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Harry and Louis

Posted: Mon Feb 11, 2013 9:54 am
by mrtrident178
The smell of something amazing was what woke me up and I knew my lovely boyfriend was making me breakfast. As I opened my eyes, I realized I couldn't see and for that matter, move.
The bedroom door opens soon after
Yes Love?
Why am I blindfolded and tied naked spread eagle to the bed? Let me out!
Afraid I can't do that love. Remember about a month ago when you said you wanted to try bondage? Well I'm kind of quite the expert so I being the great boyfriend that I am decided to show you how bondage works for the day.
Sorry Hun but nope. Now I’ll be back after I eat my breakfast so try to keep it down would you? I wouldn't want to gag you.
WHAT!? Do I at least get some food?
Oh you know I would have made you some but you seem to be a bit tied up at the moment.
Cheeky bastard.

(An hour and a half later)

So how is my favorite captive doing?
Fine if you would let me go?
Oh but babe we haven’t even had any fun yet. Don't you want to have some fun first?
What kind of fun?
This kind, Harry says as he slowly starts to pump Louis's member as the first of many Louis’s moans escapes him.
Ha-Harry le-let me g-go!
Shush Louis, you are too stressed. Let me relieve some of that tension. Harry says as he begins to pump faster and Louis starts to thrust with him.
That’s it baby, cum for me.
Louis soon explodes all over Harry’s hand.
Ok I will admit that was kind of fun, now will you please let me go?
Oh Louis I wish I could but I said it would be for the whole day. I have to run a few errands though and it's going to take a while but don't worry I got something to keep you entertained.
What are you doing? Louis says as a ball gag is being placed in his mouth and a cock ring is being placed very tightly on his now hard member.
Harry was going to let those muffled swears that Louis was cussing at him pass for now considering what he had in store for Louis was punish enough.
Sorry babe but I don't want the neighbors getting freaked out by your screaming and I also don't want you to come while I’m gone.
Louis looked scared and was even more scared that he didn't know what harry was about to do since he was still blindfolded.
Just then something began to penetrate his ass over and over and he began to moan from pain and pleasure.
This machine here should keep you busy and hard while I'm gone. And remember babe that I have the remote that can change the speed setting at any time. Alright well I'm off, have fun harry says and chuckles as he closes the front door.
Louis moaned and squirmed to try and break free of his bonds that were making him go through this sexual torture but it was no use as the binds were to good and he was distracted by what was going on at his bottom region. He thought back to his conversation he had last week to harry
(Last week)
Hey Louis come quick your favorite scene from the movie is coming up.
Oh the part where the robber gets tied up?
Yeah that part. Why is this your favorite scene anyways?
Because he is tied up and can’t escape and just has to let what happens to him happen and it interests me.
So you like bondage then?
I mean I don’t know, maybe but I’ve never really tried it but I would be up to it I guess.
Boy did Louis regret that conversation now.

Across town Harry was sipping tea with Liam and every few minutes reaching into his pocket to change the speed from faster to slower to faster again.
So where is Louis today?
Oh he couldn’t make it man, he’s at home a bit tied up with things.
Harry, he’s not actually tied up is he because that what that means whenever someone says that.
Maybe. Harry says with a smirk.
Harry, why is Louis at home tied up?
Because last week he said he wanted to try bondage and I decided to show him what it was like.
Alright as long as he isn’t being hurt then you to freaks have fun.
Hey don’t call a freak when I once walked in on you and Niall and Niall was wearing a leash, dog ears, and tail butt plug.
Ok point taken, where all a bunch of messed up kinky freaks.
That we are. Hey speaking of the little Irish fellow, Where is Niall?
Oh he’s at home locked in his dog cage since he was being such a bad boy today.
Liam and harry both burst out laughing about how messed up they were while at the same time deciding to let their boyfriends suffer a little while longer.
Across town Louis was still rock hard and in so much pain due to the fact that he couldn't come because of the cock ring.

