Stories from the slavehouse - Alexander (F/M)

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Stories from the slavehouse - Alexander (F/M)

Postby Wolfling » Wed Jan 04, 2017 5:07 am

Well hello there! It was a little while ago since i wrote something. Unfortunately I had a little say writers block. The thing is i decided to try something wilder this time, Minor spoiler: the following story takes place in a country (or world if you like it better :quirk: ) that is ruled by women.
This first part won't contain any action it's just for the setting. enjoy!

Warning: As you could already guess, this story contains (or will contain) male people being tied up, humiliated, being mildly tortured for the sake of being a male. If this upsets you the reader i highly disencourage you from continuing.

Disclaimer: this has nothing to do with me: i don't approve positively or negatively discriminating people on any ground, let alone their gender. I just thought this to be an interesting setting so i went on with it.
Also: Any similarities with real events or people are purely coincidental.


Commander Lana Silver of the 2nd. Aggression Suppressive Division, stood proudly in front of her mirror. All these years
far from the real action and she was still kickin' it. Her legs were as slim as they could get, but at the same time muscular like every soldier's of the First Femine Federation. She had a belly that would make any belly dancer would envious and a busty chest that was made out of steel from the many tank wreckages her soldiers destroyed with the wrath of a hurricane. Her face was one of a kind: Blue eyes, small elegant nose, her lips almost glowing red because of her lipstick, all of these framed with her brown shoulderlength hair.
As always, she wore her black short armed uniform, with her easily identifiable green berett. Her attire was full of badges
she acquired during her ten year old carrier, which was kinda remarkable as she was conscripted at the age of 15. Her berett held the emblem of the division: A male figurine lying at the feet of a victorious female soldier. She was applying the last touches to her attire: Today she had to look majestic.

Someone knocked on the door and Lana soon heard the voice of her second-in-command: Livia Gladstone.
-Commander the convoy has arrived! We are awaiting further instructions.
-Go back and make sure everything is going as it should! Don't open the cargo until i get there! - Thundered Lana.
-Affirmative Ma'am! - Answered Livia. Then the sound of hurried steps followed.

Livia rushed down the hall towards the cargo-hangar. She didn't want to risk anything going against the orders of Lana:
the last officer who commited a foul was currently wiping off the microbes from the floor of the captives' toalett... with a toothbrush. Livia arrived at the catwalk overlooking the hangar from above. For her greatest relief everything seemed to be in order. The four closed transport trucks were intentionally parked so all of their rear doors faced the catwalk. This was to ensure that the one first things the prisoners see was the the one who will be occupying it: none else than the commander herself. The guards were standing in rows on both sides of the transport trucks ready to guide the newcommers (and their attention) towards the person who will hold their fate in her strong hands, and who should be treated with utter respect and humility: you guessed it, the commander.
Livia went down the stairs leading to the cargo area. The guards standing at the base of the stairs saluted to their

-Report! - Ordered Livia.
-Every cargo truck is in position. There were no incidents, the escort vehicles are waiting outside. - Responded Michaela the younger of the guard duo.
-No one opened the trucks this far?
-No Ma'am! The trucks were not opened, the cargo is still untouched.
-Great! i don't want anything to... - Started Livia but was soon interrupted by the sound of the catwalk entrence swinging open.
She immedeatly looked towards the catwalk just like everybody else. to see Lana's strict facial expression as she surveyed the situation.

The guards and Livia turned towards her and saluted waiting for her to command her wishes. She looked at her
subordinates for a few seconds, then raised her right hand in the air indicating for the guards. They didn't need more every guard turned, so they were facing the path. The closest ones opened up the doors...

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Re: Stories from the slavehouse - Alexander (F/M)

Postby Wolfling » Thu Jan 12, 2017 4:41 am

Hello Everybody, here comes the continuation of the story. Unfortunately this part still contains very little action (Bad,Wolfling Bad! :x ) But i felt it neccesary to go into details on this one and by the time the action would start i already exceeded what i think "the optimal length of a chapter" is.
anyways hope you will like it :)


-a few hours earlier-

Miriam was walking around the house nervously. This was her son's 18th birthday which would have been a wonderful occasion if not for the Federation. She already got her mail - which she read multiple times in disbelief just today - a week ago.

Dear Miss Sheridan!

