An Extreme Manhunt game. FFFFFF/MMMMMM

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An Extreme Manhunt game. FFFFFF/MMMMMM

Postby Leopord » Sat Oct 07, 2017 7:17 am

This happened this past summer. While most kids play video games or work for the summer at my age. Me and my friends play manhunt in our neighbor hood.

It was six girls vs six boys.

The boys were:
Sam Logge(14)
Brandon Wilson(14)
Jacob Matistien(14)
Pete Champers(14)
Harry Daniels(14)

The Girls were:
Lily DeAngelo(14)
Lucy Wilson(14)
Kim Daniels(14)
Sarah Dayes(15)
Angelina Vill(14)
Rebecca Hande(16)

We'd used to play in the woods, but due to our previous manhunt base was an old decrepit house we decided to move it back to the neighbor hood and make the base Lily's house since her mom was the only one who knew of our tied up games and wouldn't tell the others parents.

We went over the rules at Lily's until she threw in a new bit of information. "Also after we catch you, we'll have something fun for later." She than smiled and said for us to run and hide.

I ran and hid inside my neighbors shed behind a big box. All our neighbors didn't no about our tugs but they knew we played manhunt and allowed us to hide anywhere on their property besides their house and to not break anything.

It probably wasn't my best idea since it was hot in the shed but I didn't want to find out what that "something fun" is.

Three minutes later.

I heard the shed door hoping it was the neighbor getting a tool or something. But, no it was Rebecca and Sarah. I was still behind the box and tried to be a quiet as possible.

Rebecca taunted "Come out, Come out wherever you are." Suddenly two hands grabbed me and the girls found me. Sarah pulled my hands behind my back and started binding my hands together with cotton rope.

Rebecca grabbed a small piece of cloth and wrapped it around my eyes. They than walked me to Lily's house to have "something fun" happen to me.


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Re: An Extreme Manhunt game. FFFFFF/MMMMMM

Postby ducttape gagged » Sat Oct 07, 2017 10:08 am

I like where this is going!!! ;) HAHAHAHAHA

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Re: An Extreme Manhunt game. FFFFFF/MMMMMM

Postby jo689hn » Sat Oct 07, 2017 11:57 am

So do i

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Re: An Extreme Manhunt game. FFFFFF/MMMMMM

Postby solarbeast34 » Sat Oct 07, 2017 12:54 pm

As said above this is a great start. I'm very interested in where this story goes from here.

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Re: An Extreme Manhunt game. FFFFFF/MMMMMM

Postby Leopord » Sat Oct 07, 2017 7:31 pm

Halfway through our walk to Lily's, Rebecca removes my blindfold and says "I can't wait for you to see the surprise."

"I wonder if it's a puppy" I say sarcastically. Sarah laughs and replies "Oh it's better than a puppy."

"Than what is it ?" I ask. Rebecca said "It's a surprise and stop talking, unless you want a gag in your mouth." I remain silent until we reach Lily's two story home.

Inside I see Lucy and Kim standing by with a bound Pete, Brandon, and Sam. Lily and Angelina were still out looking for Jacob and Harry.

"Well while Lily and Angie are out, make the boys comfortable girls." Sarah took off my sneakers and socks. With the other girls getting the others boys shoes and socks off.

"Pew wee." Cries Kim. "You boys got some stinky feet." Before pinching her nose.

"So what we've got worse." Says Lucy while removing her ugg boots. "Uhh why are you wearing uggs in summer ?" I ask. "Because silly, it makes my feet nice and stinky." Lucy replies waving her black socks.

Sarah wore pink socks, Rebecca had black pantyhose, and Kim had white and black striped socks.

Seconds later the living room stunk of girl and boy feet.

"You weren't kidding" Said Sam. Lucy look at him and simply said "It's better up close." Before shoving her socked feet in his face.

So the girls preceded to put their feet in our faces. Sarah to Pete, Kim to Brandon, and Rebecca took me. Her pantyhose smelled terrible and it wasn't help that she wore flats which I heard make feet stinkier.

Lily and Angelina walked in with Harry and Jacob tied up like us. Lily screamed "What the heck, you weren't suppose to do that until we arrived." The other girls got up and had embarrassed expressions.

"Whatever, let's show them the big surprise." Smiled Angie.


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Re: An Extreme Manhunt game. FFFFFF/MMMMMM

Postby Ace234 » Tue Oct 10, 2017 12:45 am

PM me for a yarn!!

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Re: An Extreme Manhunt game. FFFFFF/MMMMMM

Postby gaggednbarefoot » Fri Oct 13, 2017 2:23 pm

If only I had been in on this game when I was 10 years younger
Tie me up, take my shoes and socks and tickle my feet.

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