My Older Brother's Smelly Revenge (MM/m)

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My Older Brother's Smelly Revenge (MM/m)

Postby bondagefreak » Thu Dec 19, 2013 12:19 am

My Older Brother's Smelly Revenge

* * * * *

Chapter 1 - Paying The Price

"James, you freakin' twerp!" my older brother yelled from down the stairs.

It was a Friday night, both my parents were out and would only be back on Saturday afternoon. I considered myself to be quite mature for a fifteen year old, but my mom still saw fit to ask my brother to look over me while they were gone.
Brandon was four years older than me, almost a foot taller and much more built. We got along well most of the time, especially now that we had moved to a bigger house and both had our own rooms.
It wasn't that I didn't enjoy having my brother around, it's just that he was so messy. Usually, the older you get the wiser you become, but strangely enough, I liked my things neat and tidy while Brandon kept his stuff all over the place.
I would often go to bed only to find one of his sweaty socks under my blanket. He would come home from football practice and just throw his socks, shirts and jockstraps all over the floor.
Finally I had my own room and could keep all my stuff tidy without worrying about his socks or jockstraps. He had his own room and no longer had to put up with my complaints...hell, he could fill his floor with dirty clothes for all I cared.

In any case, when mom and dad left, Brandon called his best friend over and invited him to spend the night.
The house wasn't fully equipped yet and we didn't have a spare mattress for guests to sleep on. We did however, have a very comfortable couch in the game room and since our dad worked for a research agency that had him going on expeditions to some of the world's coldest places, he had a few very warm sleeping bags we could borrow.

Chad finally arrived at our place early in the evening. He wasn't my friend, but I was still excited to have him over.
I really liked him. He was a few months older than Brandon and packed a few more pounds of muscle as well...but they were good buddies and Chad had always treated me well.
Chad too was on his school's football team. In fact, the big blond jock practiced pretty much every sport his school had to offer. He was also very handsome and from what my brother told me, he had a lot of attention from the ladies...that much, I had little trouble to believe. The only bad thing I had to say about Chad was that his feet smelled REALLY bad! On top of that, he always wore the same old pair of Nike Air Jordan's without any socks on.
This wasn't the first time Chad came over and even my brother, who also had stinky feet, couldn't stand the smell of his larger friend's feet.
A while ago, we decided we'd make an exception to the rule and allow Chad to keep his trainers on, even in the house...that way we wouldn't have to endure the smell of his feet and sneakers while he stayed over.
That would make his stay at our house far more pleasant, for us at least.

Anyways, thinking back on that night, I guess I really was looking for trouble. I was being a total brat.
Of course, the two older jocks barely took notice of me and did their own first. I had bugged Brandon about inviting one of my own friend's over, but he didn't want me to. I also asked if I could get out of the house, but he refused.
Before my parents left, they plugged up the old computer and told me I could use it while they were gone. The thing was a dinosaur! None of my games even worked on that thing.
I was bored and I kept bugging my brother and his friend.

Chad and Brandon watched a football game on the flat screen TV we had installed in the basement's game room. They both rooted for the same team, so naturally I took for the opposing team.
My team ended up winning and I wouldn't stop teasing them about it. Chad thought it was funny, but Brandon didn't share his friend's sense of humour.
I didn't really care about football and cared even less about the game that had played on TV. I was just looking for attention, not knowing what else to do.

I would keep turning the volume up to the maximum setting while Brandon and his friend played the Xbox360. I'd throw stuff at them, kept harrassing my brother and running out of the game room and up the stairs when he got mad.
I think I broke the last straw when I kicked my soccer ball into the game room and ended up hitting Brandon's glass of soda, knocking it to the carpet floor.

Brandon yelled at me and cursed while his friend laughed.
I ran up the stairs and ran into my room, shutting the door behind me and putting all my weight behind it.
Of course, if my brother decided to barge in, I wouldn't be able to stop him...especially not if Chad decided to help him.

I silently stuck my ear to the door and waited, trying to hear whether or not my brother was chasing me up the stairs.
They were both still in the game room.

After a few minutes, I finally found the courage to step out of my bedroom and sneak down the stairs.
I wanted to see what they were doing. I don't know why I was so intent of bothering them...I guess I was just being a typical pain in the ass for my older brother.

With the stealth of a mischevious cat, I stepped down the stairs until I reached the doorway that let into the game room.
I poked my head inside, hoping to see an angry sibling cleaning up the mess I had caused.

Instead, the game room was empty. The Xbox was still on, and the racing game they were playing was still on, paused on some kind of menu.
They had deliberately left the game on, so the background music would fool me into thinking they were still there!
My keen senses immediately picked up on the foul play and with the swiftness and agility of a wild feline, I sprung around and lept for the stairs....or rather, tried to.

Instead, I found myself being suddenly bear hugged by a strong set of arms and felt myself being lifted off the ground.
A huge hand clamped down over my lower face, right before I was able to yell in protest. The hand was really big and covered my mouth, chin and nose.
All I managed to do was utter a muffled moan into my captor's strong hand.

"Gotcha!" I heard a voice exclaim, right behind me. It was Chad's. The large jock had grabbed me and lifted me up like a feather.
The stud must have weighed twice as much as me, but still, I didn't think anyone could snatch me up this easily!
After all, I was small and slim, but not scrawny or abnormally light for my age.

I tried yelling into Chad's tight handgag, but to no avail. His hand completely muffled my pleas.

"Nice!" I heard my brother cheer. "Let's bring him up to my room, I have stuff we can use to tie him up."

I screamed and yelled into the muscular jock's hand, but my protests were ignored and both of them laughed.
Chad carried me up the stairs and my brother followed. I tried squirming and fighting, but Chad was just way too strong. The jock had absolutely no trouble keeping me still and by the expression on his face, he found my attempts to break free, most amusing.

