It wasn't a game

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It wasn't a game

Postby bandit666 » Wed Jun 08, 2016 1:32 pm

Well this is a break from the normal for me, as after much thought I've decided to tell you all about the first time I tied a girl when it wasn't just a game of cowboys and Indians or even cops and robbers. But I should tell you all now the girl in question had been tied by me and my friend, her brother many times before this occation. Yet as I say those times had been just childhood games.

It all began when I was about 15 and Amanda, a very attractive strawberry blonde, whose hair was long and straight was just about to turn 14. It all began on a very warm Saturday just before school was about to break up for the summer. As I did most Saturdays Id gone over to her parents house mainly to spend time with her brother, although she always seemed to tag along.

Yet this day it had been me that had kind of tagged along when their parents invited me to join them for a day at the beach. All before going back to their house for what at the time was a new thing, a BBQ. Well after pilling into the families VW bus, even then I was car mad, so I can even remember it was a split screen version in bright red and white. Off we went to the beach, which was only really about 30 minutes away, even at the rather slow pace of the old bus.

It turned out to be a good day and I remember how me, Amanda and her brother were rather disappointed when the time came to head back. But at the same time we were looking forward to the BBQ, which cheered us all up some. Well as we travelled home talk fell onto who was going to the local supper market for the meat.

In the end me and Amanda were the only two that wanted to stay at home, which as we'd been friends for many, many years by then wasn't a problem for their parents. Nor for us to be honest. Yet I hadn't given any thought to what we'd end up doing when we were alone, so it's safe to say it surprised us both.

However I'll admit right now as Id become a hormone driven young man, and Amanda had certainly started to develop into a very curvy beautiful young woman emotions were running high. Well they were in my case anyway, as Id developed a bit of a crush on my friends sister. Younger sister at that, but I figured it would go nowhere, so when she asked what Id like to do, it hit me exactly what I wanted to do.

So I blurted out that Id like to do something we'd never done for so long by then, I wanted to tie her up and gag her. Now to say I was shocked when she told me to do it, but it had better be good would be an understatement. But I knew we had a good hour or so before the rest of the family returned so it would be more than long enough. At least it would be if we could find things to use anyway.

Maybe that's why after 5 minutes and a trip to Amanda's bedroom we sat on the edge of the bed. All while looking at a bit of unused washing line, a pair of tights, some thin red electricans tape from her dads tool box and a couple of belts off her dressing gowns. It was certainly quite a variety but something told me I could make it work.

It was then I said to her, if I was able to make sure she didn't escape as a forfeit I got to do what I wanted with her, and more over she had to agree to giving me a kiss. Now to be honest I expected her to say no, forget it but she didn't. In one way I shouldn't have been surprised Id never succeeded in make her helpless before so why would this time be any different.

Now before I go any further I best explain, the Internet hadnt even been thought of back then. I know hard for many of you to believe but there you go. And I knew nothing of bondage magazines, in fact I barely knew what so called topshelf magazines were. You know the ones I mean, playboy and the like. So with that in mind what happened I thought at least was all my idea and totally unique. Yes I know otherwise now, it turns out they even have there own names in many cases.

Back to where I was there on the bed with Amanda, who had in my eyes at the time, sadly changed from her little shorts and one piece swimsuit into jeans and a tank top. But please don't get me wrong, the way her lovely legs and pert young butt looked squeezed into her skintight Levi's. Not to mention the way even though loose fitting the tank top seemed to hang on her still developing breasts was still a sexy sight to a young man who by then had a hard on like never before, so it wasn't a great let down.

Anyway, there was something Amanda didn't know, apart from my crush on her and the hard on in my shorts that is. I had since those times when I would along with her brother tie her to a chair, lamppost or tree in our games learnt how to fasten knots. Not to mention how if used right electricians tape could certainly hold things tightly. But I admit I had no idea just how strong and effective a pair of tights could be, yet I soon learnt.

Well I can still remember the short pause, which at the time seemed to be an eternity, that lead into me hearing Amanda utter something along the lines of are you going to just sit there or start. It was of course all the prompting I needed, and soon enough she had her back to me with her hands behind her back. With wrists crossed as I started using a length of the now cut up clothes line to bind them tightly. Oh by the way back then I knew nothing of how you could loop rope around a girls body, in this case, wrists one way before clinching it off by going the opposite way.

