Julia - 5 - Another way to use cotton rope

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Julia - 5 - Another way to use cotton rope

Postby charlie » Thu Nov 03, 2016 5:54 pm

The fifth segment of my friend Julia's stories from her childhood.


Hi friends, I hope you enjoyed the first four parts of my story.

Part 4 ended with a great tie up game where I had Michael in a hogtie with cotton ropes, and I had him gagged with a knotted cloth strip and blindfolded with my sleep mask. Except that the game wasn't quite over. I had untied Michael's ankles, and removed his gag and blindfold, but that left one last rope, the one that held his wrists behind his back.

Unfortunately, I had foolishly tied the knot in that rope much too tight, and our sweat had dampened the rope, which made it even worse. Michael was stuck, and my last resort option was to get help from Mom. So I had escorted Michael down the stairs from our little apartment to Mom's sewing workshop. It was a particularly hot, humid summer day, so we had been playing mostly unclothed; I was just in my white cotton panties, and Michael was just in his white cotton briefs (and the white cotton rope that bound his wrists behind his back).

Fortunately, Mom was all alone in her shop, finishing up the tent repair job she had been working on all day. I brought Michael over to her. There were tears on my cheeks. Mom looked at us. It was not normal for us to leave our apartment in just our underwear. Michael, of course, stood with his hands behind his back, since he had no choice. I blurted out my tale of woe, and I turned Michael around so Mom could see his tied wrists.

Mom stayed absolutely calm as the tears ran down my face. "You know, cotton rope can get really tight knots, especially if it is damp." Of course the rope was covered with our sweat from the heat and Michael's struggles and my roughhousing with him. "We might have to just cut the rope," Mom said. Although I hated to waste a great piece of rope, all I wanted now was to let Michael out. Mom went to her drawer and took our a fierce looking pair of cutting pliers. She also took out a smaller pliers. She went to a shelf and took a knitting needle too. She had Michael sit down in her chair, and she knelt down behind him. I watched, shaking with the tears going down my cheeks. Mom took the smaller pliers and grabbed the knot. With a few skillful twists she made a little slack, and pretty soon she worked the knitting needle through the knot. A couple more twists of the pliers and the knot was almost loose. She slid the knitting needle back out and finished untying the knot. "I guess we don't have to cut it after all." Mom unwound the rope, and Michael stood up, free again. He rubbed his wrists a little but he said they were fine.

And then the questioning. Mom seemed completely neutral; she wasn't upset like when we had broken the jam jar. The usual questions. Did we both really want to play? Were we being safe? How long had I kept Michael tied up? We gave all the right answers. I had stopped crying but my cheeks were wet with a mixture of sweat and tears. Mom pulled both me and Michael to her and she hugged and squeezed us. She told us she could see how much we loved each other and she was glad that we had fun together and that we were careful not to hurt each other.

So I boldly asked my question directly. "Does this mean we're not in trouble?" Mom kept her perfectly neutral look. She went though her checklist. Our tie up game was completely consensual. I had limited Michael's tie up time to half an hour. I never left him alone tied up. The ropes weren't tight enough to cut off his circulation. And we had come to her for help when we got in trouble. Pretty much a perfect checklist. She handed me a tissue to dry my tears and wipe off my sweaty face.

Then Mom got that sly little smile, the smile she would get when she was being the playful one. "No, not this time. But I do think it might be a good idea if I taught our little Miss Houdini a lesson about cotton rope." Mom went to a nearby shelf and took a coil of white cotton rope. It was about the same as the piece that she had just released Michael from, except that this one was about eight feet long. I figured the "lesson" would be some kind of safety lecture. Mom uncoiled the rope and folded it in half to find the exact center. Then she turned to me. "Hold out your arms straight in front of you, with your palms together." I immediately obeyed. To my great surprise, Mom put the rope over my hands and started tying my wrists. But I just assumed she was going to show me something about knots. She ran a couple of loops around my wrists and then looped between then to cinch things off, just like I had done to Michael except that my hands were in front of me instead of behind me. Mom knotted off the rope, leaving two very long tails that hung down onto the floor. Mom slipped her little finger between the ropes and my wrists and slid it around to be sure they wouldn't be tight enough to hurt me. Mom turned to Michael, "Do you think we should give our little escape artist a real challenge?" Michael returned her mischievous smile. "Of course!" By now both Michael and I realized we were dealing with "playful Mom" and not "angry Mom". And "playful Mom" was going to tie me up!