We were finally upstairs and into Brandon's room.
His blinds were closed, keeping the rays of the setting sun well at bay.
Only when he turned the light on did I get to see the amount of crap he had lying all over the place.
Socks on his bed, jockstraps on the floor, compression shorts hanging from door knobs and sneakers, hockey equipment and other clothing items, lying pretty much everywhere.

His room smelled like my high school's gym locker room!

"Where do we put him?" Chad asked, speaking about me as if my opinion didn't didn't.

Brandon opened his closet and took out a few coils of cotton rope. He started fishing inside one of his duffel bags and finally retrieved a big role of extra wide duct tape.
My eyes went wide and I started pleading and moaning in Chad's huge hand.

They were gonna tie me up and gag me!

"Let's take his shirt off and tie him up to my bed." Brandon decided.

Immediately, Chad pushed me onto my brother's bed and me held in place, allowing my brother to pull my t-shirt over my head and off completely. I started protesting, but Chad clamped his large hand right over my face again.

"How d'ya wanna do this?" he asked my brother.

"Hold him still, I'll tie his hands up to the bed frame". Brandon instructed.

The blond jock pinned me down while my older brother tied my hands up to the upper bed posts, leaving my armpits fully exposed and vulnerable.
Chad eventually took his hand off my mouth and held onto my feet. They were going to tie my legs to the lower bed posts, stopping any chance of escape.

"Fuck you!" I yelled at my brother. "You're not allowed to tie me up! Let me go you fuckin' jackass!"
I had to admit though, I had it coming.

My brother and Chad both laughed and decided it was time to gag me. They'd focus on my legs once that was done.

"Alright, time to shut you up bro." Brandon stated before getting up.

My eyes widened when I saw him scan the floor and finally pick up a pair of his sweaty ankle socks.

"No fuckin' way!" I cried out.

"I wore these at every football game this week." he laughed, approaching me with the once-white ankle socks.

"No! Brandon, don't you dare!" I yelled as he bunched one of them over my lips.

I shook my head violently and clamped my jaw shut. They smelled horrible and they looked even worst.

Chad walked over to where my head was resting and pinched my nose shut.
I had no choice to but open my mouth and breathe. Brandon pushed one of his worn socks in, my attempts to resist were no match for the two older jocks.

Brandon pushed his sock deeper inside my mouth with his fingers and quickly grabbed his second sock and started pushing it in as well.
I tried to yell, tried to scream. It tasted horrible. It tasted like socks that had been worn for weeks without being washed.
Soon, my mouth was completely stuffed and it didn't take long for that dreaded roll of extra wide duct tape to make an appearance once again.

"!" or rather, "MMMPPPPHHHH! MMMPPPHHHH!" I tried pleading.

Chad held my jaw shut while Brandon applied the strong tape to my cheek and brought it up over my mouth. I thought it would stop there, but the tape was brought around the back of my head and over my mouth once again.
Brandon did that four times around my mouth and head, each time, making sure there was a lot of tension so the tape was applied very tightly around my face.
More tape was applied under my chin, effectively sealing my older brother's sweaty socks in my mouth.

Brandon and Chad both laughed at my angry grunts.

"Let's take his shorts off." Brandon suggested, and soon enough my shorts were pulled down, leaving me dressed only in my tight white boxer-briefs.

My feet were pulled down and tied securely to the sturdy bed posts, completing my bondage.
My four limbs were stretched out and spread wide on my brother's queen-size bed.

I was furious. Not about being tied up...hell, even I knew I badly deserved it. But my brother's socks were just too gross. They were so moist and sweaty I wanted to puke.

My torment though, was far from over.
Brandon and Chad started tickling me all over. First it was the armpits, then my belly, finally it was my barefeet and inner thighs. I was laughing so much and trying to breath in through my nose at the same time.
At first, I couldn't help but laugh, but after a while I got angry and started yelling at them through my gag.

"Looks like there's still some fight in him." my brother remarked.

Chad stopped tickling my feet and slowly got up.
"I have something to fix that." he casually replied, a mischevious smile spreading across his handsome face as he sat on the mattress next to my head and started fidgeting around with one of his sneakers.

Oh my god! NO! I thought to myself as my nose picked up a most foul smell spreading across the room.

"Dude!" Brandon protested. The smell got stronger and stronger.

I started pleading into my gag and whimpering. I looked into Chad's eyes pleadingly, hoping he wouldn't do what I think he would do.
The football jock just smiled before slipping his old Air Jordan off his sweaty barefoot.

Chad opened up his sneaker and suddenly pressed it onto my face, pushing my head into it.

"MMMMPPPPHHHHH!" I yelled, shaking my head, trying to get away from his foul smelling sneaker.

The two jocks watched and laughed at my violent reaction.
I jerked around wildly in my bonds, tried twisting away, shaking my head and screaming.
It smelled so strong! Chad's sneaker smelled at least ten times worst than my brother's worn socks. The air inside it was hot and moist and the buildup of sweat just reeked!

I had no choice but to breathe through my nose, taking in deep whiffs of the older jock's smelly sneaker as I did so.
There was nothing I could do to escape the smell.

My reaction became even more violent when my brother decided that I would keep smelling his friend's smelly sneaker.

"Let's tape your trainer to his face!" he laughed.

I yelled as loud as I could, but both of them kept laughing and soon enough the sound of duct tape hit my ears.

The tape was brought around my head and around Chad's sneaker three times, securing the disgusting thing over my face and nose and effectively sealing my fate.

There I was, spread eagle on my brother's bed, wearing only my underwear, gagged with my brother's worn socks and forced to breathe in through his friend's smelly running shoe.

They continued tickling me for a bit before deciding to go to the basement and bring the Xbox up into Brandon's room.
Brandon plugged the Xbox up to his TV and both my captors sat down on the bed, on either side of my head, playing their video games.

I was tied up, gagged and forced to smell Chad's Air Jordan until 10 o'clock.
But the night wasn't over and both Chad and my brother weren't finished getting back at me yet...


