Brea and Me Tied together

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Brea and Me Tied together

Postby girllovesrope » Sun Sep 03, 2017 9:25 am

So I will jump ahead in time to when I was 16. Brea's longtime boyfriend was aware of Brea helping me with my bondage needs. At first he was uncomfortable. To him bondage was foreplay to Sex. That was part of it for Brea but there was another aspect to Bondage for Brea and for me. I wonder if anyone else uses bondage as a way De-stressing or meditative channeling. Even now as old as I am I find bondage as a way of either allowing myself to quiet the world around me and allow me a way to relax.

His name was Jake and it took years for him to fully understand that bondage for Brea was something more than a arousal for sex. Yes, they would have a sexual play to their games (believe it or not I walked in on them doing sexual role play and was that embarrassing. I promise to tell that story another time. not to sure about how adult situations like that is handled on this forum.)

So I was 16 and a senior in High school ( yes, I am a nerd that was always in advance classes and basically Graduated high school at 16 and college at 19.) I was tease by the older kids and bulled because I was younger and smarter and a lot of them didn't like it. So I was nominated --as a joke for homecoming queen. I was up against captain of the cheerleading team and the popular Rich girl. So of course I was pissed off. I knew they nominated me to have fun during the week of campaigning the nominees did. I was living with Brea since Dad was in Europe working on a project. (Honestly my Dad did love me and we had a great relationship. Our hours were not quantity but it was Quality time.)

I came home to Brea's house pissed and slammed the door shut. Jake who was great chief and worked as a private chief (and later owned 3 restaurants) and it was rare when he had a Friday night off but when he did he would cook. So Jake comes from the kitchen and is like What is the matter? I of course couldn't talk I was so angry and stormed up the stairs to what was my bedroom at Brea's house and slammed the door. Turned my CD player on high.

About an hour later Brea came home in as crappy of a mood as I was in. She basically went to her room to sulk like I was. And a half hour later Jake was upset by how Brea and I had been ordered us downstairs to eat the meal he had spent last few hours making. It was a shame Brea and I had been in such bad moods because that meal was so beautiful looking. Pecan crusted cod with a sweet sauce drizzle on it. Home made noodles for butter noodles and grilled mix veggies.

He demanded to know why Brea and I were so pissed off. So as we picked at the food Brea explained that the project she suggested her company work on and she had been making the most of the work with was about to be presented to the company so instead of letting Brea present it the company would let Brea's co-worker (who started at the company 3 years after Brea.) Present the project. The company explain to Brea it wasn't to offend her but the client would receive the presentation better from a man. They gave Brea a raise for her work BUT her co-worker was made division head with the corner office. The company did also give Brea an office and a fancy title BUT she was under her co-worker.

I explained that the who Homecoming nomination was a cruel joke that the Head cheerleader and popular girl were planning to make it so the votes would make them tie as Homecoming queen. That they expected me to have no votes and be embarrassed. ( more to come.)

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Re: Brea and Me Tied together

Postby girllovesrope » Sun Sep 03, 2017 10:20 am

So after we both vented and seeing our anger and sadness Jake new exactly what we both needed. Rope Therapy. We finished some of the food but both of us had been too upset to eat much. So Jake said "Both of you go upstairs take a shower and get dressed in something comfortable."

Brea and I were confused and just stared at Jake who said, "You two have been pestering for me to tie you up. Well, you two are going to be my captives."

Brea and I were both surprised at his words and looked at one another making sure we heard the same thing. We than ran upstairs and I took my shower first and dressed in lounge pants and long sleeve tee shirt. I debated on putting socks on but I did and went out into the hallway. I heard the shower from the master bedroom and knew Brea was getting ready. The shower was a nice suggestion. It did allow us to kind of relax. At least me. I went down stairs and saw the kitchen was pretty much cleaned up and two chairs had been removed from table.

Jake called me into the den just off the kitchen. I saw he had the chairs side by side behind the sectional couch. He had me sit in one of the chairs He tied my wrists to the back of the chair so my arms were tied to my side. He then tied my ankles to the front legs of the chair. He took a thick cloth and held it out toward my mouth. Any last questions or needs? He asked.

I asked how long we were playing and Jake said he hadn't decided yet. He then gagged me as Brea came into the room. she was dressed like I was (No we didn't plan it we just seemed to do that a lot.) Jake tied Brea to the other chair like I was. He then turned our chairs so we sat back to back. He took a new role of duct tape and used that to tape Brea and me together at the time I was 2 inches shorted than Brea. She was 5'8" and I am 5'6". He wrapped tape above and below our breasts and wrapped around our waists so we pressed tightly to the back of the chairs and to each other.

He said get our frustrations out. Struggle scream, cry whatever we needed to do but he wanted us out of our foul moods by the time he released us. He said we both had been wronged so we needed to work passed this so we could get a better handle on the situations. He ran the dishwasher cleaned the pots than he watched a Indiana Jones Marathon while Brea and I struggled for a while screaming and cursing into our gags. We both cried. I know Brea cried a lot harder than I did. She also cried longer than we sat for an hour allowing ourselves to be in the moment of peace. About 3AM he freed us. I went to bed and by morning I woke up determine to win Homecoming Queen and ruining the plan of the two girls.

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Re: Brea and Me Tied together

Postby solarbeast34 » Sun Sep 03, 2017 4:42 pm

Great story again. I'm hoping there is a continuation of this story here, or later on under a different title.

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Re: Brea and Me Tied together

Postby Mr. Nice Guy » Mon Sep 04, 2017 3:24 am

Very nice explanation of of non sexual bondage. I can relate to Brea's boyfriend. To me rope games have an inherently sexual element. I wouldn't be comfortable tying up any one but my wife since it would feel like I was cheating on her. Certainly not a child since that would feel like quasi-pedophilia. I'm glad you all got to be comfortable enough with each other to be able to share this sort of experience. Please share more.

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