Julia - 8 - Assisted self restraint

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Julia - 8 - Assisted self restraint

Postby charlie » Tue Jan 10, 2017 7:11 pm

The eighth segment of my friend Julia's stories from her childhood.


Hi friends, I hope you enjoyed the first seven parts of my story.

This one is kind of a postscript to part 7; I remembered one more game that happened right after that, and I thought you would enjoy it too. If you haven't already read part 7, I suggest you read it first since this one kind of depends on it.

I should mention that Michael and I didn't always take turns tying each other up. Supposedly that was one of the rules of our games, but we often ignored it by mutual agreement. This was especially true in the late summer when this story happened. I was coming up on my eleventh birthday, and Michael was already eleven. I was totally fascinated with experimenting with my feelings and sensations around being tied up really tight and really helpless. So I got to be the much too willing tied up "victim" for a majority of our games. Meanwhile, Michael, like most boys coming up on age twelve was very curious about female anatomy. Unlike most boys his age, he was lucky enough to have a slightly younger sister who loved to play the exhibitionist for him. He always treated me gently and lovingly. He was also very appreciative of my showing off my body, and his interest and affection made me feel really good about myself too.

The crazy tie up game I described in my part 7 story was so exciting and fun for me that I decided I had to just go for the best game ever. I wanted to combine everything I had experienced, plus a little bit more, into the ultimate tie up game experience. I had been preparing for this for a while, and I had all the necessary materials gathered.

I was finding I could easily tolerate the knotted cloth gag I had made before, and my jaw was more flexible (probably from wearing it a lot when we played our games). So I had made a new cloth gag, one with a really big lump of cloth that completely filled my mouth. I had practiced with it in secret and found that I was easily able to tolerate it for half an hour. I had gathered enough lengths of my favorite soft thick nylon rope for my plan. I would need four shorter pieces, plus that one very special long piece that had given me so much fun in part 7. My sleep mask was completely effective as a blindfold, so no improvement were needed there.

I had all this stuff ready for a while before we got a chance to try it. I wanted to be sure we'd have more than an hour of uninterrupted play time. We finally got our chance the next time Mom had to travel across the city for more supplies for her sewing business.

As usual for our city, it was another one of those hot, humid, sticky summer days. As usual for Michael and me on those days, he was wearing nothing but his briefs, and I was naked except for my panties. I've never been a modest person, and nudity at home was common in my family anyhow, so I didn't feel any new need to cover up (and certainly not for my brother and best friend Michael).

The very earliest hint of puberty for me was just appearing. I can't say I had anything that would qualify as breasts yet, but firm, tender lumps had formed under both my nipples and my nipples were just starting to bud out from my chest a little bit. Regarding my new buds, Michael would mostly pretend politely that he didn't notice. Sometimes I made it hard for him to do this; when we were alone and I was feeling mischievous, I'd stand with my bare chest in front of Michael's face and ask if he thought I'd get big rounded breasts like Mom. I'd pinch my nipples and pull them out away from my chest. With the new changes of my budding breasts, they were a lot more tender so I needed to be a little bit careful, but it was still fun to show off. Michael thought it was very naughty but sometimes I'd manage to tease or dare him to the point where he would give me little love pinches on my nipples. I always considered it a major victory when I would eventually succeed in getting my big brother to do something that he initially felt was much too naughty.

But this story is really about the tie up experience I had cooked up for myself, and not my slowly emerging womanhood. So let me tell you about that. I explained my plan to Michael. It was almost all tie up stuff we had done before, but not all combined together exactly this way. He told me it sounded really naughty, but he agreed to go along with it. I could do part of it myself; I could certainly very effectively tie up my legs, gag myself, and blindfold myself (I had done all those things many times in my naughty self experimentation). I was also perfectly capable of putting a crotch rope on myself. But I couldn't do a good job of tying my wrists together behind my back, and there was absolutely no way I'd ever be able to tie my elbows together behind my back. Fortunately, I was very lucky to have a willing play partner who I trusted completely.