(4 hours later)

Babe I'm back, did you have fun? Harry says as he turns off the machine with the plug still in Louis ass.
I'll take that as a yes harry say as he takes the plug out and the ring off.
Now since you were such a good boy while I was gone, why don't I give you a little treat?
Louis nods fast desperate for relief and shortly after, he and harry both had it.
See wasn't that fun? Harry asks as he takes the gag out.
Yes but I'm going to kill you for leaving me like that when I get out.
Oh really well then I guess I won't let you out yet.
Harry! No let me out please!?
Oh I got some more ideas. Harry says as he pushes the plug machine back into place and turns it on surprising Louis.
Harry no I just came!
And you will come again and again babe because I'm leaving you like this all night.
What!? NO!
But Louis was soon distracted with his third release of the night and with the machine still drilling him, a soon to be fourth and fifth and twelfth time and so on and so on.
Good night Louis. Harry says as he shuts the door to go sleep in the guest room.
Louis's soul thought as he came for the umpteenth time that night was that he was going to get revenge on his hot boyfriend.

Re: Harry and Louis

Posted: Tue Feb 12, 2013 11:59 pm
by tiednw
Lovely story!

Maybe at one point Liam and Niall can join Harry and Louis in the fun?

Re: Harry and Louis

Posted: Wed Feb 13, 2013 2:53 am
by mrtrident178
Thats a cool thought. I don't know really. I just sort of wrote this out for fun after reading so many stories on here and deciding I wanted to try it. It would be cool though as like a series so maybe I will.

Re: Harry and Louis

Posted: Wed Feb 13, 2013 2:36 pm
by mikeybound
Wow :mouthopen:

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Posted: Sat Feb 16, 2013 8:51 am
by mrtrident178
I hope that is a good wow

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Posted: Sat Feb 16, 2013 8:40 pm
by mikeybound
Of course!

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Posted: Tue Feb 19, 2013 12:36 am
by mrtrident178
[*]Here is part 2.[*]

Harry Came back in around 4 am to turn of fthe plug as Louis came for the 14th time that night.
Louis who was nothing but happy to see harry for the sole reason that his torture would soon
stop was confused as to why as soon as the butt plus was taken out, a ball gag went in.
"Shh Louis, I just don't want you to make anymore noise. The niebors already called once.
You see I was going to untie you now but I see that you had such a nice time with that plug
that I decided to give you an entire weekend of bondage. Don't worry about me running out
of things to do either because our good old friend Liam let me borrow some fun toys you can try out tomorrow.
SO get some rest babe because your going to need it," Harry says as he leaves the room.

Louis was just so freaked out and scared by this that he couldn't form a single word and he couldn't say anything even if he wanted to. So he decided that it was best to just get some rest now and dream of one day having his revenge.

When Louis woke up he was no longer tied up but along with still wear the ball gag, he was wearing some new items of clothing. His hands were mitted to look like paws so he ha no use of his hands, he was wearing a leashed that was attached to a collar around his neck that said HARRY'S BOYFRIEND/SLAVE, Dog ears, and a tail butt plus. How harry got the plug in without waking him up he would never know. Even though his body was free his hand were still padlocked in the mits and with no chance of getting them off, he was still very mutch tied up.

"Ah so your awake. What do you think of your puppy costume? Because this is how your going to stay the rest of this weekend whether you like it or not or there will be punishment, got it?" Louis knew what Harry did for sexual fun and he certainly didnt want to find out harry's idea of punishment so he nodded his head quickly. "Good, Now come with me puppy," Harry says as he grabs Louis's leash and starts to lead him around the house with him on all fours. "You see Liam and Niall are very much into this so I thought why not try it. "During the weekend you will not be aloud to eat at the table so you will be eating out of those food bowls I got you. I also go you a nice new cage to sleep in since beds are not for puppies. Here why don't you try it out."

Louis did not like the fact that he would be sleeping in a cage for the next two nights and he liked it even less when he was put in it.

