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German Exchange

Postby gaggednbarefoot » Sun Jul 23, 2017 7:43 am

German Exchange with Stella

This was some years after my time with Julie. I was about 14 and studying German at school along with French. My mum had a contact at work , international colleague, who had a daughter studying English (she was German) aged 16 and wanted to stay in England to improve her language skills floor r her school leaving exams.
Mum agreed for her to come and stay for three weeks. Mutual language help because my German was,awful. I failed in the end. Anyway, she came to stay in our spare room. Like me she spent most of the time round the house narefoot and we actually got on quite well. It was,also kudos for me with my friends, having an older girl in the house, like a big sister.
Anyway, one day in the summer holiday I was out in the garden doing something mucky and physical, building a tree house or something, which involved having lots of lengths of rope out. I was,wearing socks and trainers for once. She came out bare foot and asked what I was doing. She had stepped in a loop of rope , accidentally I thought, but she tied did an odd thing. She pulled it right round her ankles, she was bare footed, cinched it a couple of times,and hopped forward. She gave me the free end and said something like "I'm your slave, I must follow you." Very odd but an invitation to some fun. So I led homeschooling round the garden, making her jump on wet grass, the gravel path, hard concrete of the patio, until she stumbled and fell, fortunately onto the grass. I thought first was,she hurt but saw,she was laughing. I thought of thing her hands up but saw she was taking the ropes,off her feet l. I decided to lay along with this "Are you hurt, are you OK." Rather than tie her up more. I made some comment about a,useless,slave. But left it at that.

It was,a few days later, raining and we inside watching TV, both wearing jeans, t-shirts and bare feet. I can't remember what was on TV or if it was really of any relevance. Probably MTV. But for some reason, I honestly don't know why, there was some cord in the lounge, curtain tie-back or parcels string or something it does,not matter. I can't remember why or now but I managed to tie it loosely round her wrists,in front of her. She wiggled out in seconds so I tied her again, tighter this time. To my dismay she was out in a couple of minutes. She tied me, cinching my wrists. She pointed out this was what made it tight and difficult to escape. She was right. I tried to wriggle free but was only able to escape by undoing the knots with my teeth. She said "you could not do that if your hands were behind you , or you had..." She gestured pulling something between her teeth, clearly her school did not teach her English for gag.
I tired next, tying her hands behind her back, cinching the turning, and putting three or four knots away from her fingers. I watched her struggling for a couple of minutes and went to find more supplies.
Tie me up, take my shoes and socks and tickle my feet.

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Re: German Exchange

Postby Nick » Sun Jul 23, 2017 10:06 am

Please continue!

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Re: German Exchange

Postby Plueschbabycd » Sun Jul 23, 2017 10:36 am

Hallo gaggednbarefoot, as Germany I can proof that I learn most vocabulary related to bondage after school from english pages.
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