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Getting Out Of The Way - (M/F)

Posted: Wed Jun 15, 2011 8:12 am
by katybound
Hello! Um, well I'm Katy. I live in the UK, just outside London. I'm 14, nearly 5'1 and I have three brothers. I have chocolate brown hair which reaches my waist and blue eyes. My brother Austin is 18, Danny is 16 and Thomas is 10.

If you were wondering what Austin and Danny look like, Austin actually looks like Austin from Make It or Break It (ABC Family) and Danny looks a bit like Danny from Life of Riley (BBC ONE). Weird but oh well.

Well, I'll just get on with the story then. This happened a couple of months ago but it wasn't the first time I'd been tied up.


I was in the living room, playing on the X Box. My mum, dad and my little brother Thomas were out so it was just me, Danny and Austin at home, for the rest of the day. Danny's mate was coming over in a bit, and Austin was doing revison.

I heard someone coming up behind me and Danny launched himself over the coach, landing right beside me.

"Oi, get off the X Box, Kay," Danny said, nudging me so I lost the game. I groaned at him and shoved him back.

"No. You and your mate can go do something else for a change, so shove off." I argued with him, about to restart my game.

"Kay, seriously, move. Sam'll be here in a bit and I don't want my annoying little sister hanging around with us," he said.

"Who said I'd be hanging around with you guys. Just go in your room or something, I don't know. Look at pictures of half-naked girls? Or do whatever you two do."

"Get off. Trust me, you will move anyway. Why not take the easy route out?" Danny teases. I put the controller down and faced him, staring him right back in the eyes.

"Bring it bro." I smirked.

"You asked for it Kay." he warns before wrestling me off the coach and onto the floor. He sat on top of me and grabbed both of my wrists in his hands.

"Give up yet?" he asked me.

"Not a chance." I said firmly.

"Your funeral," he shrugs, then restraining my hands in one of his, he starts to tickle me. And damn I'm ticklish. He lifts my vest top up slightly and tickles the my sides where I'm particularly sensitive. I immediately squealed and shrieked, not being able to stop.

After a few mintutes of torture, that felt like hours, he stopped and left me panting for breath. I heard footsteps running down the stairs, towards us.

"Where's the murderer?" Austin half-shouts coming down with a baseball bat.

Then he notices Danny sitting on top of me and just laughs. "Just try not to kill her mate." he advises, walking back upstairs.

"You know you could help me!" I shouted up at him as he left.

Danny pulled me up on my feet, putting me in a headlock and messing up my hair, earning another yell from me.

He shoves me over his shoulder in a firemans lift, carrying me up the stairs. I try and at least fight him a little, whacking him on the back and screaming loudly so by the time we get to his room, he must have an earache.

Danny pushes me down on his bed, back up. He reaches under his bed and quickly pulls out some cotton rope. I shriek and struggle louder, but his knee on my back stops me from moving.

"Hey, you asked for it Katy, now deal with the consequences." he teases.

He grabs my wrists and crosses them behind my back, wrapping the rope around them. Danny wraps the rope round a couple of times, cinches it and then ties it off, careful to leave the knots out of my reach.

I struggle as hard as I can but I can't get free. The ropes are tight, but not too tight to stop my circulation.

Danny repeats the motion with my ankles, knees and thighs, and soon I can't even move my legs. I'm quite flexible so he knows that my elbows touch easily. Taking advantage of that fact, he ties them together as well. With one last rope, he secures my arms and wrists to the rest of my body, so I pretty much can't move at all.

He turns me over on my back and I shout at him. "DAMN YOU DANNY!"

He just laughs and takes of one of his ankle socks. He fists it into a ball and shoves it into my mouth half-way through a shriek. I mmph angrily as he tears of a few strips of duct tape, taping my mouth shut, so I can barely make a sound.

"That's better," he smirks, and starts to tickle me again, ending up with me squirming all over the place.Just when I honestly think I'm going to collapse from laughing and there are tears running down my cheeks, he stops to check his texts.

"Okay, so Sam is going to be here in a few minutes, and I have the perfect idea," he muses, taking the opportunity to tickle my feet once more.