It came to our attention that your son, Alexander Sheridan (born Alexander Sheridan, POB: central hospital of Louisa City,DOB: 2020 June 20) soon reaches the age of 18. As countless studies conducted by Federation's great scientists already shown, male individuals tend to become more aggressive after this age. As a precaution you are required to take your son to the nearest Male Registration Center without delay on the day he reaches the aforementioned age.

Sincerely: Melanie Vajda associate of MRC

Miriam looked at he clock it was 10 am, so she figured it wouldn't hurt if she waited a little before literally turning in her own son, because of some kind of bullsh*t studies that implied that her beloved son will stab her forty times in the chest for no apparent reason the moment he turns 18. Instead she decided to have a little alone time with him before they are separated for god knows how long. Also her husband was away working, and wouldn't be back till noon to have a quick lunch, if he's lucky that is.

-knock, knock - Miriam said as she entered Alexander's room with an awkward forced smile on her face.
-Hi Mum! - Alexander replied returning the awkward fake smile. Seemingly he just woke up as he was sitting on his bed in his pajamas. - How was your night?
-Well it was OK. Thanks for asking. - Replied Miriam, trying not to burden her son with the fact that she didn't sleep a damn minute the whole night.
-Do i really have to go to... you know...?
-*sigh* - Miriam's fake smile vanished in an instant - Look if i had a say in the matter, you wouldn't go anywhere, either they like it or not. The thing is i can't do much. As much as i hate this whole thing, given the other options the best case scenario is that they take you now and do their worst for the three months or so and then they bring you back.
-What if i would just slip out of here and wait it out.
-Don't even think of it! The Johnson boy tried escaping and the as far as the gossip goes he will be detained for more years if not for an entire lifetime, for being a potential criminal.
-Yeah, but... - Alexander was interrupted by the sound of knocking, or more like someone trying break in the door with a battering ram.


Miriam rushed towards the door and opened it up to face five women(or more like girls in their early-mid twenties.) in armor vests, their equipment consiste of tasers, grenades of some sort and a good amount of hand- and legcuffs (enough to bring down a complete crime syndicate in one go - tought Miriam.). They were also equipped with ballgags of all sizes (Oh god they won't use them on him do they?). Miriam had a suspicion on what brought these ladies here, but nevertheless decided to talk with them.

-Umm Hello. Can i help you?
-Good Day Ma'am! I am sergeant Mona Silver of the 2nd. Aggression Suppressive Division. We are here looking for Alexander Sheridan. He lives here right? - Answered the blonde girl with a recognizeable mark on her shoulder.
-Yes, yes of course but i thought that we have to bring him in.
-Yes but you didn't show up at the MRC in time, thus we are ordered to take him into custody and bring him in for the procedure.
-Can't we take him in later? So he could say goodbye to his father?
-We have strict orders Ma'am let us take him or we have to use force, and fine you for not cooperating.
-Let it be... - Said Miriam in defeat and let the women in.

By this time Alexander came out of his room to see the not so pleasant comitee entering. The women stepped up to him.

-Please don't hurt him he is a good boy - plead Miriam to them. - He's done nothing wrong i was the one who decided not to take him in in the morning.
-We won't hurt him if he doesn't give us a reason to do so. - Replied Mona again. - Alexander Sheridan, turn around and put your hands together behind you!
-Just wait a few minutes till he gets dressed and i put together his stuff. - interrupted Miriam.
-He doesn't need to dress up. He will get his clothes in the facility along with everything else he will be in need of. No need for any other "stuff".

Alexander just stayed still for a few seconds. he couldn't believe they just came here to take him away. He was even more shocked that they were going to take him away in just his PJ-s let alone they are even going to actually cuff him up like some kind of criminal.

-Alexander Sheridan, turn around and put your hands together behind you! - Repeated Mona, while another girl in the group was already reaching for her teaser.

At this point Alexander woke up from his thought sequence and seeing the sergeant probably wasn't joking, complied. As he turned around a girl leapt forward and attached a pair of legcuffs on his feet while another girl was busy cuffing his wrists.

-Great, lead him out! - commanded Mona and the four girls left the house leading the cuffed up boy out followed by the fearing eyes of Miriam.
-Thanks for your cooperation Ma'am. We will notify you how long he will have to stay in. Have a good day!
-Look! I know this is hard to process but i can assure you if he will behave there won't be any problems. - With that Mona walked out and closed the door behind her, leaving the house and the sobbing Miriam behind.