Anyway, I used very inch of that first coil to bind Amanda's wrists tightly, and even remembered to make sure the knot was well away from her wrist. Im sure you can imagine that by the time I was 15 I had become much stronger than the 10-11 year old that had bound her in the past. Something I dont thing she'd even thought of when she accepted my challenge, or even agreed to be tied.

In fact something deep in my memory seems to tell me that she past comment on just how tight it was. While I passed comment on if she was chicken and wanted out I would stop. But have no worrys with that I knew Amanda well enough to know I had just pushed her stubborn button so to speak. The exact thing that would never let her give up so easily. Well I must have been right as the tying continued, but not before I told her it was time for her to be quiet.

That of course needed a little bit more that what I had right then, well that was until I saw a pair of her white knee length cotton school socks. I'm sure she was watching as I picked one up and began to ball it up, and yet she sat still and said nothing. Not even as I moved so I was facing her, which allowed me to see how her young pronounced chest heaved, not to mention that she was bra-less. I think that must have been the first time I realised that a woman's nipples harden when certain feelings build up inside them.

Anyway, Amanda didn't offer an objection as I put the balled up sock against her lips, lips that were in fact curled up as she smiled, she always did have an amazing smile. Instead she simply opened wide enough for me to push the sock inside without to much effort, so all I needed was a way to keep it in. Well with her checks bulging from the sock, I decided that one of the belts laying on the bed would do. Oh how wrong I was when I tested its effectiveness once used as a cleave gag. You see Amanda was able to push the sock against and nearly dislodge the gag.

But thankfully I still had plenty of choices left, and with the addition of the electricians tape wrapped over her mouth and around her head until everything was sealed effective silence was achieved. Just as well considering what would follow, but more of that soon.

So there Amanda was, her wrists tied as tightly as I could behind her back and for the first time ever truly, and successfully gagged. I was learning with every step I took with my friends lovely sister, who as I said I had a crush on anyway. Now as I say I knew nothing of real bondage, or its effects, that included such things as breast harnesses, or crotch ropes. What I did know, even then, however, was that Amanda's arms needed further restriction.

Well that's what they got, when I used the last bit of electricians tape to pin her arms tightly to her body. I don't know if you realise just how much you can pull such tape without it snapping, meaning it can become incredibly tight. I must have placed it just right, after all not only did it allow me brush the back of my hands against her breasts, but also pulled so much on the tank top, they almost burst out.

You know thinking back it would have been about then as I listen to Amanda's cute little moans as she carefully tested the bindings around her wrists and body that I glanced over and saw the time. Well I realised right then we'd already used up about 15 minutes and as time was short I best move on, and quickly. So kneeling before her as she squirmed so lightly while sitting on her bed I swiftly crossed Amanda's ankles and bound then just as tightly as her wrists.

Now as I have done my times since, not just with Amanda but others I've tied, I offered a way out. Well kind of anyway, you see I looked up and said something along the lines of are you ready to chicken out. I knew she wouldn't, maybe that's why I was already gently lifting her legs up while slowly turning her around so instead of sitting on the end of the bed she was lying across it.

It's safe to say I knew exactly what I wanted to do next, and to be honest at the time I was proud as punch thinking it was all my own idea. Yet it has since become obvious to me, a hogtie is not and never has been soley my idea. But I wish it had been, just imagine all the royalties I would be entitled too.

Anyway, enough of that, let's get back to Amanda, the bedroom and most of all what happened. Now I was by then running out of options in all honesty, after all Id used all the tape for her gag and binding her arms to her body, which if you remember really showed of her bra-less breasts. Not to mention there'd only been enough of the old washing line to bind Amanda's wrists and ankles. Of course I was left with one of the two belts from the robes and a pair of tights.

So as I carefull rolled Amanda over, really letting me see how great her butt was in those skin tight jeans, I pondered over what to do. Well in the end I had no choice really I grabbed the tights and slipped one leg to either side of her wrist rope. An action that left the crotch stopping them from passing by.

Now if any off you have used either tights, or pantyhose to bind a person you'll know just how well they stretch. And the ones Amanda had left were no different, something that made placing her into a strict, effective and as it would turn out an inescapable hogtie.

Yet of course all this ate into our time, and we'd by then used up nearly 30 minutes. So I was left with no choice but tell her she would have no more than 10 minutes to escape, and if she didn't I wanted my kiss and that I would find a way to punish her for failing.

