Julia - 4 - Cotton Ropes and Gags

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Julia - 4 - Cotton Ropes and Gags

Postby charlie » Sun Oct 23, 2016 7:38 pm

The fourth segment of my friend Julia's stories from her childhood.


Hi friends, I hope you enjoyed the first three parts of my story.

Sometime during the winter when Michael and I were in fifth grade, I began my first experiments with gags. When I watched our steady stream of police and crime shows, I always got extra excited when the bad guys had their victim not just tied up but gagged too. I had a hunch that Mom could have somehow made a very effective cloth gag, just as she had done for the sleep mask / blindfold, but I just couldn't think of a way to ask for one, nor could I think of a plausibly innocent excuse for such a thing.

I figured I was on my own for this one. I've always liked to take the scientific approach to things that interested me, and with that wonderful gift of the sleep mask, now the science of gags had reached the top of my list. I wondered if it was really possible to silence somebody with just a strip of cloth or a piece of tape.

I decided to start with some self experimentation. My access to tape was limited, but I got my hands on a little bit of several kinds of it. I tried them all. As long as the tape stayed in place, it was reasonably effective, but most of it just wasn't sticky enough to stay. It tasted awful, and if it was sticky enough to be even a little bit effective, it hurt like hell coming off, and sometimes left a nasty residue.

Cloth was gentler, and there were certainly plenty of scraps of it around for the taking, given all Mom's sewing work. I tried the obvious idea of just wrapping a strip of cloth around my head to cover my mouth. Simple and comfortable, but also almost completely ineffective.

The inspiration for my best idea came from something I saw on a crime show. A kidnapper tied his victim up to a chair. Her hands were tied to the chair behind her back, and her ankles were tied to rungs between the chair legs on each side so she couldn't get her feet to the floor. More ropes around her waist and chest held her tightly in the chair. I wanted to get Michael to try tying me up like that sometime.

Victims tied to chairs was pretty common in the crime shows. When they were gagged, it was usually with a piece of white medical adhesive tape. I didn't have access to a good supply of that kind of tape, and the one time I did get a piece, between the horrible taste of the adhesive and the pain when I took it off, I decided I'd never try that again.

But in this particular show, the villain took a long, thin scarf and he put a double knot right in the middle to make a big lumpy ball of cloth. He went over to his victim and his stuffed the big knot in her mouth. Then he tied off the ends of the scarf at the back of her neck so she couldn't spit it out. She thrashed around on the chair and struggled and grunted and made a lot of muffled, indistinct sounds, but she couldn't really talk.

I had to find out for myself if that would really work or if it was just another TV show fake. I found a suitable long narrow strip of white cotton cloth in Mom's collection of scraps. Since it was going to end up in my mouth, I washed it out and hung in out on our fire escape where it would get the sun and the wind for a while. Then I did the experiment. I put a big double knot right in the middle, and I stuffed the knot in my mouth. Even though Michael says I have a big mouth, I really don't. The knot packed my mouth pretty full. I brought the ends behind me and tied them.

Then I tried to talk. It was just about like the poor kidnapped women in the crime show. I could grunt and make muffled sounds, but I really couldn't talk with my mouth packed full of cloth. I tried to spit it out, but I had tied it tightly enough behind my neck to keep it securely in place. It worked!

Of course any good science experiment should be tried on a different test subject to make sure it is repeatable. In my next rope handcuff play session with Michael, once I had him cuffed with the rope I ran over to my hiding place and pulled out the knotted cloth strip. He'd watched all the same shows as me, so I'm sure he knew exactly what it was for. I held it with the knot in front of his mouth. "Open up!" He obeyed, and I stuffed the knot in his mouth and tied off the cloth behind his head. I watched him carefully to make sure he was OK. He didn't try to speak. "Are you OK like that, Michael?" He nodded yes. "Can you talk at all?" He tried to speak. The words kind of came out, but all garbled and muffled, just like with my experiments on myself. It worked! Of course when I finally let Michael escape and he got to pay me back, I got gagged too. It was different with my hands tied so I couldn't just untie the gag or pull it out. I was definitely more helpless, and of course that made the game naughtier and more exciting and fun.

