Kidnap Boy's and Marissa's Revenge on Dena (fm/f)

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Kidnap Boy's and Marissa's Revenge on Dena (fm/f)

Postby kidnap boy » Fri Feb 05, 2010 3:36 pm

Kidnap boy here.

Here is the story of how Marissa and I finally were able to kidnap, tie up, and torture Dena, our blonde, beautiful, black-belted friend who had turned into an unstoppable machine when it came to kidnapping and torturing me. This happened not long before Dena and Marissa graduated high school, in June of 2000.

A few months ago I wrote about the night Dena kidnapped me at a party at her house, tied me up in her Mom’s room, gagged me, and tickle-tortured me for about a half-hour. Then she sent Marissa up to do the same thing before having Marissa untie me, while all the guests downstairs were none the wiser. Dena and Marissa also footgagged me with their smelly socked feet, and even though I was only held hostage for 45 minutes, it was pretty brutal.

As she untied me, Marissa dropped a bombshell: SHE wanted my help in kidnapping and torturing Dena. Not long before the party incident Dena had tied us both up as a dare to see who could escape first. Marissa had never been tied up before and we goaded her into it. (Dena, of course, had been tied up a few times by me, and I even got to tickle her while she was helpless. But those incidents, as you have read, never ended well for me.) But after Marissa agreed and Dena had us both on the floor at her feet in front of her, our hands and feet tied with ropes and scarves in our mouths to gag of, Dena informed us that she would tickle us both if neither one could escape in 15 minutes. Marissa squealed and panicked at the thought of being tied up and tickled – again, she had never been through it before, and she was extremely ticklish – and naturally she was unable to escape. So Dena tickled Marissa first for at least 15 minutes, sending her into an hysterical laughing/crying state. Then she made Marissa tickle me with her bound bare feet (Dena took off Marissa’s socks and gagged me with them), and Dena told Marissa that if she didn’t put me into that same laughing/crying hysterical state using only her toes and her feet, she would tickle Marissa more. Marissa succeeded – she tickled me so badly and effectively with her bound feet that I thought I might pass out – but privately vowed revenge against Dena for the torture. That night at the party, as she untied me, she told me of her plans, and Marissa and I then agreed to work together on the kidnapping and torturing of The Invincible Dena.

After a few meetings over the next few days, Marissa and I strategized one night about how exactly we would kidnap Dena, get her tied up, and keep her that way for awhile in order to inflict the deserved amount of tickle-torture and other tortured on her. Suddenly a key piece of the plan fell into place. I told Marissa about the time I held Dena’s term paper disk “hostage” and used it to get her tied up for a little while. (Marissa knew the story – she of course took part in tickle-torturing me and foot-gagging me that night as payback, but this reminder of “stealing” Dena’s disk gave her an idea).

Dena was an excellent writer who had entered into and won a few creative writing contests. We knew there was one coming up with a deadline for submission in a few days, and knowing Dena she never sent anything in until it was absolutely perfect, so we figured that maybe it hadn’t be submitted yet. Marissa said she would find out the next day.

She did, and we were in luck. The submissions were due on a Monday in early June, and Dena had not yet sent it in. (It was local so she could turn it in in-person). She even showed Marissa her submission and had her read it. (It was great, I have to tell you. Dena was nearly perfect). So Marissa and I now had a plan – we would plan Dena’s kidnapping for the Friday before that Monday deadline, a night Dena’s Mom worked a nursing shift and the house would be ours. We would kidnap her after school at Marissa’s house, tie her up there, and then transport her back to Dena’s own house for an evening of torture before letting her go the next morning. Here was the plan.

Getting Dena – Graduation was coming up, and Marissa and Dena had long been talking things like fashion and hair and whatnot for the ceremonies and stuff afterward. Marissa very often had Dena over to discuss hairstyles and makeup and other things. Marissa worried about that stuff way more than Dena did (she didn’t have to, because like Dena Marissa was drop dead gorgeous) but Dena always humored her – not to mentioned was a really good friend - so she always heard her out. The customary thing – and I saw this once – was Dena would sit on the bed in Marissa’s room in front of Marissa’s big dresser mirror, while Marissa would show examples of hairstyles and such using both hers and Dena’s hair in the mirror. So we knew we could get Dena into an exact location at an exact time.

Equipment – There was no way the two of us were strong enough to tie Dena up, but that would be taken care of by other means. The issue now was equipment – we simply did not trust that ropes alone could hold Dena. She was just so crafty and resourceful. So Marissa and I took two trips. One was to Marissa’s dad’s story to buy our OWN ropes for kidnapping, just as Dena had done with me more than a year earlier. We bought a role of white duct tape and 50 feet of rope, and then ran the rope through the dryer – advice Marissa gave Dena back when Dena bought her own ropes – to make it softer. But the ropes were secondary hostage-taking tools. We decided we needed handcuffs.

So Marissa and I journeyed a few towns over to a “specialty” shop (Marissa was 18 and could get in) and we bought three pairs of metal handcuffs, one with a very short chain between the cuffs (maybe 2 inches, the standard kind) and 2 sets with longer chains (8 inches, more like shackles). So between the ropes, the handcuffs, and the duct tape, we now had our kidnapping tools.

The Kidnapping Plan – And here was our plan. Dena would go over to Marissa’s for those reasons stated on that Friday. Dena would sit on the bed and let Marissa do her hair in the mirror and such. UNAWARE that I would be waiting under the bed with the 8-inch handcuffs at the ready. I would tie the cuffs on a length of rope to one of the bed undersupports, fastening the cuffs to the bed, and, at the right time as Dena feet dangled off the bed, I would cuff her ankles together. AND Dena wouldn’t be able to get away because those cuffs would be tied to the support bar under the bed.

