Sleeping Cousin Prank Part 1

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Sleeping Cousin Prank Part 1

Postby TimothyX1 » Sun Aug 14, 2016 9:13 pm

I struck gold for the first time in forever lol!!!

It happened a few weeks ago when l visited my aunt in NYC. Let's face it, alot of us here have that one cousin you wish just wasn't your cousin. And that's the case with my cousin Taylor. Taylor is light skinned, is just about the same height as me (my height is in my previous story), and she's only a few months younger than me as well (we're both 14). She basically has a slender, beautiful body with unbelievably soft, shaven legs and feet.

Me and her play fight every time me and my family get to my aunt's house (especially due to our similarities) and only one time while doing so, l got a good hold on her legs and ankles and just took a long breather just like that with her not retaliating at all suprisingly enough (Oh, the things I'll do to relive moments). That was when l realized how amazingly soft her legs and feet were. I could've stayed like that for hours tbh, but after a few mere minutes we were at it again wrestling. Now here comes that part you clicked on my story for.

My family was visiting again, and me and Taylor went at it because l started trash talking the moment l stepped in lol. Everyone was either settled at the house chilling or had left to visit other relatives, while we was in the living room. Only my other cousin (who's a baby) was nearby. This was the perfect time for me and her to have a nice little brawl uninterrupted (l have no idea why most of my TUG experiences have wrestling in it, that legit seems like the only way l can touch a girl, and it's totally foolproof.)

So me and her were going at it for like, 5 minutes (l always take her down on the floor, since that's her only vulnerable point.) Then she suddenly stopped with a mad looking grin on her face and just left the living room. She then said something about "this isn't over". l was extremely happy l won, but l knew that she would come back back to get me somehow.

I took a nap since life was getting boring (Weird enough that their house is so small that l sleep in the same room as her). And then l woke up with a startle: This runt legit poured a whole bottle of water on my face. I jumped out of bed and went straight to my bag for a towel. She just stood there laughing like l deserved it, which got me a little ticked off, but l didn't show it on the outside. It was nighttime, and most of our families still weren't here yet (they are natural born night owls, like myself).

My mind was racing to find a way to get her back. I didn't deserve it at all tbh, she was being a sore loser. And l already had something that she did: The power to stay up really late at night! With that, l already started to think of a plan, since Taylor was getting ready for bed. I ate dinner and washed up, hoping that she was out cold afterwards. Once l came out, l already saw her in bed, on her phone. I decided to wait a while in the living room, because l was about to try one of the riskiest pranks/bondage/payback stunts l ever came up with.

About 45min to an hour later, l snuck into her room with my 3DS charger cord and a long wire (those were the longest things l could find lol, and they were pretty long). I moved her a bit to see how knocked out she was, acting like l was waking her up to ask her for something. Not even a twitch.

My heart began to beat fast knowing what l was gonna do. But l had to get going and pull this off before everyone gets back. I began to get to work. She was in a facedown spreadeagle position, so getting her to cross her wrists and ankles were going to be harder than l thought. I gently pulled her hands behind her back and held them in an X. It was way harder to do this to her ankles. Not the difficulty, but instead the fact that they were so soft! I rubbed them for a minute, and just stared every time she wiggled her toes (They were painted pearl white, which l like alot). Now that the first part is over, I'll share the rest with you all later. Peace!

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Re: Sleeping Cousin Prank Part 1

Postby Gagher2018 » Tue Aug 16, 2016 7:38 pm

Great so far! And yeah, I have that one type of cousin as well
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Re: Sleeping Cousin Prank Part 1

Postby ducttape1234 » Wed Aug 17, 2016 12:23 am

Fantastic so far

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Re: Sleeping Cousin Prank Part 1

Postby MrSkeletor » Wed Aug 17, 2016 2:16 am

Can't wait to see more! :)

Hey! I'm into foot worship, extremely strict bondage (mummification and hogties <3), animal roleplay and humiliation!

Anyone feel free to PM me if they wanna chat (especially if it includes foot worship!) ;)

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