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Girlfriend's Escape Attemot

Postby Switcher13 » Sat Feb 16, 2013 10:51 pm

Sharon struggled helplessly and for the umpteenth time wondered how she had gotten into this mess. She was clad in a two-piece neon green bikini. Her wrists were tightly bound behind her, her ankles were similarly bound. More rope was wound around her body above and below her ample breasts. Rope held her knees and thighs together making her feel as if her legs were glued together. Furthermore, her ankles had been attached to her wrist bonds rendering her hogtied. Her mouth was sealed with a tight silky cleave gag.

It had started innocently enough as a between her and her boyfriend Brad. After going for a swim in the pool, they watched a TV show depicting a tie up scene. She had boasted how she could easily escape such a predicament. Brad called her boast and found some rope to tie her wrists and ankles with. Unfortunately, her wrists were tied in front enabling her to untie the knot with her teeth. The rest was easy after that.

Relishing the challenge, she had asked Brad to tie her up again. This time Brad tied her wrists behind her and then her ankles together. Being very flexible, she simply slipped her bound wrists under her legs to bring them back to the front and then unpicked the knots again with her teeth.

“Is that all you’ve got?” asked Sharon standing triumphantly with her hands on her hips.

“We’ll see,” answered Brad with a devilish gleam in his eye. He left the room and returned with more rope, a lot more rope.

He proceeded to bind Sharon’s wrists behind her again but this time he told her to clasp her hands together before tying and cinching her wrists. After this, he bound her elbows together. At this point, Sharon suddenly realized how much harder the challenge had become. Brad had helped her down to the thick towel laid on the floor over the rug. He slowly and methodically bound and cinched not only her ankles but even just above her shapely calves and around her full thighs.

More rope was applied around Sharon’s arms and body. Brad ran the ropes above and below her breasts and fashioned a harness, cinching them tight as he finished. He took a long piece of work and attached Sharon’s bound wrists to her ankles hogtying her.

“Still feeling confident?” asked Brad as he checked the mass of rope restraining his lovely girlfriend.

“Just you wait, I’ll get out of this,” boasted Sharon but with less confidence than before.

“And now, to make sure,” Brad said ominously as he whipped out a long strip of silk and proceeded to wrap it around Sharon’s head muffling her protests.

“OK Miss Escape Artist, let’s see you get out of that!” said Brad triumphantly savoring the sight of one very lovely bikini-clad girlfriend hogtied before him.

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Re: Girlfriend's Escape Attemot

Postby batman73552000 » Fri May 30, 2014 12:01 pm

Great story so far you should continue it. batman73552000

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