Kidnapped by Sister FF/M

Female to Male Tie Ups.

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Kidnapped by Sister FF/M

Postby mrgaggy2000 » Tue May 30, 2017 6:48 pm

Hi there i'm Mr Gaggy but you all can Call me Eddie,im 5'9,and im 177 pounds

i have been into Tie ups from a very young age, throughout my life i have been on both ends of a tie up many times
how ever my first ever experience was when i was 9 years old

it was a Saturday night and Growing up on a council estate, whoever lived on your street was family and every Saturday lots of us got together and had a party. or the adults(all women through a lack of Dad's) would drink, and the kids would chill upstairs

one particular night however it was a party as normal and i decided i wanted to be alone so i went into my bedroom while the other kids played out and did what they did

around 8 at night i hear "Eddie can you come here a minute please" it was my Sister Charley calling me.

for those wondering at the time Charley was 14 years old, had a very athletic build, and long Black hair.

i open her bedroom door to find My "Cousin" Emma sat on the bed.

(Emma wasn't my real cousin our Mothers were lifelong friend so i call her my cousin as i grew up with her, Emma looked almost identical to Charley except her hair was Brown)

she sat on the bed grinning at me, before i could even say anything a hand was clamped over my mouth and my body was restrained by an arm.

it was Charley she grinned as she said "help me Emma quick"

Emma shot over to me and they both sat me down on the deck chair that was in my sisters room, still hand gagged by Charley, Emma told me to "Be quiet"

i complied then Charley moved her hand from my mouth

"What do you want?" i asked

Charley bent down to talk to me "can Emma and i do your makeup"

"No you fucking cant" i shouted(yes i was 9 and swearing)

" i thought you might say that" Charley smiled

she nodded as Emma began to Tie my wrists to the arm of the chair with duct tape

"No get of-MPPPH" I tried to shout in protest until Charley Hand gagged me again

"Shhh shhh shh calm down just relax" Charley said keeping a tight grip on my mouth

Emma continued to tie my wrists,ankles ,waist and chest to the chair before finally finishing.Charley let go of my mouth
i struggled to get out of the tape but it wouldn't budge.

"can we do your makeup now?" Charley asked

"NO YOU CANT!!! MUUUUUUM MUU-Mmmph" i scream as i'm hand gagged again
"pass me that sock please Emma" Charley asked
Emma picked up a dirty sock from the floor and passed it to Charley who then shoved the dirty sock into my mouth and held her hand over my mouth to keep it in
"Tape it in quick" Charley said

Emma took the duct tape end placed it on my mouth wrapping it around my head twice.
"MPPPH MPPPH" i moan in protest of my situation i wasn't happy
"Awwwww bless he's trying to speak" said Emma
"whats that Eddie? you want make up now? well if you say so"
"MPPPPPPPPPPHHHHHHH" i moaned in protest

"boom boom boom" i hear footsteps coming upstairs
thank god im saved"i think to myself

the door opens and there stands my Auntie Christine
she looks at me and simply laughs leaving with a "have fun girls" as she exits the room

"Oh brilliant im fucked" i think to myself

there was no hope now. the girls began to do my makeup i was having the worst time.

after a few hours of taking my pictures and teasing me they blindfolded me turned the light off and went to bed with me still tied to the chair i could not escape so i settled for a long night

i was untied the next morning by the girls

Emma asked me "if i had fun?"

i respond with "ill get you both back for this"

and i certainly did :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
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Re: my first time being tied up FF/M

Postby Beserkade12 » Thu Jun 01, 2017 8:40 am

Great story! :D Would like to hear about how you got them back xD

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Re: my first time being tied up FF/M

Postby mrgaggy2000 » Thu Jun 01, 2017 5:40 pm

Beserkade12 wrote:Great story! :D Would like to hear about how you got them back xD

i'll start writing about it soon

im currently on when i was most recently tied up :bound: :bound:

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