The King of TUGs [M/M] - Concluded w/Epilogue

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The King of TUGs [M/M] - Concluded w/Epilogue

Postby chadmc90 » Wed May 21, 2014 8:49 pm

Hey guys!

Some of you may know me by my story, A Game of TUGs. For the past several days, I have been working on an alternate version of that story that does not include content from A Game of Thrones(the series it is inspired from). The King of TUGs contains no spoilers from that series, so readers that are afraid of spoiling themselves don't have to worry about that with this version.

Right now, the first 6 chapters are available at this web page. I will update it periodically with new chapters.

I also plan to post the revised story on this topic as well, hopefully as soon as it's available on the above webpage. I hope this helps those that have avoided my story due to the risk of spoilers.

Like with A Game of TUGs, feedback is greatly appreciated. It helps me as a writer more than you realize.

Notable changes:
Names: Many names have been altered mainly to their connection to Game of Thrones.
Storyline details: I also either removed or modified certain plot details due to their reference to Game of Thrones.
Error fixes: I am rereading the chapters as I revise. I am also correcting any errors due to spelling or grammar. I am also planning this for A Game of TUGs when it concludes.

Note: I DO NOT plan to stop A Game of TUGS. Once I finish revising this version to the current chapter of A Game of TUGS, I will update both with new chapters. Those that are reading A Game of TUGs don't have to worry about getting re-familiarized with the new names.

EDIT: ALL chapters up to 57 are now available. I will also post the updated side stories in this topic as well. This story will now update along with A Game of TUGs.

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Postby chadmc90 » Wed May 21, 2014 8:51 pm



“In a forest, where the light of the sky scarcely touches the ground, a conflict is brewing. In the imminent future, this forest will become a battleground to determine the true king. Friends will become enemies, brothers will betray one another, and boys will disregard morals to claim this title. It is a battle to determine the ultimate King of TUGS. ”

Brandon is a 13 year old boy that lives in Wastan, one of the 6 dominating countries on the Northern continent. He has three brothers, Rowan(16), John(14), and Russ(12). He cares for his brothers greatly, except for the times when he gets tied up by them during their TUGS games. He goes to the local middle school, which has just finished its year, and looks forward to the upcoming summer holidays. Sitting in the comfort of their living room, Brandon and his brothers are now thinking about how they want to spend their summer.

“So guys, I got a hold of this flyer the other day about a crazy competition. It says it is a TUG competition that involves teams of players. I think we should join!” said Rowan with eagerness.

“A TUG competition?” asked John.

“Yea. It is actually a competition that Robert is hosting. It is going to take place in the forested area behind his house, and the winner gets a huge reward.” Rowan explained.

“What kind of reward?” asked Brandon?

“The winner gets $5000!” said Rowan.

The other brothers looked at him with shock. “$5000?!” asked Brandon with amazement. “Who is your friend anyway?”

“As you know, Robert's father is now one of Wastan's ruling lords! He told me his parents gave him a large sum of money for his birthday, and he is using it to set up a huge TUG competition amongst his best friends.” said Rowan.

The boys thought it over for a moment. As Brandon thought, he had mixed feelings. “$5000? What kind of competition is this? I don’t know, but I have a bad feeling.” thought Brandon, pondering the idea of the competition.

Brandon always had a sixth sense about these things. If something bad was about to happen he could feel it. Brandon was definitely not a risk taker, unlike his older brother Rowan, but $5000?

“So what do you think guys?” asked Rowan.

“Is there anything else you know about the competition?” asked Brandon.

“Well apparently, it is going to involve roughly 5 to 7 teams. The goal of the competition is to capture all the other teams, and take the central area. In the central area, a lock that requires 7 keys will be placed on a door that leads to the throne room. Each team will be given a key to this lock. Each team is going to be broken up based on a couple things. 1. People who sign up together will be on the same team, with some exceptions. 2. People who come alone will be placed on a team at random. There is a limit on how many participates are allowed to enter. To make it fair, teams will be divided evenly. So if someone wants to be on one team, but that team is filled, he will be forced to join another.”

The boys listened to Rowan carefully, especially Brandon. “The forest area where the game is held is broken up into 6 sections. Each section will be the base of a single team. Each section will have a miniature fort that serves as the seat of the area. Teams will have to evade the area and attempt to capture each other.” Said Rowan.

The brothers thought about the competition some more.

“I don’t thin..” Brandon said before John interrupted him.

“I think it’s a great idea!”

Brandon looked at him. “Wait a second John. This could be dangerous!”

“But think about it! It’s $5000 dollars!” John replied.

“I know but what if someone not exactly in their right mind enters. If were captured, who knows what could happen!” Brandon shot back.

“You worry too much, bro!”

Rowan looked at both of them. “Brandon, look at me” said Rowan. “I wouldn't let you get into any danger. This is my best friend, Robert! He would not let anyone get hurt on his behalf. I would have not brought this up otherwise.”

Brandon thought about it again. Even though he still had a bad feeling about the competition, he decided to go, just for the sake of helping his brother. “Fine. I trust you, Rowan.” Brandon looked at his younger brother, who has not said a single word. But he didn't have to. Russ, like Brandon, also had his doubts, and it showed in his expression.

“Robert said he would go into more details later, after the registration is finalized.” Said Rowan.

Little did they know, things will be much worse than what Brandon is expecting.
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Chapter 1

Postby chadmc90 » Thu May 22, 2014 10:30 pm

Chapter 1: A Walk of Brothers

It has been 2 days since the last conversation with his brothers, and Brandon is anxiously awaiting his brothers to come from their rooms. It was around 6:30 in the morning, and the sun was already shining through the window. It was warm outside, typical of summer morning. As he sat on the couch, Brandon heard some footsteps coming down the hall. It was his brother Russ. Russ, like Brandon, was anxious about the tournament.

“Brandon, can we talk for a minute?” asked Russ.

“Sure. It will take a little longer for Rowan and John to get ready.”

“I’m really nervous about this tournament. What if something goes wrong? I’m not scared of being tied up, but what if we get tied up by the wrong people?” asked Russ.

Brandon knew that Russ had felt the same way about the tournament. I know , Russ. If you don’t want to compete, then don’t. Our brothers will not blame you for it.”

Russ looked at Brandon with concern. “But I don’t want any of us to go. I know how much it means to Rowan, but the thought of being tied up by total strangers scares me. Brandon, please don’t do this!” Russ asked, begging his older brother not to take part in the tournament.

“I don’t want to either, but I am not letting them do this on their own. Maybe I would if Ned was here, but since he isn’t I am going to be with them.” said Brandon.

Brandon wished his oldest Brother Ned was here. Ned had just turned 18, and had decided to join the Crown Marchers, the primary millitary forces of Wastan. Ned would never have let them do something like this, even for that huge sum of money. He was always looking out for his brothers, and would never let anything happen to them. As Brandon thought about Ned, he heard two sets of footsteps coming down the stairs. It was Rowan and John.

“Well guys, are you ready to go? Registration starts soon! We want to be the first ones there so we can register our teams!” said Rowan, excited about the prospect of the tournament.

“Yea guys, you’re not having second thoughts about the tournament are you?” asked John.

Brandon looked at Russ, expecting him to say something about not going, but to his surprise, Russ replied no. The four brothers had left their house, and headed to Robert’s mansion. Since none of them had a vehicle, they had to walk. It wasn’t very far away, and it also gave time for them to talk more about the competition.

“Robert had sent out the email this morning about the competition details. I printed it out for you guys to read over.” Richard handed his younger brothers the printed copy, and they began to read over them. The document reads as follows:


A Game of TUGS - Rules and Info
A Game of TUGS will be a competition that is held on the estate of Robert Bagley. The goal of the competition will be to retrieve one key from each team, and use it to open the door to the Wooden Throne. Inside the room, there will be one chair, including the throne, for each team registered. To win, tie each registered leader to the chairs, and have the team leader sit on the throne. The team who is able to get their leader on the throne and restrain all of the other leaders to the chairs around the throne wins the game.

As the game begins, each team is assigned a region that will serve as its headquarters. At the heart of each region will be a fortress that serves as the seat for the region. Inside will be a living area for five people (The leader and his “high advisers”). There will also be a conference room and a throne room for the leader. Underneath each fortress, however, there will be a dungeon, consisting of multiple cells for holding captives, and a torture area for interrogation (and fun, if you like). The first floor also has beds for the rest of the team.

The area will be monitored at all times to ensure safety and following of rules. If you are caught breaking any rules, security will intervene and take you out of the area and you and your team will be disqualified. Here are some general rules:

Each team member is assigned a headband with a team color. All participants must wear these at all times. Leader and Adviser headbands will be distinctively different, but the same rule applies.

Teams can change. If you want to join another team, then simply acquire one of their headbands. The only exception will be leader and adviser headbands. To become one of these, the team must overthrow their leader by any means, acquire the headband, and register a new leader at the terminal inside every fortress. The leader can also reappoint advisers as he sees fit.

BY NO MEANS, SHALL PARTICIPANTS BE ALLOWED TO CAUSE DEATH OR PERMANENT DAMAGE TO OTHER PARTICIPANTS. This has been already stated before, but it needs to be emphasized. There will be much aggression during the tournament, so it needs to be understood that at the first sign of this, security will intervene. You may punish your captors, but keep it within reason.

Weapons will be used to temporarily incapacitate your enemies. Examples of weapons will include paintball guns and tasers. Also bondage equipment, such as shackles, rope, handcuffs, etc., will be provided for every fortress.

The area will be monitored by cameras placed round the entire area. There will also be “scouts” observing the area on foot. It is STRICTLY forbidden to engage with these scouts. They will wear a special headband that is easily identifiable. If you spot one of them, simply ignore them. They are there for your safety. If they spot rule breaking, they will intervene, and will use absolute force to stop you. Don’t push your luck.

You may keep slaves (from captives or even your own team), but treat them within the bound of the rules. Give them proper rest and food. You may punish them as long as it is not life threatening. Make sure all captives have enough living space (don’t overcrowd).

When you capture a team, you keep them as slaves. To capture or dismiss a team, remove a leader’s headband and scan the bar code on it and the system will mark the team as defeated. Be aware that a team can escape their captivity and get reinstated.

A team may hold as many forts as possible. The leader of each team can appoint a vassal to lead the area in his place. It is recommended that leaders choose a trustful vassal.

Food and other supplies will be delivered to each fort by scouts each day. It will be enough to sustain you for a one whole day.

As for weaponry, there are limits. The main thing to remember is that ABSOLUTELY NO WEAPONS THAT HAVE THE POTENTIAL TO CAUSE DEATH OR PERMANENT DAMAGE WILL BE PERMITTED. For this reason, weapons will not be allowed past the entrance to the areas. “Safe” weapons will be placed inside each fortress for use. These rules will be strictly enforced.

Collecting resources: As mentioned above, food will be delivered each day to each fortress. But there will be other types of resources, such as timber for building things, scattered around the map. Each fortress is equipped with tools for constructing things out of wood. There will be other things scattered around, but the types will not be revealed. Also, a form of currency will be used. Each unit of this currency will be represented by a plastic coin (an example will be shown at the briefing). This can be used at the web store to purchase materials from Headquarters, which will be delivered to the fortress. You must present the correct amount to the deliverer at drop off.

Every participant is expected to stay the entire duration of the competition. There will be certain days you can leave, if you choose to do so. If you do, however, you will be disqualified from the tournament and will not be allowed to reenter the area. Participants will be allowed to resign from the tournament every other Saturday.

The winner will receive a prize worth at least $5000 at the conclusion of the tournament. If no team has claimed the Wooden Throne by the end of the summer, then it will be judged based on the performance of each team.

You are restricted to items you bring into the area. Only clothing items will be allowed inside the areas. No cell phones will be allowed.

Registration: In order to register a team, you have to bring at least 5 people with you at the time of the registration. Only 6 teams will be allowed to compete. Once 6 teams have registered, the remainder of the participants will be assigned teams, either randomly or by participant’s choice. The registration will last 12 hours, starting form 8:00 am and ending at 8:00 p.m. At registration, your team will be assigned a crate of headbands to wear. A maximum of 15 people will be allowed to join a team. If there is a severe imbalance, teams be partially reassigned to create balance.

I will go over these rules the hour before the tournament begins. I reserve the right to change the rules even after the start of the tournament. I hope to see many participants, as well as a lot of bondage (lol)! Good luck to everyone!
Robert Bagley


A Game of TUGS - Rules and Info
A Game of TUGS will be a competition that is held on the estate of Robert Bagley. The goal of the competition will be to retrieve one key from each team, and use it to open the door to the Wooden Throne. Inside the room, there will be one chair, including the throne, for each team registered. To win, tie each registered leader to the chairs, and have the team leader sit on the throne. The team who is able to get their leader on the throne and restrain all of the other leaders to the chairs around the throne wins the game.

As the game begins, each team is assigned a region that will serve as its headquarters. At the heart of each region will be a fortress that serves as the seat for the region. Inside will be a living area for five people (The leader and his “high advisers”). There will also be a conference room and a throne room for the leader. Underneath each fortress, however, there will be a dungeon, consisting of multiple cells for holding captives, and a torture area for interrogation (and fun, if you like). The first floor also has beds for the rest of the team.

The area will be monitored at all times to ensure safety and following of rules. If you are caught breaking any rules, security will intervene and take you out of the area and you and your team will be disqualified. Here are some general rules:

Each team member is assigned a headband with a team color. All participants must wear these at all times. Leader and Adviser headbands will be distinctively different, but the same rule applies.

Teams can change. If you want to join another team, then simply acquire one of their headbands. The only exception will be leader and adviser headbands. To become one of these, the team must overthrow their leader by any means, acquire the headband, and register a new leader at the terminal inside every fortress. The leader can also reappoint advisers as he sees fit.

BY NO MEANS, SHALL PARTICIPANTS BE ALLOWED TO CAUSE DEATH OR PERMANENT DAMAGE TO OTHER PARTICIPANTS. This has been already stated before, but it needs to be emphasized. There will be much aggression during the tournament, so it needs to be understood that at the first sign of this, security will intervene. You may punish your captors, but keep it within reason.

Weapons will be used to temporarily incapacitate your enemies. Examples of weapons will include paintball guns and tasers. Also bondage equipment, such as shackles, rope, handcuffs, etc., will be provided for every fortress.

The area will be monitored by cameras placed round the entire area. There will also be “scouts” observing the area on foot. It is STRICTLY forbidden to engage with these scouts. They will wear a special headband that is easily identifiable. If you spot one of them, simply ignore them. They are there for your safety. If they spot rule breaking, they will intervene, and will use absolute force to stop you. Don’t push your luck.

You may keep slaves (from captives or even your own team), but treat them within the bound of the rules. Give them proper rest and food. You may punish them as long as it is not life threatening. Make sure all captives have enough living space (don’t overcrowd).

When you capture a team, you keep them as slaves. To capture or dismiss a team, remove a leader’s headband and scan the bar code on it and the system will mark the team as defeated. Be aware that a team can escape their captivity and get reinstated.

A team may hold as many forts as possible. The leader of each team can appoint a vassal to lead the area in his place. It is recommended that leaders choose a trustful vassal.

Food and other supplies will be delivered to each fort by scouts each day. It will be enough to sustain you for a one whole day.

As for weaponry, there are limits. The main thing to remember is that ABSOLUTELY NO WEAPONS THAT HAVE THE POTENTIAL TO CAUSE DEATH OR PERMANENT DAMAGE WILL BE PERMITTED. For this reason, weapons will not be allowed past the entrance to the areas. “Safe” weapons will be placed inside each fortress for use. These rules will be strictly enforced.

Collecting resources: As mentioned above, food will be delivered each day to each fortress. But there will be other types of resources, such as timber for building things, scattered around the map. Each fortress is equipped with tools for constructing things out of wood. There will be other things scattered around, but the types will not be revealed. Also, a form of currency will be used. Each unit of this currency will be represented by a plastic coin (an example will be shown at the briefing). This can be used at the web store to purchase materials from Headquarters, which will be delivered to the fortress. You must present the correct amount to the deliverer at drop off.

Every participant is expected to stay the entire duration of the competition. There will be certain days you can leave, if you choose to do so. If you do, however, you will be disqualified from the tournament and will not be allowed to reenter the area. Participants will be allowed to resign from the tournament every other Saturday.

The winner will receive a prize worth at least $5000 at the conclusion of the tournament. If no team has claimed the Wooden Throne by the end of the summer, then it will be judged based on the performance of each team.

You are restricted to items you bring into the area. Only clothing items will be allowed inside the areas. No cell phones will be allowed.

Registration: In order to register a team, you have to bring at least 5 people with you at the time of the registration. Only 6 teams will be allowed to compete. Once 6 teams have registered, the remainder of the participants will be assigned teams, either randomly or by participant’s choice. The registration will last 12 hours, starting form 8:00 am and ending at 8:00 p.m. At registration, your team will be assigned a crate of headbands to wear. A maximum of 15 people will be allowed to join a team. If there is a severe imbalance, teams be partially reassigned to create balance.

I will go over these rules the hour before the tournament begins. I reserve the right to change the rules even after the start of the tournament. I hope to see many participants, as well as a lot of bondage (lol)! Good luck to everyone!
Robert Bagley


When Brandon finished the letter, Russ saw his face light up.

“Were supposed to stay there the entire time?!” asked Brandon with even more worry than before.

“Yep. Don’t you think it will be fun? I mean instead of being tied up all the time, you may get to tie someone else up for a change! Haha” said Rowan casually as they continued toward Robert’s house.

Brandon was interested in the prospect of tying someone else up for a change. His older brother always won in their games, usually ending with the older brothers tying up the younger ones. “But what will mom say about this?” asked Brandon, trying to persuade his brother to rethink his opinion of the tournament.

“Rowan already talked to her!” said John. “At first she was skeptical about it too, but when we mentioned the money, she had a change of heart.”

Brandon remembers how his mom can be easily persuaded, especially when it comes to money. “Wait, when did you talk to her about this? I thought you only got the email this morning with the details? She was already gone by the time we were awake.” said Brandon, trying to get some answers out of Rowan.

“Well, Brandon, I didn’t tell you EVERYTHING I knew. If I did that, then I knew you would think about it and withdraw from the tournament.”

Brandon was getting frustrated at this point. Rowan had flat out lied to him.

“Just hold on!” Brandon stopped walking for a moment, as well as the other brothers. “You didn’t have to lie! I would have gone anyway!” said Brandon, with anger. “But now I am considering not going! Just how much more did you know?”

“With the exception of the indefinite stay part, I told you pretty much everything to you a couple of day’s ago.” said Rowan casually.

“If you are going to lie to me like this, I’m going home!” said Brandon as he turned in the other direction.

Rowan stopped him for a moment. “Look Brandon, I’m sorry I lied to you ok? I need you for this tournament! I didn’t trust you enough to tell you that last part. But it was a mistake on my part. Please, I need your help with this! You're smarter than the rest of us are! You need to help me with the strategies and stuff. Please Brandon!” asked Rowan, now pleading with him to join the competition.

Brandon thought some more about it. It’s true that Brandon is smarter than any of his other brothers; he is at the top of his class and has made straight A’s all throughout school. Rowan, however, barely passes all his classes, and handles things with his fists rather than his brains. After giving it more thought, Brandon changed his mind about going home.

“Alright fine. Just don’t lie to me again.” said Brandon.

“You got it! Thanks Brandon!” said Rowan, pleased that Brandon had changed his mind.

“But I need to ask, how does Russ fit in? I know how I fit in, and John will be backup muscle, but how will Russ be involved?” asked Brandon, concerned about his younger brother.

“Because he is our brother. I don’t want to leave him out just because he is the youngest. As brothers, we always stick together through thick and thin. If Ned was here, he would be with us as well.” Rowan turned to look at Russ.

“Russ, I know you have doubts about this competition too. Even I can see it in your eyes. I won’t force you or anyone else to go. I need people that I can trust, and who other than my own brothers would be better suited?”

Rowan said, trying to ease and motivate his younger brother. The fear on Russs face vanished, and was replaced with a smile. He confidently said “Let’s do this.”

The brothers continue to their destination, eager to meet the challenges of the completion face on.
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Chapter 2

Postby chadmc90 » Thu May 22, 2014 10:32 pm

Chapter 2: A Plot for Dominance

Robert Bagley, a 16 year old boy with one of the wealthiest fathers in the country, sets in the headquarters he designated for monitoring the upcoming game. With his new power as the son of a Ruling Lord, Robert can finally host such a huge event. He watches as his staff prepares all the equipment, mainly surveillance, barking orders when he felt needed. The door next to him opens, revealing a boy around his age walk through it. This boy was only wearing a jockstrap and a leather collar padlocked to his neck. He also had hand and ankle cuffs connected together by a series of chains circling his body. One of the handcuffs has a strange device on it, looking similar to a shock collar. The chains didn’t completely hinder movement, as it allowed him to walk and move his arms. He was carrying a glass filled with soda.

“Here is your drink, Master” said the boy, giving the drink to Robert.

“Why thank you, Ten!” replied Robert to the boy.

“Is there anything else you need, Master?” asked Ten, bowing to Robert as if he supposedly owns him.

“I think that will be all for now, Ten. If I need you for something, you will know. Get back to cleaning my room.” said Robert sternly.

“Yes, Master”

As Ten left his master’s side, another boy came in. This one, however, was fully clothed and was wearing a black polo shirt and beige kakis. He had bright blond hair and blue eyes. He was Jeffery Bagley, Robert’s 14 year old brother.

“Ten? You’re lazy when it comes to name picking, Robert!” said Jeffery snobbishly. “I at least take the time to name my slaves!”

Robert looked at his brother. “It’s just a waste. It’s not like you get attached to them or something. You name pets and babies. Slaves are just there to do your bidding. They are pretty expendable.” said Robert, chucking.

“Whatever. But it does make them feel like they have meaning.”

“Yea, I’m sure they are thrilled about the idea that they are chained up and having to do your bidding for a while. Giving them names is just a waste of time.” said Robert. “It’s not like they stay forever, just until their debts are cleared. But anyway, let’s move on to more pressing issues, like this tournament. ”

“Yea, brother. You really haven’t talked about the tournament much. Even to me.” said Jeffery, curious about Robert’s plans.

“Well, I kinda wanted it to be a surprise. Here, read over this!” Robert handed Jeffery a copy of the rules page.

Jeffery scanned over the rules. “You planned all of THIS?” said Jeffery, now eager to know more about the tournament.

“What do you think? An all out battle between dozens of boys and the winner get a huge amount of cash! Pretty genius, don’t you agree?” said Robert, proud of his developing tournament.

“That’s interesting, but I thought you were wanting more slaves?”

“I do. I told them what would happen if you won, but I didn’t say anything about what happens if you lose!”

Jeffery face produced a smirk. “I see. But what happens if your plan fails? I don’t think many would take the risk over $5,000. $5,000 split between 15 people would not be worth the risk for the price of failing, would it?” asked Jeffery, interested in hearing Robert’s complete plan.

An evil smile appeared on Robert’s face. “What if I raised the stakes to say, 30,000?”

Jefferys eyes widened. “$30,000! You are going to give away $30,000 to a bunch of..” Jeffery said before Robert interrupted him.

“Of course not you dimwit! That’s where you come in.” said Robert, looking at his brother with a rather serious expression.

“What are you talking about?” asked Jeffery, now concerned with what Robert was planning.

“What do you think? You and a team of my choosing will enter the tournament, and you WILL win. That way the rest of the participants will lose.”

Jeffery was now really worried. “Wait what? Are you joking? I don’t want to take any part in this thing! I want to be up here with you, watching the action from the monitors!” said Jeffery, trying to convince his brother not to enter him into the tournament.

“If you want some of the money our parents gave me, you will do exactly as I tell you.” said Robert. “It won’t be as bad as you think. Trust me, brother. I will assign you an unbeatable team, and you will win the tournament.” said Robert, trying to comfort his brother.

Jeffery thought about it for a moment. Robert has promised to give him some of the money he got from Dad. He did say that he would have to do a small favor for him, though. “Alright, fine! But my fort better be up to my standards. ”

“You won’t regret it, Jeffery.” said Robert, smiling at his younger brother.

Robert and Jeffery looked around headquarters, thinking about impending tournament.

Brandon and his brothers finally arrive at Robert’s estate. The gate is not open, however. Ross notices an intercom on the wall. He pushes the button to call the mansion.

“Who is this?” asks the voice on the intercom.

“Ross Stowe, one of the participants in the competition.” Ross replied.

“Hold on” said the intercom.

A couple minutes went by, and the voice eventually returned.

“Yes, Robert checked you out on the security camera. He has granted you permission to enter” said the voice.

The gate finally opened, allowing the boys to enter. Before they entered, Ross stopped them. “Wait just one moment. We are waiting on one person.”

Brandon had wandered what Ross was doing, since the tournament called for 5 people to form a team.

“A friend at school will be our fifth member. I believe you know him, John.” said Rowan .

“You mean Trey?” asked John.

“Yes. He should be here shortly.”

As soon as Ross finished his sentence, the boys noticed another boy with dark-red hair walking toward them.

“Hey, Rowan !” said Trey.

“Trey, thanks for helping us out! I couldn’t thank you enough friend.” said Rowan , as they shook hands.

“Trey, these are my brothers. You have met John already, but the other two are Brandon and Russ.”

Trey looked at the other two boys with a small smile.

“Nice to meet you, Brandon and Russ. Ross has told me so much about you two. I hope I can help you guys win this thing!” said Trey.

“Are you people coming in or not? We are about to close the gates!” the intercom warned. The boys immediately entered the estate.

After walking what felt like a mile, the boys came upon Robert’s mansion. A good three stories, the mansion was built like an old fortress. Made out of stone, it had two towers on each side. It also had a small creek in front of it with a drawbridge connecting each side.

“Whoa. This is my first time ever coming here. This place looks amazing!” said John, amazed by Robert’s home.

“Yea. I was blown away myself. His family has lived here even before his father was appointed a Ruling Lord.” said Rowan .

The 5 crossed the drawbridge over to the fortress and notices an area with a stage and an opodium on it. It also had 6 large picnic benches big enough to sit at least 15 people on it in the area.

“That must be where they are holding the briefing.” said Trey.

“Yea it must! I see the registration booth as well.” said John.

The five went to the registration booth. “Ah, the first participants. And I notice there are 5 of you. Are you here to register your team?” asked the registrar.

“Yes, we are.” said Rowan .

“Very well. First I need your team’s name.”

“Stowe” said Rowan .

“Very well. Now I need to know each of your names and who will be leader.”

The boys each gave their name, and named Ross their leader.

“Good good. The headbands will be given out after the briefing, along with an updated rules set.”

“Robert changed the rules?” asked Ross curiously.

“Yes. He will go over them at the briefing. Don’t worry. The placements will not be finalized and will not go into effect until you sign the final versions.”

“Oh..Ok.” said Rowan , looking slightly concerned about the rules change.

“Just pick any bench you want, and place this number on it. That bench will be where your team is seated. More participants will be added to your team randomly during registration. When all teams have been filled up, the briefing will begin. After the briefing, signing will be finalized.” said the registrar, pointing to the area where the benches are.

The boys picked a bench to sit at, and noticed no one but them was here yet. They boys were early, however, and expected others to arrive soon.

The boys, unsuspecting of any plots, wait anxiously for Robert to make his appearance.
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Chapter 3

Postby chadmc90 » Thu May 22, 2014 10:34 pm

Chapter 3: A Gathering of Warriors Part One

Rowan and his team sit themselves on the bench. They notice how big the bench is, allowing at least 10 more people to sit. The morning sun was rising in the distance, glaring light onto the five boys. As the boys waited, the news of the rules changing weighed on their minds.

“So, guys, any idea why Robert would change the rules so suddenly?” asked Trey.

“I have no clue. He only sent it out this morning, right Rowan.” said John.

“Yea. Robert was adamant about waiting until the last minute to send out the rules. Said he wanted to review it as much as possible. But I guess he had a change of mind.” said Rowan, trying to understand his best friends motives.

“You don't think something is wrong, do you?” asked Brandon.

“I don't know. I guess we will find out later.”

As soon as Rowan finished his sentence, a group of boys approached the registrar booth. “Oh, hello Tyson! I was wandering when you will arrive. I have already taken the liberty of establishing your team. That was Robert's order anyway. But here is your number. Jeffery will be joining you soon.” said the registrar. The conversation was inaudible to Team Stowe.

“Well that was much quicker than I thought. Robert is on things, which is quite unusual for him. He must be ready to get this tournament started. Come on, guys!” said Tyson.

The brothers walked to the bench area and immediately noticed Team Stowe. They approached and greeted Team Stowe. “Hello! I see we weren't the first ones here. I am Tyson. We are joining the competition as Team Lattimore!” said Tyson, holding out his hand to Rowan.

“Oh hi! Nice to meet you. I cant say that I know you, but I have heard that last name before.” said Rowan.

“Yea, we are in fact Robert's cousins. We were invited by him to join this competition.” said Tyson.

The Lattimores were indeed cousins of the Bagleys. Now they are not nearly as rich and successful, but they are still considered to be upper class. But why do they want to join the tournament? The Lattimores are significantly wealthy. And How were they able to register without a fifth member?

“Ah, how rude of me. Let me introduce the others. The taller blond hair is Jamie, who is 2 years younger than me. I'm 17, myself. And my youngest brother, Tyler, which is this short boy. He's 14.” Tyson said as he rubbed his hand across Tyler's dark blond hair hastily, teasing him.

“Would you cut it out! One day, I will be as tall as you!” said Tyler.

“Sure, buddy!” said Tyson sarcastically. “And last, this one goes by Peter.” said Tyson, pointing at the jet black haired boy. “He isn't my brother, but a good friend in high school.” said Tyson.

Team Stowe also greeted themselves to Team Lattimore. Noticing it as well, Rowan asked Tyson about the missing teammate.

“Ah yes. Our teammate is here, but he is in the fortress. Robert's younger brother also wants to participate.” said Tyson in his cheerful nature.

Roberts younger brother? That’s a new one. Rowan never mentioned Robert had a younger brother. But why would he be joining the tournament? With parents that rich, 5,000 for Jeffery would be pocket change. Why would someone of his status risk being tied and tortured by other boys? These thoughts poured through Brandon’s head, whom was growing even wearier by the minute.

“Well, glad to meet you guys. Good luck in the tournament!” said Tyson cheerfully as he and his team sat on one of the benches.

“Rowan, I didn't know Robert had a younger brother!” said Brandon, eager to find out more.

“Well, I didn't think it was important. Robert only mentioned it to me one time. He really doesn't talk about him.” said Rowan.

“You don't think he is up to something, do you?” asked Brandon, eager to know Rowan's thoughts on Robert.

“Why would he be up to something?” asked Rowan. “Robert wouldn't plan anything bad. He just wants to see a good show. I'm sure his family asked to be in the tournament. Robert said he wasn't participating himself, so I don't think you have anything to worry about!”

“Yea I guess” said Brandon. But Brandon still had his doubts. The same doubts and fears that have haunted him since hearing about the tournament.

