Julia - 2 - Rope Handcuffs

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Julia - 2 - Rope Handcuffs

Postby charlie » Sun Oct 16, 2016 8:39 pm

Hello again "tie up story" fans, "Julia" finished editing her second story segment, so here goes.


Hi friends, I'm back!

I hope you enjoyed the first part of my story. This segment is already long, and I don't want to repeat myself, so you'll have to look at part one for the background on me and my very sweet brother and tie up partner Michael.

I think it was when we were in second grade that we started to make our play a little stricter and more naughty. My parents were (and are) great parents who worked really hard to build a better life for our family, but one of the consequences was that Michael and I watched a lot of TV while they were busy. It was mostly police and crime shows, partly because Michael still had a significant interest in a career in law enforcement, and mostly because it was the best opportunity I could find to see people all tied up and helpless.

In some of the shows, the victim wasn't only tied up, but gagged and blindfolded too. We didn't play with gags until we were a little older, so I'll wait until a later story to revisit that topic. However, we definitely played with blindfolds. Our usual scheme was that one of us would tie a cloth around the other's head to cover their eyes. We certainly had access to plenty of cloth, thanks to Mom's sewing business. But we weren't very good at using it. Our blindfolds sort of worked, but they weren't completely effective. Lots of light got through, and the victim could usually sort of get a shadow view of the world. We also found that it was pretty easy to peek down along the nose. Finally, they didn't stay on very well. Knots would come loose, or a light rub of the face on the couch would make it slip out of place. Simple cloth strips just didn't make secure and effective blindfolds.

The big breakthrough came early that school year. Our whole family was watching a TV show together (not one of our crime shows). We saw one of the starring characters get into bed, and she put this mask over her face that covered her eyes and then she felt around to the light by her bed and turned it off. I hadn't seen anything like this before, and I asked my Mom what the woman was putting on her face. Mom said that it was called a sleep mask, and some people wore them to sleep in. She said that it blocked out all light, since some people slept better when it was totally dark, especially if they lived in a place with a lot of distractions and a lot of lights like a big city. Of course we lived in a big city, so the opportunity was obvious.

I told Mom that the bright lights of the city made it hard for me to sleep, and I asked her if I could have a sleep mask like the woman in the show. Mom said that when she had more time she could sew one for me. I was so excited I hugged her and kissed her. She liked to make me happy, so this made her happy too. She told me she would just make me a smaller one, so I'd be able to see a little bit around the edges. She said some people got really scared if it got completely dark. I told her I wasn't afraid of the dark or anything else (which was very close to true). I said that I really wanted to sleep better, and I asked her to make me a sleep mask that completely blocked out every last little bit of light so that the city lights wouldn't bother me at night any more. Mom chuckled and said yes, there wasn't much that I was afraid of, and she would do her best to make me one the way I wanted it.

My birthday was only about three weeks away when I asked, so I had a hunch what might happen. I was right. My birthday came, and after dinner we had cake and my family sang to me, both the English "Happy Birthday" and also a traditional birthday song from "the old country" in our original native language. Then my mom gave me a small pretty cloth bag that was tied shut with a ribbon. I opened it up, and pulled out the contents. It was an absolutely beautiful sleep mask. The main cloth was all black. I loved animals, so Mom had embroidered little animal figures on the outside, in shiny colorful thread that stood out against the black cloth. I think there was a bunny and an elephant and a moose and a giraffe. Mom said that way I could have nice dreams about animals.

Mom had also honored my wish about a super effective sleep mask that would put me into complete and total darkness. The inside of the mask was the softest, smoothest satin cloth I had ever seen. There was a wide black elastic strap on the back to keep it on and press it tight over my eyes. There was a ring of black fake fur around the outer edges of the inside so no light would sneak in. Finally, I'm not sure quite how to describe it but there was an outer border that formed another ring of black cloth that had kind of a waviness to it, like the pasta in lasagna. This made it even prettier, and it was one more defense against even the slightest little bit of light leaking it (or against the wearer peeking out).