Mom told me to hold my arms straight up in the air, above my head. Then she told me to bend my elbows and bring my wrists to the back of my neck. She came around behind me and grabbed the two long rope tails hanging from my wrists. She told Michael to come over and hold the tails at a spot right at the middle of my back. She wrapped the tails all the way around me, just below my ribs and came back to the spot straight down from my wrists where Michael was holding them. She looped the ropes together there and held them in place.

Then she told me to try to reach the spot in the middle of my back where she was holding the ropes. I tried to reach down, but I could not get my fingers anywhere close to her hand. But when I reached down, Mom slid the rope and took up the slack; I couldn't get my wrists back up. She smiled, "I hope Miss Houdini likes a good challenge!". She finished the knot at the center of my back and brought the last two tails back around to my front, a few inches above my belly button. She put in a knot She told me that with cotton rope it was important not to pull a knot with a sharp bend like a square knot too tight or it would never come out without cutting the rope. She made some other kind of knot instead, and now there were just two short tails hanging down my tummy. Mom took them and turned to Michael, "let's put a bow on it to make her pretty!". Mom tied a nice little bow. She told me that all I had to do to get out was to undo that one little bow knot at the base of my chest, and then everything could be undone. I stared down at the knot that was the key to my freedom, or lack of it.

Now that Mom's ropework was done, she checked me over again. She made sure my wrists were OK. She made sure the rope high around my waist wasn't hurting me or making it hard to breathe. She asked if I thought I could stay like this for a long time. I told her I was fine but it didn't matter since I'd escape just like Houdini. Mom laughed and said "We'll see".

Now a little side story. I sure you've heard of a "captive audience". Well how about a captive storyteller? Now that Mom has me tied up and helpless, I'll tell you a little more about my family, because it is kind of important to understanding my stories. My family was very open and honest about sex. Michael and I knew all about the differences between boys and girls, as can be expected since Mom or Dad always bathed us together when we were preschoolers (and they were OK with our bathing or showering together in elementary school when we chose to do so). We also knew the basics of sex and where babies came from. I had found some books in the library, and Mom and Dad both encouraged us to ask questions and to never be ashamed or afraid to talk about anything. And we knew that sometime soon puberty would be upon us both. Michael looked forward to his voice deepening and to growing more body hair, just like Dad. I sometimes teased him, "and having your penis grow big like Dad's too". It was all good natured. I looked forward to have a curvaceous body like Mom and like my aunts. I wasn't so sure about having my first period, but Mom was always positive and reassuring. And above all else both Michael and I had learned that we could always go to Mom and Dad with anything in the world. Mom didn't take me aside for "girl stuff" and Dad didn't take Michael aside for "guy stuff"; we could always talk about these things with our whole family. A lot of our friends from school were not nearly so fortunate.

But back to the main story...

Mom asked Michael to stand next to me. She looked at my flat, undeveloped chest. My chest and Michael's were almost indistinguishable. She reached out and gave me little love pinches on both my nipples. She told me that she guessed this would probably be the last year that I would still be just a little girl. She said if I was like her and like my aunts, then by this time next year my breasts would be blossoming. I asked her how that made her feel. I don't remember her exact words, but she said that time always moves on, and it was part of life for her beautiful little girl to turn into a beautiful young woman. Then she turned to Michael and told him he'd get some hair on his chest, but it probably wouldn't happen for a few more years. Mom eventually turned out to be right on both her predictions.