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Re: Stories from the slavehouse - Alexander (F/M)

Postby randomboy18 » Thu Jan 12, 2017 12:37 pm

I like where this is going. Please continue

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Re: Stories from the slavehouse - Alexander (F/M)

Postby Wolfling » Thu Jan 12, 2017 3:31 pm

Thank you i am on it ;)

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Re: Stories from the slavehouse - Alexander (F/M) (Part3)

Postby Wolfling » Fri Jan 20, 2017 7:01 am

Hello Everybody. Part 3 incoming :)


Alexander walked towards the truck standing in front of the family house. The truck itself was black with an abbreviation painted on the side in white: "AggSuppDiv". If not for the current circumstances, Alexander would have let out a smile reading the overcomplicated yet still hilarious text, he honestly thought the only reason for it was, so they don't have to write "ASD" on every piece of equipment. As he walked he took a good last look on the neighborhood: unluckily for him the sight was already ruined. There were quite a few woman bystanders, who took humiliating looks at him. He got used to being the bad guy for just being a male over the years, but this time the feeling of being "public enemy number 1." was more intense in him.

As he was lead to the back the doors opened up. Alexander was greeted by his second shocking sight of the day: The truck was almost loaded with other boys being strapped to one of the eight seats alongside the two walls of the trucks interior. The strapping itself wasn't very effective but they were also hand- and legcuffed just like him. To make matters worse for Alexander the others were all gagged. The question arised in Alexander wether he was the only one to abide the strike squad or was he going to suffer the same fate?

-Get in. - Told him Mona, and Alexander climbed up the truck as fast as his legcuffs enabled him.

He was led to the last empty seat, and sat down. After he took his place in the rather uncomfy seat one of the girls strapped him in with a horizontal seatbelt-like strap. During the process Alexander also noticed, that he wasn't the only one caught by surprise: The guy sitting right next to him wore only a pair of boxers, while another one only managed to put on his trousers.

-Ok, finish up the packaging and let's go! We are already late with this shipment. - Said Mona
-With pleasure Ma'am! - replied the girl with a grin and took a ballgag from her belt.
-Please, no! I've done nothing wrong. - protested Alexander, which resulted in a slap from the girl.
-He's resisting Ma'am. Should i...?
-Go on! - answered Mona.

The girl without second thoughts pulled her teaser and before Alexander could react, he was already sufferring from the shocking experience. The torment went on for a few seconds resulting in loud screaming from Alexander. He could feel the burning sensation in his upper thighs where the infernal tool was stabbed in his body, his muscles almost instantly betrayed him and started their own life, which caused him to wriggle around unwillingly. After what seemed like an eternity plus one second for him, she finally finished:

-Open up. - She said holding up the gag.

At this point he thought it would be better if he didn't piss off his captors, so complied and let them further embarass him by showing the rubber ball in his mouth and strapping it around his head.

-Now you can talk. Sing little birdie!
-MMmmmpph! - Alexander didn't even try to say something audible just let out a moan.
-I think it will shut him up. - said the girl.
-Good. - Answered Mona then knocked on the wall separating the drivers from the prisoner compartment and the truck was on it's way to the boys temporary home for the next few weeks... or months.

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Re: Stories from the slavehouse - Alexander (F/M)

Postby Wolfling » Tue Jan 31, 2017 6:48 am

Hello guys! After a little pause, let's get back to the story :lol:


After a few hours of travelling the truck came to a stop. Alexander was curious about what's gong to happen now, and he didn't have to wait for long: Mona soon stood up:

-Okay boysies. Here we are. Now my beautiful assistants will unstrap you from your seats. Anybody standing up before i say so gets tased in the balls. Understood? - She thundered.

The announcement was followed by a weird second of silence, then almost simultaneously everybody started nodding.

-Good boys! Ladies, carry on!

Mona's subordinates went along the seats and unstrapped everybody, they passed on their way. Seemingly everybody took Mona's threatening seriously because no one moved a muscle.

-Ok. Now everybody stand up and stand in pairs of two!