I got a huge smile on my face, and Mom got a big one on hers too. I'm sure she put hours into making it for me, and I know it made her happy that she had been able to make me so happy. I put it on immediately. I absolutely could not see a thing. The bright lights of the city and the glare of the car and bus headlights coming in through our windows were gone. I couldn't even tell if it was day or night. I left it on and I followed the edge of the table to Mom to thank her with a great big kiss and hug. I continued around in my darkness to kiss and hug Dad and Michael too. I was a very happy birthday girl. I wore the mask for a while, at least until the next TV show that I wanted to see came on. When it was time for bed, I got myself ready in the bathroom, then I put the mask on and I had Michael lead me sightless to my bed. I loved that mask and I wore it to sleep in just about every night from then on.

Let me share a little bit of the dynamic of our tie up games. I was in every way the crazier, naughtier, wilder, more adventurous partner in all this. But Michael was a great sport about it and he liked to make me happy. He also was (and is) a very cuddly, touch-oriented guy. Probably not quite as extreme as me, but we both treasured our cuddle time. And we trusted each other completely. I always knew that with Michael, I could be completely helpless and defenseless and also completely safe. And he knew that I would treat him with just as much love and care too.

Our games usually went to the next level of intensity like this. I'd get some idea of some newer and stricter way for me to be tied up. But rather than just have Michael do it to me, I'd try it out on him first. At first he was a little reluctant with some of my adventures. It wasn't that he was afraid I'd hurt him or anything; it's just that they pushed his limits on just how naughty we were going to pretend to be. At first I would explain to Michael exactly what I wanted to try on him, but we ended up dropping that. We both found it was more exciting to not know exactly what would happen and to be surprised. We were very careful to never hurt each other in our tie up games. This is actually more that I can say about our routine roughhousing and wrestling, where we both picked up a few bruises here and there, not because we ever tried to hurt each other but because we had our share of collisions, falls, and other mishaps. So in some ways, our tie up stuff was our gentlest, safest active play.

So anyhow, I'd get an idea of something new. I was careful about timing, and when Michael was in a playful mood I'd ask if he wanted to try something new. He always knew something naughty was coming. Then I'd ask him if he wanted to be surprised. After the first, mildest rounds, he started to always say "yes" on the surprise. Then I'd try my new way of tying him up. Once I'd finished applying my ropes, I'd let him struggle for a bit. Sometimes he'd get out right away, then he'd do the same thing to me. Those were the shorter games.

But once in a while I'd hit on a good new way to tie him where he was still stuck after a few minutes. If he didn't get out right away, I'd switch out of my evil crime show character back to the loving but overly affectionate little sister and I'd cuddle up to Michael and I'd hug him and kiss him. I could read the expressions on Michael's face and eyes easily, and I could tell he absolutely loved the attention and the affection. Once I made sure he knew how much I loved him, I'd let him back to struggling. Eventually he'd get out; neither of us had figured out how to tie somebody up really securely yet. One he finally got out, the expectation was that he would attack me without mercy, do to me everything I had done to him, and hopefully more. I did a good job of teaching him what I liked. He started tying me up tighter, and when the cuddle time came he would just squeeze the stuffing out of me, which was my favorite part of all.

On to my next tie up game challenge. In the TV shows we watched the victims were almost always tied up very securely, and they rarely escaped without help. In the games Michael and I played, the victim invariably escaped if the captor didn't actively guard them. This was mostly because as kids we really didn't know how to tie someone up properly.

The next small bit of progress came when I was in the library again. I came across a book called something like "The Big Book of Knots". It had all kinds of knots; knots for sailors and knots for camping and knots to keep your luggage on the roof of your car. Knots to improvise a flagpole or tie up a horse. I was interested by all the knots, but I had a feeling I wouldn't find what I was really interested in; knots to tie up people. I went to the index in the back and looked for "Houdini" but there was no entry. I looked over the table of contents and it was quite a nice collection but nothing that appealed to my naughtier interests. But I persisted, and I looked through the whole book carefully.

Finally, near the back of the book, in the section only titled "Miscellaneous Knots", I found "Rope Handcuffs"! Looking back on it, they were not very good handcuffs, but the basic idea was a short piece of rope where each end would tie back to the middle with a "two half hitches" knot, forming two loops. Ideally, you would make the loops just big enough to slip over the hands, then slide the knots to tighten the loops around the wrists. Still, it seemed perfect; another way to tie somebody up, and the "handcuffs" would play right into Michael's interest in being a policeman.

