dug inside and pulled out a pair of shiny silver handcuffs and tossed them on the ground near my hands.

"No way." I jerked away from the hinged cuffs.

"Do it. I know how smart you are. I'm not taking any chances. I don't even have the key. Kristy does."

I felt blood drain from my face and I felt light headed. "Ollie, please..."

Ollie held up a hand. "Save it Jack. It won't work. Put them on behind your back."

I pounded my fist into the dirt. "Damn it. I was so close. I didn't know you were at the party. I would have done something different."

Ollie shrugged. "I wasn't, Kristy called me later. Put them on." All sympathy vanished from his voice.

I picked up the cuffs and adjusted the sleeves of Selena's shirt slipping my thumbs through the provided holes to protect my skin. Ollie watched carefully as I ratcheted the first cuff over my wrist. "Another click." Ollie said rubbing his fingers on my bare ankle to emphasize his knowledge of the rules.

I clicked it once more before putting my hands behind me using pressure against my back to close the cuf, only then did Ollie move his hand to my shoulder. He checked my wrists and then pulled some rope out of his bag. "Knees together Jack."

"You've got to be kidding." I said.

"Take it as a complement. I'm not taking any chances." Ollie wrapped the rope above my knees and cinched the bonds leaving a long lead which he wrapped around his hand and gave a brief tug. "Let's go."

It was challenging getting out of the woody fort with my hands bound but at least the tunnel was down hill allowing me to slide most of the way aided by Selena's slick tights. Once outside Ollie pulled me to my feet and then led the way toward his house holding the rope that connected to my bound knees in his hand. "Ollie, I can barely walk."

"That's the point, we are in no rush." He answered.

"What did I ever do to you?" I asked.

"Hooking up with Kristy was your idea." Ollie answered.

"Was not. I just thought you should go for it." I said remembering the small role I played in the couple's relationship.

Ollie shrugged and waited as I stumbled around a large rock. The difficult terrain was bad before at twilight but now in the deep gloom of full night it was dangerous. "We are nearly at my house."

Minutes later we passed through the gate into his backyard. He led me around the house to a car sitting in his driveway. At the sight of the car I pulled against the rope my body refusing to accept what was about to happen. Ollie turned. "What's wrong."

"I can't." I felt like a lamb being led to slaughter.

Ollie gave the rope a sharp tug. "Too late for that Jack. Come on."

I waddled forward feeling utterly defeated and Ollie helped me into the back seat buckling my seat belt around me. The car ride passed in a blur of fear with sweat sliding down my back and blood pounding in my ears. Ollie parked several yards away due to the number of cars on the street surrounding Polly's house. "Please release my knees."

"No way, I'm not losing you when I'm this close. I'm sure Polly will let you go."

I did not think it likely.

Loud bass thumped from Polly's backyard and the sounds of laughter could be heard despite the wind and music. When Ollie tugged me passed the threshold of the fence I could not look up from the study of Selena's brightly colored shoes. The general din of voices changed quickly from laughter to hushed whispers as I walked toward the decking surrounding the pool. The music was suddenly switched off and a profound quiet descended leaving only the wind in the trees.

Surprised by the silence I raised my head. Familiar faces watched me from the pool and hottub. The adults, all members of the Mom's club, gathered around the wrought iron table on the deck were turned my way. My Mom had both her hands over her mouth while her friends; Maria, Lisa, and Kate stood slowly from their chairs to get a better view. I spotted Selena in the background her face an unreadable mix of emotions I could not decipher in the dim light of the two dozen mosquito-repelling tiki torches scattered around the yard.

Polly's face eluded my sight until I spotted her on the stairs leading to the house where she held two jugs of red liquid likely destined for a refreshment table. She wore a short green and white dress with narrow straps that displayed the tighter straps of a swimsuit beneath.

The stillness was broken by a form rising out of the bubbling heat of the hottub taking my attention away from Polly's alluring form. Despite the damp hair plastered to her back the girl's eyes were glued to Ollie's face proving her identity. As Kristy approached, she wrapped a semi-transparent swim-cover over an elegant, black two-piece swimsuit. "You did it Ollie." The words seemed to release the tension and Polly handed the two bottles she carried to another guest before running toward me.

"I did." Ollie said softly as Kristy reached us. "Get your things together we are leaving."

Kristy feigned a pout. "So soon?"

Ollie cocked his head in faux anger. "And don't forget to give Polly the handcuff key."

Kristy leaned forward and only I was close enough to hear her response. "Yes, Master."

In that instant I forgave Ollie. If I were in his shoes I would have done the exact same thing. "Have fun Ollie." I whispered.

Ollie flashed me a smile and handed the knee-leash to Polly. I recognized the straps of Polly's dark green one-piece swimsuit beneath the floral sun dress and my hands itched to slide across her bare shoulders. Both amusement and concern flashed in Polly's eyes as she looked at the rope-leash in her hand giving it a quick tug. "Please, Polly don't make me..."

Polly's fingers rose quickly and covered my lips. "I never intended to. Though I do intend to have you privately. Sushi-boy was just a ploy to motivate you into action. I figured you would just walk outside and ruin my game if you knew the true prize for your capture. " Polly said clearly curious about my attire.

"Which is?" I asked.

"You'll see, nothing bad. Now what's with the tights, girl tights unless I miss my guess?"

Kristi walked by at that moment holding Ollie's hand. "Thanks for a great party, Polly. Here's the key." Kristy put a small object into Polly's hand which quickly disappeared into a pocket of her thin dress. Polly turned away from the departing Kristy and back to me. "So?"

I glanced up to the deck to where I'd last seen Selena and then looked back into Polly's suddenly curious eyes. "I was caught twice tonight."

Polly's eyes widened and as other party-goers started to move in closer to overhear our conversation. This last revelation caused Polly to carefully pull me closer to the gate I had just entered. "Twice, by who?"


Polly's eyes slipped to my obviously feminine clothing and then back to mine, her mind was busily working to put pieces together. "I don't understand."

"She caught me when I was buying clothes at the store. Instead of bringing me here she took me to her house."

"Her house, why?" Polly said.

I knew if I delayed my answer Polly's mind would put together the details as she was familiar with Selena. "She wanted another massage."

I could see Polly's anger building blood flushing her cheeks. "How did you escape?"

"She had me strip to my underwear and then left the room to find me some embarrassing costume. She rightly assumed I could not leave her house naked but I found this outfit stashed in a duffel bag and jumped out the window after getting dressed."

Polly shook her head all amusement gone from her eyes. "That woman needs a smack."

I remained silent knowing that any words might be construed as defense of Selena's behavior.

"She wanted your hands all over her body." Polly turned abruptly tugging on the leash forcing me to penguin walk after her. She stopped by the pool near the center of the backyard. "Friends. Family. As you can see Jack has been caught." She held out her hand to me.

A brief cheer and applause rose from the small crowd. I returned to the intense study of my shoes.

"Unfortunately, Jack was caught by Ollie who has left with Kristy. Therefore the prize goes to Becca, Ollie's sister."