I brought Michael to the bunk bed we shared and sat down on the bottom bunk (my bed). I had already laid out all the ropes and things we'd need for my game.

I started with the things I could do to myself. First, I stripped off my panties so I was completely naked. Then I sat down on my bed with my legs fully bent at the knees, so my heels were at my bottom. I used two of the shorter pieces of nylon rope to tie my legs like this so I couldn't straighten them out. I wrapped each rope around my thigh and my shin, and then I cinched off the loops in the middle. I positioned the loops of rope carefully so they wouldn't pinch me or cut into my skin. I made them pretty tight, partly so I really would be helpless and partly to encourage Michael, since I'd need him to put on the ropes that I would not be able to do myself. So now I was naked except for two ropes on my legs. I could open and close my legs, but I couldn't stand up (at least not without undoing those ropes).

Next for the particularly naughty part. I found the center of the extra long, extra thick, extra soft nylon rope and tied it around my waist. I made it nice and tight so it couldn't slip down over my hips. The knot was in front, with two long tails hanging down onto the bed. I brought them through my crotch and tucked them into the back of the waist rope. Then I reached around behind myself and pulled to take up all the slack. The pair of ropes didn't slip nicely into place the way I wanted, so I needed to use my fingers to adjust them a bit so that they slid perfectly into the slit between my very sensitive pussy lips. Once I had them just right, I reached around behind and pulled them very tight, and I put in a simple overhand knot so they couldn't slip back.

Michael was never anywhere close to being as naughty as me, but he did enjoy being a bit of a voyeur, and he watched carefully as his naked little sister carefully positioned the pair of ropes between her legs. I enjoyed putting on a good show for him. I liked it that he found my body cute and interesting and fun to watch.

Now it was going to be Michael's turn to finish up with me. I had done as much as I could do myself with the ropes. I could have easily gagged and blindfolded myself, but I wanted to put those off for later, partly so I could give Michael instructions and partly so I could see what I looked like once I was all tied up. There were two more short ropes left. The first one was for my wrists. I put my hands behind my back, palms together, and Michael carefully placed the ropes around my wrists, cinched them off, and put in a nice tight knot. The next rope was used to secure my elbows together. I've always been very flexible, and I liked trying stuff like gymnastics and dance, so I was easily able to bring my elbows together behind my back. Michael took the last piece of rope and he wrapped it around my arms just above my elbows, and he cinched that one off nice and tight too.

Those last two ropes on my wrists and elbows made all the difference in the world. Without them, I could get the rest of the ropes undone in a minute or two. With them, I was really stuck; there was no way I could get them off without help. I was Michael's prisoner and he could keep me this way for as long as he liked, and I couldn't do a thing about it.

There was one more small detail to attend to. At my instruction, Michael untied the loose knot at my back that held my crotch rope to my waist rope. He attached the crotch rope to my wrists, but he pulled it extra tight before he knotted it off. Now my hands were pinned really tight against my butt. If I tried to move them at all, it just pulled the crotch rope even tighter.

Maximum helplessness had been achieved. All the was left was the blindfold and the gag. Michael was ready to put them on me, but I wanted to see myself in the mirror first. With my legs frogtied like that, there was no way I could walk or even crawl to Mom and Dad's bedroom where the mirror was. Fortunately I'm pretty light and Michael is pretty strong, so he just picked me up in his arms and carried me to their room. He held me up in front of the mirror. There I was all in my naked, bound glory. My legs were open and I stared at the thick rope that buried itself between my sensitive pussy lips. I looked at the tiny breast buds that reminded me I was about to start on the path to womanhood.

After I'd enjoyed a good look (and given Michael a good look too), he carried me back to my bed and put me down. He took my sleep mask blindfold and smoothed it onto my face, putting me into complete darkness. I knew the gag was the last thing. Before he gagged me, I made him promise to keep me tied up like this for a full thirty minutes. Then I got naughtier. I reminded him (not that he needed reminding!) that I was completely naked and defenseless and he could touch me anyplace or do anything he wanted to me and there wouldn't be a thing I could do to stop him. He told me I was really naughty. I asked him to please help me be even naughtier. He decided that was enough and he popped the big new gag into my mouth and tied it tightly into place. No more naughty suggestions from me!

