My intense muse...

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My intense muse...

Postby HushedPuppy » Sat Feb 04, 2017 4:00 pm

The next time I saw her, I was walking along the road. A yellow hatch pulled up and she offered me a lift. I got in, and she made a joke about being careful, you know, about accepting lifts from strangers. It was like that old dynamic again, where she kept you off balance and alluded to things she found out about you. She paused, looked me up and down, smiled a half smile of approval, before delivering the punchline - it would be a real shame if u ended up being kidnapped and all. And we laughed. And I knew right then we would see more of each other. She was too serious and intense to ever be described as funny, but she had a curiousity about finding out things about you, drawing them out, she was a great, non judgemental listener and she used the information like it was a little secret between you.

We had both never really been single at the same time, so this was the real opportunity. But we had been close, in a lot of ways closer than in a sexual relationship. It's sometimes easier to tell a girl things if u r not sleeping with her. She became my confessor, drawing out my history, the difficulties fitting in after changing country, social anxiety. And of course my peccadillos, the feet, the reason I had like 10 different pairs of Masuer sandals, bondage, my submissive side. She adopted some of the things I would find attractive, a fact a lot of my partners picked up on and found threatening. I remember many argument starting after Mel had left - she was definitely flirting with you! And why does she never wear shoes, does u know about your thing. We just kind of picked right up after that day. Or should I say the phone started ringing and she started showing up unannounced to my part time job when I was on my shift. Early on she had me give her advice on hardware. I first had to help her select some "really strong, firm rope" and then "the stickiest duct tape you have". All the while, standing there with that semi ironic smile, eyebrows arched and her tight, waif like body made to look even more feminine by her Japanese type summer dress and bare feet. She waited for me after work and we slept together for the first time that day.

She immediately began walking barefoot. Invariably, if I turned up wearing sandals, she would ask me to remove them. Not, like take them off, just a suggestion - it would be great if you took them off so we could go barefoot together. I like doing it. I think she got a kick out people being able to easily identify us as being together, and she knew it pleased me. It reinforced her acceptance of my "stuff".

She gradually began acquiring Masuer sandals. Like a new set every pay cycle. She had dug out her old smooth beige ones, which matched a pair I had. Then one day I came home and saw her cleaning, her tiny feet in ankle strap beige Masuers. Next fortnight she picked me up from uni, her feet on the dash showing her black regular ones. Pretty soon we had matching ones, and a little game of subtle power began. It was an unaccepted rule that we matched our footwear for the day. If I was barefoot so was she, if she wore sandals, so did I I, and the same pair. The exception was her work or when we went formal, like dinner. But everything else, shops, movies, barbecues at friends houses, we matched. It was our thing. At first, it was democratic, she would pick some days and consult me on others. Gradually, she stopped asking. Pretty soon she just told me, you are going barefoot today, or would just dump sandals in front of me announcing - we are going like this. That might have put others off, but I loved it. And

I gradually let her take over my day to day decisions. I did chores to her specifications, gradually hung out with her friends etc etc. She was very attentive to my needs, and very sweet one on one. I loved the attention and the intensity. Sex was great, vanilla for many months, but great. She developed a little game where if I annoyed her, she would "punish" me by wearing formal shoes for a while. It might sound really bitchy, but I really started hanging for her to forgive me, give a little smile and a kiss. This game was the precursor for her introducing rope play into our home life.

It took a couple of months to appear. The first night after we lay together I asked her where the rope and tape she bought that day had got to and she told me
- it's away for safe keeping. I will do those things to you when I think you are ready. Do u understand?
- yeh I guess, I replied, a little unconvincingly.
- well listen closely, if u want me to control you, properly, like I know deep down you want, you have to accept that I'm calling the shots. 100% of the time. Not that half assed stuff you did before with your other partners. It does not work with me tying you up, and then you still doing as you please. If we are going to do this, you must show me this. Do you understand, don't answer straight away. Think about it. But whatever you do, don't piss me off by asking me about it all the time. Every time you ask me, I will delay taking more control over you.
I went to answer her, but she just kissed me lightly on the lips and said, shhh. She transformed in that instant, switching from stern schoolteacher to sweet girlfriend. It was kinda hot.

The next day, as if to make a point, we stopped into a used clothes store and she made a big show of picking ties and scarves. She was really obvious about their intended use because she would often hold ones against my skin as if to see if it matched. Eventually, the tension got too much for me and I blurted out. - that thing last night I understand it's just...
- so a yes then? Stern, business look.
- yes, I'm really...
- great. Now remember the rules. I say when we talk and do anything about it. There can only be one person in charge.
- great, I'm starved, let's buy these things and go get lunch okay? The same sweet smile, and I'm dumbfounded as she just turns abruptly, walking lightly to the counter in her bare feet.