I caught sight of Becca's stunned face where she sat on a bench next to Bella, another of Polly's friends. Bella was pushing on her back while Becca flushed with embarrassment trying to sit back down. Bella's efforts won and Becca approached slowly. Her blond hair, so like Ollie's, was twisted into twin tails lying on her shoulders just covering the straps of a floral one piece swimsuit she wore with a matching wrap-around skirt. Polly placed the rope-leash into Becca's hand and looked toward the main deck obviously searching for Selena. "He's all yours."

Becca looked at the ground obviously nervous. "Hey Jack."

"Hi Becca, it's been a while." I answered. "Do you mind if we sit?"

Becca nodded and walked quickly back to the bench. Bella cast me a dimpled smile and moved over so I sat between them. "Hey Jack."

"Hi Bella." I looked back to Becca whose nervousness struck me as a little odd since we had known each other for years. "So what exactly did you win?"

Becca managed to blush even darker despite the shadowed location. "I'm your date for the evening."

I nodded my head. "Well unfortunately I won't be dancing with you in my current state."

"I guess not." She chuckled.

"Do you think I could get something to drink?" I asked.

Bella hopped up. "I'll get it."

Tamara another of Polly's friends and two other girls from her dance team approached sitting on a nearby bench just as Polly's loud voice echoed down from the back door of the house. Her words were drowned out by the music and wind through the trees to discern.

"Nice outfit. Is that what you wore to work." Tamara said casting a nervous glance back toward the house.

"Does everyone want to hear the story of my interesting evening?" I asked wanting to tell the story only once.

Female heads bobbed up and down all around me as Bella returned with a cup of red liquid in a cup. She handed it to Becca who raised it near my lips. I took a long drink and then began the story. There were laughs and many pouts as I detailed my escape from the office. But during the story of my capture by Selena more than a few girls looked toward the house along with whispers of, "Polly's going to kill her." I quickly moved on to avoid my own mounting concerns since many minutes had passed since Polly went into the house with the other adults following closely behind.

I continued the story with Becca lending credence to my tale with corroborating stories of the many tree and bush forts we used as kids. I may have embellished the feelings of betrayal when captured by Ollie but the sniffles and sighs of the surrounding girls were well worth it. "And then he brought me here."

The girls patted me on the shoulder and slowly drifted away toward the refreshment table and the pool leaving me alone with Becca and Bella. "I'll tell you a secret if you take this rope off my knees." I said to Becca.

Becca gave me a sidelong look. "I don't know, Jack. I really don't want Polly to be mad at me."

"Ok suit yourself, it's a good secret too." I smiled.

Becca bit one knuckle and looked over at Bella for support.

Bella shook her head. "Don't get me involved."

She looked back at me. "Ok I'll do it but you have to let me tie it around one leg so I can still hang on to you."

I smiled. "That's a deal."

She removed the rope and wrapped it dozens of times around one of my legs above the knee before knotting it off still leaving a long lead to hold on to. "Ok, what's the secret."

"Before I met Polly, I always planned on asking you out when we were older."

Becca's mouth dropped open and fresh blood colored her face.

"It seemed to fit with Ollie being such a good friend and all." I continued.

"Why did you tell her that?" Bella chided. "That's mean."

I gave the shorter girl a confused look. "Mean? Why is it mean?"

Bella slapped my shoulder softly. "I don't care what clothes you're wearing you're still a stupid man."

Becca laughed. "It's fine, we've been friends for years and it kind of makes sense."

I looked back and forth from Bella to Becca trying to figure what I had said and then realized my mistake. I hung my head. "Oh damn, I'm sorry. I'm not used to being liked by girls. I thought you might think it was funny."

She sighed. "It's nice to know you thought that way about me."

"You are totally cute, that's for sure." I said without the slightest mocking.

Becca sighed again and Bella whacked the back of my head. "Need a shovel?"

I opened my mouth to try and explain and just as quickly closed it again, this was not going as I had planned. I wanted to put her at ease not upset her by dangling possibilities that could never be.

She giggled again as I opened and closed my mouth several times.

I was saved by Polly. She appeared on the deck smiling to everyone with her hands held high for attention. "Thank you all for coming to my party. It took longer than expected to catch Jack so it's pretty late. Feel free to stay as long as you like but I'm going to get Jack all taken care of." She winked and there was a round of laughter.

Tamara, one of Polly's oldest friends pointed toward the refreshment table. "Are you going to open that present?"

Polly squinted in confusion toward the table and walked down the steps. She picked up the flat box smaller than a dinner plate and nearly as flat. It was wrapped in gold colored paper with a dark green ribbon. Polly held it in the air high enough for all to see. "I told you guys no gifts, whose is this?" She turned it over in her hands. "No card either."

Polly waited a few moments for the culprit to announce themselves but no one confessed. "Open it." Bella shouted from beside me.

Polly shrugged and tugged the ribbon loose from the box and peeled away the paper. She lifted the lid and peered inside. Her eyes widened and she lowered the box to show the nearby girls the contents..

"Oh it's beautiful." One said.

"I've never seen anything like it." Another echoed.

"What is that made of." Said a third.

Through the gathering press of female bodies I could see Polly's hands as she unfolded a single white card. Her face blossomed from curiosity into delight. "For Jack." She said and turned the card to show the closest of her friends. I could only make out a gold script from my seated position on the bench.

As if by command the press of feminine flesh between myself and Polly parted leaving a narrow hallway for Polly to approach. I studied the object looped through her fingers. It looked like a crystal rope, clear as glass yet it moved with articulated joints unrivaled by the most dextrous of serpents. Swaying gently in the flickering light there seemed to be an inner core of green fire flashing from within the depths of the crystal. Polly brought it toward my face pulling me from my silent observations. "I don't really wear jewelry."

"I'm not giving you a choice." Polly smiled and wrapped the crystal necklace about my throat. The cool material, whatever it was, quickly warmed as Polly fastened it. I noticed how small it was, closer to a choker than a necklace. I doubted more than a single finger could squeeze between it and my skin. "Please stand. Let me get a look at you."

Polly pulled me to my feet and a sea of female eyes bore into my skin. No words, no whispers, just amazed faces staring at the hollow of my throat. "It's a little tight." I said trying to break the unnerving amount of attention I received.

"It's absolutely perfect." Polly smiled her eyes flashing with a delight that reminded me of the fire I saw deep within the necklace.

"It's too tight, guys don't wear choker necklaces." I whispered inching my face closer to Polly's.

Polly leaned closer, strands of curly red hair untamed by her ponytail tickled my nose and neck. "Think of it more as a collar." She said so softly I doubted anyone else would hear.

I pulled back and looked into Polly's blazing eyes and wide smile. With my hands cuffedI could do little but decided to reclaim some small piece of dignity and bowed low at the waist. "As you wish."

Polly flashed her canines at my words and then spun around. "Thank you all, I hope you had a wonderful time." Her hand slipped through my bound arm and I was pulled toward the stairs as she hugged her friends.