"You see you look like a good little puppy in there," Harry said as he put on the pad lock. " Now I'm going to take a shower since Liam and Niall are coming over in a hour and Im afraid you are going to have to stay here but don't worry because I wouldn't be a good owner if I left my pup without something to preoccupy him with would I?" Just as harry said that his tail began to vibrate and he knew he was in deep trouble when his boyfriend was leaving him again with a tail butt plug that was also a vibrator turned on in his ass. "Hey don't look so scared baby it's only me," Harry says as he pats Louis's head like a dog through the cage. "Good boy, just take it like a man for me baby and remember that I love you," Harry says as he walks away to take his shower.

Man Louis was in deep shit and then something clicked, Liam and Niall where coming over in an hour.......

Part 3????

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Posted: Tue Feb 19, 2013 10:00 am
by tiednw
Awesome! The two dog-slaves can play together and be owned by their masters!

Re: Harry and Louis

Posted: Tue Feb 19, 2013 11:02 am
by mrtrident178
Now thats an idea^

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Posted: Sat Mar 02, 2013 7:42 pm
by Ossassin
This could go very badly for Harry if Louis gets out

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Posted: Fri Mar 15, 2013 12:20 pm
by mrtrident178
Thats later on maybe.

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Posted: Thu Apr 18, 2013 8:30 pm
by mrtrident178
Part three. Sorry it took so long

Louis could hear Harry in the shower and he knew it was his time to act. He struggled for about about ten minutes confident with the fact that Harry takes 45 minute showers. After about 25 min he broke free from one of the mitts and he used a lot of his energy to pull the other one off which was NOT easy. The next thing he did was take the plug, blindfold, gag, and leash off. He would have taken the collar off but it was padlocked on and he wasn't going to try and break it off while it was around his throat. Louis was now faced with the problem that he was still locked in a cage. He quickly looked around and found the tool box they were to lazy to put away last week after they hung up a painting. The problem was it was 6 feet away and the cage was bolted to the ground. Louis looked around and found his leash which he used to hook the tool box and he used the hammer in the box to break off the pad lock on the cage.

Now Louis was free and had five minutes to figure out what to do with Harry. Louis being older then Harry knew how to over power him so when Harry came out of the shower with a towel around his waist, he was surprised to see Louis take him down. Louis who was an expert at knots since he would play tie games with his cousins when he was younger and tied Harrys hands to his waist like a prisoner transport belt made out of rope.
Louis? How did you get out? LET ME GO!
No way princess. Now lets make you look like a doggy for Liam and Niall.
No I'm the one who is supposteed to be in control, you can't!
Oh babe don't be sad, just take it like a man for me.

Louis then procedded to kiss harry on the lips and then put the ball gag in his mouth. Louis turned harry into a dog with the tail, ears, and everything in 2 minutes flat. The only thing missing was the collar which he had managed to fing the key, take it off, and put it back on harrys neck even though it said Harrys BOYFRIEND/SLAVE, it would due untill he could get one made. He then proceeded to put Harry in the cage and he pad locked it with new pad locks and he took away the tool box.

10 minutes later the doorbell rang and Louis went to get it. Sure enough at the door was Liam in a sexy military costume and Niall in a dog costume nealing on the ground.
Louis? But I thought you were the one tied up
I was. I was tied up against my will by my idiot boyfriend so I got out and decided to make him pay.
You mean you wern't doing this for fun? Harry said you wanted this. Not that it would have matterd I wouldn't have cared if it was against your will or not but Harry lied to me so I want revenge.
I'll be glad to help but what about Niall?
I'll just give him a chew toy to play with and tie him to the bed and he should be fine. Btw could you give me a hand with Zayn?
Zayn? What do you mean?
Zayn found out about or games and was making fun of us so I decided to teach him a leason and now hes in the trunk.
Sure I can.

2 minutes later at the car

Liam, you mummified him?
Yup and I put a vibrator on full blast in him before hand so when he gets out he won't be to happy. Lets get him inside.

Now with Zayn in the guest room and out of the way Liam went to get Niall so he and Louis could train the two pups. Louis went and got Harry out of the cage and took off his gag making sure the vibrator was still going.

So how do you feel/
Try again.
Please let me out babe?
Oh baby nope I want revenge and from now on no more talking

Liam came back out with Niall and a riding crop that he handed to Louis to train Harry.