Mom saw the silly grin on my face. "You really are liking this, aren't you? This is all fun and games, isn't it." I told her it was the most fun I'd had in a long time. Mom asked if she should untie me right now. I told her "please don't; I want to try the experience".

Then Mom turned to Michael and asked if he'd be willing to take me back upstairs and keep an eye on me. She told him to not let me out of his sight, and if I got into any pain or distress, he should untie me or bring me back down to her immediately. "But otherwise, I think it would be good to keep her from interrupting my work again. I've got a customer coming to pick up a job an hour from now. Then I'll be upstairs to make dinner. As long as our cute little Miss Houdini isn't in distress, give her a full thirty minutes before you let her out." I was so excited I was almost shaking.

Just then we heard the squeaky front door open on the shop. Michael grabbed me and took me with him just out of sight behind the storage shelves, since we were both nearly naked. Mom went to the front to greet her customer. Michael peeked between the gaps in the shelves to watch. Mom mercifully stood toward the front window, so her customer turned his back to us. We made a dash up the stairs to our apartment. Michael had his arm around me to keep me safe, since if I tripped with my hands tied I wouldn't be able to stop myself from falling.

When we got back upstairs, we went right to the couch. The gag and the sleep mask blindfold and my other ropes were still there where I had left them when I discovered Michael was stuck. Michael gave me a very wicked smile and he told me he was feeling really naughty. But he said he wanted to be sure he didn't take things too far for me. I told him to bring it on. He said I was very foolish for saying yes before I knew what I was getting into. I gave him my own wicked smile right back and told him, "Surprise me! Give me everything you were thinking of and more! The naughtier the better! Really surprise me with something so naughty I'd never expect it, and I'll love you forever!" Of course I'd love him forever anyway, just because he was my best friend and the best big brother in the whole world, but that is another story.

Michael told me I should try to escape. He wanted to see if Mom had really found a way to tie me up effectively with one rope like that. I tried really hard. I tried to bring my hands up, but all the ropes were too tight. I tried to pop my head under my elbow, but my arms were bent too tight and I didn't have enough slack to make room. The knot at the center of my chest was way, way out of my reach. The ropes around my wrists were also out of my reach, and there weren't even any knots that I could do anything productive with. I was so stuck!

Michael picked up the gag from the couch. I eagerly opened my mouth as Michael popped the cloth knot in. He wrapped the ends behind my head and put in a half knot, but he realized that with my hands tied behind my head, maybe I could reach the knot a little bit, at least with my thumbs. It was a long cloth, so he brought the ends back to the front again and made a final knot right at my mouth again. That knot pushed the middle knot into my mouth more, so my mouth was really packed. I tried to talk but I could barely even grunt and mew. Michael asked if I was OK. I nodded my yes. He asked it it was choking me at all. I shook my head no.

Then Michael went and got a piece of string. He tied my thumbs together with it, and brought the ends to the far side of the knot that Mom had used to secure my wrists and he tied it off there, far out of my reach. There wasn't much I could have done as it was, but with my thumbs tied together, escape became an even more remote possibility.

He picked up the sleep mask but then he put it back down. "I just thought of something even naughtier. Do you still want to be surprised?" Of course I did. I nodded my enthusiastic "yes". "Even it it's really, really naughty? Naughtier than anything I've ever done to you before?" He was teasing me just with his words. Another even more enthusiastic "yes" nod. After all, between Michael and me, I was the crazy one. I really had no idea what he might do to me, but I was completely sure I'd be safe and it would be in the spirit of our naughty but loving tie up games.

Michael looked at the sleep mask again, like he wasn't sure whether or not to put it on me. I nodded another "yes". He defied me and put it back down on the couch. "Not yet. I think you need to see just what a naughty girl you really are!"

