The Mad Conductor

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The Mad Conductor

Postby lostganesha94 » Sun Nov 12, 2017 1:28 pm

Hey guys. Long time reader, first time poster :)

Me friend Drew and I would get up to all sorts of mischief when we were kids.

We were both 12 years old, and hanging out in my parents basement, where a electronic keyboard was. We'd practice playing songs with the different keyboard sound changes. The most annoying one by far was the cat meowing one.....

I was sitting on the bed, reading a comic book, when Drew started obnoxiously playing the cat noises, knowing it bugged me.

"Knock it off," I muttered.

Drew smirked. "Sorry, can't hear you!" And kept plunking on the keys. That was it! We playfully started wrestling, and Drew was always the strong one. He had me flat, face-down down on the carpet, with my wrists pinned behind my back. I secretly loved it when Drew would hold me down this way, but I was too scared to tell him.

"Sorry buddy," Drew said, still holding me down. "I'm the mad conductor, and you're gonna listen to my entire orchestra of annoying music!"

"Then I'm getting up and going upstairs!" I said, but secretly hoping he'd do something to stop me. To my complete shock, he did!

"Oh no you're not..." He said wickedly, and with one hand holding my wrists, he grabbed a nearby sleeping bag, and actually used the tightening string from it to tie my wrists behind my back! It was surprisingly well tied, and it made me wonder if he had done this before. He then grabbed the second sleeping back, and tied my ankles together, so I was sitting upright completely tied up. I instantly felt hard in my pants, but curled up in a ball so Drew couldn't see. I'd always wanted to get tied up, and couldn't believe this was happening. Now all we needed was a gag.....

Drew stood up to admire his handiwork. "Sorry, but I need an audience member for my new show!" He then grabbed a dress up box from the closet, and started draping scarves around my neck and a silly hat on my head. It was completely weird what we were doing, but we both seemed to be enjoying it and didn't object.

Drew turned around to start playing again, but I said "Maybe I should start yelling, and have my mom come down and see what's going on....." Drew slowly turned around with raised brows. "Well," he said. "We can't have that. We better keep you quiet."

Drew rummaged through the dress up box, and smiled when he found an old, ratty red bandana. It looked dusty, used and pretty gross. Drew slowly walked towards me, smirking and playing with the bandana in his hands. "This should do the trick!" He chuckled.

I dramatically strained on my ropes, but they legitimately had me trapped! "Oh no you don't! mmmmmmppppppph!" I cried, but he squatted in front of my trussed up self, and stuffed the bandana into my open mouth. Immediately I tried spitting it out, but he took the long fabric scarf from around my neck, and tied it around my head, keeping the bandana in. I fell onto my back, and writhing around in my bonds, moaning into my gag. "MMMMMMMMMPH. MMMMMFFF!" I couldn't help but notice Drew watching me struggle, and see a slight bulge in his pants too.

Drew laughed. "Well, now I have a quiet, respectful audience!" He turned around and started plunking again on the piano, constantly turning his head around to see the annoyed looks I was giving him, and muffled groans through my gag. I loved every minute of it.

After a few minutes of playing, Drew finally seemed to get a bit bored. He took out my gag and said "Sorry about that." He looked a little embarrassed with how carried away he got.

"Don't apologize!" I said breathlessly. "That was fun."

He smiled and untied me, which felt nice because they were starting to cut off my circulation. We then played video games for the rest of the day, and never spoke of the incident again.

Unfortunately Drew switched schools the next year, so our friendship slowly fell apart. I desperately wanted to play more tie up games with him, but never found a way to suggest it. It's a story I always think about.

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Re: The Mad Conductor

Postby xtc » Sun Nov 12, 2017 2:23 pm

Welcome aboard. Thank you for sharing.
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Re: The Mad Conductor

Postby mikeybound » Sun Nov 12, 2017 5:17 pm

Ah, to imagine what could have been.

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Re: The Mad Conductor

Postby fratboydanny » Sun Nov 12, 2017 6:46 pm

Thanks for sharing this terrific story.

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Re: The Mad Conductor

Postby tony2 » Tue Nov 14, 2017 1:12 am

Well written and a good start. Now let your imagination run into the future continuing episodes in the M/M fiction side of the house. No reason to stop here. Just post a note to this story to let the readers know to follow your efforts there......
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Re: The Mad Conductor

Postby drawscore » Tue Nov 14, 2017 5:38 pm

Imagination is a wonderful thing. Through it, we can take flights of fantasy into that magic land of what you want the world to be, or at least, your little corner of it. Perhaps a friend's parents are going out of town for a weekend, and ask if he can stay with you. Your parents agree, and after dinner, you go to your bedroom, and play checkers, but to make it more interesting, you two bat penalties for the loser back and forth, finally agreeing that the loser gets tied up. Another game, and whoever loses twice gets hog tied.

You both think it's fun and challenging, but are reluctant to say anything, except toward the time when you both are in bed, and nearly asleep, when your friend says "That was kinda fun. We oughta do it again sometime."

You reply "Yeah, I thought so, too, but what would REALLY be fun, is if we both were tied up together."

"Yeah!" your friend says, "But then we need another person. Got someone in mind?"

Then go from there. Drew, who tied you up once before; a friend from a group you're in, like scouts; or just another friend at school. Perhaps the third is engaged in a conversation, where a hint is dropped, such as "Yeah, I got tied up in a game a couple'a months ago, but not very well, and I got out easy."

That's practically an invitation for your friend to say "I bet if I tied you up, you wouldn't get loose!" If he does, you're in business. If he lets it pass, then move on to another friend.

There are other fictional scenarios that could play in, but I think you get the idea

But creative writing is an acquired skill. It does not come naturally. It must be learned. What also must be learned, is plausibility. You have to learn to tell a story that is complete fiction, but could or might be true. (Unless set in a parallel reality, where what is here and real, does not apply, and you need a way to get from the real world, to the world of your imagination.)

It's not easy, but if you set your mind to it, you can do it.


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Re: The Mad Conductor

Postby mrmaxroper » Wed Nov 22, 2017 9:44 am

This fun story is an excellent lesson for all us boys and girls. If somehow someone gets the hint and plays TUGs with you, let them know how much you enjoyed it! Don't let the opportunity slip away or you'll regret it forever.

And what Drawscore says is so true: If you run out of things that actually happened, write what you wish happened. Just be sure to label it as fiction. There's way too much in the True section that's obviously made up and there's no shame in posting fictional stories.


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