Now that we were a little bit older, Mom let us spend more time unsupervised upstairs in the apartment while she was downstairs working in her sewing shop. She still came up every half hour or so to check on us, or asked us to come down and check in with her, usually during the commercials in our TV shows. She also started to tolerate our playing around with our mild tie up games even when she wasn't right with us. We hadn't broken any of her safety rules, and she was comfortable with how we treated each other. Michael and I loved each other more than anything in the world (and we still do), and we would never do anything to hurt each other (but sometime we played just a little bit rough and naughty, especially me).

Also, the materials in the shop had been rearranged some. Mom had separated out the cheap stuff and scraps and random odds and ends and set that aside from things that were expensive or critical for her business. We were more freely allowed to dig through the scraps or take them to use for school projects or scout projects or play with them. One day I saw about a two foot scrap of the nice soft white rope there in the "free to grab" section. I stashed it away and brought it upstairs. I kept it well hidden, but when nobody else was around I'd get the knot book and make the handcuff knot. I decided to take a chance and try it on myself. There really wasn't much risk, since I was going to have my hands in front of me, and in the worst case, I'd just go down to Mom's shop so she could let me out. So I tried, and the knots didn't slide as well as I had hoped. It made it a little harder than I had planned to get them on me, but also a little harder to get them off. Still, they were a step up from just being wrapped up in a big long rope. I also thought about how I might improve them, but I really didn't know much of anything about knots.

After playing privately with my rope handcuffs for a few days, I decided to spring them on Michael. "Do you still want to be a policeman, Michael?" He was a little less sure now. His interests had broadened. "I'm not sure. Maybe, I guess." So I flipped the scene around. "Well I decided to be a policewoman! And you're under arrest! Turn around and face the wall. Put your hands on the wall over your head and spread your legs!" As you can probably guess, we watched an awful lot of police shows. Adam-12, Dragnet, Hawaii Five-O, anything our cheap TV could pick up we would watch. We kind of had an unwritten rule that when one of wanted to play act, the other always played along. So Michael put his hands on the wall over his head and I frisked him. Then I took his right hand down behind his back, just like the in police shows, and I slipped on one of the rope cuffs. Michael looked surprised, but played along. I tightened the sliding knot, them brought his left hand behind his back into the other loop and I tightened that one down.

I had gotten out of the rope handcuffs easily when I practiced on my own, but I knew how they worked and my hands were in front. I had caught Michael by surprise, and they proved far more effective. Instead of working the sliding knots loose. Michael did his usual thing of thrashing around and yanking as hard as he could. This only tightened things.

After Michael had struggled ineffectively for a couple of minutes, I pounced onto him for a major tickle torture. We roughhoused and wrestled and tickled each other all the time, so this wasn't any different, except that his hands were stuck behind his back so he was almost defenseless. I pulled his T-shirt all the way up to his neck to complete expose his tummy and ribs which were very ticklish (just like mine). I gave him the tickle torture of his life, but I do love my brother so after I thought I'd been mean enough I stopped and hugged him and kissed him instead.

Then I heard Mom's sewing machine shut off, and I heard the sound of her bench drawers opening and closing as she put things away. I knew she would be upstairs in a few minutes, and I was keeping my new game quiet for now, so I went around behind Michael to release the cuffs. His struggles had really tightened them, so I ended up biting at the most exposed knot with my teeth, and I was able to work it loose. Once one of his hands was free it was pretty easy (using my teeth again) to get the knot out of the second one. A couple of minutes after I had released Michael and hidden my rope, Mom came upstairs. Mom might have been OK with our playing these tie up games in front of her, like she was with our milder ones when we were younger downstairs in the play area, but somehow being sneaky about it made it more exciting.

Michael and I had another chance to play the next day. I "arrested" Michael again. This time he knew enough not to thrash and pull wildly. Instead he methodically felt around at the knots. He didn't understand that the key to getting free was to slip the knots the other way to enlarge the wrist loops. So he just picked at the knots to try to untie them. He probably could have with both hands, but each knot was only reachable by one hand, and they were just too hard to untie without a second hand. So Michael stayed stuck and got another tickle torture from his loving but naughty little sister. This time, since he hadn't struggled and made the knots so tight, I was easily able to release him. This also meant that the cuffs stayed tied in their shape, so he could inspect them. And once again we heard the sounds from Mom's shop that indicated she would soon be upstairs, so the rope went away.