Michael walked me over to the door to Mom and Dad's bedroom and marched me in. I had no idea why. We were certainly allowed to be in their room but we rarely has reason to go there. He brought me over to the door of their closet. The only full length mirror in our apartment was on that door. He stood me in front of the mirror and came up on me from behind and he wrapped his arms around my waist and he hugged me really hard and pressed me very tightly against him. The warm skin of his chest against my bare back felt wonderful. If he was going to do something naughty or mean, this certainly was not it.

Michael released my waist and brought his fingers up to my armpits. With my hands tied back over my head, they were completely exposed to his tickling. And my armpits are very, very sensitive. He gave me just a little tickle and I almost went through the ceiling. Then he slowly ran his fingers up and down my sides, all the way from my armpits right down to my ankles and back up again. There were a few ticklish places along the way. Michael paused with his hands holding my sides while I stared in the mirror at the image of the poor helpless girl, with her hands tied. She was very effectively gagged, and in just her little white cotton panties she was practically naked too.

Michael moved his hands back down to my ankles again and he told me to watch that naughty little girl in the mirror. I watched in the mirror as his hands slid back up me to my armpits, and back down again. On the way back down, he hooked his thumbs into the elastic waistband of my panties and quickly pulled them right down to my ankles. I looked at myself in the mirror, now completely naked. "Step out of them," he ordered. I did. Then the exhibitionist streak in me took over. I spread my legs a couple of feet apart and stared again at the naked girl in the mirror. The reality of the situation hit me. I was that naked girl in the mirror. And my hands were tied up so I couldn't dress myself or even cover up with my hands. Everything I had was on display, and it gave me a huge thrill to think about this!

Then he told me I was under arrest and he needed to frisk me. If it wasn't for my gag, I would have laughed out loud at the ridiculousness of this. Of course when an officer makes an arrest, the purpose of frisking the prisoner is to check them for concealed weapons. I was standing absolutely buck naked with my legs apart, unable to conceal my own body or anything else. Still, Michael came up behind me and he put his hands on one of my ankles and started patting down my leg. Another huge thrill for me as the joy of his touch plus the naughtiness of my nakedness swirled around in my head. He worked his way up my leg and stopped about two millimeters short of touching my most sensitive place of all. Then he went to my other ankle and worked his way up my other leg, again stopping just barely short of my most intimate parts. Then he worked from my waist up, touching and patting and squeezing my tummy and chest, along with my tied up arms.

Michael and I were great at both verbal and non-verbal communication in our tie up games. He could tell from the look in my eyes that I was loving his "arrest procedures" beyond my wildest dreams. He came around in front of me and gave my legs a second pat down round while he knelt directly in front of me. This time he used a lighter, more tickling touch. The combination of this and the obvious degree to which he could see everything I had gave me another crazy thrill. He again almost but not quite let his hands reach my most sensitive feminine places. It's probably a good thing I was tied up, considering the feelings I was having.

After he finished his second frisking, Michael stopped this part of my sweet torture and he marched me to our bunk bed, carrying my panties. He put my panties on the end of my bed, laid out ready to put back on. "Just in case we need to get these back on you in a hurry," he told me. I had a feeling I was going to be completely naked for a while.

Michael led me back to the couch. He sat me down on the couch and he had me bend my legs at my knees so my feet were against my butt. He wrapped one of the extra ropes around my right leg, binding my ankle back to my thigh so I couldn't straighten my knee. Then he cinched off the loop behind my knee so I wouldn't be able to pop the rope over my knee to get it off. He then did the same thing to my left leg. He didn't tie my legs together, so I could open or close them, but I couldn't stand up or even kneel or straighten my knees a little bit.