Everybody complied and soon all the boys were lined up in two rows. Alexander stood next to a blonde guy in a tank top and brown shorts. As he took a glimpse of him, he noticed a tatoo on his upper right arm.

Tyler Kovacs
Louisa City

He was already familiar with this kind of tatoo. Back in his schooldays he had several classmates with similar ones, and his father also had one: These were the mark of registered males. At this point, Alexander got more nervous: He just realised that he will end up with one of these on his arm very soon. While he was pondering about his soon to be fate a girl stepped up to him. She was a brunette, with green eyes, her uniform somehow differed from the other's: it was less dark in tone and didn't have any insignia. A nameplate reading "Lawson" was on her shoulder.

-Your turn. - She said.

At first Alexander was confused then he saw the new piece of restraining device in the girl's hand:
It was basically a chain which connected two collars together. Alexander took a quick glance behind and noticed that everybody else was chained to his pair with one of these bad boys. Having no other options, Alexander thought it to be better to obey and nodded his head as a sign of accepting the restraint. The brunette returned the gesture with a surprisingly reassuring smile.

-Thank you... - She replied but couldn't finish the sentence.
-No, chit-chat with the prisoners, rookie! - Rebuked the girl, who earlier tased Alexander, now standing on the left of his pair.
-Oh, sorry. I...
-No problem, just carry on. - She continued reaching towards her.

The girl passed one of the collars to her, then started to fasten the other one to Alexanders neck. As everybody was shackled way beyond the necessary amounts, Mona finally gave the order to move. The rear doors of the truck opened up and Alexander was instantly blinded by the light coming in from the outside. As his vision cleared out he saw a hangar with female guards making a pathway, and a catwalk in the high, with a seemingly high ranking officer standing on it.

-Go! - Ordered Mona taking position in front of the boys, and they started walking.

Alexander had doubts about how he is going to get down from the truck to the ground with shackled legs, and a guy chained to him, but fortunately the girls were considerate enough to put a step behind the truck. Alexander took a few steps forward almost tripping over but managed to get in the back and step down from the truck. From there he started his walk of shame between the guards almost tripping over from time-to-time. As Alexander looked around he saw all the trucks and unfortunate boys, who were dragged away from home, dragging themselves forward in the heavy shackles. As the boys went along the path the guards kept harrassing them with sniffy comments, and an occasional slap to the guys butts. At the and of the path Mona turned around and ordered the train consisting of the shackled boys to stop, then turned towards the catwalk. The same happened with all the passengers of the trucks and everybody waited with anticipation.

The silence was broken by the person on the catwalk. Her voice echoed throughout the hangar:

"Welcome, males of Louisa City. I am Lana Silver, Commander of the 2nd. Aggression Suppresive Division, and the headmistress of the Male Registration and Rehabilitation Center of Lavender region. In a few hours you will become the proud registered males of our great nation, if you aren't already, and in the following few weeks we will do everything to overcome your dreadful genetic heritage, and to make a usefull citizen out of you. I know it has been hard to live your life as a male, but after this, you will be welcomed amongst our great citizens as equals and not as a potential threat. Now follow your lead officers and take a step towards your new life!"

After the speech Mona turned to the boys:

-Ok, boysies. We will accomodate you now. Follow me!

The convoy of boys started following Mona who lead them through countless corridors. The corridors were plain: they only contained lights wooden doors and sometimes ventillation shafts. The journey through the complex took about ten minutes including the occasional trippings and falls thanks to the chains on the boys legs. After the boring tour the group reached it's destination: A door labeled "Accomodation | A3". Mona lead the guys in and stopped them at about the 5th. door.

-Ok Alexander Sheridan, Tyler Kovacs. This will be your room. - Said Mona and took out a security card which she pulled down on the card reader next to the door. - Get in!

Alexander entered the room with his new roommate, and was pleasantly surprised by the room itself: instead of a cold prison cell with two iron framed beds and a toalet covered with piss and whatnot, the room had two wooden beds with seemingly comfy mattresses - Alexander couldn't help but notice that the beds themselves also had a pair of leather straps at both ends of the bed for obvious purposes - and heating.In one of the corners was a table with two wooden chairs probably for eating. Part of the room was separated by a wall and with only a door leading into it with a label reading "bathroom".

-Wait for the Registration officer here. The others: follow me. - Said Mona and closed the door behind the boys.

