Wanting to be kidnapped.

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Wanting to be kidnapped.

Postby Tied_boy » Sat Nov 25, 2017 11:20 am

I am home alone at my house. It's night, I just took a shower, and am dressed in a tight red t shirt, white basketball shorts, with grey boxers underneath.

I want to be handgagged at least once, choice of gag is up to you, choice of restraints is up to you. You can keep me at the house or take me away, up to you, but how do you get me out without anyone noticing?
I'm a screamer :wink:

Also you don't have to but i really get turned on by bondage and might pitch a tent in my shorts (maybe you could play with it).

Can't wait to see the responses.
I'd love to talk bondage with people, even do roleplay. PM me anytime. :mrgreen:

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