I'm not really sure why we made it a point of putting the rope away. I guess we felt a little bit private about our tie up games. Also, the status of the rule about playing such things when Mom wasn't present was now kind of a gray area, not officially approved but generally tolerated.

The next time we played, we started out as usual. Michael was under arrest and I frisked him. But he surprised me. When I reached to take his first hand, he pushed off the wall and scooped me up into his arms and carried me over to our living room couch. He put me face down on the couch and sat right on my butt so I couldn't roll over or get up. "Now you're under arrest, Miss Julia!" He snatched the rope cuffs from my hands.

I was almost exploding with excitement. My beloved big brother had taking the initiative on some roughhousing, and he had me pinned down and trapped between his legs, and he was about to tie my hands behind my back. This way pretty much my wildest dream for this stage of our play. Michael took my right hand and lifted it up behind me. The way he had me pinned down I couldn't offer any real resistance. He slipped the loop over my wrist. It took him a minute to figure out how to slide the knot, but he had all the time he wanted; I was trapped on the couch under his weight and I couldn't move. And I'm really a touch oriented person so the warmth of his body and the pressure of his legs as he squeezed my hips between them was wonderful anyhow. I was thinking about how I felt to be pinned down like this. We wrestled a lot, but usually not like this. Michael soon mastered the knot and got the first cuff tightened onto my wrist. He easily got the second one in place too. Then, for a little more security I guess, he took the two short free ends of the rope and tied them together as best he could. His knot work wasn't the best, but that little addition definitely impeded my escape.

Then, for one more final surprise, he had taken my sleep mask from my bed headboard and hidden it under a newspaper next to the couch. Once he had me tied up, he took my mask and put it on me. He made sure it was on just right, and that the elastic was in the proper place so it wouldn't pull my hair and it definitely wouldn't slip off. I couldn't see a thing!

Then the tickle torture began. Michael's gentle fingers were quite skilled at driving me absolutely crazy. I think I've already told you I'm a very touch oriented person. Tickle games were a huge thrill to me, like going on the biggest roller coaster at the amusement park. Michael already had complete access to my bare feet, and he pulled my shirt up enough so the bare skin of my tummy and my ribs on the sides were also easy targets. As I think about it, a roller coaster ride is a good description of how the tickle games really made me feel. The part at the beginning of being tied up was like the ride up to the top. Then all the tickling was like the wild drop and curves and bumps through the ride. Finally, the sweet wonderful hugging and cuddling at the end was like the ride slowing to a stop.

So here I was, on the "big drop" as Michael pulled my shirt up further to expose more of my ribs to his devilishly teasing fingers. I had been encouraging him to push my limits and explore just how much I could take. We hadn't found them. As much as Michael would tickle me, I kept wanting more. And he did give me a deliciously long and wonderful tickle session this time. Finally he decided it was time to stop the tickle torture and he switched to the sweet hugs and kisses that always marked the end of our tickle fights.

One of our favorite TV shows was about to start, and we heard the noises of Mom's sewing machine downstairs, so I guess Michael decided there was no rush to let me out. He cuddled me next to him on the couch and lifted my mask up to my forehead so I could see again. We watched as the show began. My back (and my tied hands) were away from Michael and out of his sight, so I decided to secretly begin working on my escape.

I had been ready for this, and I was going to just slip a finger of the opposite hand under the wrist loop and start working the sliding knot back to give myself some slack. But the extra knots Michael had made with the loose ends messed up my plans. Fortunately for me, they weren't tied very well. I had trouble reaching them, but I did manage to eventually pick the extra knots loose, then it was pretty easy to get some slack back in the loops. I worked very slowly and quietly, making sure Michael was concentrating on the show and not on what I was up to.

By the time the long run of commercials came halfway through the show, I was ready. The loops were plenty big again. During the last segment of the show I popped both of my wrists out but I held onto the cuffs and kept my hands behind my back. Right when the show cut to the commercials, I pounced on Michael and I pushed him face down and sat on his butt, just like he had done to me. Turnabout was always fair play in our games. I knew what I was doing, so I had his hands cuffed in seconds. I put my sleep mask on him so he couldn't see a thing. While he was still face down I pulled his shirt up as far as I could and stared in on his ribs. After a warmup tickle, I rolled him over and gave him the full treatment. He was too distracted by the tickle torture to try to escape. As the show was resuming, I gave him his well deserved hugs and kisses and pulled him back up and lifted up the mask so he could see the show. I put my arm around him and held the rope between his wrists to prevent any opportunities for escape. Finally at the end of the show I let him out.

