F/M - Eva the emo and a roll of duct tape

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Re: F/M - Eva the emo and a roll of duct tape

Postby xChelseax » Mon Sep 12, 2016 4:54 am

LOVE this story, I hate when each chapter ends :( lol
Think you can handle me? Hehe guess again! :gag:

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Re: F/M - Eva the emo and a roll of duct tape

Postby Reidy » Mon Sep 12, 2016 5:13 am

Great reading so far.

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Re: F/M - Eva the emo and a roll of duct tape

Postby Beserkade12 » Tue Sep 13, 2016 1:00 pm

Appreciate all the feedback you've given me :) You guys are awesome! Working on the next part now, expect a lot more brutal torture :bound: :bondage: :bondage1:

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Re: F/M - Eva the emo and a roll of duct tape

Postby Beserkade12 » Wed Oct 12, 2016 10:52 am

Hey guys, sorry I haven't updated this story for a while. I haven't had a lot of free time since uni started! Also, got some other experiences I wanna write about when I get the time.

Part 10 - The real angry Eva

Drool slid down my chin and onto my lap as I sat in total silence in her now empty dining room. The food had gone cold, I could tell because steam had stopped coming off it for a while. Eva had left after having a small tantrum in front of me and forcing me to unlock my phone with my thumb while my hands were tied together behind my back. She studied the messages between me and Katie in silence before leaving the room, clearly upset. I felt terrible and the excitement that had come from being her bondage, dress-up pet had drained away. I was scared about what she would do when she got back. I panicked as I wondered what she might be doing with my phone. Maybe she was telling Katie that I didn't like her by text. Or maybe she was sending other things to my friends or my parents. With that I tried my best to escape. She had secured my feet to the chair with duct tape and my torso was strapped to the backrest with belts. She used duct tape to tie up my wrists. It was tight, but maybe an escape was possible.

There was a knife on the table in front of me that Eva had been using. I made my way over to the other side of the table while tied to the chair. The chair creaked quite loudly, so I knew I had to be quick. I sat with my back to the table and reached as far as I could for the knife. I knocked over a glass of water in the process, but managed to grab the knife in the end. It took a while to get the angle right, but I finally managed to cut the duct tape, releasing my hands. I could only raise my arms so much thanks to the belt, but it was enough to unbuckle it (no easy task thanks to the nail polish). I removed the ballgag from my mouth and used the knife to free my feet.

I was free, but I wasn't done. I couldn't go out looking the way I did. I was wearing girls clothes and dolled up with makeup. Plus, I needed to get my phone back anyway. I sighed and knew this would be no easy task. I took of the dress and the wig she had put on me, as I knew it would only slow me down. Presumably, she was still in the bedroom, which is where I'd need to go to get my clothes and the phone. Tiptoeing round the house wearing nothing but Eva's panties and makeup all over my face. While deciding what my plan would be, I couldn't help but notice the basement door being wide open. My curiosity got the best of me and I had to check. Creeping down the stairs, the basement was near pitch black, which comfortingly suggested that Eva wasn't down here. I got to the bottom of the stairs and saw the room a bit more clearly. Set up in there was a chair, not unlike those that you'd sit on in school, but with the bottom of it nearly completely empty. If you've ever seen the torture scene from Casino Royale with the chair in that, that's what it looked like. I shit myself and bolted out of the basement only to hear Eva scream my name and footsteps come from the main stairs.

I hid behind the door that connected the kitchen to the living room and covered my own mouth with my hand. She entered the dining room and I heard her say "for fuck's sake." Then she headed down to the basement. I took my chance and sneaked upstairs, when I got the top of the stairs I just barely got a glimpse at her. Her eyeliner was smudged, so she looked like she'd been crying and she held that damned potato gun. Thankfully, she didn't come upstairs. I snuck into her room without turning the light on. I found my clothes in the wardrobe. The trousers and pants were still wet, but I'd rather have those than make my escape in the dress I was in at dinner. I change into them hastily and grabbed my phone, which she'd left on her bed. I tried to get rid of the makeup. I'd managed to get rid of most of the lipstick by licking it off, but the mascara wasn't coming off any time soon. I faced that that would have to do and prepared to make my escape.