Some thirty minutes later, another group of boys approached the registration table. This time there were 5 of them, which was enough to register a team. But Team Stowe recognized this team almost immediately. Their long time rivals, the Gossets, were also entering the tournament. The Gossets, like the Stowes, had a large number of siblings. They were six siblings in total, including Trey. As the Gossets were registering, the Stowe brothers immediately looked at Trey, who had his face pointing to the surface of the bench.

“Trey, what the hell are they doing here?” asked Rowan, angry at his friend for not telling him.

“I'm sorry, Rowan. I didn't tell them though, I swear! I thought they didn't know anything about the tournament.” said Trey, trying to appease his friend.

“I believe you Trey, but how did they find out? Robert only invited certain people. They would not have been allowed into the competition otherwise” said Rowan.

“I don't know. But I know my older brother is resourceful.”

“And the biggest a$$ in the school” Rowan added.

The Gossets had built quiet a reputation at school. They are notorious for bullying anyone that is susceptible to it. Baylor, the oldest boy, and Rowan have had a considerable number of intense arguments, and would of gotten physical if it weren’t for Robert, whom both boys respect. Of course, Robert was Rowan's best friend, but he was more of a...peacekeeper at the school, especially now that his family is a major power within the country. The Gossets finished registering and noticed Team Stowe, which they immediately approached.

“Look at this, brothers! The Stowes are here as well” said Baylor. “I was wandering if you would join, Rowan.” Rowan looked at him with loath. “I see it in your eyes. You would love to tie me up and torture me as much as it is allowed, wouldn't you?”

“That would be interesting. I think I'll do that” said Rowan.

“Haha! Hear that brothers! He thinks him and his team can actually beat us!” stated Baylor, laughing at the concept of Rowan beating Baylor.

“And speaking of your team.” said Baylor, turning his glare to his younger brother Trey. “I guess were enemies then, Trey. Honestly, I had hoped you would be on MY side for a change, but I see you are still stuck up this guy's a$$. Make no mistake. When Team Stowe is captured, you will receive the same punishment!”

Trey held his head down. Baylor was also into tie ups, and would often target Trey in order to “relieve some stress.” He hated Rowan with all his being, and made sure Trey felt the full force of his anger. He often got his brothers involved with his humiliation. It got to where Trey was genuinely scared of what was supposed to be his family. Because of his brothers hatred, he often stayed over at the Stowes, whom felt like more of a family.

“You won't get that chance, when we capture your team, the first thing we are going to do is tie you to the nearest bed or pole and let Trey get his revenge on all of you.” said Rowan.

The Gossets laughed hysterically at this statement. “You know, instead of waiting until the tournament, why don't we drag you and your team back to my place. There aren't any rules, so we can do whatever we want.”

It looked as if a brawl between Rowan and Baylor was about to take place, when suddenly a voice stopped them.

“Well Well Well. If it isn't Rowan Stowe and Baylor Gosset. I see that even out of school, you two can't stop jumping down each others throats.” said Robert, who had Jeffery and a now clothed Ten at his side.
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Chapter 4

Postby chadmc90 » Thu May 22, 2014 10:36 pm

Chapter 4: A Gathering of Warriors Part 2

“Well Well Well. If it isn't Rowan Stowe and Baylor Gosset. I see that even out of school, you two can't stop jumping down each others throats.” said Robert, who had Jeffery and a now clothed Ten at his side.

Rowan turned his attention to his friend and walked over to Robert. “Robert..hey!” said Rowan, surprised to see him. “I didn't expect you to show up so early?”

“Well I just came out to see who has registered so far. Already 3 team slots are filled, and it hasn't been an hour!” said Robert enthusiastically.

“Robert, can I ask you a question?” asked Rowan, eager to find out more about the tournament.

“Sure, bud.” said Robert.

“I can see why you invited your cousins, but why did you invite these..the Gossets?”

Rowan looked at the Gossets for a moment. Then he turned back to Rowan to answer his question. “Rowan, I think the Gossets would be a great addition to the tournament. It would definitely make things more..interesting, don't you think?” said Robert.

“I..guess. But given their track record, can you even trust them? They could break the rules, you know?” said Rowan, trying to convince Robert to not allow them to join.

Baylor and his brothers approached the two after hearing Rowan.

“Robert, I don't even see why you are friends with him. As the son of a Ruling Lord, you need people you can trust He runs his mouth too much. You should just let me take care of him.” said Baylor.

Robert smiled at Baylor. “Baylor, I think I can choose good friends.” said Robert. Robert then turns to Rowan. “And Rowan, Baylor will be in this tournament. Now I can understand why you're upset, but he will follow the rules.” Baylor chuckled at this, which made Robert turn back to him. “Because if he doesn't, there will be HELL to pay.”

Baylor then dropped his grin. He as well as anyone else knows Robert doesn't make mere threats. Baylor doesn't fear many people, but Robert is one of the few exceptions.

“I think we will take our seat.” said Baylor, signaling his team to follow him to their bench.

“Now, Rowan, we can talk more later. I have to greet my family.” said Robert.

Robert, Jeffery, and Ten walk toward Team Lattimore, while Rowan heads back to his team's bench.

“So what did Robert say?” asked John.

“Nothing important. The Gossets are going to be in the tournament, but they respect Robert enough to not try something stupid.” said Rowan.

“I still don't like this.” said Bran.

“Yea, I know. But I can't do anything about it.” said Rowan.

Another 30 minutes had passed when another team had registered. This team, like the Gossets and Stowes, went to the same school. The Friedmans had a large family, comprised of a couple dozen brothers and sisters. But unlike the Gossets, the two families shared no animosity. Walker, the oldest brother, had chosen 4 of his younger brothers to form a team.

“The Friedmans, huh.” said John. “I'm sure Robert invited them as well. He must be keeping a tight leash on the team leaders.”

“If he was doing that, then why did he invite the Gossets?” asked Rowan, still pissed about the Gossets joining the tournament.

Just as the Friedmans claimed their bench, another team had caught their attention. Robert, who had took notice of this, was sitting in a chair on the stage when he jumped up. Ten, whom was still a mystery to the other participants, immediately followed like an obedient dog. Robert rushed over the registrar's booth where the group was.

“Stan! I'm glad you can make it!” Robert said.

“Yea, Robert! It's been a long time, cousin!” said Stan.

“So how did you enjoy your travels?

“It was so amazing! I loved every minute of the seas! Sailing from one place to another and meeting new people and cultures has been a very enlightening experience.” said Stan.

“I bet. But now since your father is needed here, you will be back for good.” said Robert.

Yes, that’s true. I have a favor to ask. Since you won't be in the tournament, I want to use the Bagley name as my team name.” Stan asked.

“Of course! Jeffery is using the Lattimore name as their team name.” said Robert.

“The Lattimores are joining too? This should be interesting!” said Stan.

“So who did you bring with you, anyway?” asked Robert.

“You know my brother Ren I hope. The brown haired boy is David Seals. The shorter boy is his brother Matthew. And the black kid is Slade Sanders. All of them are friends from school. Is there anything else you needed to know?” asked Stan, expecting Robert to ask him some more questions.

“I see, Stan. Just grab a bench after you are registered and we will have the briefing in a little while. We will be serving lunch at noon before we hold the briefing. Just make yourselves comfortable. Now if you excuse me, I am returning to my seat.” he said to his cousin before returning to his seat. “Come on, we have a lot of work to do.” he told Ten.

As they were leaving, Stan stopped him. “Robert, who's the kid?” asked Stan. “I've never met him before.”

“Oh him. Don't pay him any attention. He is working for me. Just...returning a favor from a while back.” Robert explained. Of course it was technically true. Ten was there to repay Robert, but little did Stan know that Ten was in fact a slave. Robert had him clothed only to lower the suspicion. Only Jeffery knew about this, and Robert preferred to keep it that way for now.

“Oh I see. Ok, Robert. Ill talk to you after the briefing then.”

Robert and Ten returned to the stage to monitor the registration, while the Bagleys claimed a bench for their team. Jeffery had seated with the Lattimores, still slightly annoyed that his brother was making him participate.

Quite some time had passed, and now it was 30 minutes until noon. Some other boys had registered, but no other teams were formed. These boys will be placed after registration has concluded. But there was one more team to be filled. Right now it was the Stowes, Lattimores, The Gossets, the Friedmans, and the Bagleys. If another team does not form, then one will be formed of the boys that had registered alone.

But suddenly, another group of boys had entered. Again, the other teams knew them, but it was quite a shocker. It was the Trinidads, the family that had a Ruling Lord in Wastan at one time. Also members of the same school, the Trinidads were infamous for their radical and sometimes insane behavior. They were renowned for their shady and controversial lifestyles, and rumor has it that the Trinidads own slaves! Slavery in Wastan is still legal, but there are now laws in place to govern the act. Slavery is losing is popularity in the country, as more people are abandoning it for paid services. Robert knew the Lattimores as well, given that they have worked together in the past. The Trinidads may have lost their seat in the community of the Ruling Lords, but they still hold a considerable amount of power.

“Amos. What a...surprise!” said Robert nervously. “What brings you here to the tou..I mean my home?”

“It's been a long time. And you don't have to hide it dear friend. I know about your tournament. My team would like to join.”

Upon seeing them for the first time in years, Robert was afraid that they would ask. In truth, he didn't feel right about them letting them join the tournament. Especially after the nasty rumors he had heard about the family. But now that he had more power, they could be potential “candidates” for his goal.

“Yea it has been a long time, 'friend.'” said Robert.” After giving it some thought, he came to a decision. “You know something? I think I will let you join!”

This caused quite a few jaws to drop. Was Robert serious? He is going to let those lunatics join the competition? He couldn't be serious.

“I hope you read over the rules. Your family tends to ignore them sometimes.” said Robert, warning the Trinidads before they register.

“Yes, Robert. Don't worry about that. We may be many things, but Trinidads stick to their words. Haha.” chuckled Amos.

“Very well. You may register.” said Robert, as he turned around to head back to the booth.

“Robert, you can't be serious!” said Jeffery, obviously not eager to enter this tournament with the Trinidads.

In truth, many of the other participants felt the same way. If the Trinidads captured any of them, who knows what they could do. And they were not about to take that chance so readily.

“You are going to let these psychos join the tournament? Do you not remember who they are?” asked Jeffery, trying to plea with Robert to change his mind.

“Yea Robert. Do you want to take a chance with them?” added Rowan, also feeling the same way about them.

“I have made up my mind. You will have to either accept it or get out.” replied Robert. In truth, Robert didn't want any one of them to leave. But he had to be firm if he wanted to maintain his tough guy persona.

“Robert! Please don't do this! Pleas..” Jeffery was cut off by Robert.

“SHUT UP Jeffery! I have made my choice, and you will accept it.” Robert commanded his brother. Jeffery backed away and lowered his head.

Robert's outburst startled some of the other participants. Robert knew he had to say something to keep this tournament going.

“Sigh. Look, I know how some of you feel about the Trinidads. But in case you have forgotten, I have scouts keeping tabs on the game. If the Trinidads, or anyone else for that matter, breaks the rules in any way, then they will be disqualified and dragged out of the tournament. It's completely up to you to stay, but I won't hold it against you if you leave. That is my final word.” said Robert, as he returns to his seat on the stage.

If it wasn't for Robert's popularity and new power, many may have walked out of the tournament. But because he was admired, people bought into his word and trusted him. So nobody left. The Trinidads, which was the final team to register, took the last team bench. The briefing would begin 30 minutes after noon, and Robert had his staff prepare lunch for his participants.

With the teams formed, everybody enjoyed a lunch that consisted of ham and cheese sandwiches and Doritos while waiting on the briefing to begin.
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Chapter 5

Postby chadmc90 » Thu May 22, 2014 10:44 pm

Chapter 5: A Game of Tie Ups Begins!

As noon approached, the summer sun beamed down upon the area. It was a nice summer day, and everyone was enjoying the small lunch Robert had prepared for his guests. The same guests that will enter a tournament to fight for one thing: a decent sum of money. But little do they know of Robert's dark intentions, and they won't know until Robert wants it known. 90 boys will be pitted against each other, and only 15 of them will be victorious. .

As the teams finished their meals, Robert approached the podium. He looked around at all the teams, including his cousins, and began to speak.

“Today will mark the beginning of what I hope to be a long and fun competition. In this competition, 6 teams will attempt to capture all other teams, and claim the wooden throne and win the competition. But as the registrar said, I have made some rule changes. The changes only reflect the consequences after the competition.”

“Consequences?” Brandon thought as Robert was speaking.

“The first change is that the leader and advisers of each losing team must agree to be my servants for 2 years.”

“What?” thought Brandon as Robert said this. “What is he talking about?” Brandon also noticed that the other teams were whispering among themselves. Brandon knew then that Robert was definitely up to something.

“Now before you have second thoughts, let me explain the second change: The prize money has been...changed. Before it was $5000 for the team. Now the winning team will receive a prize of $30,000!”

The area fell silent. $30,000 dollars is much more inciting than the previous amount, even after hearing the first rule change. Without a second thought, Brandon started worrying about the competition. Yea, $30,000, even split between 15 people, was a nice amount. Brandon knew better than to argue about it with Rowan.

“Here is how the prize money will be awarded. The leader and advisers will get a bigger cut, since they have more at stake. 5,000 will go to the leader, and $3,000 for each adviser. The other 13,000 will be split among the rest of the team.”

The crowd started whispering again as Robert paused momentarily.

“Now I know the stakes are high, especially for the leaders, but I hope you all continue through the competition. After all, wouldn't you all like a chance at that money? If not, then you are free to walk away right now!”

The teams all fell silent once again. Robert was expecting some hesitation at the least. He even expected that some teams may walk away. But to his surprise, all teams remained seated. It wasn't just the money that kept them in their seats, it was the fact that Robert was idolized by the community. And for the Gossets and Trinidads, the tournament was a way to flex their muscles. They had every intention of winning. People trusted him, and never suspected him of any wrongdoing. They expected the servitude consequence wasn't as bad as it seems. Just do some work from time to time over the next 2 years. But little do they know, Robert's intentions were much darker than he was letting on.

When Robert realized that no one was leaving, he continued his speech. “I'm glad that everyone is staying. You will be required to sign a contract to finalize your registration. I will hand these contracts out after the briefing. Team registration is now closed, as all 6 teams have been formed. General registration will continue for the rest of the day. The competition begins tomorrow morning, where you will meet the rest of the team and I will show you the area where the competition will be held. You are all free to leave. Go home and prepare yourselves for the competition. Say goodbye to your family and friends, because you will not be allowed to leave the area once the competition has begun. I wish everyone luck. If you have any question, I will be here until registration is closed.”

With that, the teams started to stir. Some were leaving while others needed to ask Robert questions. Team Stowe decided to go home for the day.

As the evening passed, many boys registered for the competition. The other boys were sorted at random and placed into each team until all teams had 15 members. As night drew, each team made preparations for the competition. They packed clothes, seeing as it is the ONLY thing that can be brought into the area. Each team went to bed considerably early that night, knowing that the following morning they will be locked in an area filled with other boys that want nothing more than to tie up and torture each other. They will not be free for the entire length of the competition, which could last until the end of the summer.

At the break of dawn, the teams gathered back at the same area. Instead of a registration booth, however, there were 6 large boxes. These boxes contained the headbands that each team will wear. These boxes were handed to each team, and the boy who served as registrar instructed the teams to go ahead and wear the headband. These headbands were colored differently for each team, and the leader's headband had a different design, which featured a pattern of a crown around it. On the inside of a headband, a bar code could be seen.

The teams once again sat at their designated benches. But this time, there were 10 more added to each bench. The Leaders and advisers met with the rest of their teams. They also distributed the headbands to the rest of the team. Robert then made his appearance once again on the stage where held his briefing yesterday.

“I'm glad you could all make it! First, let me show you a map of the area.”

Robert then pointed to the white screen behind him. A projector produced a screen, showing a basic layout of the area:

*Note: You will need to open this image in a new tab to see it better.

“I have divided the area into regions, each controlled by a team. Around the map, there are “treasures” containing various resources, such as wood, food, currency, etc. I suggest you send scouts out to explore the area. Of course, your scout may not come back. Haha. The area is blocked off by a huge wall in order to prevent escape. The scouts will be monitoring the walls closely. The lake will also be monitored. Like I said, you won't leave unless I allow it. Before you enter the area, you will be required to hand over the registration contract. Also, if you notice the green triangles on the map, this represents “free tribes.” Yesterday, we had 30 more participates than expected. Since the teams were filled, we decided to let them into the competition, anyway. They will occupy these areas marked by the triangle, and will not be active in the competition, unless teams decide to “trade out” some members, or as part of an alliance agreement. Put simply, these tribes can become members of a team if they can get their hands on the team's headband. But of course, the team will have to agree though. Hehe.”

The area remained silent. “Now one last thing. You probably already noticed the 'Coliseum' in the lake. This is where special events will be held. Such events include games, markets, and so on. Some games may involve two teams participating, and the winner gets something from the losing team. Others may have resources as awards. The markets are used to buy special resources with currency you have collected. We will also hold a special “auction” during the tournament. These events will occur every Saturday. On these days, teams will be required to draw a truce. Except during organized games, no team shall attempt to capture another. The truce ends the following Sunday at dawn. Any violation of the truce will result in an immediate disqualification.”

The teams whispered among themselves once more, after Robert paused. But they stopped when Robert continued. “Now without further due, let the competition begin!”
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Chapter 6

Postby chadmc90 » Fri May 23, 2014 7:52 am

Starting Organization

Arc 1: Clash of the Alliances

Chapter 6: A Proposal

It had been 2 days since the tournament began; 2 days since Robert escorted the competitors through the gate that led to what will eventually be called a battleground. Over the course of the two days, after each team settled in, the teams immediately formed scouting patrols and sent them into the woods to find the treasures. Team Stowe, in particular, consisted of 3 people. One of them was John Stowe, who has supported his brother since the beginning of the tournament. The other two, Chase and Logan, were added to the team by random. Wearing a light blue t-shirt, matching shorts, and the team headbands, the three boys were sporting the team's colors.

“John, what exactly are we looking for?” asked Logan, who had just been assigned to the scouting unit.

“I'm not really sure myself.” said John. “The other two treasures we found were not the same, although they weren’t too difficult to spot. We just have to keep focus. Rowan said there were 4 in our territory. The first one was a briefcase of 200 credits, and the second was 5 boxes of canned food. But Robert said the treasures could be anything.” said John in a low voice, remembering what happened on yesterday's scouting mission.

Yesterday, John's team was scouting the area west of their fortress. After hours of scouting, they finally found the 200 credits. But as they started to leave they were approached by 5 boys wearing tribal like clothing. It was one of the free tribes. As they approached, John and the two boys stepped back. Outnumbered, they decided it was best to just run. They grabbed the cash and made a run for it, but one of the boys tripped and fell. The tribal boys immediately pounced on his back, and tied his hands behind his back fairly quickly. John and Chase continued to run, knowing it was futile to try and help. The tribals eventually ceased chasing them, deciding to focus on restraining their caught prey.

Back to the present, Chase noticed John in deep thought. “Thinking about yesterday?” asked Chase.

“Yea.” said John. “I felt like we betrayed him. We should of went back.” said John, regretting abandoning one of his teammates.

“I know it's tough. But if we tried to help, we would have been in the same predicament as him.” said Chase, trying to comfort John. “I think we should all get used to it. This kind of thing will happen a lot. And besides, they can't hurt him. You remember the rules, right?”

As Johns mood improved, the boys continued looking for treasures.

Meanwhile, back at the fortress, Rowan and Brandon were on the second floor, inside the Leaders chamber. They were discussing their plans for the tournament.

“I got a message from another team earlier, Brandon.” said Rowan, handing him a sheet of paper. “It's from the Friedmans. Remember the 20 sibling family?”

“Yea I do.” said Brandon, as he read the piece of paper.

The paper reads as follows:

Team Stowe,

Team Friedman would like to discuss a treaty. A present, we have no alliances. The Lattimores have already aligned with the Gossets. The Bagleys and the Trinidads have yet to form a major alliance. It is in both our interest to discuss terms for an alliance. But one condition must be met before I agree. In exchange for three hostages from my team, three hostages must be given from your team.

The hostages will be imprisoned inside both our fortresses, but cannot be tortured or humiliated. They will simply be prisoners. If the treaty is broken, however, this restriction will be lifted. I look forward to hearing from your team, Rowan.

Walker Friedman,
Leader Team Friedman.

<paper ends here>

“An alliance?” said Brandon.

“Yea, but we will have to trade three teammates, which will become our prisoners.” said Rowan.

Brandon pondered the idea. It would certainly help things. With the Lattimore/Gosset alliance, the odds of winning against them are slim, but with an alliance the Lattimores will think twice about attacking them. But the condition is not vary favorable. The Stowes have already lost one team member. Giving up three more would be very risky. Then again, we gain three prisoners of their own. The Friedmans didn't say anything about labor, so they may can “lend a hand.”

“I think it's risky, we give up three members for potentially fifteen allies. But can we trust them?” said Brandon.

“That is the part I worry about. The Friedmans were never very social at school. They mostly kept to themselves. They're more or less an enigma! But we can't wait long. The Lattimores and Gossets can act anytime. And I bet Baylor is trying his best to get the Lattimores to target us first.” After a moment of thinking, Rowan came to a decision. He started typing a message on the computer that was setup inside the fortress. “We have no choice but to agree.”

“Fine. But the problem is deciding who will be traded. I can't imagine anyone would want to go along with it.” said Brandon.

“Yea I know. Morale has dropped some after losing that boy. I just hope we are making the right decision.”

“Me too.”

Later that evening, further south down the river, the Lattimore team is holding a celebration dinner. They are celebrating the formation of the alliance with the Gossets. Baylor and his advisers have also joined the feast. On the wall, three boys are tied by their hands, which are suspended above them by a rope tied to the ceiling supports. They are stripped down to their underwear, and blindfolded and gagged with ball gags. The rest of the boys in the room ignore their moaning and grunting as they eat dinner. Jeffery, who was appointed leader of the Lattimores, sits at one end of the table, while Baylor and his advisers sit at another.

“Today we celebrate two things. first is our alliance with the Gossets. Together, we will crush the rest of the teams with force. And second, we celebrate our first three captures, which are tied over there.” Jeffery said as he pointed at the three helpless captives. “Now in case you are wandering who they are, they were captured by our scouting party. They happened to ambush them during a short nap. After the scouts examined their headband, they in fact belonged to the Bagleys!”

The three boys grunted and struggled against their binds, as the Lattimores and Gossets clapped and laughed at their captives.

“And to solidify our alliance, Baylor will get to choose one of these boys to take back with them. A gift for our new allies” Jeffery remarked.

“Thank you Jeffery. I do believe this alliance will work out nicely after all. By the way, I have a proposal for you. How about we ambush the Stowes first. You know Rowan, the one that idolizes your older brother. I have a bone to pick with him, and I would really like to get him and my traitorous brother into our cells.” Baylor said.

Jeffery and the his advisers whispered among themselves. “Very well. We will comply with your demand.” said Tyler.

Baylor smiled after hearing this. He was exited about finally getting a chance to torture and humiliate his long time rival.

After the teams finished their dinner, Baylor chose the shorter of the two boys. He chose a brown hair, brown eye freckled boy to be his “gift.” Baylor whispered something in the boy's ear that sent chills down his spine. “When we get back, were gonna have some fun. And by “we” I don't mean you.” Baylor had something bad planned for his new slave. Jeffery commanded two of his team member to take the other two captives down to the holding cells. Baylor's new captive was released from his suspension, and a leash was connected to a collar on his neck. The leash was handed to Marion, Baylor's younger brother.

“Thanks again for the gift, Jeffery. I will keep in touch.” Baylor said, as he and his advisers left the fort.

East of Fort Lattimore lies the Trinidads, who have already captured a tribal camp. The camp consisted of five boys, but were overpowered when 7 of their troops ambushed them. They are now inside the dungeon, sitting on their knees with their hands tied behind their backs. Amos, who is the eldest Trinidad brother walks left and right, staring at each boy as he passes. The boys are stripped to their boxers and gagged with a bandanna.

So here is whats going to happen. If you can tell me what you want to happen in one minute, I will let you do as you wish. But you have to tell me. Otherwise, I will have to decide for you.” said Amos. Moments of silence pass, and after 20 seconds pass, the captives get no response. “Well, are you going to speak?” The captives knew immediately what he is playing at. He wasn't going to remove the gag for them to speak. They would have to try and get the message across. The boys continued to yell “Let us go” or “Set us Free”, but instead the strictly tied bandannas muffled their voices. After 40 seconds of muffled voices, Amos's face produces an evil grin.

“Oh what was that? I couldn't understand a word you said. Too bad you couldn't talk straight. I would have done anything you asked. Oh well. I guess I will have to decide for you.” Amos grabbed one of the boys and dragged him to a table like device. He motioned for some of his teammates to come over and lock the boy into the torture rack. The boy's hands and knees were locked into the shackles at each end of the device. The boy, now helpless, is blindfolded by Amos.

“You're lucky number one!” said Amos to the boy. “Robert must have a pretty dark side to have all these fun torture devices in here. This device is designed to stretch your arms and legs. Of course we won't pull too hard, but we will make you uncomfortable.” said Amos, excited about trying out the device.

Amos was right. The room was designed like a medieval torture room. It had many devices for torturing captives, like the torture rack, pulleys with shackles connected, and many tools that can cause discomfort. He also had other kinds of equipment, such as muzzles, handcuffs, nipple clamps, and pinwheels to name a few. Since Robert was the one who designed the fortresses, he did have a dark side. The sight unsettled most of the team, but the Trinidads smiled when they first saw this chamber.

“First, we will start with some intense tickling. This will last for about 15 to 20 minutes. Then the real fun begins.” said Amos with an evil grin on his face. As Amos was about to start, A blond haired, blue eyed boy entered the chamber.

“Amos! You need to come quickly! We got news from Robert!” said Damien. “What!? Can't you see that I'm in the middle of something?” said Amos.

“I know, but you need to come see this. It's very important!” said Damien. “Its a telecast Robert is broadcasting on T.V”

“Alright, fine. You two. Stay here and “entertain” our guest until I get back. Just tickle him. No more. I reserve the right to do other things.” said Amos, as he followed Damien to the first floor.

Robert, in his headquarters, is waiting for his telecast to begin. Ten, who is once again in nothing but a jockstrap, is massaging his feet at Robert's command. “Keep massaging, and don't stop. If you even pause for a minute, you will get punished.” said Robert.

The cameraman started to count down “5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0...”

Map of Fortress:

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Chapter 7

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End of Chapter 6 Team Organization

Arc 1: Clash of the Alliances

Chapter 7: The Games, the Hunt, and the Training

In each fortress, the teams all gathered in the entertainment room to watch Robert's broadcast. As the broadcast counted down, the free tribes watched from a laptop that was included. One tribe, the one that captured the Stowe boy, had just finished tickle torturing their victim, as they turned their attention to their laptop. After the countdown finished, Robert's face appeared on the broadcast.

“Hello, and welcome to the first addition of the Bagley news report. Before we get started, please be aware that on this day and at this time every week during the competition, I will hold this broadcast. Now the first bit of news is that the first coliseum meeting will take place this Saturday, in three days. All team members are expected to be present at the meeting. If a team is absent, then I will send my scouts to deduct 2 team members from its roster. As for the events, the first event will be a TUG of war. Again each team can decide to participate. The rules of the event go as follows: like a tug of war, each team will be required to pull the other into the middle to win. The twist: instead of pulling the ropes by holding on to it, each team member will be tied to the rope by their hands and waist! The winner will get to choose 2 members from the losing teams to be captives. There will be up to three matches for the event, as there are 6 teams. If you decide to enter, remember that each pair will be determined randomly, regardless of alliance treaties.”

Everyone continues to watch the screen as Robert continues the broadcast.

“The second event will be Capture the Team! In this event, two teams will be paired. For two rounds, one team will have to capture the other team by hunting them down. After a certain time period, the round will end, and one point will be added for each capture. On the second round, the roles are reversed. The hunting team will become the hunted, and the hunted team in round 1 will have a chance to score. After both rounds are concluded, the winner will be determined by highest score. For this game, no team will lose anything, but the winning team will get 2,000 credits to apply to their account! So it would be in every teams best interest to participate in this game at least.”

“There will be a third event, but the details will not be revealed until Saturday. I want to mention two more things about the tournament. Remember there is a market for each team to spend its credits on resources. The market will feature things you won't find on the online store, so please be sure to check it out. Another event that will be held is a “special auction” that everyone might want to check out. It will feature some highly valuable to speak.”

“As for the final segment in this broadcast, I....kinda gave some late registrants a chance to enter the tournament. 15 to be exact. But they had to enter the tournament alone and are hiding out in the woods. They agreed to be your slaves! So it may be in the best entrants to send a group of teammates to go and look for these. Eventually, they will have to find a fortress. They have to eat as well, hehehe. Who knows where they will be hiding. And that concludes this broadcast! I hope it has been...informative. Copies of this Saturday's details will be sent to each team email account, with the exception of the surprise event. I thank you for watching, and wish you all......good luck.” Before the broadcast concluded, Robert winked at the screen.

Truth be known, they were not late registrants. Instead, Robert released his own personal slaves, who were forced to play along with his story. They could participate in the tournament, but knew what would happen if they do anything to piss Robert off. Back at the fortresses, the teams immediately planned their strategy to hunt down the fleeing slaves.

The Stowes, in particular, put John and three other boys to hunt down the slaves. “John, I am assigning you and three others to finding those boys.” said Rowan.

“Robert didn't give any detail about what they will be wearing or what they will look like, so be cautious. You don't know when the enemy might try and setup a trap. We can't afford to lose any more members” advised Brandon.

“Yea I understand.” said John.

“Keep a lookout for those hidden treasures as well.” said Rowan. “You will leave out early in the morning. Be careful.”

“And as for all of you, I have some news from Team Friedman. It seems they want to form an alliance with us. But for that to happen, we need to exchange three of our teammates as “hostages.” Don't worry, it won't be as bad as it seems. Walker and I have already worked out the treaty. Three of our members will simply work for Team Friedman, as three members from their team will work for us. They will be like Wards. It's just a measure of security for this treaty, and will not involve torture or interrogation of any kind. We will have regular contact with the hostages. So now that I have explained it, we need to pick three members to go.”

The teams whispered among themselves for a moment.

“To make things fair, you will draw numbers out of a hat. The members with the numbers 1, 2, and 3 will be selected to go.” Rowan and Brandon prepared the numbers and placed 9 numbers in a hat. Each member hesitated as they drew their numbers, knowing it could be them.

“So, who was chosen?” said Robert.

Three boys stepped up, as Rowan expected.

“I know this may be difficult, but I will do my best to see you are treated fairly. We will also have three hostages from their team as well, so that should keep them in line.” said Rowan.

“Tomorrow, John will return by noon, which we will then meet Team Friedman to solidify the alliance. If this plays out, we could evade the onslaught of the Lattimore/Gosset alliance.” said Rowan. “Now lets get some sleep.”