He grabs a few things I can't see and hoists me over his shoulder again, up the next flight of stairs and onto the landing. I notice we're in front of the laundry cupboard and I start to scream and thrash about as much as I can, though it does no good.

Danny opens the door and shoves me inside. There is a long cold metal pole in the smallish cupboard and he stand me up against it.

He then duct tapes several times around my ankles, knees, thighs, hips, waist, ribs and my arms. I am well and truly secured to the pole and unable to move.

Just to annoy me even more, he puts his earphones in my ears and then to finish, he wraps his scarf around my eyes, blindfolding me.

I hear him shut the door and notice the loud click of the the bolt sliding across. Damn, now I'm definitely trapped.

Then loud heavy metal music starts to blast through my ears and I groan loudly. Now I was screwed.


So! What did you think? Feedback and constructive critism would be very welocme!
xoxo :)

Re: Getting Out Of The Way - (M/F)

Posted: Wed Jun 15, 2011 9:27 am
by canuck100
Very good story, thanks for posting it! Curious to find out what happens next...

Re: Getting Out Of The Way - (M/F)

Posted: Wed Jun 15, 2011 9:29 am
by katybound
Thankyou! You'll just have to wait and see.. :)

Re: Getting Out Of The Way - (M/F)

Posted: Wed Jun 15, 2011 12:38 pm
by sarumansauron
Great story! Thanks!

Re: Getting Out Of The Way - (M/F)

Posted: Wed Jun 15, 2011 2:18 pm
by whatever747747
Good story, will be reading!

Re: Getting Out Of The Way - (M/F)

Posted: Wed Jun 15, 2011 3:06 pm
by lucy the gymnast
Please continue your stories that was lovely and actually how long did he leave u in there??

Lucy the Gymnast

Re: Getting Out Of The Way - (M/F)

Posted: Thu Jun 16, 2011 8:41 am
by katybound
Thanks everybody!

Uh, I think I was there for a couple of hours or so, well at least until Sam left.

Basically all that happened next was that Austin came in to check on my after a while, but just left me there :l what lovely brothers I have!

Re: Getting Out Of The Way - (M/F)

Posted: Thu Jun 16, 2011 10:46 am
by lucy the gymnast
Did he ever do it to you again??

Re: Getting Out Of The Way - (M/F)

Posted: Thu Jun 16, 2011 10:51 am
by katybound
Yeah, I've had quite a few experiences with both of my brothers and I should post them soonish ;)

Re: Getting Out Of The Way - (M/F)

Posted: Fri Jun 17, 2011 4:50 am
by Tom Ford
Great story, katybound!!

I wonder, how long were you taped to that pole, and how long were you tied up before being freed?

Anyway, looking forward to reading more of your stories!!!!!

Re: Getting Out Of The Way - (M/F)

Posted: Fri Jun 17, 2011 10:15 am
by katybound

I must have been there for a couple of hours :)

Re: Getting Out Of The Way - (M/F)

Posted: Sun Jun 19, 2011 8:15 pm
by hafnermg
I definitely would like to here more of your adventures with your brothers!!

Re: Getting Out Of The Way - (M/F)

Posted: Mon Jun 20, 2011 7:42 am
by SamanthaBoundx
Great first story! I can't wait to hear what other experiences you have to share :)



Re: Getting Out Of The Way - (M/F)

Posted: Tue Jun 21, 2011 1:23 pm
by katybound
Thankyou hafnermg and Sam!
My next post should be up soon! :D


Re: Getting Out Of The Way - (M/F)

Posted: Tue Jun 21, 2011 3:24 pm
by ana-tie91
oh that's really cool story! i hoped if i had brothers like urs :(

Re: Getting Out Of The Way - (M/F)

Posted: Wed Jun 22, 2011 8:11 am
by katybound
hah thankyou! &believe me they're annoying too://

Re: Getting Out Of The Way - (M/F)

Posted: Thu Nov 09, 2017 8:27 am
by cleavegagger
What a wonderfull brothers You have. Nice story