Julia - 7 - Hot summer tie up games

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Julia - 7 - Hot summer tie up games

Postby charlie » Mon Jan 02, 2017 10:27 am

The seventh segment of my friend Julia's stories from her childhood.


Hi friends, I hope you enjoyed the first six parts of my story.

This part continues right in sequence after parts 4 and 5, in the summer just before Michael and I started sixth grade. Part 6 with the straitjacket was out of sequence with 4, 5, and 7, and happened around 6 months earlier, in the winter.

I won't repeat the story of part 5; you can go back and read it if you missed it, but it was one of the most wonderful tie up experiences I'd had up to that point in my life. Mom had tied me up tightly, supposedly to teach me a lesson about not making knots too tight but really just for fun and as a diversion from the brutal summer heat. After Mom had left, Michael finished me off by stripping me completely naked and giving me a wonderfully playful and loving tickle torture and spanking. Near the end of our play session, while I was still tied up and naked with my legs open, he held me in his arms and kissed me and he gave me a single sweet gentle caress on my most sensitive place of all. It was an incredible moment of pleasure and beauty for me.

So now it was "my turn to get Michael back for tying me up and stripping me naked". In reality, that translated so something like now it was "my responsibility to tie up Michael and give him as thrilling and wonderful and fun experience as he had given me". I took my responsibility very seriously and I put a lot of thought into things I might do to him. This was a bit tricky, since I had to put myself into Michael's way of thinking. For me, the feeling of complete helplessness and loss of control brought me the maximum thrill of all. Lots of touching and skin to skin contact was a close second for me. For Michael, I know he cared much less than me about the "tie up" part, although the naughtiness of it certainly meant something to him. On the other hand, if any person in the world existed who liked the touching and skin contact even more than me, that person would have to be Michael. So with all this in mind, I hatched my plan.

School was out for the summer, and as was often the case in our city, it was hotter than ever. Mom needed Michael and I to help out in her sewing shop in the morning. At least it was relatively cool down there in the morning. I'm more of a tomboy than a girly girl, but to cope with the heat I was wearing a thin little sundress. I was tempted to skip my panties, but Mom did get customers in the shop, and that sundress was sheer enough that it would probably be obvious, so I gave in to social convention. Michael wore gym shorts and a tank top. We both wore flip flops on our feet, and that was it. We worked with Mom in the morning, getting and preparing material she needed for another big tent repair job of hers. After a lunch break, and a little more work for her, she said we could be on our own for the afternoon. So we scampered back up the stairs for "play time". We kicked off our flip-flops at the door and ran around behind the curtain that formed our "bedroom" area in the apartment. I had stashed away all the ropes from the last time Michael had tied me up (see part 5 of my stories for that), and I pulled them out. I pulled my sundress over my head and tossed it on the bed. Michael similarly removed his shirt and gym shorts, leaving us back in our standard hot summer home attire; me in just my panties and Michael in his briefs.

We both knew it was my turn to tie up Michael. He had not experienced the kind of tie up that Mom had used on me yet, but he was about to. He obediently held out his arms as I secured his wrists with my rope. I had him stretch his arms up over his head and bend his elbows to bring his wrists to the back of his neck. I ran the long tails of the rope around his chest. It was a little hard without a helper to hold the rope, but then I got an idea to put another knot in the ropes that hung down from his tied wrists behind his back. This extra knot gave me a nice loop. I wound the long ends around his chest, through the loop in back, and back to the front again. I tied them off securely.

Michael isn't quite as flexible as me, so he couldn't bring his wrists down as far as mine had been. On the other hand, that didn't really matter, since with his limited flexibility, he stood even less chance that I had of finding some way to wriggle out. I had tried pretty hard, and I had failed miserably in my escape attempts. So Michael was completely helpless and at my mercy now, and we both knew it.

Michael knew exactly what was coming next. I pulled his briefs down to his ankles, and ordered him to step out. He's not a big time exhibitionist like me, so I'm sure he felt a little embarrassed, but he did genuinely get some fun and excitement from "naughty things", and for a boy to be stripped completely naked by his little sister was definitely a naughty thing. Being tied up first and then stripped naked made it much naughtier still. To finish him off I took out one more rope and tied his ankles together. Now even the remote possibility of escaping by running away was gone.