The boys all went to sleep for the night to prepare for the coming day. After some fun with their new gift, the Gosset team also went to sleep, dreaming about ways to torture their future slaves, the Stowe Brothers. The Trinidad leader also finished his planned torture of his captives. One by one, the lights of each fortress went out as the teams dozed off to sleep.

The following morning, the teams woke up to a storm, rain pouring down heavily and thunder growling from a distance. Luckily, the fortresses and free tribes were equipped with raincoats for the nasty weather. That morning, each team sent out units to hunt down the runaway slaves, who are probably not enjoying the weather at all. The teams expected that the runaways may give up and seek out a team for shelter from the rain, even if it meant giving up their freedom. John and three other boys were sent out into the storm for their scouting missions.

Rowan sets in the kitchen at the table, drinking a cup of coffee and eating breakfast with Brandon, Russ, and some of the other boys. “Interesting weather for this meeting” said Rowan, trying to spark a conversation.

“Yea it is.” said Brandon. “So where are we meeting the Friedmans?”

“We are meeting them at our border. There is a large boulder to the east of our fortress. On past the free tribe camp, the boulder sits on the dividing line of our territories. It will be there we will make the exchange, and sign the treaty.” said Rowan.

Brandon looked at the map and noticed the boulder.

“I see. But shouldn't you leave someone here to guard the fortress?” asked Brandon.

“Yea, John and his team will be tired when they get back. The four of them will stay and look after the place. The rest of the team will come with us. Walker will also limit his group to 10, leaving behind five to guard their own fortress” said Rowan.

“I see.” Brandon replied.

The boys finished their breakfast and went to the entertainment room to kill some time before the meeting.

At the Gosset fortress, Baylor and two of his brothers were inside the dungeon, standing in front of the helpless boy's cell, the same boy that was given as a gift to them by the Lattimores.

“So guys, I have some ideas about what to do with the Stowes. I would love to try some ideas out, but we need a test dummy for that. So lets get this boy to be that dummy!” said Baylor. The boy, locked up in his cell, started shivering from fear.

“Please, don't do anything to me! I'll do anything you want.”

The Gossets chuckled at the boys begging.

“Damn right you will. And we decide what happens from now on. If we want you to clean the fortress, you will. If we want to leave you in this cell all day, we will. If we decide to not feed you, we will not feed you until we absolutely have to. And if we decide to punish you, even if it is not justified, WE WILL” Baylor explained with emphasis on the last part. “The only thing you can do to make it better on yourself is that you best just give into your predicament, and accept that you will be at our mercy.”

“Now, Ren. Open the cell and let him out.” Baylor commanded to his younger brother.

Ren opened the cell, and immediately grabbed the boy by the arm.

“Ah, I guess we should introduce ourselves. Lets start with you.” said Baylor,

“My name is Carlos.” the boy said timidly, as he stared at the floor.

Baylor noticed this and pulled the boy's chin up to force the boy to look into his eyes.

“From now on you look your new masters in the face when spoken to.” said Baylor.

The boys eyes began to water. “Yyes.” said Carlos.

“What was that?” said Baylor.

“Yyess sir.” said Carlos.

“That's better. Remember that and you will be treated better. As for me, my name is Baylor Gosset. You answer to me first and foremost. But if an adviser gives you a command, and as long as it doesn't contradict with my plans, then you will obey. The same goes for a team member. The golden rule is that you will be on the bottom in this fortress's hierarchy. If you prove yourself, and there is an opening on our team, I MIGHT allow you to become a member, and your days as a slave will cease.”

This gave Carlos some hope.

“Now, Ren. Strip him of his shirt and command him to put this on.” Baylor said as he handed Ren a black speedo.

Ren forced Carlos to the ground and commanded him to lift his arms. Rodrick then removed the shirt off Carlos and handed him the speedo. Carlos then was instructed to change into the black speedo in his cell while Baylor and Ren turned their head. Humiliated, Carlos slowly took off his shorts that he was allowed to wear for the night off, and slipped on the speedo. When Carlos notified his new masters that he was finished, Ren grabbed him by the arm and led him into the interrogation room.

Once inside, Baylor and Ren lead Carlos to a device with a metal bar and two wooden supports at each end. Two shackles were hanging from the bar while two more were at the bottom of the wooden supports. Baylor and Ren fastened Carlos into the device that restrained his arms above his body and his legged spread out.

“What are you going to do to me?” Carlos asked nervously.

“If you don't shut up, we will gag you” said Baylor.

Carlos gulped as he kept quiet. Baylor went over to the nearby table and started searching for something inside a box. Carlos eyes widened as Baylor pulled out something.

“Hehehe. When I saw this, I couldn't wait to try this out on Rowan, but you will do just fine until I get my hands on him.” said Baylor.

Carlos watched as Baylor approached with the item in question. Baylor grasped the handle of the leather whip and went behind Carlos.

“Every day for a week, we will begin your training with 10 whippings to the back, just to remind you of your situation.” Baylor said with an evil grin.

Carlos closed his teary eyes and screamed as the whip went across his back.
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Chapter 8

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End of Chapter 7 Team Organization

Arc 1: Clash of the Alliances

Chapter 8: A Treaty

Unfortunately, it was still stormy outside when it came time for the meeting. Rowan, Brandon, Trey, and 7 others(including the three boys selected for trade) decided to go with the meeting group while John, Russ, Chase, and Logan remained at the fortress to guard it.

“Keep an eye on the fort, John. This shouldn't take long, so we will return soon.” said Rowan, as he and the other boys accompanying him said as they were leaving the fortress.

“Very well, Rowan. Good luck and be careful. There is a free tribe that you will approach on your path. They shouldn't bother you but they may take a gamble.” warned John.

“Yea I know. Brandon and I already made plans to deal with them. We may come back with more than we left with. We need to fill that dungeon with some people. Haha” said Rowan, thinking about the empty cells beneath the fortress.

The Stowes may be the only team that has not captured any boys since the tournament began. But that might change later today, when they ambush the free tribe that sits on their path to the meeting place.

Some time had passed since the Stowe Team left the fortress. They are not far now from the free tribe, and are hiding in the woods in preparation to ambush the unsuspecting boys. The storm had lightened, with only a light rain falling on the Stowe boys.

“Boy I sure feel sorry for them. Having to sleep in the tents in this storm.” said one boy.

“Shh.” whispered Brandon. “You don't know where they are. We need to keep quiet.”

“Ohh. Sorry”

“Ok guys, I think I have a plan.” Rowan said. “Two of you will go up to the camp. One will actually enter the camp to gain the boys attention. After you get their attention, run into that small clearing we showed you earlier. That's where we will wait behind the trees and ambush them when you lure them into the clearing.”

“Ok, so which two will go?” asked another boy.

Rowan picked two to lure the tribe out. As the two boys started toward the camp, Rowan and the boys took their positions around the clearing. After 7 minutes, the boys have not returned. The team was getting nervous. After about 15, the team was about to give up, thinking the boys were captured, when they heard footsteps in the distance running toward them. In the clearing, the two teammates arrived, along with 4 other boys chasing them down.

“Stop! Just give up already! It's two on four!” one of the free tribe boys said as they were chasing the two down.

The two boys looked at each other and winked. One boy feigned a fall, signaling his team to invade. As the tribal boys approached, ready to pounce, they heard several footsteps come out of the forest around them. 8 boys immediately wrestled them to the ground.
“You two! Hurry up and get the stuff out of my bag, it's behind the tree!” Rowan instructed the two decoys as he pointed to a tree.

“Yea were on it” said one of them, as they rushed over to the tree and grabbed the bag.

As the were removing the contents, the tribal boys noticed the long lengths of rope, handcuffs, bandannas, ball gags, and other restraining items fall out.

“No, please don't do this!” said one of them as the tribal boys struggled to get free.

“Be quiet! We don't want to hurt you. You will be escorted back to our fortress and will be our prisoners!” Explained Rowan as he and the rest of the team snapped the handcuffs on the the tribal boys.

“If you comply, we will not be hard on you. But if you don't, it will get rough.” said Rowan.

Rowan took a long rope and began to tie it around each tribal person's waist. He then tied the chain of the handcuffs to the length of the rope with another much smaller length of rope. The other boys followed their lead and did the same thing to the other three boys.

“That should keep them from running. Now blindfold and gag them” said Rowan, and the boys complied with his orders. The boys wrapped bandannas around each boy's eyes and then inserted the ball gags into their mouths.

“And by the way, wouldn't you want to be in dry fortress with us, rather than out here in this rain?” said Rowan rhetorically.

The boys didn't think of it that way. Maybe now they will at least remain dry.

When Rowan grabbed the end of the rope to start walking, Brandon walked up to one of the boys and removed his gag.

“What are you doing?” asked Rowan.

“Hey, the others haven't noticed it yet, but there are only four of you. Each camp is supposed to have 5 boys in it. Wheres the last boy?” asked Brandon.

Rowan didn't think about that. The boys then realized their mistake, and then looked at the ungagged boy for an answer.

“He was captured the other day! We had split up into two groups to look for treasures, but one our groups were ambushed by another team.” said the boy.

“Do you know which team?” asked Brandon.

“Yea. I think it was the Friedmans.” said the boy.

Rowan and Brandon looked at each other.

“I see. Where did they ambush you? Teams aren't supposed to invade other teams territory unless they are attempting to attack the territory's fortress.” asked Rowan.

“Uh, well we kinda made the mistake of crossing into their territory, and one of us paid the price as you can see.” replied the boy.

“I see then. Well we will bring it up when we meet them.” said Rowan.

“Wait wha...Mhmmmp” said the boy as he was regagged by Brandon.

“Lets go to the camp first and gather their supplies. Then we need to hurry. We are gonna be late if we don't hurry.” said Brandon.

The Stowes, along with their new captives, returned to the tribal camp and gathered what supplies were there, which was very little. They then proceeded to the meeting place

20 minutes after leaving the camp, the Stowe team noticed a large boulder, which indicated the meeting place. The rain had finally ceased, but the skies were still cloudy, with an occasional pop of thunder in the distance. Beside the boulder stood a group of 10 people, which was the Friedmans.

The Stowes approached the boulder to meet with them.

“Hello, Walker. Good to see you survived the storm.” said Rowan, still in his raincoat.

“Hello, Rowan. We should start off by introducing our teams to one another, since we will be working with each other.” suggested Walker. “The advisers are my brothers Steve, Loren, Oran, and Wade.” said Walker.

“Nice to meet you guys. These two boys are my brothers: Brandon and Russ. And this one is Trey Gosset, my friend. They are my advisers.” said Rowan.

Walker's eyebrow raised as he heard Trey's name. “Gosset? Shouldn't he be on the Gossets team then?” asked Walker.

“Ha, I understand your confusion. But I assure you, Trey dislikes his brother probably more than we do.” said Rowan. “Trey thinks of us as his brothers more than he does of his actual brothers.”

“I..see. Well I'm not going to question you adviser choices any further. If you think Trey is a good choice, then he is a good choice. Hate to get off on the wrong foot before we even sign the treaty, right.” Walker said as he smiled.

“It's okay, Walker. I understand.” said Trey.

“Ok, good. Now that that’s over, lets beg....” Walker was saying as he paused at the sight of the restrained boys. “Well, it seems you have been busy.” said Walker as he noticed the blindfolded and gagged boys.

“Oh, yea. Our dungeons are needing to be filled. So we decided to capture the tribe that was close to the meeting point.” said Rowan. “That's why we were a little late. Which brings me to the question: did you capture a tribal boy a couple days ago? The boys we captured say you did.” Rowan asked.

“Yes we did in fact. Our scouting team brought back one after ambushing a group of three. Is that the rest of his team?” Walker asked as if he needed to.

“Yea. I just wanted to verify their story. So now that we settled our question, lets sign this treaty.” said Rowan.

“Lets. But first, our conditions.” said Walker, as he signaled three of his boys to come up.

Rowan also turned to the three boys he selected, and motioned for them to step forward. Each of the 6 boys walked to the other team, whom will keep them in their fortress. Each team took out a set of handcuffs, and tied a rope around them to keep them restrained.

“Good. You have our word that they will remain untouched while at our fortress, unless you break the terms of the treaty.” stated Walker.

“The same applies to you too, Walker”

“Good. Then let's sign the treaty and make it official.”

Walker took out a copy of the treaty and signed his name to it. He handed the pen to Rowan and he signed as well. The alliance was made! “Good. We were planning to surprise you guys with a picnic, but given the weather, we changed our minds. We can celebrate at some other time, if you like.” said Walker.

“We would like that, thanks.” said Rowan.

“We will keep in touch. Goodbye, new friend!” Walker stated as he and his team departed form the scene.

Rowan, with 7 new captives, signaled for his team to return to the fortress.

As they were leaving, a shadow emerged from behind the boulder. Dressed in all back covering his entire body, the boy wore a black ski mask over his head. He reached in his pocket and pulled out what looked like a cellphone. After pressing a few buttons, he pulled it up to his mouth. After a few moments he said “The deal was finalized. The Stowes and the Friedmans are now allies.” said the boy.

On the other end of the line, Robert was in his living room, watching tv. “Good job, scout. I guess I need to inform the participants of the new development.”
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Chapter 9

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End of Chapter 8 Team Organization

Arc 1: Clash of the Alliances

Chapter 9: A Slaves First Day

It has been over 3 days since the beginning of the tournament. Already, three tribal camps have been found and captured, 80% of the treasures have been found, and 2 alliances have been formed. The Stowes, in giving up three of their own team, formed an alliance with the Friedmans, whom have also given up three of their team members. Robert has announced the first coliseum event that will take place in two days. Of the 15 slaves, 4 have either given up or have been found and captured since last night. 11 slaves remain on the run, and each team is keeping a lookout for them. Later in the evening, Rowan and his crew return to their fortress, with 7 new captives. Three of them will simply be kept in the fortress, while the other four will face unknown consequences. As for the Friedmans, they captured three of the runaway slaves, making their tally up to 7 as well. The Lattimores have three slaves, which two were captured from the Bagleys and one was a runaway slave. The Gossets have only one slave so far.

That slave in particular, named Carlos, has had a horrid day as a slave for the Gossets. When out of his cell, he is required to only wear a speedo. If he is not in the interrogation room, he is either cleaning the fortress or tending to the needs of his new masters. But now, 24 hours after he was handed to the Gossets from the Lattimores, he is about to endure another round of torture.

“Carlos, I saw the kitchen, and you did a satisfactory job cleaning it. I think Baylor will be satisfied.” said Elliot, brother and adviser to Baylor.

“Yes, thank yo..OOOUCH!” said Carlos as a jolt of pain shot into his neck.

“Say that again?” asked Elliot.

“Yes..sir” said Carlos.

“Good. Each time you get it wrong, the shock collar around your neck will remind you. And if you escape, the shock collar will also remind you to return. Do I make myself clear?” said Elliot.

“Yes sir.” said Carlos.

“Now before I let you have your earned meal, you have to thank me!”

Carlos knew exactly what he was talking about. Baylor had explained how Carlos will thank his new masters when needed. Elliot set in on the kitchen chair and took off his shoe. It was reeking of dirt and sweat from walking in the rain. Carlos bent down and slowly planted his lips upon his master's foot and began to kiss it. After a couple of seconds, which seemed much longer to Carlos, he lifted his head and stared at Elliot.

“Thank you for the food, sir.” said Carlos.

“Good boy. You are learning quicker than I thought. Now you may eat. After your finished, you will get your shower.” said Elliot, patting the knelling slave on the head as if he were an obedient dog.

Carlos thought nothing of the bath as he ate his meal, which consisted of a grilled hamburger, baked beans, and potato salad. After he was finished with his meal, he was instructed by Elliot to follow him. Elliot led Carlos down the steps and into the basement.

“Where are we EAWWW” said Carlos, and Elliot used the controller to send another jolt from the shock collar.

“You better remember that you will not speak unless spoken to, boy.” said Elliot.

Carlos kept his mouth shut as he followed Elliot into the interrogation room. He lead him into a corner that Carlos hasn't seen yet. It had prison-like showers lining the wall. The more disturbing thing is that they had shackles hanging from the wall. Carlos shivered as ideas went through his head.

“Ok, this is how it goes. Here is where you and the other future prisoners will shower. But you don't get to shower by yourself. Since dogs can't wash themselves, they need someone to do it for them, right?” Elliot stated, which sent even more shivers down his spine. Carlos knew what was coming.

“Alright, since your almost nude already, get in there. I will be your washer.” said Elliot.

Carlos stepped into the shower, and waited for his next orders.

“Well, put your hands up.” said Elliot.

“Please, mast Eowwww!” Carlos said as yet another jolt went through his body.

“I better not have to tell you again.” said Elliot.

Carlos then lifted his hands above his head, where the shackles hang. Elliot then fastened his wrist into the shackles. Elliot went over to a table on the other side of the room, where he stripped all his clothes off, and put on a set of blue speedos. Elliot didn't want to get his clothes wet.

“Okay Carlos, these speedos have to come off. We have to make sure your thoroughly washed, right?” said Elliot, as he approached the boy and yanked down his speedos. Humiliated, Carlos kept his mouth shut, but couldn't hid his resentment of the situation.

“Don't worry. I am not going to do anything nasty to you. It's just going to be a quick wash. Were not THAT evil.” Elliot said. “Oh and one more thing: let me get this collar off of you. Id hate for it to malfunction and hurt you” said Elliot, as he removed Carlos's collar.

Elliot then turned the shower water on, which also produced foaming cleaning soap from the showerhead.

“The cool thing about these shower heads is that they are attached to a long hose instead of directly to the wall. It also has a built in soap dispenser, so all we have to do is spray you down. No contact at all!” said Elliot, making Carlos feel somewhat better about being washed by another boy. “But, we also have soap bars and rags. Keep that in mind the next time you think about acting out.” said Elliot. As he sprayed the boy and lathered his body in soap, he then turned a knob that stopped the flow of soap, which allowed Elliot to rinse off Carlos. After Elliot was finished washing his slave, Carlos was released from his shackles, refitted with the shock collar, and handed a towel to dry off.

“Your clothes for the night are on the table next to mine. Turn around and don't watch me strip.” said Elliot, as he walk over to the table with his clothes. Elliot then put back on his former wear and instructed Carlos to put his clothes on, which consisted of some boxer shorts and a white t-shirt.

“Well I guess you survived your first day as a slave. Tomorrow, Baylor will reduce your whippings to 9 for being compliant. The more you accept your slavery and catch on to what you are here for, the easier your job will be.” said Elliot. “Now lets get you into the cell. Tomorrow morning will come early.” said Elliot.


Going back earlier in the evening, Jeffery was working on his own slaves. He gave the other two to his Lattimore cousins to have fun with. Klyde, who was now going to be Jeffery's personal slave, was lead into Jeffery's bedroom, where he will spend most of his time. Instead of sleeping in Jeffery's bed, though, a smaller and less comfortable bed was in the room. This bed had four shackles at each bedpost, which was used to restrain someone to it.

“Now that the day is finished, Lets have some fun. First, I need to think of a name for you. I think I want to call you Lane.” said Jeffery.

“Yes, master.” said the newly named Lane.

“Yes. Forget your previous name. You won't be needing it anymore. Now you will tend to my needs. First off, my feet need massaging. All that walking today has worn me out.” said Jeffery.

Lane got on his knees and grabbed Jeffery's feet, which was sitting at the foot of his king-sized bed. As Lone ran his fingers across Jeffery's foot, Jeffery started moaning from the comforting massage.

“That feels sooo good.” said Jeffery. After a couple minutes of massaging, Jeffery instructed Lane to move on to the next foot. After another couple minutes, Jeffery commanded his slave to stop.

“Now Lane. As you can see, my feet are somewhat dirty. I want you to clean them.” said Jeffery.

“Where is the cloth, master?” Lane asked Jeffery.

“You won't need a cloth. Instead, you will use your mouth to clean them.” said Jeffery.

“What? You want me to lick your feet?” Lane asked, which infuriated Jeffery.

Jeffery landed a hard slap across Lanes face for his defiance. “You do as your commanded, slave!”

Not wanting to anger Jeffery again, Lane hesitantly started to lick Jeofferey's toes and feet. The taste of Jeffery's feet made Lane regurgitate. Sweat and dirt poured into Lane's mouth as the saliva mixed with it. After about 5 or so minutes, Jeffery commanded his slave to stop.

“Good. I think that should do it. Now get up.” said Jeffery. He grabbed a leather collar and leash off his table, which he fashioned around Lanes neck.

“Get used to this. I want you close to me most of the time.” said Jeffery.

Jeffery pulled on the leash, which forced Lane to follow him. After leading Lane to his small bed, Jeffery instructed him to lift his hands. Jeffery removed Lanes shirt, reveling his torso. He then ordered Lane to lay on the bed with his hands at the top bedposts. Jeffery then fastened the shackles on Lane's wrists. Jeffery then stripped Lane's shorts off, leaving him in nothing but underwear. Lane then fastened the other two shackles to his legs. Jeffery then smiled.

“Now I am going to have some fun.” said Jeffery.

Jeffery reached under the bed and pulled out a small box.

“This is what I like to call the torture box. Inside, there are various objects that you will get to know well” said Jeffery.

He opened the box and pulled out the first item, a leather blindfold. He then covered Lane's eyes with the blindfold. He also pulled out a ball gag and placed it in Lane's mouth.

“Good boy.” said Jeffery.

Jeffery then pulled out another item: a feather. He started sliding the feather across Lanes naked torso, prompting some movement and grunts. He swirled the feather around the base of his nipples, his belly button, his armpits, his neck, behind his knees, and the soles of his feet. Lane giggled and laughed through the ball gag and squirmed.

“I see your ticklish in many places. This is going to be fun.” said Jeffery. Jeffery then put the feather on the table and started slowly tickling his slave in the same places. As time passed, Jeffery became more aggressive with his onslaught. Lane was squirming and laughing much harder now, and Jeffery didn't relent for 20 minutes.

“I am going to get a shower now. I will let you enjoy these until I get back” Jeffery whispered in Lanes ear. Lane suddenly felt a sharp pain on his nipples, as Jeffery applied nipple clamps to them.

It took about 20 minutes for Jeffery to finish his shower. Lane, barely withstanding the pain from the tight clamps, struggled and squirmed on the bed trying to shake the clamps off his throbbing nipples. But Lane had no success. His nipples were slowly numbing from the restricted blood flow.

“I see you are enjoying your new toys” Jeffery commented when he saw Lane moving around on the bed.

“Mmph” said Lane in response to Jeffery.

“Lets get these things off and see.” Jeffery yanked the clamps off with a bit of force that made Lane scream in his gag.

“Haha. I bet they are sore, huh” said Jeffery. “I wander how this will feel” as he thumped Lane's left nipple, causing a yelp to be heard through the gag.

Jeffery continued to play with Lanes nipples, as he squirmed and screamed into the gag. He continued to play with Lane for a couple more hours, switching from tickle torture to nipple torture. After Jeffery finished, he allowed Lane to shower and use the bathroom before bedtime.

The lights in the fortresses once again shut off for the night. In just four days, the tournament has already experienced significant changes. Who knows what can happen in the coming days.
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Chapter 10

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End of Chapter 9 Team Organization

Arc 1: Clash of the Alliances

Chapter 10: Legend of The Paryl

By nightfall, the storm clouds that showered the area with rain have moved on. Everyone was sound asleep in their beds. But one person, in particular was not having a good night. Brandon was having a nightmare. In his dreams, he was being chased through the woods by a group of boys. The scene then fades into another and he was now tied to a pole, looking down on a set of tents. With his captors staring at him, he noticed the glare of one of them. The others were pointing and laughing at him, but this boy's stare was different. The scene faded once again. This time he was inside what looked like a throne room with a wooden chair. Brandon's hands were tied behind his back, and he was sitting on his knees. He glanced over at the throne, and saw a shirtless boy in it. Brandon couldn't tell who was in the chair, as his face was hidden by an unknown shadow. But he could tell that he was not just sitting in the chair, he was restrained to it. His hands and feet were restrained to the arm rests and the legs of the chair by steel restraints. Brandon didn't know what to make of the scene. As he stood up, he walked toward the boy to get a better look at his face, but as the boy's face came into view, Brandon suddenly awoke.

“Are you okay?” asked Russ, who had heard Brandon mumbling in his sleep.

“Yea Russ, I'm fine.”

“Was it one of those dreams?” asked Russ. “What was it about?”

“I don't really know. It was just flashes. I couldn’t tell who anyone was.”

“Oh ok. I'm going back to sleep”

“Good night” said Brandon as he rested his head back on his pillow. Brandon slept peacefully the rest of the night.


The following day, the Trinidad leader had assembled his advisers for a meeting.

“Good morning, everyone.” he said, as they walked through his bedroom door.

“So, Amos, what is this about a secret treasure?” asked Axel, Amos's younger brother.

“One of our scouts found one of the treasures that was hidden away.” said Amos.

“Well that's a relief. I was beginning to believe that the rest of the team was subpar, to say the least.” said Aran, another Trinidad brother.

“Yea. But this treasure was very peculiar.” said Amos.

“How so?” asked Axel.

“When the scouts opened it, all that was inside was a rolled piece of paper.” said Amos.

“Paper? What kind of treasure is that?” asked Aran.

“Why would Robert put a piece of paper as a treasure?” asked Victor, Amos's cousin.

“Well its whats on the paper that caught my attention.” said Amos. “Let me read it aloud.”

“In this land, three objects that can turn the fate of this war are hidden. Paryl, the god of all chaos and change, created these three objects as harbingers of chaos.

One object is said to possess the power of lightning. It has the power to make even the strongest of man fall to his knees. The second object can subdue many enemies at once. It shoots a sphere that will expand into a net that restrains it's victims. And the third one can release an powerful gas in the air that drains it's victims of their sensory perception.

These objects were once the target of many wars, and those who claimed them were respected and feared. If even one of them was found, it could turn the tides for even the most hopeless situations.

There are three copies of this paper, each one hints at a location in which one of these objects rest.

The gift of lightning lays dormant in the waters, watching as fish swim by. 5 persons sit above the land nearby, unaware that out in between the two masses lies a power that can give them the means to win the tournament.”

“Wow. What a story. Do you actually believe there is a god of chaos?” asked Victor.

“Of course not. It's just Robert trying to be funny. But we will show him funny. We will find this item at all costs.” said Amos.

“Oh, and how will you do that?” said Damien, Amos's cousin and Victor's brother. “Judging from the riddle, this 'power of lightning' is at the bottom of the lake.”

Amos didn't think about that. How were they suppose to hold their breath long enough to find this object? They certainly didn't have any diving equipment on them.

“But we must find a way. We need that object so we can win this tournament.” said Amos desperately.

“Well what do you suggest we do, cousin?” said Damien.

“I...i don't know.” said Amos.

“Then lets just forget about it for now and focus on finding other treasures and resources. If we come across something that can help us find it, then we can think about it again.” said Damien. “Don't you agree?”

The rest of the Trinidad advisers also felt the same way. There was no way to the bottom of the lake without drowning. And even if they did have a way, finding it down there is another challenge in itself.

“Fine Damien, your right. Lets just forget about the incredibly powerful object that can win us the game.” said Amos, disappointed.

“There is one other thing I wanted to mention. This morning, Robert sent out another update. It seems the Stowes and Friedmans have also formed an alliance. That make two alliances so far.” said Amos.

“I see. What does that mean for us?” said Victor.

“Well with the large boulders blocking off the border between our territory and the Friedmans, I don't expect the Friedmans to attack us yet. But the Lattimores and the Gossets can.” said Amos.

“However, I have observed the relationship between the Stowes and the Gossets. It seems their leaders don't think well of each other. I am venturing to bet that Baylor is wanting to get his hands on the Stowe Team.” said Aerys.

“I see. So it's possible that the 2 current alliances will butt heads. Maybe we should be patient for now, let them make the first move.” said Axel.

“Maybe. I know we need to keep watch along the river to the east. Have a scout or two patrol it.” said Amos.

“Agreed.” said the advisers.

“I think that is all we needed to talk about. Now I am going to have some fun with our “guests”. Hehe.” said Amos. The advisers left the room.


The Bagleys, who have yet to be mentioned, have been silent since the start of the tournament. Stan, who is their leader, is worried that he may be the first target of the new alliances.

“Oh man oh man.” he says, as he walks back and forth in his room.

“Calm down, Stan. You are losing your cool dude.” Said Slade Sanders, one of Stan's advisers.

“Calm down! I don't think I need to remind you of our situation. We lost three of our guys already, and we border three other teams, two of which are working together.”

“But you are forgetting that the Gossets hate the Stowes. Do you think they would want to take you out yet?” said Slade.

“Thats what I was thinking too until Robert sent out a report informing all teams that another alliance has been made! The Stowes are now allies with the Friedmans!” said Stan.

“Oh. That is a game changer. The Gossets may think twice about attacking the Stowes now. What is your relationship with the Jeffery like?” asked Slade.

“Well I think we are on good terms. Me and Jeffery used to play together all the time back when we were kids. But we just stopped hanging out. Over time, Jeffery's interests changed and we grew apart.” said Stan.

“I see. Well we could try forming an alliance with the Trinidads. That could even the odds.” said Slade.

“The Trinidads. Are you serious? I wouldn't trust those lunatics for anything.”

“Well, what do you think we need to do?” said Stan.

As he stood there thinking, a boy knocked on his bedroom door.

“What is it?” said Stan with slight anger.

“The scouts finally found something! You should look at it!” said the boy.

“Really? Finally something happens for us! We will be right out.” said Stan.

Stan and Slade open the door.

“This is one thing we found. It's a rolled piece of paper. We haven't looked at it yet, because we thought you should look at it first.” said the boy.

“A piece of paper?” Stan said as he opened it up and read it.

“God of Chaos and Destruction? Three powerful artifacts that could change the course of any war?” said Stan as he read it. “Sounds like Roberts letting his imagination wonder again. But I bet anything that the last paragraph is a clue to where I can find something that can change our situation for the better.” said Stan.

“What the hell are you talking about?” said Slade.

“Here. Read this. Robert likes coming up with stuff like this, but I think that this hints to where we can find one of those things he mentions in it.” said Stan.

“Anyway, Whats the other thing you found Malcom?” asked Stan.

“Not a thing, but a person. I believe they are some of the runaway slaves. They saw us in the woods as we were scouting, and decided it was best to just give up. We roped and restrained them. They are in the kitchen eating something. We would of asked you first, but the two probably haven't had anything to eat since being let into the tournament.” said the boy.

“That's fine. Let them eat as much as they want. But when they are done, take them to the dungeon.” said Stan.

Malcom went back downstairs to check in on the first two additions to their dungeon.

“So, here is how it will be. You can eat as much as you like, but afterward, Stan wants you in the dungeon.” said Malcom.

“Anythings acceptable to what we went through. We managed to find a small cave north of here, but we still had no food. I'd rather give up my freedom than starve to death.” said one of the boys.

“I see. Well I wouldn't worry too much. You may not be apart of the team, but Stan may not be too hard on you.”

“Oh ok.” the boys said.

“So anyway, whats your names?” Malcom asked.

“My name is Parker, and this is my brother Nate.”

Both Parker and Nate were wearing nothing but underwear. They were dirty and stinky, as they have spent around 30 hours outside in rainy weather.