Well for the next 10 minutes I watched Amanda struggling, wriggling and pulling on the ropes tights and tape, all to the sweetest soundtrack imaginable, her moans and groans. And let me tell you now it was a wonderful thing, especially when we a couple of minutes left her tank top finally rode down revealing her sweet young breasts. Oh did Amanda blush, and yet she didn't stop struggling. Not until I called it time anyway, when she slumped down accepting her failure.

You might as well know that even as I enjoyed watching my first crush, and soon to become girlfriend. Although we kept it very quiet and for a while met in secret, wriggling, struggling and accidentally exposing herself I racked my brain for a way to punish her, a way I hoped she'd like, and I would as well.

Now remember this was before the days of the Internet, hard to believe I know. Which of course meant no sites like this to gain ideas from, so I was on my own. Then it dawned on me, after all I was 15, why not get a look at her panties as well as her now exposed breasts. Little did I know at the time a lot of submissive girls like a little humiliation.

So anyway I came up with some crap about how when she was young she'd do handstands and show her panties. And well as she'd clearly lost why not do it now she was older. Mind it's safe to say I had no idea what to expect, and I don't just mean about me revealing her panties either. You see I was still a very shy young man, especially around girls, and I truly had only seen girls panties when they were doing handstands when we were a lot younger. Well that said I wondered if they would be the old fashioned cotton one or not, I had no idea.

I can honestly say Amanda, while clearly blushing, nodded in acceptance, leaving me feeling flushed with anticipation and nerves. She couldn't have missed how much my hands shook as I ease her over onto her left side. Not to mention the way I fumbled with the button and zip at the front of her Levi's. All until I could peel them open slowly and gently. Wow what a sight, the tightest brightest pink panties imaginable, made from what I know now was a lycra based material became exposed to me. In fact I think it was that day which leaves me loving a woman in pink lingerie.

As I eased the jeans down over Amanda's amazing butt, those panties clinging so tightly now even a tiny wrinkle was evident, I had a hard on of epic proportions. And I may well have enjoyed it all the more, not to mention enjoyed a good caress, and ok I admit a grope or two. But it wasn't to be that first time, as just then the unmistakable sound of her parents air cooled VW bus came into the street.

Well believe me we both panicked, Amanda struggling hard than ever and me rushing to untie her wrists and hogtie. Thankfully I was successful, and made it downstairs to the living room just before first Amanda's brother then parents walked in. While upstairs she finished untying herself and taking care of the gag. Naturally they wondered where she was, and I managed to make up a reasonable excuse about her wanting to change and sooth what she thought was a little sunburn.

It must have worked, even though Amanda's face showed evidence of all that tape as did her wrists from the rope. Worse still I didn't get my kiss, well not that day anyway. In fact we had to sneak that in at school on the Monday, but it was worth the wait trust me.

So there you go, I hope you have enjoyed my first recalling of some real life bondage, because believe me im shocked with how much I was able to remember after all these years. As I said it was only the first time of many I shared with Amanda and other women since. So please if you'd like to hear more let me know....


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Re: It wasn't a game

Postby Mr Underheel » Wed Jun 08, 2016 2:58 pm

Superb! I loved reading it! Thanks for sharing!

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Re: It wasn't a game

Postby canuck100 » Wed Jun 08, 2016 5:58 pm

I concur!

Great story, hope you'll share other stories with us.

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Re: It wasn't a game

Postby bandit666 » Sat Jun 11, 2016 4:58 am

Thank you both for your very kind comments, I will be looking at following up this tale of my life long involvement with bondage shortly. It will again be about myself and Amanda

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Re: It wasn't a game

Postby freyjaceleste862 » Sun Jun 12, 2016 6:58 am

Very interesting
love cooking, panty/knicker gags, nappies, handicapped.

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Re: It wasn't a game

Postby bandit666 » Sun Jun 12, 2016 7:09 am

Thank you Freyja

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Re: It wasn't a game

Postby knotverynice » Wed Jun 15, 2016 7:29 am

Beautifully done. Well written. Would love to hear about others as well.

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Re: It wasn't a game

Postby bandit666 » Thu Jun 16, 2016 6:18 am

Thank you, I'm currently writing about another true tug now when time allows

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