Then, once her feet were cuffed, we knew Dena would start fighting. I would get out quickly from under the bed and across the room where Dena couldn’t get me. Marissa would have the other set of longer handcuffs in her pocket and would try to get Dena’s hands cuffed behind her back. But if Dena was proving too strong for Marissa, I would show her our failproof blackmailing tool: Her writing entry.

The day of the kidnapping Marissa would sneak over to Dena’s house earlier in the day, grab the writing CD, and bring it back to school. There she would package the CD up in a yellow mailing envelope an address it to her cousin Bobbi, a girl her age who lived in the middle of the country (we were in the northeast). Inside would be a note to Bobbi to simply mail this package back once she got it, that it was part of a prank. Marissa then photocopied the CD and the note to Bobbi as proof that we were holding Dena’s writing submission – we could show this to Dena while she struggled - and would then stamp and address the envelope. While Dena and Marissa struggled on the bed, I would show her the envelope and tell her that unless her hands were behind her back and she stopped struggling, I would run down the street and drop it in the mailbox. Thus ensuring Dena would not be able to submit it in time. It was cruel, I know, but Dena had this coming and we really, really wanted to give her a taste of her own torturous medicine.

So basically, after Dena saw we were holding her submission hostage, she would surrender and we would get her tied up. And from that point on she was all ours. That was the plan. Did it work?

Yes! Here’s how it all went down.

So after hatching our plan, Marissa and I practiced it several times. I would lie under her bed with the longer handcuffs tied to the bed frame, she would dangle her feet off the bed, and I would slap the cuffs around her ankles. We probably did it 70-80 times until my reaction time got so good there would literally be no way Dena would ever see it coming. We knew once we had Dena's feet tied and secured to the bed, we had her.

Marissa was awesome to work with and we had a blast practicing. One time that was way too sloppy, she yelled, "Jess, that was So slow that Dena would have already had you on the floor with her foot over her mouth! Quit being such a girl and do this right!" She was laughing when she said it.

Still, this was Marissa without Dena to protect her. So after she yelled, I left her feet tied to the bed and climbed out and attacked her.

"Let's see how tough you are now!" I yelled, hauling Marissa down to the floor while her socked feet stayed tied to the bed. I pinned her pretty easily and started to tickle her feet.

"Jess! Ayeeee! Jess! Stop! Aiieeeee!" Marissa screamed, laughing. "Don't tickle me!! HAHAHA! Don't tickle me!!! Please!!!! OK, OK = I'm sorry! I'M SORRY!!!!!"

After that we both lay there laughing and I uncuffed her feet. Marissa jumped on top of me but instead of trying to tickle me, she hugged me and gave me a kiss. THIS was one of the coolest nights of my life to date. “You are so awesome, Jessie!” Marissa said. “Well, now you know. Without Dena here, I am no match for you!"

“Well,” I said as we both got up, “let’s do this right and make our best friend sorry she ever tortured us!”

So we kept practicing, I got better and better at handcuffing her ankles, and before too long we were ready.

Friday came. Marissa told Dena her car was in for an oil change so Dena would pick her up and drive her to school. Before Marissa left her house that day she filled a duffle bag on her bed with handcuffs, rope, duct tape, and scarves. The night before I tied one of the sets of longer cuffs to the underside of the bed. The room was ready.

At lunchtime, Marissa borrowed Dena’ car to run home to get something. But instead, now that she had Dena’s keys, Marissa went to Dena’s and got her submission CD and stuff to hold “hostage.” Back at school without Dena knowing anything, Marissa made photocopies of Dena’s submissions for proof and packaged up and stamped the envelope for our plan.

That day Marissa was wearing a white peasant blouse with short sleeves, black pants, and black leather boots over her pants. Dena was wearing a black blouse with short ruffled sleeves, green cargo pants, and moccasins. I had on a short-sleeved tee shirt, jeans, and sneakers.

I had a free period for final period and Dena and Marissa didn’t. I rode my bike that day and rode it over to Marissa’s house to get ready. It was empty as her folks both worked at her Dad’s stores.

When Dena and Marissa arrived at her house, I quickly sprang into action and hid under the bed. I had turned Marissa’s radio on - she often left it on anyway - to make it harder for Dena to hear me. Marissa’s bedroom was on the first floor, just a few steps away from the garage where Marissa parked her car.

They were talking as they walked in - Marissa was fretting about her hair for graduation and Dena was telling her to relax. I could see Dena kick off her shoes and sit on the bed in front of the mirror, just as planned. Her feet - in grey knee socks - were dangling just off the floor.

“God, why did I wear boots today?” Marissa asked, as I heard her pull her boots off. “God, my feet are so sweaty!”

“You are a slave for fashion, Mariss. Anything to look good,” Dena said with a laugh.

I was thinking, “Come on. Come on!”

They talked for a bit and finally Marissa said, “OK, work with me here. Here’s what I need with my hair. Check it out in the mirror.” Marissa got behind Dena on the bed and started using Dena’s hair as a model. Dena’s feet were right in front of me. It was time!

“Oh I don’t know Mariss. It seems too formal,” Dena said. “What if…”

At that moment I sprang into action. Without Dena having any clue, I reached out from beneath the bed and cuffed her feet together. It was done! And they were tied tightly to the middle-underside of the bed frame.

Dena didn’t even realize it at first, but Marissa did - she saw me crawling out from the underside of the bed. Suddenly Dena felt the cuffs around her ankles and said, “What the…!” and at that moment I emerged and Marissa quickly reached under a pillow and slapped a long handcuff around Dena’s wrist.

