Friend's sister gets duct tape mummified

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Friend's sister gets duct tape mummified

Postby Piratestan » Wed Oct 14, 2015 12:19 am

I was about fourteen. My good friend J. had a sister who was six, and a total pest. We did our best to avoid her.

One evening I stayed for supper. After, (as we were watching television) she pulled out some duct tape and started wrapping it around her legs. She was having fun. Then her dad said to come over and he wrapped it around her upper arms, making her into a mummy. Her mom was like "What are you doing?" and he said "She's just having fun."

He finishes taping her up and he says "Hold on," rips off a strip and puts it over her mouth. She stands there for a moment with this goofy look on her place, then starts hopping around the room, giggling beneath her gag. After a few minutes she rolls onto the floor and starts thrashing around like a fish. She was having a blast.

After around five minutes of very spirited struggles she petered out and sat there breathing hard. After another five minutes she started to struggle into a sitting position at which point her mother said "Okay I think you need to let her out." She started shaking her head "no no no" but her mother said "No I think you've had enough."

It didn't take long to cut her loose, after which she came over and sat on the floor leaning on the couch. She was clearly tired out from all the struggling, but she'd wanted to be left that way. I suspect if her dad had carried her upstairs all mummy wrapped she would have fallen asleep that way.

At no point was I excited by *her*. It was the bondage and the extreme struggling. And it didn't "turn me on" so much as make me go "Whoa".

As an addendum, I went over a few days later and J. had some duct tape. Seems his sister had asked her to wrap her up again, this time "even better". I was understandably intrigued. In the end he decided not to, as he was convinced he'd get in trouble.
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Re: Friend's sister gets duct tape mummified

Postby viking » Thu Oct 15, 2015 9:31 am

cool story dude
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Re: Friend's sister gets duct tape mummified

Postby LordNelson » Thu Oct 15, 2015 3:17 pm

In the end he decided not to, as he was convinced he'd get in trouble.

Did he not understand that when it comes to brothers and sisters the brother is always in trouble anyways? He should have gone for it.

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