The next item in my plan was my tickle torture. I got the cloth gag and popped the knot into Michael's mouth and tied it in place. Then I took my sleep mask blindfold from my bed and slipped that on him and carefully covered his eyes. I gently sat him down on the bottom bunk (my bed). I made every single move of mine as gentle and delicate and loving as I could. Michael was completely comfortable in my hands and I loved that.

I also loved that this left him vulnerable to the element of surprise when I launched my merciless tickle attack. I pounced on Michael and pushed him down onto his back on my bed. With Michael completely naked and blindfolded, I was free to attack at the time and place of my choosing. Michael never even knew what was coming, not that it mattered much as there wasn't a thing he could do to defend himself. Michael's especially ticklish places are his armpits, his ribs, and his tummy. I gave them all my fiercest attack. I've learned to use both light, teasing touches as well as rougher, more aggressive tickling, to maximize the torment of my prisoner.

Of course for someone who loves touch as much as Michael, this was simultaneously pure joy and pure torture. He could only grunt and mew because of the cloth gag that filled his mouth, but he was getting pretty loud. I was glad Mom had her very noisy sewing machine running downstairs. I must have tickle tortured Michael for a good ten minutes or so, and he was a sweaty, exhausted mess when I was done with him. I took off his gag and his blindfold.

He gave me one of his looks, one of those mixed message looks. We were so close we could usually read each other's feelings just from the looks on our faces. Michael's read something like "you really are an absolutely insane little sister, but I love you". That was exactly what I had wanted.

Now that the tickle torture and roughness part was done, I was ready for the next part of my plan. I rolled Michael onto his side on my bed and told him to relax and get comfortable and unwind from his tickle torture. I slipped off my panties and lay down on my side next to him, behind him. I wrapped my arms around Michael and I squeezed him close to me. Complete sensual overload for two people who love the feeling of touching skin. I rubbed my hand on Michael's chest, gently, not tickling this time. I teased him a little and asked when he was going to start growing some hair on his chest. He teased me back and told me that Mom had bet that I would start growing breasts before he started growing chest hair.

I continued to cuddle up against Michael from behind and I slowly caressed his chest. I looked over his shoulder and down at his male equipment. He was beginning to get a bit of an erection. I started to giggle. Now my dilemma. I had Michael all tied up, so I was in charge. I could do whatever I wanted. I was having a particular fascination with boys and how their bodies responded, and I had a reasonably willing prisoner that I could experiment on. I was sure he would forgive me for anything I might do to him, no matter how naughty it was. I certainly would have forgiven anything he did to me. But I also didn't want to get too overtly sexual with my big brother; that just didn't seem quite right.

A favorite TV show was going to start soon, so I had an easy way out without spending too much time deciding what to do next. I told Michael I thought it was really cute to see him excited like this. His face reddened. I took his penis into my hand and gave it one gentle squeeze and caress. Then I went up to the knot at the center of his chest and I released him. It seemed like exactly the right amount of naughtiness to me. I quickly undid Michael's wrists and went over to the TV and turned it on. Michael slipped his briefs back on and he joined me on the couch.

Michael obviously wasn't disturbed by the new height of my naughtiness, nor by the fact that I was still completely naked. We cuddled gently and watched our show. During a commercial break, I heard Mom's loud sewing machine turn off. I decided to go over to my bed and put my panties back on, just in case. Mom wouldn't have been upset at my nakedness, but somehow being a little bit secretive about it made it feel naughtier. I rejoined Michael on the couch, not quite naked anymore. Sure enough, we head the squeaky door open from her shop and Mom headed upstairs. Mom went to her bedroom to get something, then she stopped and told us she needed to head across town for something. She told us to stay out of trouble for the next couple of hours and she headed back downstairs.

As our show concluded, I was desperately hoping Michael would tie me up again. He did not disappoint me. When our TV show ended, he turned off the TV and scooped me up in his arms and carried me back to the bed. I had tucked the ropes and the gag just out of sight behind the bed but we both knew exactly where they were. He threw me down on the bed with pretend roughness and pounced on me and wrapped his arms around me and squeezed me. He told me that what I had done to him had been really naughty, and he was going to get me back for it. I beamed with excitement and I started to giggle again. He got up off me and rolled me over face down and gave me a swat on my panty clad bottom. "We'll see if you're still giggling when I'm done with you", he said, trying to sound stern (and not doing a very good job of it). I giggled even more.

