My neighbour Isabel f/m

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Re: My neighbour Isabel f/m

Postby MrSkeletor » Wed Aug 24, 2016 11:30 am

Great! I wanna see more of this. :)

Hey! I'm into foot worship, extremely strict bondage (mummification and hogties <3), animal roleplay and humiliation!

Anyone feel free to PM me if they wanna chat (especially if it includes foot worship!) ;)

Jon Snow
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Re: My neighbour Isabel f/m

Postby Jon Snow » Mon Nov 07, 2016 5:56 am

Part 10b - A Private Sleepover

I looked up at Isabel.
"Aren't you going to let me go?" I asked, dreading the answer.
Isabel giggled. "Of course not, silly! I'm keeping you captive overnight. It was my friend Mae's idea. She's done it loads of times before, and I wanted to try it with you!"

I groaned, but that was cut off my Isabel's socked foot clamping over my lips.
"Oh, don't moan, prisoner! It'll be fun! You're the first boy I will have invited to a sleepover!"
She hopped off the bed and stood over me.

"Now, I have to get changed. And I don't want you looking!"
So she peeled off her socks.
She placed one, "just for fun", as she put it, in my mouth to gag me.
The other was tied firmly around my eyes, blindfolding me.

Then I felt her now-bare foot rest itself firmly over my mouth, keeping the sock gag in.
When she didn't move, I realised with mixed horror and excitement that she would get changed right there, standing over me.
I was proved correct when a soft fabric fell onto my face.
That would be Isabel's skirt, I guessed.

I only realised what would come next seconds before it did.
Isabel raised her foot briefly to kick her skirt away.
Then the foot returned, and after a few moments I felt what could only have been her panties fall onto my face.

I stopped breathing at that point.
I knew I would lose it if I even tried to speak, so I didn't.
Isabel carried on, kicking her panties away.
Her foot didn't return this time, and I heard the shuffling that indicated she was putting on pyjama bottoms.
She had had her fun, clearly.

Then, the blindfold and gag were removed.
Isabel was smiling at me, dressed in a skimpy shirt and pyjama shorts that reached halfway down her bare thighs.
"Enjoy that?" she asked wickedly. "There'll be plenty more fun yet, don't you worry!"

But I did worry.
Because the smile on Isabel's face was terrifying.

Jon Snow
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Re: My neighbour Isabel f/m

Postby Jon Snow » Tue May 23, 2017 4:02 pm

Part 10c - A Private Sleepover

"We're going to watch a film!" Isabel announced as she stood over me.
I looked at her questioningly, knowing better than to voice any complaints.
Isabel met my gaze, then nodded. "More accurately, I am going to watch a film. You will make sure I am comfortable. In more ways that one."

Though befuddled by that last comment, I obeyed as Isabel sent me fetching and carrying.
I brought her popcorn, soda, a beanbag and even a footstool when she requested it.
The fact that she did made me relieved because I thought that I might have been a potential footstool.
But Isabel's comment about "keeping her comfortable in more ways than one" still had me confused.

That's when Isabel pointed at the beanbag.
"Lie down, with your legs in the air," she commanded me.
I briefly hesitated, then obeyed.
Smiling, Isabel directed me a little until I was where she wanted me.
I was now lying with my head on the floor, my legs upwards against the back of the beanbag.

Only then, as Isabel began to descend on me, did I understand what she meant.

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