Your girlfriend took you by surprise and tied your hands behind your back before taking you to the bedroom? Your boyfriend likes to tie your hands and feet to the bedposts? Post your true stories here. No depictions of pain, humiliation or violence. Nothing hardcore or terribly strict.

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This is a story about a newly married couple. James is a doctor in his 30’s with a thriving practice in Internal Medicine. He met and married his wife, Eve, in the hospital where she worked as a Medical Technician. James is 5’9” tall with a gymnast’s body thanks to regular exercise. He has black and curly hair and seems serious but when he smiles, he can be charming. Eve stood at 5’4” in her stockinged feet. Long-legged, brown-skinned and long hair that reached to her midback. She had tantalizing eyes and full lips which gave her smile a shy quality that James adored.

The two had discovered their mutual love for tie up games early in their relationship and now that they were married, they could indulge in this activity at their leisure.

Chapter One – Snipped

It was a Friday evening. James and Eve had gone out to dinner with their friends but had begged off the trip to their favourite bar reasoning that they had to leave early for a trip. Little did their friends suspect what the two really had in mind.

Upon returning home, they had both changed into something “more comfortable.” James had put on a pair of faded ripped jeans and had gone with a black t-shirt that hugged his athletic torso. Eve had changed to an old sun dress that reached halfway down her thighs.

Slipping on a pair of flip flops, she went down the stairs and was puzzled when the lights on the ground floor were off. It was quiet and she didn’t see James as she explored the living room, den and kitchen. As she returned to the stairs, someone grabbed her and pinned her arms to her sides while another hand covered her mouth.

“Keep quiet lady and you won’t get hurt,” a voice whispered in her ear. Her heart had skipped a beat when she was grabbed but she was reassured by the voice and scent of her lover. She felt dizzy and was glad that James was hugging her tightly or she may have fallen down.

“I won’t scream. Please don’t hurt me,” said Eve even as she felt fuzzy handcuffs pin her wrists behind her back.

James guided her back up the stairs to their room where he pushed her onto the bed. Eve noticed that James was carrying a backpack with one strap on his right shoulder.

“What are you going to do with me?” asked Eve.

“I was looking to steal some valuables, but seeing you around, I felt that I had hit the jackpot,” said James with a naughty smirk. Eve smiled back and blushed at her husband’s flattery even amidst their role play.

“But first, I need to secure you a bit more,” said James as he unlocked the cuffs securing his captive. He made Eve lie down in the center of the bed. He brought out coils of soft cotton rope. He slowly and sensuously tied her wrists and ankles until she was stretched out spread-eagled on the bed. Her mouth was sealed with a soft and silken cleave gag.

Eve was puzzled as her restraints were completed since she was still fully clothed. She wondered what her captor was up to. James caught her look and he reached into the backpack and out came a pair of safety scissors. Eve looked at the shears and back up to James as if asking, “Now what?”

With a teasing smile, James stood over his bound captive and used his fingers to touch Eve’s neck, arms, belly and breasts. The back of his hands slid over her long legs, now held wide open. Eve closed her eyes and moaned as she started to feel the stirrings beginning within her body. She was now tied up and helpless to resist whatever James had in mind for her.

After touching her body, James took the scissors and smiling wickedly, cut the thin straps of her sun dress. James then caressed and kissed her shoulders. He then cut up the front of her dress exposing her belly. He then repeated the treatment on her exposed belly and navel.

Suddenly, Eve realized what James was up to. He was slowly and sensuously stripping her while teasing her. As James planted butterfly kisses on her belly, she could feel her flesh raised in goosebumps and she gasped as his tongue drew a wet line down her flat stomach.

He then cut a hole in front of her left breast exposing her dark brown nipple. The nub was already engorged and it stiffened even more as James used his expert mouth and tongue to suckle it. Eve writhed helplessly as the treatment was repeated on her other nipple.

James stood up and savoured the sight of his tightly bound prisoner with her dress snipped at strategic places to partially expose her. By this time Eve was squirming almost uncontrollably in her bonds at the teasing that she was getting. James was mightily controlling his own passion and resisting the urge to take his wife right there and then. He took the shears again and completed cutting up the middle of Eve’s dress. He slowly pulled the ruined clothing off her until she was left wearing her white panties. He could tell that there was a moist patch between her legs slowly spreading even as her breath came in gasps every time she felt the cool metal of the shears on her skin.

James pulled off his shirt and jeans and stood there in his tight briefs. His erection was very much in evidence and Eve could not take her eyes off James’ crotch wondering when she would feel “it” inside her.

James lay down on top of Eve. She badly wanted to embrace him but of course she was held down by the ropes. She could only lay there and accept ever touch and kiss from James as the heat within her slowly built to a boiling point.

Finally, James took the scissors again and cut up the sides of her panties until she was utterly naked and exposed to his eyes. He hungrily took in her nakedness and softly caressed and kissed her all over her body until she was groaning from desperate need.