So the next step was to combine everything new that I had learned into one big naughty tie up play session with Michael. I waited impatiently for a suitable occasion. My opportunity finally came one day a few weeks after our fifth grade school year had ended. Mom had put Michael and I to work helping her sort and inventory various small items in her workshop.

As we finished up the inventory, Mom realized she urgently needed some more materials from some shop far enough away that she needed to take a city bus. Now that we were a little older and we had generally been responsible, she was OK with leaving us by ourselves for longer times. Her trip would take a little over an hour. She told us as soon as we finished writing down the last of our inventory counts we could go back upstairs and watch TV. Michael finished his part first and rushed upstairs to turn on the TV. I wasn't far behind him, but as I walked through the storage area to get to the steps up to our apartment, I noticed something on one of the shelves. It was those two little cloth straps that Mom had used on Michael and I for our "punishment". I grabbed one of them and headed upstairs. Michael had the TV on but the show was an obvious rerun, and not one of our favorite episodes. I put the cloth strap down quietly, and Michael didn't notice it.

Our apartment was even hotter than Mom's workshop. Now that we were out of the shop, the clothes became optional. I took off my shorts and my T-shirt, leaving me with nothing but my white cotton panties. Michael similarly stripped down to his briefs. This wasn't unusual for us at all. We we still well before puberty, and in any case Michael and I shared a bunk bed in our sleeping area and we didn't hide to change clothes or shower. I guess we'd only seen each other completely naked maybe a couple thousand times or so. So a little girl without a shirt wasn't anything noteworthy in my family.

Once we were down to our undies, I took the opportunity to hug and squeeze Michael. I guess I was just addicted to skin to skin contact (and I still am), and I loved to be touched as long as it was by someone I loved and trusted, which included all of Michael, Mom, and Dad. Michael tolerated, and even welcomed all this attention from his overly affectionate little sister.

I was in the mood for some major roughhousing, and we had plenty of time until Mom would be back. I had also just started a bit of a growth spurt that spring, so even though I was eleven months younger than Michael, I caught up to him in height. I was very strong and very flexible, so we were pretty evenly matched. We never fought to hurt each other, no punching or kicking or anything like that. But we had lots and lots of play fights, and they were always wrestling matches.

I had introduced a little routine where once the "winner" had the "loser" pinned down, the loser had to concede defeat and submit to a kiss from the winner. It was nice that we were so evenly matched, since I loved both "winning" and "losing". Of course both were complete "wins" as far as I was concerned. Winning was lots of fun, and I got to hug and squeeze and kiss Michael. And losing was just as much fun, being pinned down and trapped in his warm gentle arms, knowing it would end with a sweet kiss.

Today I was determined to win. I squeezed Michael hard with my arms around him just under his bottom, and I picked him up so his feet didn't reach the ground. It was only a couple of steps to the bunk bed, and I wrestled him down onto the bottom bunk (my bed) and I pounced on him and straddled him and got his wrists into my hands and I pinned him down. Michael was certainly capable of putting up a good resistance, but that day he didn't. So he "surrendered", and I bent down and gave him my victor's kiss and got up off him. But then as he started to get up, I pounced on him again, this time from behind and I pushed him face down onto my bed. I climbed onto his back and straddled him backwards, facing his feet.

I had Michael trapped pretty well between my legs, face down on my bed, in just his briefs. Now I got especially naughty and paddled his bottom in a sudden barrage with both hands. Of course this completely broke all the rules of our game, and of course that meant I had to be punished. "Hey!" Michael exclaimed, "no fair! I surrendered! You're supposed to let me go now." I wanted to give him a good reason, so I gave one more swat, hard enough to be sure to sting. "Out of control little sister!" Then I got off him and ran over to the shelf where I had put the cloth strap. I had also put my sleep mask and the cloth gag next to it. I grabbed them all and ran back to the bed as he was sitting up. "And now your crazy little sister is going to tie you up!"