“Were you dressed like that when you were let in?” asked Malcom.

“Ye..Yea.” said Nate. “We were told by Robert to do so before we entered. He said we would look like slaves if we did, because that's what we would be doing. That was the price he required for registering late.” said one of the boys, not wanting to reveal what truly happened.

“Wow.” said Malcom, astonished at the boy's story.

The boys finished their meals in 10 minutes, and were escorted to the dungeon by Malcom and another boy. They were put in one of the double bed cells.

“You guys probably need a bath, but I am going to wait until Stan comes down first. He wants to talk to you.” said Malcom.

“Ok.” said the boys.

About thirty minutes passed before the boys heard another set of footsteps coming down into the dungeon.

“Hello, boys. So you're the two slaves that my team caught?” Stan said, accompanied by Slade and David Seals, another adviser.

“Yes we are.” said Parker.

“I will let that one slide, but next time you call us 'sir'” said Stan.

“Yes...sir” said Parker.

“Thats better. Malcom told me what you boys have been through, so I am gonna be easy on you for a little while. But keep in mind that you still are our prisoners.” said Stan. “We will allow you to shower in the interrogation room, in which David and Slade will keep an eye on you. You will also get a new set of clothes. You will be allowed to rest for the evening, but after today, you will be our slaves.” said Stan.

“Yes, sir.” said Nate.

As Stan left the dungeon, he was thinking. “Now I finally get to see what Robert and Jeffery sees in this whole slave/master thing he enjoys so much! Hehe.”
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Chapter 11

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End of Chapter 10 Team Organization

Arc 1: Clash of the Alliances

Chapter 11: Robert's Brilliant Mind

Another morning had passed on the huge Bagley estate. Robert was in his headquarters, tending to business concerning his tournament. But this time, he wasn't monitoring his staff. Rather he was inside a room that had 5 LED TVs mounted on the wall, facing a chair. A camcorder was also setup recording Robert as he set in the chair. Suddenly, the t.v. screens turned on, revealing a face on each one.

“Robert, Robert, Robert. You have truly proved yourself!” said one face. “This tournament is fantastic! Who knew you had such a creative imagination in that tiny brain of yours.” said one of the boys, who had medium length red hair.

“Yes, we are all quiet pleased with the tournament so far. You really have impressed me.” said another short blond haired boy.

“Thank you everyone. I have had so much fun running this thing. And when it's over, all of us will be rewarded well, don't you agree?” said Robert in response.

“Yes, we do. We can't wait to start renting.” said another boy with jet black hair at small to medium length.

“By the way, I think it's time you all placed your bets. You've seen each team so far, so lets say 1 week from tomorrow the teams that are still standing will win you the bet. If the team you pick is still active in the tournament, then you gain your cash back plus fifty percent.” said Robert.

“Interesting. You think a team will fall that early?” asked a brown haired boy.

“I do.” said Robert with a faint but malicious grin.

“Good. So lets start with you Leo.” Robert said to the blond-haired kid.

“Hmm. I think I will choose the Lattimores. Something about them screams 'I win.'” Leo replies. “I put 10 grand on them.”

“Interesting choice, Leo. What about you Marccus?” Robert asks the red haired boy.

“I am rooting for the Trinidads. Their personalities are, interesting. How about 5 grand.”

“The Trinidads, huh.” Robert said. “Very well.”

“Well I think I am going for the underdog. The Bagleys will have my vote.” said Paul, the boy with jet black hair. “But I'm only betting 2.5 grand.”

“Playing it safe, huh? What about you Barret?” Robert asked the brown-haired boy.

“How about the Stowes? 7 grand on them.” said Barret.

“Ah, the Stowes. Did you know Rowan is my best friend! He really idolizes me, and I..well..were friends” said Robert. “And you, Jake? You've been quiet this whole time.”

“I think I will pick.......The Friedmans.” said Jake.

“The Friedmans? Hmm interesting choice. I don't know them very well. Only that they come from a huge family. Walker is a bit shy. And how much would you like to gamble?” asked Robert.

“8 grand.” said the dark blond.

“Very well then. Well thank you gentleman. Remember, the live stream is always available on the dedicated website. And remember to tune in tomorrow. We are having our first TUG competition.” said Robert.

“One more thing before you go, Robert. Exactly how many people are watching?” said Leo?

“I am not going to say that. But I will say that the number of those streaming have exceeded my expectations.” Robert said, as he ended the conference.

“Whew. I'm glad that's finished. TEN! WHERE THE HELL IS MY DRINK!” Robert yelled into an intercom-like device on his wrist, remembering that Ten was supposed to have brought a drink.

“Yes sir. Sorry sir.” said Ten across the microphone.

“Each minute you take will add one more whipping to your punishment.” said Robert.

“Yes sir.” Ten said as he rushed to get Robert's forgotten drink.


At the Stowe Fortress, Rowan and Trey are in the dungeon with their newly acquired slaves. The Friedman hostages are working cleaning the fortress, since they can't be tortured.

“So, what do we do with you guys?” asked Rowan.

“You could possibly free us.” One of the boys said.

“Ha! Yea right. Alright lets take one. I've been dying to have some fun.” Rowan said.

“So which one do we start with?” asked Trey.

“I say start with the older one. He looks like he needs to be taught a lesson.” Rowan said, which led Trey to open the boy's cell.

Rowan and Trey wrestled against the struggling boy. “Screw you, guys! I'm not going anywhere with you!” said the boy.

“We'll see about that. Trey, do it!” Rowan said to his friend.

“Ha okay. Lets see how effective this thing is!” said Trey, as he pulled a remote control out of his back pocket.

“Whats tha....EEoww!” the boy yelled as he fail to his knees. “What the hell did you...OWWW!” He said falling further to the ground.

“Awesome device. See the collar we put around your neck earlier is a shock collar. It is a device that allows us to keep our captives in line.” said Trey.

“That hurt! Don't do it ag...OWWW!” the boy said as another jolt of electricity entered his neck.

“You aren't giving the orders.” said Rowan. “And I suggest you take your punishment like a man.”

The boy lays on the ground quietly.

“Good. And one more thing. We are your masters from now on, and you will respect and accept that. Got it.” Rowan explained to the boy, who now realized his predicament.

“Yes, I got it. Ahhh!” The boy said, which resulted in another jolt of electricity. “Please stop it!” the boy begged his new masters.

“That time, you didn't address us right.” said Trey.

“Please.....” the boy said, hesitantly. After a second or so, the boy then finished his sentence with “...Sir.”

“Better. Now get up.” said Rowan.

Not wanting to feel another jolt, the boy complied with his masters.

“Walk towards the interrogation room.” said Rowan.

“Yes, sir” said the boy. Rowan and Trey followed behind him. As the boy walked into the room, he paused again. At the site of the room, his eyes widened.

“Wwwhat are you going to do to me?” said the boy, noticing all the various torture devices scattered around the room.

“I think it's better to show you. Your the first boy for us to play around with, so we will be experimenting.” said Rowan. “See that table? Walk to it.”

The boy hesitantly walked to the table. Rowan instructed him to lie on his back. The table was designed to restrain a person spread eagle, so the captors can have access to many areas. Rowan and Trey began working on locking the boy into the leather restraints. After they were finished, they admired their handiwork.

“So, Rob, What do you think we should do?” asked Trey. “I saw some interesting things in one of the bondage gear boxes. At first I didn't know what Robert intended them to be used for. But he left a note inside with them explaining the purpose for them” said Rowan.

“What are they?” asked Trey.

“First, lets blindfold him. I want it to be a surprise!” said Rowan.

“Sure thing.” said Trey.

The boys immediately pulled a black blindfold over the helpless boy's eyes. They then walked away from him for a moment. They warned the boy not to talk as they left him to look inside the box.

The boy could only hear whispers. Rowan and Trey had found something he knew he wouldn't like. Then he heard Rowan and Trey return to the table.

“It will take some time for our special items to get ready. In the meantime, we are going to have some other fun!” Rowan said to the restrained boy.

“By the way, whats your name?” asked Rowan.

“My name? It's Josh.” said the tall boy with a hair color of blond/red mixture.

“Alright, Josh. I wander how ticklish you are?” Rowan asked rhetorically, as he and Trey immediately attacked every tickle location on his body. His clothing offered little protection from the onslaught. It continued for 25 minutes, with an occasional break to allow their slave a chance to breath. Josh struggled and squirmed against his restraints in an involuntary attempt to evade his masters.

“Please stop, sirs! I will do anything. Please no more.” The boy begged his captors. Finally Rowan and Trey stopped.

“Anything?” asked Trey. The boy knew they were planning something, but he thought it couldn't get worse.

“Yes, anything. Please no more tickling. I can't take it.” said the boy.

“Ok, then. I think they are ready now, don't you think, Rob?” asked Trey.

“Yea. I will go get them. You stay here and get him ready.” said Rowan.

“Sure thing!” Trey responded.

Rowan left to go retrieve whatever they were about to use.

“Ok, Josh. Be still. I don't want to hurt you. For this to work, we need you out of those clothes!” said Trey.

“What!? You want to strip me naked? No way you perverts! Let me go I don't want this!” said Josh frantically.

“Shut up!” Trey said as he activated Josh's shock collar. “And no, you won't be naked unless you keep up your attitude. We are leaving the underwear on. We are just removing your shirt and shorts, understand.”

“Yea” said Josh, still nervous.

“Yes what?” Trey said, as he held his thumb close to the button that activates the shock collar.

“Yes sir.” said Josh.

Trey then picked up a pair of scissors. “I'm not releasing you from your bondage. Instead, I am cutting the clothes off of you. Don't move, ok?” said Trey.

The slave shook his head. Trey then began to cut the shirt down the middle. He then cut the two sleeves from the collar, allowing the shirt to slip off Josh's pale torso. Trey then cut Josh's shorts in order to remove them.

“There, that wasn't so bad.” Trey said as he tossed the now ruined clothing on the floor.

Rowan then returned, carrying a platter of the items they plan to use.

“Good, I can't wait to start.” said Rowan.

The slave waited in anxiously for whatever Rowan and Trey had planned. Then all of a sudden, Josh felt a burning sensation drip down his chest.

“Ah Ah Ahh OW! What is this” The slave said loudly, but Rowan and Trey didn't answer. Then another burning sensation traveled down his abdomen to his belly button. “OWWWWWW! PLEASE STOP IT” said Josh loudly. The burning liquid then poured into his navel, causing even more burning. “PLEASE! I BEG YOMMMRMPH” said Josh, as he was gagged with his torn shorts.

“There, that should shut you up” Rowan said as he tied the shirt around Josh's head, keeping the shorts in place.

Josh then felt the same sensation on his left nipple, which caused even further pain. The liquid then trailed to the other side of his chest, pouring down his right nipple. This caused Josh to be frantic, as he wiggled and squirmed to avoid the burning liquid. As the liquid cooled, it hardened on his skin. For a while, the liquid was poured over his entire torso, almost covering it. Josh continued to moan and scream into the gag as he felt the burning liquid his his skin.

“I think that's enough. Who knew you can have fun with candles!” said Trey.

“Candles! Did they just pour melted wax on me?” Josh thought.

“We will be back, Josh. For now, we will leave you here and let you enjoy your wax skin!” said Trey.
“Man, Robert really is a genius. It's almost like he's done this before...” Rowan said.

Rowan and Trey left Josh restrained when they left the dungeon. Josh was relieved that the torture had finally stopped for now. He dozed off to sleep after a while, tired from all the struggling.


At the Lattimore Fortress, Jeffery is enraged that two of his slaves tried to escape. They were expected to work outside on various projects, but were now brought before him, waiting for his judgment.

“You know that anyone who crosses us will feel an unspeakable wrath. Luckily, your collars gave you a reminder as well. But that’s not enough for me. Tonight, you will face the true wrath of the Lattimores. And I have brought my camcorder to tape every bit of it. I will then send it to every hold in the tournament to remind everyone else of who they are dealing with. Get them out of my sight.” Jeffery then turned to Lane. “And Lane, since you did not run away, you will be rewarded. And for telling me what they did, I will pay you back. A Lattimore always pays his debts. Well, A Bagley in my case. But I'm a Lattimore by blood to so it doesn't really matter. Now who's a good boy?” Jeffery said as he patted Lane on the head.

Lane then smiled somewhat, if just to please his new master. As the slaves walked away, they shot Lane a glaring look. If they weren’t chained and tied right now, they probably would have their hands around his neck.

“Now then. I am going to fix us a snack. And when I say I, I mean you.” said Jeffery, as he grabbed Lane's leash and pulled it behind him.
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Chapter 12

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End of Chapter 11 Team Organization

Arc 1: Clash of the Alliances

Chapter 12: The Night Before. Jeffery's cruelty.

The night before the coliseum games was rather peaceful. The teams have had very little conflict with each other. But the following morning will be different. Teams will participate in a series of competitions that can shift the balance of the powers. But before the tournament, each team received an email from the Lattimores. It contained a video link.

“Rowan, what do you think it is?” asked Brandon.

“Well there is only one way to find out. Lets stream it from the T.V. downstairs.” said John.

“Fine. I'm sure what Jeffery has to say will concern the rest of the team as well.”

The brothers gathered the rest of the team into the living room, where they setup the T.V. to stream the video. Jeffery was the first person seen in the video.

“I think I'm going to take a page out of my brother's book, and show all you teams something you will never forget.” said Jeffery with an evil grin. “Soon, I will win this tournament. And I will show you exactly whats gonna happen to all you. Turn the camcorder!” Jeffery commanded to the boy controlling it.

The camcorder immediately turned to reveal two boys that were restrained to the ceiling of the interrogation room. The boys' mouths were stuffed with a ball gag and their eyes were covered with a bandanna. The only thing that they were wearing was a jockstrap over their genitals.

“See these two boys? They thought it was wise to try and escape their captivity. But unfortunately, they were wrong, and now they will pay a heavy price. You, come here and help me!” Jeffery said to one of his teammates. He handed him a leather whip.

“I want you to follow my lead. If I make a hit, you also make a hit. Got it?” said Jeffery.

“Yea I got it.” said the boy.

“Good. It's time that Team Lattimore shows it's fangs. First off, the slaves will get a number of whippings.” Jeffery said.

Jeffery raised the whip, and swung it across the poor slave's stomach. This caused the slave to yell. Following Jeffery's lead, the teammate swung his whip across the other slave, causing a similar reaction.

“Again.” Jeffery said, as he hit the slaves legs. The teammate hit the other boy in the same place. Both slaves yelled again.

This continued for 20 more hits. Jeffery and his teammate hit the arms, legs, belly, and back of their captives. After the 20th hit, the teammate was getting concerned. Red wallops were starting to form on the slaves torso. The slaves were teary eyed at this point, and Jeffery showed little concern for the two slaves.

“Again.” Jeffery said as he raised the whip once more.

“No, don't you think that’s enough?” the teammate asked Jeffery, trying to get him to stop.

“Of course not! They haven't learned their lesson!” said Jeffery.

“I think they have. They already have swollen wallops. If you keep hitting them, it may draw blood.” said the teammate.

“Oh. So, Chris, you think you know better?” asked Jeffery.

“I know that if you continue, you will hurt them badly.” said Chris.

“Oh, and why do you care? All I care about is making a point!” said Jeffery.

“And what about the rules?” asked Chris. “Your brother will have you disqualified if you do something bad.” said Chris.

“I think I will take my chances.” said Jeffery. As he raised the whip, a hand from behind reached out a grabbed Jeffery's arm.

“Chris is right, Jeffery.” said Tyler.

“Tyler? What are you doing?” Jeffery asked, annoyed by Tyler's actions.

“I know Robert just as well as you do. If you upset him, you will have to contend with him after he drags you out of this tournament.” said Tyler.

Jeffery, now calm after his burst of rage, began to think clearly. He then lowered his hand and dropped the whip on the floor.

“Fine, you win Tyler.” said Jeffery. “But this isn't over. After letting them rest awhile, I will finish the job.” said Jeffery.

The screen then changed instantly, as if the camcorder was shut off for a while and restarted recording after a certain length of time.

“So the slaves have rested for about 30 minutes. I think it's time we continue.” said Jeffery.

Jeffery then puled something out of the box that was sitting on the floor. It was the same box of bondage and torture gear that every team has seen in their fortresses.

“This here is an electric paddle. At impact, it emits an electrical shock to any surface it touches. Normally used to swat flies, I am going to use it to further prove to these slaves that trying to escape won't be tolerated.” said Jeffery. “10 strikes should be enough.”

Tyler was still in the room with Jeffery, keeping an eye on him

“Don't hit them close to the chest.” said Tyler.

“Fine.” said Jeffery. Jeffery then landed the paddle over one of the slaves legs. The slave felt the sting of the paddle.

“That was without the electricity. Now lets test it with electricity.” said Jeffery.

He then swung the paddle again over the boys other legs, causing a much louder yell to come from the boys gagged mouth.

“That's more like it.” said Jeffery. Jeffery then swiped both the boy's arms. He continued to hit various places on the boy's body, causing shocks and stings on every impact. After finishing the 10th paddle, the boy was now hanging from his restraints, exhausted from the beatings.

“Now, you're next.” said Jeffery. Jeffery then did the same thing with the other slave. The slaves, now tears soaking through their bandannas, were released by Jeffery from their bonds. They fell to their hands and knees due to exhaustion, and allowed to remove their gags and blindfolds.

“Now, before we conclude, there’s one more thing you have to do.” Jeffery said. “Kiss this.” he said as he held out his hand. Around his finger is a gold ring with a crest of a lion embedded into a red gemstone. The slaves put their mouth one at a time on the gemstone to kiss the ring.

“Good. Now I'm finished. From now on, you will show your lords more respect. Don't ever try to escape ever again.” said Jeffery.

He then turned to the camera.

“And as for all of you watching. You best remember just what I'm capable of. I will take down every last one of you. You all will get a chance to kiss this ring! And you will bow to your true king!” he said as the screen went blank.


The rest of the fortresses were shocked after seeing the video.

“How can someone be so cruel?” asked Brandon, angered by Jeffery's actions.

“I never knew Jeffery. I certainly didn't know that he was this troubled.” said Rowan.

“I feel bad for those boys. Jeffery pushed it too far.” said Trey.

“Why would someone be this cruel?” asked Russ.

“Some people are cruel. It explains why Jeffery would align with the Gossets though.” said Rowan. “Speaking of which, that threat sounded like it was for all teams. How do you think the Gossets perceived that?” asked Rowan to Trey.

“Hell if I know. My brothers are crazy themselves. But Jeffery is much worse when it comes to pure meanness.” said Trey.


At the Trinidad fortress, the reaction from Amos and his family were much different than the Stowes.

“Wow, that was beautiful! Did you see how the boys tried to move away from the paddles? And also, the tears flowing down their faces was priceless. This has to be the most entertaining thing I've seen since this tournament started!” said Amos.

“Yea and I also enjoyed the whippings too. I bet those leather whips stung like hell.” said Axel.

“But I don't like how arrogant that prick is. When we get our hands on him, he's gonna wish he hadn't threatened us.” said Amos.

“I wander what Robert thinks of his brother.” asked Damien.

“I don't know. Judging by the setup of the dungeon, Robert may be just as bad.” said Aran.

“Nah, Robert seems to control his emotions better. Jeoffey, eh not so much.” said Amos.

“In either case, we will prove him wrong. He is not the one that will win this tournament.” said Amos, as he turned off the t.v.


Back at the Lattimore fortress, Tyson and the other Lattimore cousins met with Jeffery in his room after the video was recorded.

“Jeffery, don't you think you went a little OVERBOARD!” said Tyson.

“Huh? I didn't hear you.” said Jeffery as he taunted his older cousin.

“Yes you did. We were put in this tournament for a couple reasons. One is to help you win. Robert is counting on you and this team to win the tournament.” said Tyson.

“Yea? And what about 2?” asked Jeffery.

“2, its to keep an eye on you. Robert and us know how cruel you can be. You could of hurt them. And you know what that would of meant.” said Tyler.

“That I would have been dragged out of the tournament and scolded by Robert.” said Jeffery.

“And what about that video? Were you trying to get every team to hate our guts?” asked Jamie. “You may think it's funny, but we don't. I really don't want to be at the receiving end of Trinidad “hospitality” or any other team.”

Then Jeffery's laptop sounded. It was Robert, placing a voice call through the communication software he had installed.
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Chapter 13

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End of Chapter 12 Team Organization

Arc 1: Clash of the Alliances

Chapter 13: The Coliseum

The night before the tournament, the teams were shocked at the video sent by Jeffery Bagley. Robert, who also viewed the video, called Jeffery to give his thoughts on it.

“Jeffery, you need to answer it. Robert won't like it if you ignore it.” said Tyson.

“Fine.” Jeffery said as he went to the laptop. Jeffery clicked the mouse button, and Robert's face appeared on the screen.

“Hello, Jeffery. It seems you were having a bit of fun earlier.” said Robert.

“What is it?” said an annoyed Jeffery.

“You best watch your tongue. You know exactly what this is about. I said not to take it too far.” said Robert.

“They needed to be punished. You would probably do the same thing!” said Robert.

“No I wouldn't. I'm a firm believer in punishing a misbehaving slave but there are limits.” said Robert.

“Right, Robert. Right.” said Jeffery sarcastically.

“Jeffery, I am already pissed right now. You're job is supposed to win. And if you blow it by pissing off the rest of the teams, even I can't do anything about it. I want to make this as clean victory as possible.” said Robert. “Do that one more time and YOU will get the same punishment as those slaves.” said Robert.

Jeffery's smirk vanished after hearing Robert's threat. The thought of being whipped and beaten while tied and near naked unsettled Jeffery, and he knew Robert could carry out his threat.

“Ok, fine.” said Jeffery. “I'll make sure to show more restraint.” said Jeffery.

“Good. The next time you do something like that, you're team may, lets say, rebel against you and replace you with Tyson.” said Robert. Jeffery didn't say a word. “And Tyson, don't let him out of your sights again.” said Robert.

“I won't” said Tyson.


After the incident with Team Lattimore, the teams all turned in early for the night in preparation for the big event tomorrow. The event is going to feature three competitions. The first is a TUG of war, where two teams pit 5 of their own against each other. Tied to the rope, the goal is to pull one team to the center. The winning team can choose any two members from the losing team to be captives. The second competition is Capture the Team!. In this competition, a maze of walls will be setup in the coliseums center stage, where each team will start in random locations around the maze. Each team will be giving lengths of rope to use to restrain the other. The first team to have all it's members ties up wins the competition. Again, 5 team members are chosen to participate from each team. The third competition is a complete mystery. But the prize is supposedly quite valuable. Throughout the day, the coliseum will play host to a market, where each team will have a chance to buy special items that are not available on the online store.

The following morning, each team left their fortresses with the exception of two or three team members to watch over the captives. Each team's leader, advisers, and 70% of the rest of the team were supposed to be present. Since the coliseum was on an island in the lake, a ferry was prepared for the teams to transport across. The ride was uneventful, as each team was carried individually.

When the teams made it across, they noticed the coliseum immediately. The architecture of the coliseum was similar that of the Roman Coliseum. It was circular with bleachers for the spectators lining the walls. The center was nothing but bear ground, which is where the events happened. At one end of the coliseum was a special platform that had a single throne like seat on it. It was covered by a raised ceiling which was supported by 4 pillars at each corner. Curtains on all sides but the one facing the center stage draped down from the ceiling.

“Wow, that’s impressive.” said Rowan. “Robert has really outdone himself.”

“No kidding.” said Brandon.

“So that's where these competitions will be held then?” said Trey.

“I would imagine so.” said Brandon.

Brandon had also noticed something else. There were other people there beside the other teams. Several other boys were wearing a black and white stripped headband with a gold star. They were also wearing black shirts and shorts with a single white stripe going down the side of the armsleeve, waist, and leg of the clothing.

“I guess that’s Robert's workers.” said Rowan.

“Yea.” said Brandon.

As they walked toward the coliseum, they arrived at a group of tents with tables covered by cloths that had stuff in under them. This must be the market place that was mentioned by Robert.

“They must be waiting until later to open the market up.” said Brandon.

“Yea. I wander what kinds of things we will find under those cloths.” said Trey.

“Whatever it is, I have a feeling were not going to like what we see.” said Brandon.

When the Stowes arrived at the coliseum entrance, they noticed a similar looking booth. It was the same booth setup at the registration briefing occupied by the same boy.

“Oh, hello again! Good to see you!” said the boy. “Now all I need to do is scan you're headbands into the computer, and you're set!” said the boy.

Each team member allowed the boy to scan the bar code on the inside of the headband in order to sign into the tournament. They were instructed to take a seat in the bleachers to wait on the rest of the teams.

“I guess were the first ones, then.” said Rowan.

“Yea, I figured the Trinidads, Lattimores, or my brothers' team would be first, seeing as they are closest to the coliseum.” said Trey.

“Hmph. Given how stupid you're brothers are, I wouldn't be surprised if they completely forgot about the tournament.” said Rowan.

Everyone laughed at Rowan's comments about the Gossets. They noticed that the inside was more modern looking than outside. The Stowes took their seats to wait on the event to begin.

The first team to walk through the entrance after the Stowes were the Trinidads. Amos, the leader of the team, caught a glimpse of the Stowes looking at them. Brandon in particular, noticed something about Amos that the rest didn't. His stare was cold and dark, like he could shoot daggers straight through a person's chest. His face was void of no emotions. At least not until Amos let out a smile. But this smile was not friendly. It was the smile of a predator, observing it's prey from a distance. Brandon felt as if Amos could leap at him at any time. Brandon felt truly nervous around him. Amos took his eyes off of Brandon, which quiet relieving. Brandon looked over to see if his other team noticed Amos, but the team carried on talking to each other as if they saw a normal boy.

The second team to arrive was the Friedmans, which immediately noticed their allies in the bleachers. The Friedmans made their way up the bleachers to where the Stowes were setting.

“Mind if we sit here?” asked Walker.

“No problem. We are allies now, right?” said Rowan.

“Sure are!” said Walker.

The Friedmans sit next to the Stowes after okaying it with Rowan. Walker decided to sit next to Rowan for some chatting.

“So, how are my other team members?” said Rowan.

“They are doing well, actually. They seem pretty contempt in working around the fortress.” said Rowan.

“Good. Same with yours.” said Walker.

“So I guess you saw that video last night.” said Rowan.

“Yea, that was bold, even for Robert's brother.” said Walker.

“Do you think they are up to something?” asked Rowan.

“I doubt it. That Jeffery seems like an idiot.” said Walker. “But it's not Jeffery that I'm worried about.” said Friedman.

“Yea, then who are you worried about?” asked Rowan.

“The Lattimore brothers.” said Walker. “I heard that they are sly and cunning. They have outwitted many people, and are highly intelligent. Their father, while not as successful as Robert's father, has made a name for himself in the industry. And his sons seems to have inherited his intelligence.” said Walker.

“I see.” said Rowan. “How do we go about taking them down?” said Rowan.

“I have a plan, but we can discuss it later. Here comes the self-proclaimed winner of the tournament now.” said Walker.

At that time, both teams looked over to the entrance to noticed the same bleach blond-haired boy walk through the coliseum entrance that caught the attention of all the other teams the previous night. Jeffery walked into the coliseum like he was some kind of super star. With his hands up, Jeffery was walking around to all the teams taunting and mocking them. The Trinidads were booing him, which put an even bigger smile on his face. Then Jeffery turned around to head back to his team. He grabbed Lanes leash and turned him around to face the crowd. Jeffery then jumped on Lanes back, instructing his skave to carry him to his seat. Lane did as he commanded and followed the Lattimore brothers, whom had their head bowed in shame, to the bleachers far from the other teams.

“What an egotistical prick.” said Rowan.

“That's an understatement. I kinda feel sorry for the boy, though.” said Walker.

“Yea I know. I like to have some fun at other people's expense, but I'm not THAT harsh.” said Rowan.

The Trinidads also saw this, especially Amos.

“Now why didn't I think of that?” Amos said.

“What? Parading around the room calling us losers?” asked Damien.

“No-well that's an idea too- but bring one of those filthy slaves to carry me from the ferry. In fact, I think I will have them build me a litter.” said Amos.

“Ha. Just make sure you can fit the rest of us.” said Victor.

“What? The entire team?” asked Amos.

“No, just the 5 of us.” said Victor.

“Oh, I guess we can do that.” said Amos.

The Lattimore team took their seat in the bleachers to wait on the tournament to start.

The ferry made another round to pick up the next team, which was the Gossets. Their entrance was much less eye catching than the leader of their allies, the Lattimores. Like the Friedmans, they took a seat by their allies.

“Hmph. I wish they never joined the tournament.” said Rowan.

“You mean the Gossets? Do you really hate the Gossets that much?” asked Walker.

“Of course I do.” said Rowan. “Baylor constantly tortures Trey and many other people. He just doesn't know respect.”

“Oh, I see.” said Walker. “So how did you and Trey become friends when he was part of a family that you despise?”

“It's a long story. I will have to tell you some other time.” said Rowan.

“I see. Very well.” said Walker.

The Bagleys were the final team to arrive, and they were also keeping their cool. The last thing they wanted was to draw attention to themselves after being 3 boys short.

“So were the last ones.” said Stan.

“Looks that way, boss.” said David.

“Let's just keep a low profile. I don't want to be targeted by anyone.” said Stan.

The Bagley team walked to the bleachers to take their seats.

Now that all the teams have made their entrance, the last one left is Robert Bagley, the one person that everyone looked up to in some respect at least. And after a short time, Robert and Ten appeared out of the curtained box that had the single seat in it. The teams clapped and cheered upon seeing the popular boy. It was now only minutes before the first event begins.
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Chapter 14

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End of Chapter 13 Team Organization

Arc 1: Clash of the Alliances

Chapter 14: The Coliseum Games Part 1

Robert had finally stepped out into view. He stepped up to the podium and looked around the coliseum at the teams. As he raised his hand to signal silence, the teams all noticed and the coliseum was now quiet. Robert then adjusted the microphone and began to speak.

“Welcome, all, to the first Coliseum Games!” said Robert. “I'm happy you all came.” he said, as if they had a choice. “So as you know, the first game of the day will a TUG of war event. As explained earlier this week, each participating team will select 5 members to participate in this event. The chosen participates will be tied together by a length of rope. In the middle of the coliseum is two dividing lines that separates the teams. In between the lines is a shallow pit that the losing team will fall into. Each team will attempt to pull the other into the pit to win the game. The winning team will be able to take two team members as slaves from the other team, headband and all. Now remember that a team can opt out in participating if they choose, so is there any team that does not want to participate?” Robert looked around to see if any teams gave any indication of withdrawing from the TUG of war. “This will be the only time I ask. Once we proceed, you can't change your mind.”

Robert waited again for a response, but no team raised their hand or shouted to signal a withdrawal. “Very well. So let's get..” Robert said before pausing for a brief moment. “Oh, and one more thing.”

Robert pointed to one of the coliseum’s entrances to draw the crowds attention to. Then everyone saw 12 workers carry out 6 wooden structures. They were shaped like a cross with a small stump at the bottom. They had leather restraints at several locations on the cross, which was used to support the weight of a person. The workers then brought the crosses close to where the TUG of war pit is, and placed them near 6 square holes on the ground.