Finally, James untied her legs and pulled off his briefs and they consummated their love until they both reached an incredible climax.

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Postby Driverman » Thu Jan 05, 2017 10:34 pm

Nice story, short and very sexy.

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Postby Switcher13 » Sat Jan 07, 2017 4:15 am

Driverman wrote:Nice story, short and very sexy.

Thanks so much! I'm thinking the husband deserves some payback. What do you think? Suggestions are welcome.

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Postby Abi » Sat Jan 07, 2017 6:34 am

yes payback would be great , in the form of roleplay :D

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Postby Switcher13 » Mon Jan 09, 2017 9:09 pm

Chapter 2 – James Captured!

Eve plotted how she could turn the tables on James. It finally happened one rainy Friday night. Eve had texted James that she would be coming home a little late to finish some work at the office. Thus James was unaware that Eve was lurking inside the darkened house awaiting her “victim.”

James closed and locked the door behind him and was about to flip the light switch when a voice called out, “Freeze! Don’t move or I’ll shoot!” Startled, James froze in his tracks as the hall light was switched on revealing a black-clad figure. The form-fitting pants and sweater revealed feminine curves and a ski mask covered her head. The mask did reveal her lips and James could recognize those luscious red lips anywhere. She was pointing a replica pistol at him.

“Turn around and put your hands on your head!” commanded Eve and James complied.

She then said, “Now what I want you to do is take off your clothes.” James slowly slipped out of his shoes and unbuttoned his shirt before peeling it off. He pulled off his undershirt and was topless. The shadows highlighted his muscular back. He unzipped his pants and pushed them down slowly to give his wife a show. He pulled off his socks.

“Now that’s a performance luv,” said Eve as she quickly pulled James hands behind him and restrained his wrists with a pair of padded handcuffs.

“Turn around! This way!” gestured Eve with the toy pistol towards the hallway. She stopped him at the door leading to the kitchen. She replaced the handcuffs with leather cuffs. She pulled out a spreader bar and cuffed his ankles so that he was standing wide-legged in the doorway. She gagged his mouth with a long piece of cloth that she wound twice around his head before knotting it off. James was now standing in the doorway, almost immobilized wearing nothing but his tight briefs. Eve could see that the front of his underwear was already bulging.

“My, my, what a sight you are are!” exclaimed Eve as her hands roved all over the bare flesh of the man she had captured. She licked her lips as she caressed his crotch that was barely concealed by the thin cloth. James moaned as his manhood was caressed.

“Now this won’t do. Hiding your naughty thing behind these tight briefs! Time to free willie I think,” giggled Eve as she took out a pair of safety scissors and cut down one side of the briefs and then the other. The cloth fell to the floor with a whisper revealing James’ engorged member.

“You are such a brute using this weapon on my wet and helpless slit!” scolded Eve as she continued to caress James’ most delicate part causing it to stand at full attention. She went behind him and attached a rope to James’ bound wrists and pulled bringing his arms up behind him and forcing him to bend forward. She tied off the other end of the rope to a sturdy anchor and approached his bent over captive from the rear. She kneaded his bare legs. She caressed his outer legs, his calves, his thighs and his butt. She landed several smacks to his rear end and James could only grunt as he was held fast by the tether.

Eve caressed the erect shaft from the back rubbing up and down its rigid length. James groaned at the teasing that was being inflicted on him. He writhed in his bondage.

“Down boy! You’re not getting off that easily!” said Eve as she stopped her ministrations and James groaned in helpless frustration. She untied the rope tether and James sighed as his arms fell back down. She freed her ankles from the spreader bar and ordered him up the stairs.

James was marched up the stairs and into the bedroom. He was made to sit down in the center of the bed while Eve unlocked the handcuffs. She pushed him down as soon as his wrists were freed and she took out a length of rope and bound his wrists in front of him before bringing them up to the headboard where she tied off the end firmly.

She took two more lengths of rope and tied off James’ ankles to the foot of the bed so that his legs were held wide open. Now he lay on the bed, stretched out, gagged and completely helpless. Eve pulled off the ski mask before slowly and sensuously disrobing. James could only watch and he could feel his loins desire his wife as never before. He writhed in vain for the ropes held him fast to the bed. His mouth made unintelligible sounds behind the gag.

Cat-like, Eve went between James’ spread legs and caressed his exposed manhood, caressing the balls and running her fingers up and down the erect shaft. She took him in her mouth and expertly used her tongue to caress the swollen member.

James could only squirm and writhe as he was teased to the edge only to have his captor withdraw leaving him sweating and panting for more. Finally, she squatted on his tremendous erection and her moist slit engulfed him. She moved slowly up and down torturing her prisoner until he felt he could take no more.

Finally, she picked up the pace and she screamed even as her man let out with a long groan as they both climaxed simultaneously. Eve collapsed onto her bound mate and the silence in the room was broken by the sounds of two sated lovers.

(Do you want to know what happens next?)

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