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The Kidnap M/m/m/m

Posted: Sun Jan 05, 2014 5:54 pm
by zollo
Michael, Zach, and Justin are best friends. This story is written in third person as well as from the perspective of the "kidnapper".
Michael - 5'8" ear-length dirty blonde, average physique
Zach - 5'11" short black hair, thin
Justin - 5'10" short dark brown, thin


He was deranged. He knew it and couldn't fight the urges any longer. Growing up he constantly had to dominate people in every possible way. From his friends on the playground to his peers in college to his coworkers later in life, he always had to have a leg up on those around him. Now the pressures of life had gotten to him and he needed a way to vent. He couldn't take the same bullishit day in and day out. Daily life was driving him mad, he needed stimulation. The house across the street is where he would find it. As he looked out the window of his apartment he could see them leaving. The parents were going on a vacation, leaving their only child Michael in control of the house. Michael was just old enough to take care of things while they were gone. Or was he? That little shit was going to get what was coming to him. Certainly he'll be having friends over tonight. Thats when it will happen.

I'll get all of them.


To say the least, Michael was pretty excited that his parents would be out of the house for the next 2 weeks. It was the beginning of summer break and he would have the place to himself with no responsibilities. His house wasn't a big one, in fact was a 2 story brick apartment building. Fortunately the downstairs apartment was vacant, perfect for when his best buddies Zach and Justin came over considering they weren't the quietest group. It was later in the afternoon when his parents left and Michael was ready to call up his friends and see if they wanted to chill for the night.

Michael texted his friends and they agreed they would come over a little later. Justin had a copy of some new movie he wanted to watch and they all agreed that sounded good. All Michael had to do now was relax. He heard the mailman come and went outside to get the mail, something his parents made sure Michael remembered to do every day so that people didn't see the mail piling up and assume nobody was home. The area didn't exactly have the lowest crime rate. As he was getting the mail he saw the neighbor across the street looking out the window. Michael gave a little wave and received a faint smile in return. Michael didn't mind his neighbors, and the guy across the street usually kept to himself. Michael didn't even know his name.

After going back inside and kicking his shoes off Michael plopped down on the couch and watched some TV. His friends would be coming over in a couple of hours and he had to kill time somehow. He dozed off pretty quickly and upon awaking he was happy to find this 2 friends were at the door. Justin and Zach set their backpacks down in the living room and prepared for what was bound to be a 2 week chill session between the 3 best friends.

Little did they know that starting tonight this chill session wouldn't be what they thought it would.

PART 1.5

It was dark out now. Through the brightly lit windows from across the street he could see the boys in the living room. It was time to prepare for his next move. From the bottom of his bedroom closet he found his mask. It was more of a black hood with a thin black covering over the front so that he could see fairly well but it was impossible to see his face. He would also be wearing black gloves and long sleeves. Nobody could know that is was him. He filled up a black backpack with ropes, duct tape, and some chains and locks he had stored, along with a black ball gag he had owned for a while but never had the opportunity to use. He also placed his small handgun and holster on his belt. It wouldn't be loaded, but it would be just enough to scare the boys into submission. His heartbeat sped up as he thought about what was to come soon. These entitled little shits across the street were going to learn how the world works. He was unsure why he was even targeting the boys. Maybe it was just out of pure convenience, he had to take his aggression out on someone. Another glance out the window showed one of the boys getting off the couch and walking to the back of the house, toward the kitchen and bathroom. The man had studied the house well and knew that he was going to be using the back staircase to get inside. The boy who left the living room would be first. Michael and the other would soon follow.

It was time to get moving.

Part 2

Michael's apartment wasn't huge it but stretched back relatively far onto the plot of land which it stood. There were 2 big bedrooms in the back of the house, one of which led to another small room which held the back door to the second story balcony. This was Michaels room. The balcony was a large wooden one with a staircase leading down into the small backyard and side alleyway. Between the bedrooms in the back and the living room in the very front there was a small laundry room, a kitchen, a dining room, and two smaller bedrooms. One of the smaller rooms was off of the kitchen, the other was off of the living room in the very front. There was also a large closet in the dining room right next to the entrance from the top of the front staircase. The kitchen was just out of view of the living room.

"I'm running to the bathroom" Justin said. "Mind pausing the movie for a minute?"
"Sure dude, grab me a water bottle on your way back?" Asked Michael.
"For sure" said Justin as he got up.