Dena reacted.

“AYYYYY! Jess! What are you doing? What - what did you do to my feet! WHAT IS THIS!!!!”

Marissa wrestled Dena to the bed, catching her off guard. Both were laughing like crazy while I went to Marissa’s dresser - out of reach of Dena - and grabbed the envelope

"We’re re kidnapping you, Dee!” Marissa screamed as she and Dena wrestled. “Your feet are tied to the bed – you’re not going anywhere! Quit fighting me and put your hands behind your back!”

“Are you crazy?” Dena screamed, laughing. “Kidnap me?! You two! You are both SO DEAD!!!!” And with that Dena got Marissa in a bearhug from behind on the bed and started to tickle her. “Untie my feet, NOW, Jess! Or I’ll tickle her to death!”

“DON’T DO IT, JESS! SHOW HER WHAT WE’VE GOT!!!!!” Marissa screamed, trying to fight off Dena’s tickling fingers. Dena also managed to grabbed one of Marissa’s feet, clad in black knee socks, and tickle her foot. But Dena WAS at a heavy disadvantage with her feet bound and Marissa soon struggled to get away. Marissa ran to my side by the dresser while Dena collapsed on her back on the bed, tired and in a difficult way. The handcuff still dangled from her wrist.

“What are you doing?! To tie my hands you’re going to have to come back here, ON THE BED! And once you do that I can beat you both up with literally both feet tied! Are you crazy?” Dena asked.

“Dena look!” I said and threw her the photocopied pages of her CD and Marissa’s note to her cousin Bobbi. “I will mail this envelope RIGHT NOW if I have to.”

“That’s right, Dee. Jess and I are holding your writing submission hostage until you surrender!” Marissa said. “It’s very easy. Once you’re tied up, the CD goes right into you backpack!”

Dena read the letter, now with a furious smile on her face. Her face and arms were bright red - she was excited and furious! She looked up at us wide-eyed.

“You two, I swear to God, if you do this to me...THIS IS NOT FUNNY!!!!!” Dena yelled, her smile gone.

Then Marissa said, “OK, Dee. You’re right. We won’t do this.”

I stammered, VERY nervous, “We won’t????”

No,” Marissa said. “We’ve got something better. THIS!”

Marissa reached into her sock drawer and pulled out two pieces of yellow lined paper with Dena’s handwriting on it. “Dena knows what this is! And it will go into the mail and straight to SHE-KNOWS-WHO’s house right now if her hands aren’t tied in 1 minute. Your move, Dee!”

Now Dena blushed. She thought for a minute, and then her shoulders sagged. She let out a deep sigh and flopped backwards on the bed again. She then spoke slowly, looking at the ceiling, in forceful words,

“Marissa, you will not get away with this. Unless you plan on keeping me tied up forever, you will have to let me go at some point. And then, sometime really soon, you will fall into MY hands. And you will suffer. I swear to God you will!”

Marissa faked a yawn. “Whatever, hon. We’ll worry about that tomorrow. But tonight you’re MY hostage. Sit up!”

Dena did and looked at me with an evil smile. Even captured she was confident!

“You are dead too, Jess! Think of the worst torture I ever gave you! Because THAT’s what you’re in for!”

Marissa ordered, “Put your hands behind your back and fasten those handcuffs! NOW!” (I gave Marissa that idea - the one time I handcuffed Dena, I made her cuff her own hands. THAT’S how dangerous she was.)

Dena complied and we heard the cuffs clink on her hands behind her back.

“Show us!” Marissa ordered.

Dena turned and showed her bound hands, firmly cuffed.

“OK, Jess, let’s finish tying her up,” Marissa said. And she and I grabbed the ropes from under the pillow. Marissa and I tied the ropes around Dena’s already bound hands, just to secure her. Then I tied ropes tightly around the upper parts of her legs. Marissa then tied ropes around Dena’s chest. When we were done Dena was totally tied up and at our mercy.

“You guys,” Dena said, her teeth clenched, “are so dead!” She said this over and over.

Marissa got up with the roll of duct tape, stood in front of Dena, tore off a piece, and smiled as she looked down at her.

“It is such a pleasure to finally gag you, Dena!” Marissa said, sealing the duct tape over Dena’s pretty mouth. The Marissa gagged her with one more piece of tape and smoothed the tape over Dena’s helpless mouth. This was the first time Dena had ever been gagged.

Dena “MMPHED!!!!” and tried to yell at us some more, but we had done it. Dena was finally bound and gagged!!!!

I went under the bed and untied the ropes that bound her cuffed feet to the frame. When I got back up Marissa was blindfolding Dena with a long white scarf. Dena was ours!”
“You look SO helpless!” Marissa taunted, giving Dena’s face a small pat. “Jessie and I have SUCH plans for you tonight!!!!”

So with Dena now fully bound, gagged, and blindfolded and sitting on the edge of the bed, Marissa put her boots back on her feet, grabbed her duffel bag – which had kidnapping tools plus quite a few torture necessities – and ran down to the garage with the bag while I kept an eye on our hostage.

“Nervous, Dee?” I asked her with a laugh.

“Mm mm,” she mmphed through her gag, as if to say no. “MMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!”

“Well, maybe you should be. Because you know what’s coming soon,” I said. Then I got up real close to her and whispered in her ear. “How many times have you tied me up and tortured me? How many hours have you tickled me while I was tied up and helpless? How many dirty socks have you stuffed in my mouth? How many awful footgags have you done to me? Well, today is payback from both of us!”

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmm” Dena sqealed, wiggling away from me and squirming up on the bed. She kicked her socked feet at me but I was nowhere in reach. I just laughed.