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Re: My Older Brother's Smelly Revenge - MM/m

Postby NemesisPrime » Thu Dec 19, 2013 1:44 am

Hahaha! Already loving this story! I always wanted to be tied and gagged by jocks and made to smell their stinky shoes!

Can't wait for more!
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Re: My Older Brother's Smelly Revenge - MM/m

Postby xtc » Thu Dec 19, 2013 4:32 am

Well written, Sir.
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Re: My Older Brother's Smelly Revenge - MM/m

Postby henry1001 » Thu Dec 19, 2013 7:25 am

Awesome and well written like all your stories, I will be waiting for more :)
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Re: My Older Brother's Smelly Revenge - MM/m

Postby squirrel » Thu Dec 19, 2013 10:47 am

I wish I had such a brother... Fantasitc story :)

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Re: My Older Brother's Smelly Revenge - MM/m

Postby bondagefreak » Fri Dec 20, 2013 9:22 am

Thanks for all the feedback so far! The next chapter will be up shortly :odd:

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Re: My Older Brother's Smelly Revenge (MM/m) * CHAPTER 2

Postby bondagefreak » Sat Dec 21, 2013 1:31 pm

Chapter 2 - An Eventful Night

Brandon and Chad continued playing video games until late at night. Every now and then, they would take a pause and tickle me, especially my feet and my armpits.
Chad's Air Jordan still reeked, but after spending what seemed like hours, breathing in it's foul smell, I no longer had the energy or the willpower to try and fight it.
I had given up long ago and had resigned myself to accepting the older jock's foot odour. After all...there was nothing I could do about it.

Brandon too wasn't spared the assault on his olfactory system. He kept complaining about his friend's feet and how his room stank.

Eventually the boys took a break from their gaming marathon. Since it was a friday night, I doubted they would go to bed any time soon.
They would most likely stay up until early hours of the morning and get up late the next day. That meant that if they decided to keep me tied up for the night, I would have to wait until saturday afternoon to be freed!

"You okay in there?" Chad teased. He was actually right. My face was quite literally INSIDE his size 13 nike trainer.
I moaned a series of complaints into my thick gag. Of course I wasn't okay! Every single breathe I took smelled like fermented cheese.

I started moaning even more when my brother suggested keeping his friend's sneaker on my face for the rest of the night. He said that would teach me a good lesson.
Luckily for me, Chad wasn't as mean as my brother and decided it wasn't a good idea.

"Nah...I think he's had enough." he laughed, and with that, I felt the tape being unwound and finally the jock's smelly sneaker was lifted off my face.
I don't recall ever being as happy to be breathing normal air again, as I was then.

Brandon started unwrapping the tape from around my mouth and as soon as the last bit came off, I spat out his saliva-soaked socks..

"You're in serious trouble!" I yelled at him. "I'm gonna tell dad what you did to me."

"No you won't." he responded with a grin. The mischevious look he was sporting told me something was up. "Not unless you want everyone at your school to see these nice photos on Facebook." he added, showing me a bunch of photos he had taken of me with his cell phone.

"Don't you dare!" I panicked...thinking about what everyone at school would think of me if they saw me spread eagle in my underwear, with a sneaker taped to my face.

"Then you'd better not tell mum and dad." Brandon warned.

'Fine!" I said, finally resigning to a frustrated huff.

Brandon asked if I wanted to eat. I hadn't eaten anything for supper, but after being forced to smell his friend's sweaty sneaker, I'd lost my appetite.
I was asked if I had to go to the toilet, which I didn't. All I wanted was to be free and go downstairs to watch some TV before going to bed.

Unfortunately, Brandon had other plans for me...ones that would keep me out of his way for the rest of the night.

"Alright, let's get him set for bed." he decided.

I started objecting, but my rebellious spirit was quickly silenced.

"Shut up or Chad's sneaker goes back on your face." I was warned.

No, I didn't want the large football jock's Air Jordans anywhere near my face again! I would stay quiet and allow them to tie me up however they wanted.

"Let's untie him and move him to the couch downstairs." Brandon instructed Chad. "You can sleep in his room tonight."

I gave my brother a disapproving glare, but that just made it all the sweeter for him.

My bonds were undone and my limbs were finally free.
My feeling of freedom, was short lived however. As soon as I was freed from the ropes, Chad grabbed me, pinned my arms to my sides and lifted me up.

My feeble attempts to break free got me nowhere and my efforts to escape didn't hinder Chad in the least.
My brother went down the stairs and Chad followed, holding onto me like a sack of potatoes.

As soon as we entered the game room, I was tackled onto the big leather couch and hand gagged by my brother's friend.
I couldn't believe how effective his hand gag was at keeping me quiet. Chad stood well over six feet tall and had the hands to match. He could almost cover my face with his hand, so he had little trouble keeping my mouth and jaw clamped shut. My lower face was completely covered by his hand gag and even my nostrils weren't completely spared. I struggled to take each breath, smelling the jock's hand and skin as I did so.
I tried moaning, but as usual, my pleas were ignored.

Chad kept me pinned to him, in a sitting position on the couch.
His thick legs were crossed over mine, his right arm kept my arms and torso pinned to his and his other hand was clamped over my face, pinning my head to his chest and making sure I wasn't making too much noise.
Meanwhile, my brother started wrapping duct tape around my fingers and palms, rendering my hands completely useless.

With his football buddy taking care of keeping me still and quiet, Brandon didn't have to worry about rushing the job.
He took his time to carefully wrap my fingers together and eventually moved to tape my hands to my thighs.
Soon, my hands and arms were rendered completely useless. With my fingers stuck together and my hands taped to my thighs, I had no chance of escape.

The duct tape kept coming and soon, my ankles and legs were taped together.
Chad pushed me up so I was sitting up straight and Brandon started wrapping tape tightly around my chest and arms, securing my elbows to my sides and completing my duct tape prison.

Once I was all taped up, Chad pulled me back against him and tightened his hold on my lower face.

"Can you take care of gagging him?" my brother asked his friend.

