Keeping it in the family

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Keeping it in the family

Postby HushedPuppy » Fri May 26, 2017 8:03 am

I've wrote a couple of stories about my best friend during my early adolescence binding and gagging me. The first was a revelation, the second, a welcome confirmation. Even back then he had hinted his big sister had initiated him into “tie ups”. I was hopeful, but dubious, we played out our tie up games- 9 times out of 10 I was the person bound. The times I was not, my high school buddy freed himself. I did not try too hard on the capture side – when he escaped, my subsequent bondage in the next session was harsh, and came with “pointers” from my more “experienced” buddy. We grew up in an expanding suburb- there were plenty of secluded bushland, a quarry, a pine plantation and houses being constructed. We spent a good few months trekking around and finding secluded spots for our nefarious, secret games.
My buddy's sister was hot. Several years older, beautiful, well endowed and smart. Way smarter than her younger brother, my friend. As we left after school, she had to sweep the driveway and backyard, that typically of Eastern Europeans was brickpaved. I have a thing for barefoot girls, and I constantly checked her out, sweeping, her bare soles black. I could tell she was resentful of the fact that her make sibling got off of domestic chores whilst she, with more homework, had more duties. I would watch her as she moved around, infatuated by how powerful she looked- her curves, her raven hair and intensity.

She was a “bogey man”. My buddy would refer to her as the person who taught him. But I was suspicious. I was hopeful, don't get me wrong. I preferred the idea of being tied up by a woman, particularly one as obviously smart and cute as his sister. But I suspected he was projecting his own desires onto someone else – he seemed to have some fixed things he liked to do to me, like shoving dirty socks in my mouth, making me talk under my gag, smoking in front of me as I sat bound and captive etc. I might have preferred a female captor, but I was not that picky – as long as I was gagged and tied, I was down. So, sensing my buddy's need to call the shots I just went with what he said. I limited feedback to efficacy of ligatures, gags and spots we picked for our games. I fantasised about his sister, but had my suspicions regarding the authenticity of her interest in bondage.

I remembered the first time my friend tied me. My friend was just as uneasy as I was as being discovered as his sister burst into the room, as I sit wide eyed, tied and gagged in the closet. I reasoned, if she was into what we were into, surely the need for secrecy that day was unnecessary. But I still hoped she was.
I suspected that if her role as a protagonist was to be discovered (and true), it would be by her discovering us mid game. She had originally spied my Maseur sandals left after I had been secreted in the closet… I'd even resolved to scream hard into those invariably harsh tape gags my buddy wrapped around my head, in the vain attempt she might be attracted to the faint noise and stumble upon me. To be honest, I kinda wished it. But my buddy was careful, he only ever tied me in the house when he was sure we would be undisturbed by siblings and parents around. In the event they were, we would go somewhere else, ropes, scarves and tape in my friends pockets.

In the end, I suspect it was straight out betrayal. My friend must have told his sister what we were up to. One night, I started up the road to my friends house, due for a sleep over. We hung out with some girls down the park. I was barefoot, like all the girls. Being the only guy in bare feet, I was derided by the guys there. Particularly my friend, who liked the same girl I did. It seemed to back fire, as the girl, protective of me being “ostracised” stuck up for me. Soon after we left for dinner. The plan was we would come back out after dinner.

We ate pizza at the large formal dining table. It was there that the big sister bought up that she was aware of my interest in tie up games. “So, Michael tells me you like being tied up?”, she ventured. Caught unaware, I did not know how much to respond, and also feeling exposed, just decided to play it “dumb”. Staring at the ground, and fixing on her cute feet and legs, I nodded a “mmmm hmmm”.

“Well, that's not very impressive. Michael tells me you are very good at getting out of gags and his ties”. This was a complete lie- I very rarely made significant progress in loosening my bonds, let alone escaping. But, sensing presenting defiance was the way to motivate my new potential captor, I played it safe. “I try”.

It was agreed that using regular tape and rope was too easy. The sister bought out a dressing gown cord and bound my arms behind my back. We sat and watched tv. I sat next to my friend as his sister cleaned up. It was half way thru the news that my friend announced that he wanted to go out. I began to protest, saying I should go too, when my friend hand gagged me.

The two siblings agreed that I should stay back and keep his sister company. She padded in her bare feet into the garage and came back with a chamois that was usually used to wash a car. It was unceremoniously rammed into my mouth. It was obvious that packing people's mouths as part of a gag ran in the family. Before I had a chance to spit out the gag, a large tea towel was tied between my mouth as a cleave gag. The sister was kneeling over me knotting the gag several times as my friend left. “Gonna go. I'll tell Monica you said hi” he teased.
I groaned and rolled my eyes as the big sister used some cloth strips (they looked like ripped up sheets) to tie my knees, ankles and thighs together. Another, wide piece of cloth was tied over my mouth. At this point, my captor took it upon herself to “educate” me about gags. “I'm betting my brother, being lazy uses tape a lot on you?”. I was silent for a while, but big sister was comfortable with that and sat watching me, expecting an answer. “Mmmmm” I replied, nodding my head, just to ensure I was understood.
“Tapes great. But, there are plenty of ways of shutting someone up. Even a big mouth”. I looked on, hapless and wideeyed. “Are u a big mouth? Michael says you talk a lot, but you seem kinda ok to me. Are you a good guy?” she teased. “Mmmm” I nodded, feeling obligated to appease my new captor. “Well good guy or not, I'm gonna have to look the doors and tie you up properly. I can't risk you getting out”, big sis continued. I heard her feet padding on tiles and doors locking. Next thing I knew she was tying some rolled up, ripped sheets to my hands and feet. I was effectively hog tied.

I was still tied up and gagged on the lounge floor as my friend returned. He just chuckled. “Haha. Told she was boss at tying up”. I just sat helpless on the floor, at the feet of the sister. “Shhh. Don't disturb the movie”. My friend joined his sister on the couch. It was only after the movie that I was untied.

That night I lay in bed. I was confused, but felt really lucky that I knew two people in my adolescence who liked tying me up.

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Re: Keeping it in the family

Postby xtc » Fri May 26, 2017 8:18 am

I'm glad you are posting so often. Perhaps we can get back to being a story site!
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Re: Keeping it in the family

Postby HushedPuppy » Sun May 28, 2017 5:51 am

Haha. Thanks

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Re: Keeping it in the family

Postby canuck100 » Sun May 28, 2017 5:59 am

Great story! If one of my friends had a big sister into tie ups like your friend's, I'd have been over to their place all the time! :)


Re: Keeping it in the family

Postby HushedPuppy » Sun May 28, 2017 6:21 am

Hahaha. I had a crush on her before, so that was a good incentive.

It was also a default hang out spot because their parents worked.

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