At her request

Male on Female Tie Ups

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At her request

Postby Boundforglory » Fri Sep 15, 2017 3:50 pm

Last time I wrote abou the first time I had tied my gf up, and I figured I would share what was probably my favorite time.

I didn't really say this last time but we met in college, and we were still there when I tied her up several times. In this case in particular, she had volunteered to help a friend who was a theater arts major, who needed actors for her play she had to write for her class. It was a kid napping mystery kind of thing, and Rachel had volunteered as the damsel. They wouldn't actually tie her up, she just had to pretend (to her disappointment) and so she asked me for a favor.

She called me on the phone and asked,"Could you kidnap me?" I'll be honest when I say that wasn't exactly what I had expected, even if I had already tied her up on a couple of occasions. She wanted to know what it felt like to be kidnapped to help with the role. I said sure, then asked when I should do it. Her response was, "Anytime over the next week. make it a surprise."

So I spent a few days making a plan and getting it ready. I already knew she preferred to study for class in the morning, so she was almost always up at around 7, before her class at 10. (This was the time she told me I couldn't just pass by to say hi, she was serious about this time.) I figured that was the best time. I didn't ever say anything to her about it after the phone call, but I talked to her two roommates and told them what I was going to do, and asked for their help, to which they laughed and agreed immediately. One of them (let's say...Sara) left for work in the morning, so she would let me in the door as she left to reduce there being a chance of her hearing me open it myself. Her other roommate Emily (still fake name) would help me carry her out to her car and somewhere else.

When the day came, I showed up at their house at the time Sara left, and got in without a hitch. Emily was in the living room on the couch with several pieces of rope and scarves on the coffee table in front of her, smiling at me as I walked past her, grabbing two as I went. I went as quietly as I could to Rachel's bedroom, where I knew her desk faced the wall so I would likely be free to walk in. As I approached, I looked in the door way, which was wide open, and saw her reading in her black yoga pants and a white tshirt, with her earbuds in, with the music loud enough I could hear it. "Too easy." I thought to myself, as I moved closer to her, till I was right behind her.

I quickly stood up and wrapped my arms around her, one to pin her arms, and the other over her mouth. She froze in my arms, uttering a stifled scream for a moment, before realizing it was me, and stopped resisting. I pulled my hand away from her mouth and pulled the earbuds out, then said, "don't make a sound, and don't resist. Stand up slowly if you understand." She stood up as I let go of her. I told her to give me her hands, and tied them behind her as she did. I took one of the scarves and blindfolded her, then turned her around and asked if she could see, to which she shook her head. I had her sit down on her bed and tied her ankles together, and as I did she asked, "wasn't Emily in the living room? Why didn't she say anything?" I didn't answer. Instead, I balled up the other scarf and shoved it in her mouth, and kept my hand over it to keep her from talking. At that point, Emily, who I guess was listening, walked in quietly and gave me another scarf, which I used to cleavegag Rachel. She only moaned as I picked her up over my shoulder, with Emily in front of me to open doors. We got to their garage and Emily opened the back door of the car as I opened the garage door. Rachel tried saying something like, "Is Emily helping you?" Though it was much more stifled than that. We didn't respond, I just put her on the floor in the back seat and Emily and I got in the front and drove off.

I'm out of time right now so I'll have to finish another time. Let me know how it's going

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Re: At her request

Postby canuck100 » Fri Sep 15, 2017 6:44 pm

It's going really well! Great story

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Re: At her request

Postby Boundforglory » Sat Sep 16, 2017 2:46 pm

Ok I'm back.

As we drove around for a while, Rachel just kept struggling in the back, but staying on the ground since we didn't really want someone seeing her and calling the police or something. After going around in circles for awhile, we stopped by a friends house, who was at work for the day and he never really minded if I used his house to hang out, and it helped that Rachel had never been there. I pulled into the garage and Emily and I got out of the car. I went to the back and lifted her up again on my shoulder, and we went in the house and down to the basement. I pointed to a door for Emily to open ahead of me and she complied. It was a storage closet that my friend hardly needed, so I laid Rachel on her stomach in the closet and put her in a hogtie with some extra rope we had brought. I pulled the blindfold off as Emily went upstairs and Rachel looked at me, and tried to say something, but I just heard random moaning. "How has this been for you?" She was trying to be mad at me and yelled at me through the gag, but I knew her well enough that I knew she was having fun. "Sounds good, I'll talk to you later then." I stepped back and closed the door on her, while she just moaned a me to let her out. I went upstairs where I could barely hear her, and told Emily to wait an hour before running downstairs and letting her out, acting like I had just called her to tell her, to which she nodded.

As time went on it became more and more entertaining to hear her moaning, until she finally stopped a few minutes before I had told Emily to go down. I guess she knew I would let her out eventually and just decided to wait. A few more minutes and Emily smiled at me before slamming the front door like she had just walked in and started yelling, "Rachel!?! Where are you!?!" She stomped around a bit on the ground floor before running downstairs like she was actually looking for her. I heard louder moaning as a door opened and I could hear Emily's "concern" for Rachel. I heard Rachel start talking normally so I knew she had been set free, so I thought I would just wait for them to come up and greet them as they did.

That did not happen.

I heard the closet door close and I clearly heard the tone shift in the conversation they were having, with Rachel saying, "Were you helping him? Did he really get both of you to help him? How could you do that?" Emily tried to deny it, but it was pretty obvious, even from just hearing the conversation that Rachel wasn't having it. I was certain when I heard Emily start saying, "Wait, hold on a minute!! Please wait a sec!" I walked downstairs to see what had happened and found Emily on the ground yelling for help while Rachel sat on her tying her wrists behind her. They were both yelling at the other, and it was quite entertaining for me. Rachel finished tying Emily until she was in a tight hogtie, even tighter than I had just put her in, with ties at her wrists, ankles and knees, and she had finished it off with a chest harness as well, with the hog tie going to the harness instead of just her wrists. I was surprised that she was that angry, but I loved the show. Rachel looked up at me and smiled as she was shoving a scarf into Emily's mouth. "Hi honey, how are you?" She said in a very calm voice, the opposite of how she looked while she violently gagged her friend. "I appreciate the help, but next time can you not bring my friends into this?" She said as she cleave gagged Emily with the other scarf. I just smiled, and told her, "I don't know, having two of my friends tied up might be more fun than just you. She looked at me, smiling, as I walked up to her and gave her a big bear hug, pinning her arms to her so she couldn't move. She looked at me and asked, "Did you bring more rope?" I actually hadn't, but as we looked around we found a few rolls of duct tape, so I wrapped tape on her wrists behind her and on her ankles and knees. I also gave her a gag by wrapping the tape around her head ages times. I didn't use much, but she usually likes the experience anyway, so she didn't work too hard to get out. Emily on the other hand was struggling like crazy to get out. After about another 30 minutes or so I let Emily out, and Rachel pulled herself out of the tape and stood up.

I drove them home, and all the while we talked about how much fun it had been, and how we needed to do it again sometime, which I was more than willing to accommodate them.

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Re: At her request

Postby TamatoaShiny123 » Sat Oct 07, 2017 4:04 pm


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