Michael put me face down on my bed and left me to struggle helplessly. Just to remind me I was his prisoner, he gave me a couple of playful swats on my bare bottom. Then he told me I had been really naughty and he pulled me onto his lap and gave me a real spanking, hard enough to actually sting. I instinctively tried to protect myself, but with the tight crotch rope pinning my wrists hard against my bottom,I couldn't move my hands even the tiniest bit.

I had a pretty good idea what Michael would do to me after the spanking; he was fairly predictable, and he liked to please me and play my games the way I liked them to be played. Next in line was sure to be a tickle torture. With my arms tied behind my back, elbows together, he couldn't get to my sensitive armpits. That just left the entire rest of my body naked, exposed, and vulnerable. Since I was blindfolded, I couldn't see where he would attack next, which made it even more exciting. Since I was still face down on Michael's lap, with my legs bent at the knees, the soles of my bare feet got his attention first. He tickled them until I thought I would explode.

Finally, the tickling mercifully stopped. Then I felt Michael untying my gag. He popped it out of my mouth. Michael often took my gag out part way through some of our games. I figured out that it was partly out of concern for my comfort and safety, and partly out of Michael's feelings of guilt when he got especially naughty with me. When I wasn't gagged, and thus free to protest, Michael would almost always take things further. He figured I'd protest if he ever did something I really wasn't OK with. I never protested. This time, I certainly didn't want to end the tie up game, but I was happy enough to have the gag out. For one thing, it was getting uncomfortable. More importantly, now I could communicate with Michael, convince him I was OK, and hopefully take our little game further down new paths I wanted to explore. Also, even without the gag I was still tied up, blindfolded, and completely helpless, and he could pop it right back into my mouth in a second if I got too noisy.

Michael sat me up in his lap and put his arms around me and cuddled me close. He asked me how I was doing. I told him "wonderful". I also asked him to please not let me out yet. He told me not to worry about that; he had no intention of letting me out any time soon.
He lifted me off his lap and onto my bed, and he rolled me over onto my back. Now my bare tummy was defenseless against his light, teasing fingers. He was always good with tickle tortures, but this one stood out. I'm not sure if it more of his tickling style or the fact that I had gotten him to put me into this extremely helpless and exposed position. Being tied up and blindfolded I had lost all sense of time, so I had no idea how long he tickled my tummy.

The tickling started again on my tummy, but he quickly moved up to my ribs. They were almost as sensitive as my tummy and Michael could tell that really light, gentle tickles were having the maximum effect on me. After another good tickling, Michael let his fingers slowly explore my tummy and ribs. He started at the tight rope around my waist and stroked me gently, working his way up. When his fingers reached the lumps of my little breast buds he stopped there and touched them gently. "What have we here? It looks like my little sister isn't going to be a little girl much longer." He hesitated and then he gave me very gentle little love pinches on both my nipples.

I'm sure he was watching my face to see how I would react. I gave him one of my naughtiest smiles. I was definitely in the mood to take our game a little bit further. He asked me if I liked it when he pinched my nipples. I told him I loved it. He said that meant that I was a very naughty little girl. I reminded him that I wasn't going to be a little girl much longer. He asked me if I would still be just as naughty when I turned into a woman. With a smirk I told him I'd be much naughtier. His fingers quickly found their way back to my nipples. I was expecting one more love pinch. But this time he pinched my nipples hard. OUCH! They were at the stage where they were very tender these days, and I really felt that. I almost let out a little yelp.