I pounced on Michael again but he pulled me right against him and trapped me under him on my bed. While still holding very tightly in his arms, he rolled over so he was under me and he got me back for my attack with his own barrage of swats onto my bottom. Then he rolled us over again and let go and got up and came around behind me and scooped me up into his arms with my legs bent, my knees to my chest, and his hands behind my knees. "We'll see who ties who up!" I had started the game, and now it was going to go exactly the way I wanted it to. He set me down on the bed and told me to get my wrists crossed behind my knees or else I'd get spanked again.

Of course I would have liked another spanking, but not nearly as much as the other choice. He took the cloth strap and wrapped it around my wrists, just like Mom had done. He figured out how to tighten up the strap and how to snap down the little latch that made it extra secure. He checked that it wasn't too tight, and he picked up the knotted cloth. "Open up!" He stuffed the knot into my mouth and tied the cloth off behind my head. Finally, he took my sleep mask and put it on me, and carefully positioned it so I wouldn't have even the slightest chance of peeking.

So here I was again, secured with the cloth strap around my wrists and curled up in a little ball. But this time Mom was far away. I was almost naked, with nothing but my little white cotton panties, and I was securely gagged and blindfolded. There was absolutely no way I was getting out of this one without help. I was completely at Michael's mercy. And that excited me more than I could have imagined.

Michael carried me over to the couch and put me down gently. He sat next to me and pulled me into his lap. "Is my naughty, crazy little sister doing OK?" I nodded my "yes". "Have you had enough? Should I let you out now?" The last thing I wanted was to miss this experience. I shook a vigorous "no". So Michael knew this was my game and I was thrilled to be in it. He did not disappoint. He lightly stroked my skin with his fingers and went to my bare feet. I would have exploded into laughter, but the gag did a pretty good job of muffling me. Then he explored other places. The backs up my thighs from my knees up to the bottom of my panties made another good target. Light touches could be especially effective at tickling me, and Michael was a master of it. He didn't have to pull up my shirt up, since I wasn't even wearing one, so my ribs and tummy were another great target.

After a really great tickle torture, Michael gave me another spanking. This time he started very slowly, with the gentlest little love swats. He asked if I would be a good girl now. Of course I shook my head "no", so he had to spank me a little bit harder. Finally when my bottom was really stinging and it was getting to be too much I gave my "yes" to being a good girl again.

That triggered a really sweet finale. Michael untied the gag, popped it out of my mouth, and gave me a kiss on my lips. This is why I loved these tie up games so much. Michael and I could completely tune into each other and work some kind of communication into our games so we could always make it fun for both of us. Michael probably thought I was a little bit crazy (I think he still does, decades later), but he always did his very best to be just as sweet and gentle or just as naughty and rough with me as I wanted.

After that play session, we returned the cloth strap to Mom's sewing workshop before she got back. Being a little bit sneaky about our tie up games was part of the game too. Mom had caught us quite a number of times over our elementary school years with either me or Michael tied up at the hands of the other. Aside from her regular reviews that we were being safe and that everything was consensual, she tolerated it. Mainly, she wanted us to work hard in school and do well, which we did, and to stay out of trouble in the city (and there was plenty of that). Mom's main expectations at home were that we got our homework done promptly (which we did), and that we read lots of books from the library (which we both loved), and we gave her a hand with her business when she needed it. As long as we did all this, she only enforced minimal restrictions on our TV watching or our tie up games.

Another thing that happened late in that school year was that I started to get fairly good at actually tieing up Michael with rope. I got my hands on some white cotton rope. The nice thing about cotton rope was that it was reasonably soft on skin but it made really tight knots; even if the victim could reach a knot with one hand it was still very hard for them to pick that knot loose to escape.

Here is the scheme I had worked out for tying up my sweet prisoner Michael. I'd take a shorter piece of cotton rope and a longer one. I'd have his put his arms behind his back, wrists together with his hands pointing in opposite directions. I'd wrap the short rope around both his wrists, not too tight, then I'd use the end of the rope to cinch off and tighten the loops between his wrists. The knot would go right at the center, far out of reach of his fingers. Then I'd use the long rope to ties his ankles together, sort of the same way except that his legs were together and parallel instead of crossed in opposite directions like his arms. The long rope would have a long tail on it, and I'd bring that to the rope at his wrists and tie it there, so he'd be stuck in a hogtie position. As long as nothing was too tight, this was comfortable enough for the prisoner to stay in it for up to half an hour, and unlike being in a little ball, this left a lot more bare skin exposed for tickling.