"Yeah, don't worry...I'll make sure he stays nice and quiet tonight." Chad replied cheerfully.

"Good and don't be afraid to use lots of tape." Brandon suggested, tossing the roll of duct tape over to his friend. "I'm gonna go get some of my dad's sleeping bags." he added before leaving the game room and heading for the storage room, next to the garage. Dad kept a lot of his stuff there, including most of his expedition gear. He had rope, ratchet straps, first aid kits, flashlights and several sleeping bags, some for moderately cold places and others suited for the world's more extreme conditions. I could only hope Brandon wouldn't decide to pull out dad's super heavy sleeping bags. I had tried sleeping in one of those before and I got totally freaked out by the way it zipped up and closed around you like a mummy. Not only that, some of dad's bags were seriously thick and I knew I'd heat up in no time if I was zipped up in one of those.

Chad suddenly shook my head to get my attention.
"Hey buddy, I'm gonna let your mouth go for a few minutes so I can get your gag ready." he spoke. "If you yell or try to scream, I'm gonna go upstairs and stuff your mouth with one of your brother's worn compression shorts. Got it?"

My eyes went wide and I produced a small moan to let him know I would comply.

His big hand came off and my mouth was freed temporarily.
"Chad..." I tried pleading. "Please don't gag me, I swear I won't bother you guys again."

The jock wasn't paying me any attention though and my pleas fell on deaf ears.
I really didn't like what I saw or smelled.
Chad had fished out two socks from the backpack he had brought with him and was busy knotting them to a long strip of duct tape.
I had rarely seen Chad wear socks, but from the look and smell of these, I knew he had worn them several times before.
The once-white socks were knotted together and formed a large ball around the long strip of tape.
He would be able to shove his socks in my mouth, without having to worry that I would accidentally swallow them and choke.
I should have been relieved, but that definitely wasn't the way I was feeling when I saw him move the strip of tape up to my face.

"Open up." he commanded.

"No...Chad, c'mon don't do this." I pleaded, trying to shake my head sideways so as to avoid his dirty sock gag.

He had little difficulty grabbing my head and forcing the ball of knotted socks into my mouth. The material filled my mouth completely, but his relentless fingers made sure his worn socks were tighly packed inside my mouth, stuffing it to the limit. Right away, the taste of his sweat assaulted my taste buds and I tried pushing the socks out with my tongue.
But Chad was already ahead of me and the length of tape the socks were attached to, was wrapped around my head, securing my gag.
Chad took the roll of duct tape and started mercilessly wrapping tape around my mouth to the back of my head and up over my mouth again. He must have brought the roll of tape around my face half a dozen times...and still, he wasn't satisfied. Tape was applied under my chin and under my jaw and more tape was circled around my mouth and head...for good measure, no doubt.

I moaned and grunted. Chad had really outdone himself. I knew there was no way this gag was coming off. His disgusting socks would stay in my mouth for as long as he wanted them to.
"They taste good don't they?!" he teased, amused by the disgusted expression on my face.

Brandon had done a really good job at taping me up. My arms and legs were completely useless. On top of that, Chad had bunched together his large sweaty socks inside my mouth and sealed them in with duct tape.

My brother finally entered the game room. He had a bunch of the yellow ratchet straps we had used during the move, slung over his shoulder and my dad's two biggest sleeping bags in tow.

"We'll zip him up inside the bags and then we'll strap him down." Brandon decided. He had obviously given this some previous thought, I figured.

The jocks each grabbed a bag and started unzipping them.
"Dude! I've never seen a sleeping bag this thick!" Chad exclaimed as he observed the big black mummy bag he had in his hands.

My brother had an equally thick bag in his hands, only his was blue.
The blue mummy bag was opened first and layed out on the carpet floor.
Both jocks grabbed my taped up form and lifted me into my dad's thick blue bag before zipping it up completely.
The hood was particularly thick and the whole bag felt restrictive. My brother zipped the hood up and pulled the drawstrings tight before knotting them together.
I had to breathe through a hole the size of my nose. But that wasn't the least of my worries. My dad's big black bag was slipped over the blue one and zipped up completely.
It's hood was zipped up and I felt my down cocoon get even tighter as the drawstrings were pulled tight and knotted together.

There I was, duct taped and gagged, completely zipped up in two of my dad's expedition style mummy bags.

Brandon started strapping me up with the thick ratchet straps. The straps were circled around the exterior of the down coccon, tightened, and then locked in place.
My brother and his friend, locked straps around my feet, my knees, my thighs and hands, my elbows, my chest and my neck.

I felt my mummified body being lifted onto the couch and saw the light go off.

"Sleep tight bro." Brandon said before leaving. My brother and his friend laughed heartily before jogging up the stairs.
With the thick layers of down around my head, I barely heard my brother wish me good night before leaving the room.

I grunted and moaned, but Chad's socks were keeping me quiet. The only part of my body that wasn't fully mummified was my nose.
I could barely squirm or wiggle. I knew I had no chance of escape.

What I didn't know though, was that I wouldn't be the only one spending time tied up inside my dad's sleeping bags.

* * * * *

Several hours passed...
I had dozed off a few times, but the heat was making it very difficult to get any sleep.

Suddenly, I heard foot steps come down the stairs and knew someone was approaching.
He was in the game room with me, I knew. The door was closed and the light was turned on.
I felt hands playing around with the drawstrings of both sleeping bags and soon, my eyes were blinded by the light.
The hoods were loosened and fresh air hit my face.

It took me a good minute to get used to the light, but when I finally managed to open my eyes, I saw Chad standing over me.

The blond jock had a mischevious smile painted over his handsome face.
I thought he was going to tease me, but his next words made my heart skip a beat.

"Hey'd you like to get back at your brother for tonight?"

My eyes went wide and Chad didn't have to remove the tape from my mouth to see me smilling.
Brandon would pay dearly for what he had done to me tonight...