So all this was lots of fun, but neither of us had figured out how to tie somebody up in a way that was truly inescapable. For Michael, this didn't really matter; he played these games partly because he liked the wrestling and roughhousing and physical contact, and partly because these games made me so happy and he was a sweet brother who liked to make me happy.

For lack of a better idea, we tried to make things more secure by adding more ropes. The prisoner of the moment would end up in the rope handcuffs, then get ropes wrapped all around their torso and legs. Depending on whether or not a favorite TV show was on, the prisoner might also be blindfolded with the sleep mask. We had an unwritten rule to never make each other miss a favorite show, although watching while tied up was a definite possibility.

Still, winding more rope around the victim just slowed down their inevitable escape. Of course now you could go online and find all kinds of pictures of people tied up very effectively with rope, usually with with a very carefully placed and tied rope on the prisoner's wrists (or, better still, wrists and elbows). But this all happened a long time ago, and we had no such resource. So we mostly learned by trial and error, and it was mostly error.

We also continued our different escape styles. I was quiet, focused, and methodical, thinking about each move and gathering more slack strategically. Michael would thrash around insanely, usually timing his fiercest struggles with times Mom was running her loudest sewing machine, so we wouldn't be heard downstairs in her shop. Michael's method was usually every bit as effective as mine in ultimately escaping.

One day near the end of that school year, things went wrong. It was a hot, humid day, which was typical for our city in late spring. Because of the heat, after we had gotten home from school and taken off our school clothes, we had just stayed in our underwear. I just had on a tank top undershirt and my panties. Michael was just in his briefs. This was not at all unusual for us when the weather was hot and we were home with just our family.

It was my turn to tie up Michael, and I had put him in the rope handcuffs as securely as I knew how to make them. Then I took a really long rope and wound about twenty turns around him from his armpits down to his ankles. I finished him off with my sleep mask.

The sleep mask was more of an impediment to escape for me than for Michael. Without vision, my careful planning was limited to what little I could feel about the ropes. For Michael, it just didn't matter; he would just struggle and thrash as hard as he possibly could.

And struggle and thrash was exactly what Michael did that day. It was probably a mistake on my part to leave him standing. Mom was working on her loud sewing machine, so Michael went to a full powered struggle. He struggled with his arms as hard as he could, and he jumped up and down too, which did start to get him some slack. But it also made him lose his balance. He started to fall toward one of our dining chairs. Like most of our furniture in those days, it was just a cheap secondhand wood chair. And I knew that if Michael fell into it he could be hurt. So I dove myself in between him and the chair, and at that same moment I heard Mom's sewing machine stop. I shoved the chair away very hard and dove under Michael to stop his fall. There were two loud noises. One was a dull thud as he fell on me. It hurt a little bit, but not too badly. The other noise was the sound of breaking glass. Mom had a new jar of jam for our after school snacks in a grocery bag that had been sitting on the chair. When the chair went flying, so did the bag. Right onto the hard floor, which resulted in the swift demise of the jam.

Then we heard a third noise, the sound of the squeaky door that went from the back of Mom's workshop up to our little apartment. That could only mean one thing, which was that we were in trouble. I pounced onto Michael, pulled off the sleep mask and hid it under the couch cushion, and I tried to pull the ropes off him as fast as I could. I had him more than half undone when Mom burst into the apartment. She saw the overturned chair, and then turned to the grocery bag which was already dampened from the jam leaking from the broken jar. She shouted something in her native language which I'll roughly translate as "What in hell are you little hooligans doing?"

Then Mom ordered me to until Michael, which I did as fast as I could. I had a very bad feeling about the future of our tie up games, but it is late and this story is long so that will have to wait until part 3.

I hope you liked part 2! Let me know if you want more!

Hugs! (maybe after I tie your hands behind your back this time!)


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Re: Julia - 2 - Rope Handcuffs

Postby barefoot99 » Mon Oct 17, 2016 5:04 pm

nice story continue please

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