Michael rolled me onto my back on the couch and told me to get comfortable. I tried, but with my legs tied like that it was awkward to keep my knees together. The most comfortable position for me was lying back with my knees wide apart. Of course since I was completely naked, this put all my "girl parts" out there on full display for Michael. Michael and I had been naked together thousands of times before, but I was on particularly explicit display. My exhibitionist fantasies raged, and the naughtiness of me being tied and exposed to a boy added to the thrill for me. Michael told me that lots of the boys at school would die to see me the way I was right now. He told me that a lot of them had never even seen a naked girl. He also told me he was absolutely sure that none of them had ever seen a naked girl as beautiful as me. He bent down and gave me a kiss on the forehead. I wanted to kiss him back, but that was impossible given the ropes and gag I was wearing. Michael had a way of making me feel so beautiful and so loved. My whole family had taught me to be comfortable and happy with my body.

Then Michael told me that he thought I was almost too cute to punish, but it was his sworn duty by the rules of our game. He took my sleep mask and blindfolded me with it. So now I had reached my point of maximum helplessness. My wrists were tied behind my head, my legs were tied with my knees bent, I was gagged and blindfolded, and I was absolutely buck naked. Michael started to handle me more roughly. It was still play roughness; he was very careful to not actually hurt me, but he'd grab me harder and pull me to where he wanted me. So he sat on the couch and pulled me onto his lap face down. He must have been sitting on a couch pillow, because he was up higher than usual, So I was bent in the middle across his lap, with my butt way up in the air. That made it an easy target for spanking and I was completely defenseless. Michael knew I wanted to be teased, and he was a master of that. He gave me little love swats, and a few big, stinging spanks, and a whole lot in between. He spanked me in lots of places, right on my butt cheeks, and on the backs of my thighs. He'd come frightfully close to spanking my most sensitive places of all but never actually hit me there.

I had encouraged Michael to be extra rough and naughty with me, and he was following my orders splendidly. After a great spanking, he rolled me over and picked me up his in arms and squeezed me and put me back down on the couch out of the way of the pillows. Then he climbed on top of me and gave me a fierce tickling on my armpits and my tummy. Then he switched to a very gentle, light tickling style on my tummy. He worked his way up my chest very slowly until his fingers were right at my nipples. "I wonder if Mom was right that this is your last year as a little girl? Do you think your breasts will be like Mom's?" He took my nipples and gave them little love pinches, like Mom had done. I wondered about his question. I always figured my body would fill out like Mom's and like my aunts. I also wondered when it would start happening. My wondering was interrupted by Michael. "When do you start growing into a women, I guess I'll have to be gentler with you. I probably shouldn't do this!" With that he pinched both my nipples hard. I squealed into my gag. Wow, I couldn't believe it. He really was keeping his promise to be naughtier than ever with me. He teased me more, and gave me a couple more pretty good pinches.

And then the sweetness phase started. Michael hugged me and he untied the knot on my gag and unwrapped the cloth and popped it out of my mouth. He untied the string holding my thumbs together and he took off my blindfold. I was lying on my back on the couch, with my legs still splayed out. I looked down. "I guess I'm giving you quite a naked girl show." Then I smiled naughtily at Michael, "do you like what you see?" Michael smiled back at me, "I see the cutest, sweetest little sister I could ever hope for. You are absolutely beautiful in every way." He bent over and gave me a kiss. He really knew how to make me feel beautiful and feel loved.

I thought about how our family was a bit unusual, even in our diverse, immigrant heavy city neighborhood. There was a strong conservative religious influence, and a lot of my girl classmates shared with me what they had been taught. Basically, everyone was taught that naked bodies were dirty and shameful, and sex was dirty and shameful. Girls were taught that boy's bodies were dirty and frightening. And boys were taught that girl's bodies were dirty and frightening. I felt very lucky that my family didn't go along with this. My parents taught us that our bodies were beautiful. They taught us enough about social norms and about what to keep private outside our family to avoid social problems, but in the privacy of our home we all had a lot of freedom.

