First time tied up!

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First time tied up!

Postby Nancy1971 » Thu May 07, 2015 2:31 am

My husband and I share a lot of secrets and tend to keep them for us. But today I decided to share my tie up story specially that it felt so good after so many years of marriage.

So like a week ago I was watching an action movie with my husband when in one of the scenes the actress is tied to a chair and the actor was demanding answers from her. When suddenly my husband made an awkward comment about the girl who is tied. He said how beautiful it is to tie me up like that. Of course, I first took the comment as a joke but then he turned to me saying he always pictured me tied on bed as a fantasy. I just smiled...

When the movie was over, we started kissing and I asked him if he really wanted more than just love making and he nodded his head with a big YES! I agreed, knowing that he would not hurt me. He pulled his lap top towards me and opened up a folder that I never noticed before. The folder was jammed with photos and videos of women tied and gagged. I was baffled and felt confused but then he said that's OK and he only enjoys looking at them. We started discussing his fantasies and apparently he was eager to get me tied and gagged. I agreed... I had no clue why I agreed and we scheduled the time and day... which was the coming weekend.

Saturday arrived, and we both were ready for it. He pulled out a backpack that contained soft white ropes and a ball-gag that he admitted buying online and delivered to his office. It was a rubber red ball with a black belt and latch....!

First, he asked me to remove all my clothes and wear only an open-toe high heel stilettos(!!) just like said he pictured me and watched me taking off my clothes carefully. I slipped my feet into the stilettos and walked to him handing my wrists to him. He grabbed my hands and placed them behind my back. He tied my wrists gently and asked me if it felt good. I didn't say anything.. I just smiled... He started to tie up my elbows together and I felt I was completely out of control. He placed the ball-gag into my mouth and made me walk in front of him. He sat on the couch admiring what he is looking at... I felt so strange for what I was going through. My mouth started drooling through the ball-gag and had difficulty moving my shoulders and arms.

He walked towards me and I thought this is it... I will be untied now.... but no.. he whispered into my ears to sit on the couch where he took another set of ropes and tied my ankles in a professional way. He surely had been watching rope techniques carefully. Then moved to my knees and tied my thighs together. He sat beside me and kissed my cheeks. Ironically, I was feeling frightened as much as I was feeling comfortable. I trusted him and of course I do!

For some reason I moaned. The ropes were a bit tied and secure behind my back. There was no way out of these ropes. They felt good at beginning but how do I tell him enough?! I lifted my feet up and patted my pedicured toes like he is enjoying what he is doing. He kissed my shoes and licked my toes.

And without any alert, I was carried to the floor where I was rolling right and left and trying to free myself. He sat behind my feet, bent my knees and tied my ankles with an additional rope towards my back. I moaned so loud like my throat had an itch.... I was "apparently" hogtied like a lamb on fire and I felt I'm about to lose conscious .... the feeling cannot be described by a woman experiencing tight ropes for the first time. It seems that he got carried away with his fantasy and wants to see it all at once and in one go! I moaned louder and felt so weak and helpless. He sat back on the couch pleasuring himself and enjoying his own personal scene.... almost 30 minutes passed but felt like hours in a hogtie position.. naked and numb.

I looked at him and he felt me talking to him behind my ball-gag to undo me ASAP...... I turned my head right and left and jerked my body hard to make him understand the pain I'm going through... He got up and untied me very slowly.. kissed me and pulled the ball-gag hard from my lips. I spitted the accumulated saliva in my mouth and couldn't move for 3 minutes. I sat next to him, hugged him and cried!

I had mixed feelings of satisfaction, pleasure, pain and helplessness but for sure will try it again.. if not hogtied at least chair-tied!

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Re: First time tied up!

Postby Fl0yd » Fri May 15, 2015 10:53 am

great story! thanks for sharing

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Re: First time tied up!

Postby LordNelson » Wed Jun 03, 2015 3:53 pm

This appears to be another one of those stories that has been copied from the Mother's Tied Up Dreambook site. I would like to be wrong about that but it has the same trademark as the last one; register, post & disappear.

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Re: First time tied up!

Postby freyjaceleste862 » Tue Aug 25, 2015 8:14 pm

good story
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