Justin took a few minutes in the bathroom. He heard some noise coming from the kitchen and assumed Michael was sick of waiting and grabbed the water he asked for himself. After washing his hands and walking out of the bathroom he noticed that he had stepped in a small puddle of water on the floor, soaking through his socks. "Fuck" mumbled the boy under his breath. It was raining pretty hard out, so maybe someone went outside and came in with wet shoes.

"Yo Mikey" yelled Justin as he poked his head through the doorway to the kitchen, "Mind if I borrow a pair of socks? I stepped in this puddle in the kitchen."
"That's weird" said Michael. "Go for it, and don't forget my bottle of water!"

Justin didn't really think anything of it and went back to Michael's room. He noticed the wet foot prints on Michael's bedroom carpet leading out of the room to the kitchen. "Idiot" thought Justin as he stripped off his wet black Nike elite socks. As he opened Michael's top drawer and found a new pair of socks to wear he could sense someone coming up behind him. Before he could even turn around a black sleeved arm wrapped around this arms and chest while another hand came up and covered his mouth, gagging him. Dropping the socks and looking up into the mirror Justin could see the person who was holding him. His heart sank as he saw the black hood covered face and small holster on the mans belt. He struggled for a second but the man has a powerful grip on him, not to mention the clearly visible gun.

"Don't make a fucking noise" said the man, his voice was deep. "You're mine now, and your little fucking friends will be mine too, soon enough."
Justin mmmph'd an audible sigh and went limp. He wasn't going to take his chances with this guy. Justin wasn't an aggressive person, and certainly didn't want to risk getting hurt or worse.

"Lay on the bed, face down" said the man as he released Justin from his grip and hurried over to shut the bedroom door. The man took a black bag off of this back and set it next to Justin as he obeyed the mans demand. "Hands behind your back you little shit." Justin did as he was told, beginning to realize the gravity of the situation. He was being tied up, was he about to be kidnapped!? The man took some long white rope out of this bag and began to tie Justin's hands by tightly crossing his wrists.

"Please, what do you want with me? I haven't dommpppphhh!" said Justin worriedly as the man quickly found a grip on his hair and handgagged him again with his other hand. "I told you, don't make a sound." The man then took the gun off his waist and waved it in front of Justin's face, "just in case".

Having his wrists now tied tightly behind his back, the mans main focus was keeping the kid quiet. He noticed Justin's wet socks on the floor and grabbed one. He balled it up and shoved it into the boys mouth, who was frantically protesting and trying to squirm away, to no avail. As he took the duct tape out of his bag and began to wrap Justins head to keep him gagged he let out a faint chuckle. "Sorry about the water on the floor" said the man, "The rains coming down hard and I didn't feel it necessary to take my shoes off. Looks like it worked out for me, how's that sock taste?" He said as Justin rolled his eyes and mpph'd again. "Now to finish off".

Justin's feet were tied, crossed at the ankles, with the same rope his hands were tied with. His legs were then raised and tied tightly to his wrists. It was a painful hog tie. "Sorry buddy" said the masked man as he gently stroked the soles of one of Justin's bare feet, causing the boy to flinch greatly, "Looks like you were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. You'll have company soon. Hopefully your shitbag friends don't try to put up a fight".

And with that, the man sat in the chair in the corner and waited, admiring the work he did on his first victim. Justin could just lay there and hope that he would get out of this alright.

This was going to be a long vacation.

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Posted: Mon Jan 06, 2014 12:12 am
by bondagefreak
Welcome to the forum! :odd:
It's always nice to have another writer onboard!

I must say, this look's very promising.
I can't help but wonder what the kidnapper has in store for the three boys!
Loved the sock gag!

I will be looking forward to the following chapter.
Keep up the good work and don't keep us waiting too long :quirk:

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Posted: Tue Jan 07, 2014 6:58 pm
by zollo
Part 3

After waiting in the living room with the movie paused for a good 5 minutes, Michael began to wonder what was taking Justin so long.
"Just?" he shouted, but heard no answer from the back of the house, "guess I'll go see what's up" he said to Zach.

With Zach's eyes glued to his iPhone, Michael got up and walked into the Kitchen. He saw that his bedroom door was closed and thought that Justin might be on the phone with someone and wanted quiet or privacy. He gave the door a quick knock and still heard no answer from his friend. After quietly turning the doorknob, stepping into the pitch black room and turning the light on he was shocked by what he saw. Justin was laying on his stomach on the bed completely tied in a tight hogtie. He had duct tape wrapped thickly around his head covering his mouth which looked like had something stuffed in to keep him extra quiet.