I was too scared after that day to ever ask again. I had just about resigned myself to the idea it might not happen, or at least would not be a big part of our relationship, when one day, after a barbecue we drove home. As she pulled up, she told me to wait in the car, she had a surprise for me. She let herself in, I remember looking at her, cut off denim shorts and tight crop top, her calves straining in her ankle strap sandals. She was mega cute. Minutes later she came back out and beckoned me in from the porch. I walked in and in the dining room I could see one of the kitchen chairs poisitioned in the centre. Next to it was a bag (she later began referring to this as our bag of tricks) and I was pretty sure I could see rope and other things like scarves through the open zipper.
- have a seat. Make yourself comfy. She gestured with her hands.
I sat nervously as she drew the curtains on the window. Catching my nervous glance, she volunteered
- I have big plans for you, and the last thing we need is someone interrupting us.
- Mel what is going...
- Quiet. Not another peep. She rushed over and clamped her hand over my mouth.
- ok. Housekeeping. At some stage tonight you will be unable to talk. But I may want you to answer me. The system is simple, nod for yes and shake your head for no. Got it?
- mmmm. I replied.
- let's try that again shall we? Do you understand?
- I nodded.
- Good, now I got to get down to the business of tying your ass up, so if I take my hand off, do you promise not to scream, ask dumb questions or generally interrupt my flow?
I nodded.
- awesome, because as far as tonight goes, you are to be seen and not heard.
She bounced away and slipped out of her sandals. Then rummaged in the bag. She approached me with four ties in her hand.
- Place your arms on the rests, palms down.
I complied. The first tie bound my wrist to the arm rest. She then did the same to the other wrist, before using the other ties on both elbows.
Standing up, she checked that the bonds were tight, before returning to the bag.

- put your legs and feet together. She ordered returning with ties and some lengths of rope. She knelt over and bound my ankles together with a tie. She then did the same with my knees. Returning to my ankles she looped the rope between my ankles and tied them to the legs of the chair. She was careful, using the struts to tie off my knots making it impossible to slide the rope down the legs if I struggled. She also shortened the length of rope so my feet were suspended of the floor, my toes just touching the floor. When I asked her why she did this later she impressed me when she explained it would make it harder for me to balance and "rock" my chair around like she had seen in the movies.

She used the last remaining length to bind my thighs to the seat of the chair.

I watched her return and bend over the bag. She returned with a scarf and long length of rope. She began winding the rope around my torso, binding my chest to the chair. After knotting it several times, she bent over, retrieved the scarf and began rolling it into a long cylindrical length. Walking behind me, she pulled it over my eyes and knotted it tightly at the back of my head.

I could track her bare feet padding back to the bag, then returning.
- now dont make this difficult. I'm going to push something in your mouth. Even if you struggle, it's gonna end up in there, but we both want it to be safe. Put your tongue against the roof of your mouth, ok.
- yeh sure. I stammered.
A light slap across my face interrupted me.
- you forgot the rules. Put your tongue in the position and nod when ready.
I complied. And nodded meekly. A thick, balled up scarf was pushed into my mouth. Meld fingers patiently pushed the material into every book and cranny in my mouth until, my cheeks expanded like a hamster, it protruded only slightly from from bulging lips.
She kept a hand over my mouth to stop me spitting it out or dislodging it slightly. I could hear her ripping duct tape off the roll with the other hand. Hands carefully placed the tape directly over my lips and then continued to slowly and carefully wind tape around my mouth. It was slow and methodical, Mels fingers constantly smoothing the tape so it sat flush over my face. She covered the entire lower half of my face, from my cheeks directly under my nose, over my mouth all the way down to my chin. She applied such pressure, that the cloth that had once made my cheeks bulgewas now compressed as the tape made my cheeks buckle inward.
I tested the gag. It came out very quiet.
I wriggled against my ropes impatiently.
- listen. Here's another rule to learn. When I am in the room you are to show me respect by not wriggling or trying to talk. I don't need you disrupting me. I tied you up for some peace and quiet and if you fuck that up for me, you won't like what happens next. Understood.
-mmmm. I temporarily forgot the rules.
Another slap, slightly harder.
- you forgot the first rule. No speaking. Nod or shake your head.
She let it hang.
- well do you understand?
She sat down on a chair. I could hear her leafing through the magazine. I imagined her reclining slightly her legs crossed as she tended to do.
I sat rigidly, not daring to move, until after 10 minutes she said.
- you are boring me. I'm going to watch tv.
Her feet padded down the hallway and the tv began blaring.
I waited for a couple of minutes before taking this asmy cue to start trying to escape. I began wriggling against my tight bonds, and shaking my head to try and loosen the gag. Occasionally the chair would slightly grate on the tiles.
- I hope nothing is going on in there. Mel would call from the couch. I'd then stop, wait and begin again.
This occurred a couple of times over the next half hour. Then whilst I was in the middle of thrashing my body against the chair and bonds, a voice from the doorway interrupted.
- what the hell do you think you are doing?
I stopped, startled.
- oh you didn't hear me tip toe up huh, did you mister? Now you better stop wriggling around or I'll else I'll suspend bedtime privileges for a week. Would you like that?
I shook my head furiously.
- ok. I'm kinda thinking of turning in for the night. You can either stay out here all night, or you can promise to be sweet to me and I'll untie you. You wanna be untied?
I nodded vigorously.
After being untied, we snuggled. But she cut me off when I tried to talk about it. It's over, until the next time. Not a peep. This is one of the rules too. You will learn them. That night I slept like a baby.

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