“What the..” said Rowan.

“What is he planning.” Friedman said after Rowan.

The Trinidad leader was more than amused at the sight of the crosses.

“Oh, boy! I wonder who those are meant for?” he asked.

“As an additional consequence, two members will also be picked from the losing team to be strapped to these crosses until the beginning of the Capture the Team event.” Robert said.

“What?” said Rowan.

“Now that that's been explained, lets get started!” Robert said. The teams were still focused on the crosses. “First, coming in from the northern part of the area, its the feisty Team Stowe! Rowan pick 5 team members to send down to the pit, where they will be prepared by the workers for the game.”

Rowan and the rest of the team talked amongst themselves for a minute, and picked 5 of their own to participate in the event. The workers immediately tied each of the boys to the main rope by the waist and hands.

“Ok, Now that team Stowe is ready, we are going to draw a random ball from this lottery cage here. Each ball has name printed across it's surface. The chosen ball is then removed from the cage,which will declare the team that will face off against the Stowes.” said Robert.

Ten was then commanded to start spinning the cage to scramble the balls. After 10 seconds, Ten was commanded to stop to allow Robert to draw a ball. Robert's face lit up after looking at the name printed on the ball.

“Oh wow. I never would have pictured this pair-up.” said Robert. “Well, Team Stowe will face...Team Gosset!”

Rowan and the rest of brother's mouths dropped.

“What?” said Trey.

Baylor was also surprised as well. This was the chance he was waiting for.

“Yes! We finally have a chance to weaken the Stowes!” said Baylor.

The Gossets also chose 5 of their own to send to the coliseum floor where the pit is. The workers immediately restrained the participants to the ropes. Now the stage was set, and at that moment, it was time for the first event to begin.

“On you're start, ref.” said Robert to the workers whom was dressed in a referees attire.

“Come on Team Stowe!” some of Team Friedman yelled to the participants.

“Go Team Gosset!” said some of the Lattimores in return. The other two teams kept their mouths shut and decided to simply watch the outcome.

“3, 2, 1, BEGIN!” The referee said, signaling the TUG of war to begin.

The participants immediately started pulling the ropes. Each team was struggling against their bonds, trying to pull the ropes toward them in order to get the other team inside the pit.

“Come on guys, pull harder.” said one of the Stowes.

“I'm trying.” said another boy.

“Try harder.” said the first boy.

The Gossets were getting the upper hand on the Stowes, which started to move toward the pit.

“That's it, boys! Were reeling them in!” one of the Gossets said.

“What is it?” said one of the Stowe boys.

“My hand. It's starting to ache.” said another Stowe boy.

After about 3 minutes of each team being pulled on, the tension of the rope is starting to take a toll on each side. The boy's wrists were beginning to cramp from the pull of the rope and their legs were aching from trying pull against the ropes.

“I don't know how much more I can take!” said the boy in front. “I feel like my wrist can snap off at any minute! Pull harder!”

“Were trying!” two of the Stowe boys said.

The Stowes were losing stamina quick. The Gossets seem to have the upper hand as the Stowe boys were getting closer to the pit. As all hope seemed lost, one of the Gosset boys lost their footing and collapsed to the ground. Without the force needed to finish the job, the Stowes turned the tables on their enemies. All the Gosset participants were pulled into the pit in an instant, ending the match up. The Stowes immediately started cheering for their winners, whom had won them the right to choose any two non-team advisers/leader.

“They did it!” Rowan cheered. “The Stowes beat the Gossets!”

“Finally! Some redemption!” said Trey.

Robert once again approached the microphone.

“Good job, Team Stowe!” said Robert. “You've now earned the right to choose any two non-adviser/leader team member from the losing team to be your new captives. Now both teams will come down to the center stage to face each other.”

Each team approached each other on the center stage. The Stowes were trying their best to hide their smiles and giggles, but the humor was too much. The brothers especially had a hard time hiding their joy. The Gossets, however, made no attempt to hide their shame and anger. The participants were untied and allowed to join their respective teams.

“Alright, Rowan. What will it be?” said Robert.

Rowan looked at the members of Team Gosset, whom were giving Team Stowe an angry glare. He then chose two boys from amongst the Gossets. At first, both boys refused to go to their new masters. But the workers immediately intervened, dragging the two boys to the ground and applying handcuffs to their wrists. They then took out two shock collars and snapped it in place around their necks. For extra measure, padlocks were put in place to prevent removal. For further humiliation, the workers snapped two leashes to the collars and handed the handles to the Stowes.

“Here you go, Rowan.” said the workers.

“Wow, thanks.” said Rowan. He then handed the leashes to Brandon and Russ.

“Why us?” asked Brandon.

“Oh come on, Brandon. You and Russ have been very reluctant to join in on the fun. These two should be you're slaves.” said Rowan.

Brandon didn't know what to think. He was rarely the capturer in any of the games his brothers play. Even when he was, it didn't last long enough for him to get an idea of what it felt like. And Russ was just as confused. He had never been on the giving end of a tie up, and was in the same position as Brandon was. But Russ did something that shocked Brandon and his brothers. Russ demanded the remote from Rowan. He then pushed it to make the captured boy kneel to the ground. He then took a page out of Jeoffery's book and jumped on the slaves back.

“Giddy up, little pony!” Russ taunted his new toy.

“No, get off me, you little brat!” the boy said. About that time, Russ pushed the button, sending another jolt into the slaves neck.

“Oww!” said the boy as he fell on the ground. Russ fell on the ground as well, but got up and grabbed the remote that fell out of his hands.

“Get up or get another jolt!” said Russ.

“Okay okay, fine!” said the boy. After struggling to get back to his feet, the slave finally stood on his feet.

During all this, the rest of the teams were laughing at the scene. Robert also had a smile on his face. His voice once again boomed over the speakers.

“Well that was amusing. But we now need to move on. Team Gosset will now pick two of their remaining team members to be restrained to the cross. What will it be, Baylor?” Robert asked.

Baylor, still fuming from his loss to the Stowes, immediately pointed at the boy who cost them the win. The same boy that lost his footing and caused the team to lose it's grasp. Baylor also picked another one of the participants for the intimidating crosses.”

“Get them out of my sight.” said Baylor, as the workers dragged both boys to the crosses.

The boys fought against the workers as they escorted them to the crosses, but when the workers had enough, they pulled out two tasers and zapped the boys. The boys fell to the ground upon impact. Now incapacitated, the workers could easily manipulate the boys to their will. They stripped the boys down to their underwear while four more workers opened the leather restraints for the wrists, legs, arms, and torso. They also applied a ball gag to their mouths preventing them from talking. They then moved the two boys to the crosses and snapped them into place on the crosses. Working together, the workers lifted the crosses to an upright position and placed them into the square holes. As the boys recovered, they recognized their predicament. They immediately started struggling against their bonds, but it was no use. They weren't going anywhere until Robert said so. The Stowes then took their seats back in the bleachers, along with their new prizes.

“Now that we have our first two victims, lets begin the second round!” said Rowan.

The teams anxiously await Robert to announce the next participants.
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Chapter 15

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End of Chapter 14 Team Organization

Arc 1: Clash of the Alliances

Chapter 15: The Coliseum Games Part 2

It was getting closer to noon, and the summer sun was beaming down on the coliseum. The first event has just kicked off, with the Stowes winning the first round of TUG of War. Now that the first match of the event has concluded, Robert was ready to determine the next matchup.

“Now, everyone, the first competitor for this round will be...” Robert said as he reached his hand into the cage and grabbed a ball. The crowd was silent as they anxiously await Robert to announce the next competitor.

“The Friedmans!” said Robert. “Now Friedmans, send your 5 picks to the pit.”

After the Friedmans deliberated, they sent 5 of their own to where it would take place. The workers once again tied them to the ropes like the previous two teams. Robert then pulled out another ball.

“And facing them will be the Bagleys!” said Robert.

The Bagleys sent 5 of their own to the center to join the Friedmans. They were tied to the ropes as the rest of the teams up until this point were.

“Ok, you all should know the rules by now. Ref on you're start.” Robert said.

“Good Luck, Walker,” said Rowan.

“Yea, Thanks.” said Walker.

In another section of the coliseum, Stan was sweating.

“Oh, man I hope they win!” he said. “We really need this!”

“No joke. If they lose, then we will lose two more team members, making us the weakest team in the tournament!” said Slade.

The referee held up his hand. He then swung it back down and yelled “Begin!” signaling the second match to begin.

Each team began to pull the ropes. Like the last match, each team went backwards and forwards. For a couple of minutes, the teams were in pretty much a stalemate. When one team would get the advantage, the other team manages to pull away. It wasn't until 2 minutes that a break was made. The Friedmans loosened their pull on the ropes, tricking the other team into loosening their grip as well thinking that the Friedmans were too give out to put up any resistance. As the Friedmans approached the pit, they immediately pulled as hard on the rope as they could, and the unsuspecting Bagleys were immediately pulled into the pit, ending the match.

“What?!” said Stan.

“Yea, Walker. We did it!” said Loren.

Walker produced a faint smile on his face.

The two teams were called again to the center.

“Team Friedman has now won the right to pick any two team members from the losing team to be captives.” said Robert.

Walker picked two boys from among the Bagleys, resulting in them chained, collared, and leashed. They were then escorted by the workers to Friedman's teams.

“Now, Stan, you must pick two of the remaining team members to face the cross.” said Robert.

Stan talked to his team, and decided on two of his team members to be strapped to the wooden crosses. The boys did not put up any resistance to avoid the tasers, and were immediately stripped, gagged, and restrained to the crosses. They were then lifted upright by the workers.

“Sorry, guys.” said Stan to his humiliated team members. The remainder of the team then returned to the bleachers.

“I can't believe this!” said Stan. “We're screwed!”

“We can't give up hope yet!” said David.

“Yea Stan. There are still two more competitions. The next one has a 2,000 credit award. We might can use it at the market for something useful!” said Slade.

“Sure.” said Stan.

The Friedmans returned to their seats with their new slaves.

“Congratulations, Walker.” said Rowan.

“Yea, thanks.” said Friedman, as he observed his teams teasing their new pets with tickle torture. “This next match-up will be interesting to see.” said Walker.

“No kidding.” said Rowan. “The Lattimores and Trinidads will most likely put on a show.”

“Now, everyone, it's time for the final match! I don't think it's necessary for me to grab the other two balls.” said Robert. “It will be Team Lattimore vs. Team Trinidad!”

The two teams debated momentarily on who to send down from their group. Then the crowd was surprised to see Amos and his Trinidad brothers and cousins stand up and walk to the center.

“Wait, Amos. Are you sure you want to do it?” asked one of his team members.

“Shut up. We are doing this ourselves. I can't trust any of you with this.” said Amos. The rest of the Trinidads simply let them go.

“Well, Amos. I guess the Trinidad family will handle things?” said Robert. None of them responded.

The Lattimores were still debating.

“Hurry up, Lattimores, or you all will be disqualified from the match.” said Robert.

The Lattimore family, shocking the rest of the tournament, also came down with Jeffery and Peter to join the match.

“What a interesting turn of events! It seems the leaders and advisers of each team will participate in the event!” said Robert.

“Jeffery, why are you so adamant about dragging us into this match?” asked Peter.

“Oh just get over it! I don't want those Trinidads to take the spotlight.” said Jeffery.

The Lattimores were once again annoyed by their cousins crazy actions. Every since the video incident, it has gotten increasingly harder to deal with him. He has become more brutal with his slaves, and has even threatened some of his team members. At this rate, their own team may turn against them. The Lattimores questioned why Robert would put Jeffery in such an important role given his stupidity.

“Let's just get this over with.” said the Lattimore brothers.

The workers then tied the boys into place. The referee then lifted his hand, he then swung it down to signal the match to begin.

“Oh, Lattimores! You aren't going to win this!” said Amos as he was pulling.

“We will see about that.” Jeffery said, also pulling on the rope.

The two teams each pulled the ropes. In a similar fashion to the previous matches, the match was a stalemate for the first couple of minutes. Each team got close to the pit, but made a comeback before falling in. The Lattimores then started to lose their grasp and started to slide toward the pit.

“Guys, get ahold of yourselves!” said Jeffery.

“Why don't you? Were the ones actually trying” said Tyler.

“Just concentrate and pull!” said Tyson.

“Haha! I can feel you slipping!” said Amos. “Can't wait to choose that short brown-haired kid on you're team. You Lattimores are all weak!”

The Lattimores suddenly gained some adrenaline from Amos's words. They then turned the tables on the Trinidads, pulling them extremely close to the pit. The Trinidads managed to stop just in time. The Lattimores were exerting even more pressure. Axel and Victor finally tired out, and lost their grip on the rope. The Trinidads were immediately pulled into the pit, ending the match.

Everyone was surprised by the victory

“Wow, that was a crazy way to win!” said Baylor.

The Trinidads were helped out of the pit, and the ropes were undone on both teams.

“Wow, we actually beat them!” said Tyson.

“Of course!” said Jeffery arrogantly.

The rest of the participating teams joined their leaders and advisers around the center.

“An the winners are Team Lattimore!” said Robert. “As an award, you can choose two non adviser/leader members from the losing team to be your new slaves.”

Jeffery then walked over to the Trinidads. He started walking by each of the Trinidad members, observing each one of them. He then came face to face with Amos, whom couldn't help but smile.

“You sure are bold to approach us without any backup.” Amos said to Jeffery.

“Too bad I can't pick you.” said Jeffery.

“Don't worry, we will eventually have a chance to get acquainted later. After all, I am looking forward to seeing you as my personal foot slave!” Amos replied back.

Jeffery was annoyed by Amos's remarks. “We will see about that.” Jeffery said as he picked out two boys from Team Trinidad. They then were restrained and taken over to team Lattimore.

“And now Amos..” Robert said as he was interrupted by Amos.

“Just put these two up there!” Amos said as he pointed to Victor and Axel.

“What?” Victor said.

“That's what you get for costing us that win!” he said. Victor became nervous then.

“Amos, please don't do this.” said Axel.

“I know you two lost you're grip! Now grow some balls and take your punishment like a man!” Amos commanded. “Get them” he said to the workers.

Victor and Axel were both dragged to the crosses and stripped, restrained, and gagged. Now all 6 crosses were standing upright and were occupied by 6 boys.

“Wow...” said Robert. The crowd was silent during all of this. “So, I guess that concludes the TUG of War then. Now we will take an hour break. We will begin the Capture the Team when we resume. The market stalls are now open as well as food vendors for lunch. As an award for outstanding performance so far, I'm awarding 500 credits to each team! Please see the registration booth to pick up you're award.” said Robert. With that, the teams made their way to the market area outside the coliseum.
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Chapter 16

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End of Chapter 15 Team Organization

Arc 1: Clash of the Alliances

Chapter 16: The Coliseum Games Part 3

After the TUG of War, each of the teams browsed the markets. The markets were much bigger than anticipated. From right here in Wastan to the Isles of Canendine, all kinds of food were available from different countries. Some stalls featured things such as building tools and materials, while others featured entertainment products such as video games and sports equipment. But some stalls featured tie up equipment, such as rope, handcuffs, and gag. There were even stalls that featured torture racks, X crosses, medical tables, and other more sinister items. The teams couldn't believe how much detail was put into this! One stall in particular caught the Stowe's eye. It had two long cages that had boys trapped inside. They were gagged and had two straps crossing their torso. The Stowes approached the stall to find out more about the product it offers.

“Good afternoon, sir.” said the shady boy.

“Good afternoon.”

“So I assume that you are here to find out about these slaves?”

“Uh, yea.”

“Well this is in fact a slave stall. We sell premium slaves cheaper than any of our competitors.”

“Uh, I didn't see any other slave stalls.”

“Exactly. We also offer other services as well. Not only do we sell slaves, but we buy them as well. We understand that given the amount of participants, the dungeons can become quite full.”

“Oh, so we could trade off our slaves?”

“Sure can. We offer flat rates on buying and selling of slaves.”

“Oh. Uh ok. So I assume you trade credits for the slaves?”

“Sure do.” said the boy.

“And what happens to the slaves that are traded away?”

“Simple. The coliseum has a large facility underground that is dedicated for these slaves. We actually encourage teams to trade in their excess slaves, in order to make it easier to take care of them. There are many workers here for that reason.”

“I see.” said Rowan. “Well, thanks for the information.”

“Oh, and one more thing. We are also launching our trade website today on the network as well. You can use these services when you're at the fortresses as well.”

“Ah, thank you.” said Rowan.

Rowan and the rest of the Stowes then heard some laughter coming from another larger stall, which seems to have gained the attention of some of the other teammates.

“What's going on over there?” they wondered, and decided to check it out. They approached the booth and were surprised to see two of the six boys that were restrained to the cross were now on the inside of the stall. They were covered in all different colors and had safety glasses on.

“What's going on here?” said Rowan.

“Oh, more competitors!” said one boys behind the stall counter. “Any of you interested in winning the prize!”

“Uh, what is going on here?” asked Brandon.

“Well, this is a shooting gallery. Anyone that can hit the correct targets will win a prize up to 750 credits!” said the boy. “It just costs a measly 10 credits for every chance. See the two boys? The goal is to take this here paintball gun and hit the kneecaps, the belly button, and the nipples of each of them. Do that with 10 shots and win the prize!”

“Uh, wouldn't that hurt them too badly?” asked Brandon.

“Of course not! These paintball guns are not as powerful as standard paintball guns. But they still sting though, haha.”

“Rowan, can I play?” asked Russ.

“Russ, don't you think we should use this money wisely?” said Brandon.

“But I want to give it a shot.” said Russ.

The other members of the team wanted a shot as well.

“What do you think, Rob? It's you're call.”

“Fine, each of us gets one chance each.” said Rowan.

Rowan then paid the adequate money to the boy. Russ was the first to go. Russ aimed the gun at the boy, but only hit just below the kneecap. The boy yelled through his gag on impact.

“Darn, I missed!” Russ said. He fired the trigger once more, which resulted in a successful hit to the kneecap. The boy once again yelled in pain. Russ continued to fire at the boy. He hit the other kneecap on his third shot. He then covered both nipples in blue and green paint after 6 tries. But unfortunately, he couldn't land the last shot on the belly button. After Russ fired the last shot, the boy's body was rinsed with a cleaning solution mixed with water, which removed the paint from boy's body. The boy was ready for another round of paintball torture, as another Stowe team member picked up the gun. None of the boys managed to win the game, and after all their turns were exhausted they left the booth to order their lunches. The decided to have burgers and fries, and ate at the nearby picnics. The other teams were also eating lunch.

By the time they finished their lunches, they had only 20 minutes before the next game began. The teams decided to head back to the market for another look at the merchandise before they returned to the coliseum. Jeffery and his slave Lane was the only person missing from the markets. He was in fact visiting his brother from inside the box that Robert observed the tournament from.

“Brother! I'm so glad to see you!” said Jeffery.

“I'm glad to see you, too.” Robert said. “So how are you liking you're role as team leader?” said Robert.

“Oh I'm starting to like it more and more! I thought that this tournament thing was going to be pretty boring. But getting to boss so many people around is so fun!” said Jeffery. Lane rolled his eyes, which Jeffery just happened to notice.

“What? Do you have a problem?” said Jeffery.

“No.” said the boy.

“I think you do!” Jeffery said as he slapped Lane across the face, knocking him down to the floor.

“Don't you ever talk back to me you slave!” said Jeffery, as he mounted himself on top of Lane and grabbed his neck.

“Jeffery, that’s enough.”

Jeffery wasn't holding lane's neck tight, but he did have his hand raised, about to slap him again. “No it's not.” Jeffery said, slapping Lane across the face again.

“Jeffery, I SAID ENOUGH!” Jeffery immediately stopped his hand in mid air. He then lifted himself off Lane's torso. “Jeffery, you need to learn that slaves deserve a certain amount of respect. And you will remember that if you do anything to piss me off during this tournament, you WILL regret it!”

“Fine.” Jeffery said, knowing good and well Robert could easily carry out the threat.

“Jeffery, send Lane to get us something to eat. Ten will go as well.” said Robert. Jeffery complied with his older brother and both slaves went to fetch something to eat for their masters.

“Now that they're gone, let's talk about the tournament. I see plans are going nicely.” said Robert.

“Yea, they're cooperating very well.” said Jeffery.

“Good. Just remember to let Tyson do his job. He can manipulate anybody to his bidding.” said Robert.

“I know. He sometimes irritates me when he tries to boss me around.” said Jeffery.

“Haha. Don't worry about it. He's just looking out for you. You just remember that he is your biggest asset. If you lose your team and become a slave, I'm not bailing you out.”

“Ok, Robert.”

Ten and Lane had just arrived back with 4 lunches from the stalls. As Robert and Jeffery ate, Jeffery noticed that the crosses that the 6 boys were restrained to were missing.

“What happened to those crosses?”

“They were moved to some of the market stalls. They are 'participating' in some of the festivities, rather involuntary.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Well, in one booth two are the targets for a shooting gallery. I came up with that idea myself. See the goal of the game is to fire accurately at 5 places on the target's body. You have to hit both the kneecaps, the nipples, and the bellybutton of the target. The winner receives a cash prize!” said Robert.

“Wow, If I had known about that then I probably would have played in those games and not even worry about coming to see you.” said Jeffery. “What about the others?”

“Two others are participating in a game I like to call 'Pin the clamp on the Nipples' said Robert. In that game, the participants are blindfolded and are required to pin two clamps to each of the restrained target's nipples. You can only touch with the clamps and you only get two pins. The other game is called Basketball. The captive's moughgag now has a basket attached to it. The goal is simply to shoot the ball into the basket. It may not seem as bad for the slaves as the other two games, until you consider the fact that the balls are actually water balloons that are filled with a certain kind of liquid. This liquid has special properties that cause certain sensations to the skin. The primary effect is that it causes the skin to feel itchy, like itching powder!”

Jeffery's face lit up with a smile while hearing Robert explain all of this. But Lane was not as thrilled as his master. But Lane dared not to show it.

“Now I have to go and check out some of these games.” said Jeffery.

“Well, do whatever. You still have 20 minutes before the second game. You best hurry though.” said Robert.

“I'm going now! Come on Lane!” Jeffery said, grabbing the leash and tugging at Lane's neck. Jeffery left his brothers viewing box, leaving Robert and Ten alone.

“Ten, I need a back rub. After that, you can eat you're lunch.” said Robert.

“Yes, sir.” he said. He started massaging Robert's back, as Robert thought about the upcoming events.
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Chapter 17

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End of Chapter 16 Team Organization

Arc 1: Clash of the Alliances

Chapter 17: The Coliseum Games Part 4

An hour had passed after the Tug of War event. The teams have all gathered once again in the coliseum for the next event. As the teams entered the stage area, the formerly dirt-filled stage that had a pit in the center of it was now transformed into an elaborate maze of walls. The second event, Capture the Team, was about to start. The only person missing was Robert. But that didn't last, as Robert finally made an appearance at the podium.

“Welcome back everyone! I hope you all enjoyed the market and 'entertainment'” Robert said. Some of the crowed laughed as it reminded them of the 6 boys that were restrained to the cross. Those 6 boys, now released, were not as thrilled about being shot with paintball guns, bombarded with itching liquids, and being clamped all over their torso. “Now in this next event, there will be no direct penalty for losing, but the winners of the event will be awarded 2,000 credits! There are some rule changes, however. I've decided that instead of having pairs of teams, each team will send down 2 participants to the maze. Each pair will rush into the maze at the start of the match. The goal is the similar. To win, you must handcuff all opposing team members. The last team standing wins the game!”

The crowd started talking for a short time before it was interrupted by Robert again.

“Since this event is risk-free, I assume no one has any qualms about participating?” Robert asked. “Good. Each team must send two members to the center stage. The maze has 6 entrances for each pair to enter. As you navigate the maze, handcuffs have been placed at random locations inside the maze. To win, find these handcuffs and handcuff every team.”

The teams then discussed their plans and chose 2 members to represent them. Chase and Logan from Team Stowe were chosen, while Chris and another boy represented the Lattimores. Slade and Malcom from Team Bagley was chosen to participate. Team Friedman chose Oran and another member to represent. Team Gosset chose 2 non adviser/leader members as well as the Trinidad. The teams then were escorted to the 6 openings around the maze, and were told to wait until the referee gave the signal to begin. The referee was noticed standing on a tower-like structure that gave him a view of the entire maze. The teams waited for about a minute before they heard the referee shout “begin!” to the participants.

Immediately, the pairs entered the maze of walls. The crowd looks on as they see each pair of teams run between the walls.

Logan and Chase walk softly while trying to avoid being heard by other teams. They turn down a few corridors and notice a pair of handcuffs. They grab them and continue down the corridor. As they continue, they eventually hear scuffling from the other side of the wall.

“Who do you think is fighting?” said Logan in a slightly loud voice.

“I don't know, but remember to keep you're voice down!” whispered Chase.

After a minute of the scuffling sound, it fell silent. Then the ref's voice was heard.

“The Gossets are out!” he said.

“Already? That was quick!” said Chase.

The boys continued to walk through the maze quietly and eventually heard footsteps approaching them. The boys stopped for a moment to avoid being heard. After pinpointing the location of the steps, they hid behind another wall and waited for them to be seen. They then noticed two boys wearing dark green headbands walking quietly through the corridor adjacent to their own.

“I can't believe how easy it was to take out those Gossets!” whispered Malcom.

“Shh. We don't need to be heard!” said Slade.

But unfortunately it was too late. The Stowes sneaked up on them and immediately pushed them to the floor. The boys immediately began to struggle, but the Stowes had already jumped on their back. The boys couldn't shake them off.

“Put you're hands behind you're back!” said Chase to Slade.

“No!” he replied back, still trying to shake him off.

Slade continued to struggle against Chase's weight, but it was to no avail. Chase managed to get one handcuff locked onto the boy's wrist, and then pulled it closer to the other and eventually locked it in.

“I need help Chase!” Logan said, still struggling against Malcom.

Chase immediately helped Logan lock in Malcom. They then heard the ref say “The Bagleys have been defeated!”

Expecting the struggle to draw attention, they immediately sneaked off.

The Lattimores, which comprised of Chris and another boy, walked quietly as well. They had already gathered up a number of handcuffs and were prepared to use it on the others. They eventually encountered the Friedmans, which also had a number of handcuffs. They immediately charged each other, and were rolling on the ground. Chris managed to overcome his opponent and pin his face to the ground. After some time, the Friedman boy started to grow weak from struggling, making it easier to force the boy's hands behind his back.

“Come on!” said Chris. “Give me you're hands!”

“Never!” the Friedman boy shouted. But Chris managed to lock in one of the boy's wrists.

“No!” the boy said, now even more frantic. But Chris held on. He managed to lock in the other wrist and restrain the boy. After Chris finished with him, he assisted his partner in restraining the other boy.

“The Friedmans are out!” said the referee.

The Stowes were disappointed by the news. Despite knowing they would have eventually had to fight their allies, the capture of the Friedmans meant that there was a chance that no team in the alliance could claim the prize.

After walking quietly around the corridor, the Stowes were tackled to the ground by the Lattimores. The Lattimores and the Stowes struggled for a couple of minutes, rolling on the floor and crashing into the wall. Unfortunately for the Lattimores, Chris was the one that hit the wall and it temporally stunned him lone enough for Chase to get him handcuffed. Then it was no problem for the Stowes to subdue the other Lattimore boy.

“The Lattimores are out!” the referee shouted.

“One more team to go!” Chase said.

But something hit Chase that caused him to fall to the ground. Little did they know that the last remaining competitors were behind them, and watched as they won the scuffle with the Lattimores. But the Trinidad found something that no team expected to be in the dungeon.

“Wow, can't believe that this thing was just laying on the floor!” said the Trinidad boy.

Logan knelt by Chase to check on his partner.

“What did you do to him?” Logan shouted, worried about the semi-conscious Chase.

“Oh, I wouldn't worry about him. I just used this on him.” the Trinidad boy said as he showed Logan a stun gun. “Now if you don't want me to use this on you, then you best just give up!”

But Logan still had the will to fight. He immediately charged the Trinidad, knowing full well that he had no chance of taking them both on. But as he approached them, the boys immediately tackled him to the ground and easily restrained him. They then handcuffed Chase, who was still recovering from the taser hit.

The crowd had watched all this unfold from the bleachers, as they could peer into the maze from above. They were shocked at the outcome of the tournament. Team Trinidad had just picked up the win.

“The Trinidad have subdued the Stowes, and are hereby declared the winners of Capture the Team!” said the ref. The Trinidads then got out of their seats and started cheering.

The workers then started to unlock the prisoners but Robert had different plans.

“Don't let them go.” said Robert. The workers immediately halted. “For first place, the Trinidads have won 2000 credits! Team Trinidad can pick up their reward at the registration booth. But the rest of the pairs will not simply be let go!” This was now starting to worry the other teams, as they thought that there was no penalty for losing. “Instead of going back to you're respective teams, they will be an element of the final event, which will be held at 6:00 pm tonight. Everyone is now dismissed. The markets are now reopened for more shopping, and at 3:00 pm we will host the auction. For this auction, I have decided to award another 500 credits to each team, including the Trinidads. Please pick you're awards up at the registration booth. You are dismissed.” said Robert.

The teams then made their way to the registration booth to pick up their bonus credits. All teams returned to the market area to browse and shop. Unfortunately the games were also reopened, and now the boys that lost the tournament were the ones receiving paintball shots, nipple clamps, and itching liquid.

Jeffery, not having enough time to fully enjoy the festivities before the Capture the Team event, made it his first priority to play some of the games.

“Oh man! This is so exiting!” said Jeffery. “Hey, a$$hole, give me 10 of those itching balloons. I want to practice my hoops!”

The boy working the booth immediately filled ten water balloons up with the liquid. He then placed them on the counter for Jeffery to use. Jeffery grabbed the first ball and chucked it at the boy, causing it to pop on the boy's torso.

“Uh, the goal of the game is to make it into the hoop.” said the worker.

“Of course it is!” Jeffery said with a mischievous grin across his face. He then picked up another and aimed for the boys foot. This caused the boy to itch even more, and started to squirm and holler through his gag.

“Uh, sir, please try to..” the worker said as Jeffery cut him off.

“I will play this game as I see fit!” Jeffery replied abruptly.

Jeffery then continued to chunk even more water balloons at the helpless boy, causing the discomfort to increase to almost unbearable conditions. After all ten balloons were used, the boy sighed in relief. But his relief was short lived.

“I want thirty now.” Jeffery said.

“But that's too much! Give him a break!” said the worker. This did not set well with Jeffery.

“You listen to me. I am Jeffery Bagley! I am the younger brother of Robert Bagley, which may I remind you that he is you're BOSS!” said Jeffery.

The boy finally gave in. “Fine.”

But as Jeffery handed him the credits, his hand was grabbed by another.
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Chapter 18

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End of Chapter 17 Team Organization

Arc 1: Clash of the Alliances

Chapter 18: The Coliseum Games Part 5

Jeffery looked to see who had grabbed his hand. He was surprised to see that it was Walker's hand that had latched onto his own.

