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Re: Rich Little Girl f/m, fff/m

Postby Jon Snow » Mon Jun 19, 2017 8:00 am

Part 15 -

The girls dragged me upstairs, back to Matilda's room.
As I have previously stated, I had given up by this point, so I didn't struggle.
Nevertheless, when we got there, they bound my wrists and ankles with some of Matilda's tights, and gagging me with some (fortunately clean this time) panties.
Matilda, through giggles, told me that this was "insurance".

The three girls sat on the bed, with my lying at their feet.
Or, more accurately, I was once again under them.
Matilda this time let Sara take the place of honour, her pantyhosed feet smothering my face.
Matilda and Vera, meanwhile, rested their feet on my chest.

"When we stripped you," Matilda said. "We found a text from my parents to your phone. They'll be staying out overnight, and they're hoping you can look after me tomorrow until they get back."
She grinned evilly.
"I said yes. And now we're going to put the next part of our plan into action."

I waited with baited breath to see what fate awaited me.

"Here's what we're going to do," Matilda began. "We're going to play a game. Here's how it will work. We girls will take it in turns to throw a dice. Each number on the dice represents a different action that involves kissing. We'll play a few rounds and, once we've had our fill, we'll roll again to see who keeps you for the night. Sound fair?"

I MMMPHed into my gag.

Matilda giggled.
"Of course you don't get a choice, silly! Now, let's get playing..."

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