A Night With Alexis, fff/m

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A Night With Alexis, fff/m

Postby Jon Snow » Thu Apr 06, 2017 2:10 am

Intro -

This is a continuation of my story, "A Night of Foot-Torture", since the circumstances of the situation I was in changed enough for me to think it needed to be continued in a separate story thread.

The previous part detailed how I was captured and tortured by my friend's little sister Alexis at a party.
This story will continue on from that, detailing how I spent the night with Alexis, her playful sister, my friend Katie and their psychotic and sadistic cousin Kitty.

Part 1 -

Alexis had left me to go and obtain permission from my parents for me to stay the night.
I knew my parents would say yes, and leave me here to my fate.
I remained tied firmly to Alexis' bed, a pantygag muffling any cries for help.

After about ten minutes, Alexis returned.
The grin on her face told me her request had been accepted.
"Hey Jon," she said. "good news. You get to stay the night. Now come down with me. The girls would like to see you before they leave!"

Alexis untied me from the bed, then re-tied some of the tights around my wrists.
She decided with a smile to keep me gagged.
And so I was humiliatingly led downstairs by the wrists by an eleven year old girl...

When we got down to the front room, my fate took a drastic turn.
Three girls, Alexis' friends, were sitting on the sofa.
They giggled when they saw me, and all got up.
Then Alexis pushed me down onto my back on the sofa.

And before I knew it, the four girls were sitting on me, using me as a cushion.
And as Alexis' rear descended on my face, I got a glimpse of what my evening would be like...

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Re: A Night With Alexis, fff/m

Postby Zero » Fri Apr 07, 2017 5:51 am

:) good, continue please!
Love bound and gagged girls, feet, socks and more :tied: :gag:

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Re: A Night With Alexis, fff/m

Postby Jon Snow » Sat Aug 26, 2017 11:49 am

Part 2 -

A spent a good half-hour trapped under the four girls.
Every time I shuffled or tried to move, the girls would respond, shuffling around until I stopped.
Alexis' movement on my face was the most humiliating.

At length, however, the other three girls left, giving Alexis hugs and kissing me on the cheek, giggling as they did so.
And I was just left with Alexis.
She grinned at me.
"Come on, slave," she said. "Kitty is sleeping over in Katie's room and I reckon we could join them for the night. A big slumber party. With you as the guest of honour. Won't that be fun?"
The gleam in her eyes told me exactly what I already knew - it would be fun for the girls.
And for me?

Less so.

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