Several minutes later we stood inside the French doors that opened onto the deck. Lisa, Maria, Kate, and my Mom were sitting around the dining room table chatting and each drinking from a steaming mug. I could not help but notice the absence of Selena but did not want to press an issue that could spark the fire within Polly that seemed to be quenched for the moment. "Alright, which one of you did it?"

The women all looked at each other and then back to Polly. "Did what?" Lisa asked. Polly answered by stepping out of the way so all the women could get a clear view of me. "What the clothes? The cuffs?"

Polly sighed. "No. This." She pointed at my throat.

The women each stared at me for several breaths and soon, as if some veil were dropped from their eyes, their eyes widened. As a group they stood from the table and gathered around. "My god that is beautiful." Maria said drawing agreement from the other women.

I watched carefully the expression on my Mom's face and though she was genuinely surprised by the necklace, or choker, or collar, or whatever it was called, she seemed more pleased than shocked. "So it was you?" I said to her.

"No. Not at all. Was there a note?" She responded shaking her head.

Polly shook her head. "No, none except this." She held out the card with the flowing gold script.

"Curious." Kate said. "Whoever gave the gift knew there would be some ambiguity about who should wear it and they made sure it went to the intended person."

"Odder still," Maria continued with a broad smile. "It is Polly's gift but Jack is to wear it. It is her birthday party after all." All the women nodded at her logic.

"It's a mystery then." Polly smiled. "I do love it. There is just something about the almost invisible crystal around his neck." She hooked a finger around the necklace and pulled me down into a kiss. "Do you want to stay the night?" Polly whispered in my ear.

Several thoughts flashed through my mind but foremost among them was 'God yes', but I did not utter those words. Instead I allowed the ache in my shoulders and the embarrassment of the tight clothes to temper my enthusiasm. I also realized I would spend the night bound in some way due to the 'house rules.' "At risk of losing my certified boyfriend status, I think I need to sleep. It's been a long day."

Lisa overheard the remark. "Sorry Polly, I need him at the office for a bit tomorrow. Though feel free to sleep in Jack."

I nodded toward Lisa and looked back to Polly who now wore a cute pout. "Too bad." She stepped forward and wrapped her arms around my body laying her head on my chest. "I wanted to thank you for playing my game."

"Sure..." I began but felt Polly's hands slide beneath the running tights drawing circles on my buttocks. I lowered my head burying my face in her hair and let the sensations wash over me.

"Ahem." Came from circle of women. The sound forced Polly's hands from my backside. "We'd better get you home." Mom finished with a slight shake of her head.

"I'll call you." Polly said and pulled the handcuff key from a pocket and removed the cuffs.

I nodded and followed Mom from the house.

"My car is still at work. And, oh damn, Selena has my keys." Mom held out her hand where my wallet and keys rested. "Oh." I said surprised. "So what happened when Polly confronted Selena."

"Nothing. Selena ran out after handing me those." She indicated my keys.

"What did Polly do?" I asked.

"We had to talk her down a bit, but after the initial flare up she seemed pleased. I'm guessing she was content you managed to escape." Mom answered.

"And I stole her shoes." I said with a brief laugh.

"That too." Mom smiled. "Are you mad at Ollie?"

I could tell she was concerned for our friendship. "No, I would have done the same. I hope he enjoys his reward."

"Their Moms are delighted by the relationship." Mom answered.

"That's good. So what do you know about this?" I pointed to my neck.

"Nothing." Mom answered quickly. "Not yet anyway."

"What does that mean?" I asked.

"It means I don't know, Jack."

I reached behind my neck and felt for the clasp but found nothing but smooth crystal that was slick to the touch. I quickly used the mirror on the car's sun visor to search for some clasp. The necklace was slightly thicker where it was supposed to hang at the front of my throat so I carefully searched on the opposite side from that point but could feel no connections. I gave it a firm tug thinking it might just pull apart but could only get one of my fingers beneath the rope like necklace with just my fingertips on the other side. My grip was insufficient to remove it. "I can't get it off."

"Hmmm." Mom said. "I'll take a look after we get to your car."

We pulled into the office parking lot moments later and Mom leaned over and repeated much the same process I had undertaken seconds earlier. "That is odd, how did Polly put it on you."

"She just connected it behind my neck. It took her only seconds."

Mom shook her head after a few minutes. "Sorry, I can't find anything."

"Pull on it."

Mom tugged until it began to cut into the thin skin around my neck. "Stop, it's not working." I said with a slight wheeze.

"Sorry, maybe Polly can do it." Mom shrugged.

"I hope so." I answered.

"It's barely visible, it took me a few minutes to even see it. I wouldn't worry too much."

“Ok, see you back at the house.” I exited the car and quickly ran the few feet to my own car irrationally fearing that someone might see my attire despite the darkness. I was comforted that despite my near constant exposure over the last two hours I still felt conspicuous in the female attire. Once home I removed the clothes, tossing them into the hamper as they were covered with dirt and mud and fell into bed, my cell phone seemed to ring almost them moment my head hit the pillow.

"Hey Polly." I said.

"Hi. Thanks for everything tonight." Polly said her voice pulling the sleep from my foggy brain.

"No problem, in hindsight it was kind of fun. I kind of felt like a ninja avoiding capture."

Polly laughed. "I'm glad."

"What are you going to do about Selena?" I dared to ask.

A long silence followed. "I'm a little torn. On one hand I'm furious she tried to take advantage of you. On the other I can't fault her motives, you are an amazing masseuse."

"Masseur." I corrected.

Polly laughed. "Both. And she has such a tragic story."

"And you'll have her for math next year?" I asked.

"Ha! Thank goodness I don't, how awkward."

There was a long pause. "I love you Polly."

"I love you too. See you soon."
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Re: Jack's Story (updated 12/20/2017 Ch. 46 p4)

Postby Shadesflirty » Wed Dec 20, 2017 5:48 pm

Another great part and a great conclusion to 46.
In answer to your question I like getting regular deliveries of this serial, so the many short parts is my choice over a few long chapters.
Thanks again for everything and if we don’t hear more before then, merry Christmas, happy holidays and all the best for 2018. You’re easily my favourite author of right now :)

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Re: Jack's Story (updated 12/20/2017 Ch. 46 p4)

Postby volatiledesire » Thu Dec 21, 2017 2:40 pm

Shadesflirty wrote:You’re easily my favourite author of right now :)

I really appreciate the continued positive comments.

Just for you, here's part one of Chapter 47.

Merry Christmas to you too. :)

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Jack's Story - Chapter 46 - Promotion p1

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Chapter 47 - Promotion p1

It was all wrong, so very wrong.

I stared at the lines of code on the screen while absently fiddling with the smooth crystal around my neck. At this point I either had to tell somebody or quit my job, the truth was undeniable. I glanced over my shoulder toward Alex who was twisting one pink lock of hair in her fingers while her other hand danced across the keyboard.

“If she knew what I knew.” I thought and looked back to the screen.

She did know, that was the whole problem. She had written this damnable program, could she be using it? I shutdown my computer and slowly walked down the hall toward Lisa's office. "Do it now, before you lose your nerve." I whispered low enough for no one to hear.

