Summers Hide and Seek Game (FFFFF/MMMMM)

Female to Male Tie Ups.

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Summers Hide and Seek Game (FFFFF/MMMMM)

Postby Leopord » Fri Dec 30, 2016 4:37 pm

Part 1

Me and the boys in my neighborhood usually play hide and seek with the girls in the neighborhood.

We'd play in the woods right outside our street.

The Boys
Sam Logge(13)
Brandon Wilson(13)
Lee Jordanns(12)
Jacob Matistien(13)

The Girls
Lily DeAngelo(13)
Angelina Vill(13)
Sarah Dayes(14)
Kim Daniels(13)
Lucy Wilson(13)

As the game started the girls called to be seekers. So us boys ran into the woods to hide. Me, Sam, and Brandon all when in the same direction. While Jacob and Lee ran in another. I hid under a small wooden bridge than ran across a stream.

Sam hid behind a couple of rocks and Brandon hid inside a small bush.

We heard the girls call that they were coming and we when completely silent.

I waited for about ten minutes and didn't hear anything. I was hoping I'd win a game.

But suddenly a hand grabbed me and said "Gotcha". It was Kim and Lucy. I got out of my spot and Kim pulled my hands behind my back.

Lucy: "Where are the others ?"

Me:(Sarcasticly) "Why would I tell you ?"

Lucy shrugged and walked behind me she pulled some rope from her pocket and started tying my hands together. She asked again "Where are the others ?"

I remained silent, I'll never tell them.

Lucy to Kim: "Fine take him to base." Soon my eyes where covered and Kim walked me through the woods.

Kim(Whispered in my ear): "You should've just told us, now we ask the hard way."

She soon forces me on my knees and ties my feet together than wraps another rope around my hand and foot binds to stick me in a kneeing position.

The blindfold is removed and I'm in front of Lily and Kim.

Lily: "Okay Nick just tell us where the others are."

Me: "Like I tell you."

She took off her shoes and placed her stinky feet on my face and I couldn't squirm really due to the position I was in. She kept asking where the others were and even though her feet were stinkier than usual I remain diligent.

I guess she gave up and told Kim to put me upstairs. After she put both of her stinky socks in my mouth and seeled them with duct tape. Kim untied my legs and forced me up the stairs of an old house which we used as a clubhouse of sorts.

Kim threw me into a bedroom and tied my legs back up. She decided to tickle my feet for a while until she heard a call from downstairs. "Kim, come here Sam and Brandon where caught." She left me and I heard four pairs of footsteps coming to the bedroom.

Brandon and Sam tied up like I was and gagged with socks as well. Lucy and Sarah must of found them and about thirty minutes later Lee and Jacob came into. The girls looked down at us and Angie said "Let's have some fun girls."

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Re: Summers Hide and Seek Game (FFFFF/MMMMM)

Postby guardian741 » Fri Dec 30, 2016 7:41 pm

Sounds fun so far! I assume the socks didnt taste good? Cant wait to hear the rest!

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Re: Summers Hide and Seek Game (FFFFF/MMMMM)

Postby RKOJason03 » Sat Dec 31, 2016 1:06 am

Great so far cant wait to hear the rest.
Jason Gines

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Re: Summers Hide and Seek Game (FFFFF/MMMMM)

Postby KoolDude17 » Sat Dec 31, 2016 2:29 pm

Love it. Quite intricate and love how they gagged y'all. Very impressive story....

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Re: Summers Hide and Seek Game (FFFFF/MMMMM)

Postby Leopord » Fri Jan 20, 2017 3:35 pm

Kim decided to take me. She untied my legs and grabbed a cloth and blindfolded me. She walked me up some more stairs and into a room.

She removed the blindfold and socks from my mouth. I coughed due to stinky taste left in my mouth. She laughed and stuck her big foot in front of my face.

Kim: Smell my feet.

As I was in no way to disagree, I had to sniff her big stinky feet for about five good minutes. I knew my face would smell like her feet.

Kim: Now lick them.

I obliged and licked all the stinky, sweat off her feet. She laughed and pulled her feet away. She shook her wet socks.

Kim: Ew, my socks are all wet now.

Than she rubbed her socks all over my face to dry them off.

Sooner or later they untied all of us boys. I hear the others were forced to foot worship. But how do those girls have such stinky feet.

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