Rules & General Information *Read Before Posting* 6/13/15

Rules, Guidelines, and other important info.

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Rules & General Information *Read Before Posting* 6/13/15

Postby zanev » Sun Oct 13, 2013 8:53 pm

In an honest effort to cut back on sticky posts I'm making one topic for everything I can think of. When It's updated I'll edit the title so people know.

Children under 13 are encouraged to read this board with parents permission, as some topics might not be suited for anyone under 13. We take no responsibility if you choose not to follow this advice.

We also do not delete accounts. We ask you simply stop using the board if you wish to no longer be a member.

Because this board is open 24/7 and used world wide we cannot simply read every post. We ask that if you find a post that you think breaks the following rules or needs to be looked at to use the report button. This will alert a moderator and they will look into it. If you do not make us aware of a situation there is a chance we will not see it. If it bothers you, hit the report button.

NEW USERS: YOUR FIRST TWO POSTS NEED TO BE APPROVED BY A MODERATOR BEFORE YOU CAN POST FREELY. What this means is when you make your first two posts it may not show up right away. We are notified of new posts, and once we read your first two and approve it you can post freely. Turn around time for us to read posts is 24-48 hours.

The following rules are simple and are set up to keep the tradition of this board youthful but also adapt to our membership who are no longer youths:

1) PG-13 Posting. Unless in a specific forum where we allow adult posting please keep topics civil. This does not mean that you need to be a certain age to post. . This simply means to keep your stories and content at a PG-13 level. Because we have had issues with this in the past here is a broad attempt at what we mean by PG-13:

*If posting photos or videos, everyone in the content needs to be clothed. No breasts (female) or genitals (male) can be shown as well as any other indecent regions. Failure to follow this rule can result in a ban if severe enough.

*Language should be kept to a minimal amount of 4 letter words. Any racist remarks rather in stories, comments or in general will not be tolerated.

*In regards to stories, please keep youthful tie ups with the youth. Meaning please don't post stories of adults tying kids up, or kids tying adults up. For this purpose an adult is 21 and over.

2) PG-17 Posting: Every story section by the end of October 2013 will have an adult section. This is for stories that are more of an adult nature. Stories can feature strong wording, but racism is not allowed. Stories can depict sexual acts (PG-17 content may include, nudity, profanity, description of sexual acts including but not limited to: play rape, bdsm, and various sexual situations. ) , but the age rule still applies (adults only tie up adults and youth only tie up the youth). There is no age limit for these sections, anyone can post but we strongly caution people before hand that they know what is allowed.

3) Photos , Video and links to Articles:
Please link back to where you got the content from. This does not mean it needs to be the original source, but just the source where you got it.
*Example: if you post a story from CNN, but the content is also on Fox just post the link from where you got it from
*Example: If you are posting a picture or video, post where you first saw it

4) Tagging:
We provide sections for various tie up situations : M/M (Male tying up Male) F/M (Female tying up male) , M/F (Male tying up female) etc. While we cannot enforce that every story be tagged we suggest you post in the correct section. This is simply a courtesy to others. This is not mandated.

5) Copyright:
Any legal requests to remove content must be backed up with a registration number from your countries copyright office, a copy of your I.D to prove the copy right is really in your name as well as any pertaining information associated that would prove the content is yours. This board is not responsible for the content users post but will cooperate with any legal investigation. If you have a lawyer, they will know how to contact me outside this board, have them do so. By posting on this forum you agree not to knowingly post any copyrighted material with out permission of the owner.

For technical issues with the site, as in something is not working send a private message to zanev.

For anything posting related, or user related or for general questions please message a moderator.
Moderators currently are: XTC, Jason Toddman, Kinapplz and AlexUSA
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