The two chained up boys looked at eachother with an easily recognizeable "Now what?" look.

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Re: Stories from the slavehouse - Alexander (F/M)

Postby Wolfling » Fri Feb 10, 2017 6:13 am

Hey there! Here comes the next part. This will be a little boring for those who are here for pure rope-action but i hope you will like it.


-Jacob Niles, Stuart Kramer, Here's your room. Get in and wait for the registration officer here! - Repeated Mona for the hundredth time that day as she slid down her card in the reader and the last two prisoners entered their room. At last she was free from her duties, at least for a while. As she was about to leave, and head for her room, an anouncment could be heard:

-Mona Silver, please report to the commander. I repeat: Mona Silver is expected in the commander's office.

-Oh, damn it. - Mona frowned and started her trip through the complex. She backtracked the corridor, she was leading the new "residents" through a few minutes earlier. As she left the accomodation wing, she took a right turn leading into another corridor and continued her trip pondering: "What does she want again?". On her way she passed a door with the label "Gymnastics". A huge window followed the door, granting a view on what was going on inside: Currently a dozen boys were doing push ups under the supervision of their fitness instructor. The boy's hands were strapped to horizontal metalic bars that stood on their respective ends which were bent in 90 degrees. They were also ballgagged so that they couldn't disturb the others in their exercise. Two guards watched over the process, keeping them from causing trouble (for their own good, of course). Mona didn't even care to take a look at the forced P.E. class. For her this was everyday sight here.

Past the room came an intersectionwith another corridor Mona took a left turn heading towards the stairs at the end of the new corridor. Suddenly a girl in her 30s descended said stairs with a guard on her side. The girl looked gorgeus as always: her long red hair hanged down on her upper back, she had brown eyes and a pretty face. she wore a pair of dark green pants, and a white coat, which covered her body from her upper thighs right up to her head including her neck. The nametag on her left read "Smith".

-Hello Natalie. - Greeted mona the girl as they got closer.
-Hello Mona. Everything went okay? - Asked Natalie.
-Yeah, Pretty well. Going to register the fresh meat?
-Yes. Hope you brought some handsome boys... - Said Natalie smiling.
-There are a few good ones. Now don't let me keep you up. Good work.

After the short discussion Mona climbed the stairs. A few moments later, after passing the second floor "Reeducation | R0" she arrived at the third floor, where a boy watched by another guard was repainting the label saying "Administration and Command | AC0". The boy was quite loosely restrained for Mona's liking: he only wore a pair of legcuffs, however she wasn't in the mood to tell off the guard, instead she went on. Less than a minute later she was standing right in front of the freshly polished wooden door. Next to the door a label said "Commander Lana Silver". Mona entered the door to see Lana in her natural habitat:
She was sitting behind her desk, in her uniform - which almost became a second skin to her, as virtually no one has ever seen her without it since her promotion. - bookshelves stood to the left of the desk, which were loaded beyond their weight capacity. It was a miracle in itself they didn't collapse this far. They held all kinds of books about the history of warfare, strategic manuals, military manuals, psyhology, history of slavery and more. To the right next to the wall stood the man-sized mirror, Lana's second most used furniture after her trusty desk. The only slightly off-puting, but not at all unbelievable thing that Mona noticed was a tied up boy kneeling right next to Lana. His hands were securely cuffed together with a pair of leather cuffs, which were only held together by a padlock, which also connected them to a short chain, which in turn was attached to the closest leg of the desk with another padlock. His mouth was covered by a leather panel gag. The boy looked at Mona as she entered. Following the boys look Lana also looked towards the newcommer:

-Hey, sis! - Greeted Lana cheerfully - How did the harvest go?
-Hello Lana. Kinda good we had just a few incidents.
-Really? - Asked Lana while gesturing to her slave, who obediently leant forward so Lana could put her feet on his back. - Tell me!
-Well there was that guy who tried to bite Lisa while she gagged him, then got tased. Another guy tried to ram us. But the most hilarious was the guy who jumped out of his window in just his boxers, then tried to run away from us. We were chasing him through the whole neighborhood. Just imagine the faces of all the people who saw him running away. - At this point both of them burst out in laughter, even the boy chuckled beneath his gag.

