The New Neighbours

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The New Neighbours

Postby Jon Snow » Thu Aug 25, 2016 4:53 am

Intro -

This is a true story that happened earlier this summer.
I came back from uni this summer to find that we had new neighbours living next door.
They were friendly, and seemed very nice.

But what I didn't realise was that the neighbours' three daughters had a secret.

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Re: The New Neighbours

Postby Jon Snow » Thu Aug 25, 2016 5:04 am

Part 1 -

I arrived back home from uni in the middle of a summer's day.
Because of this, I was able to catch the new neighbour outside his house.
He greeted me and introduced himself as John.
He was tall and brown-haired, with a kind face.

I apologised and said I had to put my stuff away.
He said that was ok, but insisted I come over and meet his family in a few minutes, so i accepted his offer.

For that reason, five minutes later I was showered, changed and refreshed.
I knocked on John's door and a 10 year old girl opened the door.
She had medium-length blonde hair, tied in a ponytail.
She looked at me curiously, then asked me to follow her.

She led me through the house to the back garden, where John and an adult woman (his wife, i guessed) were sitting at a table.
Meanwhile, two more girls (a sixteen year old and a twelve year old) were swimming in a little pool.
I was impressed that they had installed a pool into their house so quickly.

John smiled when he saw me and introduced me to his wife, Carol.
Then he introduced his daughters.
The little 10 year old was called Ashley, and was apparently quite the tomboy.
The twelve year old, a girl called Whitney, smiled shyly at me.
She wore her hair long to cover her face.
Finally, the sixteen year old, Alisha, sent me a flirty smile.
Other than that, however, the girls ignored me as I chatted to their parents.

When it was time to leave, John asked if I could watch the girls the next day.
He explained that he and Carol were going out for the day, and that the girls couldn't be trusted to look after themselves.
I accepted, since I had little to do that early in the summer.

Little did I know that I would regret this decision.

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Re: The New Neighbours

Postby Jon Snow » Thu Nov 10, 2016 3:05 am

Part 2 -

The next day, I walked next door, humming a tune.
I wasn't expecting anything other than a routine babysitting job.
In fact, considering that Alisha was sixteen, I was probably expecting less work than usual.

I knocked on John's door and he smiled and ushered me in.
He called upstairs to Alisha and asked her to come and run me through what I needed to know, since he and Carol were busy getting ready to go out.
Alisha appeared at the top of the stairs and I felt my heart stutter.
I didn't describe Alisha's appearance in the previous part.
The reason for that is because I honestly don't remember what she looked like or what she was wearing the first time I saw her.
Instead, the way Alisha looked as she appeared at the top of the stairs and gave me a flirty smirk is the way she is imprinted into my mind.

Alisha had long blonde hair, and it fell past her shoulders with a single braid in the middle of it, that she kept picking at subconsciously.
She was tall and curvy and had gorgeous blue eyes.
She was wearing a miniskirt, tank top and pink knee socks.

I realised I was staring and I averted my eyes.
Alisha walked down the stairs and smiled at me, pointing into the living room.
"Shall we?" she asked, still giving me that hypnotising smile that was half a smirk.

I followed her wordlessly and sat down on the sofa.
Alisha sat down next to me.
Not at the other end of the sofa.
Not on any of the other chairs.

Right next to me, her thigh brushing against mine.
If she had been any closer, she would have been sitting on my lap.
When THAT thought entered my head, I felt my heart race uncontrollably.

Alisha brushed her hair out of her eyes, still giving me that half-smirk.
"So, handsome," she purred. "Let's make sure you know how to handle us..."

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Re: The New Neighbours

Postby RiaTheGaggedGirl » Thu Nov 10, 2016 11:28 am

Great! :D :P
message meee :bound:

No, I don't have kik.

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Re: The New Neighbours

Postby Jon Snow » Sat Nov 12, 2016 5:49 am


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Re: The New Neighbours

Postby Jon Snow » Tue Jun 13, 2017 3:14 am

Part 3 -

Alisha had me exactly where she wanted me.
I was stunned, speechless and smitten.
And she knew it better than I did.

"Three rules, handsome," she said in a honey-sweet voice. "First rule: what we say goes. You may be babysitting us, but make no mistake. We run the show, got it?"

I nodded mutely.
I wasn't about to argue with this gorgeous and somewhat intimidating girl.

Alisha smiled.
"Good. Second rule: we'll play nice as long as you respect the first rule, ok?"

I nodded again.
"Sounds fair," I managed to say.

Alisha grinned wickedly.
"Third rule: if you don't respect the first rule, the three of us reserve the right to mete out our punishment on you. We can do whatever we want. Understand?"

"Yes, Alisha," I said, stopping just short of calling her 'mistress'.
From her domineering personality and complete control, it just felt natural for her to dominate me, I suppose, and it almost slipped out.

Alisha smiled.
"Good boy. Now, on to what your duties will be..."

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Re: The New Neighbours

Postby DUCKY0631 » Wed Jun 14, 2017 9:34 am

Keep going this I really go so far

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Re: The New Neighbours

Postby Nick » Wed Jun 14, 2017 3:14 pm

Please continue this

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Re: The New Neighbours

Postby Wolfling » Wed Jun 14, 2017 11:55 pm

Nice story so far

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Re: The New Neighbours

Postby Jon Snow » Sun Jun 18, 2017 7:52 am

(Thanks for the praise, everyone!)

Part 4 -

Alisha had me fixed to the spot with her eyes.
I couldn't move.
Nevertheless, she swung her legs over, draping them over my lap, making sure I remained seated.

I choked, my power of words gone.
I had, of course, known domineering girls, and I had known gorgeous girls.
But this was the first girl who was both in equal measure.
And it was an awe-inspiring discovery.

"The three of us each have different needs for you," Alisha was explaining.
"Yes, mistress," I said robotically.
It was as if I had no control over my mind or body.
Alisha giggled, though, so it had clearly been the right thing to say.

"Ashley does martial arts, and she'll want to practice on you. That's simple enough."
I had no doubt that this "practice" would involve the young girl putting me in more pins than I could imagine, but I didn't argue.
Instead, I nodded obediently.

"Whitney is a gymnast and girl scout," Alisha continued. "I expect she'll need you to help her with both."
I nodded again.
I wondered what I could do to help with either of those things, but again I didn't question Alisha.

When she paused, I nervously gathered my courage.
"And...what about you, mistress?" I asked.
Alisha smiled.
"You'll learn that in due course, Jon. Now, my parents will be off soon. You'd best bring the other girls down to say goodbye..."

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