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Re: My Older Brother's Smelly Revenge (MM/m) * CHAPTER 2

Postby NemesisPrime » Sat Dec 21, 2013 4:26 pm

Oh boy things are getting fun now! Revenge!
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Re: My Older Brother's Smelly Revenge (MM/m) * CHAPTER 2

Postby Dexter32 » Sat Dec 21, 2013 8:45 pm

I like the direction this is going :)

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Re: My Older Brother's Smelly Revenge (MM/m) * CHAPTER 3

Postby bondagefreak » Sun Dec 22, 2013 12:10 am

Chapter 3 - Planning The Perfect Revenge

Chad undid the various ratchet straps and unzipped the two mummy sleeping bags I had been stuffed in.
Warm air spilled out and for the first time in hours, my body was exposed to cool air.

Chad used a pair of scissors to cut through the tape that kept my legs and arms bound.
He cut through the tape that connected my wrists to my thighs, but my hands were slightly more difficult to free.
He had to unwrap layers upon layers of tape from my hands and he had to do so without making too much noise.
After several minutes, both my hands were untaped and I had the use of my fingers again.

Right away I started unwrapping the tape around my face. It was an arduous task, but luckily my hair was short and I hadn't started growing any facial hair yet.
I was down to the last strip when Chad helped me and pulled his knotted socks from out of my mouth.

"Shhh...we have to be quiet." he warned as I crawled out of the sleeping bags and sat up on the couch.

I couldn't help but wonder why Chad had decided to free me and help me get my revenge. After all...Brandon was his friend.
I was smart enough to seize an opportunity when it presented itself however, and this was definitely a good one.
Alone, I stood virtually no chance of executing my revenge. But with Chad's help, my brother didn't stand a chance.

The jock hadn't even taken the time to dress himself up. He was most likely in bed when he decided to run downstairs and offer me a chance to get back at my brother.
Chad was still naked, except for a pair of tight-fitting black boxer-briefs. In fact, the more I looked at him, the more I became certain that Brandon's fate was sealed.

My brother was certainly no weakling. He lifted weights, had a strong build and was very athletic. But Chad had packed some serious muscle over the last few years and I just knew he was more than a match for my older brother.
On top of that we had the element of surprise on our side and we were two against one. I had to admit...this was some serious overkill.

"How are we gonna do this?" I asked Chad, wanting to see if he had a plan.

"Don't worry. It shouldn't be too hard." he said. "I just need you to bring the sleeping bags and all the straps upstairs without making too much noise."

"Okay, I can do that." I answered, following the big jock's lead.

"Do you have any more duct tape?" he asked.

"Yeah, in the garage." I answered. "But brother's not gonna let himself be tied up without a fight." I warned.

"Don't worry...leave that to me." he said, trying to appease my concerns. "Now you show me where that duct tape is." he ordered.

Quietly opening the door, I tiptoed out of the game room and into the garage, with Chad right behind.
I knew exactly were dad kept the tape and sure enough there was a brand new roll of extra wide duct tape in the drawer that I had opened.

"Chad?" I asked, handing him the roll of duct tape. "What are we gonna gag him with."

"I don't know...we'll see." he responded. I wanted Brandon to be gagged with something nasty...maybe something Chad had worn and brought with him.
But I wanted to make sure my revenge was sweet, so I kept pressing the jock with more questions.

"Can you tape one of your sneakers to his face?" I asked, excited at the prospect of seeing my brother having to sniff his friend's stinky trainer.

"Shhh...keep your voice down." Chad ordered. "Yeah...I guess that would only be fair." he finally concluded.

A big smile spread itself over my lips and Chad couldn't help but chuckle at my persistence. I wanted to make sure Brandon would pay dearly and I knew he'd freak out once he'd figure we were gonna tie him up and make him sniff his friend's sneaker.

We walked out of the garage and back into the game room.
I gathered all the straps and zipped up the sleeping bags before slinging them over my shoulder.
Chad gave me back the roll of duct tape and told me to hold onto it.

"I'm gonna jump your brother and when I say so, you'll need to move quickly to start taping him up." he instructed.

"You can count on it." I answered, barely able to contain my excitement.

With that, we set course for my brother's room.
Poor sod, he had no idea what was coming for him...


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Re: My Older Brother's Smelly Revenge (MM/m) * CHAPTER 3

Postby Hienhien88 » Sun Dec 22, 2013 1:49 am

I love this story it is really excellent as many of your stories

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Re: My Older Brother's Smelly Revenge (MM/m) * CHAPTER 3

Postby NemesisPrime » Sun Dec 22, 2013 1:52 am

Why do I get this bad feeling Chad is gonna betray James?
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Re: My Older Brother's Smelly Revenge (MM/m) * CHAPTER 3

Postby squirrel » Sun Dec 22, 2013 2:16 am

Nice change :) Maybe instead of socks try a gag made of Chad's boxers or jockstrap? Keep it coming, love the story :)

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Re: My Older Brother's Smelly Revenge (MM/m) * CHAPTER 3

Postby henry1001 » Sun Dec 22, 2013 3:58 am

I think it would be interesting if they secured Brandon, then James somehow managed to tie up Chad too, that could get interesting.
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Re: My Older Brother's Smelly Revenge (MM/m) * CHAPTER 3

Postby bondagefreak » Sun Dec 22, 2013 6:25 am

squirrel wrote:Nice change :) Maybe instead of socks try a gag made of Chad's boxers or jockstrap? Keep it coming, love the story :)

I like the way you think my friend :quirk:
Anyone else wanna share how he'd like to see Brandon gagged?

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Re: My Older Brother's Smelly Revenge (MM/m) * CHAPTER 3

Postby NemesisPrime » Sun Dec 22, 2013 7:52 am

bondagefreak wrote:
squirrel wrote:Nice change :) Maybe instead of socks try a gag made of Chad's boxers or jockstrap? Keep it coming, love the story :)

I like the way you think my friend :quirk:
Anyone else wanna share how he'd like to see Brandon gagged?