A quick knock on the office door brought an equally quick reply. "Come in."

I stuck my head inside and looked around. Save for Lisa the office was empty. "Do you have a minute?"

She noticed my look and raised one eyebrow in curiosity. "Sure Jack, business or personal?" Lisa asked.

"Business." I answered and absently fingered the smooth crystal collar. Polly made it plain to me in the days since her birthday party that it was in fact a collar.

"It's nearly invisible unless you play with it like that." Lisa said. "I'm surprised you are wearing it still."

"Oh, uh..." I quickly dropped my hands to my sides. "I can't take it off myself."

"It's permanent?" Lisa said obviously surprised.

"No, Polly has taken it off several times, even showed me the mechanism but for the life of me I can't seem to make it work. It's weird."

Lisa pursed her lips and smiled. "Polly enjoys that I'd imagine."

"She does. She really does." I keenly remembered the delight in Polly's eyes as I struggled with the devious collar for over an hour before finally admitting defeat.

"Well, like I said, if you don't play with it no one will notice." Lisa finished.

This was true only for most people. The Monday after the birthday party I had met April Dawson in the foyer of the office and the "necklace" was the first thing she mentioned. Oddly though, no one else noticed. It took two days for Alex to say anything and I had been fiddling with it constantly. "So how can I help you?" Lisa said indicating the chair in front of her desk.

I took a deep breath and concentrated. "A week ago or so I was looking around our code repository and..."

"What's a code repository?" Lisa interrupted.

"Oh sorry. That's the place where we keep all our software and all the previous versions, it's a storage system."

Lisa made a circular gesture for me to continue.

"I was digging around in there and came across a directory named with random capital letters. Inside I found a program that had not been touched in several years." I paused and took another deep breath. "That program was written to modify the accounts payable and receivable databases and also had permission to both credit and debit the business accounts."

"Is that unique?" Lisa asked.

"No, we write many programs like that for accounting. But this one made very minor changes to hundreds of transactions and changed the amounts on almost everything. It was not a lot but it could add up depending on how many times it’s run."

Lisa's eyes flared in understanding and she leaned forward in her desk. "You would not be here if this were just an experiment or some old testing."

I nodded. "It was last run on Monday. I saw the updates in the databases, you would never notice unless you were watching for them."

"Alex?" Lisa guessed.

"She definitely wrote it, no one else has the knowledge, I don't know if she is running it. I can't believe..."

"How much money?" Lisa interrupted.

"It's not possible for me to know because it would depend on how many transactions are active in the system at the time and their value." I answered.

"You said it skims off funds?" Lisa continued the interrogation.

"Yes. It is designed to hide the money."

"Where does it go?"

I leaned to one side and pulled out a folded sticky note from in my pocket. "This is the account number. It was hard coded into the program. It has not been changed for 6 years."

Lisa looked at the number and grabbed her phone. "Hey Stan I need you to check the owner of a bank account for me." Lisa waited a moment and the read off the number. "Ok, call me when you find out."

Lisa turned her attention back to me. "How sure are you about all of this?"

"I have been studying this thing for a week. You could ask Alex, but if I'm right..." I shook my head. "Look she can't be the one running it. Maybe she was forced."

The phone rang and Lisa grabbed the receiver. "McGentry." She said into the phone. Her face began to pale and she slowly lowered the receiver back to the cradle.

"What is it?" I said becoming alarmed at her obvious fear.

Lisa shook her head. "The less you know the better, but go find Polly and stay with her. This is big Jack. Don't talk to anybody from work. Stay at my house, I want to know where you are at all times. Go." The last word was issued with the strength of a command.

I fled the office to the sound of Lisa yelling for her assistants. I walked directly to the elevator and when it would not arrive fast enough I used the stairs. By the time Polly's house was in view the pressure behind my eyes had blossomed into a mammoth migraine. Polly opened the front door when I reached for the handle. She wore a pair of off black cotton leggings with a light blue, short-sleeved tunic which was thin enough to hint at the bra she wore beneath. Polly's Outfit

She took one look and pulled me inside. "Mom called, what's going on? She sounded scared." Polly said while leading me to the couch.

"Argh. This damn headache." I said pushing on my temples with my palms.

"Here, lay down. Put your head on my lap." Polly said pulling my body onto the couch and gently pressing my head onto her lap. She slowly began to massage my temples. "Now take your time and tell me what happened?"

"I've been studying this program at work. I figured out that it is probably being used to embezzle money from the company. I told your Mom today. I never knew where the money was going but it took Lisa less than a minute to figure that out."

"Oh dear. It must be someone big for her to send you home."

"I feel sick. Alex wrote the program. I just don't understand why?"

"Alex is the programmer lady that taught you?"

"Yeah, she's so young too. This could ruin her." I answered.

"Young?" Polly said. "I thought she was older than Mom."

"No, twenties, maybe early thirties, but I doubt it." I answered.

"Is she cute?" Polly said.

My eyes shot open and I stared into Polly's jealous eyes. "Polly, I don't even know. I met her after I met you."

The answer must have been correct because her hand slipped around my neck and began to slide inside the collar of my shirt. "You did nothing wrong. Don't worry about it."

I snorted. "I could have done lots of things, chief among them talked to Alex, my mentor, before ratting her out to Lisa." I shook my head and sat up from Polly's lap. "God, I feel so helpless."

I began to pace through the living room. My rational mind was clearly informing me my actions had been correct but I was terrified for Alex. "What if she gets put in jail? It will be my fault."

"Jack sit down. This is not your fault." Polly said crossing her arms beneath her breasts.

"I can't sit. I need to do something. Maybe I should call Alex and let her know what I did. She could explain..."

"No." Polly said. "Mom wants you away from this and I agree with her. You are being irrational."

"Irrational!" I said my voice rising. "Alex is in trouble and it's my fault. I could help her."

Polly stood up and grabbed my arm to stop my frenetic pacing. "Stop Jack, you can't save everybody."

"I have to try." I closed my eyes and groaned. "I need to try."

I felt Polly's hands on my face and I opened my eyes. Her fiery green eyes were filled with compassion. "Not this time. Follow me I have something that will help."

I followed Polly up the stairs unable, even in my distress, to keep my eyes away from her amazing legs. She pulled me into her room and pushed me onto the bed my head narrowly missing the metal footboard. "Now let me take your mind off of things." Polly straddled my chest pinning both my arms to my sides.

"I don't feel like playing." I said struggling to free my arms.

"Oh really." Polly's fingers slid along my neck and tugged at the crystal collar pulling me toward her moist lips. Her tongue plunged into my mouth and danced across my lips. Polly moaned as if she were tasting the finest honey.

It was all a ruse though, a distraction. Polly released the collar and suddenly I felt my neck pulled to the side and a familiar ratcheting sounded near my right ear. Polly rolled off my body freeing my hands. I tried to sit up but the crystal collar yanked at my neck holding me down. I felt around the implacable crystal rope and discovered a plastic band, a zip tie, connecting the collar to the wrought iron footboard. "Hey." I tugged and the next word came out as a wheeze as the collar briefly squeezed my throat.