That summer there was a record setting heat wave in our city, so given our lack of air conditioning, the privacy of our apartment, and the very casual attitude about nudity at home in our family, Michael and I spent a good deal of that summer in our underwear. As often as not, he'd be in just his briefs, and I'd be just in my panties. When it was my turn to do the tying up, I'd taken to putting Michael into my hogtie on the couch, then I'd join him on the couch and squeeze under him so he'd be in my lap. I could spank him, or roll him over and tickle his ribs and tummy, or just cuddle with him. He wasn't really that into playing with spanking the way I was, so I kept that to a minimum, just enough to tease him and to encourage him to spank me when I wanted to play rough and naughty like that.

One problem was that Michael just wasn't as good at placing ropes and tying knots as I was. I taught him my hogtie tactic as best I could. I had him practice on my wrists with my arms in front of me, so I could see well and coach him. He did get better at it, but more often that not I managed to slip a wrist through a rope or get a knot into reach of my fingers or something, so I'd escape. Even so it was lots of fun for both of us. One of our most important "rules of the game" was that every single tie up game always ended with a cuddling session.

But although I loved that gentle cuddly stuff, I also liked the rough play. Only about a week after our cloth strap play earlier in this story, we had a particularly rough session. Even as hot summer days went, that day was especially hot. I think the heat made both Michael and I sweaty and crazy. Mom had work for us in the morning, helping in her shop. She had a big old party canopy tent in there, and she was sewing on some reinforcements and replacing some damaged metal D-rings and putting on some new guy ropes. Mom had us bringing her materials and double checking measurements and cleaning up and sorting the scraps. Since customers would come into her shop, we dressed in shorts and T-shirts and sandals while we were downstairs, so we felt even hotter. Just after lunch, Mom thanked us for the help and said we could go upstairs to read or watch TV or play.

On the way upstairs, I grabbed a really nice extra piece of white cotton rope from Mom's surplus pile. We kicked off our sandals when we got in our apartment door, and I tossed the piece of rope on the couch. We turned on our window fans to a least get a little bit of a breeze. We went over to the bunk bed and I stripped off my T-shirt and shorts. I stood in front of the window fan in just my panties. Even though the air was hot and sticky, the breeze felt good on my sweaty bare skin. Michael similarly stripped down to his briefs and joined me in the stream of air. I asked him what kind of a game playing mood he was in. To my delight, he swept me into his arms and squeezed me up against him really tight and then he surprised me with a whole barrage of swats on my bottom. "I'm in a very naughty playing mood today!" was his answer. That was the way I was feeling too. I think the heat was making us both extra wild.

It was my turn to tie up Michael, and I couldn't wait to try out my newly acquired length of cotton rope. He was an especially willing victim that day. He eagerly followed my orders to lie face down on the couch with his wrists together behind his back. I teased him for a minute dragging the ends of the rope over his sweaty skin just enough to almost tickle him. He wasn't tied up yet, so of course he could have resisted if I had really tickled him. But I just wanted to take my time and play and enjoy the moment with my favorite playmate in the whole world. Michael was a patient playmate too. I probably would have run out of patience and told him to just hurry up and tie me up. But he let me enjoy my new rope for a few minutes.

So enough of my lightly dragging the rope over Michael's sweaty back. I wound it around his wrists, placing the loops neatly and carefully, and probably a little tighter than usual too. I crossed the ends of the rope and went crosswise to cinch off the loops between his wrists and I ended up with a square knot, which I pulled very tight. Now Michael was past the "tie up game point of no return". He was all mine and he wouldn't have the use of his arms or hands again until I felt like letting him out.

