Games with my q cousin

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Games with my q cousin

Postby bakemono » Mon Feb 06, 2017 3:44 pm

So I'll start this off by saying I'm blessed to have a massive family of 8 cousins, 6 second cousins, and yeah you get the point. This is also only on one side of the family. My dad was adopted into an all white family so we also have my mom's side of the family and her cousins. so if you're wondering where my abundance of tales come from, most of my friends were girls up to high school and most of my cousins on both sides are girls.

Anyways, I'm getting side tracked. This specific story was with my cousin L whom I've had other stories about.

In about 7th grade, I stayed with my grandparents while L was sleeping over too. I was very excited to have sleep overs when I was younger and especially with L since we always had games. At first we started playing a game of outdoors tag but as it got later into the night we started doing indoor games. Being kids, we were still full of energy. We slid down the carpeted stairs, played with model trains in the basement and even road scooters around (the basement was largeish. But still cold and concrete) being kids, we were also very noisy. During our game of trying to run each other over with razor scooters, grandma called from the basement door for us to be a quiet in that stern but loving manner grandmas do. We sat on the steps of the basement and began shooting ideas of more games to play. L tucked a strand of her long sandy blonde hair (she only cut it recently. Which is why it was shorter in my other story) and stared up at the light. She then suggested "how about I tie you up and you try to escape?" and I felt my heart skip in excitement. This was probably the most blunt rendition of a TUG I've ever had. Anyways I agreed obviously but shrugged it off like "I guess so"

I had always been into being tied up. I snuck out to the local corner store and bought emergency rope and would frequently bind myself sloppily when no one was home. Obviously, I was very excited to play. We were both in our pajamas consisting of flannel like plaid trousers and a t shirt.

I taunted her saying she'd have to fight me for it and we began to wrestle. She grabbed my wrists and forced me onto a rubber mat. (most of the floor was concrete) I'd argue to say I obviously didn't fight much for something I couldn't wait for to happen and she continued to fight for control. Eventually after some
Tossing and turning she ended up sitting on my chest while I was laying on the ground. Both my arms were pinned above my head and she was hunched over me, blocking out the bright fluorescent light above. Her hair curtained down around me and tickled my nose. We were both panting and giggling and I untensed my body, letting her have full control. She'd known she'd won and was ready for a makeshift tie up.

These memories are pretty vivid for me since none of them were entirely too long ago... in case you were wondering

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