“Look at my Kidnap Girl!” I said. “So helpless!!!!!”

Dena squealed “Mmmmmmmmmmm!!!!” again and continued to squirm on the bed when Marissa walked back in.

“OK, the bag’s in her trunk. Let’s get her in the care,” Marissa said. “Dena, we’re going to get you on your feet now. I don’t think you want to fight us – it’s not going to do you any good.”

Dena struggled just a little as we pulled her bound body off the bed and got her standing.

“Should we put her shoes on?” I asked.

“No!” Marissa said harshly. “We’ll let our hostage walk in just her socks! She doesn’t deserve to have shoes. Her shoes are in the bag already anyway. Trust me, Jess, the LAST thing Dena’s going to need tonight is shoes!”

Dena squealed some more and Marissa and I had her standing up and each ahold of an arm. Marissa adjusted her short puffy sleeves, which had hiked up a bit. “So pretty!” Marissa taunted as Dena just took it, unable to see, talk, or move.

“Those cuffs on your feet have a long enough chain for you to walk,” Marissa told Dena. “Jess and I are going to lead you out of my room, down the stairs, and to the car. We’re going on a field trip – you’ll find out where soon enough!”

This caused Dena to squeal behind her gag again as we gently walked her down the stairs, placed her in the backseat of her car, and buckled her in. We closed the door and left Dena alone tied up in the car. We watched her squirm and thrash a little, but it was no use and she soon stopped. Marissa and I both laughed while watching her.

“You ride your bike back to Dena’s house, OK?” Marissa said. “Her Mom is at Dena’s grandparents’ house for the weekend. The place is ours for the night!”

“Sure – I’ll stop off at home quickly to get a change of clothes and tell my Mom that I’m staying at Dena’s tonight. Good – I’ll see you there in like 45 minutes. Can you get her into her house by yourself?” I asked.

“Oh sure,” Marissa laughed, quickly reaching over to tickle me in the ribs while I yelped loud enough to get Dena’s attention from inside the car. “I’m not as strong as you, Jess, but with Dena tied up, I can handle her.”

“Great,” I said. “By the way, Mariss – what’s that paper you threatened her with? I didn’t know about that.”

“Oh, I’ll tell you later. Trust me, it’s something she DOESN’T want getting out!” Marissa laughed.

And with that we both took off, Marissa in Dena’s car with Dena bound and gagged in the back, me on my bike.

After stopping home, getting some clothes for the sleepover and saying goodbye to my Mom, I arrived back at Marissa’s on my bike about 40 minutes later. I put my bike in the garage – Dena’s car was in there and they were obviously home – and walked in. I heard Marissa upstairs yell to me, “Up here in her Mom’s room, Jess!”

When I arrived I immediately started to laugh. Dena was now tied down to the bed – her arms were stretched over her head with her hands still cuffed with the long cuffs but now also tied with rope and tied to the headboard with more rope. Her socked feet were stretched out and tied to the footboard with ropes, and the chain on the cuffs was also cuffed to the headboard with one of the shorter sets of handcuffs. (We had 2 pairs of each kind of cuffs). Dena was gagged with tape and her blindfold was off. She was totally stretched out and helpless and wasn’t going anywhere.

Marissa sat stretched out beside her on the bed, stroking Dena’s hair while Dena’s eyes watched her nervously. Marissa’s boots were off and her black socked-feet were stretched out down near the footboard.

“This…is…AWESOME!” I said and Marissa and both started to laugh.

“I know, isn’t it?” Marissa said. “It wasn’t even that hard to get her tied down. She’s as gentle as a kitten now!”

We both laughed and Marissa then asked Dena, “If I take your gag off will you be a good girl and not scream? Also, I don’t want to hear any threats from you. Whatever happens after tonight happens after tonight. But tonight you are tied up and our hostage and you will NOT threaten us! So if I take your gag off, will you obey what I just said?”

Dena nodded gently. Marissa smiled and pulled the tape gag off Dena’s mouth.

“Ahhh!!!” Dena said. “Thank you. Boy, that is NOT comfortable coming off. I’m not sure I ever realized that.”

“Do you think you ever realized how nasty it is to have you put your socked foot over my mouth?” I asked.

“Jess, I’m sorry….p-p-please don’t…” Dena stammered. I cut her off.

“Don’t worry. I’m not going to footgag you. Frankly, I don’t like the idea of doing it,” I said.

“Oh, thank God!” Dena said.

“Nope, he won’t,” Marissa said. “I’M going to footgag you!”

Dena yelped “NO!” but was cut off my Marissa quickly sitting up and placing one of her socked feet over Dena’s mouth. Dena “MMMMPHED” into it but Marissa’s foot wasn’t going anywhere.

“NOW you know why I wore boots today!” Marissa said. “I wanted to get my socks nice and smelly for you. Jess told me he didn’t really want to footgag you. So I asked him if I could. After all, you never gagged me with your feet, Dee, so it was Jess’ call. But he had no problem with it. So why don’t you enjoy my smelly foot for awhile. I’ll change feet in a few minutes!”

Dena kept mmmmphing and trying to scream but Marissa’s foot stayed over her mouth no problem. After 5 minutes Marissa switched feet and man, did Dena suffer!

“A little taste of your own medicine, Kidnap Girl!” I said.

“Ooooh, I like that,” Marissa said. “Kidnap Girl!”

“While we have your attention and while Marissa has her foot over your mouth, please allow me to show you what we have planned for you tonight,” I said. I went to the bag and placed it on the bed in front of her.

Dena’s eyes got HUGE as I pulled items out one at a time. The high-speed electric toothbrush. A feather I had bought. Marissa’s hand-held massager. And 4 pairs of Dena’s dirty knee socks – grey and blue argyles, brown cable-knits, green cable-knits, and purple and white argyles.

