Jungle Boy Captured

Ever been tied up and gagged by your babysitter, your brother or sister, a cousin or a friend? Did you have any good bondage experiences while growing up? Have you been captured by the next door girl while playing Cowboys and Indians? Have you been tied up by your roommates, girlfriend/boyfriend, or during hazing or a sports team imitation This forum is for you to post stories about, or discuss, TRUE experiences of TUGs (tie-up games) in which you were involved. These stories should be about games that do not have intimate or sexual overtones.

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Jungle Boy Captured

Postby alex967 » Sun Oct 04, 2015 4:07 pm

After what seemed like an eternity, summer vacations finally arrived; three whole delightful months without school! Many plans were made for the summer: Trips, slumber parties, outings to the nearby beach and, most importantly, bondage games.
Being 11 years old, my parents decided that I was old enough to stay at home alone (at least during the day) and to go on my own to my cousin Ian’s (11 years too) house since he didn’t lived too far away. That Monday morning, as soon as my parents left to work, I got dressed and went to Ian’s house. As I strolled happily down the street I couldn’t help but wonder how long it would take for a new “game” to start, little did I know that I wouldn’t have to wait for too long.

As soon as I stepped inside Ian’s living room I was greeted by the sight of two water guns being aimed at my face “Hands in the air!” said Ian holding one of the water guns

“Really?” I asked raising my hands “You too Peter?”

“Sorry Alex but Ian said it was me or you” said Ian’s nine year old brother Peter holding the other gun

“Enough chit chat!” said Ian impatiently “Take off your shirt and shoes!”

“Why so rushed?” I asked doing what he had told me

“I’ve been waiting all week for this” Ian replied giving me a mischievous grin. I began to think that maybe complying with Ian hadn’t been a good idea yet it was too late to back down, I threw my t-shirt aside, kicked my shoes off and put my hands behind my back “Not yet” he said “let’s got to the back yard!”

I glanced at Peter looking for an answer yet he merely giggled (something I didn’t like at all), curiosity got the best of me and we followed Ian to the back yard. Their backyard was rather large yet simple, there was a tree at one corner a small barbeque grill near the wall and a wooden picnic table. The fence that surrounded the yard was tall enough to give us privacy from the neighbors so I was confident that we wouldn’t be disturbed.

Ian walked forward to the picnic table patted its surface motioning me to lay down “Really? You are tying me to the table?” I asked lying down on my back. The wood was pleasantly warm having being under the sun for so long

“We had never tried it before” said Ian, he pulled out some clothesline and begun tying each of my wrists to the legs of the table, working meticulously so that each knot would be tight and out of my reach and each limb would be stretched at its full potential

“Where’s Megan by the way?” I asked while my cousin worked wondering where his twin sister was

“At Rachel’s house” Peter replied whom up to this point his only job seemed to aim the gun at me in case I tried something. Once Ian was pleased with the way my wrists were tied he positioned himself at the other end of the table. I was expecting him to start tying my ankles but what he did next caught me off guard. He grabbed the waistband of my shorts and with a swift move he pulled them down exposing my underwear

“Hey!” I exclaimed more annoyed than embarrassed, we all were guys and have shared rooms in the past so we had seen each other’s underwear before, in fact that summer, due to the heat I had discarded traditional pajamas opting instead to sleep in just my boxers. If Megan had been there my reaction would have been different since at that age for some reason the idea of a girl seeing my undies made me cringe, hell I didn’t even let my mother see me like that!

“Spiderman? Really Alex?” Peter teased me referring to the red and blue Spiderman-themed boxers I was wearing, I merely shrugged well aware that there were far more embarrassing things in my drawer I could have choose to wear that day
Meanwhile Ian threw my shorts aside and proceed to spread my legs as far as they could tying my ankles to the corners of the table “Any last words?” Ian asked pulling out a knotted red bandanna from his pocket

“Ummm…well exactly how long you plan on keeping me ti..mmphhh!” I was unceremoniously gagged while my cousins laughed at my expense, Ian pulled out another bandanna and tied it around my eyes plunging me into total darkness.
I nervously tugged at my bonds and tried to writhe my wrists and ankles with little success. The knots were tight yet not uncomfortable preventing any movement from my part “Now that the prisoner is ready for the sacrifice…” I heard Ian speak with an ominous voice that would have been more effective if his voice hadn’t been so high pitched “Master Peter, would you do the honors?”

“Yes sir!” said Peter excitedly, I felt him standing next to me giggling uncontrollably when suddenly I felt his small fingers running through my armpits. I bit my gag trying not to give them the satisfaction of showing any reaction but once Ian joined tickling my soles I lost any chance of keeping my dignity.