Now everytime he doesn't do something you want smack him.
Alright sounds fun

After about 20 smacks to Harrys bum, he was finally getting the idea and going along with it. Louis had Harry begging, rolling over, sucking off, and ect. Niall on the other hand was always the perfect little pup.

What do you say we turn both there tails on high, put them in the cage and go have some kinky fun of our own?
Why Liam you have such great ideas, let do that.

20 minutes later and 2 puppies taken care of Liam who was smacking the riding crop in his hand had a very happy looking Louis tied down infront of him but thats just the beginning.

Part 4?............

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Posted: Fri Apr 19, 2013 11:21 pm
by NemesisPrime
I do agree! I would LOVE to be part of this group of pals!

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Posted: Thu May 23, 2013 1:23 am
by tiednw
Where is part 4? ;)

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Posted: Mon May 27, 2013 8:11 pm
by mrtrident178
Part 4! Sorry real life got in the way for awhile. excuse spelling mistakes.

3 hours after part 3
Mind letting me out now Liam?
Ya sure.
As Liam finished taking the ropes off Louis he had a thought.
Hey Liam how long have you had Zayn tied up with the Vib on?
Oh Crap 8 hours!
Two minutes later in the guest room
Ok Zayn will untapped your mouth but that's it right now so don't act up OK?
Zayn nods so Liam takes the tape off
How's that?
Plea....sseee tuuurr.nnn itttt offff I've cum 14 times and I'm dry shooting now.
Alright for now.
Please let me go
I don't know from what Liam told me you were being pretty mean
I know I'm sorry!!! I take it back please forgive me.
Sound's good apology accepted.
Liam and Louis turned to Leave
I thought you forgave me why aren't you untying me?
I did forgive you Zayn that's why I'm keeping the vib off. Don't worry we will be back to have fun later man.

Louis now dressed in a sexy leather military outfit with a matching cap along side Liam in a matching outfit is Standing over Harry who he took out of the cage with his penis in front of Harry.
Suck it Harry
Harry looked hesitant but didn't want to be whipped again so he fallowed orders and sucked off Louis, Liam, Niall who was also still a puppy, and even Zayn who had passed out from being made to come a 15th time.
Louis decided to give Harry a whipping just for the hell of it.
Alright Harry I'm going to whip you now and I'm gonna whip you until Liam makes Niall come again which exactly what what Liam was working on the other side of the room.
Harry eventually passed out with a tear stained face with a final image of a content looking Niall across the floor before he lost consciousness.

I say we give them a brake and we go grab so food.
Ya that sounds good.
After putting both sleeping pups back in there cages with Blankets and pillows this time and checking on a also sleeping zayn, Liam and Louis decided to head out.
1 and a half later as there walking through the front door of the apartment and Liam grabs his whip from the counter and Louis and Handcuffs his hands behind his back.
I'm afraid you'r also going to be mine now Louis.
I'm fine with that as long as I'm still in control of Harry.
I'll agree to that. Now lets get you naked and put you in a vac bed for the night shall we?

Part 5? :bondage:

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Posted: Thu May 30, 2013 12:09 am
by tiednw
Nice chapter again!

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Posted: Sun Jun 02, 2013 6:07 pm
by Antonius97
As much as I loathe 1D, this is quite a good story. Do continue.

Re: Harry and Louis

Posted: Fri Jan 12, 2018 9:44 am
by mrtrident178
Now that I'm older I don't know how I feel about continuing this. Anyone still interested?

Re: Harry and Louis

Posted: Fri Jan 12, 2018 10:01 am
by xtc
You will only be able to write well if you're committed to it.
Perhaps you have an idea that is more suited to your current demeanour.

Re: Harry and Louis

Posted: Fri Jan 12, 2018 4:04 pm
by maleficents
I'm still interested. Please continue.

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Posted: Wed Jan 17, 2018 3:40 am
by bondagefreak
[quote="xtc"]You will only be able to write well if you're committed to it.
Perhaps you have an idea that is more suited to your current demeanour.[/quote]

Whatever you choose to write (whether continuing this or starting a new project), I'm sure I'll enjoy it.