Dena squealed “MMMMMMMMMMMEEEEEMMMM” under Marissa’s foot as Marissa and I laughed. I said, “Yeah, we knew we would perform the dirty sock torture on you, and the truth is, Dee, NO ONE has smellier socks than you have! Marissa got these pairs right out of your hamper.”

“And trust me, Dee,” Marissa said, planting her foot over Dena’s mouth for emphasis, “every one of these socks STINK!!!!!”

More squealing from Dena and I said, “Marissa will remove her foot in a minute – I need to go downstairs and prepare the first torture device!”

As I did I heard Dena squealing helpless and Marissa talking to her in a baby voice, “Whassa matter, baby! You’re all tied up?! You don’t like me and Jessie tying you up?! You don’t like my foot over your mouth?! Awwwww – poor baby!!!!”

I got back to the room with the first torture device – that ice cold frozen blue pack Dena used on me that one long night with her and Marissa. When Dena saw it she squealed even louder under Marissa’s foot and starting thrashing, to no avail.

Marissa removed her foot from Dena’s mouth and unbuttoned Dena’s blouse. Dena had a black sports bra underneath, so there was nothing risqué about this. Her black blouse hung open. “Don’t worry, sweetie. We’ll button you up when we’re done,” Marissa said in a sweet voice.

“NO! NO! No! No! Please not this!!! Don’t put that thing on my stomach!!! Please!!!!” Dena screamed.

But I ignored her and slowly placed the ice pack on Dena’s bare stomach.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIEEEEE!!!!! NO!!! NO!!!!” Dena screamed.

But I did it again, and again and again and again, pressing the cold back on her bareskin all over her stomach and ribs and even around Dena’s back. Each time Dena screamed loudly and laughed hard and Marissa giggled with glee. After the 15th time, Dena said:

“AAAIIIEEEE!!!! I’m sorry you guys!!!! I am so sorry for torturing you!!!! Please stop!!! PLLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEAAAAASSSSSSEEEE STOP! I can’t take it!!!!!!”

“I think she’s had enough, Jess. Let’s let Dena get her strength back. Because she’s gonna need it!!!!” Marissa said. I complied and took the ice pack off Dena’s body after maybe the 20th and final time. This all lasted about 15 minutes.

Dena was redfaced and laughing and her arms, with her ruffled short sleeves hiked all the way up to her underams, we red and flushed. “Thank you! THANK YOU!!!! Please, stop with the torture!!! I’ll do anything!!!!”

“Oh we’ll stop…for now!” Marissa said, buttoning Dena’s blouse back up. “Jess and I are going to let you get your strength back. We’ll just sit here and watch TV with you until you do!” Marissa then kissed Dena’s red cheek, and I did the same.

So we put the TV on and watched a rerun of Charlie Angels for a little while, and at one point, much to our surprise, there was a woman bound and gagged.

“Oooooh! Look! She looks just like you all tied up, Dee!!!” Marissa giggled, nudging Dena’s ribs with her socked foot.

“You guys,” Dena said, wincing and giggling at the quick foot ticle, “this is just SO cruel! I know, I know I’ve tied you up and tortured you, especially Jess. But this is SO cruel!!!”

“Gee, ya think?” I asked, wiggling my fingers in Dena’s helpless rib cage. “That never dawned on your all those times you’d have me in tears from the tickle torture?”

Dena giggled at being tickled and said, “Stop! STOP!” very gently, like a little girl, and I did. Then she said, “ARRGH! I can’t BELIEVE I let you guys do this to me! I can’t BELIEVE you caught me!”

“We sure did, honey,” Marissa said with a smile while tousling her hair. “Jess, Dena seems to have her composure back. I think it’s time to turn the TV off.”

I did as Dena screamed “NO! PLEASE! NOT YET!” and Marissa and I laughed and got off the bed and both walked to the foot end where her socked feet were tied down.

“Dena, honey. PLEASE! You know we’re going to tickle you to death tonight, don’t you?” Marissa asked.

“No! No! NO!” Dena pleaded, nervously and laughing. “Please don’t tickle me! I;m sorry for all the times I tickled you Jess! I’m sorry when I tied you up and tickled you Marissa! Please! Seriously – I am more ticklish than either of you! I can’t take it! Please don’t tickle me!!!!”

“Hee hee hee. Silly little Kidnap Girl – you can beg all you like. It will not stop us from tickling you and tickling you and tickling you for as long…as…we…want!” Marissa said.

Dena kept pleading. “Please! No! Please!”

“Jess and I thought it would be helpful to describe what it really feels like to be tied up and tickled without mercy for a long, long time,” Marissa said. “When you tied me up I had NO IDEA you were going to tickle me! I thought I was safe from the torture and you would just untie me. I had tears rolling down my face and was laughing so hard it was hard to breathe! When you tickled my neck I thought I might pass out! I could still feel you tickling me a long time after you stopped, Dena! It was pure torture!”

“NO!” Dena begged. “I’m sorry, honey! I’m sorry!”

“As for me,” I said, “well, I’ll bet there’s been close to 20 times you’ve tied me up and tickled me. I know Marissa took part in some of them, but YOU were always the ringleader, Dena! Remember that night I was supposed to go out but instead you tied me up and literally kidnapped me? My ribs felt like they were on fire that night! And you tickled my feet so bad that I thought I would pass out, just like Marissa said. I was crying so hard that my face was burning and my whole body ached and twitched! But still you kept tickling me and gagging me with your feet and taunting me!”

“Jess, honey, PLEASE!!!!” Dena begged. “I am SO sorry!!!”