Before I had entirely recovered from the deliciously naughty and mildly painful surprise pinch, Michael's attention had turned to my legs. I have very soft, sensitive skin on my inner thighs and he was starting to explore my ticklishness there. With my legs tied with bent knees he had complete access to me. He was sitting on my bed right between my knees so I couldn't bring my legs together. My wishes for even more naughtiness did not go unsatisfied. Not only did he tickle my inner thighs, but he also explored coming very close to the rope buried between my pussy lips. He didn't go quite as far as what I'd call touching me in a sexual way, but he came deliciously close with his gentle teasing touches just barely drifting onto the edges of my outer lips.

I really hadn't gone into this game with a clear idea of just how far I wanted it to go. I was definitely getting even more curious and I wanted to explore more. But it would be a long time before I was ready to deal with teenage boy / girl relationships, and I wanted to enjoy the time I had with my wonderful playmate, my best friend, the person I could trust to never hurt me and to always keep my secrets. And I was definitely the naughtier of the two of us. So I doubt there is anything that Michael would have even considered doing to me that day that I would have felt bad about. All in all, I was probably the world's happiest prisoner that afternoon.

Michael took off my sleep mask blindfold and sat on my bed and snuggled me into his lap again. From the look on my face it was obvious to him that I was having a wonderful afternoon. He told me that it seemed like the naughtier our games got, the more I liked them. I admitted that was true. His fingers found their way back to my budding nipples. This time he was very gentle again. He asked me what would happen to our games when we went through puberty. I told him I hoped we'd still play. He asked me if I'd feel differently once my breasts fully developed. I answered him with questions. "We took baths together as far back as we can remember, right?" "Sure", he said. "What parts of my body have I ever been shy about letting you look at or touch?" "None, I guess." "Do you think that would change just because I have breasts or pubic hair?" He didn't have an answer, but he flopped back on his back on my bed and pulled me on top of him and squeezed me close. He gave me a couple more very gentle love swats on my bottom and he squeezed me there too.

By now I had been tied up quite a while. Michael rolled me onto my side and came behind me. He untied the rope at my elbows, and then he undid the knot that attached my wrists to the ropes through my crotch. He gently pulled the ropes back out from their hiding place between my pussy lips, and he untied the knot at my waist. More than half my restraints were off now. I was down to one short piece of rope that tied my wrists together behind my back, plus two more ropes that kept me "frogtied" with my knees bent. Still, just these last three ropes left me very helpless. With my wrists tied and all the knots still out of reach I couldn't escape, and with my legs tied I couldn't run away or go for help.

Michael put me back on my bed on my back. With my legs still tied like that, that only comfortable position was with my legs splayed wide open. The rope through my crotch hadn't exactly done much to cover things, but with it gone I felt more naked and exposed than ever. Michael looked at my privates, I think half out of concern that the rope might have hurt me and half out of normal adolescent curiosity (what boy doesn't want to see what a naked girl looks like?). I was glad he liked to look. Like I've said before, I have quite an exhibitionist streak, and to have a boy appreciate my body like that made me feel beautiful and sexy.

I enjoyed his curious loving gaze on me for a few minutes, until he decided to finish letting me out. He quickly untied my wrists. At this point I could have undone my legs myself, but Michael was kind enough to take care of them too.

Part of our tie up game ritual was to always end with hugging and cuddling. I was still naked, but Michael had never taken his briefs off. I quickly pulled them off him and put my arms around him and squeezed him close to my body. He wrapped his arms around me and squeezed me back. We probably spent ten minutes in each other's arms, just relaxing and enjoying the moment. Then we realized that Mom would be coming home soon, so we tidied up and hid all our tie up game toys and put our underwear back on.

I hope you liked part 8! Like part 7, this covers one of our rarer, more intimate tie up games. I may not be able to get time to write again for a while, but I do have a different kind of tie up story from a little bit later in my adolescence that you might enjoy. Hopefully I'll be able to write about that one in the next couple of months.

Hugs and squeezes!


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Re: Julia - 8 - Assisted self restraint

Postby Nick » Thu Feb 02, 2017 2:33 am

Wow! This one was great! Although it's still a little weird that you are brother and sister...

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