We both realized the benefits of the position we had used for our last pair of tie up games, with the victims wrists tied together behind their head, arms folded at the elbow. Not only was it inescapable, but it left the victim's armpits totally exposed and defenseless against tickling. We had a lot of fun tying each other up that way over the hot summer. Of course it was my turn again to be on the receiving end. I was still face down on the bed. Michael climbed onto me and sat down on my butt, pinning me down to my bed. He ordered me to put my arms up over my head and bend my elbows and put my wrists together. He took the long piece of rope and securely tied my wrists together, leaving two long tails.

The part about keeping the victim's hands behind their head so they couldn't pull them back up over their head was the weakest link in this particular tie. Mom's putting a rope around my chest at the base of my ribs had worked well, but Michael was not an expert at fitting and tying things the way Mom was. My sloppier tie around his chest had worked, mostly because Michael wasn't flexible enough to wriggle out. If I had been tied that way, I probably would have been able to get my head under the crook of my elbow on one side and bring my arms back in front of me. Michael seemed to be aware of this.

Instead of trying to finish tying me the way I had done to him, he reached over and took a shorter piece of rope. He let me up from the bed just enough to slip the rope in front of me around my waist, then he sat back down on my butt and pinned me back down. I was liking the feeling of being pinned under him, trapped between his legs. Michael tied that shorter rope around my waist pretty tightly, like a belt. I knew what he had in mind.

Michael got off of me and he stood me back up, next to my bed. He took the long rope tails hanging down from my wrists and he tucked them under the rope around my waist in back. He pulled on the rope ends to take out all the slack, so I ended up with my wrists stretched way back behind the base of my neck, easily as tightly as Mom had done me up. He put a simple knot in at the waist rope. There were still tails left over so he wrapped then around my waist and time them off in front to keep them out of the way. Then he took the gag and packed the thick cloth knot into my mouth and tied it off. Finally, he took one more short rope and tied my ankles together.

Just in case you had trouble following all this, here is a description of my predicament at this point. My wrists are tied tightly together. My upper arms are pointing straight up, and they are close to my ears. My arms are fully bent at the elbows and my elbows are pointed at the ceiling, on either side of my head. My tied wrists are behind my neck. Another piece of rope is tied around my waist like a very tight belt. The last of the rope is joining my tied wrists to my waist rope, leaving me with my arms straining back and making it completely impossible to lift my wrists up at all. My mouth was gagged with a wide strip of cloth that had been tied into a knot, and the knot was in my mouth tightly behind my teeth. It was tied tight so I couldn't spit it out. The last piece of rope on me was binding my ankles securely together. And, except for my little white cotton panties I was completely naked.

Michael started to take my sleep mask blindfold, but he stopped. He told me my tickle torture would be more of a torture if I could see every touch coming, knowing there wouldn't be a thing I could do to stop him. I kind of wanted to be blindfolded, but he had me gagged too well to discuss the matter. As he started to tickle me, I realized he was right. I'd watch as his fingers would slowly approach my super sensitive armpits. I'd wriggle and squirm but I was defenseless. My ribs and tummy got the same treatment too; visual teasing followed by intense tickling. Then Michael said that I'd been so naughty I needed more than just a tickle torture. He sat down on my bed and pulled me face down across his lap. He tickled me even more and then he started to slip his fingers into the waistband of my panties.

I expected (and hoped) he would strip me naked, but instead he just pulled the back of my panties down just barely enough to expose my bare bottom. Now I knew what he had in mind. WHACK! The spanking began. Michael had told me that he absolutely hated to hit me, but I had managed to convince him to just get into the mood of play acting. I'd play the very naughty little girl that needed to be punished, and he'd play the stern adult giving me the spanking. I convinced him that I really liked to play this naughty, and since it was fun for me, Michael was a good sport and he'd play his role.

Michael was playing his role unusually well. His swats were really direct, and they really stung. He actually made my butt kind of pink. And I was so into playing the naughty girl role that I just wanted more and more. Since I was tied up and gagged, I had no control over the situation at all. I would have to take whatever Michael decided to give me. That made it all even better. I had originally wanted to be naked, but somehow the way I was in my panties just partly down to expose my bare bottom made it feel even naughtier. I got completely into my role. I tried to beg for mercy but the gag completely muffled my pleas. I struggled against the ropes but they wouldn't budge. And Michael kept on spanking me.