“Not as sorry as you’re going to be, baby!” Marissa said. “Jess, let’s get these stinky socks off her feet and see what we have to work with.”

Marissa and I pulled off Dena’s smelly grey knee socks and left her feet bare. Her feet were kinda of quivering – that’s how scared Dena was. Her whole body was writhing and Dena was laughing nervously like I had never heard her before. The whole time she kept saying, “No! Not me feet! Please don’t tickle my feet!!!!”

But we ignored her. Marissa held Dena’s socks in her hand and approached a terrified and laughing Dena on the bed, holding the socks. “If you scream too loud, we’ll stuff your own socks in your mouth! We’d use ours, but they are nowhere near as bad as YOUR socks, Kidnap Girl! Jess, you may start with the brush!”

Dena screamed as I turned on the high-speed toothbrush – the one with brush and only the spindle – and began to tickle her feet with it. She screamed and laughed louder as I moved the brush slowly around the soles of both feet, between her toes, along her nail beds, down her heels to her ankles, and all along the balls of Dena’s helpless bare feet. Marissa sat by Dena’s head, holding those socks and smiling at her in such a taunting way.

Dena sounded like this the whole time:

“AHH! AHH! AHH! NONONONONONOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! PLEASE!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! AIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!” Dena’s face also turned bright red and she jammed her eyes closes and her screaming laughter was so loud that finally Marissa stuffed one of her own socks into Dena’s mouth, then held it in place with her hand. I tickled her feet with the instrument for 20 minutes nonstop!

“Whew! Jessie, you are awesome at that!!! OK, my turn! You come here and make sure the sock stays in her mouth!!!” Marissa said excitedly.

We switched places and Dena in her hysterics tried to spit the sock out, but I said, “No no no!” and held it in place. Marissa then resumed tickling her feet with the brush and Dena’s muffled screams were such an awesome thing to hear! After a while I tied the other sock around Dena’s mouth to keep the other one in.

Marissa taunted her the whole time, “Such ticklish feet, sweetie! Such ticklish little footsies! You want me to stop? Do ya? Do ya? Noooooooo, I’m not going to stop! I’m going to tickle you with this device until the batteries run out!!!!!!”

Marissa’s tickle-torture of Dena’s feet continued for 5-10-15 minutes and I looked down at Dena and her screams were muffled and getting weaker but the laughter was still hysterical. Then I noticed tears coming out of her eyes.

“Marissa, our poor baby’s crying!!! Look, we tickled her to tears!!!!” I said excitedly.

“I thought so. The tougher they are, the harder they fall!” Marissa said, running the brush back and forth over the balls of Dena’s feet. “Dena’s feet are so soft and tender that this tickling must just feel like death? Does it, Dee? Are we tickling you to death???”

Dena thrashed her head to signal “YES!” and continued to scream into the dirty socks that gagged her. Finally, after 20 minutes, Marissa stopped and said, calmly, “OK. I think our hostage has had enough. Dee, honey, as soon as you calm down, we’ll take those socks out your mouth!”

It took literally 10 minutes for Dena to stop thrashing and squirming and finally calm down. Her face was stained with tears and she giggled in the most adorable and sexy fashion you could imagine. Her arms were pink and covered with goosebumps. Dena panted and laughed and finally calmed down and just panted into the sock gag.

“There. I think our little girl is calm now!” Marissa said, and then came around and took the socks out of Dena’s mouth. Dena laughed and moaned as I dried her tears with a tissue and Marissa smoothed her hair from her sweaty forehead.

“We’ll give you a 20 minute break. And then we’ll tickle you everywhere else!” Marissa said. With that she tore off a piece of duct tape, gagged Dena, and we both left the room laughing. We went downstairs and got a snack and laughed at how much fun we were having. We also decided that after the next round of tickle torture, we would let Dena go to the bathroom – no sense in having an accident!

When we arrived back in the bedroom and closed the door, we saw a bound and gagged Dena stuggling mightily to try and get free, but she couldn’t. She was still totally stretched out and her bound feet were still pink from the tickling.

Marissa went to her side and told her, “Don’t say one single word, or I’ll shove one of these other dirty socks in your mouth and tie the other one over your nose!” Dena obeyed and Marissa took off her tape gag. Marissa then took the scarf we had blindfolded Dena with and cleavegagged her. It was a long white scarf so Marissa was able to wrap it around Dena’s head a few times and it was very effective. Dena could only grunt, but this was safer than duct tape and we still wanted to hear SOME screaming, after all. But Dena screamed so loud that we HAD to gag her with something.

“Please, let me go!” Dena begged in a barely audible muffle from under the gag.

“Let you go, honey? Not until we think we’ve tortured you enough!” Marissa fired back. And then Marissa and I started tickling Dena’s ribs, hips, knees, stomach, and armpits, one of us on each side of her.

“MMMMPPPPHHHH!!!!!” was all Dena screamed over and over and over again. Her face was red and her eyes teary again.

“I think Dee is right,” Marissa said, sinking her fingers into Dena’s exposed armpits while I brutally tickled her ribs, “she IS more ticklish that both of us! GOOD!!!!”

“Now I see why this is so appealing, Dee, and why you tickle torture me so much! It is SO much fun!” I taunted.

We tickled Dena like that for at least 40 minutes. Marissa finished with about 5 minutes by herself, tickling Dena’s neck as Dena squirmed and thrashed and screamed herself hoarse into her gag. Finally, once again, we stopped. Same thing – it took her about 10 minutes to calm down, and once she did, we wiped away her tears while Dena kept laughing. Then I took out her gag.

Dena whimpered and giggled as we began to untie her from the bed.