"Relax Jack. It's not tight if you don't struggle." Polly stated.

I moved as close to the foot board as possible and slowly rotated my head to look at Polly who had just finished placing a familiar black duffel bag near the head of the bed. "What are you doing?"

"I'm keeping you from doing something stupid. No dashing off without thinking today." Polly answered pulling long lengths of rope and scarves from the bag.

"Please Polly, I can help her."

Polly's eyes flared into twin suns of green fire. "No you can't. Not everybody can be saved, I don't care what overdeveloped sense of knighthood you seem to have. Not every woman who gets in trouble is a damsel in distress. Whatever Alex did is not your problem and you aren't going anywhere near her until I hear from Mom. It might be you that ends up in jail, and I'll be damned if that is going to happen to you."

I yanked at the zip tie holding my neck. I tugged until my fingers burned. I looked back to Polly who was staring at me. "Please Polly."

Ignoring the words Polly stepped closer. "Let go Jack, this is beyond your control."

"Only because you’re keeping me here."

Polly shrugged. "I don't want to fight, but you are going to be tied up in a neat little package whether you like it or not. I will let you control how severe it's going to be."

I looked at her without speaking still hoping for a way to escape the situation and help Alex, at least to vouch for her kindness and intelligence.

"Do exactly as I say, and we might have a fun afternoon." Polly said with a hopeful smile.

I was in no mood for games and even though her whole posture dripped with delightful promises I looked away and continued to jerk at the stubborn zip tie that trapped my neck.

Polly stepped to the end of the bed holding out a pair of white satin panties. "Put these in your mouth, talking is not required."

In a fit of pique I snatched the silky underwear and tossed them across the room.

"Tsk, tsk. That will cost you." Polly retrieved the panties and stood near my legs which were bent at the knees to keep them from dangling painfully from the edge of the mattress. "Take off your shoes."

Anger and frustration are not a good combination for intelligent decisions. "No."

"Again, that will cost you." Polly stated flatly

"Polly if you love me, you will let me go."

Quick as thought Polly jumped onto the bed and yanked my hands from my trapped neck pinning them to the mattress with her knees. "If I love you!" Polly screamed. "If I love you. You ass, how dare you say that to me."

Terror washed over me. Polly had been angry before but this was something new. I tried to respond but Polly's hand pressed down hard over my mouth pressing my head deep into the soft mattress.

"Listen to me, Jack." She bit off my name as if it were a curse. "There is a McGentry in control at your office and there is a McGentry in control here. You are not." Polly glared at me for long moments and then slowly slid off my body. "And if you love me Jack, when I come back you better be chewing on these panties." She threw the silk garment within reach of my fingers. "And your shoes better be off. I'm going to go cool down before I do something I regret."
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Re: Jack's Story (updated 12/21/2017 Ch. 47 p1)

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A delightful early Christmas present. Thank you Volatiledesire x

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Re: Jack's Story (updated 12/21/2017 Ch. 47 p1)

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Any updates? (:

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Re: Jack's Story (updated 12/21/2017 Ch. 47 p1)

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Great story, plz cont.

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Re: Jack's Story (updated 12/21/2017 Ch. 47 p1)

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Just putting a comment here to ping my favourite story (sorry bondagefreak) back to the new/unread posts pages so new members can discover it too. :)

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Re: Jack's Story (updated 12/21/2017 Ch. 47 p1)

Postby volatiledesire » Tue Jan 16, 2018 12:35 pm

Still here, had to take a break for some Real Life™ stuff. I'm back now and really appreciate the interest.

All the best.

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Re: Jack's Story (updated 12/21/2017 Ch. 47 p1)

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volatiledesire wrote:Still here, had to take a break for some Real Life™ stuff. I'm back now and really appreciate the interest.

All the best.

Thank you. And welcome back :)

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Re: Jack's Story (updated 12/21/2017 Ch. 47 p1)

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Welcome back!

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Jack's Story - Chapter 47 - Promotion p2

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Chapter 47 - Promotion p2

If Polly's desire had been to take my mind off my troubles, she succeeded. Fear of Polly’s wrath filled all the spaces in my head previously filled by worry for Alex. I immediately used my feet to force my shoes onto the floor and then snatched up the pile of white silk near my hand and filled my mouth. Then I waited.

And waited.

My mouth was dry and only the motes dancing in a beam of sunlight shining through the window kept me from going nearly crazy from my imagination creating the worst possible scenarios, the next more terrible than the last. Polly finally returned stepping through the sunlight creating a halo of red from her wild curls. The anti-angelic look fit well with her stern look and hands-on-hips posture. "I'm sorry for what I said, I hope you are too."

I nodded as much as my trapped neck would allow though the wincing pain seemed a form of penance for my stupid words.

"Take off your pants." Polly said.

The matter-of-fact way she spoke caused me to freeze for a few moments. She raised her eyebrows and her gaze bored into me at the hesitation which jerked me into motion. I yanked off my pants forcing them with wild kicks of my legs onto the floor.

"Now your shirt."

I unbuttoned my white collared shirt and jerked my wrists from the sleeves leaving me clad in nothing but my dark blue cotton boxer shorts. Polly disappeared into her closet and I closed my eyes in helpless frustration knowing there was nothing in the closet that would cause me anything but embarrassment.

She returned in moments with something dark colored draped over one arm. "Penance time. I was going to just tie you to the bed but your mouth ruined any hope of such simplicity."

I made a muffled response though silky wad in my mouth but Polly just shook her head. "Nope, don't bother with excuses."

I could have done a lot of things in that moment. I could have spit out the panties and told Polly I was in no mood for these games. I could have jerked on the bed until the crystal necklace began to do real damage to my skin which would force Polly to interrupt her plans. What I did, however, was close my eyes and try my best not to be aroused by the situation. This of course was useless since closing my eyes only increased the fuel feeding my imagination, especially when I felt cool fingers brush along the tops of my feet.

Her fingers moved higher and my back began to arch as her touch rose above my knees and danced along my thighs. Suddenly her delicate fingers were drawing fine circles around my navel and then just as suddenly her fingers grasped the elastic waistband of my boxer shorts and jerked them down my legs and off my body in one smooth motion.

My eyes flew open in surprise and I jerked only to be stopped by another choking pain from the necklace. I looked down over my body desperately embarrassed by my nudity and watched as Polly's eyes bored into me as she twirled my boxers around one finger. "There we go, just like the day we met."

I felt the heat rise in my chest and flow up my neck into my face. Quickly covering my genitals with my hands I wondered at how crazy my life had become. "Oh come now, I love your body Jack, every bit of it. No need to hide yourself from me." Polly said.

I looked into her sincere and smiling face but could not force my hands to move. Polly shrugged. "No matter." She reached down and picked up a shiny pile of black nylon. She balled the fabric between her fingers and then crawled onto the bed. She encircled my foot with the material and I felt the familiar feel of buttery soft hosiery being pulled up my leg. Working from leg to leg she pulled the tight nylon up my body until finally covering my unmoving hands with the waistband of the tights. "Move your hands Jack, these are relatively opaque."