After they calmed down Lana continued:
-Ok, then please fill the paperwork by midnight.
-What? Couldn't it wait till tomorrow?
-We have to keep everything organized that's how this works, and the papers are a neccesary mean...
-Bullshit! No one will ever read those, not in the following five years at least. Anyways it will take hours for the registering team to finish their job, so even if i wanted to do it right away, i surely wouldn't finish by midnight.
-But you will do it anyway like it, or not! Don't forget who is the commander in charge here!
-Yeah,yeah "The commander in charge because she was here two months earlier.", Will you stop acting like you were the older sister not me?
-Will you stop with this "two months earlier" bullshit? there's a reason i am the commander and not you.
-Yeah and it involves lots of buttholes and your tongue.
-Enough! Get out of here and do not show your face until you have done your work or you will get detention for a month! The only reason i am not doing it anyways is because we are related. Now go!
-With pleasure. - Frowned Mona and left the office.

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Re: Stories from the slavehouse - Alexander (F/M)

Postby Wolfling » Thu Feb 16, 2017 1:28 pm

Hello guys! Here comes another misadventure from the slavehouse :quirk: Also to make this more interesting i will leave a little choice for you on how the next chapter should go on.


Alexander and Tyler were sitting on one of the beds - If they must wait, at least wait comfortably - still in their bonds. Since both of them were gagged there wasn't much discussion going on, except occasional groans of discomfort. The boys were already past the point of trying to get free: so far all effort they put into breaking their bonds was futile. "The Registration officer sure takes her time to get here" - thought Alexander, at the very same second the door opened and a girl namely Natalie the registration officer came in followed by a guard who was carrying a purse sized bag with her.

-Well, hello boys! I will be your guide today. - Said Natalie.
-MMMpphh! - Came the reply from both boys while they jumped up from the bed.
-Ok. Have any of you been already registered?
-MMhhmm. - Replied Tyler while showing the tattoo on his arm.
-Great. Eva separate the guys, would you?
-Yes, Ma'am! - Replied the guard.

Eva stepped closer to the boys and produced a key from her pocket which she used to detach the chain connecting the boys collars. After that she took a leash out of her bag and attached it to the D-ring on Alexanders collar. Finally she lead the leashed boy to the officer.

-Great! Please tend to the other guy then come after us. - Said Natalie smiling. Alexander couldn't help but found her smile somewhat unsettling.
-Yes, Ma'am! - Replied the guard again. Alexander started to wonder if these girls could even say anything else.

Natalie lead Alexander out of the room then towards the door which lead out of the accomodation wing. After exiting the door they took a left turn and entered a door labeled "Medical | M3". The door lead to another corridor with lots of doors on both sides. Natalie took Alexander to the first door on the right and opened it up. Alexander was set back by the sight before him: The room was quite big, by the walls medical cabinets took place, They weren't there for medical purposes though: as far as alexander could see through the glass they were filled with straps, straightjackets, all kind of bite gags, panel gags, ring gags, and other restraining tools.
Just left of the door was a desk with a computer. What bothered Alexander the most was the chair that took place in the middle of the room: It looked like an everyday dentist's chair but was a little bit different, as it had multiple straps on it, probably to restrain whoever sits in it. next to the chair was an unmistakable tattoo-machine which made it obvious for Alexander, that he will get to enjoy the chairs comfort in a few moments.
Natalie and Alexander weren't the only ones in the room: two brown haired, low height girls in white jackets and a guard were also there.

-Mia please strap in our guest! - Said Natalie.
-Yes Ma'am!

The guard took the leash from Natalie and lead Alexander to the chair. After removing his handcuffs, she pushed him in the chair and started strapping his left wrist to he left arm of the chair. She repeated the process with his right wrist then with another strap she secured his chest to the back of the chair. She took the chain joining his legcuffs and attached it with a padlock to a little D-ring at his legs. After making him almost inmobile the guard loosened the strap on the ballgag and took out the ball part from Alexander's mouth, for his greatest relief.

-You will only speak if asked! Understood? - Said the guard.
-Yes. - Answered Alexander.

Natalie sit down at the desk and booted up the computer. A few silent seconds later she was already browsing a database of some kind.

-Ok boy. What's your name? - she asked.
-Alexander Sheridan.
-Great! Place of birth?
-Louisa City.
-Ok. Date of Birth?
-20th of June, 2020.
-Ah, you are one of those! Most of our guests are late harvests. Happy Birthday!
-Thank you. - Answered Alexander not even caring to sound honest.

