Halloween games

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Halloween games

Postby Boundforglory » Wed Nov 08, 2017 5:08 pm

This story happened this past Halloween, and I had enough fun with it that I had to share it.

btw I'm not dating Rachel anymore so shes not actually in this story.

Im not normally one who goes all out for Halloween in terms of costumes and the like, though I enjoy going to parties and having fun with my friends. I was planning to go to one party that my friend was hosting at his house a few minutes drive from mine. 2 of my friends (we'll call them Sarah and Chelsea) who were roommates needed a ride to the party and lived down the road from me, so I was happy to help.

I should probably mention that I had tied up Sarah once and she had really enjoyed it, but I had never really done anything with Chelsea, though she knew that I did that, but she had rejected Sarah's invitation to come the time I tied her up. Anyway, I wasn't dressing up or anything so I was just in a t-shirt and jeans, and I was watching tv while waiting for the girls to show up. The party was set to start around 930, and it was almost 10, so we weren't really late at all, since my friend was planning on it lasting "as long as the partiers want to go" (his words, not mine). I heard a knock on the door, so I got up to answer it, and I was kind of surprised at their choice of costume. Sarah was dressed as a cat burglar, in a black catsuit and was wearing black boots and long black gloves, as well as a mask. What surprised me was the fact that her hands were handcuffed in front of her. It made sense when I looked at Chelsea and noticed she was dressed as a cop, with a white button up shirt and blue pants, and black boots. She even had a police officers hat. I laughed when I saw their combined costume idea. I stepped outside with them and we all got in my car to drive over. Sarah was in the back seat and I looked over at Chelsea and asked, "Why did you put her hands in front of her? She's easier to control with her hands in the back." I was pretty sure it was for convenience sake, since it would suck for Sarah to not really be able to do anything with her hands all night. Chelsea confirmed my thoughts, and also said, "She actually has a copy of the key as well just in case she needs her hands more free than what she has right now." We joked and laughed the whole ride over until we got to the party.

It was fun, their were a lot of old friends there, and lots of people got a kick out of Sarah and Chelsea's costumes. At around 2 in the morning, the party was dying down a bit. As I talked to some of my friends, I was told that Sarah was looking for me. I found her and Chelsea in the kitchen helping to clean up a bit. Sarah had taken off her mask and the handcuffs and, which she had given back to Chelsea, who had hooked them on one of the belt loops on her waist and the mask was sitting on the counter. When they saw me come in, Sarah stopped what she had been doing and walked over to me, and said, "You know, I meant to say thank you for giving us a ride over here, and I feel like I owe you something." I told her I didn't need anything and it was okay, but she just looked at me insisting that there was something she could do to pay me back. At about that point, I noticed Chelsea sneaking up behind Sarah, and I didn't say anything as she grabbed Sarah's arms, pulled them behind her, and handcuffed them quickly. Sarah barely resisted after the initial surprise, and instead immediately started laughing and playfully running after Chelsea asking for the key back. They ran around the house, and I could hear the others who were still there laughing at the predicament. As they came back into the kitchen, Chelsea passed me quickly and I grabbed Sarah as she passed by, and lifted her off the ground as she kicked and flailed her legs around trying to get free and yelling and laughing at me to let her go. I lowered her down a bit but I didn't let go, and Chelsea, coming back towards me, said, "Well if we can't pay you back we can at least make your night be fun a bit longer." Sarah laughed and turned her head towards and grinned. Obviously she had no problem with the idea. I said goodbye to a few people as we left, while I still carried Sarah out the front door to my car with Chelsea running ahead to open the door for me to put Sarah in the back seat.

I drove back to their house and walked inside with them, and Chelsea said she was going to get Sarah's stuff. I had a good guess at what that meant, but I still wasn't expecting what she brought in. There was another pair of handcuffs inside, a good amount of rope and duct tape, and Chelsea was carrying a separate bag with scarves and cloths. I looked at Sarah, as she was moving over to sit down on the couch, and she smiled as she said, "After the time you tied me up, I've been having some fun with it, and Chelsea's been helping me out with a few things." I didn't much more explanation than that. I figured I might as well finish off Sarah's tie, so I tied her ankles together, then got up and held up a red scarf in one hand and the duct tape in the other and said, "You're choice." She chose the scarf, which I personally prefer anyway. So I put a small cloth in her mouth and then cleave-gagged her. I could have done more but I felt this was fine for now, especially since she wasn't actually going to try escaping, she was going to enjoy it as long as she could. I turned to Chelsea to ask what she would like and she had already put the handcuffs on her left wrist, and grinned at me. She was going to put the other one on but I told her to wait a second and come over to me. When she did, I put the other cuff around the chain on Sarah's handcuffs and had Chelsea sit with her back to Sarah. When she did, I cuffed the other end, so they were stuck back to back. I could tell they were enjoying this, so I continued by tying Chelsea's ankles together and giving her similar gag to Sarah, though with a black scarf. When I was done, they pulled against each other for a while, and I occasionally would tickle one or the other keep them going. We had fun with that for a while, until about 3 or so, when I figured I should go home. I told them that and pulled out the key to let them go before I stopped, and I had an idea. I set the key on the counter and pulled a quarter out of my wallet. "I'm going to flip this. Heads I unlock Sarah, Tails for Chelsea." They both looked at me wide-eyed, but neither of them tried to protest, so I figured that whoever lost would likely stay tied the rest of the night, and it was probably going to be a lot more than I had put on them. I flipped the coin and it came up heads, which was great, because I had already decided I would let Sarah out anyway, since she had been cuffed most of the night. "Heads." When I said that, Sarahs eyes beamed and looked at Chelsea. I unlocked Sarah's hands and gave her the key as I walked out the door, calling good night to them as I left. I stayed by the door for a second to hear what would happen, and I faintly heard Sarah saying something along the lines of, "This night is going to be sooooo much fun." followed by a moan from Chelsea. I took my car back to my house and drove home.

When I woke up the next morning I found 2 texts on my phone. Both were sent from the girls. Sarah sent me a selfie of her, still wearing the catsuit but without the mask with a big smile of accomplishment on her face, and Chelsea, who was also still in the costume, now having her hands tied together instead of the handcuffs, with a tight chest harness (I didn't teach her that), and her legs tied together at the ankles, below the knees, and the thighs. She was lying on her stomach on the couch, facing the camera, with duct tape over her mouth and around her head (later I was told she had a scarf shoved in her mouth as well). I got a good laugh out of that, and the message with the picture just said, "I DID IT." However, if that got me laughing, the second message had me on the ground laughing even harder. It was a video, a bout a minute long, that had been sent from Chelsea, about an hour and a half after the first picture, so they had been at this for a while. It was a picture of Sarah, on her stomach on the floor, tightly hogtied, still in her costume. She had a chest harness, with rope pulling her shoulders back, and rope on her wrists and elbows. Her legs were tied at the ankles and knees, with the hogtie pulled up and tied around her neck, with the knot in the front. She had a lot of duct tape over her mouth and around her head, like what Sarah had done to Chelsea. Since it was a video, she was squirming on the ground and moaning intermittently. It was fun to watch. The message beneath it said, "She let me out."


I'm going to mention now that I told them about this site and they didn't mind me sharing the story, but they don't want me sharing the pictures or anything like that, which is why I also didn't use their real names either.

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Re: Halloween games

Postby Beetle Bailey13 » Thu Nov 09, 2017 7:12 pm

Good Story

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Re: Halloween games

Postby canuck100 » Thu Nov 09, 2017 7:22 pm

Yeah, good story!

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