I looked at Michael again, "A lot of the kids at school go to the church where they teach everyone to feel guilty and be ashamed of their bodies." He looked back at me, "We don't go there. In fact, we don't go to any church. Mom and Dad have taught us a lot about what they believe, but they don't trust churches." I looked back, "so you don't think girl's bodies are dirty? It doesn't make you uncomfortable to see me naked and exposed like this? Or to roughhouse with me when I haven't got any clothes?" Of course it was more of a "what if" question; Michael and I had been naked together thousands of times, starting before we could even remember. Michael knew it was a ridiculous question. He responded with pure sweetness. "Julia, it is the greatest honor in the world to me that you are so completely comfortable with me and you trust me so much. Here you are, naked and tied up, and you are obviously completely comfortable and very happy. And you are the most beautiful little sister I could ever dream of." As I beamed from Michael's sweet words, he gently put his hand on my ankle. He slowly slid it up my leg, lightly touching my calf, then the back of my knee. I closed my eyes with a big smile. His touch became lighter as his fingers made their way up my inner thigh. His light loving touch continued as his fingers gently crossed the sensitive lips of my public area, and continued up across my tummy and chest. Finally, he brought his hand across my shoulder and up my neck to my cheek, where it came to rest. Michael bent down and gave me another gentle kiss on the lips. Then he wrapped his arms around me and lifted me up and held me close to him. I don't think there is anything else Michael could have possibly done to make me feel more loved or more beautiful at that magic moment.

I wish that it had lasted forever, but time was running out before Mom would be stopping her work. Michael looked at me and took in how happy I was. He went to the ropes on my legs and undid the knots and freed my legs. Now I was back almost in the condition Mom had left me in with my just wrists tied behind my head, except that Michael had stripped me of my panties.

Michael and I looked into each other's eyes. He asked me if he had gone too far, I assured him that he hadn't, that I loved every second of my treatment, both the rough stuff and the sweet sensual stuff. Of course I was the wilder and crazier of the two of us, by quite a bit. I didn't want anything explicitly sexual to happen with my brother, but I did want to explore things close to the edge. I expected that in a few years I might have a boyfriend, but until that time, Michael was someone I could play with in complete safety, knowing he'd never do anything to hurt me. Michael liked to explore too, but his natural tendency wasn't to go quite so close to the edge. Still, he loves to please, so it isn't too hard to get him to play a little naughtier when that's what I want. And once him a while he would get really spontaneous and go with the excitement of the moment, and that made for some of my most wonderful memories of those years.

Michael hugged me close to him again. I smiled and thanked him for a wonderful play session. My arms were starting to get sore from their position, but I didn't want to complain or ask to be let out. But Michael saw that we were coming up on half an hour, and he wanted to make sure I was safe. Then he hugged me and squeezed me close to him and kissed me, and then he undid the bow knot in the middle of my chest. He slipped the rope loose where it wrapped behind me, and then I could bring my arms back in front of me and he unwound the rope cinching my wrists together and he let me free.

As soon as I was free, I went to "fighting tough little sister" mode. I told Michael that it wasn't fair that he had stripped me naked while he kept his underwear, and I pounced on him pushed him over backwards on the couch and before he had time to react I grabbed his briefs and pulled them down to his ankles and right off of him. I threw them across the room near the bed. Michael sprung back up and wrestled me to the floor on the nice rug in front of the couch. We wrestled and rolled around on the floor together. I was slightly bigger than Michael at this point, and I eventually just barely managed to overpower him. I got him pinned down on his back and I sat straddling him and holding his wrists down. Now that Michael was my prisoner, I switched to "ridiculously over affectionate little sister" mode. I kissed Michael all over his face while I had him pinned down.

We heard Mom's big loud sewing machine turn off. We knew she would be coming upstairs in a few minutes. We stood back up and gave each other one more really close, cuddly naked hug and we squeezed the stuffing out of each other. We grabbed the gag and the extra ropes and stashed them away. Then we went back to the bed and put my sleep mask on my bed and put our underwear back on. We left Mom's new white cotton rope on the couch.