The boys quickly locked eyes and Justin shouted "MMMMMPH" through his gag. "What the ffffffmmmff-!" shouted Michael, but it was too late. The boy was already handgagged from behind as Justin had originally been.

Michael struggled heavily, but he was wrapped up by the mans powerful arm, his large palm covering the boys mouth and keeping him silent. After a few more seconds of struggling and squirming the man spoke. "I've already been through this with your buddy here, and look how he ended up" he said as he forced Michael's line of sight in the direction of Justin. Michael could only stare at his friend who had obviously been jumped by this stranger, the same thing that was now happening to him. Justin kept still, already knowing that there was nothing he could do to help. His ties were far too tight.

Giving Michael several seconds to calm down the boys captor spoke again "I have a gun on me, and I don't want to use it but I will if you give me any reason." Justin looked at Michael and nodded. Michael's eyed started to tear up. Who is this guy in my house!? He has a gun?? he thought.
"I am going to release you now. One noise and you WILL regret it." said the kidnapper has he slowly released Michael from his grip. The boys were both sobbing at this point. They were afraid. Getting his first look at his attacker Michael tried hard to see his face through the mask but he couldn't. The guy was dressed in all black and was now standing with his gun in his hand. Michael was cornered with no escape.

The mans next word sent even more chills up Michaels spine. "Strip" he said, almost casually.
"What?" Sobbed Michael. "Why are you making m--" "STRIP! I'm not asking again!" he said more aggressively, cutting Michael off.
Michael dropped his head and sighed for a second before obeying the mans demand. He started with his sweatshirt and t-shirt, then after some hesitation dropped his sweatpants and slid his black ankle socks off. He stood still for a moment before grabbing the waistband of his tight blue boxer-briefs, "that's enough" said his captor, "on the floor".

Michael was hogtied on the floor the same was that Justin had been on the bed, with some additions. His wrists and ankles were tied tightly and together, putting the boy in a hogtie. Michaels arms were shorter than Justins causing him even more discomfort than his friend was feeling. Michaels arms were also tied to his body, the man coiling the white rope tightly around his chest and cinching it off in the back. His thighs were also tied above the knee. Amidst all this Michael was gagged with Justins other sock which still lay on the floor, his head wrapped with duct tape. He was completely immobile save for his ability to roll around uselessly on the floor.

The man stood up and again looked around the room at his work. Justin hadn't moved at all whereas as Michael had rolled and now had his back and feet against the wall opposite the bedroom door, which was now closed again. Michael had looked up and wondered why the man had forced him to strip to his underwear while Justin was still in his jeans and t-shirt, only being stripped of his socks which were now at work keeping both boys quiet. If his goal was to humiliate the boy it was certainly working. He was still sniffling but was no longer upset, just angry that this was happening. "MMPPHH!" he shouted as their kidnapper rested his heavy boot on the boys chest.

"Two down, one to go" Said the man out loud as he turned and began to exit the room, grabbing his black bag. Switching the light off he left the boys in pitch black darkness, slamming the door shut tightly to let them know they weren't going anywhere. After all of this Zach was completely unsuspecting. Heck, he'd hardly looked up from the game he was playing on his phone this entire time.

He wouldn't even know what was about to hit him when he looked up and saw a dark hooded figure standing in the kitchen doorway.

Part 3.5

The first two were almost too easy. Justin-who's name he learned when Michael came looking for his friend-walked right into his little trap. After quickly moving down the side alley and up the back stairs to find the back door unlocked (which wouldn't have mattered, he could have picked the lock) he made his way to the kitchen to find that one of the boys was in the bathroom. This caused a complication, as his original plan was to storm into the living room with his gun out and forcing the three boys to the floor, tying them up and taking it from there. He would go to the back of the house and wait for this boy to go back into the living room, at which point he would carry out his original plan. He couldn't risk getting only two of them with the third locked in the bathroom able to call the police on his cell phone.

After hiding in the back bedroom opposite the one he entered he heard the bathroom door open. After a moment of silence he heard the boys quick conversation:
"Yo Mikey, mind if I borrow a pair of socks? I stepped in this puddle in the kitchen."
"That's weird" said the other, "Go for it, and don't forget my bottle of water!"