It turns out all my struggles actually were having some effect. As I thrashed around and struggled against my ropes in Michael's lap, the rope around my waist began to work it's way up higher. By this time, Michael had switched to going back and forth between spanking and tickling. I thrashed around in his lap like a wild animal but he held me tight and kept up my "punishment". But as the waist rope rode up on me, I was able to bring my wrists up higher and higher. After a few more minutes, there was so much slack that I was able to slip my head under my right elbow, and this let me bring both arms back in front of me, sort of. My wrists were still tied together, and a rope ran from them over my shoulder to the rope that had ridden far up above my waist by this time. Still, I wasn't nearly as completely helpless as I had been just a minute ago.

Michael rolled me over so I was face up in his lap now. We looked into each other's eyes. Michael easily read the look in my eyes. He knew I was loving every second of this and I wanted even more. I looked in his eyes. He had a surprisingly wicked grin on his face. I had a sense he was seriously considering something especially naughty. I gave him a little nod, like "bring it on". His grin became a little bigger as he nodded back. I had no idea what he was going to do to me, but this just added to my excitement.

Michael untied the rope at the back of my waist that still at least partly restricted the movement of my wrists. My wrists were still tied together, but now I could bring my arms back in front of me and stretch them out, which was a bit of welcome relief. He pulled my panties back up to cover my bottom, and he untied my ankles. He didn't untie the tight rope around my waist, but he worked it back down very low, until it rested at the top of my hips and wouldn't go any lower.

Then he went back to sweetness mode. He gently put his arms around me and cuddled me close to him. This was wonderful, but I feared the end of our tie up game was coming soon. Michael asked me if my arms and wrists were OK. I nodded yes. The ropes on my wrists weren't too tight, so that was fine. My arms were getting tired tied off behind my neck like that, but now he was giving them a nice long rest break and they were feeling fine too. He asked me if I had learned my lesson and if I was going to be a good girl now. I shook my head as a defiant "NO!" He gave me his wicked smile again. "I'll give you one last chance. If you're ready to be a good girl I can let you out. But otherwise I think I just might do something naughtier than I've ever done to you before. And you'll be tied up and gagged and helpless with no way to stop me." The naughty grin on his face told me he meant it. I didn't know what was coming, but whatever it was, I wanted it and I wanted it bad. "Last chance to be a good girl?" I shook my head more forcefully and defiantly than before. The new phase of our game was on. And Michael knew what the new rules would be and I didn't.

He stood me back up next to my bed. "I don't think naughty girls need panties, do you?" I shook my head no. He pulled my panties down to my ankles and I stepped out of them. Except for the rope around my waist, the rope that held my wrists together, and my cloth gag, I was completely naked again. "Now let's fix up your arms. Wrists behind your head again!" I stretched my arms up and bend my elbows to bring my wrists behind my head again. He tucked the long rope tails hanging from my wrists through the back of the rope around my waist again.

At this point, aside from the fact that he had taken away my panties, he seemed to be tying me up pretty much the same way as before. I was really hoping for something newer and naughtier, but I had no idea what that might be. I soon found out.

Michael sat on the edge of my bed, as I stood on the floor right next to him. He told me to turn around slowly and show myself to him from all sides. When I turned my back to him, he noted that my bottom was still a little bit pink from the spanking he had given me before. He gave me another little love swat, a gentle, teasing one. I did like being on display. Michael's eyes let me know how much he appreciated my body. I was glad he found me beautiful and glad I could put on a good show for him.

After a couple of turns so Michael could inspect me from the front and back, he had me stop when I was directly facing him. He told me to spread my legs apart. I took a very wide stance, trying to show off as much as I could.

Michael reached his hand out. I thought he was going to touch me, right between my legs, where I was wanting to be touched the most. I had already decided I was going to allow him to do anything he wanted to do with me. I knew he would never hurt me, and I was feeling naughtier and more sexually curious than I had ever felt. Yes, he was my brother, and that gave me at least a little hesitation, but not very much.

To my surprise, Michael's fingers did not touch me. In fact, he reached right between my open legs and took hold of the two rope tails that hung down from the rope around my waist. He hadn't tied them off. He started to pull them down toward the floor. As the rope from my wrists slid underneath my waist rope, I felt the tension on my wrists and arms increase. I was forced to reach them down further behind my neck. Then, still holding the rope ends, Michael brought his hand back between my legs to the front of me.

I stared down in front of me. I looked at the hairless slit between the two soft folds of skin that defined me as female. I also looked about a foot lower, at Michael's hand which held tightly onto the tail ends of the rope. I still had no idea what he was going to do.

