The Barbecue

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The Barbecue

Postby Steak in a Tree » Sat Mar 25, 2017 1:34 pm

This happened around two years ago, but I just remembered about it while writing something yesterday

It was around late May or early June, so just before Summer was actually starting. Since it was slightly earlier in the year, we had the park mostly to ourselves, which I believe was the hosts' goal all along. I was tasked with fencing off an area, probably for the younger kids or something like that. It wasn't that bad, just stuck some rebar into the ground, and attached our fence to it. The fence was some sort of plastic sheet with holes in it, so I was able to attach it with zipties easily enough.

As I was finishing up, I looked up and saw one of my closer friends. I'll call her Summer for the sake of the story(I promise there will be no puns). She was a brunette, slightly shorter than I, and always seemed to be laughing at something. That day she had on a white v-neck and bright red skirt that came halfway down her thighs. Because of her naturally bubbly attitude, she was usually put in charge of watching the kids, which I assumed she was going to do that day.

We talked for a bit before I finished up and went back to my table. I had set up a folding table with some folding chairs, and had one of those tents put up over it. Since this was being hosted by a friend of ours, we didn't really know too many people. I was on my phone for a while, like most teenagers, switching between it and talking to people sometimes. I looked over at Summer and saw that she was getting tired, and would probably want a break, so I decided to have a little fun of my own.

I still had my bag of zipties, so I got to work(I'm sure a couple of you saw where this was going from the start). I took two zipties and connected them with a third, making handcuffs in a sense. I made a second pair, hiding the rest in my bag. I had one of those tiny squirt pistols with me, being told to defend myself if any of the other kids came by. I grabbed that, stuffed the ties in my pocket, and moved out of the tent for a bit.

I had told Summer to drop by my tent if she wanted a break, so when I saw her talk to an adult and start walking towards the tent, I moved out. I went behind the tent, and waited. I eventually heard Summer walk in and ask for me. I walked out from behind the tent and pointed my squirt gun at her, and pulled the whole policeman act. I told her she was trespassing on private property, and used a really deep voice to let her know I was joking. She started laughing but did what I asked, dropping to her knees and putting her hands behind her head. I holstered my gun as I walked behind her, trying not to get thrown off by her laughing. I pulled out one of my makeshift cuffs and cinched one wrist, before bringing them both down and behind her so I could cinch the other one.

I helped her stand up as she asked what I was doing. I told her that I was going to help her relax, and helped her to sit down on the folding chair I was sitting in, making sure her arms were behind the backrest. I went back into my bag and pulled out a single ziptie, and used that to connect her cuffs to one of the belt loops on her skirt, effectively attaching her to the chair. I moved over my other chair and sat on it, offering her lemonade that I had gotten earlier. She drank some of it through the straw, before kicking her legs up onto my lap. I responded by reaching into my pocket and getting the second of my ziptie handcuffs, and cinched her ankles together. She sighed and let out another small laugh.

While we weren't actually dating, we did stuff like this so that people would stop bothering us about being single. Nobody had questioned us up to that point, so we acted like we were together often. Since zipties obviously weren't suited for long term use, it was only about ten minutes before I cut her loose. We talked a bit more before she finished her lemonade and went back to watching the kids.

See? I told you there would be no puns. Just a fun memory.
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Re: The Barbecue

Postby canuck100 » Thu Mar 30, 2017 6:34 am

Cute story

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Re: The Barbecue

Postby bakemono » Tue May 16, 2017 8:45 am

Really cute! That bits close to home too. I can think of a few memories like that. I'm honestly a little disappointed at the lack of puns :(

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