With the sudden realization that he had run through the heavy rain to get into the house the man thought that he was discovered. But these little idiots didn't even think twice, and before he knew it the light to the opposite bedroom was switched on. Now was his chance! He quickly moved in and subdued the boy - Justin - and gagged him with one of his own wet socks. The man laughed at the circumstance in his head as he poked at one of the boys bare feet, discovering his ticklishness by his flinching. That will come in handy later he thought.

Utilizing his intimidating but un-loaded pistol, forcing Michael to strip to his underwear was purely to humiliate the boy. He hated Michaels parents and their uppity attitude, and finally had their son hogtied on his bedroom floor to pay for it.

The man didn't know the third boys name, and decided to take a not so subtle approach this time. He left the bedroom, switching the light off to not only make the 2 feel even more helpless but also to make it difficult had they attempted some sort of escape. After making it to the kitchen doorway and causing the third boy to look up from his cellphone he realized how easy this was going to be.

"Haha, where'd you get that costume dude?" said he boy. He was taller than the other 2, and was now laying on the couch comfortably in his hoodie and grey sweatpants, white socked feet resting on the coffee table. The man said nothing as he approached the boy.
"That's pretty scary, what's in the bag?" he said as the man sat next to him on the couch, still silent. He wanted to see how long he could get away with this one for.
After a brief moment of silence the boy started babbling about something else "my mom keeps texting saying Zach do this, Zach do that, blah blah blah. I'm really happy I don't have to be home for a couple of weeks if I don't want to be." Behind his mask the man smiled. Not only had the just learned the boys name, but he now knew that no one would come looking for a couple of weeks. This absent minded little fuck doesn't even realize I'm not one of his friends.

"Where's Justin?" said the boy, Zach.
Now was his chance: "He's hogtied on Michael's bed" said the man, voice as deep and horrifying as ever.
The boys eyes widened "Wh-what?"
"You heard me you little prick" said the man as the stood up. He took his gun off of his waist. Zach hadn't even noticed it was there. "Make any move at all and I swear you will wish you hadn't been born."
The boy looked horrified but was silent, eyes trained on the gun. "Do what you want, just please don't hurt me!" Said the boy.

The man liked the sound of this. This one was submitting immediately. Time to store him away. "On your stomach, hands behind you" he said as he opened up his bag. The boy obeyed, laying on the couch and getting his arms pulled back. His wrists were tied tightly just as the others were. "Where are my friends?" he said. "You'll see" said the man as he reached into his bag and found his black rubber ball gag. "I've been waiting to use this" he said, "lucky you that you're the first!" And with that he reached around the boys head and shoved the rubber ball into this mouth with little objection save for a few faint groans. This ones scared, he thought. The straps were wrapped around Zach's head and fastened tightly in the back. He couldn't make an audible sound.

Zach was then lifted to his feet. "Walk" said the captor, "lets pay Mikey and Justin a little visit eh"?. Zach was marched to the back of the house, to the bedroom where Michael and Justin lay tied. Justin had rolled to his right side and was the first thing Zach saw as the light was flicked on. Michael was on his stomach on the floor, directly against the wall. None of the boys could speak, they could just look at each other with obvious fear in their eyes. The man noticed Justins hands and feet had looked red, he must have been struggling he thought, but it obviously didn't get the boy anywhere.

"Well well well" said the boys captor contemplating what he was going to say. "Looks like we're going to be having a little vacation after all." The 3 boys couldn't take it and began trying to shout through their gags, all failing to be heard by anyone other than the 4 in the room. "This ones going to spend the night in the next bedroom. As for me its been a long day and I'd prefer to be in bed on time." Said the man. "You all are my property for the next couple of weeks, or at least until I set you free. If I find that any of you have done something wrong, you, your 2 friends, or both will pay."

With that, he turned with Zach to exit the room. " up". The light was again switched off and the door was slammed to the sounds of the boys MMMPPH'ing through Justins socks. "Now for your sleeping arrangements" he said as Zach was brought to the next room, the one the kidnapper initially hid in. Being in the master bedroom already, the man had scoped out the scene and knew how the third boy would be tied. He was thrown face-first onto the bed, his hands were untied. Zach felt the relief on his wrists if only for a brief couple of seconds. He was flipped onto his back, the man on top of him. His wrists were tightly re-tied in front of him and pulled above his head. They were fastened to a pole on the headboard of the bed. His ankles were also tied as he put up virtually no fight, the man noted. His feet were tied tightly to the pole at the foot of the bed, his body stretched uncomfortably on the huge bed. He was lightly drooling from the ball gag.