Oh I have a classic callback! Maybe instead of a shoe he get's Chad's altheic cup over his face with the cup being already stinky he has a dirty sock in it too so twice the humiliation!

Oh, and maybe Brandon can be tied in his stinky football uniform maybe?
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Re: My Older Brother's Smelly Revenge (MM/m) * CHAPTER 3

Postby bondagefreak » Sun Dec 22, 2013 8:34 am

That sounds like fun too!
The only problem is getting Brandon in his football uniform :?

Yeah, I'll have to fit an athletic cup somewhere in the story :quirk:
One thing I know for certain, Brandon will NOT be happy when he finds out we've been giving Chad all these funky ideas :lol:

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Re: My Older Brother's Smelly Revenge (MM/m) * CHAPTER 3

Postby Ossassin » Sun Dec 22, 2013 4:32 pm

He will be especially unhappy if Chad has his own compression shorts or jockstrap with him.
And he will be furious if it's his little brother's.
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Re: My Older Brother's Smelly Revenge (MM/m) * CHAPTER 3

Postby chadmc90 » Sun Dec 22, 2013 8:14 pm

As usual, your story writing is fantastic! I wander what Chad's true motives are. He seems very eager to tie everyone up. Seems suspicious.

Keep up the good work.
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Re: My Older Brother's Smelly Revenge (MM/m) * CHAPTER 3

Postby ThatDude » Sun Dec 22, 2013 9:05 pm

Maybe they can have a friend that's in the military come over (in his army uniform) or a friend that's a cowboy come over and tie up one of the brothers and use the socks that they are wearing as a gag (plus duct tape) or maybe a guy can break into the house that wearing some boots and he can duct tape his dirty socks in their mouth

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Re: My Older Brother's Smelly Revenge (MM/m) * CHAPTER 4

Postby bondagefreak » Mon Dec 23, 2013 11:12 pm

Chapter 4 - Finding The Perfect Gag

With the stealth of an experienced burglar, I followed Chad's lead and quietly ran up the stairs.
My brother was a heavy sleeper, but we couldn't afford any misteps. My heart was pumping fast and my senses were heightened.
I loved the feeling...the adrenaline rush coursing through my veins.

Finally we reached my brother's room. His door was wide open, and although no light lit his room, it wasn't hard to pin point his exposed form.
He was sleeping on his stomach, his limbs sprawled out wide and wearing only a jockstrap. The thick blanket he used as a comforter was only covering him partially, most of it having fallen to the floor.

"I'm gonna jump him and you turn on the light." Chad whispered.

"Okay." I answered, anxious to get on with it.

"You ready?" he asked.

I smiled and nodded.
Here we go, I thought to myself.

Chad ran into the room and jumped onto my brother's bed, completely knocking the wind out of him and startling him awake.
Brandon panicked and started stuggling fiercely, but it was too late. Chad was already on top of him. The heavier jock used his weight to pin my brother down.
When I turned on the light, my brother was added another disadvantage. Not only was he trying to fight off his 200 lbs friend, but the sudden brightness of the room was blinding him and forcing him to squint his eyes.

"Mmmppphhh!" he yelled. But Chad was already taking care of muzzling my brother and keeping his mouth in check.
To his credit, Brandon put up a valiant struggle. Chad was just too heavy and too strong for him though. Quickly, my brother tired out and his stuggling became somewhat sporadic.

I knew it would be my turn to act, and soon enough, I was called into action.

"Tape his hands!" Chad ordered.

Right away, I sprung to action, unleashing the brand new roll of extra wide duct tape on my brother's hands and fingers, rendering them completely useless.

The more tape I applied, the more my brother started struggling.
He knew what was coming and he tried to fight it with all the energy he had left. Unfortunately for wasn't enough.

"Mmppphhh!" he cried out over and over into Chad's big hand.

"Calm down buddy." Chad laughed. He was really enjoying this.

The blond underwear-clad jock used his legs to spread my brother's, allowing me to start taping Brandon's hands to his thighs, like he had done to me earlier.
I taped his left hand to his left thigh and his right hand to his right thigh.

"Get his feet taped up." the blond jock ordered. But I was already on it and soon, I was running circles around his ankles with the big roll of tape.
I moved up and started wrapping the tape just above his knees. His legs were completely useless and so were his hands.

Chad, finally got off my brother and turned him around so he was facing the ceiling. Only then did I notice something peculiar. My brother, for all his struggling and grunting, was sporting a massive stiffy. I could clearly see it through his jockstrap pouch. He was liking this, or at least...part of it.
Brandon started cursing, but right away Chad dragged him up to a half-sitting position and clamped a large hand over our prisoner's mouth...effectively, muffling his words.
I didn't have to hear my brother's words to know that he wasn't saying nice things.

Chad pushed my brother forward a bit and instructed me to start taping my his arms and chest.
I started wrapping layer after layer of tape around my brother's torso, covering most of his arms, stomach and pecs.

He was all taped up. He was our prisoner.
I looked at Brandon's handgagged face. He was furious! If his eyes could shoot arrows, I would've been a dead man.
I knew he'd take revenge on me later, but right now, I didn't care.

I just smiled at him and started tickling his big feet.
His angry demeanor was soon replaced with a frantic hysteria as I forced him to laugh uncontrollably in his muscular friend's thick hand.

"Alright, let's gag him." Chad decided.

My brother started grunting in disaproval but we just ignored him.

"You used your sweaty socks in my mouth..." I told my brother. "So I'm gonna find something real bad to put in your's."

"Mmmmmpphhh!" was all that he could manage to respond.

I scanned the room, and saw several jockstraps, socks, compression shorts, but I didn't see anything particularly nasty.
After all...this was his stuff. I didn't want to gag him with his own clothes...that wasn't humiliating enough, I decided.
I wanted to gag him with one of my socks, but my feet rarely smelled and I washed my clothes often.

Suddenly, it hit me!

"I'll be right back!" I told Chad before quickly leaping out of the room and heading for the laundry room.