“I think you have had you're fun, Jeffery.” stated Walter.

“And who do you think you are?” Jeffery retorted.

Walker looked at him with anger and frustration.

“I want you to stop this. There is such a thing as taking it too far, Jeffery.” Walker said.

“Like I haven't heard that before!” Jeffery said sarcastically. “You, my brother, and my cousins. You are all just alike. You don't know how to treat a slave properly! Now get you're hands off me before I do something you will regret.”

Walker took his hand off Jeffery's wrist.

“You know I have seen many bullies, and have noticed a pattern in their behavior. Bullies are bullies because they have little self esteem and confidence. They punish others because of their own insecurity. I wander what you feel, Jeffery? I wander if you feel inferior to your brother, who has casted a shadow over you your entire life. And these little outbursts must help you cope with your feelings!” said Walker. Jeffery was fuming at this point. Walker then went up to him, smiling, and whispered something in his ear.

“Tell me, Jeffery. What's it like to be a sad, insecure, power hungry b$tch?”

Now Jeffery had enough,

“SHUT UP YOU ARROGANT A$$HOLE! YOU BEST KNOW YOUR PLACE!” he shouted, causing Walker to step back.

“He. I see I struck a nerve.” Walker said with a smirk.

Everyone around them was now looking at Jeffery. Jeffery eventually decided to leave the scene.

Walker then looked at the victim of Jeffery's assault. “You best wash that kid off. If I remember right, that itching liquid can get intense the more it is applied.” Walker said, noticing the shacking and tears of the boy through the safety glasses.

“Yea, you're right. Thanks for running Jeffery off.” said the boy that was running the stall. “Would you like to give the game a try? There are two other boys that haven't been exposed as much to the liquid.”

“No, those two are my team members. I don't think I want to risk them hating me.” Walker said.

“Ah, I understand.” said the boy.


In another part of the market, the Trinidads are browsing through the stalls looking at all the bondage equipment.

“Look at this stuff! I can't believe all the bondage gear here!” said Axel. “We should by some of this stuff for our dungeons!”

“While I do agree, how are we going to carry things like those large cages and tables?” Amos asked. The others had wandered the same thing.

The booth boy heard this, and responded. “Actually, Robert had made arrangements for these kind of items. Any large item you order can be transported to you're fort by the tournament workers. This saves the teams the trouble of transporting it themselves.”

Amos smiled upon hearing this. “Oh, really? Then in that case, I will take that, that, and that.” he said as he pointed to several large items, including two kinds of cages. He also purchased several new tools.

“I can't wait to use these on those miserable slaves!” Amos said.

“Thank you, sir! You're order will arrive at you're fortress tomorrow around noon.”

The Trinidads continued to browse the stalls. They also bought extra food and other things.

“So, Amos. I came across a stall that sold slaves earlier.” said Damien.

“Oh really? I think we have enough slaves to appease our appetite.” said Amos.

“Well the thing I wanted to mention is that we could also sell excess slaves for credits.” explained Damien.

“Really? I guess we should keep that in mind for the future. I hate to see them go, but those dungeons cant hold hordes of them.” said Amos.

“Yea, and he also said they are hosting a website on the network for buying and selling slaves across it.” said Damien.

“I see.” said Amos. Amos then noticed the slave stall and decided to walk over and ask some questions.

“Hey, Stall boy. What happens to the slave's chances of rejoining a team if they are traded to the coliseum?” asked Amos.

“Hmm. Robert really didn't say. If they can somehow escape the coliseum, they could restore their chances to join a team. But if they don't, then they better hope and prey some team takes pity on them and buys them out. They then can be reinstated to a team.”

“Uh huh. Ok, boy. And how many slaves do you have in stock now?” Amos asked.

“Well, we have only a few. Most of the runaway slaves were recaptured and and brought here. Any slave brought to the coliseum enters the Market and can be bought and sold.” the boy replied.

“Ah, ok then.” said Amos. “For now, I think we will hold on to ours. Who knows? They may come in handy.”

The Trinidads continued to browse the markets. Because they won the Capture the Team event, they had plenty of credits they could use to stock up the fort.

Inside the Coliseum, Robert and Ten are walking down a corridor. Ten, more nervous than usual, is walking behind his master as if he was walking to his execution.

“Ten, we really haven't had much quality time together. With the tournament and all, it has been difficult to have some fun! But now that we have time, I want to test out the new torture chamber that was installed below the coliseum. Soon the other slaves will get a chance to enjoy it as well.” Robert explained.

“What are you planning to do?” asked Ten.

“You'll see!” said Robert.

Robert then approached a wooden door with a rounded top. The door had a steel frame with bolts along the frame holding it in place. It had a circular hoop that was used to pull the door open as well.

“It's in here, Ten.” said Robert as he grabbed the hoop and pulled it open. Robert flipped a switch on the side of the wall that lit up the room, revealing the chamber inside. The sight made Ten step back. It was more terrifying than even the torture chamber in Robert's mansion. The chamber featured torture racks, an iron maiden, a guillotine, a stand for hanging people, an iron chair with spikes protruding from it, several cages and cells, and various tables with restraints to keep people in place. Thoughts raced though Ten's head that made him step away. “What's Robert planning to do to me?” Ten thought. “Is he gonna kill me?”

“Whoa, wait Buddy. Most of these things are centuries old. I haven't bothered to remove them yet mainly to see the reaction on the slaves faces when they walk through the door. Haha. I'm not gonna hurt you. At least not like THAT.” said Robert.

“Ooh. Okay.” Ten said, still nervous.

“Let's go on inside. I'm ready to have some fun!” Robert said.

Ten reluctantly began to enter the dreaded room.

Ok, Ten. Since were here, you should follow you're normal dress code.” Robert said. Knowing what he meant, Ten then pulled off all of his clothing except his black speedo.

“Good. Now put this on.” Robert said as he handed him an odd looking leather contraption. It had two leather strips that ran across Ten's chest in an x shaped pattern. At the crossing, it had a metal ring which held the straps together. Also attached to the metal ring is a short chain that was long enough to attach to the collar around his neck. Ten put the thing on, as Robert commanded.

“You look awesome in that thing.” Robert said, smiling at his slave. It made Ten blush some.

“Now, what should we try first?” Robert said, looking at some of the various devices scattered around the room. “Ah, what about this one?”

Robert then went to a strange looking table. It had normal restraints for locking in the arms and legs, but at on end of the table had a container like thing with a mask like face carved on it. The mouth had a breathing hose that wasn't connected to anything. There were no holes to see out of the eyes. Robert then grabbed the top and pulled it open like a lid. The side of the box had a large hole lined with foam and leather covering it.

“This box will house you're head, leaving the rest of the body exposed.” said Robert. Without word, Ten knew he had to climb onto the table to be strapped down to it. He climbed into place and put his hands and feet in the leather restraints and placed his head inside the box. Robert then closed the box over his head and lock it into place. He then fastened the leather restraints around Ten's legs and wrists. He also fastened a leather strap around Ten's waist for good measure.

“Now, Ten. I have plenty of tools I want to try out. Let's see here.” Robert said, looking at the leather case holding a variety of torture tools. “Ah, let's start with this tool!” Robert then pulled out a long object that had a wheel connecting to it. The wheel had sharp spikes protruding from it, and the wheel could spin along a surface.

Robert then started to roll the pin across Ten's exposed belly. At first, the pin provided an unusual ticking sensation, causing Ten to squirm lightly. Robert rolled it up and down Ten's torso. He also rolled it across Ten's nipples, prompting a light but sharp pain. Ten started moaning through the box as the wheel reached more sensitive areas of the body. Robert rolled it up and down the souls of the foot, which caused Ten to squirm even more.

“I bet you like that, huh?” Robert said. Robert then returned to the torso. But this time, he applied even more pressure, causing sharp pains from every impact. Ten was squirming even more frantically. Using the same pressure, Robert rolled the pin up and down the more sensitive areas again, causing Ten to scream through the box.

“Oh, shut up you crybaby.” Robert commanded.

Robert then did something different. He turned the pin on it's side, and instead of rolling it across his torso, he dragged it across leaving scratch marks across Ten's body. Ten was now squirming and yelling. Robert continued to apply the pinwheel to Ten, shifting from rolling to scratching for another 15 minutes.

“Hmm. That tool is a good for a warm-up. Kind of get's the slaves in the mood, huh.” Robert said. “Well, let's see what effects these other tools have.”

Robert then pulled out a wand-like object that had a outlet cord to connect to the wall.

“I wander what this electric wand would feel like!” Robert said, as he plugged it into the wall. Ten was now sweating and struggling. Robert plugged the device into the nearby wall and turned it on. The glass portion of the wand then lit up a bright neon color. Robert then touched Ten's belly with it, causing an immediate shock to the area. Ten arched and yelled. Robert was just beginning his “testing” of his new torture room.
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Chapter 19

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End of Chapter 18 Team Organization

Arc 1: Clash of the Alliances

Chapter 19: The Coliseum Games Part 6

Robert returned to the coliseum viewing box for the auction. Ten also followed along with him, still shaken from Robert's initial “test” of the coliseum's torture room. He was allowed to redress himself for the auction.

“Ten, I want a drink.” Robert said.

“Yyess ssir.” Ten shakily said. He then left the box to prepare Robert's favorite drink.

Robert walked up to the podium once again and look at the coliseum, which has been filled with all the present teams. He then looked down at the new wooden platform in the center of the coliseum where the auction will be held. He saw a boy standing at it silently. Then he took a small breath and began his speech.

“Hello once again, everyone! We are about to begin the auction, which will feature some things you can find in the market, and other rare things you can't. Now without further a due, let's get started!” Robert said.

The auction continued for a while, featuring various things both from the market and rare things not found in the market. Some items included food bulked together at reduced prices, while others included even more bondage equipment. Some items would get bided on by the teams, while others didn't get any attention. It was a pretty normal auction, well about as normal as anyone would expect for this tournament, and it flew by pretty uneventful. But the final item caught everyone's attention right away.

“This ticket I have in my hand is good for two new team headbands! With this, a team can increase their current team count by 2, therefore increasing the power of their team.” said the auctioneer. “The starting price is 400 credits! Who will begin?”

Stan immediately held his hand high. “I'll take 450!” he said.

“Ok, One at 450! Any other takers?” asked the boy.

“500!” said Amos.

“500 for Trinidad. Any others?” asked the boy.

“550!” shouted Stan, noting that he only had 1500 credits left.

“600” said Jeffery.

“650” said Rowan.

“No, 700” said Walker.

“Hey, what are you doing?” Rowan asked Walker, annoyed for undermining him.

“What? Last I checked were still two separate teams!” Walker said, annoying Rowan even more.

“800” said Baylor. “I'm not gonna let those headbands slip through our fingers easily.” he said to himself.

“Uhh, 850!” Shouted Stan, panicking.

“900” Amos said.

“No, 1000!” replied Rowan.

“No, 1100” Amos said.

Then Stan panicked, shouting “1500!” The rest of the teams stopped bidding.

“Going once, going twice......SOLD! 1500 credits for two headbands goes to Stan!” said the auctioneer.

Stan let out deep breath, relieved that he secured two vital spots for his team. But then he just realized that he spent ALL his team's remaining credits. “I just hope I made the right choice.”

Rowan was disappointed with losing the headbands, but was at least satisfied that the Gossets didn't get them. “Well, there goes those two headbands.”

“Yea, but Stan looked like he needed them more than the rest of us.” said Walker.

“Haha. You're right about that!”

Meanwhile, Amos was annoyed about losing them as well.

“Darn that Bagley a$$hole! If I could, I would walk right over there and kick his a$$” Amos said.

“Oh, come on Amos. It's not his fault necessary because someone had to have that expensive bird cage thing.” said Damien.

“Grr. Well at least I'm gonna have some fun with it. I am thinking about hanging it in my room and keeping a slave in it. It will be like....owning a pet bird!” Amos said, laughing at his own joke.

“Yea, but what if you become the bird because we lacked two extra teammates?” Damien said.

“Just shut up, Damien.” Amos said. “Why do you have to ruin the moment.”

“I am just trying to WIN us the tournament!” said Damien.

“Yea....” said Amos.

The auctioneer then continued to speak. “Well, everyone, it seems that a last minute item has came in. We are going to hold a bid for this final item!” The workers then moved a large item covered with a black sheet beside the podium.

“Now, everyone. Feast you're eyes on this!” said the auctioneer, grabbing the sheet and removing it to reveal what looked like a diving uniform. Amos's jaw dropped.

“This is a standard issue diving uniform. This allows anyone to explore the deep waters for extended periods of time. The starting price is 600 credits. Who wants to make a bid?” asked the auctioneer.

No one raised their hand. Everyone was wandering what in the world they would need something like this for. It was a game of tie ups, and despite most of the other items not exactly providing any form of aid to achieve that goal, a diving suit surely didn't make sense. All but the Trinidads were confused with the purpose of the diving suit besides the obvious ability to swim underwater.

“Amos, think this through. We need that money to...” Damien said as he was cut off by Amos.

“700!” Amos said as he jumped up out of his seat. The rest of the crowd was now really confused. Why does Amos want that suit so badly? The auctioneer counted down.

“3, 2, 1, SOLD TO Amos!” the auctioneer said. Amos smiled when hearing the auctioneer finalize the sale. “And that concludes this Saturday's auction. I look forward to seeing you all next week!”

“Yes! Now that lightning thing is as good as ours!” he said.

“Uh, we still have a couple of problems, Amos.” said Damien. “1. We don't have a boat. An 2, Even if we did have a boat, we still don't know it's exact location.” said Damien.

“Well, I'm sure we can find it!” said Amos.

Damien rolled his eyes at Amos. “I wander why I am even here helping you with this tournament.”

“Because you're my favorite cousin?!” Amos retorted.

“Ha!” Damien replied back.

Jeffery was still frustrated with Walker.

“That Friedman guy. I just want to rip him to pieces.” said Jeffery.

“I'm sure you will have a chance to get your revenge, cousin!” said Jaime.

“Yea when we capture all the Stowes and Friedmans.” said Jeffery. “I plan to sell most of them to the coliseum. I may have them fight it out in some competition. The winner gets to remain my slaves. Of course, Rowan and Walker will remain with me. I want to savor every minute of my revenge on him, and have some side fun with his new friend!” said Jeffery, daydreaming about making Walker his slave. “I bet he wouldn't have anything to say, then! And I'll make sure his mouth stays shut with my dirty underwear! Hahaha!” The thought of Jeffery's dirty underclothes stuffed in any mouth made the Lattimores feel sick.

“Well Jeffery, you should first think about how to defeat them.” replied Tyson, trying to change the subject.

“That gives me a good idea! Lane! How would you like to try it out first! Give my underwear a good cleaning?” Jeffery asked. Lane was obviously not thrilled about the thought. He just looked at Jeffery, trying to keep a strait face.

“Well you won't have much of a choice! When we get home, you will do the honor.” said Jeffery. Lane was now dreading going back to the fortress. He was hoping and praying that Jeffery would have a change of mind.

Robert then returned to the podium shortly after the conclusion of the auction.

“I hope everyone found the auction valuable. It is now 4:00, and the final event for the evening will take place at 6:00 leaving 2 hours for more exploring and playing games. I will see you all then.” Robert said.

The time flew by rather uneventfully. Each team either explored the markets even more, grabbed snacks from the different food vendors, or played some of the torture games even more. After the two hours were up, the teams gathered once again in the coliseum bleachers for the final event, which still hasn't been revealed to anyone. Everyone wandered just what kind of game did Robert have in store for them.
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Chapter 20

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End of Chapter 19 Team Organization

Arc 1: Clash of the Alliances

Chapter 20: The Coliseum Games Part 7

The crowd looked onto the field in the center, noticing another maze of walls setup. This time, however, all 6 entrances are on one side of the square maze. At the opposite end, 12 torture racks are placed at the opposite side of the maze, which only has two exits.

“Now it's time for the third match. Bring out the boys.” Robert said through the speaker system.

And then, 10 boys were escorted to to the racks. They were stripped of all but their underwear and locked into the devices. These were the same boys that participated in the last competition.

“Now before we begin, you notice that two racks remain unfilled. Those racks are observed for Team Trinidad. Team Trinidad can opt out participating in this event if they choose so. But they will have to choose 2 members from their team to send to the rack if they decide to participate.” Robert said. “Before I reveal the prize and discuss the event, Amos has to make a choice.”

The Trinidad team looked on at their leader, nervous about what his answer will be. Amos sat there in thought, debating whether to send down two of his own team members to the event. After debating, Amos stood up and decided.

“We will send down two of our members to participate!” said Amos.

The rest of the team was now really nervous. They all thought about the fate of the two that were chosen for the torture rack.

“And what members do you want to send to the racks?” Asked Robert.

Amos then turned to his team.

“This is how we are gonna do this. Everyone pick a number 1 – 12, starting with you. The numbers I chose in my head will be the ones that will go to the racks.” Amos said as he pointed to one of the boys.

Every one of his team members, including the advisers, chose a number. Aran and another boy was chosen. They hesitantly made their way to the racks, where they were also stripped and locked into the devices like the other 10 boys.

“Now that we have gotten that out of the way, let me explain the event. One person will be chosen as a champion for their respective team. Each of these champions will be placed at each entrance to the new maze. The goal is to make your way through the maze and free your captured team members. The first one there will be the winners! But each champion must keep in mind that both sets of keys are hidden inside of the maze, and must be located. Both keys are locked in a single chest that can be opened with the bar codes on the champions headband. Simply scan the bar code on the headband with the bar code scanner on the chest and it will unlock. The chests are each colored differently for each team, so the champions should remember their team colors. Now just because a team has won doesn't mean you should quit. There are prizes for second, third, and fourth places. The final two places will get a small award regardless. Now each team must choose a champion to represent the team!”

The teams debated on who to send down.

Tyson decided to fight for the Lattimores. “I'll show each and every one of them the power of the Lattimores.” Tyson said as he walked toward the maze.

David Seals decided to represent Team Bagley. “This time Team Bagley will NOT lose!”

John stepped as Team Stowe's champion. “I'll rescue Chase and Logan.” John said as he stood up.

Axel volunteered to be Team Trinidad's champion. “I'm coming, brother!”

And Steve stepped up to be Team Frey's champion. “Go, Steve, and win us this match!” Walker said. “Got it, brother.”

Baylor chose Ren to be his champion. “Win this one for us, Ren!”

Each champion approached the entrances to the maze. They were each then directed to one of the entrances of the maze, and commanded to wait for the signal.

“The prize for first place will be...” Robert said, as he held up his hand. In his hand was a team headband.

“4 team headbands!” Robert said, that caused the crowd to start cheering. “The second place winner will receive 2 headbands! The third will get 1 team headband! And the fourth will get 1,000 credits! The fifth and 6 place winners will get 200 and 100 credits respectively. Now let me explain the rules. The champions cannot directly interfere with other champions. If that happens, they will be disqualified and the teams will not be awarded. Furthermore, their two restrained team mates will have to remain in their bondage until the rest of the event, which brings me to the next stipulation. Workers, bring out the wheel.” The workers then brought out a large spinning chance wheel that had pegs aligning the edge. At the top of the wheel is a ticker, which slows down the wheel as it's spinning.

“This wheel will be used to determine the type of torture your captured teammates will undergo as you attempt to save them. So it would be in your best interest to save them as quick as possible! Now workers, give it a spin!” Robert said. The workers grabbed one of the wheel's pegs and gave it a big push to spin the wheel. The wheel made ticking noises as it spun around on it's center. The wheel then started to slow down, where it eventually stopped on a peg.

“Oh wow.” Robert said as he observed the wheel. “The first round of torture will be vice clamps to the nipples! At the start of the torture, nipple clamps will be applied to the victims. At first, the clamps will be lose, but every thirty seconds the workers will each tighten the vise on the clamps, applying more pressure to them. At the five minute mark, the wheel will be spun again, and another torture will be applied to the victims. And now the moment you have all been waiting for, the match will begin on your signal, ref.”

“Three, two, one, GO!” The ref counted down. The teams then rushed into the maze. The workers then grabbed several vice clamps out of the box on the ground and started applying it to the restrained boys' nipples. Time was passing quick and John was running through the maze. He saw some of the other champions, but ignored him because of the rules. John ran though a couple of corridors, but still no sign of his chest.

“Damn, where is it?” John thought as he ran through the maze.

The others we not doing well, either. A minute had already passed, and the clamps had been tightened twice. The pain from the clamps was starting to increase.

“4 more minutes until the next spin!” Robert said over the microphone.

“Damn, where is the chest?” Tyson thought as he looked down a corridor.

“I have to find it.” David thought.

Another thirty seconds passed and no one hasn't located a chest. The workers tightened the clamps even more. Some of the boys yelped.

“Ow, it hurts!” Logan said.

“I know! I hope John gets here soon!” Chase said, struggling against his bonds.

Axel had turned a corner, and widened his eyes as he spotted a chest. Not just any chest, it was a black colored chest which meant it has HIS chest.

“Finally! Now I can get the keys and get out of this maze!” Axel said as he scanned the bar code into the chest, which unlocked it. He then took the the two keys and started looking for the exit.

“Axel from Team Trinidad has just found his chest! Now he makes his way to the exit!” Robert said.

“Damn! I didn't think he would announce it!” said Axel, running frantically down the halls.

“Shit! The Trinidads have already found their chest!” said David. “I have to hurry!”

Steve from Team Frey had finally found a chest, but it wasn't his team's chest.

“Damn, I have to keep looking.” he said as he turned around. This chest was in fact Team Lattimores, and Tyson just happened to come into the corridor from another entrance.

“Finally! Now all I have to do is open it and get out of here.” Just as he unlocked it, he heard some yelling from the direction of the exit.

“Ahhhh! Take them off!” some of the boys were yelling as they nipple vices were tightened.

“F**k These things hurt!” Slade yelled as his vices were tightened as well.

By the time the three minute mark was reached, all the teams had found their chests and made their way to the exit. The vices were very tight, causing some of the boys to tear up.

“Please hurry!” Said one of them.

After another minute and two more tightens, Axel finally appeared through the exit. He smiled when he saw his brother locked onto the rack.

“Axel! Finally! Come over here and release me!” said Aran.

Axel then walked up to his brother and dangled the keys in front of both his teammates.

“It seems I'm the first one here!” said Axel. “Does someone want to be free?”

Aran then noticed his brothers devilish grin. “Wwhat are you doing! Free us already!”

Then Axel grabbed the vices and made them even tighter.

“YeooooooooOWWWW! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!” said Aran.

“Just having a bit of fun before I release you.” said Axel.

But Axel's fun had ceased when he noticed another champion emerge from the maze. It was Tyson, and he was running desperately to his team members.

“Axel! HURRY UP!” Aran yelled. Axel immediately got to work on unlocking his brother.

Tyson was also hard at work unlocking his team members.

“Come on, Tyson!” said Chris.

“I'm trying!” he said.

Both Axel and Tyson were struggling frantically to get the binds unlocked. Then David appeared out the maze. David stormed to his team mates and begun unlocking the restraints.

“Hurry, David!” said Slade.

Now three champions were struggling frantically to unlock the bindings. The 4 minute mark was announced, and the workers approached to tighten the vices even further.

“Wait, I'm about to be free!” said Chris. But the workers ignored him and tightened the vices even more.

“AHHHH! Tyson HURRY!” said Chris.

The three champions managed to unlock the first team members, and immediately went to work on the next. The final three champions made their way out of the mazes. They immediately went to work on their own teams.

“John! Over Here!” Logan said. John immediately went to work unlocking his team member's restraints.

Robert looked on, anxious for the result of the competition.
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Chapter 21

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End of Chapter 20 Team Organization

Arc 1: Clash of the Alliances

Chapter 21: The Coliseum Games Part 8

“John! Over Here!” Logan said. John immediately went to work unlocking his team member's restraints. As he went to work, he noticed the Trinidad champion had already freed one of his team members.

“Come on, John!” Chase said.

“I'm trying!” John replied back.

Axel, having freed his brother, worked on unlocking his other team mate.

“AhhhhAhhh.” said Aran as he removed the vise clamps from his throbbing nipples. “Hurry up, Axel” he said, massaging his sore nipples.

“I'm trying!” said Axel.

“If you would of worked on releasing us from start instead of torturing me some more, we would have won!” Axel said.

“Just shut up and let me concentrate!” snarled Axel, trying to unlock the restraints.

Tyson managed to get Chris out of his restraints, and immediately went to work his other teammate.

“Is there anything I can do?” asked Chris, also pulling the alligator-like vice clamps off his nipples.

“No, there is only one key for each team member.” said Tyson.

David was next to release the first teammate.

“You okay, Slade?” he asked as he started unlocking his other teammate.

“As soon as I get these damn things off.” he said, as he undone the vice clamps. “Shit these hurt!”

The other champions also released their teammates after 10 more seconds.

The Lattimores and Trinidads were in the lead. Each one had only one more restraint to unlock, and both were frantically trying to release their second team member. But Tyson accidentally swung the keys out of his hands as he was shaking them back and forth.

“I got it!” Axel said as his second team member rose from the rack. The audience was shocked. The Trinidads immediately jumped out of their seats and begun to cheer.

“Team Trinidad has placed First!” said the ref.

About that time, David released his second team member, winning the Bagley second place.

“Team Bagley wins second!” said the ref.

“Damn!” Tyson said making his way back to his team member. Tyson barely released his team member in time to claim third place.

“Team Lattimore gets third and Team Friedman gets fourth!” The referee said.

The last two remaining were the Stowes and the Gossets.

“Come on, John!” said Logan. “We can't lose to them at least!”

“I'm trying!” said John.

John was able to beat the Gossets by a second, as Chase got off the torture rack.

“Team Stowe places fifth!” said the ref. “Meaning Team Gosset places sixth!”

Ren unlocked the final restraint as he helped his team member to his feet.

“Sorry, man.” said the boy to Ren. “Thanks, man. But it's Baylor that I'm really worried about. He doesn't take defeat lightly.”

Robert returned to the podium. “Congratulations, Team Trinidad! You have won first place, securing 4 new headbands for your team! For winning second place, Team Bagley receives 2 headbands. Third place winner Team Lattimore receives one headband. Fourth place winner Team Friedman receives 1,000 credits! Fifth place Team Stowe receives 200 credits. And sixth place Team Gosset receives 100 credits.”

The Trinidadss reunited for an extra round of cheering. Team Bagley also cheered, thanking David for restoring two headbands back to their team. Team Lattimore wasn't cheering, but they weren’t disappointed for winning an extra member either. Team Friedman also was contempt with their award. But the Stowes, and especially the Gossets, were not happy about being last.

“Well, there's always next time, guys!” said Rowan.

“If we make it to next time.” said Brandon.

“Come on, guys. We did win these slaves!” Rowan said, looking at the former Gosset boys.

“Yea, perhaps we can sell them to the market for some credits!” said Trey.

“No! He's mine!” Russ said defensively.

“All right, Russ. Calm down! Just a joke!” said Trey.

Robert's voice silenced the cheering and talking.

“With the conclusion of the final event, the Coliseum Games for this weekend are now over! There is one announcement I wish to make. Team headbands are now available for sale on the online web store. Each team may buy new headbands, which add another slot on that team's roster, for 2,000 credits. The Ferry is now open for transport across the lake. Remember that only one team at a time will be transported, and the truce stipulation remains in effect until midnight. The next coliseum event will be one week from today. I hope everyone had fun!” Robert said.


The ferries transported all the teams across the lake. They each made their way back to their fortresses. When the Lattimores arrived at their fortress, they were greeted by their two team members that stayed behind to keep an eye on the place.

“No problems here!” said one of them

“Good. Did those slaves give you any trouble?” Jeffery asked.

“No! I think they are still shaken up by their punishment. You really did a number on them!” the boy said. Jeffery smiled at this.

“That's great to hear. Slaves must remember their place. Lane, come on. Were going to bed.” Jeffery said as he tugged on his leash.

“Yes, sir.” he said.


Amos, still high on his success in the Coliseum games, went to the dungeons where his slaves were.

“I have some good news and some bad news!” said Amos.

“The bad news is that we lost 2 of our own today, leaving us with only 13 team members!” said Amos. The slaves didn't really care about this news, and Amos took notice.

“Don't care, do we? Maybe I should teach you all to respect your master when he is speaking!” Amos said. This prompted the slaves to look at their Leader and show some level of concern.

“The good news is that we won 4 new headbands that will allow us to add 4 new members to our teams!” said Amos.

This immediately caught the slaves' attention. They were now willing to listen to what Amos has to say.

“That really caught your attention!” Amos said. “I am willing to give these headbands to four of you guys, securing your freedom. But I won't make it that simple. You have to prove yourself to me first. I want willing, loyal team members I can count on. I also want them to be resilient and useful. So for now I will refrain from giving these out just yet. If you want these, you have to work for it! Do I make myself clear?”

The slaves said “Yes sir” in a more positive tone than before, hoping now they have a chance to escape their slavery.

“Good, I'm going to bed.” Amos said, as he left the dungeon and went to his bedroom.

The Stowes were last to arrive at their fortresses. Tired from the long walk, the team decided to turn in for the night, and Brandon and Russ brought their slaves to the dungeons and locked them in their cells.

“Good night!” Russ said to his slave as he led his slave to one of the cells.

“Yea whatever.” said the slave.

“I guess I need to work on your attitude. I hope your ready for tomorrow!” Russ said to his slave. The boy didn't say anything back.

Brandon and Russ walked back up the stairs and headed to bed.

“You seem exited about being a master, Russ.” said Brandon.

“I am! I didn't realize until today just how good it feels to be in control! No wonder Rowan and John tie us up all the time!” Russ said.

“Yea. Just don't let it go to your head. Right now, they are our slaves. But if something happens and the tables turn, what then?” said Brandon. “If we were cruel and unfair to them, I doubt they will show us any sympathy if the tables were turned.”

Russ thought about that for a moment. “I think you worry too much Brandon! You should just relax a little and enjoy the chance. As long as we don't do anything horrendous we should be alright! I am gonna have so much fun with my slave tomorrow! I can't wait!” said Russ, as he rushed ahead up the stairs.

“Hmm. Maybe Russ is right.” though Brandon. “Maybe I should just relish the chance and have some fun.”


Back at the Lattimores, Jeffery and Lane have returned to the Leaders room for the night. Lane, who was now in the bathroom with Jeffery, was nervous about being in there with his master.

“Lane, I think I should wash you from now on!” Jeffery said, which made Lane back up. “The past couple time I allowed you to shower, it didn't look like you did a good job.”

“Jeffery, please don't do this!” Lane said.

“WHAT was that?” Jeffery replied angrily.

“Uhh, Please Master Jeffery! I promise I will do a better job of washing myself from now on!” said Lane.

“That's better.” said Jeffery. “But I'm afraid I'm gonna have to wash you myself.”

“Please, Master!” said Lane, begging to let him bath on his own.

“I'm giving you two choices. The first choice is that you will get washed by me. The second choice is that you can sleep with my dirty underwear in your mouth!”

Lane was at a dilemma. It was either be humiliatingly washed by another boy or have to sleep with the gross taste of underwear in his mouth all night.