"That really was too easy" said the man and he checked over his knots. "Looks like you're here to stay as well" he said, patting the boys cheek. "Nighty night" he said as he left the room, slamming this door shut tightly as well.

He was tired. It was purely a desire of dominance. Kids these days had to be waited on hand and foot, and if he couldn't teach them all at least he had these 3 for some time.

He layed on the couch and started flipping through the channels. Wonder what's on.

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Posted: Tue Jan 07, 2014 10:02 pm
by bondagefreak
Wow! This chapter was even better than the first!
I loved the fact that Michael was gagged with Justin's sock!

I must say, writing from the captor's view point and including some of his thoughts, definitely adds something special to the story.
It's also great that our kidnapper noticed how ticklish Justin's feet are.
Zach capitulated very quickly, which I think is just great.

Really anxious to see what lies in store for the three boys.
Keep it up!

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Posted: Thu Jan 09, 2014 5:53 pm
by kidnapplz
Hell man. this is brill. I love it. plz go on

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Posted: Sun Jan 12, 2014 8:14 pm
by KamJM
Nice story, please please please continue~~

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Posted: Sat Nov 07, 2015 4:13 pm
by zavulon
This is AMAZING. Love every bit of it.

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Posted: Fri Nov 17, 2017 5:34 pm
by zollo
Rediscovered this one. Bit of a FastForward----->>>

Part 4

Day 5 of Captivity


That’s all Justin could feel at this point, a mental and physical numbness. For days he had endured being restrained and tortured at the hands of a mad man. And for what? He still didn't know exactly why, but he knew he was partially to blame. Five days ago he was snatched from his best friends house and led to this dungeon, and still no end in sight. His naked body pressed hard against the cold concrete slab he was forced to lay on, face-up with tightly bound wrists crossed and stretched painfully above his head and tied off to a rung on the wall. His bare feet were the last to lose feeling, tightly tied spread-eagle at the ankles and stretched to connect to 2 other rungs on the opposite wall. The boy moaned into his ball gag as he noticed his own stench, his sweaty body caked with filth after not being allowed to shower for days.

As Justin slowly woke up he couldn't help but frantically search the scene around him in case his captor was again waiting for the boys to wake to catch them delirious by surprise. Justin glanced over to where his friend Michael was also tightly bound in a similar position, still in just his blue briefs and stretched on a stone table. Michael’s ankles were tied together rather than spread-eagle, his big toes securely tied together with shoelace and pulled back, connecting to a rope coiled around his thighs. Their kidnapper had taken an affinity to torturing the boys' feet… Justin had found it impossible to escape his tactics once his big toes were tied together with no room to wriggle free. He felt a small relief that his friends toes were prepped this way rather than himself, a thought that made him feel a pang of guilt. Both boys’ super-sensitive feet had continued to make them easy targets.

Justin felt a stirring seeing his friend tied down like that. He worriedly tried to think of something else to get his mind off it, writhing in his bonds. A secret he had no intention of admitting, especially in this predicament. As Justin calmed himself he swore he could hear movement upstairs...

Up from the 'dungeon' led a staircase which ended at a heavy wooden door. Justin knew the other side of the door held multiple bolts and locks, and there was no other way out of the basement. He was close to giving up any hope of escaping. When he heard the locks on the other side of the door being opened his heart started to pound. Michael was now groggily waking up and heard the door being opened as he began to squirm and “MMPH" into his gag once his nerves started to get him, making terrified eye contact with Justin.

We’ll find a way out, right? Justin thought, and had to cast the thought aside as the heavy door swung open, the bright light temporarily blinding the boys as they saw the dark mass of their captor approaching with their buddy Zach in tow; still cuffed and shackled, gagged, and being tugged on leash……

….........NOT AGAIN the boys thought in unison.

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Posted: Sat Nov 18, 2017 9:14 am
by mikeybound
They riiiiise!!!!!

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Posted: Sat Nov 18, 2017 3:04 pm
by Scottstud94
Great story keep going

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Posted: Sun Nov 19, 2017 8:36 pm
by fratboydanny
Terrific story! Thanks, Zollo, for starting it up again. I can't wait to see what happens to the guys next.

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Posted: Sat Jan 06, 2018 6:58 am
by Scottstud94
New addition?