Arriving in the room, I started going through the hamper. I found some socks, shorts, shirts and clothes, but still I kept digging, until finally...I hit the jackpot.

It was a pair of my dad's underwear!
Not only did they feel kinda moist and smell funky, but the whole front pouch was hard and crusty.

I knew exactly what it was. I had my first "wet dream" two years ago and since that time, I would regularly wake up during the night, to find I had ejaculated in my sleep.
At first, I was embarrassed to put my cum-stained undies in the hamper, but after noticing my dad's own crusty boxer-briefs regularly in there, I decided it was normal.

That must have been some MAJOR wet dream, I thought to myself. The whole front section of the boxer-briefs was hard, not just a small spot.
My brother would freak out!
Just thinking about the look on his face when he'd see me walk in his room with a pair of my dad's cum-stained underwear, excited me to no end.

I put all the clothes back into the hamper and ran back to my brother's room, holding only a pair of my dad's filthy underwear.
When my brother noticed me standing outside his room, his eyes grew wide.

I'm not sure what scared him more...the underwear I had in my hands or the evil smile spreading across my lips.


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Re: My Older Brother's Smelly Revenge (MM/m) * CHAPTER 4

Postby NemesisPrime » Tue Dec 24, 2013 1:11 am

Oh boy this is getting fun!
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Re: My Older Brother's Smelly Revenge (MM/m) * CHAPTER 4

Postby mitchelaiden » Wed Dec 25, 2013 4:57 am

Really enjoy your work... keep it up
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Re: My Older Brother's Smelly Revenge (MM/m) * CHAPTER 4

Postby gagtheguys » Wed Dec 25, 2013 7:50 am

Very nice

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Re: My Older Brother's Smelly Revenge (MM/m) * CHAPTER 4

Postby mikeybound » Wed Dec 25, 2013 8:54 pm

I knew it'd be bad, but that is just nasty! I approve.

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Re: My Older Brother's Smelly Revenge (MM/m) * CHAPTER 4

Postby Ryguy98 » Thu Dec 26, 2013 1:11 pm

This is such a good story so far I can't wait for the continuation and I would love to see more forced foot and shoe smelling.

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Re: My Older Brother's Smelly Revenge (MM/m) * CHAPTER 4

Postby henry1001 » Thu Dec 26, 2013 3:26 pm

I can wait, Just not much longer D: Hurry up with this amazing story :)
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Re: My Older Brother's Smelly Revenge (MM/m) * CHAPTER 4

Postby boyscoutjm » Thu Dec 26, 2013 4:15 pm

This is awesome!!! Cant wait for more.

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Re: My Older Brother's Smelly Revenge (MM/m) * CHAPTER 5

Postby bondagefreak » Thu Dec 26, 2013 11:00 pm

Special thanks to user "kilik423" for sharing ideas that have been used in this chapter. See footnote at end of chapter for more details.
This chapter is being dedicated to user "NemesisPrime". Enjoy!


Chapter 5 - Serious Payback

Brandon's wide eyes followed me as I entered the room.
He had been angry...furious even, but when he saw the pair of underwear I was holding in my hands, his face blanched and his eyes spoke terror.
I was determined to make him pay for what he had done to me earlier. I would have my revenge.

I saw Chad's big muscles flex as he strained to hold onto my brother, who was growing more agitated by the second.
I think he knew they were dad's briefs and I also think he knew they were in the hamper.
Even so, I'd make it my duty to remind him of how gross the cum-stained underwear were, once he had them inside his mouth.
I smiled at the thought.

Brandon squirmed and yelled in his big buddy's handgag, but Chad did a good job at keeping him quiet.
I still couldn't believe the blond jock was helping me get my revenge. Without him, none of this would have been possible and I would have still been strapped up inside those sleeping bags.

Chad told me to toss the underwear over to him, and as soon as the jock loosened his grip on my brother's mouth, a desperate yell shot through.

"Mmmppphhhuck you!" Brandon yelled.
But when he saw Chad take hold of my dad's worn underwear, he quickly clamped his mouth shut.

"Open up buddy!" The blond jock cheerfully prodded, pressing the cotton boxer-briefs over my brother's lips.
"Dude, pinch his nose shut." the jock finally told me.

I got up close to the bed and grabbed my brother's nose, pinching his nostrils shut.
We both knew it was only a matter of time before those underwear would go in, but I couldn't blame him to trying to delay the inevitable.
From where I stood, I could see Chad's hand pressing the brief's hard, cum-stained pouch, right onto Brandon's lips.
I knew my helpless brother could feel the crustiness of the dried up semen, but still I was unmoved by his terrified, pleading expression.
He deserved what he was getting!

Brandon had to breathe...his time was running out.
Finally, a gap formed between his lips, allowing him to draw breath.
That gap was all Chad needed to start stuffing his friend's mouth with the dirty underwear.

The jock's fingers started aggressively pushing the cotton briefs in.
My brother was squirming violently against the duct tape that kept his limbs at bay, but he couldn't do anything to stop Chad.
His grunting became especially loud when the hard cum-stained pouch was pushed inside his mouth.
I could only imagine what he was going through.
With his saliva now moistening up the dried cum, his tongue must have started picking up a rather unpleasant taste and texture.

Slowly, Chad managed to push more of my dad's cotton brief's in.
Brandon had a mouthful of the nasty material, yet there was still more to go in, including the waistband.
We knew it wouldn't all go in.
We'd have to tape it in or find something to stop him from spitting the underwear out.

Chad clamped his large hand over the bunched up underwear, preventing my older brother from spitting out his mouthful.

The jock gave me a peculiar look, the type that told me he had something particularly vile in mind.
"How nasty do you want this to be?" he asked, ignoring my brother's muffled grunts.

"What do you mean?" I said, not following his line of thought.

"I mean, we can use tape to keep the underwear in his mouth, or..." he paused. "we can try something else."
By the time he finished saying his piece, Chad had a purely malicious expression spread across his handsome face.
I didn't know exactly what he had in mind, but I was definitely interested in learning more about his ideas.