“I'm waiting for your response!”
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Chapter 22

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End of Chapter 21 Team Organization

Arc 1: Clash of the Alliances

Chapter 22: The Restless Night

Brandon was having trouble sleeping. Normally he would have the strange dreams occasionally, but Brandon has had them more often during the tournament. In this dream, like his last one, Brandon was running through the forest. Not knowing where he was going, he ran purely on instinct. He wasn't alone either. The boy who Rowan “gave” to him after winning the TUG of war was with him too. They both were running as fast as they could. Then almost instantaneously, Brandon's dream had changed. This time, Brandon was sleeping on the cold ground, unaware of the 5 boys standing around him. They just stared at both him and his slave, waiting for him to awaken. Again, the dream had changed. This time, he was back in the throne room. The same shirtless boy was restrained to what looked like a throne, and again his face was obscured by darkness. Brandon was restrained by a well knotted rope with his hands behind his back, sitting on his knees. A figure had walked out of the shadows, dressed in a trench coat wearing a black hood. The figure walked over to the throne where the shirtless figure was restrained. The boy in the chair started struggling ferociously, trying to free himself after looking at the dark figure's face. The figure then stopped right at the throne, and slowly turned it's head to look at Brandon. But as the figure's face came into view, the dream ended.

“Brandon, Brandon, Brandon! Wake up!” a couple voices slowly faded to a auditory sound. “Brandon!” said John.

Brandon immediately awoken and started shaking around, unaware of what was happening.

“Brandon, calm down! It's me!” said John.

“John?” said Brandon, only half awake.

“Yea.” said John.

Brandon then laid his head back on his pillow.

“What is going on, Brandon?” John asked. “This is the third night this has happened.”

“Just a bad dream.” said Brandon.

“Bad?” Rowan asked, who was awoken by Russ. “It has been like this for past 2 nights!”

“Yea, I guess it's just stress.” said Brandon as he turned around to go back to sleep.

“No, Brandon. We are gonna talk about this now!” said Rowan, aware of Barn's strange dreams.

“Tomorrow.” Brandon said.

“No! Now sit up and talk.”

Brandon was then forced to a sitting position by his brothers. Still feeling groggy, Russ was sent down to get a glass of water.

“Fine.” said Brandon. He then began to tell as much as he remembered about the dream: How he and the slave boy were running through the forest, how he was approached by what looked like tribals, and his encounter with the bound boy and the dark figure in the trench coat.

“Wow, what a dream.” said John.

“Can I please go back to sleep now?” Brandon asked.

“Sigh, Fine. But were not through talking about this. Tomorrow we will talk about this in full detail.” said Rowan.

The brothers all returned back to their beds.


At the Lattimore fortress, Lane was also having trouble sleeping. It wasn't because he was having nightmares, or even that he was uncomfortable sleeping spread eagle in his bed. In fact, he had got quite used to that. It was the fact that Jeffery's gross underwear was stuffed in his mouth. Jeffery had intentionally worn the same underwear for a couple of days in preparation for the occasion. The disgusting taste of sweat and crotch was almost enough to make him puke. Lane also had trouble sleeping because of what happened to him the night of the coliseum games. Lane had in fact chosen the shower instead of the underwear, which has been on his mind for the last couple of nights. He remembers it quite well.

“So you want the shower, instead?” Jeffery said.

“Yes” Lane said. Lane had expected Jeffery to taunt him for his choice, but the mockery never came.

“Fine, put on the speedos. Get in the shower when your finished stripping.”

Lane then stripped off all his clothes and changed into the speedos. He then walked into the large shower. It was big enough for about 3 people and had 2 metal bars on each side of the shower head high up the wall. Followed by Lane was Jeffery, who was also in a speedo. He was carrying a set of handcuffs.

“Let me see your hands.” Jeffery said, as Lane held out his hands.

Jeffery then applied one set to each hand, and then hooked the other two loops to each of the metal bars, leaving Lane's hands spread to each side of him facing away from the shower. Lane was nervous about this. Jeffery didn't seem his usual self, as he was much more calm and relaxed.

Jeffery then turned the handles that controlled the flow of water. The shower spurted cool water all over lanes back, causing him to shiver momentarily. But as the water heated up, Lane got used to it. Lane then notice another shower head on the wall close to Jeffery, the same one that was installed in the dungeon showers. Jeffery grabbed it and turned the base of the head, which allowed water to flow through the shower head.

“Close your eyes, Lane.” Jeffery said. He then began to spray water over Lanes head. He then moved to all parts of the body, pulling on Lanes speedos to squirt water into it to shower his privates. He then turned on the soap dispenser which lathered the inside of the speedos. But he didn't lather the rest of Lane's body with the dispenser. Jeffery instead grabbed a sponge and bar of soap off the bath caddy and started to lather it.

“I prefer a hand wash. I lathered with the dispenser down there for obvious reasons.” Jeffery said as he lathered the sponge.

After the sponge was soapy, Jeffery then applied it to Lane's body. He started with Lane's brown red hair, which was mildly short. He then began to lather the 14 year old's boys body, which as somewhat flabby, but still considered skinny for his age. Lane was about as tall as Jeffery, and had the typical Caucasian skin color and freckled cheeks. Jeffery applied soap to Lane's armpits, chest, belly, and legs, moving the sponge up and down the boy's body. As he washed his slave, Jeffery began to speak.

“Lane?” he asked. “Do you think me?” Jeffery asked in a more serious and slightly desperate tone.

Lane was shocked to hear this come out of Jeffery's mouth. The same person who went overboard with punishing two boys. The same person who arrogantly threatened every other team in the tournament with a video tape. The same person that forced Lane to carry him into the coliseum on his back while he mocked all the teams. The same person who has tormented Lane every since the first day of slavery. Why, after all that, would Jeffery ask such a question with a blatantly obvious answer! But Lane was in no position to piss his master off.

“Uh, yea master. I think people like you.” Lane said awkwardly. The tension in the shower was higher than ever.

“Oh...ok.” said Jeffery. Jeffery didn't seem satisfied with the answer, likely knowing Lane lied.

Lane had noticed that Jeffery wasn't his normal self. He wandered why the sudden change. It couldn't be because it was just him and Lane alone. The two boys had been alone on many occasions, and he usually acted like the same arrogant, short tempered boy. What was different this time?

Jeffery continued to wash the restrained boy. He also washed himself while in the shower. Jeffery allowed Lane some privacy to dry off and prepare for bed after Jeffery finished with his own preparations. Jeffery warned Lane to not speak of the conversation in the shower. Lane was then spread tied to his bed for the night.

The couple days went by particularity usual, for everyone not a slave at least. Jeffery was back to his usual self the following day, giving orders and tormenting the other slaves. It was like the conversation didn't even happen to him. From this day on, though, Lane's opinion of Jeffery was different. Of course he didn't like Jeffery still, but Lane suspected they're might be more behind that arrogant, bad-tempered rich boy that Jeffery personified.

Lane indeed had that on his mind that night, along with the underwear stuffed in his mouth.


The following morning, the Stan and David in the Bagley Fort were in the dungeon. Parker and Nate were asleep inside their cells.

“Get up you two.” Stan said to the boys.

Parker and Nate then rose out of their beds.

“Good morning, masters.” they said rubbing their eyes.

“Good morning.” said Stan. “But from now on, were not your masters.” Stan said as he threw two of the four headbands he won to the boys.

“What is this?” they asked.

“Those are your new team headbands.” Stan said. Parker and Nate's eyes widened upon hearing these words.

“Are you serious!?” Parker said excitedly.

“Yea, we're serious” Stan said. “We won these in the Coliseum tournament the other day, along with a two more. It allows us the chance to add one new team member per headband.”

“Wait, you waited this long to give these to us?” Nate asked Stan.

“Well, Slade suggested that we test you first. He wanted to see your behavior as slaves.” said David. “But you surprised us! Not once did you try to run or act out. You carried your orders out loyally and accepted any torment we threw at you.”

“Oh.” said Parker.

“But now the torment is all over. You are now officially a part of Team Bagley!” Stan said.

The boys shouted a “Yes!” and immediately put on their new headbands.

Stan then unlocked the doors to the boys cells.

“You probably should get cleaned up. You can use the first floor showers if you want. And there's food on the table when you get hungry.” said Stan.

“Oh, thanks!” The boys said as they rushed up the stairs.

“So, what are you gonna do about the two other headbands?” David asked.

“Well, I guess at this point we should look into that slave network.” said Stan.

“Do we have enough to buy a slave?” asked David.

“Yea. Slaves are real cheap on the market. They cost 500 credits each.” said Stan.

“Wow, actual people are less expensive than a team headband!” said David.

“Yea I know.” Stan said.

Things may seem quiet now, but they will soon escalate in the coming days, unbeknownst to the teams.
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Chapter 23

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End of Chapter 22 Team Organization

Arc 1: Clash of the Alliances

Chapter 23: A Plan

The sun was rising in the east, signaling the start of another summer day on the Bagley estate. The skies were clear and the temperature was increasing by the hour. This day, the Stowes and the Friedmans were holding a meeting to discuss their enemies. Rowan Stowe and his team made their way to the rendezvous point. The 4 tribal slaves were carrying various items for a picnic, such as food, drinks, plates, cups eating utensils, and cloths for siting. Four team members were escorting them by leashes attached to their collars. Russ's slave was carrying something, or someone, else. Russ was sitting on his slave's shoulders as the boy walked behind the team. Struggling to keep up, the slave was falling behind.

“Hurry up!” Russ demanded.

“How? Your too heavy!” the boy replied.

“I don't know how. Just do it!” Russ said.

“You little brat!” the boy whispered, but not silent enough to pass his masters hearing.

“What did you say?” Russ asked.

“Uh, I will do my best....'master!'” The boy replied back, swallowing his pride to avoid being punished.

“Yea you better!” Russ said. Russ was loving every minute of his new role. Commanding other people was fun, and he has thought up of a million things he can do with his new toy. But Russ is no fool, and he remembers his brother Brandon's words the other night.

“Here, have a drink of water.” Russ said as he handed a canteen of water to his slave. The boy immediately grabbed the canteen and took a drink.

“Thank you!” said the boy.

“Well I have to keep you hydrated. Wouldn't want my horse to collapse!” Russ said, which annoyed his ride. “By the way. What is your name?”

“Troy” the boy said. Troy was a tall boy for his age of 15. He had short dark-blond hair and brown eyes. He had a darker skin tone than usual, which meant that he could be from outside the country. He wasn't muscular, but he could support the weight of his master.

“Oh, ok. I wanted to know the name of my slave!” Russ replied.

“Sure.” said Troy.

“So, what was it like working with a bunch of losers?” Russ asked Troy.

“The Gossets? To be honest I didn't really like teaming with them. They were pretty aggressive though if you ask me. That poor slave named Carlos has been on the receiving end of most of their fury. I feel sorry for the kid.” said Troy.

“Trust me. I know the Gossets enough. They are pretty ruthless, especially when it comes to us. Every since Trey befriended my brother, Baylor has hated us.” said Brandon. “That's Trey over there.” Brandon pointed at Trey.

“Oh, man. That just seems strange. You would think that Trey would side with his brothers.” said Troy.

“If you knew the whole story, then you wouldn't be as surprised. Trey and his brothers hardly get along.” Russ explained. “Look, Troy. I don't want you thinking you will get the same treatment as that other slave. We are completely different people. Sure we like to have some fun at your expense, but nothing like what the Gossets do.” said Russ.

“That’s actually comforting to know.” said Troy. “Even carrying you on my back is better than what Carlos faces with the Gossets.” Russ chucked.

Troy continued carrying the weight of his master on his shoulders as he followed Team Stowe. The Stowes had approached the small river that ran by both the Lattimore and Stowe fort. A bridge provided access to the other side. The Stowe Team crossed the river and continued their walk to the meeting place. It was the same meeting place that the alliance was formed beside the large boulder.

By the time the Stowes arrived, the sun had completely risen in the sky signaling which meant it was noon. The hot sun beamed down on the field. Even the large boulder didn't provide much shade. Some of Team Stowe had shed their shirts in an attempt to stay cooler. The slaves had no choice in what they wore, wearing only shorts and shoes. Russ finally unmounted from Troys shoulders to the slave's relief. He was allowed to sit down to relax. The Friedmans were running late as they have yet to arrive.

“Hmm. I wander what's taking so long.” Rowan thought. He then looked over at some of his team members, who were enjoying torturing the 4 tribals. They had them tied by the hands and feet to two stakes that were bolted into the ground. The stakes stretched the arms and legs away from their bodies. Some of the team members were sitting on the slaves while others were providing an adequate tickle torture to their sensitive areas. It was indeed a fun way to kill time. “Stop, Stop! Hahahaha!” they yelled as the team attacked the slaves' armpits, neck, foot souls, and behind the knees.

“Maybe instead of the tables, we should put our plates on them.” Chase said.

“Or how about we sit on them and eat right above them?” said another unnamed boy.

“And we could hand feed them if they play nice!” said a third unnamed boy.

The boys laughed at the suggestions.

Then suddenly, Rowan noticed in the distance another group of boys headed their way. The one leading them was a familiar long-haired tall boy. It was Walker Friedman.

“He's here.” Rowan said to his other teammates.

The rest of team Stowe halted their fun and looked toward the direction the Friedman were approaching from. It was indeed them. The teammates untied their slaves to allow them to setup the picnic area. The got to work as the rest of the team stood up to greet their allies.

“Hello again!” Rowan said cheerfully.

“Hello Rowan.” Walker responded. “Slaves, setup those tables.” Walker said. The five shirtless slaves sit down 2 tables and swung out the supports to set them right side up on the ground. One of the slaves was also pulling a wheeled cart full of fold up chairs for sitting at the tables.

“So, I assume you brought the picnic stuff?” Walker asked.

“Yea, our slaves are on it as we speak.” Rowan said. The slaves brought the picnic stuff over to the tables and began to prepare for lunch.

“Good. Now once the slaves finish the preparations, lets eat.” Walker suggested.

“Yea. The trip made me hungry.” Rowan said.

After the slaves finished, the teams set at the tables to begin eating. The Stowe slaves were tied back to the stakes and were used as a chair while the boys on top of them ate. The meal consisted of finger food and sandwiches. Different flavors of soda pop were also available for drinks. As they ate, Walker started talking to Rowan.

“So, do you have any news on the Lattimores and Gossets?” asked Walker.

“No. The slaves we won from them didn't divulge anything. The Gossets must be keeping their plans under secret from their team members.” said Rowan.

“I see. Honestly, I think the Gossets are total idiots. They seem obsessively focused on taking you down. They forget that they have a weakened team right across the lake.” Walker explained. “But the Lattimores are not dumb. They probably suggested to the Gossets to keep their information secret. I still don't get why they agreed to target us first.”

“Maybe it was a deal they made to align with them in the first place.” said Brandon as he listened in on the situation. Brandon has loaned his slave to his teammates to torment while he talked to Rowan and Walker.

“And I don't think we've been properly introduced.” Walker said.

“Oh, you're right. I'm Brandon Stowe, Rowan's younger brother.” said Brandon.

“Good to meet you. I assume you know who I am.” replied Walker. “So, Brandon. What are your thoughts on the situation.”

“Well, Team Gosset is down by two members thanks to us, while Team Lattimore gained one place. Our teams haven't changed.” said Brandon. “Well, we did lose one teammate to the tribals.”

“Oh really?” said Walker intrigued. Brandon wished he hadn't mentioned that so eagerly. “Well that means we are short by one guy compared to the Lattimore/Gosset alliance.”

“Uh, yea.” said Rowan.

“But I have a way we can change that.” said Walker.

“Oh, how?” asked Rowan.

“Well, on our team, we have this boy. His twin was put on the Lattimore team during the random replacement by Robert. The boy came up to me today and said that he has kept in contact with his brother since the coliseum games. Not fond of the Lattimores, the other twin has been feeding us information about their movements in the area.” said Walker.

Rowan's eyed widened. “Wow. That puts us in a good position!” said Rowan.

“But can you trust the other boy?” asked Brandon. “What if he's just lying.”

“You could be right. But at this point, we won't get anywhere until we act.” said Walker.

“So, what's the info you have?” Rowan asked.

“It seems the Lattimores send out scouts at certain intervals during the day to patrol the area. The informant provided me with times and places these scouts patrol the area. I was thinking we could send a small battalion of our team members to capture these scouts, weakening their numbers in the process.” explained Walker.

“Hmm. Sounds like a good plan.” Rowan said. “So, when do you propose we strike?” said Walker.

“The scouts usually leave out in the later parts of the morning and return at dusk. The best time to strike would be about midday. That would give our teams time to restrain them and return before the Lanisters notice they haven't returned.” Walker said.

“Brandon, what do you think?” Rowan asked.

Brandon thought for a moment. Indeed, if this plan worked, it would give them the advantage. But there is also the risk of it backfiring or the ambush is a trap setup by the Lattimores.

“It's risky, but I guess we should try.” Brandon said.

“Good. I will have my team member find out more from his brother, and we will carry out the plan tomorrow. I will discuss the details tonight with a video chat.” said Walker.

“Very well.” said Rowan.

Once the teams finished their food, they had some fun with their slaves. The Friedmans brought their slaves over to torment and tickle. After the sun settled in the sky, the teams decided to pack up and head back to the fortress. Tomorrow was going to be a decisive day for the alliances. One that could change the balance of the tournament.
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Chapter 24

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End of Chapter 23 Team Organization

Arc 1: Clash of the Alliances

Chapter 24: The Power of the Trinidads

“From this day until our fall, which will never happen, you are now officially members of Team Trinidad!” Amos declared to the four former tribal boys turned slaves.

“Yes, sir! Thank you, sir!” they said in a respectful and gracious tone.

“And as for you: you failed in your duties as a slave, and therefore must be punished.” said Amos. “Follow me!”

Amos and the new team members lead the slave out in front of the fort. Upon exiting, the warm summer sun beamed down on the boys, making their body heat. As they walked away from the door, the slave noticed something that made him cringe.

“For your punishment, you will have to suffer 3 hours tied to this.” said Amos.

On the ground lay several crosses that were used in the coliseum games. Like those crosses, they had several leather restraints for restraining someone attached.

“And now for your first assignment, restrain this worthless slave to one of the crosses!” Amos commanded.

No! Please master! Don't do this!” the boy pleaded. “I'll be good, I swear!”

But the boy's words fell on deaf ears. The new team members immediately grabbed the boy and drug him to one of the crosses. In nothing but boxer shorts, the boys forced his back to the face of the cross and held him down. They began to lock in the leather restraints around his wrists, arms, legs, ankles, neck, and waist. After they finished with that, they stood the cross up, which had supports at the bottom of it to support the weight of the boy. When they finished, Amos smiled at the work of his new members.

“Good job on your first assignment!” said Amos, as he looked up to the struggling boy. “But there is one problem!” The new members looked tensed for a moment. “The other crosses are empty.” The boys were really hoping that Amos hadn't changed his mind. But in their position, they could make a run for it, or possibly even overpower Amos. Then Amos's cousins and brothers along with other members exited the fortress.

“I see you chose the new team members.” said Aran, looking at the former slaves and glancing at the cross with the remaining slave.

“Yep.” Amos replied. “Did you bring the map?” Amos asked Damien.

“Yea.” Damien said as he rolled out the map of the area. “The nearest camp is on an island south of here. You have to get there by boat, though.”

And then the boys noticed a group of boys pulling on a trailer what looked like a boat.

“Oh, good. It arrived just in time!” Amos said.

“Please don't tell me you ordered that thing.” Damien said.

“Yes I did. And before you ask, I am NOT planing to look for that thing.” Amos explained, thinking about the lightning object at the bottom of the lake. “We are going to use that boat to capture the tribals on that small island.”

“I see. You think you can fit all of your team on that thing?” Damien asked.

“Won't know until we try.” said Amos.

“Sigh. Well whatever.” said Damien.

The boys with the boat arrived at the fort. After Amos signed some paperwork, the boys left the fort.

“Good. Now we need need to go to the lake. Axel. Aran. You come with me along with 6 other teammates. Damien and Victor, you stay here with the rest and watch the fort.” said Amos.

“Ok.” said Damien. “Just don't drown.”

“Haha.” Amos said as the team grabbed the trailer handles. They noticed several oars inside for rowing the boat. Before they left, they grabbed several ropes and bandannas to restrain and gag the boys. Amos then remembered the stun gun that was used in the tournament. Not Robert nor his workers asked for it back, so Amos decided to keep it for himself. Amos also grabbed it. “This can come in handy.” he thought to himself.

The boys then headed for the lake. Upon arriving, they noticed the small island and also saw some tents where the tribals stayed.

“That must be it!” said Amos. They immediately began to drag the boat off the trailer and into the water. One by one, the boys climbed inside until the boat was full. Axel and his brother climbed in first, and to their surprise, all of them were able to get on.

“Do you think we will have room for five more?” Axel asked. Amos then looked around. It was a tight fit, but Amos believed that they could fit the rest on.

“I think so.” said Amos. Some of the boys then grabbed the oars and pushed off the shore. The boat then started moving towards the island.


On the island, Dante sat with the other tribals. The island wasn't big, but they had a small boat for leaving if they chose. Dante was a muscular boy of 17. He had black hair, which was tied together by a ponytail in the back. He had very dark skin and brown eyes. The others immediately recognized him as their leader.

“So any luck finding anything?” asked Dante to one of the other tribals.

“No.” said the boy.

“So how are we going to get on a team?” asked one of the boys.

“We will have to capture some of them first, but it wont be easy.” said Dante.

Aside from scouting out areas, the boys really had nothing to do on the small island. They had access to power and a laptop for accessing the network, so they ordered some things to keep them occupied while they waited for the chance to join up on a team. But little did they know, a team was coming to them. They weren’t paying any attention to the waters, so the arrival of the Trinidads caught them off guard. The Trinidads arrived at the shore of the island and got off the boat.

Dante heard the boat hit the shore, and immediately turned around to see what was going on. He noticed the Trinidads approaching the camp.

“Who is that?” said one of the boys.

“I don't know, but judging by those headbands, it looks like a team.” said Dante.

Dante didn't know whether to run or stay. What if they were here to offer a place on their team? The email sent out the other day said that headbands could be purchased at the store. But on the other hand, they could be here to enslave them. Dante didn't know what to do. He glanced at his brethren and noticed they were just as confused.

“Greetings!” Said Amos. “I am Amos Trinidad! Future king of the Wooden Throne, and Leader of Team Trinidad!”

Dante recognized the name and became even more nervous. But he kept his defensive stance, anticipating an attack.

“I am here today to relieve you of your boredom. From this day on, you will become part of Team Trinidad!”

Dante's eyes then widened. “Could it be true? Can we finally join a team?” he thought. He bought into Amos's words, and started walking toward team Trinidad.

“Are you serious? Can we join your team?” asked Dante.

“Of course you can! We wouldn't have wasted our time getting here if you couldn't!” Amos said.

Dante's face then produced a smile.

“Thank you! Thank you!” Dante replied. Dante then held out his hand to shake Amos's. As they shook hands, Amos used his other to pull out the stun gun he was hiding under his shirt.

“As slaves.” he said as he pulled the trigger. The muscular boy then fell to the ground after the impact of the stun gun. The rest of Team Trinidad tackled the other 4 tribal boys. Amos then went to work on restraining Dante while the rest of the team restrained the other boys.

“Search the camp for any valuables.” said Amos.

They found a small box with credits inside, as well as food and other things. Amos then looked to the shore and discovered the much smaller boat the tribals were using.

“Its our lucky day!” Amos thought when he noticed the boat. “Hey, guys. There's another boat over here.” He said. “Me, my brothers, and the big guy here will take this boat back. The rest of you will return with the slaves on the other boat.”

Amos then dragged Dante to the boat with his brothers' help and placed him inside. The rest of the teams loaded the larger boat. They then rolled back to the shore.

Dante finally recovered from the stun gun. He then realized the position he and his other brethren were in.

“You tricked us!” he said struggling against his bonds.

“No, I said you were going to be part of our team.” Amos replied.

“But we thought we were going to join as team members!” Dante said angrily.

“Oh, my bad! I guess I should have explained myself better.” Amos said sarcastically.

Dante didn't say another word. He looked over to his comrades on the other boat and gave them a “I'm sorry” look. They noticed this and held their chin down.

The ride back wasn't very eventful. They arrived at shore and loaded the boats on the trailer. They then marched back to the fortress. By this time, dusk had settled in as the skies started to darken. When they arrived at the fortress, Dante looked up at the boy on the cross. By this time, he had already tired out of struggling, and was now limp on the cross. Dante then noticed other crosses on the ground, and started to get even more nervous.

“Now, for your first punishment, you will join the other boy and have some time on the crosses.” Amos said. The tribals then started to struggle frantically at this, but the teams quickly went to work. They stripped each tribal of everything but their shorts and restrained them to the crosses in the same fashion as the other boy.

“While your up there, think about your positions more carefully. We will take you down after supper, and show you your new living quarters.” Amos explained to the tribals as he observed them on the crosses. He and the rest of the team went inside the fortress.


At the Gosset Fortress, Baylor was down in the dungeon torturing his slave Carlos. He had him tied to a wheel like beam that was leaning against the wall. The shackles were positioned in a way that had Carlos spread out in an X shape. Once again, he was only wearing a speedo. Carlos also had on a blindfold over his eyes and a bandanna over his mouth.

“Yeooow!” he said through the bandanna as the electric wand touched his belly.

“Ouch, I bet that hurt!” Baylor said. He then touched Carlos's nipple and got the same reaction.

Baylor had then held the wand down on his bellybutton which made Carlos frantic trying to get it off.

“MMMMMPH!” Carlos said thorough the bandanna.

As Baylor tormented Carlos, Vance came down the stairs.

“Team Lattimore wants to speak to you, Baylor.” he said.
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Chapter 25

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End of Chapter 24 Team Organization

Arc 1: Clash of the Alliances

Chapter 25: Changing Tides

“Baylor, it's Tyson.” said Vance.

Baylor lifted the wand off Carlos's body to his relief. He turned around to face his younger brother.

“Tyson, huh!?” said Baylor. “I guess I better see what he wants.” Baylor and Vance went up to the second floor to speak to Tyson. Carlos, still bound to the circular beam, was tired after the tormenting. His body hang limp from his restraints.

“I don't know how much more I can take!” Carlos thought. “Every day has been a nightmare since I was 'given' to these a$$holes. They whip me, wash me, shock me, strip me to my underwear, and outright humiliate me! And it's all because Baylor and his brothers hate Rowan, and they take their anger out on me? What did I do to deserve this?” Carlos started to tear up again. He has been through a lot in week the tournament has started, and already he was ready to quit. But it was too late now. He had to tough it out. He hoped and prayed that Team Gosset would fall, and he could be free; at least from the Gossets. Carlos couldn't hold it in anymore. He started to whimper and cry.

At that moment, a boy walked down the stairs. Hayden, a member of Team Gosset, is a short hazel eye kid with short brown hair. At the age of 14, he is 5'6'' with slightly tanned skin. As he walked, he heard whimpering from the interrogation room. He immediately went and checked out the bound boy. He saw the bound and shirtless figure against the wall and approached him. The boy removed Carlos's bandanna gag and pulled his face up to see the teary eyed boy.

“You ok?” the boy asked softly, concerned about the boy.

There were many things Carlos wanted to say. But given that this was NOT a Gosset brother and that the boy seemed genuine, Carlos decided not to direct his anger at him.

“I'm alive.” said Carlos.

“I'm sorry for what they are doing to you.” the boy said as he held a glass of water to Carlos's lips.

“It's not your fault.” said Carlos. Carlos took a much needed drink from the cup. He nearly drank it all before the boy moved it away to give Carlos time to swallow.

“Baylor sent me down here to untie you and put you back in your cell.” The boy said as he started to undo Carlos's handcuffs. “So you don't have to worry about him tormenting you. At least for tonight.”

“Ok” Carlos said. After unlocking the last restraint, Carlos fell from the beam and onto Hayden, catching his fall. After getting on his feet, Carlos started to massage his wrists.

“I guess they're sore.” Hayden noticed.

“You get used to it eventually.” said Carlos.

“You want to take a shower?” asked Hayden. “Baylor said that if you did, then you would have to get a 'dogs' shower, but since it's me and not him I will let you get your own.”

“You would do that?” Carlos asked. “But what if they found out?”

“No ones here to find out.” said Hayden. “And if they did, I would take the fall for it.”

“Thanks!” Carlos said. Carlos then went to the dungeon showers, stripped himself and began to wash himself. For the first time since arriving in this fortress, Carlos has finally been able to take a shower by himself. He made sure to enjoy is as long as he could, which Hayden didn't mind. Hayden brought a fresh set of clothes for him to change into when he finished. Hayden set beside the shower on the outside of the wall that partially hid the person inside.

“Carlos, just so you know, the rest of the team isn't happy with Baylor either. We've been talking amongst ourselves, and we simply don't like how they've treated you. And on top of that, all he thinks about is Rowan Stowe. He's obsessed beyond comprehension. That’s someone we don't need leading us.”

A weight had been lifted off Carlos's chest. For days now, all he thought about was how he was going to survive this ordeal. But now that the team has turned against their leader, he could see the end of his torment in sight.

“So, why haven't you done anything about it yet?” Carlos asked.

“We are waiting for the right time. The main issue is the Lattimores. Remember we have an alliance with them, and who knows how they would react if Baylor is overthrown. Plus, it could also be a sign of weakness from the other teams, and they may try to take advantage.

“I see.” Carlos said. “So when do you think it will happen.” asked Carlos as he rinsed the soap off his body.

“No clue. We have to get our priorities straight first, but that could take some time.” said Hayden.

“I just hope its soon.” said Carlos.

“Yea.” said Hayden.

Unbeknownst to the boys, Marion was standing outside the front door listening in on the conversation. After it finished he walked into the interrogation room and surprised the two boys.

“Planning to overthrow us, huh?” said Marion.

Hayden rose out of his chair, looking like he had seen a ghost.

“Uh, Marion, it's not what you think!” he said, trying to come up with something.

“Save your breath. I have known about your plans even before now.”

Hayden was now confused. How did he find out?

“Relax, I just found out earlier after listening to the other teammates.” said Marion. “And I'm going to help!”

Hayden's jaw dropped. “What was he talking about?” Hayden thought.

“Look, I've been doing a lot of thinking about my family, and especially about Trey. You remember us talking about him, right? He's our other brother that is on Team Stowe.” Hayden nodded his head up and down. “Trey has been pretty much disowned by Baylor for befriending Rowan. And at one time I also felt the same way. But after thinking about it, it wasn't Rowan that stole Trey away from us; Rather it was us that drove Trey away.” Hayden listened silently as Marion explained. “Lately, Baylor has become obsessed with this thing with Rowan, and is blinded with sheer hatred. Don't get me wrong, I love my brother as I do all the others, but I now see that Baylor needs to be stopped.”

“So, you will help us then?” Carlos said as he stepped out of the shower. He had a towel over his waste to cover himself.

“Yea. I will. But I don't know how the rest of my brothers feel. So it needs to be kept under wraps.” said Marion.

Then some more of Team Gosset walked in.