Crouching down, I snuck out of the bedroom and onto the landing. It was clear for now. I checked my phone briefly and was relieved that she hadn't sent anything so far. I went down the stairs slowly, keeping my eye out for where she might be. I heard something come from the living room, which stopped me in my tracks. There was no way I was getting out completely undetected at this point, so I figured the best thing was to try and get the keys, then run to the front door and take my chances in speed. I was fairly positive I could outrun Eva.

Her family kept the keys in a basket in the kitchen. I headed there slowly and grabbed the basket off the kitchen table to find the front door key. I couldn't be sure which key matched the front door exactly, but as the door had a silver lock, I found three of the same silver keys that seemed to match up. I took one and counted down from three. Three. Two. One. I raced for the door, I knew she could hear me and was coming straight for me. I put the key in the door and I felt my heart leap when I opened. I opened the door, ran out and saw Eva in front of me, knelt down with the potato gun pointed straight at me. She didn't hesitate and shot me right in the dick as I ran out. The pain was excruciating and I couldn't help but fall to the pavement, grasping my bruised penis. She approached me in silence and shoved two fingers in my mouth and dragged me into the house, slamming the door shut, and with it my freedom.

I was taken with force to the living room, stripped naked and my hands and feet were thoroughly tied up with duct tape. My hands were taped into fists, meaning no more using knives to get out. I took one final chance to plead with her. "Please, Eva, we've been talking for a while, I didn't know we were gonna get back in conta-mmph!" She cut me off with a hand to the mouth. "You didn't think to tell me about her at any point?" she asked me aggressively, holding my face firmly with her hands. "Well, you fucked me over, now it's time for me to fuck you over."

She took my phone, "what's the passcode?" I refused to say anything in fear of what she might do. With that she gagged me again with her hand and fiercely pinched my nose shut. I writhed on the floor and she deprived me of breath for a good 30 seconds. She finally let go and asked me again "what is it?" but I really didn't want her to get on my phone, even though I was panting from the lack of oxygen. With no answer, she covered my mouth and nose again, while clenching her teeth with determination. I was struggling quite hard, but I thought I could get her off me for a bit if I pretended to pass out. I pretended to be fatigued and my movements became slower, as I pretended to pass out. However, she still kept my nose pinched. I lay there flat for a while until she said "I know you're still breathing," and then I really started to panic. I felt my body begin to spasm as she continued to not let me breath for what had been about 2 minutes at this point. My head was pounding and I truly thought she'd let me pass out. Thankfully, she let go and I breathed in heavily. I wasn't going through that again. She raised her hand again and I said "1798!" She picked up my phone and put in the passcode and unlocked my phone. With that she shoved my wet underwear in my mouth and covered it in layers of duct tape.

Standing up, she took pictures of me completely naked and tied up as I struggled, failing to get away. "Wow, what a great picture, I think this needs to be shared to as many people as possible." "Nnmmmphh!" I panicked and started grunting and squirming around really hard. "Yeah, I'm sharing it to Facebook now. Oooh, I think I'll set it as your new profile picture!" I moaned and tried to get out of the duct tape violently. "Aaaaaaand sent! That should get a lot of likes for you!" I stopped struggling and lay down in defeat. I was devastated, and could believe she'd done that. If that wasn't bad enough, she duct taped the phone to my exposed cock and set it to vibrate. With that she left me naked, devastated, bound, gagged and with my phone going off every five seconds frustrating me. :bound: TBC

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Re: F/M - Eva the emo and a roll of duct tape

Postby Zero » Wed Oct 12, 2016 11:17 pm

W-wow! every part it's amazing! can't wait for the next part :)
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Re: F/M - Eva the emo and a roll of duct tape

Postby Ossassin » Thu Oct 13, 2016 3:07 am

Maybe next time, talk to her instead of assuming haha
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Re: F/M - Eva the emo and a roll of duct tape

Postby RKOJason03 » Mon Aug 14, 2017 8:20 pm

Amazing story!!!!!
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