Car pooling with Kay

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Car pooling with Kay

Postby HushedPuppy » Sat Feb 04, 2017 6:59 pm

Public bondage is a very exciting prospect for me, but the fear of discovery tended to make my exploration very cautious. I'd always tended to limit my forays into isolated areas where the chance of discovery was slim like woods or dunes in the beach.

Recently I met a girl called Kay. She was very nice, but it was a short term thing. I quickly discovered that she had leather hand cuffs and this led to a fair exchange of ideas. Kay liked the idea of me being submissive, making me walk barefoot next to her in public while she wore sandals, making me wash and brush her hair, paint toenails etc.

One day, she hit on the idea of cuffing my hands as we left for work. She removed my shoes telling me that would stop me trying to run off and I could put them on when we got to the city where we worked. She drove me into town, generally, being very curt and bossy with me.

As we zipped past cars on the freeway I was terrified of being discovered, but thrilled at doing this around so many people. As we past trucks I made especially sure my hands were obscured by the seat belt, hiding the cuffs.

It was over too soon, but a nice start to work. We both liked it and wanted to improve on the experience. We hit on the gag pretty easily, and by the end of the night we had a good secret blindfold worked out too. Kay used black nail polish on the inside of a cheap pair of sunglasses, obscuring the lens. And she used a sports band to hold the glasses on.

The next day, she cuffed my hands BEHIND my back.
-Open wide, she said cheerfully, holding a yellow foam ball in front of me.
I got confused, as last night we only discussed using thick clear packing tape to gag me.
- what is that?
- it's (her company's) stress ball, and can I just say you are starting to stress me out, so just quit the yammering and open your mouth.
I complied and as she shoved the ball in, wondered where she had acquired the term "yammering". It sounded so something an authentic noir villain would say just before gagging their prisoner.
She made sure my lips surrounded the ball so only a little bit of the ball was visible and pulling my head forward by the neck used one of those tape gun dispensers to wrap clear tape around my mouth and head repeatedly. After 30 or so seconds, she patted my check and patronisingly remarked, - I should do this to you when you first come over, I like you so much better like this.
I felt obligated to defy her so I attempted to say
- that's a really lame joke. All that came out was garbled, muffled groans.
- what's that, you are worried about the sun getting in your eyes on the freeway. Well, I have just the thing.
She put the glasses on me, limiting my vision to a very small spot between my face and eyes. After she tightened the strap, my view went completely dark.
-mmmmmm (thanks) , I attempted. Both my words and the implied sarcasm obscured by the gag.
-ok. Let's hit the road. Just two innocuous travellers going to work. One attractive, kind girlfriend and her obnoxious boyfriend who is definitely not bound and gagged in anyway. Hahaha.
She laughed at her own joke as the garage door raised and we drove through the twisting corners of her suburb.
Soon we hit the road. It was very exciting, relying largely on kinetic awareness and sound. My touch heightened by the sensory deprivation, I got fixated on scrunching my toes into the cars leather upholstery.
Suddenly we pulled off the road. Sensing I had detected we had taken a detour she informed me
- change of plan, I'm going to stash you by the motorway, and pick you back up after work. Cool?
It most certainly was not -mmmmmm mnnn mmmm
- haha. You little stress head, I should have used two stress balls on you. Relax, I just need to get some fuel.
-mmmmm mmm.
- chill it will be ok. It will just take a second. She turned the radio off and began pumping the fuel. I became aware of lots of voices, as my fear of discovery became acute. The pumping stopped and Kay went to pay.
I heard a mother tell her children off for fighting, before Kay was back. The aroma of coffee filled the car.
- hi, I was gonna get you one, but you know the whole tape thing.
I shrugged fatalistically - mmmm (seems fair).
Soon we were zipping up the freeway. Occasionally, Kay would put on a shocked voice and say something like - I think those people next to us have figured out I've tied u up. They are pointing and ringing on the phone. Then she would cackle and say, only kidding.
Suddenly a siren started up and I immediately entertained the worst, we were being flagged and my embarrassing predicament would be exposed.
- relax, it's not for us, said Kay. Not even I'm thatmuch if bitch as to strong u along on that.
I settled back into the comforting toe carpet scrunching and we rolled into town.
The game came to an abrupt end as we pulled up. Cuffs removed and belt off, Kay left to find parking. Leaving me to remove gag and glasses and put on my shoes.
A quick peck and we split on separate routes to work, our secret adventure over.

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Re: Car pooling with Kay

Postby gaggednbarefoot » Sun Feb 05, 2017 2:09 am

Soundscool, especially being made to walk barefoot alongside her.
Tie me up, take my shoes and socks and tickle my feet.

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Re: Car pooling with Kay

Postby HarveyGasson » Tue May 16, 2017 1:10 pm

Another great story

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Re: Car pooling with Kay

Postby Jon Snow » Thu May 18, 2017 3:35 am

Short but sweet, loved it!

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