“He's right, Hayden. We all want to win this thing, but we need a strong and determined leader that doesn't obsess over one person.” said one of them.

“Carlos, after this is over, we will have at least one headband available. I will let you have it if you make a promise that you will forget your previous position with Team Bagley and join our side!”

For the first time in a week, Carlos smiled. “I really didn't know them that well anyway! And you guys are the only people that has shown any consideration for me since joining! Team Bagley hasn't made any effort to save me, so I owe them nothing. I promise!”

Marion smiled. “Good. I ask all of you to be patient. In the coming days, the Gosset/Lattimore alliance will move against the Stowe/Friedman alliance. When that happens, we WILL take down the Stowes and Friedmans!”

“Marion, there’s one more thing.” said one of the other team members. “I think you should take over as team leader from now on. We all discussed it while you was down here.”

Marion's eyes widened. “Me?” Marion asked. Marion had assumed that the team still didn't trust him, but this was surprising. “But I assumed one of you wanted to take the position.”

“Well, you are already an adviser. And instead of ratting us out to Baylor, you decided to side with us. You really didn't seem that bad of a guy when we met you, definitely not like Baylor, and you seem to have a leveled head. So we decided to choose you. Just name some of us advisers, and we will be cool with it.”

“Wow. I don't know anything else to say but....thanks!” said Marion.

The boys went back upstairs to bed. For the first time, Carlos was looking forward to the future. He couldn't wait to be free from his slavery and once again be a team member. But he would still have endure Baylor's rampage until then. Marion eventually went back upstairs along with Hayden. Carlos still had to sleep in the dungeons to keep Baylor and his other brothers fooled. But that night, he finally rested easy, knowing that he had a chance to win his freedom back.

Baylor, up in his room, was talking to Tyson via a video chat as Marion and the others were downstairs plotting against him.

“And that's our plan for the ambush.” said Tyson, finishing the details of their ambush. “Have you told your team that we are planning to ambush them?

“Just my brothers. We will break the news to them tomorrow. I was waiting for these details until then.” Baylor said.

“Do it as soon as possible. We move against them in a few days. They need to be ready.” suggested Tyson.

“Fine.” said Baylor. Marion had walked through the door after Baylor ended the chat.

“So, did you discuss the details?” Marion asked.

“Yea. We will strike in two days. We will catch the Stowes off guard. Then after we finish with them, we will double team the Friedmans. Get ready, brother! Soon we will have all the Stowe brothers in our grasp, and we can teach that cunt Trey a lesson.” said Baylor.

Baylor's remarks about Trey annoyed him, but he did not express this on his face.

“Yea. Well we can talk about this in the morning. I am getting tired.” Marion said as he left the room. But Baylor's voiced stopped him.

“Marion.” he said.

“Yea?” he asked back.

“When we do get Trey back, he will pay. But he is still our brother. You, me and the rest of our brothers will make him see the errors of his ways. He will be punished severely.”

Marion knew exactly what Baylor meant. He wanted to speak out against Baylor, but he knew now was not the time. “Yea, I know. But what if he never learns?” Marion asked.

“Then I guess we have no use for him, then. He will be a slave, and just like Carlos, he will know the very meaning of the word the way we think about it.” Baylor said ominously.

Marion knew he had to make sure this didn't happen. Trey and Carlos had been punished enough, and they didn't even deserve it.

“I understand.” Marion said. “Goodnight, Baylor.”
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Chapter 26

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End of Chapter 25 Team Organization

Arc 1: Clash of the Alliances

Chapter 26: Lattimores targeted

The following day, members of team Stark and Team Friedman met to prepare for the ambush. John, Logan, and Chase were sent for Team Stark while Walker's brother Oran and two others, including the twin brother who provided the information from his twin on Team Lattimore, were sent by Walker. The sky was clear which allowed the summer sun to beam down, forecasting another hot day for the area. It was still morning, and they had a couple hours before noon which is when they will strike. The group walked quietly through the woods, trying not to gain attention of anyone else that could be in the area. They made their way to the rendezvous point where Team Lattimore's scouts are expected to pass.

“How much longer do we like?” asked John.

“Just a little further.” said Oran.

They continued walking along the forest floor. The trees provided some shade from the rising sun, which made the trip more bearable. The group eventually came to a small opening.

“This is the place.” said the twin.

They hid behind some nearby bushes to wait for the Lattimore scouts to show. They waited for what seemed to them like forever, anxiously anticipating the battle ahead.

“What all did you bring to bind them?” asked Oran softly.

“I brought some rope, handcuffs, and some shock collars.” said John.

“Good. That's what we brought, too.” said Oran.

Soon enough, they heard some talking from the distance. Along with the talking they heard brushing against some bushes.

“Do you think that's them?” asked Chris.

“Shh. Just keep an eye on the clearing.” said Oran.

4 boys appeared into the clearing. They noticed the familiar yellow headbands and clothing that signified Team Lattimore.

“Whew! Glad it's break time!” one of them said. “Hey wheres that canteen?”

“Here you go.” another said as he handed the boy a canteen that hung from his shoulders.

“Thanks.” he said, as he gulped down whatever was inside. The Lattimore scouts then seated themselves on a nearby tree under the shade. They listened to the conversation.

“Man, I wish the temperature would drop some!” said one of Lattimores.

“Yea I know. I heard it was supposed to rain tomorrow, though.” said another.

“I just hope Jeffery doesn't make us scout out in it. That would be torture.”

“Well, he is the biggest a$$hole in the tournament.”

“Haha! Don't say that to his face, though.”

“What is he gonna do, throw us in the dungeons?”

“Well he is our leader unfortunately.”

“But if he makes a habit of that, then who will stand up to protect him?”

“Yea. Honestly, Tyson should take over. He might be Robert's younger brother, but we all know Tyson is the one that will win us the game.”

“I have to go and take a piss.”

“Yea me too.”

The two got up and went into the woods. The Stark/Friedman group decided to move in and take them by surprise. They immediately rushed out from behind and charged the unsuspecting boys.

“What the..”

By the time they realized what was going on, it was already too late. They were tackled to the ground and immediately subdued. They were each handcuffed behind their backs. The boys then begun to wrap the ropes around their torso and arms, tying their arms to their body. For added insurance, shock collars were snapped around their necks.

“What the hell? Who are you...MMMHP.” They were hand gagged by Chase and Logan.

“Shh. I don't want you making any more sounds.” said Chase.

“MmMMmmph.” said the boy through his hand gag.

“It's too late! We are taking you back with us to the Stark Fortress.

This prompted them to squirm even more.

“Here, lets gag them with these.” John said, holding up two ball gags.

“Yea!” said Chase.

“You stupid fuMMMPH” they said as the ball gags were stuffed into their mouths. They then tied their feet to further prevent them from escaping.

“Now we wait on the others.” said Oran. Not too long afterward, the other too walked back to the opening. The smiles on their faces disappeared after they noticed their teammates were missing.

“Where did they go?” one of them said. To the Lattimore's surprise, 6 boys suddenly appeared from the bushes and circled their soon to be captives.

“Uh, who are you guys?” the boy asked before noticing the blue and white headbands that represented Team Stark and Friedman respectfully.

“I think you know the answer to that!” said Oran.

The two boys stood back-to-back, anticipating the coming ambush. When it came, they put up little resistance. They were restrained in the same fashion, ballgag included.

“Wow, that went much easier than expected. Almost too easy.” Logan said, as he looked towards the twin. Then they heard some shuffling in the woods. A boy wearing a Lattimore headband walked out into the open. But right away, they recognized the other twin brother.

“Shane!” said the Lattimore twin.

“Ike!” said the Friedman twin back. They embraced each other in a tight hug.

“They seem close!” said John.

“You know how it is with twins. These two are especially close. Shane talks about his brother all the time.” Oran explained.

“So I see you got them!” said Ike. Shane smiled back.

“So why are you here?” asked John.

“Uh, well I kinda wanted to see my brother. I know it has been a couple days, but I miss him.” said Ike.

“You know how risky that is? What if we didn't succeed and were caught? You just happen to show up out of nowhere when your team was suddenly ambushed!” said Oran.

“Well I didn't just rush out here. I was hiding to make sure it was ok.” said Ike.

“Well, whats done is done. Now that we have these four tied, what do we do with you?” Oran said with an evil grin. Ike started to get nervous.

“Wait, what are you planning to do?” Shane asked Oran.

“He is a member of Team Lattimore, and therefore he is our enemy.” said Oran.

“But he helped us get these guys!” said Shane.

“Im sorry, but he comes as well. We have to weaken our enemies fighting force, and with the team members we captured today we reduced the Lattimore's numbers by a third.” said Oran.

“T...take me!” said Ike hesitantly. The others were surprised by this.

“What?” Oran asked.

“Even if it means becoming a slave, I don't want to win this tournament without my brother. At first, I thought I could do it, but now I can't. So just please let me come with you! I'll do anything you ask.”

“Ike...” Shane said as Chase and Logan handcuffed his wrists. They then heard shuffling in the woods nearby. When they went over to see what was going on, they saw another Lattimore boy freeing his comrades.

“Oh sh*t!” he said. He had already freed two of the captives. But rather than take on 6 of them, the three boys made a run for it as fast as they could.

“Run after them!” John said as Chase and Logan followed them.

“Wait!” Oran said. “Don't do it! It could be a trap.”

“What are you talking about?” John asked.

“I don't have time to explain. Lets get these two's feet unbound and get out of here. Radio your brothers on that Walkie Talkie and warn them that we are on our way!” said John. He remembered the Walkie Talkies that Rowan ordered for occasions like this. “Get a move on!” Oran commanded again. “For all we know, the entire Lattimore team could be on their way now!”

They immediately unbound the remaining two slaves' legs to allow them to walk. They ran as fast as they could back towards the Stark Fortress. John radioed Rowan to update him on the status as they ran.

“What makes you sure that more will come?” asked John.

“Ike was probably followed. I am venturing to guess that Team Lattimore also has those to keep in contact with.” replied Oran.

“Oh.” John said realizing the gravity of the situation. Being bound, the Lattimore captives couldn't run as fast as the others.

“Rowan is sending some reinforcements toward our location just in case.” said John.

“Good. We may need them!” They were almost at the border. “Just a little further.” John thought. But the sounds of boys behind them running and yelling did not bode well for the team.

“Don't stop! Keep running!” Oran encouraged. But the footsteps were closing in, and they were coming in fast.
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Chapter 27

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End of Chapter 26 Team Organization

Arc 1: Clash of the Alliances

Chapter 27: Surrounded

“I here them!” said John.

“We can't stop, come one you guys! If you slack for anything I'll send a jolt into your neck.” Oran warned the captives.

John, Oran, Chase, Logan, Ike, Shane, one Friedman kid, and the other two Lattimore captives ran for the Stowe Fortress to escape what sounded like Team Lattimore chasing behind them. They didn't want to take any chances.

“How far are we from the Stowe Fortress?” Oran asked John.

“We still like a ways.” John replied. “About 7 – 10 minutes at the pace were going.”

“Damn. That's pretty far!” said Oran.

Sweat poured down their faces as rays from the summer sun beamed down through openings in the trees. They ran for another 5 minutes, maneuvering around trees and bushes. But the footsteps behind them were getting closer, and they were still not close.

One of the Lattimore boys had an idea. If he “tripped,” maybe it would give them enough time to catch up to them. The captors would have to stop and help him up, thinking that if they left behind one of the captives they worked so hard to get that this risk would be for naught. But then the captive thought about Jeffery's warning. “If any of you get captured and I have to send out teammates to rescue you, then I will punish you severely!” And here he was, tied and running from his own team. Indeed he had a decision to make: either become slaves to the Stowes/Friedmans or endure who knows what from Jeffery. The boy, indecisively, kept running. And even worse, another team could have somehow intercepted the operation and are chasing them instead of the Lattimores. These thoughts ran through his mind as he tried to make a decision. But it was too late for a decision. Immediately, something hit John's leg that caused him to trip.

“OWWW!” John said as he tumbled to the ground. He noticed some red liquid dripping down his leg.

“What happened?” Oran said as he helped John to his feet. But then seven Lattimore team members surrounded the group of boys.

“Good shot, Sam.” said one of them.

“Thanks!” he replied. Sam was a Caucasian dark-brown haired kid who was holding some kind of gun. “My dad taught me how to shoot!”

“A paintball gun?” John thought.

“Now, you all might as well give it up! Ike, I am disappointed in you. Betraying your own team like this is shameful and punishable. Jeffery has been reeling for a punishing session lately, and you will receive that when we return with you and the rest of your companions” Sam said.

“How did you know what was going on, and how did you find us so quick?” Oran asked.

“Well, Tyson had wondered why Shane was sneaking out of the fortresses on occasion, and he had him followed. The spy found out about Ike giving intel on us and he immediately told Tyson. But instead of acting instantly, he decided to wait and see what happens. When we found out the ambush, Tyson sent us out close to the area for an ambush. We sent one of our team members after Ike to see what exactly was going on, and he discovered our team mates tied up in the bushes. He found a key in your bags and begun to unbind them, but as you know he only freed two. He and the free team members ran back and told us what was going on, and then we immediately started chasing you guys.” Sam explained.

Oran was surprised. His brother warned him of the Lattimores but he never knew Tyson was so dangerous. Tyson is clearly someone to fear in this tournament.

“Now, guys, if you don’t mind just kneel before us and don't put up a fight. It will be easier on you.” said Sam as they started to move in. But just as they begun their ambush, Trey and several other Stowe boys arrived on the scene. In their possession were strings of rope, handcuffs, tasers and other things meant for taking down enemies. Including Trey, there were 6 other members, which left the Lattimores outnumbered again.

“I see we made it in time!” Trey said as he began unwinding the rope from his shoulders.

The Lattimore boys, realizing they were outnumbered, started to back away from the Stowe Team.

“Run!” shouted Tom, and immediately the Lattimores hightailed it away from Team Stowes.

“John, are you ok?” Trey asked when he noticed the blood like substance dripping from his leg.

“Yea I'm fine. That one boy doing all the talking had a paintball gun. He landed a shot on my leg. I guess it will be sore for a couple days.” said John.

“I see.” said Trey. “Well at any rate, lets get back to the Fortress. Rowan's waiting.” said Trey.

“I can radio him on the Walkie Talkie.” said John.

“Right. I forgot that you had that. At any rate, I noticed this plan wasn't a TOTAL failure!” said Trey when he noticed the three boys handcuffed behind John.

“Right, lets get them back.” said John.

The Stowe and Friedman boys returned to the fortress. Now walking, it took another 6 minutes to get back. Outside, Rowan, Brandon, Russ, and the rest of Team Stowe were waiting outside on the return of their teammates. As they returned, they were cheered for their victory over the Lattimores.

“Good job, guys!” said Rowan. “This gives us a definite advantage!”

“Thanks, bro!” John said.

“And thank you to Team Friedman. This victory should solidify our alliance!” Rowan said shaking Oran's hand.

“You're most certainly welcome!” said Oran. “Now lets talk about them.” Oran said as he looked over at the slaves. They held their head down. “The twin should come to us. He willingly gave himself up just to be with his brother. I'd hate to see them separated.”

“Actually, I was gonna ask if you could take them all. We have 7 slaves already in the dungeons. Its getting a bit crowded down there.” said Rowan.

“I see, well we certainly have no objections. Very well.” said Oran, shaking Rowan's hand again on the deal.

“You guys are welcome to stay around! We are having lunch soon, and you are welcome to join us.” Rowan offered. Oran smiled and nodded his head left and right.

“Sorry, but Walker is expecting me back at the fortress. Gotta go!” said Oran.

“I see. Well goodbye then!” Rowan said to the leaving Friedman team.


Back at the Lattimores fortress, the team that was sent to capture the Stowe/Friedman team returned to an angry Jeffery.

“What the hell.” he said angrily. “I give you ONE task, and you fools FAILED?”

“Sorry, sir. It won't happen again.” said Sam, trying to sound sincere. In truth, he was just as annoyed by Jeffery's attitude as the others were.

“It won't happen again, and I will see to that! And as for you two...” Jeffery said, looking at the two scouts that got captured. “I warned you not to get captured. But what did you do? YOU GOT CAPTURED! For that, I will personally carry out your punishment. You guys: Take them down to the dungeon and tie them to that pole.” commanded Jeffery to some of his team mates. But they just stood there with an angrily glare. “What are you waiting on! Get to it!” Jeffery commanded again. The boys still gave Jeffery a sinister and angrily look. Lane, who was standing beside Jeffery, noticed this and backed away from his master.

“And why should we take orders from you?” one of them said. This enraged Jeffery.

“I AM YOUR LEADER!” Jeffery shouted.

“Someone who has to say “I AM YOUR LEADER” is no true leader.” Jeffery heard from behind him. Jeffery turned around and saw Tyson and the other advisers standing in front of the entrance to the fort.

Jeffery, still angry but unnerved by Tyson's words looked him straight I his eyes. “What? I thought you were working on something!” Jeffery said.

“I heard all the commotion from the windows and decided to see what this was all about..” Tyson responded.

“Well, tell them to do it! Tie these two weak team members so I can 'toughen them up.'” Joffery commanded yet again.

“No!” Tyson said to Jeffery sternly. Jeffery looked at Tyson again, now fuming.

“I..said...DO IT!” Jeffery commanded once more.

“I said NO” Tyson said even more sternly.

Jeffery then turned around and stared his older cousin directly in the face.

“I SAID YES!!!” Jeffery shouted directly at Tyson. But Jeffery realized what he had done. Tyson was the one now fuming. It was if he could burst at any moment, unleashing all his anger and frustration onto Jeffery at once. Since the beginning of the tournament over a week ago, this anger had slowly built.

“I think you should take a nap, cousin.” Tyson said ominously.

“Im...not....TIRED!' Jeffery said in a way that seemed like he was trying to keep his dominate stance but at the same time cowering away.

“Lane, take him to his room and see to it that he gets some shut eye.” said Tyson.

“Come on, sir.” said Lane softly. Jeffery, not wanting to face his wrath, followed Tyson's advice and allowed Lane to guide him to his bedroom.

“And get him something to calm him. Perhaps a cup of juice.” said Tyson. This added even more to Jeffery's defeated ego. Jeffery along with Lane entered the fort.

“You just sent our leader to bed!” Sam said. “Not only that, Robert Bagley's kid brother!”

“I am Jeffery's cousin, and Robert put me here to look out for him. Look guys, I know how hard it is to deal with him. I myself had to hold back my anger. For the sake of the team, please don't try anything.” Tyson asked his fellow teammates.

They hesitated for a moment, but the team decided to follow Tyson for now.

“Fine. But you should put a bigger leash on him. If you hadn't shown up, I doubt we would’ve held back any longer.” Sam explained.

“Thank you for your support.” Tyson said.

“So are we gonna get punished now?” asked the two boys that were captured by the Stowes.

“No, don't worry about it. And I'm sorry for not telling you beforehand about our plan. We just didn't want you to get nervous.” said Tyson. “We shouldn't have risked it in the first place.”

“So what are we gonna do now? We are down by three team members.” Sam asked. Tyson had to think on that.
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Chapter 28

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End of Chapter 27 Team Organization

Arc 1: Clash of the Alliances

Chapter 28: A Challenge

“Here's your juice, master.” Lane said as he held a glass of orange juice toward Jeffery.

Jeffery then swung his hand and knocked the cup out of Lane's hand, causing it to spill on the floor of the leader bedroom.

“I am NOT going to sleep. And you best remember that I am your master. Not Tyson.”

Lane avoided Jeffery's gaze while trying to not anger him further.

“Get some supplies and clean that up!” Jeffery commanded.

Lane went to to fetch some towels and carpet cleaner. Jeffery pounced back and forth in his room, still fuming about Tyson's order.

“Who does he think he is telling ME what to do! I am the leader, not him!” Jeffery thought to himself. “Why does Robert want him running things? I am his brother after all.”

After a few minutes, Lane returned with the supplies and began cleaning the orange juice off the floor. Jeffery ignored him as he scrubbed the carpet of the room. Then suddenly the door opened, and in came Peter, Tyson's black-haired friend that agreed to be an adviser. He was shorter than most his age, at roughly 5'8'' tall. He wore the casual wear for the team, which included the yellow Lattimore t-shirt and shorts, along with his adviser headband.

“Tyson asked me to come up and check on you.” Peter said as he closed the door behind him.

“I don't need him checking on me.” Jeffery replied.

“He insisted. He told me you were supposed to be asleep, but I see that you aren't”

“I....DON'T....need....SLEEP!” Jeffery angrily lashed.

“Of course you don't!” Peter replied. “What you need is to accept the fact that Tyson is in charge and not make any more mistakes.”

Jeffery was took back by Peter's words. Now he was angrier than ever. It's one thing for his cousin to tell him what to do, but someone who isn't even a Lattimore? Jeffery then walked over to the boy and poked his finger out at him as if giving a command to a dog.

“You.. How dare you tell ME what to do! You are not even a Lattimore. You're just here because you're friends with my family. You best know your place.”

Peter let out a small grin.

“I know my place, Jeffery. While you are the leader of our team and the son of a ruling lord, I have more power than you on this team. Sad, isn't it? It's sad that your family has more confidence in me than it's second heir. Clearly you must be a disappointment to both the Bagleys and the Lattimores!”


Peter produced an even bigger smile over his face. “I did what Tyson asked of me. Oh, and one more thing. Tyson asked me to look after you while he tends to the needs of the team. He said he can't be bothered by you while he takes care of the team's affairs. I will be watching you from now on.”

As Peter left the room, Jeffery picked up the empty glass of orange juice off the floor and hurled it at the closing door. As it impacted the wall, it shattered into several pieces.

“Does he think I'm just a side show now? I'm the leader of this team, and I will make all the decisions. Lane, this mess better be cleaned up before I get back. You hear me?”

Lane nodded his head in confirmation, and started to pick up the pieces of glass off the floor. Jeffery exited the room and went into the conference room. In there, he spotted the laptop that is usually used to place video calls to the other teams. He flipped it open and typed in some commands on the machine. Eventually, Baylor Gosset's face popped up on the screen.

“Jeffery. It's been a while since we've talked.” said Baylor.

“Yea it has. You usually talk to Tyson about team affairs. But since Tyson is occupied for the moment, I have some news.”

“I'm listening.”

“The Stowe Team managed to snag three of our teammates today. I want you and your team to meet me at this fortress tomorrow at noon. We are going to crush this little alliance once and for all.”

Baylor was surprised at Jeffery's suggestion. Is now really the time to strike when they have the bigger advantage? Both teams have lost some of their members, and are outnumbered by the Stowe/Friedman alliance. What is Jeffery thinking?

“Wait, if you have lost some team members, then attacking them right now will be dangerous.” said Baylor.

“No, it's alright. We have one more trump card up our sleeve. We've been holding this one back until the right time, and I think it's about time we use it.”

“Oh? What is the trump card?” asked Baylor.

“I can't tell, but you just have to trust me. After tomorrow, we will have them right where we want them. In our dungeons.” Baylor smiled at this prospect. Finally! He gets his hands on Rowan. He's sure that whatever the Lattimores have will be most beneficial.

“Very well. The Gossets will arrive tomorrow and lend you our aid. I hope you don't disappoint.”

Suddenly, the door opened, and in walked the four advisers for Team Lattimore.

“Jeffery, may I ask what you are doing?” Tyson asked rhetorically. Jeffery just stared at his cousin.

“I'm doing my job as leader and I'm orchestrating an attack on Team Stowe.”

Tyson was the one angry now. He looked as if he could tear Jeffery's head off. He then walked over to his cousin, and pushed his hands against Jeffery's shoulders. Jeffery was then pushed against the wall. Tyson's angry glare pierced into Jeffery's eyes. At that moment, Jeffery knew he had pushed the limit.

“I have had enough of your behavior, Jeffery. I am going to say this one time AND one time only. If you ever go behind MY back like this again, you will regret it.” The power behind the words were enough to keep Jeffery's mouth shut. He didn't want to piss off Tyson any further. Not anymore. “Do you hear me?” Jeffery hesitantly nodded his head up and down.

He knew his cousin Tyson very well. Robert and Tyson had worked together often, and Jeffery has often seen the true side of his cousin. When getting what he wants, Tyson will do anything, and has no sympathy for anyone. He one time tortured a revered bully in school after the bully punched Jaime in the face, leaving a large bruise on his left eye. After hearing about the incident, Tyson literally kidnapped the bully and brought him back to his home. Jeffery was visiting the Lattimores at the time and witnessed everything. Tyson drug the kid to the basement of the home and tied him by his hands to the ceiling support, where he then beat the boy mercilessly. After he was finished, Tyson then stripped him of all but his underwear and drove him back to the school. He left the kid there tied by his hands and feet and taped a note on his back that said “Don't mess with the Lattimores.” After that, no one dared touch the Lattimore brothers again.

“Good. But you are right about one thing. The Stowes need to be taught a lesson. So Baylor, go ahead and bring your team here. We will call the Stowes and Friedmans and settle this thing on the open battlefield ONCE AND FOR ALL.”

“Very well then, Tyson. We will be there tomorrow at noon to start planning.” The video stream stopped as Baylor ended the session.

“Now time to call them.”


At the Stowe Fortress, Rowan and Trey are in the dungeon “playing” with their captives. He had Josh tied by the hands to a X-cross beam and shirtless. Rowan and Trey also had a box beside them.

“What are you going to do to me?” Josh asked. Josh's shock collar jolted the slave's neck and caused him to yell.

“AHHHH!” he said.

“You best address us properly next time we speak.” Rowan warned.

“Haha. Yea man. You don't want to make the big bad Rowan mad, do you?” Trey retorted.

“Shut up, man!” said Rowan. “So we are gonna play some games with you today. The other slaves are working around the fortress doing other things, such as cleaning and tending to the needs of the team. But you have been specially chosen to participate in our little game. Congratulations!” Josh didn't say anything.

“The first part of the game will be if you can guess what is inside of this box. If you can guess right, I will let you off the hook. If not, then you will experience what is inside!” Josh did not want to use whatever was inside of the box. So he had to guess right.

“I'll give you a hint. It can make you VERY uncomfortable.” Trey said. “And remember, you only get one guess.” Trey then gently pinched Josh's arm and wiggled it around some.

Josh had to think. What was in the box? It was certainly something that they will use to torture him. He had to guess right or else.

After a few minutes, Josh then replied. “Candles.” He remembered the first torture session like it was yesterday He remembered how they dripped molten candle wax all over his body and how it hardened in place. It took him a while to get the stuff off in the shower.

Rowan and Trey looked at each other and smiled.

“Nope. Sorry but you guessed wrong.” Rowan said. He opened the box and revealed several clothespins inside the box. It was filled with them from top to bottom with the things.

“What are you gonna do with them....Masters?” Josh asked, barely remembering to call them by their “proper” name.

“The second part of the game will test your endurance, buddy.” Rowan said as he grabbed a couple. He then grabbed the skin below Josh's upper arm and attached one of them.

“Ow!” Josh sounded. It stung, but it wasn't enough to be terribly painful. “How is this gonna test my OWW!” he said again as another clip went on beside the last.

“Here's the challenge. From now on, we will continue to clamp these around your body. You will be quiet until we are finished. If you have not said a word by the time we are finished, you win the game. We give you a break from your slavery if you hold out. But if you lose,..well lets just say that you DON'T want to lose.” Rowan explained.

Then Chase came down into the dungeon.

“Rowan, we have a video call!” he said.

“Ugh. Tell Friedman we will talk later, I'm in the middle of something.” Rowan said as he and Trey slowly applied the clothespins to Josh. Josh was trying his best to hold out, but each clothespin made the pain even worse.

“It's not Friedman, Rowan.”

Rowan stopped and turned toward Chase.

“Who is it, then?” he asked, now concerned with the call.

“It's Tyson.”

Hearing this, Trey also stopped applying the clothespins to Josh's body.

“He said it's urgent.”

Rowan then put down the clothespins in his hands. “Chase, call my brothers. I will go and see what he wants.”

“Yea.” said Chase as he went up the stairs.

Rowan and Trey left Josh tied to the cross and made their way upstairs as well.

“What do you think he wants?” asked Trey.

“I'm guessing it has something to do with earlier.”

By the time they arrived in the conference room, the laptop was opened and had a video stream already opened. The leader and his four advisers entered the room at around the same time. Then a connection from Friedman came through as well and his faces also showed on the screen.

“Good, you both are on so I can deliver this message simultaneously.” Tyson said.

“What do you want?” Rowan asked Tyson bluntly.

“Today you took three of our team members. That has put us missing two members since we won the headband from the coliseum games.” Tyson explained.

“And what does that have to do with us?” Rowan asked.

“Well, you both are in a position to beat us. I mean we have the Gossets but they are also down by two members. It's only a matter of time before you try to do assault us yet again. So here is what I propose. The Stowes and the Friedman will meet the Lattimores and Gossets for an all-out battle. We will meet in the area between our fortresses and settle this thing once and for all.”

Rowan was surprised at Tyson's proposal. With his dwindled numbers, surely he doesn't think that he can win, can he? Their alliance has 4 more members than them. Do they have some way of winning?

“And what if we say no?” Friedman asked Tyson.

“Well I guess we will carry on like we have. The guerrilla tactics you employed earlier worked last time, but will it work again?”

After thinking about it some, Rowan then decided. “Friedman, I will go if you do. Tysons right. It's time to settle this thing and prove which alliance is stronger. Once we get them out of the way, we can take the rest of the teams down no problem!” said Rowan. Brandon had an uneasy feeling about this. He knew the Lattimores wouldn't propose this if they didn't have something that could get them the win. But it's hard to argue with Rowan giving his stubbornness. Maybe Friedman will..

“Fine, were in too.” Friedman responded.

Brandon now was worried. His feelings about this whole tournament came rushing back to the surface, and now feared the worse for his brothers. If the Lattimores and Gossets win, knows what will happen to them.

“Good. I look forward to it.” said Tyson as he cut the connection. Friedman remained on the line to talk with Rowan some more.

“What do you think they did that for?” asked Rowan.

“I don't know, but don't drop your guard for a second. The Lattimores are cunning, and will outwit us if we aren't careful.” said Walder. “If we win this one, both of our teams will be one step closer to victory. We will meet you at your fort tomorrow to work out our strategy.”

“Ok.” said Rowan. Friedman's connection also closed leaving the screen blank.

“Rowan, are you sure this is a good idea?” Brandon asked. “We don't know what they have planned. This could all backfire.”

“Well we will have to come up with a plan of our own.” said Rowan.


It was now dusk on the estate. The summer sun was falling behind the horizon, and darkness slowly covered the area. The teams were turning in for the night. Tyson, in the conference room, was making another video call. This time, he was calling his cousin Robert.

“It's official. If they don't cower, we will meet tomorrow, and the other Alliance will be finished.” said Tyson.

“Good, and what about the trump card?” Robert asked.

“It's all been taken care of.” Replied Tyson.

“Excellent. As a gift, I am sending 'him' tomorrow night.” Tyson's eyes widened upon hearing Robert's words.

“Wait, are you talking about...” Tyson said as he was cut off.

“Yea, I'm talking about 'him'”
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