I then fastened a shorter pair of handcuffs around her already twice-tied wrists and tied a rope to the cuffs. First I took the long cuffs off her. Then I untied her hands from the headboard and pulled the rope down to her feet, tying it around the ropes that tied her feet together. Dena was now in a frontal hogtie. Then Marissa untied the ropes that bound her feet to the footboard.

So now, Dena’s hands were bound with short handcuffs in front of her and tied with a rope to her feet, which were bound with rope and the long handcuffs. Marissa then blindfolded Dena with another scarf.

Marissa said, “It’s time to let you pee. Jess, why don’t you head downstairs and order us some dinner. I’ll take care of Dena now.”

“OK. Dee, sweetheart? We just tickled you for 40 minutes. If you try to escape, even a little, we will do it again for twice that long!” I said.

Dena nodded and said “OK” softly, still giggling and exhausted.

I said sure as Marissa got Dena to her feet and told her to “hop like a bunny” to the bathroom in the bedroom. Dena hopped bound and blindfolded and Marissa I and laughed at the sight.

“She is so cute all tied up, isn’t she Mariss?” I asked.

“She sure is! I think we should keep Dena this way all the time!” Marissa said, helping Dena to the bathroom. Dena said nothing. Her strength was tapped.

Marissa got Dena into the bathroom and closed the door. She told Dena, “Don’t worry, I won’t look” and laughed and I went downstairs to order a pizza to be delievered. It was almost 8 p.m. – we had held Dena hostage for 5 hours now!

Later we all are up in the room – Marissa put her foot over Dena’s mouth when the delivery person came JUST in case. For dinner, we had left Dena tied this way and tied her to a chair, feeding her. After dinner, around 9 p.m., Marissa took Dena to the bathroom again. When she came out with her, bound and blindfolded, we pretty easily tied Dena down to the bed again in the same way. Only this time, we used pantyhose on her hands to tie them to the headboard, because they were more comfortable.

Once Dena was tied back down, Marissa took off her blindfold and started to lightly tickle her exposed arms, which were bare up to her armpits because her short ruffled sleeves had hiked up. Marissa tickled her softly like this while taunting her – “Ooooh – poor baby doesn’t like the soft tickles!” – and giggling. This one I watched. I’ll be honest – it was too sexy not to watch!

Dena whimpered and giggled and struggled and bit her lip and closed her eyes and squirmed and just begged, “No! no! No! No more tickling! You’re tickling me to death!!!!” Over and over and over.

“Yes, we ARE tickling you to death, honey!” Marissa taunted , now straddling/pinning over her hips and torturing her with that excruciating soft tickling slowly up and down both arms and pulling her shirt up a little to do the same thing to her ribs. “And you are all tied up and at our mercy and can’t do ANYTHING about it!”

Dena whimpered and laughed and cried and begged but Marissa kept tickling her. It must have lasted 30 minutes when Marissa told me, “Jess, hand me that feather in the bag. And then get out the massager. You tickle her feet with it while I tickle her upper body with the feather.”

I did and handed Marissa the feather and turned on that massager, which vibrated a lot and tickled like CRAZY when touched to the bare feet (Marissa used it on me during the “Spa Day”).

Dena was crying and laughing all at once now as I tickled her bare feet with the massager and Marissa straddled her tickled her bare arms and neck and face and ears and armpits with both ends of the feather. Dena just whimpered and begged for the torture to stop.

“Please! (gasp) Please! Please you guys! I feel like I’m going to die laughing! Please! Please! No more! No more!” Dena begged.

Marissa then put the feather down, grabbed each of those smelly socks – 8 in all – and held them one at a time over Dena’s nose with one hand while tickling Dena with her lightly moving fingers with the other. Dena just begged, “NONONONONONO!!!!” more and more.

Finally, 45 minutes later around 10:45 or so, we stopped. Marissa got up, sat alongside a crying and whimpering and panting Dena and placed her socked foot over her mouth again. “Just until you calm down – consider this a merciful footgag, honey,” Marissa teased her.

At 11 p.m. Marissa removed her foot from Dena’s mouth and Dena had finally calmed down. We wiped her tears away and both kissed her hot face and hugged her as she lay tied down and stretched out on the bed.

“You can apologize now for all the times you’ve kidnapped and tortured me, if you want Dee,” I said as Marissa and I sat on either side of our tied up torture victim.

Dena laughed and panted and said, “Honey, I am so sorry! For everything I have ever done. Can you forgive me?”

“Of course I can,” I said and kissed Dena on the cheek. The she apologized to Marissa and got the same kiss. We both flopped down alongside Dena and said, “OK. Your torture is over. You understand we have to keep you tied up tonight, because we still think otherwise you might try and take revenge, but we won’t tickle you anymore.”

“Thank God! Thank God!” Dena exclaimed, and she teared up again, laughing. “Do other friends do this to each other, or are we just special?”

“Oh, we’re really special” I said and Marissa agreed, and we kissed Dena more on her face.

OK, so we untied Dena’s feet from the footboard entirely, freeing them, and Marissa handcuffed each of her feet to one corner of the footboard. Then we untied Dena’s hands completely.

“Time to get you changed for bed. First your top, then we’ll change your pants. Jess, why don’t you excuse yourself and get changed in Dena’s room,” Marissa said. And I did. Marissa, with me out of the room, took off Dena’s back short-ruffled-sleeved blouse and gave her a tee-shirt. Then she cuffed her hands to the headboard again, uncuffed her feet, too Dena’s cargo pants off and put sweatpants on her. Then Marissa cuffed Dena’s feet with the long cuffs, gently tied them with the rope to the footboard, and simply put short handcuffs on Dena with Dena’s hands in front of her, no longer tied to the headboard. Dena never tried to escape.