"You escaped last time! I can't have naughty little girls escaping on me. I didn't realize that rope around your waist was going to slide up so you could escape. But I thought of a way to fix that!". I listed with wide eyed curiosity. I was just dying to know what he was going to do to me.

Michael brought the rope tails back up to the front of my waist rope, and he tucked them up under it, from behind. The rope tails were plenty long, so they hung down between my legs, reaching almost to my knees.

Very slowly and carefully, Michael slid the ropes tighter to take out the slack. I looked down and watched as the pair of ropes came ever closer to the sensitive slit between my legs. I was starting to get an idea of what he was going to do to me. I was thankful he had selected the smoothest, softest, cleanest piece of white nylon rope that we had in our collection for this special rope. I got more excited anticipating what was about to happen.

When the ropes were just very lightly touching my outer lips, Michael stopped sliding them and he looked directly at me. "I feel really naughty doing this to you! But you've been such a naughty girl that I think maybe I should go ahead with this. Do you know what I'm going to do to you?" I knew exactly where those ropes were going. I nodded "yes". "Do you think you've been naughty enough to deserve this?" I nodded a very enthusiastic "yes". I wanted the full experience!

The ropes had slipped a little bit to the sides, out of place. Michael had to reach in between my legs to center them properly. I really was a naughty girl. I savored the light touch of the ropes and Michael's fingers as he positioned them properly. Then he began to slide the ropes again, even slower and gentler than before. The soft nylon rope slid deeply between my naked, sensitive pussy lips. I was just barely approaching the early edge of puberty, and my curiosity about my body and its sensitive places had grown.

Michael watched my face for any expression of pain or distress as he slowly pulled the ropes up snug. The look on my face was one of pure naughty excitement and curiosity. He pulled the ropes very snug and I felt them intensely between my legs. "You still OK?" he asked me, just to be sure. I nodded enthusiastically.

To my surprise, and my temporary disappointment, Michael slid about six inches of one of the two crotch ropes back through my waist rope, making it slack and loose again and relieving some of the pressure between my legs. But then he chose a spot on the rope, tied a small overhand knot in it to make a small loop directly above my pubic mound, and he pulled it snug again.

Then he actually pulled the pair of ropes even tighter than before, again carefully watching the look on my face for any distress. I had my "crazy tie up fantasy girl lost in her games" look on my face, and he understood it perfectly, so he gave me the full treatment. Once he had the rope all done up tightly again, the little knotted loop stood out, about half way between my waist and the spot at the top of my pubic mound where the ropes emerged from between my lips. The rope tails were very long, so he ran them around behind my back around the wrist ropes, and then back to the front once more. He tied them off in front of me, making that last critical knot in front of me where it would be very far out of my reach.

My legs were still completely free, so I could walk around. Michael told me to explore and see how it felt. Even though I could walk, with my wrists tied behind my head and held down by the rope through my crotch, I felt more stuck and helpless than ever. If I tried to lift my wrists, I tightened the crotch rope. I walked into our parents bedroom to the full length mirror and I took a good look. I saw a cute girl, completely naked and all tied up and gagged, with a rope right through her pussy lips. And I took in the fact that I was that naked helpless girl. This excited me more than I could have imagined. Michael had followed me and he stood behind me and watched what I was seeing in the mirror. "Do you like this?" Another nod of enthusiasm from me.

Michael slipped his index finger into the little loop of rope. He used it to lead me naked around our little apartment. With that tight rope in my sensitive places, even a slight tug drew the rope even deeper between my pussy lips. I had absolutely no choice but to follow him wherever he wanted to take me. Just for the fun of the game, I offered a little bit of resistance. All he had to do was pull that little loop firmly up toward the ceiling to tighten the rope between my legs and bring me back under control. Still holding the loop, he led me back around behind the curtain that formed our sleeping area. He brought me over to the bed and got my sleep mask blindfold. He let go of the rope long enough to blindfold me and to smooth my mask carefully against my face so I would have no chance of peeking.

He gave me another hug, and he squeezed me really close to him. The mixing of sweetness and roughness was one of the things I liked the most about the games we played. Here I stood, naked, bound, gagged, and blindfolded, with a tight rope between my legs, and I was getting hugged and squeezed by my wonderful brother.

After giving me a few minutes to enjoy the soft, gentle closeness, Michael went back to "bad big brother" mode. I couldn't see a thing now, but I could sure feel it when he took hold of that little loop again and gave it a tug, just to get my complete attention. He led me naked all around the apartment again, but this time I was blindfolded too. I had to just go from feel and memory. Any misdirection on my part was quickly corrected by another tug on that rope.