In a few minutes Mom came back upstairs. I was all smiles. I hugged her and kissed her, which she really liked (Mom isn't quite so forward as me, but she is a cuddly and affectionate person too, and so is Dad). She looked at her rope on the couch, and she asked if I had managed to escape. I told her that I tried my best but I couldn't get out, and so Michael tortured me for half an hour before he finally let me out. Mom looked at the expression of pure joy on my face and the way I was almost bouncing off the walls. "I can see you were completely traumatized!" she commented sarcastically. Then she turned to Michael, "Thanks for keeping Julia out of trouble for a while; maybe I should do this more often when I need some peace." I just grinned.

Mom started pulling dinner together, and Dad soon came home. I was in a crazy happy, silly, excited, bouncing off the walls mood all evening. The heat wave didn't let up, so I spent the rest of the day in just my panties, which was fine with my family. I gave everyone lots of extra hugs and kisses that evening. At one point while I was goofing around, I ran around the corner (about the only corner our little apartment had), and I ran smack into Dad. He was used to my being the wild one of the family, and he took it in stride. I guess he was a little bit playful too, because he picked me up over his head and carried me back to our couch and put me down and trapped both my wrists in one of his big strong hands and he tickled me. I really loved this. Dad noticed I was particularly bouncy and bubbly, and he asked what got me in such a good mood. We didn't keep a lot of secrets in my family. I just blurted out a very short version. "Mom tied me up and Michael kept me as his prisoner and he wouldn't let me out." Dad smiled and gave almost the same sarcastic answer as Mom. "I can see that the horrible experience has left you traumatized and withdrawn." Dad paused and looked into my eyes, "You really are my little wild one. You still love your 'Houdini' games, don't you?". I just smiled and nodded my head. Dad scooped me up in his arms and squeezed me really tight. "I'm glad you're so happy. I do hope you'll only play games like this with people who love you as much as Mom and Michael and me. You are very precious to me and I want you to stay safe." Then Dad squeezed me and kissed me and kissed me and squeezed me. When I told you we were a warm, loving, physically affectionate family before, I wasn't kidding.

I hope you liked part 5! I'm getting good feedback on these stories, and I have a few more incidents from this time in my life that I think you'll like, so I'll keep writing as my time permits.

Hugs and squeezes!


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Re: Julia - 5 - Another way to use cotton rope

Postby Plueschbabycd » Sat Nov 05, 2016 4:16 am

Hallo, was nice. It was O.K. that mother not see it as a mistake that must punish. I don´t know if she get not more so open with her nudity when grow to an adult so that for tied for straitjacket or her mother surprise with on her next brithsday.
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Re: Julia - 5 - Another way to use cotton rope

Postby canuck100 » Sat Nov 05, 2016 5:19 am

Great story, again!

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Re: Julia - 5 - Another way to use cotton rope

Postby Tieup1 » Sat Nov 05, 2016 9:59 am

A good story, well done :)

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Re: Julia - 5 - Another way to use cotton rope

Postby luckydog3 » Sun Nov 20, 2016 3:03 pm

Just tuning in. I'm enjoying the stories! A tie up is wasted without a good tickling, you obviously learned that early on. Well done.

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Re: Julia - 5 - Another way to use cotton rope

Postby KoolDude17 » Fri Dec 16, 2016 6:10 pm

Awesome story. Did y'all ever just do basic kidnapping scenarios like just a surprise, right handgag and take away the captive? I'm interested to know. Til then.

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Re: Julia - 5 - Another way to use cotton rope

Postby LupinMioneWolf » Sun Dec 18, 2016 2:35 am

Is part 6 already out? I'm hooked

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Re: Julia - 5 - Another way to use cotton rope

Postby Plueschbabycd » Sun Dec 18, 2016 6:21 am

yes it is. :) I wait even part 7 but that seamed Christmas surprise perhaps get so adult her mother give a gift that make her really lucky. :)
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