I did so reluctantly and lifted my hips allowing her to settle the shiny black tights into place around my waist. Despite her assurances that the tights were opaque I replaced my hands back over my crotch.

"You know what's better than a beautiful pair of tights?" Polly asked with a smile as she slid her hands along my outer thighs. I looked into her smiling green eyes and held perfectly still not at all excited by any of the possible answers that went through my head. At the same time I could not deny the electric feelings her fingers were producing in combination with the tights now hugging my legs. Polly held up a hand holding a similarly size pile of nylon but this time in dazzling white. "Two pairs of beautiful tights." Polly smiled. "I'm curious how the white will look over the top of the black." As Polly repeated her efforts with the white tights, I could not deny the feeling of nylon sliding across nylon was pleasant beyond my imagining. A fact I could not hide from Polly who studied my reaction as a bird studies a worm. "Feels nice huh?"

There was no need to answer. Polly knew what I was thinking as continued to slowly raise the second pair of tights slowly up my legs. "White over black is cool, but your reaction is waaaay more interesting. Now for my next trick." Polly said and twirled her hands like she was a stage magician while displaying a black leotard slashed with threads of silver. One I had seen her wear before. *See Ch. 6

"Don't worry, this is the last thing I'll make you wear today. Unless you count ropes, and tape, and maybe a blindfold, and perhaps a gag." Polly giggled while ticking the items off with her fingers.

I rolled my eyes and made of show of angry grunting.

"Oh hush Jack, name one place you would rather be than right here?" Polly said as she straddled my body between her legs. The feeling of her firm thighs encased in the black leggings she wore caused all angry responses to flee my mind.

She rolled away and easily slid the leotard over my compressed toes, the two materials sliding past each other easily. I debated whether or not to be difficult when she positioned my arms to slip into the long sleeves but figured I was in no position to escape or argue. The tight material felt cool to my skin but quickly warmed leaving only a pleasant tightness against my upper body and arms.

"Ok now that you are properly dressed we can move on to the fun stuff. Roll over and face away from me." I moved slowly allowing the crystal collar to slide along my neck until I was lying on my side. Polly grabbed my arms and pulled them both behind my back and I felt the familiar pressure of rope around my wrists. She took her time, wrapping the coils several times before finishing with a vertical cinch. She moved higher pulling my elbows together until a grunt escaped my lips. "Well short of touching." Polly said with a cluck of her tongue. "We need to work on your flexibility."

I was relieved that Polly did not force my elbows as closely as she had done in the past but then realized this act of kindness likely meant I would not be released for a long while. I tested the bonds as Polly slid off the bed. Her skills had only improved over the last few months and my searching fingers felt nothing but the firm coils of rope, the knots likely hidden between my elbows and far out of reach.

"Ok, now we can make you more comfortable." I felt the touch of metal near my neck and the zip-tie holding my crystal necklace to the footboard fell away. Polly pulled me toward the center of the bed and then grabbed more rope which she used to bind my knees together.

I jerked as her fingers brushed across the bottom of my nylon-covered feet. "Still ticklish through two layers." Polly said with a laugh. "I better get something to protect your sensitive soles before finishing with you."

I groaned and shook my head as Polly disappeared into her closet.

"None of that now, we are the same shoe size, or nearly so. How do you expect me to ignore such a delightful coincidence." Polly said with an eloquence only used when she was really excited. Polly's return purged all thought from my mind when I saw a strappy pair of heels dangling from her fingers. "What do you think?"

I shook my head and began to push the wad of silk from my mouth to protest. "Now, now Jack, leave the panties where they belong. You don't want to say something stupid...again." Polly chided with an upraised finger. "Once I get you tied I'll give you a drink, and maybe even an ice cube or two to suck on."

The thought of cool, wet ice sliding around my mouth was enough to calm my twitchy feet which allowed her to wrap the straps of the shoes across instep and ankle. More rope appeared from the floor and my ankles were soon bound and connected to the bonds holding my elbows securely behind my back. I was well and truly hogtied.

"Alright, that's enough to keep you from doing anything foolish. Let me get you a drink." Polly danced from the room returning moments later with a glass of water that already beaded with moisture. She pulled the silk undergarment from between my lips and held the straw close. I drank with undisguised pleasure for many seconds allowing the water to wash the grit from my mouth. I eventually pulled away fearing more from a future need for the toilet then for any desire to stop drinking. "There now, have I convinced you to stay here?"

I nodded. "I seem to have lost that argument completely."

Polly nodded. "Good."

"I am still very worried, despite your efforts." I answered.

"Oh is that a challenge?" Polly said raising an eyebrow.

"A challenge? I don't understand."

"You think I can't hold your thoughts as easily as I hold your body?"

"I didn't..." I started to say but Polly pressed a finger over my lips. She then picked up the glass of water and took a large drink. She pushed me onto my side and brought her mouth near my own. As our lips pressed together I felt an ice cube slide from her mouth into my own. The contrast between the cold ice and her hot mouth was unique and intriguing and I truly forgot everything but the sensation of her darting tongue in those brief moments. After some incalculable amount of time she pulled back leaving me with a much smaller ice cube in my mouth.

"I bet you weren't worried just then." Polly smiled triumphantly.

I nodded and shifted the ice to one cheek to answer. "Sadly it had to end." I jerked my arms and legs and rolled back onto my stomach laying my head on the soft sheets my thoughts once again swirling back to images of Alex being questioned by law enforcement or even in jail.

I did not realize that Polly had left the room until the soft brush of air announced her return. I glanced up idly in her direction and my eyes bulged from my head. She sat on the bed as if nothing at all had changed except now she wore a dark green nightie that reflected the late day sunshine as if it were coated in diamonds. Of all my weaknesses, the one thing I can never stop staring at is shiny clothing, it did not matter if it was out on the streets or on the television, the sight of wetlook leggings, silk skirts, or shiny tops always drew my eye. Now Polly sat within inches of my nose wearing nothing but a short and shiny nightie. She grabbed her cell phone and laid back crosswise across the bed with her feet hanging over the edge. Polly's Nightie

I quickly jerked my bound legs using the momentum to fall onto my side placing my eyes directly level with her knees. The hem of her short gown was only inches away. I jerked at my bonds and managed to move enough so that my cheek rested against her leg which she promptly bent at the knee affording me a view of her firm buttocks beneath the nightgown. I started to pant and a whine escaped my lips.

Polly looked down at me through the trough of her breasts. "Are you ok?" She could not keep a smile from her lips.

I opened my mouth and closed it, repeating the same action unable to find any words.

Polly shrugged and returned to staring at the small screen in her hand. "Mom says to not expect her until late tonight. She also says she spoke with your parents and they agree you should stay here. Any objections?"

I barely heard the words having finally managed to maneuver myself closer so my face was in contact with her hip. I could feel the soft and slippery material against my skin. The cool fabric had a slight musty smell as if the garment had been in a drawer for many years but I could still detect the faint hint of vanilla and roses that was my eternal aphrodisiac. I closed my eyes and bathed in the sensations.