Michael teased me that he was thinking about bringing me downstairs to Mom's shop and putting me on public display in the window. Anyone who passed by on the street would be able to see me all tied up and naked. I'd still be blindfolded so I wouldn't even be able to tell who was looking at me. The thought both mortified me and excited me. I really was totally helpless and under Michael's control now. If he really took me by that little rope loop and led me downstairs, there wouldn't be a thing in the world I could do to stop him. I really was an exhibitionist at heart. Of course Michael didn't actually do this to me. Part of the special magic of our naughty tie up games were that they were our special secret. Mom and Dad knew of some of it, but we certainly didn't share these special details like the way I was tied up right now.

Michael went as far with the tease as to bring me to the apartment door and he told me to slip my flip-flops on. When I wouldn't, he pulled the rope tight with one hand and spanked my bottom hard with the other hand. Needless to say, I slid my feet into my flip-flops. At that point Michael decided he had gone far enough and he had me kick off my flip-flops and he led me back to our bunk bed. He had me sit cross legged on my bed. He took one last piece of rope and tied my ankles together in this cross legged position, so my legs were open. With my legs like this, I felt the crotch rope even more.

He told me it was time for my "Little Miss Houdini Challenge". I had to get out of this by myself without help. Michael stayed right there with me, to make sure I didn't fall out of bed or hurt myself (and I'm sure to enjoy the naked show I was putting on for him). Every so often he'd give me a tickle or a playful little pinch on my tummy or another love swat on my bare bottom. I made sure I put on a good really show for him. I rolled around to let him see me from all sides, and I made sure I spent some time struggling on my back so he could have a really good look at exactly where that rope went. This was a good day for my exhibitionist fantasies.

I really did gave it my best shot and struggled for all I was worth, but I really couldn't get out of this one. My wrists were held securely behind my head by the rope that ran down through my crotch. Every single knot was far out of my reach. And I was very effectively blindfolded and gagged. The harder I struggled, the deeper the crotch rope slid between my lips. It had started out feeling like more of a tease, but after a good struggle it was beginning to get pretty uncomfortable. Still, I took pride in being tough, so I stuck it out and kept up the struggle. Michael left me struggling like that for about ten minutes.

Finally he got concerned about how long he had kept me tied up. He untied my gag and popped it out of my mouth. By this time my arms were getting stiff and sore and the tight rope through my crotch was getting very uncomfortable. Still I didn't complain; I didn't want to give Michael any reason not to play rough and naughty with me in the future. I was willing to put up with a little discomfort in return for having a wonderful brother who was willing to play tie up games with me exactly the way I liked them the most. Michael must have had a sense that I really was getting uncomfortable. He quickly undid the crotchrope and untied my wrists. Now I was free except for the rope on my ankles. I slipped off my sleep mask and rolled onto my back on my bed to untie my ankles myself. With me on my back with my legs tied open, Michael really got a good show. Once I got my ankles untied I just collapsed flat onto my bed on my back with my legs apart. Showing off my body like this was the least I could do to reward him for such a fun game, and I loved the fact that he liked to see me naked.

Michael squeezed me into his arms and we cuddled and wrestled around on my bed for a few minutes. He pinned me down on the bed and gave me a kiss on the lips. Usually I was the one who stole kisses from him, so that was a nice surprise. Once he let me up, we wrestled around more, and this time I got him pinned down. I sat down on him facing his feet and I pulled down his briefs and tossed them away from the bed out of his reach. We wrestled and cuddled even more, now with both of us completely naked. There wasn't anything explicitly sexual going on between us, but we both loved skin to skin touch and we loved the fact that we were doing something that most people considered "inappropriate". A wonderfully fun afterglow to finish up one of my favorite tie up games ever!

I hope you liked part 7! This one did get quite a bit more intimate that was usual for Michael and me in our tie up games, but I hope that was OK with you.

Hugs and squeezes!


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Re: Julia - 7 - Hot summer tie up games

Postby tightsbound » Mon Jan 02, 2017 4:15 pm

Wowza. That was definitely a naughty tie. Great story, thanks for sharing! I can't wait for more!

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Re: Julia - 7 - Hot summer tie up games

Postby canuck100 » Fri Jan 06, 2017 1:25 pm

Good story, once again!

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