But I wasn't even close to done with him. I ran to my hiding place by the bunk bed and grabbed a few more things. A second cotton rope soon bound his ankles securely, and I tied the end to his wrists to put him in a hogtie. The knotted cloth gag went into his mouth to muffle any protests. Finally, my sleep mask went over his eyes. He was in total darkness and completely at my mercy. This was a good point to pause for a cuddle break. I squeezed Michael into my arms and asked if he was OK like this. He couldn't talk clearly enough to understand, but he nodded his "yes". I asked if he was enjoying this as much as I was. Another "yes" nod. Finally I asked if he was still in the mood for very naughty play. One more "yes" nod. Good! So was I! I had so much fun. I tickled Michael and I teased him and I spanked him and I hugged him and I squeezed him. He took it all but always gave me "yes" nods when I checked on him to be sure he was still OK.

Michael did make a very good effort to escape, but I had done much too good of a job with that cotton rope on his wrists. So I "attacked" him with another round. Michael especially got a thrill out of being tickled (I like being tickled too), so I did that the most of all. Finally we were coming up on the half hour mark. We never kept each other tied up for more than about half an hour, partly in the interests of safety and partly for comfort. One "rule behind the rules" in our games was "always leave your partner happy, healthy, and very eager to play again." So I finished up by cuddling Michael's now very sweaty body up close to mine. I untied the cloth gag and popped it out of his mouth. He breathed deeply as I went to work on freeing his legs and untying his ankles. "How was that?" I asked him. "Intense, crazy, wild, fun..." I was so glad he liked it. I could hardly wait for my turn, but I wanted to end the experience properly for Michael. I took off the sleep mask blindfold and snuggled up against him for one more round of cuddling before I freed his wrists.

I didn't realize there was trouble until I went to untie Michael's wrists. That square knot I had put in would not budge. Our sweat had dampened the rope, and wet cotton rope knots really, REALLY tight. Michael's struggles had tightened the knot even more. I picked at the knot with my fingers but made no progress at all. I climbed onto Michael and tried to bite it loose with my teeth, but still no luck. Michael was really stuck! Michael wasn't really paying attention to all this. He was just lying on the couch, enjoying the "tie up afterglow", very relaxed, even though his wrists were still securely tied. I started to almost panic. Most things didn't upset me much, but my inability to let Michael out really upset me. Tears came to my eyes.

I helped Michael to a sitting position on the couch, with his wrists still tied behind his back. I had only one idea left: go to Mom for help. I knew it was the right thing to do. I really wasn't sure how Mom would react. She certainly knew that we played tie up games. We were almost naked, but that just wasn't a big deal in my family. Michael wasn't hurt, but still, we had to get him out. So I stood Michael up and marched him down the steps to Mom's workshop. We stopped at the bottom of the stairs so I could peek around the corner and make sure Mom was alone. Most of the time she was, but I did not want to take a chance of being seen like this by a stranger.

I peeked carefully, and to my great relief Mom was alone in the sewing shop. But I was still on the edge of tears from getting Michael stuck like this, and now I had to explain this to Mom too, and face whatever the consequences might be.

I hope you liked part 4! You can probably guess what Mom does to Michael in part 5. If you guessed "let him out", you are right. That was the easy guess. For a real challenge, try to guess what Mom did to me. You'll have at least a few days to guess, since my writing time is fairly limited.

Hugs, squeezes, and maybe a couple of little love swats!


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Re: Julia - 4 - Cotton Ropes and Gags

Postby Plueschbabycd » Mon Oct 24, 2016 8:21 am

I don´t much she can afford it but I guess would get straitjacket from leftover clothes or at least some expansion of cloth line If she had make your sleep mask than could it be that now think of an improvement your gag. I think all three have for to ware for sit and thinking. If she add also ear plugs or padded hood that your cut off from the outside world can I not say.
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Re: Julia - 4 - Cotton Ropes and Gags

Postby Tieup1 » Tue Oct 25, 2016 7:30 am

Good story, enjoyed reading it. 8)

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Re: Julia - 4 - Cotton Ropes and Gags

Postby canuck100 » Tue Oct 25, 2016 8:34 am

Great story, once again

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