Master Flash (M/f): The Flash Fan Fiction (Part 1)

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Master Flash (M/f): The Flash Fan Fiction (Part 1)

Postby Mr Underheel » Tue Jan 02, 2018 12:09 pm

"Really, nobody will ever know. It fits snugly. I'm telling you, your skirt doesn't reveal a thing! Besides, you have no choice. It's already locked in place and I have the key. You can try to take it from me if you like but there are two problems with that idea."

"And what are those?", asked Caitlin Snow

"First, I'm The Flash which means that I'm MUCH faster than you. Second, you agreed to be my bondage slave and you signed a contract that says I can make you do whatever I like, at least until you void the contract. Are you voiding the contract?" Barry Allen held out a 17 page document. One of the pages had a yellow sticky note attached which read, "Sign Here". It was on the contract rescission page.

Caitlin's skin turned bright cardinal. "Your face is the same color as your ass was the last time I spanked it!", Barry laughed. "You're not helping!", Caitlin retorted.

"Just remember, you asked for this. I wanted it but there would have been no contract and none of this wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for..."

"I KNOW! If it wasn't for....that night..."

That night. Yes, Caitlin remembered it so well! It wasn't the first time that she had used her lab as her own playground, but it was the first and only time that she had been caught there in bondage. She was always very careful to only do it at times when she knew everybody was out of town. But Barry, he was the wildcard. That speed was a giant asset but it made him unpredictable. And that particular night, he lived up to her perception of him.

There she was, dangling from a steel cable that suspended her far above the floor, courtesy of a Rotex Winches product, Alfreton, UK. It was the finest device of its kind and had a very useful remote controler. From a large stainless steel ring there were strung four hemp ropes that lead to four different points on Caitlin's body: one supported her shoulders and ran behind her neck. The next circled her ribcage just below her breasts. The third was around her waist while the final one enmeshed her hips in several different directions, including directly between her legs. They caused her to lay flat on her back, there 7 feet above her stainless steel lab table.

Before suspending herself, she had hooked up her TENS machine on her boobs and on either side of her pussy. It was a horribly wonderful machine that was run by a computer program that she had stolen. Caitlin is a very nice and honest person, but she is not a computer programmer. In fact, the program that she used to hack the NCIS computer system was actually written by her cohort Cisco. He had taught her how to use it, expecting that she would only use it for "business purposes". She had heard rumors of the program but all she could find out about it was that somebody at NCIS had written it. It was not being offered for sale and, dammit, Caitlin wanted the program! So she used Cisco's program to get it.

She had also inserted vibrating bullets in her pussy and into her ass. Cords ran from them to her computer and ran from USB connections. She hadn't been able to get the Blue Tooth technology to work just yet. It was on her research agenda. But the cords worked wonderfully and the sensations from the vibrators were wracking her body.

She had tied her legs both in tight frog ties using a bright blue half-inch thick rope. Her heels pressed into her perfect round ass.

Tweezer clamps adorned her nipples. Rather than being connected with a single chain, they each had a separate chain. And at the end of each of those chains was a collection of various fishing weights which pulled her poor aching nipples toward her shoulders.

Her mouth was stuff with a black dildo gag that, in fact, was just on the edge of choking her the entire time that it was in. She had worn it often enough that she could manage to swallow her own saliva as it built up, but it was still uncomfortable and a bit scary.

A colorful silk scarf adorned with a flower pattern covered her eyes and draped far down beneath her light brown hair, which she had left loosely around he shoulders, but which now fell toward the floor in a honey-colored waterfall.

Her hands were tightly cuffed behind her back with a pair of Smith and Wesson hinged cuffs. She loved these because they were more restrictive than those connected by a chain. The key lay on the table below, safely clipped to a nylon lanyard which, in turn, was duct taped to the table so that it couldn't accidentally be dropped on the floor, out of reach.

The program was designed to lower her down to the lab table slowly. From this height, it would take almost an hour for her to reach the table. At that point, she would decide if she would release herself or if she would continue to let herself be bound. Usually, she delayed her release for quite some time.

She already knew that today would not be a day where she would let her self go right away. This position was both comfortable enough and horrible enough that just the planning of it had made her cum. The devices inside on on her were so delicious this night that she never wanted it to end.

Only one thing would have made it better: She secretly wanted Barry Allen--The Flash--her lab rat--that handsome hunk of a man that she was privileged to work with every day--had actually tied her like this and that it was his cock inside her rather than that vibrator. For now, this would do.

Caitlin was mostly aware that the winch had lowered her to the table but she was in the middle of her umpteenth orgasm at the time and so it didn't seem to really matter. Besides, she still wouldn't be free until she unlocked the cuffs. She was so engrossed in her situation that nothing else came to her senses.

That included the moment when the lab door opened. "Caitlin?", a voice called. To the girl, it seemed like a part of her dream. That Barry was about to take full advantage of her, she in this completely vulnerable position. Even the sounds of footsteps across the floor seemed to be a part of that dream.

It wasn't until her blindfold was slipped off of her head and the bright lights of the lab blinded her that she finally realized that this was no dream. When she could finally actually see, it was unbelievable: Barry was smiling down on her! He unbuckled the gag and pulled it from her mouth. She choked and coughed for a moment and then said, "Barry? I thought you were gone for the weekend! What brought you back?"

"I think it's part my being a metahuman that hadn't yet shown itself. Call it "Spider Sense", because that's what it felt like. I just got this feeling that you were in trouble and that you needed me to rescue you. But I would guess that 'rescuing' is not quite what you need. Right?"

", this is my own work." "Is this something that you do often?" "Often enough." "Has a man ever tied you up?" "Once or twice. But..." She hesitated. "But what, Caitlin?" "I...I...I have had this dream that a certain man...well, a special guy...who I...who I work..." Her voice trailed off.

"Oh! Are you kidding me? You dream of having Cisco tie you up?" Barry chuckled quietly.

"No! Not Cisco." She was in a fog from cumming and the TENS and vibrators were turning on again. They shocked her body and she blurted out, "YOU!!! YOU!!! YOU!!!"

Barry took a step back as he watched her trembling there on the table. He surveyed the situation and found the computer program. It was time for him to take control of the situation and not let some $6 million dollar machine do it for him. He clicked the "TERMINATE" button. Then he walked to Caitlin and whispered to her.

"What is it that you want me to do? I won't do anything that you don't ask for. You have to tell me EXPLICITLY because, otherwise, I will just leave you to play the game on your own."

She chokes out only a few words: "Use me. Take me. Fuck me." Barry replied, "Roger that."

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