I writhed my ankles and wriggled my body trying uselessly to get away from Ian and Peter’s fingers, soon I was giggling and mmphhing into my gag, a few more minutes and tears were rolling down my eyes. They went on like that for what seemed like ages only giving me the occasional break to catch my breath. The position I was tied and the little clothing I was wearing meant that 90% of my body was exposed to their fingers and boy did they took advantage of that! My armpits, soles, ribs, neck, stomach, thighs, the only bits of skin left untouched were those covered by my underwear

“Sir” said Peter still in his role while poking my stomach “I think he is ready for the next part

“Indeed, there is one more step before we offered him as a sacrifice to the great Chumbutawanta!” Ian exclaimed, I heard my cousins rummaging around the yard and instinctively turned my head towards them forgetting I was blindfolded. I was starting to get worried about their plans, the fact that they were chuckling louder and louder didn’t helped appease my worries; then out of nothing, a stream of cold water struck my chest

“MMMPHHH!” I shouted taken by surprise, Ian and Peter laughed as they make sure to pour every inch of my body with water while helplessly struggled and trashed around to no avail. By the time they were done, I was completely drenched although given the heat it wasn’t that bad, at least I was now aware of why they removed my clothes in the first place.

“Let’s go and get the ceremonial knife!” Ian announced, I heard my cousins walking away which was my cue to get out of my bonds.

As I lay down, being dried by the sun I pictured myself as a jungle boy captured by an evil cult. I had to escape before they returned and sacrifice me to Chumbatawa or whatever their god’s name was yet the ropes were too tight and calling my animal friends for help wasn’t an option since the gag was making a great job keeping me quiet. I didn’t knew how much time had passed but I knew the jungle boy didn’t had too much left before his captors return, he struggled uselessly against his bonds and tried in vain to push his gag with his tongue but all his efforts seemed useless, he let out a cry of desperation that was muffled by the rag. Not even his strength seemed to be working to break the ropes, in other words, he was trapped. The king of the jungle had been reduced to this, bound and gagged and alone in some far away temple.

Refusing to give up, the jungle boy bit his gag and pulled his arms and legs at the same time hoping to loosen the knots but the only thing he managed was to make the rope dig painfully into his skin. Heavily panting, he tried to twist his body and reach the knots with his mouth yet the ropes were to tense to allow any movement

“Everything is ready for the sacrifice” he heard the High Priest announce “let the ceremony begin!” The jungle boy groaned and writhed his wrists and ankles trying one last attempt to break free, meanwhile the tribe began dancing madly around him while the High Priest stood next to his bound body chanting in a estrange language, he didn’t understood what the High Priest was saying but something told him his time was over, taking a deep breath the jungle boy sank his stomach ready for the fatal blow

The High Priest placed his finger inside his victim’s belly button and with a hoarse voice he spoke “Take this victim’s blood! You’re dead” ….well, that was anticlimactic, I wasn’t expecting them to sacrifice me for real but I thought they had planned something else!

I laid motionless as Peter and Ian untied my wrists and ankles and removed my gag and blindfold “So how was it?” Ian asked helping me sit up
“Fun” I replied rubbing my sore wrists “but did you had to hose me?”

“It was Ian’s idea” said Peter “I only wanted to spray you with the water guns!”

“Anyway” I spoke walking nonchalantly towards the hose “I think some revenge is called for” Ian and Peter’s eyes opened wide as I grabbed the hose, they tried to run away but I was faster and quickly sprayed them with water yet my cousins managed to grab their water guns and shoot back.

I am surprised how quickly things changed, one moment I was strapped to the table struggling for my life and the other the three of us were having a water fight on the garden having completely forgotten about our bondage game or the fact that I was still half-naked but well, those were our games!

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Re: Jungle Boy Captured

Postby xtc » Mon Oct 05, 2015 3:15 am

Nicely told.
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Re: Jungle Boy Captured

Postby canuck100 » Mon Oct 05, 2015 5:50 am

Fun to read!

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Re: Jungle Boy Captured

Postby fratboydanny » Fri Oct 09, 2015 9:48 am

What fun! Thanks for sharing the experience.

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Re: Jungle Boy Captured

Postby sarumansauron » Mon Oct 19, 2015 12:04 pm

Cool story! Thanks!
I love TUGS and TICKLING Torture!!!!!

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Re: Jungle Boy Captured

Postby tony2 » Mon Jan 09, 2017 9:01 pm

well told. Nice story, no excess baggage...
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Re: Jungle Boy Captured

Postby KingMush » Fri Jan 13, 2017 3:26 pm

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