The questioning took a few minutes, among Alexander's other credentials, such seemingly unimportant questions came up like the occupation of his father, his past friends, and others. Of course an interrogation like this couldn't go down without digging into the person's criminal history, which they did with the help of the computer as well. Alexander was surprised how they fund even that one time, when he crossed the road in a zone, he shouldn't have and got fined for 5 bucks.

-Great. All that remains is the painful part. - Said Natalie - At least for you. Mia the gag, please! Tamara You can proceed!
-Wait! Can't we just skip this? I... i mean... - Alexander tried to beg but was interrupted by a slap from the guard. Who then inserted the ball back in it's place and tightened the straps.

The other girl named Tamara leapt next to the chair and dropped a piece of paper into Alexander's lap. The paper was handwritten and contained the following:

Alexander Sheridan
Louisa City

It must be a draft for the tatto thought Alexander, when the machine was put to life. Tamara took a pair of rubber gloves and applied disinfectant to Alexander's upper arm. He looked in her green eyes with the look of a puppy, trying to wake her sympathy, but this couldn't save him:

-Sorry! You are cute, but i have to do this. - And with that she got started with the procedure.

The process itself wasn't that bad as he thought at first. He coped well with getting a tattoo, altough he let out some loud shouts, which were dampened by the ballgag in his mouth. This went on for an eternity and one minute, from Alexander's point of view, but soon the machine stopped and the pain was partially gone. The guard came and unstrapped him. Alexander's first instinct was to jump out of the damned chair, and get as far as he could, but the guard jumped after him and tackled him followed by a few punches. After Alexander finished struggling the guard handcuffed him again.

-Well i hoped it will go smoother than this. - Commented Natalie.

At this moment Eva entered the room.

-Did i miss the show? - She asked.
-You took your time, that's for sure. Now Bring him back to his room and bring the next one.
-Yes Ma'am!

As Mia helped Alexander standing up, Eva leapt closer and grabbed the leash connected to his collar. She led out the worn out boy the room and back to the accomodation wing. They stopped right in front of the room.

-Will you stay put if i uncuff you? - Eva asked.

Alexander just noded his head. He surely had enough punching today. Eva did as she said and removed the handcuffs and legcuffs from Alexander, who then removed his ballgag himself.

-Thank you. - He added.
-You don't have to, i will need your restraints.
-Be so kind and help your roomie! - Eva said as she opened the door.
-What? - Asked Alexander, then heard a moaning sound coming from the inside.
-Just go!

Alexander entered his room and for his greatest surprise he found Tyler strapped down to his bed.

-Have gun! Bye. - With that Eva closed the door behind him.

Alexander leapt closer to the bed and inspected Tyler's bonds. It was clear from the beginning that he was strapped to the bed, in spread-eagle pose with the bed's own straps. A knotted cloth served as a makeshift ballgag in his mouth, he produced inaudible grunts and moans, while another cloth was used as a blindfold. After a little more inspection Alexander discovered the reason behind the sounds: Tyler had a bulge on Tyler's pants and a quiet buzzing sound could be heard as well. So that's what she meant... - Thought Alexander and reached towards Tylers left hand to untie him but stopped midway...


So what would you do if you were in Alexander's place:
-Be a good roommate and release Tyler immedeatly
-Or have a little fun with him before that.

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Re: Stories from the slavehouse - Alexander (F/M)

Postby randomboy18 » Fri Feb 17, 2017 10:09 am

I would free him because i hope he isn't allowed to do it so he gets punished

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Re: Stories from the slavehouse - Alexander (F/M)

Postby radar_love » Fri Feb 17, 2017 11:32 am

Great story, reminds me of a Sci-Fi book called 'Who Needs Men'?'.

I might be tempeted to have some fun with him!
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Re: Stories from the slavehouse - Alexander (F/M)

Postby » Thu Feb 23, 2017 10:19 am

Liking this so far

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Re: Stories from the slavehouse - Alexander (F/M)

Postby Wolfling » Fri Feb 24, 2017 11:26 am

Thanks for the feedback all of you! :) this week i've gone a little lazy but i will carry on as soon as i can.

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