My Revenge On Asher

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My Revenge On Asher

Postby XLWolf » Wed May 25, 2016 10:45 pm

I was going to do this before Tied-Up Slave, but I thought it would be better to tell that first as it includes Aaron who helps me with getting my revenge. So without further ado, my revenge on Asher.

This all took place about 3 weeks after Stupid Bet. Asher was still bragging about how I had to kiss his ass ,so I decided I wanted to get back at him. So I asked a few of my friends to help me (I was not the sporty type and could not overpower him). Two of my friends agreed Keon who was light skinned, 15 and very athletic and of course I had Aaron help me. We waited a few days before I invited him to my house for a ambush. Keon was wearing black and grey basketball shorts, a black tank top and a pair of black and grey Nike elite socks (which were really sweaty and smelly). Aaron was wearing black jeans, a red Hollister T-shirt, and black American Eagle ankle socks. We let Asher in and lead him to my room, then as soon as he entered my room Keon tackled him down.

I grabbed a old T-shirt and tied his arms, I then grabbed another T-shirt to tie his legs. Asher was yelling at us but I wasn't really paying attention to what he was saying. Aaron suggested we gag him just like how he gagged me, Keon and I agreed. We decided to let Keon stick his sock in Asher's mouth but Asher refused to open up. But Aaron put his foot on Asher's nose forcing him to open his mouth and allowing Keon to slide his sweaty socks in. Asher groaned with disgust and try to spit out the socks but Keon made sure he couldn't by hand gagging him. He asked me to get some tape and fortunately I had some on my nightstand. I handed the tape to Keon and he effectively taped Asher's mouth shut.

We then started thinking of other things to do to him. Keon decided he was going to tape his sock to Asher's nose, and Aaron decided that he would put his underwear on Asher's face. Keon went first and removed his sock to reveal his sweaty feet, he then grabbed the tape and taped it to Asher's nose. Asher started squirming and tried to get the sock off his face, but no attempts worked. Next was Aaron, while Keon was taping his sock on Asher he was taking his underwear off. Aaron approached Asher and ignored the grunts he was making and slid his black undies (which he admitted were sweaty and dirty) on to Asher's head.

I had gotten my revenge, but I still wanted to make Asher suffer a little more. After about a hour of Asher lying there humiliated and grossed out I decided to let him go, but there was a catch. Asher had to use his mouth to give Keon a pedicure (minus the paint). Asher accepted but was upset, and begged for me just to forgive him. I refused and told him to get to work on Keon's toes (which were untrimmed). He reluctantly began and started chewing Keon's toe nails. We all laughed at him and he almost threw up three times before he finished. He then proceeded to lick Keon's feet clean.

I then let him go, besides I think he suffered enough.

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Re: My Revenge On Asher

Postby Sniffmyfeet » Sun May 29, 2016 11:45 am

Considering what Asher did to you, I think it is only fair you took revenge and made him lick Keon's feet. You guys took humiliation to the next level by making him chew Keon's toe nails. That's so gross!
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