Playing in the mountains (mm/f ff/m FM/m)

Female to Male Tie Ups.

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Playing in the mountains (mm/f ff/m FM/m)

Postby soyoutie » Sat Jun 10, 2017 5:57 am

When I was a kid, my family and I used to spend some weekends in a house in the Mountains. The place was in fact a village close to a small town.
There were plenty of kids to hang out with, and we always met to play various games. Mostly, when it was just us boys, we would play so e soccer or basketball, but when some girls joined we would play something more female friendly. Parents didn't mind leaving us free to play thru the whole village as long as we stayed far from roads and from the river. It was a very pleasant and danger-free environment.
At the time of this episode I was 12 and I already had some other tie up experience from time to time. I enjoyed them a lot but usually it wasn't me bringing them out.
Me and some friend of mine built some kind of "bases" which mostly consisted in a house on the tree plus some fences and a series of ladders and ropes to climb on the huge trees at the very border of the forest.
We had a great time obviously, I think any kid would love to play in such a setting. Anyways, back then we were a good bunch of some 10 kids, and we could often play some cops & robbers which could sometimes go into elaborate plots, specially when girls were involved and demanded something more sophisticated then just running around shouting and brandishing toy guns.
That afternoon we decided to play some of our war games when out of the blue arrived this little girl we knew: she was 9 and for us she was a pain in the neck. We used to consider her a toddler since a 3 year difference in that lapse of age felt like a decade plus she was very annoying, she would cry for anything and spoil everyone's mood if you wouldn't do as she told or expected. Some of us also kinda pitied her since she was very lonely, her mom just left, she had a stepsister and a stepbrother that hated her just for being her and father was never there. So eventually we would avoid her as long as possible but when she showed up we couldn't avoid yelding to her wills.
She insisted that we would play a cops and robbers game which consisted in some hide and seek kind of action. When someone was found he would have been brought to the base where he would be kept until either all robbers where taken or he would be freed by the fellow robbers. To make things funnier, we decided that after 20 mins the captive would be freed no matter what so that the game would be enjoyable for everyone. We formed two teams, I was with all guys while in the opponent's team there where a girl more or less my age, Roxanne her name, and the small bothering girl (Stephanie).
After some time we eventually captured Roxanne, and we brought her to the base. Despite the set rules, she didn't play clean and as soon as we started going around to bust more robbers, she sneaked away. My teammate Andrew saw her sneaking away so we chased her; being faster, we quickly got hold on her and dragged her back to the base.
Here, Andrew decided to tie her up to prevent further escape. She wasn't so happy about it but she accepted it as part of the punishment for not having been complying to rules. We tied her to a tree with hands behind her back with a piece of rope. At first she struggled a bit but we easily subdued her.
We kept her there and started patrolling around, unsuccessfully. 20 mins had passed and my teammate was about to release Roxanne, when I proposed to still keep her in order to attract her teammates and captured them. She got jokingly angry, and started saying that she would get back at us. I joked back, saying that from being a robber she ended up being the damsel in distress.
After a while, still no one was showing up when some rustling in the leaves got us aroused. Apparently someone was falling In the trap, but Roxanne, understanding what was going on, started screaming at top of her lungs that it was an ambush and to run away.
Promptly Alex, one of my teammates, put a hand on her mouth muffling her screaming, but the ambush was already a failure. Alex kept his hand on her mouth, as she was struggling and moaning. He then told to gag her since he couldn't stay there for forever. So I ran home to catch something to gag her, and came back soon afterward with some clean handkerchiefs and tape. She was nervously giggling now, asking not to and she would stay quiet. But at that point, we felt like we had to teach her a lesson. As Andrew took the tape, she strongly opposed, saying it would hurt. So I proceeded to tie a handkerchief over her mouth to what I thought would be enough.
She stayed there tied and gagged without saying a word for at least another 30 minutes before eventually we got bored of the stagnating game and released her.
Soon after we met again with the enemy team and decided to start another game with the promise of being all more active. After some time of playing I went to hide in the storage of a abandoned house. Unluckily I forgot I previously showed this hiding place to the little Stephanie. After some time being hidden, that little imo found me and had me captured.
I was brought to the enemy base, which was in a barn. There was also another teammate of mine, Lawrence, already tied to a pole.
The two guys of the enemy team proceeded to tie me up with some strings. I was very reluctant and tried to fight back, but things arrived to the point to which either I would have to hurt them (and being friends, I didn't want) or i would have to surrender.
My arms were above my head bound to the step of a ladder. At that point, that mischievous little girl, told to Roxanne to gag me.
Roxanne pulled out the handkerchiefs from my pockets, about to cleave gag me, and Stephanie took out her small hanky from her pocket, stuffed it in my mouth only for Roxanne to finish gagging me. Roxanne then looked in my eyes and parodizing what I previously told her, said that from a robber I became a damsel In Distress.
I stayed bound and gagged for at least 30 mins: eventually the remaining teammates were all captured and I got released.
The game went on the whole afternoon and more or less each of us ended up to be tied and gagged. Despite I was still unaware of any sexual connotation of this tie-up games, I clearly remember that I had no interest at all in tying up other guys and, on the opposite, I was very much into capturing Roxanne.
For a couple of year's from time to time we still did some tie up games, but unluckily we all grew up to that age in which it s not acceptable anymore and tying up implies to this or that extent something sex-related.

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Re: Playing in the mountains (mm/f ff/m FM/m)

Postby Z-Man » Sat Sep 02, 2017 10:40 pm

Nice story. I've always wanted to play a game like this, but never could. Great job.
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