I smiled back at him and nodded. "Let's try it your way!"

Chad smiled back.
"Okay, go downstairs and get my bag." he ordered.
Without losing any time, I ran down the stairs leading to the game room and grabbed the jock's heavy sports bag.
When I came back into my brother's room, I was rewarded with the sight of my brother being forced to sniff one of Chad's ripe old sneaker.
The big football jock was handgagging my brother and using his other hand to press one of his smelly Air Jordan's over his nose.

Brandon was really well taped up though, and the only thing he could do was wiggle his feet in a futile attempt to break free.
I could hear him breathe in loudly, most likely trying to old his breath for as long as he could before finally being forced to take huge whiffs inside the smelly trainer. Each breath was followed by a series of moans and grunts.
Poor Brandon, all taped up, gagged and forced to smell his buddy's foot stench...

"Got your bag." I cheerfully announced, getting onto the bed and setting the sports bag next to Chad.

"Okay, I need you to get me some scissors." he instructed.

Why the hell did he need those for, I asked myself.

Quickly I ran to the kitchen and grabbed a pair of scissors.
I have to admit, I was getting a bit curious...

Upon returning to the room, I found Chad fishing inside his bag with one hand.
He still had my brother in a headlock and still had him gagged tightly, but he was no longer holding a sneaker to his face.
Most likely he had something even more fun in mind!

"Here, you keep him gagged." the jock instructed me.

I got onto the bed next to where he was sitting and as soon as he slipped his hand away from my brother's mouth, I replaced it with my own.
Poor Brandon. We left him absolutely no slack.

Chad started fishing inside his sports bag with renewed fervor. Going at it with both hands, it didn't take him long to find what he was looking for.

My mouth gaped wide open when I saw him pull out a shrivelled white jockstrap with an athletic cup still inside it.
Chad looked up at me and flashed a mischevious grin.
"You wanted to make this nasty...we'll make it nasty." he laughed, before looking down to my helpless brother.

"I wore this during football practice all week and now, you'll have the pleasure of wearing it too." Chad explained, perhaps more for my benefit than for my brother's.

Brandon was freaking out.
Not only did he have his dad's crusty cotton briefs stuffed inside his mouth, but now his friend was going to use his visibly worn jockstrap on him to make things even worse!
We both knew what Chad meant when he said that my brother would "wear" his jockstrap. It wasn't going to be worn over his privates, no...the sweaty jockstrap would be worn in a far less traditional manner. Brandon was going to wear it...over his face!

"Dude, you had this coming." Chad chuckled, looking into my brother's pleading puppy eyes.

I watched as Chad grabbed the scissors I had given him and started cutting the back of the worn jockstrap's waistband.
Now I understood why he needed the scissors.
"See?" he asked, holding his jockstrap up for me to see. The waistband was cut at the back, allowing us to put the smelly pouch over Brandon's face and use the two loose ends to tighten the thing until it was nice and snug. The severed ends of the waistband would be pulled tight and knotted together behind poor Brandon's head.

"What about the cup?" I asked.

"That can stay in." Chad responded. "It'll keep those briefs in his mouth and it'll stop him from spitting them out. Besides, it'll give your brother something nice to smell." he added, ruffling up Brandon's hair in a teasing manner.
My brother was NOT in a playful mood however. I knew he'd take revenge later on, but this moment was just too good to pass up.
I'd worry about the consequences, later on.

Once everything was in place, we moved for the swap.
My hand came off of Brandon's mouth, only to be quickly replaced by Chad's jockstrap and smelly athletic cup.
The cup covered his mouth and nose, prohibiting the bunched up underwear from going anywhere.

Brandon pushed fiercely with his tongue, trying his best to dislodge the crusty briefs from his mouth.
Chad was already on it though and before Brandon could achieve anything, the older jock had secured the cup in place.
Dad's crusty undies weren't going anywhere, neither was Chad's sweaty jockstrap for that matter.

The smelly jockstrap pouch was tightly stretched over Brandon's nose, mouth and chin. The two strings that connected the bottom of the pouch to the back of the waistband, circled on either side of my brother's throat until they reached the waistband at the back of his neck.
The two loose ends of the waistband were pulled taut and knotted together at the back of his head.

His eyes were covered by the front of the waistband while the smelly pouch took care of covering the rest of his face.

"There you go buddy." Chad teased his friend.

My brother grunted angrily, but Chad and I both laughed.
It was so fun watching him squirm around, trying to fight off the gag and failing to do so quite miserably.

He groaned and moaned with each breath.
I almost felt bad for him.
He was usually so tough, and now here he was, taped up, gagged and forced to smell his fellow jock's smelly athletic cup and jockstrap.

What was even funnier was that in spite of his loud grunts and muffled protests, my brother was sporting a big boner!
A wet spot was starting to form on his black jockstrap.
Something was obviously exciting him!

"What do you wanna do with him?" Chad asked, turning his head towards me.

I looked down at my brother's struggling form and tried conjuring up all those nasty pranks he had played on me over the years.
My payback was definitely not over yet.

"Let's tape him up like a mummy." I decided.

Poor Brandon...he was defenitely not going to be a happy camper tonight.


* User "kilik423" sent me a message suggesting the use of a jockstrap with the athletic cup still inside, as a muzzle.
This was a wonderful idea, especially since NemesisPrime requested the use of an athletic cup in the story.
Those of you who have read "Bound and gagged in a sleeping bag" know that athletic cup muzzles are not new to me, but in fact, I had never thought of using this while still inside a jockstrap. Many thanks to "kilik423" for this idea!

I also want to thank each and every one of you who took the time to post a comment here.
The encouragement is greatly appreciated and as usual, your ideas and suggestions are more than welcome.

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Re: My Older Brother's Smelly Revenge (MM/m) * CHAPTER 5

Postby squirrel » Fri Dec 27, 2013 12:57 am

awesome chapter :) As usual :D

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