It was after midnight when we were all changed. I wore shorts and a tee-short and was barefoot. Marissa wore white sweats and an old three-button short-sleeved shirt and was barefoot. Dena handcuffed with her feet bound to the footboard, in a tee shirt and grey sweatpants and bare feet. We all slept in that bed that night, Marissa and I alongside a tied up Dena.

I slept the latest and woke to an empty bed. Concerned at first, I soon relaxed as I saw Dena tied to a chair and tapegagged with her hands tied behind her back and her feet bound with ropes. Marissa yelled, “I’m downstairs watching TV, Jess. I didn’t want to wake you up.”

Dena was now wearing a kelly green short-sleeved blouse with those same kind of ruffled short sleeves, the same green cargo pants, and grey argyle socks. (Marissa later told me she got Dena dressed the same methodical way she got her undressed. Dena did not struggle at all, and Marissa did not tickle her at all.)

I then showered and had breakfast and it was 11 a.m. and I had to go. Marissa called from Dena’s room, “We’re in here Jess!” I got my shoes on and opened Dena’s foor. Marissa was sitting behind her on Dena’s bed, wearing a yellow peasant blouse and white capri pants and was barefoot. Dena’s hands were tied behind her back with short handcuffs and her socked feet were tied with rope. She was still tapegagged.

Marissa’s plan was simple. She would leave Dena tied up and gagged with a scarf. She had placed the key to Dena’s handcuffs that bound her hands in an ice tray overnight and the key was now encased in an ice cube. She would leave the ice cube next to Dena, and when it thawed out a short time later, Dena would be able to untie her handcuffs. Then she would be free.

“Come say goodbye to our hostage, Jessie,” Marissa said.

“CaN I take her gag off?” I asked, approaching them.


So I pulled Dena’s tapegag off and knelt in front of her. Dena smiled at me and again said, “I’m sorry for all those times. You guys really taught me my lesson last night.”

“Well, I am sure you will get your revenge sometime soon, but I have to say, last night was SO worth it!” I said as Marissa laughed and agreed.

“I know it was,” Dena said. “I’ll see you later. I love you, Jess.”

“I love you too, Dee” and I hugged her and kissed her goodbye and walked out.

As I did I heard Dena start laughing and screaming again. Marissa was tickling her again!

“NO! NO! NO MORE! STOP!” Dena laughed and screamed.

“Two more minutes is all I need!” I heard Marissa say. “Then the tickle-torture is finally over!”

I laughed to myself as I left and hopped on my bike, still hearing Dena laughing as Marissa tickled her. (yes, she did stop 2 minutes later. And yes, Dena did get the key after Marissa was gone and untied herself.)

Well, there you have it. Our revenge kidnapping and torture of the Amazing Dena!

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Re: Kidnap Boy's and Marissa's Revenge on Dena (fm/f)

Postby 07FG1 » Fri Feb 05, 2010 4:35 pm

Gotta say, to me, this seems like one of your best stories. The plan to capture her was genous! Did you ever figure out what was written on the paper? If that paper was in your hands you could always have a edge over Dena.

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Re: Kidnap Boy's and Marissa's Revenge on Dena (fm/f)

Postby luckydog3 » Fri Feb 05, 2010 6:01 pm

That had to motivate Dena something fierce. Thanks for the great story. I look forward to hearing about her revenge for that.

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Re: Kidnap Boy's and Marissa's Revenge on Dena (fm/f)

Postby kidnap boy » Sat Feb 06, 2010 5:53 am

Whoops. I left that loose end dangling, didn't I?

The paper was a love note Dena had written to this guy in her class. She and Marissa were drinking a little one night and both go a little tipsy and both wrote these very specific love notes to these guys they were kinda hot for. (And in case you're wondering, I have no idea why Dena or Marissa would be intimidated by ANY guy. They were both so good looking and cool. But all of us, I guess, have someone we're intimdiated by.)

So anyway, Marissa kept both he notes and then, during the planning, realized she had something over Dena. So she threw hers out and kept Dena's.

It was actually a couple years later when I visited Dena at college (I would visit her often when I was still in high school) that she told me what was in the letter. Suffice to say it was pretty embarassing.

It was a great backup call by Marissa. Of course we were never going to steal Dena's writing entry (oh, and she won that contest!). It was all bluff. Marissa knew we needed something she would absolutely follow through on, and this letter was it.

So there you go - forgot to finish that one part of the story. :-)


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Re: Kidnap Boy's and Marissa's Revenge on Dena (fm/f)

Postby Kyle » Sat Feb 06, 2010 9:23 pm

This was a great story. It's about time you got her back. I didn't think you'd ever do it. I've read most of your stories all the way back from the old version of the site and know you've had some bad luck with any kind of revenge on her.

Something tells me this didn't go unanswered though.

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Re: Kidnap Boy's and Marissa's Revenge on Dena (fm/f)

Postby guardian741 » Tue Feb 09, 2010 8:16 pm

Awesome story Kidnap Boy!
'bout time Dena finally experienced what she put you through!

Can't wait to hear about your other experiences!


Re: Kidnap Boy's and Marissa's Revenge on Dena (fm/f)

Postby Nightrob306 » Wed Apr 20, 2016 4:07 pm

Do uk what size shoe dens wears?

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Re: Kidnap Boy's and Marissa's Revenge on Dena (fm/f)

Postby Jason Toddman » Wed Apr 20, 2016 4:44 pm

Nightrob306 wrote:Do uk what size shoe dens wears?

Might be a while before you get an answer. This story is several years old and Kidnap Boy hasn't visited the site in months.
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