A cold night....

This section is for those "How Would" you question uch as "How would you tie me up?" " How would you gag me" etc.

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Tied up
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A cold night....

Postby Vector5227 » Sat Dec 30, 2017 7:36 am

Tripping and falling in the snow sucks. Like... really sucks. I was walking back from a friends house and my mind started wander when all I a sudden BAM! I lost my footing and crashed to the ground. You saw the whole thing and ran over to help. I graciously thanked you as you pulled me up. My coat, pants, and hat were wet. I immediately started shivering as the wind kicked up again. That's when the idea started to form....
you suggest that I come to your house. It's only a few houses down. I actually nod my head thankfully and accept since mine is another 7 blocks away. We enter and you tell me to change downstairs in the basement and that there are clean and warm clothes down there I can borrow. You grin as I go down.

Show time... you gather your supplies. "That was surprisingly easy to get him here... now let's keep him here..." you think to yourself.

What happens next? How would you keep me against my will? And what fate befalls me once I'm all trussed up...?

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