The Census Taker F/m

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The Census Taker F/m

Postby ZTVFemdomtales » Wed Nov 22, 2017 7:11 am

If there was one thing Roxanne could not stand it was being alone. It was a crippling, debilitating fear. It hadn't always been that way. She had been home alone one night when she became the victim of a home invasion. The armed men had tied her up, terrorized her, hurt her, for hours. Ever since then she could not stand to be alone.
She would beg and plead her husband not to go to work. She refused to let their kids go to school until he had to drag them away from her. She would constantly invite herself over to neighbor's houses. Finally it all just became too much. Her husband left her and took the kids. The neighbors cut all ties to her. She worked from home so her constant visits to her neighbors didn't help maters. Her life was a mess. She knew it, she just had no way of fixing it.

Antonio hated his job. He was an enumerator. What the hell does that mean? It means he was a US census taker. If you failed to complete a cenus he would come to your home and ask you the questions himself. It was boring, it was tedious, it was unappreciated by the recepeant but hey it paid. The good news was he was about to go on a nice 10 day vacation. He just had to do one last house. It belonged to some woman named Roxanne.

There was a knock on the door. Now who could that be?
"Yes?" Roxanne asked upon opening it.
"Hello Miss, my name's Antonio, I'm a census taker. You failed to fill out your census forms this year so I've been sent to get the information in person. May I come in?"
"Of course."
She led him into the kitchen where they took a seat at the small wooden table. He opened his binder and began asking questions.
"How many people lived in this house on April 1st?"
"OK we'll start with you. What is your marital status?"
"Sorry to hear that. Are you an US citizen?"
"Are any of your senses impared?"
The questions continued. She answered them but she wasn't paying attention to them. She was more focused on Antonio. He was a beautiful man. The sight of him made her wet. Too bad he had to leave.

"Care for a drink?" Roxanne asked.
Antonio was feeling a bit parched.
"Water would be nice, thanks."
She went over and fixed him a glass. He kept his eyes on the binder filling out the form.
"Here you go."
"Thank you."
The water had a funny taste. He ignored it and plowed on. Vacation was almost here. Soon however he began to notice something strange. He was suddenly very groggy. What the hell was going on? He tried to stand up.
"Are you OK?"
"I .."
The next thing he knew he was waking up. Had he passed out? God this was embarrassing. He tried to sit up. He could not. What he could do was see he was bound in ropes and chains. What the hell?
"Unbidden and unwanted came a strange feeling of wonder, that had been hidden beneath his panic ...that this woman wanted him enough to steal him ..." - Beautiful Abductress, Jennie Lee Schade

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