Karate Girl Domination f/m

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Karate Girl Domination f/m

Postby Jon Snow » Tue Jan 05, 2016 8:58 am

Intro -

Just a disclaimer here, this is NOT my experience.
My friend (who I am going to call Jack) and I were talking the other day and this story came up in the conversation.
I told him about this site and asked if I could use the story, and he very kindly said yes.

Basically, back when he was 12, he joined a Karate group.
He was given a sparring partner who the teachers thought would be a fair match.
His sparring partner was a 10 year old girl (who I will call Kate), but she was a more advanced level.
The teachers thought that the difference in age would be offset by the difference in experience.

Basically, here are a collection of stories from my friend of encounters he had with this girl.

P.S. To make it easier (for me, at least) I'm going to write this in 1st Person, because that is how it was told to me.

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Re: Karate Girl Domination f/m

Postby Jon Snow » Sat Mar 19, 2016 10:22 am

Encounter 1 -

I first met Kate when I was 12.
I had just joined a Karate group, you see.
I wanted to learn it because it looked cool.
What I hadn't expected was the number of girls doing it - there were actually more girls than boys in my group.

When I first joined, i was introduced to my sparring partner.
I almost laughed out loud when they showed her to me.
She was a ten year old girl, with painted pink nails and her blonde hair pulled back in a girly plait with bright pink scrunchies.
She was small and slim, and I thought that there was no way she could beat me.
Boy was I wrong.

When the teacher told us to start sparring, she offered her hand.
I took it and smiled. "Ready to get pinned?" I whispered.
The girl smirked. "Oh, I won't be the one pinned, buddy."

The teacher said, "Go!" loudly and I rushed her.
Suddenly I was flying over her and I landed on my back, groaning as I tried to lift myself off the mat.
Somehow I did and I told myself that it was a fluke.
No way would I get beaten by a ten year old girl.
I charged her again.
This time, she brought her leg around in a brutal kick that sent me flying backwards.
She walked over to where I was trying to sit up and pushed me down with her foot.
She sat on my chest, examining her pink nails.
"Hmm, looks lie I was right!" she said, a sparkle in her eye.

Personally, I was stunned.
How could such a small girl overpower me in less than a minute?
I tried to move my head, but Kate put her foot on my head, pushing it to the mat.
"Do you give?" she asked sweetly.
"Yes," I replied, but since her foot was mshing my face to the mat it came out more like, "Yemf."
Kate hopped up, giggling as she went to tell her friends about our fight.

Unfortunately for me, this was just the beginning.

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Re: Karate Girl Domination f/m

Postby Jon Snow » Sun Jul 31, 2016 11:37 pm

Encounter 2 -

At the end of the first session, after which Kate had beaten me to a pulp several times, I was exhausted.
Kate passed me with a couple of her friends.
They were giggling about "stupid boys" and "girl power", and I realised that Kate was boasting.

Anger seized me and I chased them into the girl's changing rooms, only to be tripped by Kate's foot.
I fell to the floor and the three girls pounced on me, Kate sitting with her knee pressed down on my neck.
"Had a feeling you'd try something stupid," she said with a smile. "Time to teach you not to mess with us girls..."

Quick as could be, the three girls grabbed tights from their bags and bound me to a bench.
Kate stuffed some socks in my mouth to keep me quiet.

The other girls moved to another part of the changing rooms and left.
But Kate stayed, sitting on a bench next to me, her feet mashing my face between them.
Once the others had gone, she stood, her bare foot on my chest.
She took out her phone and took a single picture.
"You will say nothing of this," she hissed. "And from now on you will treat us girls with respect. Unless you want this to happen again, of course!"
I nodded, showing that I understood.

She untied me and I fled the room, embarrassed.
And hungry for some payback.

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Re: Karate Girl Domination f/m

Postby Jon Snow » Sun Oct 30, 2016 7:10 am

Encounter 3 -

Weeks passed.
I had meets three times a week.
So that meant I was getting my arse kicked for three hours every week.

Kate got smugger and smugger and soon she began getting her friends to take subtle pictures of her domination of me.
She would stand over me, her foot pinning my head to the mat, and she would pose.
The pictures would end up on Facebook the next day.

Maybe I was in the wrong for being sexist and overconfident, but I was too angry and humiliated to see myself as the bad guy.
It got worse too.
Kate and her friends began to approach me at school.

One day I was sitting on a bench and Kate and two of her non-karate friends walked up.
The three ten year olds smirked at me.
"This is my karate bitch, girls," Kate explained. "I dominate him every meet. He's spent so much time under my feet that I think he knows his place!"
The girls giggled and I tried to ignore them.
But Kate walked up and smiled at me.
"You're sitting on our bench, boy. Get up."
I looked her in the eyes. "No."

Kate raised an eyebrow. "Do you want me to make you? Right here in front of everyone?"
I was about to reply, but quick as can be, Kate raised her foot, slipping it out of her shoe and pressed it against my neck.
I tried to struggle but Kate's socked foot was pinning me against the back of the bench.
"Listen, you jerk," she hissed. "You don't like strong girls, and that pisses me off. So I'm going to make your life a living hell until you start to show me some respect. Understand?"

I didn't reply, but Kate released me.
She had got the message across.
Smirking, she left with her friends.

I was angry.
I was humiliated.
And I wanted revenge.

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Re: Karate Girl Domination f/m

Postby Jon Snow » Tue May 02, 2017 5:25 am

Encounter 4 -

The next day, I was determined to get payback.
Kate had tormented me enough.
It was time to fight back.

At no point did it occur to me that I might be the one in the wrong, since I had started it by being dismissive of Kate's ability - I was far too arrogant at the time for that.
It also didn't occur to me that challenging the girl that had kicked my arse multiple times before might be a bad idea.
I was too blinded by anger.

Nevertheless, at lunchtime I found Kate and two of her friends sitting on a wall by the PE changing rooms.
I thought it was a good place since not many would be around to see it, so I probably wouldn't get in trouble.

When Kate saw me, she smirked at her friends and looked down at me.
"Hey there, Jack. Come to get your arse kicked again?"
Her friends giggled as my face reddened.

"I've had enough of you taking the mickey," I snarled. "Get up and fight me."

Kate looked at me.
"You're sure you want to do this?"

I nodded, and Kate shrugged and hopped off the wall.
"So be it. Don't worry, girls, I'll make this quick."

And Kate was true to her word.
I advanced on her, and without even looking she kicked her foot up.
The toe of her rock-hard school pumps caught me in the stomach and I fell back, winded.
Kate walked over to me and planted her foot on my chest.
"Pathetic," she said to me. "See, I might feel sorry for you if you weren't such a jerk."

She turned back to her friends.
"Come on, girls, let's teach him a lesson!"

The three of them dragged me, too winded to resist, into the girls' changing rooms.
There, Kate's friends held me down while Kate pulled some tights out of her bag.
She tied me securely to a bench, then peeled off her socks and stuffed them both in my mouth.
"I'll be wanting those socks back," she whispered to me. "And if you don't give them to me in our sparring session after school, I'll do this to you again..."

So saying, the three girls left me, abandoned, in the girls' changing rooms.
To my intense relief, I managed to escape before anyone found me.
But I pocketed Kate's socks, because I realised that I might not be as lucky next time...

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Re: Karate Girl Domination f/m

Postby barefoot99 » Tue May 02, 2017 12:16 pm

More please

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