Christopher Stays The Night

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Christopher Stays The Night

Postby XLWolf » Mon Feb 06, 2017 5:14 am

Part 1:

So this happened about a week ago, me and Christopher met up after class. I had just come from P.E and he finished math. It was lunch time and we just sat and talked. My feet were hurting and I asked him to rub my feet, he refused unfortunately. So I decided to make a bet, we would play rock, paper, scissors and if I won he'd have to rub my feet, but if I lost I would have to lick his shoes (which were his old pair of converse).

We played best two out of three, and I won! So I took off my black Adidas and put my sweaty white socks on his lap. He grudgingly began rubbing them, he had a miserable look on his face the whole time. We continued talking, and I invited him over for the night and he accepted. He rubbed my feet until the bell rang and then we went our separate ways. The two remaining periods went by fast and I went straight home. My parents told me that they we're going out for the night and that my sister was going out as well. So it was gonna be me a Chris for the night.

He arrived at around 8:00 P.M he was wearing a black T-shirt, navy blue jeans, and black socks. He brought his school bag and his converses up into my room. We decided to to start playing some games. We began playing Mortal Kombat, played two friendly matches before we began putting some stakes to the matches. These matches were tense, we played five matches and I lost four. I had to kiss Chris's socks because of my losses, they were a little sweaty and smelly, but weren't too bad.

We continued for about seven more matches, and I lost them all and kissed his socks some more. Chris then told me that if I lost again I would have to be his "bitch" and do whatever he told me, I said fine. It was a incredibly close match, but I lost. Christopher celebrated by victory posing on me, it was so humiliating having his foot on my chest, but he won the bet, I was now his bitch.

He made short work of his privilege over me and ordered me to rub his feet and I did as commanded and began. He laughed as he wiggled his toes and mocked me. He continued playing games as I rubbed his feet, I rubbed them for almost thirty minutes before he told me I could have a break. I went to the bathroom to wash the feet smell off my hands before I came back. And when i cameback i noticed that Chris had taken his socks off, this meant nothing good.

Chris gave me a new order, and that was to use his belt to bind my hands behind me and so I did just as he asked. I knew he wanted to completely humiliate and gross me out but I had no idea what was in store, he was definitely creative with his punishments, that's for sure.

I sat and watched him play for a bit, then he asked if I was hungry, I said yes so he went downstairs and brought up celery from the fridge. I asked how I was gonna eat and without saying a word took some of the stalks of celery, and stuck them in between his toes. "That's how" he said with a grin as he moved his foot towards my face. I looked at his foot and I was so disgusted, but I began eating the celery from his toes. It was so demeaning and gross, Christopher just enjoyed every last second of it, laughing at me.

After I was done eating Christopher took another belt a tied my legs, I struggled but Chris overpowered me. He then took his bag and left the room. He then came back in a pair of pajamas. "Now here's the deal, you don't struggle and I won't let everyone at school know about this" he said. "Alright" I said, I was totally defeated and would now have to suffer.

Christopher took a pair of navy blue underwear out of his bag, "those better be clean" I said. "Nope, these are fresh" he said as he approached me. I couldn't even move away now that my legs were tied up, he then proceeded to rub his undies in my face. They reeked of ass, it was horrible. He then pressed his gross undies up against my mouth and I honestly thought he was going to put them in my mouth, fortunately he abandoned that idea.

"You know, my feet could use a little love" he said and place his feet right next to my face. I stared at his barefoot noticing the little hairs on his toes and the leftover sock fuzz. I slowly puckered up my lips and began planted soft kisses all over his feet. I thought it couldn't possibly get any worse, but I was wrong...

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Re: Christopher Stays The Night

Postby Lake Lover » Mon Feb 06, 2017 7:53 am

This is great! Please tell us how it got even better.

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Re: Christopher Stays The Night

Postby Princess_Stinkfoot » Mon Feb 06, 2017 12:41 pm

Please continue!
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Re: Christopher Stays The Night

Postby XLWolf » Mon Feb 06, 2017 5:03 pm

Part 2:

So there I was, completely binded and humiliated with my lips on Chris's feet. It was much worse than I thought it would be, his feet were still fairly sweaty and he kept wiggling his toes around whilst I was kissing, he even managed to get his pinky toe into my mouth by doing this. I laid at his feet for about an hour, before he left the room again. I knew i had to get untied because Christopher was just gonna put me through more hell.

So I began messing around with the belts at my hands desperately trying to get freed but just as i almost got out Chris walked in. He noticed I was trying to get loose so he tackled me and made the belt even tighter. "I told you not to struggle" he said with a devilish grin on his face, "you know what, I'm not gonna tell anyone at school, I'm gonna show them" he said as he grabbed his converse.

He placed his dirty converses right in front of me and told me to sniff them long enough to allow him to get a good photo. I begged him not to show everyone, and he actually gave in, but there was a cost. "Fine, but only if you allow me to teabag you and kiss my gym feet on Thursday". I reluctantly agreed, but anything was then having all my friends know.

I saw him grab his dirty underwear and leave, meanwhile I prepared my face. He came back and he now had the gross pair of underwear on, he taunted me before moving in. The smell was awful, and there was literally nothing I could do to defend myself, I just had to sit there and take it. It's easily my lowest point in life. He teabagged me for about five minutes, but it felt like an eternity. When he was finished I wanted to be sick, but I just sucked it up and went to sleep shortly after.

I still had to kiss his feet after gym and I did so, it wasn't nearly as bad as the teabagging but it was more of a pride thing anyway. We still talk about that night every now and then, and he only recently revealed that he stuck a toe in my mouth after I fell asleep but I forgave him, we are still great friends.

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