A faint beep from Polly's hand sounded a few moments later. "Well, looks like Mom is on her way. It's only 6:30 I didn't expect her for another hour or more. Must be good news."

I was not sure what she was talking about and hardly I cared. Anything other than my struggle to get closer to Polly's beautiful body was nothing to me. "I better get you tucked away a little more securely so Mom and I can talk." Polly stood up robbing me of my infatuation. I whined pitifully as she retrieved the wad of silk from the floor and dipped it into the glass of water. After wringing it out slightly she approached me and knelt down on the floor. "Poor thing, I think you have to admit I can also control your thoughts, yes?"

I was still staring at her body as she pushed the sodden silk between my lips. She reached down toward the floor and produced a roll of self-adhering wrap which she used as a cleave gag forcing the panties deeper into my mouth eliminating any chance I had of expelling them. "Your day is almost over. It was fun to get some time together, just the two of us." Polly giggled. "I am going to talk to Mom, after I change out of this nightie of course, and then I'll be back to let you go. It won't be long." She rubbed her hand along my thigh and snapped the leotard across my butt. She laughed and hopped out of the room in a blaze of wild red and shiny green that left an afterimage in both my eyes and thoughts.

She was right of course, I had not thought about Alex once the entire time she was next to me. I was so easy to manipulate and Polly performed the task as naturally as breathing. I was helpless to even argue with her.

It was well worth it. There may come a day when she goes too far, but Polly's "too far" is so much better than life without her. I slid my legs across the bed and felt the electric feeling of Polly's silky sheets against the smooth nylon covering my body and realized she knew exactly what she was doing.

It seemed a long time before the click of the door knob pulled my head from off the bed. My arms were sore and the normally soft ropes now felt like metal wires twisted around my joints. I waited for the expected wild red hair to precede Polly's entrance but instead the door opened wide and a woman in a tan skirt, loose blouse, and scuffed flats pulled a large suitcase backward into the room with a grunt of effort. She stood up and arched her back to relieve the strain of her chore and I saw the familiar multicolored hair of Alex.

Terror. Only terror filled my mind as I watched her slowly glance around the room until her eyes finally found my own. Her hands flew to her face and she stepped backward stumbling over her large suitcase causing it to fall and landing atop it with a soft thud. The impact must have caused her panicked mind to reboot because she cocked her head toward me from her disheveled seat atop the suitcase. "Jack?"

She stood up and walked forward. "What is going on?" She then looked around the room and inside the closet and her head did a quick shake of denial. "Oh God, I'm in the wrong room."

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Jack's Story - Chapter 47 - Promotion p3

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Chapter 47 - Promotion p3

Alex walked toward the door and stopped and then spun around and walked back, her movements erratic, all the while talking to herself. "I'm so stupid, I should have accepted help with my suitcase." She slammed her forehead with the palm of her hand. "Stupid. Stupid. If I had allowed them to show me the room." Alex then seemed to realize something and ran toward me on the bed. "God Jack, are you tied up against your will?"

I shook my head.

Alex's eyes darted over my form, noticing my attire seemingly for the first time. "Oh my...oh my goodness. I see... wow." She stepped backward her mind putting things together about exactly what was going on here. "You look good..." Alex said.

I closed my eyes nearly crying from humiliation.

"No... that's not what I mean. Oh god, what do I do?" Alex went to her suitcase and began to tug the behemoth out of the room still talking to herself the whole time. "Just own up to it. Just own up to it. You're too nervous around Mrs. McGentry to hide it anyway." Her dialog was cut off by the closing of the door.

I banged my head onto the bed wondering what this would mean. Why was she here? I renewed my hopeless struggles against Polly's rope work until the door finally opened and Polly entered the room. She ran toward the bed and reached for the gag but stopped short. "Let me say my apologies first."

I grunted and shook my head in frustration.

"I had no idea she was coming. And…” Polly shook her head in disbelief. “... if I had known she would enter the wrong room.” Polly shook her head again. “She was just so flustered from all that’s happened I didn't want to argue with her when she insisted she could do it by herself."

I looked at Polly intently trying to seem calm so she would remove the gag.

"Do you understand, can you forgive me?" Polly said.

I nodded.

Her fingers quickly unwrapped the gag and I used all my remaining self-control to speak softly and calmly. "Will you please release me?"

Polly nodded and after several minutes I was sitting on the bed rubbing my wrists and elbows. "What am I going to do? I work with her every day, closely."

"Mom suggested we sit down together for dinner. She is really embarrassed." Polly answered.

"She's embarrassed!" I said and stood up from the bed. The high heels I still wore caused me to pitch forward and I sprawled across the floor. "Shit. Can you help me out of these?"

Polly giggled. "Sure." She knelt down and quickly removed the heels. "Mom was in the middle of explaining to me why Alex is here when she walked back downstairs and told us she went in the wrong room."

I stayed on the floor and wondered how I would face Alex again. "I can't believe she went in the wrong room. Why is she here?" I began to strip out of the leotard and tights and put on my work clothes.

"Mom is worried about her and didn’t want her to spend the night alone. I guess she lives by herself." Polly said taking my hand. “Are you ready?”

I nodded and we walked out bedroom hand in hand. Alex and Lisa were already sitting at the table which was covered with many boxes of Chinese takeout. I tried but could not meet Alex's eyes. Lisa broke the awkward silence just after sitting down. "Alex what you saw in the bedroom has an explanation. I think Polly should start."

I looked up briefly and caught Alex's eye. She looked away immediately with an uncharacteristic blush.. "I'm sorry I didn't mean..." Alex began.

"We all know it was an accident, but let's just deal with this now and then we'll eat. Polly." Lisa said looking toward her daughter.

"I don't really understand what happened at work today but Mom called me and said to make sure and keep Jack from leaving. She told me he would try and leave. Mom was right. He kept pacing around the house saying how he should go back to work and warn you Alex. I finally had to tie him up so he wouldn't leave."

Alex looked up from the table. "You wanted to warn me?"

I nodded.

Lisa interrupted. "I think I should bring Jack up to speed on what is going on at work." Lisa took a deep breath. "The program you showed me was indeed being run routinely, and there was more than 300,000 dollars in the account it was attached to."

My eyes popped at the number.

"Yes, a significant sum. The perpetrator was Mr. Craddock."

"What!" I said. "The owner. Why?"

"Actually the firm is owned by several partners not just Mr. Craddock, and we don't really know why he did it, other than simple greed. The FBI is now involved and Mr. Craddock has been placed under arrest. The next few weeks will be very busy."

I looked at Alex. "Are you ok? Are you in trouble?

Lisa answered. "From a law enforcement standpoint she is in the clear due to her cooperation with authorities."

I nodded much relieved. "But why did you write that program?"

Alex took a deep breath waiting for Lisa to answer before speaking herself. "It was a long time ago and I was keen to show off what I could do. Mr. Craddock said it was just for fun, and he gave me a raise afterward and told me to delete it, which I did."

I nodded.

"That doesn't make sense." Polly interrupted. "It it was deleted how did Jack find it?"

"Nothing is really deleted in our servers, it is just kind of buried. Jack was just overly curious." Lisa answered. "Is that right, Alex?"

Alex nodded. "Most programmers would never have looked but Jack was new and messing around with the tools. He found it and studied it." Alex paused and looked toward Polly and opened her mouth and then closed it again as if she was going to say something but thought better of it.

Lisa noticed. "Go ahead, don't be afraid to ask a question."

"Ok, I understand why Jack was tied up, sort of. I just don't get why you were wearing the leotard and tights." Alex said and quickly followed it with. "You don't have to answer, it's really none of my business."

The rapid topic changed caused me to hesitate before answering so Polly beat me to the response. "Isn't it obvious," Polly smiled in my direction. "Because he’s so darn cute in those clothes."

Alex smiled. "Oh right, of course, I suppose so." And then realized what she said. "Oh god, Jack I didn't mean that."

I shook my head and just stared at the table.

"See." Polly reiterated. "He's adorable when he blushes."

Alex laughed.

"Please don't tell anyone." I said finally.

"Oh never, never would I." Alex responded. "I'm actually jealous of what you two have together, I would never hurt you." Alex said. "How long have you been with Polly?"

I looked at Polly. "A week before your birthday in April."

Polly nodded.

"How did you meet?"

Lisa waved her hand with a laugh. "Before we answer that one, why don't we get the food passed around. That's a bit of a story."

White cartons were passed, drinks were filled, and the awkwardness of the past few minutes faded behind the mundane act of filling our stomachs. Now with a chance to think about things I realized Alex had spoken more sentences tonight than I had ever managed to squeeze from her at work. Even during the early days of my learning when I constantly peppered her with questions, I would usually get a website reference to study or a code snippet and she would quickly return to her work. It was likely the feminine influence of Polly and Lisa.

I began the tale of our unique first meeting between bites of food and Polly soon took over with added details from Lisa. Alex shook her head at the end. "The first time met him you cut his clothes off?"

A burst of laughter escaped my lips and turned toward Polly. "Yeah that does seem a bit aggressive."

"Your sister gifted me the scissors." Polly said in defense. “I still have them.”

Alex had the giggles and waved the question away. "Nevermind, but how did you get home, she shredded your clothes."

Polly's grin took in her ears and I began an intense examination of the few remaining lo mein noodles on my plate. "Where is that dress, Jack? Is it here or still at your house?"

I glanced up to see Alex's mouth hanging open. "A dress? The first day you met."

"If you recall, I was tied up." I said defensively.

"God you two are amazing."

"Polly's the amazing one, I was just a passenger." I answered softly.

I heard both Lisa and Polly starting to respond but Alex beat them both to the punch. "Yeah right, even I heard the story about what you did on Polly's birthday."

There was a longer silence allowing for the completion of the meal when Alex leaned back and asked. "There is one thing I'm still confused about."

Polly made a rolling gesture with her fingers beckoning her to continue.

"How did Jack's sister know to tie him to the bed? Did you tell her to do that?"

I looked over at Polly who had a finger pressed to her lips in thought. "That is a good question."

"Give me a second, I'm trying to remember." Polly looked into the middle distance for several moments before exclaiming. "Ah yes, I remember. It was after I spotted you at the mall."

I narrowed my eyes trying to remember the time but shook my head. "When was that?"

"You were at the mall with your sister but you were not really hanging out with her. I ran into her and you kind of wandered away while we talked. I think Bella and Tamara were with me."

“Mom probably forced me to go to get me away from the computer. She was really worried for my future before I met you.”

Polly smiled. “You’re welcome.”

I nodded in her direction at the comment.

"So you spotted him from a distance at the mall and decided from that point forward you would like him tied to your bed?" Alex said with obvious doubt. “That seems crazy.”

"No, no." Polly shook her head. "I was chatting with the other girls and caught sight of Jack several feet away staring into a display window. You were studying a long silver gown, if I recall."

Memory of the gown blossomed in my mind and I could not keep the realization off my face.

"You remember." Polly said.

I nodded my head. "I remember the dress."

"What was so special about it?" Alex prompted and Lisa returned to the table with mugs of coffee and a pitcher of cream.

I sighed. "This is only going to make it sound even more weird but I don't know if I was in some kind of strange mood or if it was the phase of the moon, but I remember thinking it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen." I paused for the expected ridicule but none came. "I started thinking how there really wasn't a male equivalent of such beauty and that led to the realization that masculine beauty did not really exist."

Polly was the first to scoff. "Not true, there are lots of beautiful men."

"Handsome, strong, powerful, sure but beautiful? Maybe, I'm not a woman." I answered. "Look at men's suits, they accentuate the shoulders and chest which are characteristics of strength and power not beauty."

"You've put some thought into this." Lisa responded.

"That's what I was thinking while looking at the dress. You asked."

"Is that all?" Polly said with a wry smile. "You didn't want to know what it felt like? Perhaps you wished to be beautiful too."

I shook my head slowly and did not respond to the remark designed only to get me to blush.

"So that was it, you spotted Jack staring at a gown and you decided you wanted him tied to your bed? I must be missing something."

Polly nodded. "Not quite, it was what happened next. I started watching him. He was standing perfectly still and the sea of shoppers kind of parted around him. Pretty soon Kat noticed my look and soon all the girls began to watch Jack stare at the dress. I remember Tamara or Bella ask Kat what you were doing but I just stared at you. Eventually you must have felt our eyes because you turned toward us and looked directly at me."

I nodded. "I remember."

"Do you remember what happened next?" Polly asked.

"I think I went and sat down on a bench."

"Nope. You blushed a bright red. That's when I turned to Kat and told her what I wanted for my birthday. Bella and Tamara thought I was joking but Kat thankfully did not."

I smiled at Polly. "I never knew that."

Polly shrugged and smiled back.

"Wow, you have a lot to thank Kat for." Alex said.

"Yes, we do but she has been thanked. Polly saved her life." I answered.

"Hardly," Polly argued. "Kat would have survived."

Alex shook her head and held out her hands to stop the conversation. "Too much, save that story for another day."

Lisa pushed away from the table. "Big day tomorrow Jack. I need you at work early, so you better get some sleep."

I stood up and Lisa walked with me to the front door. "You did good today, Jack. Things are going to change, I don't know how and I don't know when, but you once again have been noticed." She leaned over and kissed my forehead. "Get some sleep."

I stepped out the door where Polly was waiting to walk me to the car. She grabbed my hand and leaned in close. “Your Mom just kissed me on the forehead.”

Polly smiled. “You did something amazing.”

“I shook my head, I was so scared.”

“Yeah, that’s the way it goes with heroes, they are scared but it doesn’t stop them.” Polly took a deep breath and blocked the car door preventing me from entering the car. "I'm sorry Jack."

I pulled her close and felt her warmth. "Don't ever change."

Polly pushed back to look up into my eyes. "Do you really mean that?"

I stared back losing myself in the vast ocean of gold flecked green that were her eyes. "Not ever."

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